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if we lay, let the day just pass us by

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Friday, October 22, 2021 - 10:23 PM



The press of Taehyung’s lips against his own; that is one of the best feelings in the world, Jeongguk thinks. Pressed against him, their lips molding together, Taehyung’s plush lips like pillows for Jeongguk to dive into. 


Nights like these are precious to both of them. Nights where both of them are too tired to go all the way (read: Jeongguk, after a long day at work, is too tired to go all the way), opting to just snuggle in bed instead, talking softly to each other, sharing a few kisses here and there.


And tonight, they share more than just a few kisses. 


Their legs are tangled together under the blankets, fingers intertwined, Jeongguk’s other hand cupping Taehyung’s cheek tenderly as they share lazy kisses over and over again. It’s a position they’re familiar with, always finding themselves with no space between them, and every single time it brings them so much relief, so much happiness. Taehyung’s lips are addicting, his tongue warm and welcoming no matter how many times he explores his mouth. Jeongguk swears the little sounds that escape Taehyung’s throat could keep him alive for thousands of years.


They pull away for a bit, their breaths running a bit quickly as they press their foreheads together. Jeongguk loves looking into Taehyung’s hooded eyes, his gaze filled with so much content, just by laying in bed like this with him. Jeongguk detaches their fingers, only to grasp them again to run his thumb along cool metal. 


He doesn’t even have to look away from Taehyung’s eyes to find the wedding band on his ring finger. 


A puff of warm air escapes Taehyung’s parted lips, Jeongguk feeling the warmth on his slick lips from being so close. Those pillowy lips forming into a close-lipped grin, one that makes his entire face beam, even in the low lighting the bedside lamp offers. Taehyung lifts his other hand to the one that Jeongguk has on his face, pulling it away to press his lips to the ring on Jeongguk’s own finger. 


Neither of them have to address the feelings that go through both of them at that moment; they know. They both know what the other is thinking, with Taehyung's eyes becoming a bit glossy and Jeongguk's warm answering smile as he brushes their noses together, before leaning in and capturing Taehyung’s lips once again.


They both know exactly what the other is thinking.


So glad to have you like this, to have you as mine.


Saturday, October 23, 2021 - 8:57 AM



Taehyung is beautiful. So beautiful; everything he does, everywhere he goes, he’s beautiful beautiful beautiful


He could chant the word a thousand times, and it would never be enough to accentuate how beautiful Taehyung truly is. 


Like now, with the way little droplets of water cling to his lashes, his eyelids shut as he focuses on the feeling of Jeongguk rubbing shampoo into his hair. Taehyung's hair is soft and smooth even when drenched in water, and Jeongguk? He could never be happier. 


Little things like this are always the most important to them. Any chance they get to spend time together, they take it, and that includes morning showers on the weekends. It’s a tradition of sorts for them, to relax under the warm spray of water together, since they never really get a chance to on the weekdays because of Jeongguk's work. Never get to enjoy it. A tradition of theirs, one that sometimes ends up in more than just washing each other. Either way, it’s nice having such an intimate moment at the start of the day, leaving both of them refreshed and happy. It always warms Jeongguk's heart, the way Taehyung relaxes into his touch, trusts him to clean him up, take care of him. 


Jeongguk focuses on washing Taehyung's hair, contentedly rubbing the suds into his scalp. And when he happens to glance down at his lover's face again, he finds Taehyung's eyes open, gazing at him with a warmth that makes Jeongguk blink in surprise. 


Taehyung's cheeks glisten with droplets like the rest of his golden skin, a healthy flush coloring them because of the steam from the warm water. The way he gazes at Jeongguk, eyes solely on him, unfaltering; Jeongguk's heartbeat runs just a bit faster in his chest. 


“Baby? Close your eyes, you might get shampoo in them,” Jeongguk says softly, loud enough for Taehyung to hear above the sounds of the shower. 


Taehyung doesn’t drop his gaze, only blinking once and humming to make sure Jeongguk knows he had heard. Jeonguk raises an eyebrow at him in question, small smile permanent on his face.


“Wanna look at you,” Taehyung finally responds, and Jeongguk's smile only grows wider. 


