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Batfam Ficlets

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Damian, Bruce and Dick walk in on a strip poker game between Steph, Cass, Tim and Jason. Cass is the only one with all her clothes on still. Tim has the least and is passed out at the table with only a sock and his boxers. Steph is in her bra, underwear and has both her socks, Jason has one sock, his pants and underwear.

As soon as they walk in, Dick covers Damian's eyes with a hand before covering his own, Bruce just sighs and walks away. "Guys! This is not appropriate for Dami to see! Put your clothes back on!"

"It's nothin' the Demon hasn't seen before, Goldie."

"Yeah, besides, Cass still has her clothes on so we can't stop yet!"

"Why couldn't this have been done in one of your rooms?"

"We weren't expecting you back so soon," Jason shrugged.

"How'd you rope poor Timmy into this?"

The three at the table shared a look before Jason smirked, "it was actually replacement's idea."

Dick stared wide-eyed at the passed out boy, "how out of it was he?"

"Probably pretty out of it. He kept calling Jason 'Stabby McStabberson' and Cass 'Badass Perfection'."

"Don't forget what he called you, 'girlfriend who hated me so much she faked her death' or 'exie who faked her deathy'," Jason smirked, "he's honestly pretty funny without a brain-to-mouth filter."

"I can't believe he's still hung up on that! I thought we got over that already!"

Tim mumbled something into the wood of the table that caused Jason to bust out laughing, "couldn't agree more, Timbers."

A little happy sound came from him before he passed out again.

"So you gonna leave us to play or join in," Steph asked as Cass dealt out the cards.

Dick looked between the table and Damian before dragging the boy out of the room.

"Deal him in next round," Jason smirked at them, dropping his feet from the chair across from him.

Not a minute later, just after she dealt out the next set of cards, Dick was back, sliding into the seat Jason had just given up with a large smile.

They played well into the night before passing out, Cass missing her shirt, Dick in just a sock, Steph in just her panties, and Jason fully naked. Needless to say that since some of the losers had yet to wake up by breakfast, eating in the same room as passed out naked vigilantes made the situation a little awkward.