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The sun that shines so dark

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Moomin found a stranger in the woods.

Moomin had been feeling bored again. This wasn’t so strange for the troll, Moominvalley had always been so...peaceful. Conflict rarely existed and adventures and curiosity was considered dangerous and childish.

Moomin absolutely hated it.

He would never say so knowing it would upset his mama and earn him a lecture from his papa on gratefulness.

How could they possibly understand?

Everything around Moomin felt so empty.

That’s why, on that one fateful day, Moomin fled into the forest. The forest was wild and dangerous, everything that the Moomin household banned. In the forest you could die and nobody would know till later.

Moomin loved it.

He could be himself, let out a part of himself that felt caged around his family members. He could do almost anything and nobody would know.

It was inevitable, fate even, that he met him in the forest.