“You look at me everyday, love.” 


His husband huffs, arms lifting up to wrap around Jeongguk's neck, leaning closer to brush their noses together gently. Jeongguk can feel shampoo graze his forehead, but his attention (as always) is fixated only on the man in front of him. 


“Wanna look at you always,” Taehyung murmurs lowly, just above a whisper, right before capturing Jeongguk's lips with his own. Taehyung's lips are warm, perhaps from the warmth of the shower, perhaps from the amount of love he puts into the kiss. A delicate, gentle slide of lips that has both of them melting into each other's arms, Jeongguk rinsing his hands into the spray of water before running them down Taehyung's smooth back, resting them on his sides, squeezing the soft skin between his palms. They kiss for a few seconds, lazy, like they have all the time in the universe, before Jeongguk pulls away, noses bumping together as he gazes at the other with hooded eyes and flushed cheeks, a look Taehyung naturally returns. 


“Rinse?” he asks, voice low and hushed. Taehyung nods, closing his eyes shut before stepping backwards, arms still around Jeongguk, pulling him into the warm downpour as well. Jeongguk helps get all the suds out, scratching lightly at the little strands of hair behind his ears and neck. He gently brushes his thumbs against his eyes in case shampoo got in them, before Taehyung pulls him into another kiss, water slipping in between their mouths as they spend long moments tasting each other. 


Jeongguk feels so warm; warm under the water, warm with Taehyung, warm warm warm . So good. He feels so good, and can’t imagine anything feeling as wonderful as being in Taehyung’s space with their bodies pressed together, uncaring of the time that passes by as they bask in each other’s love.

Monday, October 25, 2021 - 7:25 AM



Jeongguk is happy


It isn’t too often he’d be in such a good mood in the mornings; usually he’s pretty grumpy, lethargic, tired of being up so early, but nevertheless getting through his negativity to get to work. 


Taehyung always made the mornings a little better despite everything, and today, Jeongguk is in a greater mood than ever.


He had gotten more sleep that night; Taehyung had bribed him with kisses to get out of his damn office (“on a Sunday night, Guk? Really? You have work tomorrow!”) and actually get to bed. And then he had woken up to Taehyung’s lips on his jaw, and for once he wasn’t tired at all, relishing in the kisses they shared, in the giggles Taehyung let out when Jeongguk pushed him into the mattress. 


Taehyung’s giggles could easily put anyone in a good mood, let alone Jeongguk, his husband . And a good mood he is in. 


He can’t stop smiling in the shower, remembering Taehyung’s bursts of laughter when Jeongguk started tickling his sides mid-kiss. His tongue is still a bit sore after Taehyung had accidentally bitten it (“ your fault for suddenly attacking me like that!”) but that’s okay. Laughing so early in the morning, starting his day with his Taehyung—he is happy. 


Nothing can change his mood today. Not even work.


So Jeongguk gets dressed into his work clothes, white dress shirt and black slacks, blow drying his hair before combing it neatly. Draping his tie around his neck, hoping Taehyung could tie it for him (he knows how to tie a tie—he just likes it when Taehyung stands close, fingers nimble, experienced, his eyes concentrated with his attention wholly on him), he then heads out the bedroom toward the kitchen.


The smell of eggs and butter is in the air, Jeongguk’s eyes immediately landing on Taehyung’s back—he’s standing in front of the stove clad in an apron with a spatula in hand. Jeongguk goes straight to him, smile on his face as he sneaks up on his husband, before wrapping his arms around the other’s waist.


Taehyung startles at the surprise touch, but his shocked face easily melts into a grin when he realizes who it is. Jeongguk can’t help but nuzzle his nose into Taehyung’s temple, humming into his hair.


“Morning, honeybear,” he murmurs lowly, nosing along his ear, his cheek when Taehyung turns his head to see him.


When Taehyung lets out a quiet giggle, he can feel it against his chest and arms. Taehyung is so warm; Jeongguk can never get enough of holding him.


“Good morning, snugglemuffin,” Taehyung replies easily, knocking their heads together gently. One of his hands goes to rest on Jeongguk’s arm as the other pokes the spatula at the egg frying in the pan. Jeongguk watches with his chin resting on Taehyung’s shoulder, his hands pulling back to press his palm gently on his stomach, feeling the soft skin of Taehyung’s belly through the fabric of the apron and the t-shirt he wears. From the side of his face that he can see, Taehyung is biting his lip to suppress the grin he’s failing to hide, making Jeongguk smirk, eagerly pressing his lips to his husband’s neck.


“You guys are so gross .”


The voice immediately chills Jeongguk's blood, making his head whip to the left to where it came from. 


“What the fuck? What are you doing here?” 


Jimin huffs from where he sits on the barstool behind the counter, chin in his hands with his elbows on the smooth marble, scowling at the way Jeongguk's mouth is twisted. Honestly, Jeongguk has no idea how he hadn't noticed him on his way to kitchen (he should have been right in his line of sight the moment he exited the bedroom). But, then again, nothing could stop him from seeing Taehyung. 


“You're telling me I can't visit my best friend, my soulmate , in the morning?” 


Jimin is a childhood friend of Jeongguk’s, as they grew up in Busan together, but in college the other had met Taehyung, his roommate at the time, and created a bond that could (almost) rival Jeongguk's own with his husband. The man is fun to tease, but really, Jeongguk owes him everything; from him and Taehyung meeting, to the man being there for both of them throughout their relationship, a presence in their lives that they know they can count on for advice, for comfort in the moments they couldn't look for in each other. 


Still, Jeongguk huffs, eyebrows furrowed as he tightens his arms around his husband. “You only came to visit Tae, not me.” 


Jimin blinks at him in confusion. “Why on Earth would I visit for you? I see you everyday.”


The words don’t sting; Taehyung's snicker at the comment does. 


Jeongguk makes an annoyed sound in the back of his throat, shooting Jimin a glare before he turns his head and presses his face into Taehyung's hair once again. 


“Babe, can we kick him out?” Jeongguk asks softly, ignoring the “hey!” Jimin lets out in protest. 


Taehyung outright laughs this time, reaching for the plate he had set next to stove, a piece of toast waiting for its finish next to another that already has a fried egg on it, most likely for Jimin. Jeongguk watches as he scoops the steaming egg out of the pan and gently settles it onto the piece of toast, turning the stove off afterward. 


Then he turns around in his arms and brushes their noses together, a nuzzle that warms Jeongguk's chest. 


“No, love.” Taehyung grins when Jeongguk's shoulders sag in petty disappointment. He takes the tie that’s still draped over Jeongguk's shoulders, effortlessly tying it in the little distance between them, missing the fond way Jeongguk watches him. “You're both going to work soon, anyway. Now, eat the food I worked so hard to make.” 


Jeongguk does as asked, albeit grudgingly, Jimin rolling his eyes at his pursed lips when he sits down on the barstool next to him. Taehyung passes them their plates, and they eat hurriedly, conversation animated between the three, Taehyung perched forward against the side of the counter as he watches them. Jeongguk rips a piece of his toast, feeding his husband it without a second thought. He can swear he sees a small smile bloom on Jimin’s face in his peripheral. 


“You’re not going to eat, love?” Jeongguk asks once he swallows another mouthful. Taehyung answers with a shake of his head, leaning over to fix a part of Jeongguk’s fringe. 


“I’ll eat once you both leave,” he explains, and Jeongguk nods, trusting the other to do as he says before he can let himself worry. 


When they finish, Jimin hops off the stool, fixing his suit jacket before grabbing his briefcase from where he’d left in on the couch. “Love you, Tae!” he calls out as he walks out the door.


“Love you, too!” 


Once Jimin is out the door, Taehyung hands him his own suit jacket, giving him a warm smile that makes Jeongguk’s heart flutter, no matter how many times he’s seen it in the years they’ve been together. 


Then he pulls Taehyung close, fingers gently gripping his waist. 


“Tell me you love me more,” Jeongguk whispers, referring to Jimin as their noses are just millimeters away from brushing. Taehyung chuckles, glancing down at the minimal space between them, fingers playing with the jacket covering the other’s shoulders. 


He looks back up at him easily, a lopsided grin on his face. “Love you more than anyone, sweet husband.” 


Jeongguk is completely satisfied. 


“Taehyung loves me more than you!” Jeongguk shouts towards the door, ignoring the distant yell of annoyed outrage in favor of kissing Taehyung deeply. He’s tempted to just stand there for the rest of time, kissing his husband over and over—but Taehyung laughs against his mouth when he’s kissed for the third time, gently pushing at his shoulders. 


“Gukkie, don’t be late, Jiminie’s waiting,” he murmurs, a slight gasp leaving his lips when Jeongguk kisses him again, humming into his mouth. 


“Maybe I should skip work today,” he offers lowly, and Taehyung snorts, humoring him with one more kiss before pulling away, stepping out of his embrace. 


“Go, dummy, or Namjoon will get mad.” 


Jeongguk purses his lips. “Hyung will understand; I’ll tell him I just couldn’t resist my husband this morning—” 


“Jeongguk, go .” 


Jeongguk laughs as Taehyung roughly pushes him towards the door, forcing him to grab his briefcase and practically throwing him out the door. “Love you, baby.” 


Taehyung shuts the door between them. Jeongguk waits—until he hears a soft, telltale “love you, too,” from the other side. Smiling, he blows a kiss to the peephole before heading down the hall with a wave, walking up to Jimin waiting for him at the elevator. 


“He loves me more than he loves you,” Jeongguk teases, grinning wide when Jimin rolls his eyes with a huff. 


“Yeah, yeah, but you’re married, that’s what he’s supposed to say—doesn’t mean he has to mean it.” 


Jeongguk waves his fingers at the older’s face, deliberately showing him his ring just as the elevator opens. “He’s the one who accepted this, so!” 


To his surprise, instead of continuing their playful argument, Jimin smiles softly at that, taking Jeongguk’s fingers in hand to eye the ring. The elevator starts to head down to the ground floor. “You’re both so adorable.”


Jeongguk’s grin softens to a smile at that, looking at the ring too—an infinity ring of white gold, the band on the thicker side as it glows a brilliant silver. Diamonds line the curve of the infinity, melding into the band—but Taehyung and Jeongguk both know what it means. What it’ll always mean, what with the way ∞ JJG + KTH ∞ is carved on the inside, pressed against the skin of their ring fingers at all times. 


A reminder of what they have whenever they need to remember it the most.


“Yeah,” Jeongguk sighs, missing the way Jimin rolls his eyes at how lovesick he sounds. “Thanks, hyung.” 


“Of course,” Jimin murmurs as they step out of the building. October’s air is getting chillier and chillier as the days pass, the two having gone for their more thicker blazers; coat and scarf season was already on its way. “I could tell you didn’t want to leave him today.”


Jeongguk groans, adjusting the briefcase’s strap on his shoulder as they walk. “I really didn’t want to—can’t you use your ‘boss’s boyfriend’ card and help me out with an excuse to skip?”


Jimin snorts at him, shoving at his shoulder even as they reach the bus stop. “Guk, sweetie—even if I told Joon you were sick or something, the whole office would know that you skipped for your precious husband.”


At that, Jeongguk grumbles, knowing none of them would let him off and tease him mercilessly. Mercilessly.


“As if none of you would skip for him, too.”


“Of course we would. Your reasons are just gross.” 


Really, the only reason he doesn’t kill his hyung is for Taehyung’s sake. Truly. 


Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 9:40 AM


Sometimes, Jeongguk wonders if the team loves Taehyung more than he does. 


“Hey Guk, can we talk to Taehyung? We miss him,” Hoseok says one morning, crashing into the chair and computer next to where Jeongguk sits.


“Yeah! We haven’t seen him in ages, what the hell,” Jackson pipes up from across from them, looking around his desktop monitor to eye him. “Why do you always keep him to yourself? Not fair.”


Jeongguk continues typing at his document, a deadpanned expression on his face. “He’s my husband, dumbass.” 


“And?” Yoongi says from beside him, turning the page of the journal he’s looking into, leaning back all the way in his chair. “The last time we saw him was over a month ago, when he packed you lunch and you forgot it. We’re deprived.”


“Not you too, hyung,” Jeongguk groans. Jimin snorts as he walks by, about to take a stack of papers to Namjoon’s office.


“Call him, Guk, we miss him.” It’s not even a request—more of an order. An order the whole office comes to life for, encouraging Jeongguk to do just that. 


“Okay, fine ,” he huffs, already getting his phone out of his pocket. One of them would probably find a way to get Namjoon to fire him if he didn’t, so. 


It’s not long before some of the crew group around him, Seokjin putting his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders as they watch him press the call button beside love of my life 💞, immediately pressing the speaker button. The office is dead silent except for the long rings as they wait for the call to go through.


And then— “Hello? G—”  


“Taehyungie!” the whole room erupts in unison before Jeongguk can even say a word, his phone being snatched right out of his hand. Jeongguk gapes at Jackson in outrage.


“Taehyungie, how are you! We miss you!”


“Come to the office again!” Seokjin shouts. And everyone melts when Taehyung’s giggles of surprise fill the room, Jeongguk finding a reason to smile as he leans his cheek on a hand, bracing an elbow on his desk.


“And I thought Jeongguk was in trouble or something,” Taehyung sighs, and Jeongguk’s smile only widens at that, closing his eyes to the sound of his husband’s voice—he’d seen him just three hours before, but he still relishes hearing his voice any chance he can get.


“Oh, Guk’s fine, being his boring self as always,” Chungha huffs as she types at her computer, and Jeongguk rolls his eyes. 


“You should come by again, Tae!” Hoseok says brightly.


And when Taehyung answers that he actually could, as he doesn’t have work that day—the office pipes up as a whole again to encourage him, Jackson outright whooping out a cheer at the thought of seeing Taehyung’s smile. Jeongguk tries not to be a little smug—he gets to see Taehyung everyday, after all, so. Sucks for them, hah. 


When Jeongguk finally gets his phone back to him, he turns off speaker mode before pressing the phone to his ear.


“Love you,” he murmurs softly, closing his eyes when Taehyung replies, “love you more” just as gently. He hangs up after sending him a soft kiss sound with his lips, one that his husband easily returns, telling him he’ll see him in a bit.


He’s excited to see him even during work—he really would take every chance he can get to have him near for as long as he can. 


Jihyo steps into the office; having been chosen by Namjoon to join the team just a few days before, she’s still new to the team. 


Still, she knows everyone enough by now to pause at the doorway, eyes falling upon the unknown male sitting at the couch, Jeongguk out of his usual seat at his desk to sit next to him. 


And it clicks instantly—this must be Taehyung, the husband she’s heard so much about from the people at the company. A man seemingly loved by everyone, and seeing the way he’s smiling at the people in the office talking to him, she can already see where they were coming from. 


She remembers what Chungha had told her on her first day, pointing out all the members of the office before any proper introductions. 


“There’s too many girls in this building who have a crush on Jeongguk but pretend they don’t for Taehyung’s sake—they love Taehyung a lot; it’s hard not to,” she had explained with a laugh, shaking her head. 


Jihyo smiles when she remembers how Chungha had talked about Taehyung—how anyone talked about him, really. Jeongguk especially—she smiles at how he has his head resting on Taehyung’s shoulder, even as he types at the laptop settled on his lap. Even though she didn’t have the little bits background information, Jihyo knows she would’ve thought that they looked like they were made for each other, regardless.


“Ah—Ji!” Chungha grabs her hand, immediately pulling her towards the couple. “Taehyung—this is Jihyo! She joined the team a few days ago.”


Taehyung’s smile turns into a bright grin, genuinely warm and welcoming in a way that has Jihyo smiling even more than just politely. 


“Hello! Welcome to the team.” Taehyung’s voice is deeper than she had expected, but it’s filled with just as much warmth as his eyes, and she takes the hand that he holds out happily. “I’m this-here-boy’s husband.” He points at Jeongguk; Jihyo doesn’t fail to notice how said man smiles softly at the words, however still focusing on his work.


“I know,” Jihyo laughs, and Taehyung raises his brows in surprised curiosity. “I’ve heard about you.”


“Oh? How much have you heard?” 


“Not much, really, but enough to know you must be really sweet.” 


Taehyung giggles at that, smiling brilliantly up at her. She swears she can see happiness twinkling in his eyes. 


“All you really need to know,” Yoongi says from where he sits, turning his head to look at her, “is that those two are ridiculously in love with each other.” 


Jimin nods, sipping at his third cup of coffee. “Obsessed.” 


“Look,” Jeongguk sighs, head still resting comfortingly on his husband's shoulder—but he doesn’t continue speaking, as if knowing he shouldn’t bother to refute. Jihyo snorts out a laugh at how Taehyung grins at him but doesn’t deny what the others had said, either. 


“How did you guys meet?” Jihyo asks, curious—a question she’d honestly wanted to know since the moment she heard about how saccharine their relationship is.


“Oh, you’ll need to sit down for that,” Seokjin laughs from his desk, a few others in the brightly lit room letting out chuckles, too. 


Jeongguk huffs, pursing his lips. “It’s not that long of a story. Jimin knows the whole thing by heart.” 


“Oh yeah, definitely, since I practically brought you both together.” Jihyo can’t tell if the twinge of regret in his voice is fake; most likely so.


“You really want to know?” Taehyung asks, his honeyed voice soft as he looks up at her, fiddling with his fingers in his lap absently. Jihyo nods, and Chungha turns a chair around for Jihyo to sit in front of Taehyung’s form, Jimin hopping to settle on the couch’s armrest beside him.


“Well,” Taehyung starts, glancing at Jeongguk. The other raises his eyes to meet his, and they exchange a smile that means more to them than Jihyo feels like she can understand. Then Taehyung looks back at her, something a little more confident in his gaze. 


“Five years ago—we met at a party, actually.” 


“A club,” Jeongguk adds. He huffs. “Neither of us wanted to be there.” 


Taehyung chuckles at the memory, shaking his head, pretty grey locks shaking with the movement. “For real—Jiminie didn’t come with me because he had an exam the next day. He was my roommate at the time, my confidante in practically everything. But I got dragged there by some of my other friends who just ended up ditching me to get with other people.” He wrinkles his nose cutely before continuing, the office silent as they listen, besides the occasional sounds of mouse clicks and taps to keyboards.


“I was ready to stay at the bar the entire time, really. And that’s how I met Gukkie.”


“Thought he was an angel when he sat next to me and tapped my shoulder,” Jeongguk sighs, and Jihyo giggles at how Jimin fakes a gag. Jeongguk sends him a glare despite not seeing him himself. 


Taehyung shrugs; his eyes have turned to crescents from how wide he’s smiling, unable to control his grin at the recollecting thoughts. “I wanted a drink recommendation, but once he looked up at me, well. I wanted to keep the conversation going, you know?”


“And that he did,” Jeongguk murmurs, and Taehyung easily reaches over and intertwines their fingers, Jeongguk not minding the slightest as he starts maneuvering the mouse on his laptop with his other hand. 


“He told me to order a margarita with agave syrup, and that just led to the longest conversation I think I’ve ever had with someone. We talked a lot; I found out he was dragged there against his will just like I was, that he was a business major, and he was just—he was so naturally funny and sweet. I loved looking at his eyes while he was talking. Still do.” 


Jeongguk is about to say something before Jimin interrupts. “Guk, please don’t, I know you’re about to spout some cheesy-as-hell poetic bullshit about how Tae is the love of your life. Just continue, Taehyungie.”


Jeongguk looks offended, but Taehyung does as told with a snicker, burying his nose into Jeongguk’s hair for a split second to console him.


“We talked for over an hour at the bar, and then—then I got him to dance with me. He’s a really good dancer, surprisingly. A lot better than I could ever.” 


“Surprisingly? I was on the dance team in high school, if I wasn’t somewhat good I’d be disappointed. You’re naturally a good dancer, Tae.” 


Taehyung’s gaze turns fond, eyes focusing on their intertwined fingers in his lap, and Jihyo knows he’s remembering that day, whenever it was all those years ago. 


(“This okay?” Jeongguk whispered in his ear after turning him around, his hands gentle on his waist, ready to pull away in case Taehyung was even the slightest bit uncomfortable. 


Warmth pooled in Taehyung’s chest at how cautious the other was in holding him, and he leaned back into his chest, smiling at the slight inhale Jeongguk took at the even closer proximity.


“It’s perfect.”)


“And then what happened?” Jihyo encourages with a smile, watching Taehyung look up and blink a bit, washing away the memory from in front of his eyes. 


And his face blooms with a smile again, cheeks turning just the softest shade of pink. “I had to go after that. And after we said our goodbyes, Guk stopped me right when I was about to turn around, and—well. He kissed me.”


“Best kiss I ever had,” Jeongguk comments easily, and Taehyung rolls his eyes, a shy smile present on his lips. “Letting him go without one felt wrong to me, even though I was super shy back then. You should be grateful I mustered up my confidence for you, babe.”


“And now you’re a shameless sap,” Jimin hums a little mournfully, and Jeongguk grabs a pen from his breast pocket to fling at him. 


“Anyways,” Taehyung continues with a laugh, grabbing Jimin’s arm before the other could launch himself over him to get to the younger. “It wasn’t until I got back to the dorm that I realized—we forgot to exchange numbers.”


“He cried a tsunami, Jihyo—a tsunami .” Jimin shakes his head ruefully at the memory, settling back down against the back of the couch’s arm. “He genuinely thought he was never going to see Guk again, it was pretty tragic.” 


Her eyes widen at the revelation. “How did you guys see each other again, then?” 


“Because of Minie!” Taehyung grins, looking at up at his best friend with a smile. Jimin returns the smile easily, and Jihyo sees past the mean front Jimin puts up to joke around with them—sees a genuine relief that he could help bring the two together, all those years ago. 


Jeongguk sighs, putting his laptop aside on the couch next to him before nuzzling more into Taehyung’s shoulder, turning a bit to curl his arms around him. When he speaks, his voice is soft, and Taehyung reaches back to caress his fingers through the other’s dark locks, smiling at him. 


“Jimin and I were childhood friends, growing up in Busan. We knew each other since primary school, and once we got to college, we ended up having the same major. But I’m two years younger than him, yeah? I went to him a lot for help.”


Jimin suddenly groans, pressing two of his fingers to the bridge of his nose as if he had suddenly gotten a headache. “He was at the dorm to ask me for some help while Taehyung was out. And when Tae came back, they met eyes—I don’t think I’ve ever heard Taehyung squeal as loud as he did then, but oh my god. He literally pounced on Jeongguk flat onto the bed, and then they started making out right in front of me . It was traumatising.” 


“Hey, it was a whole month after that party, okay! I couldn’t believe he was there, in my dorm, on my bed! I thought I was dreaming.”


“So you forgot I existed and proceeded to have a makeout session with the guy who’s practically my little brother.”






“Can you guys hurry up and finish story-time so we can get back to work?” Yoongi huffs without looking away from his screen, and Jihyo blinks when she realizes they’ve been talking for a while—Seokjin was right.


“Okay, okay,” Taehyung relents, smiling brightly at Yoongi even though the other wouldn’t see. “It’s pretty much over now, anyway. We exchanged numbers, found out our dorms were pretty close by. We made plans to hang out often, and I asked Guk to be my boyfriend a little while after that. And—and it was so easy to fall in love with him, you know? I kept always wanting to see him. He cares about me in a way I never realized I needed until I had him; he always knew how to make me smile, had the sweetest personality and an even sweeter laugh... we had our own little rough times, yeah, but—we always made up really quickly. It was only a matter of time until I realized, I didn’t know what it was like to not be in love with Jeongguk.”


The office is warm from Taehyung’s little ramble, and Jihyo can’t help but look away when Jeongguk lifts his head, pressing a quiet but deep kiss to his husband’s mouth, one that Taehyung easily closes his eyes for. Too intimate for her to see, but the sentiment in the action alone makes Jihyo’s eyes water just a bit, the smile on her face feeling like it could be permanent. 


And she can’t help but be proud of the fact that she had thought right—the two really were made for each other.


Their hands swing between them as they head home, fingers intertwined, feeling warm in the chill of autumn. Jeongguk’s eyes are on Taehyung—always, always on Taehyung—watching him gaze at their hands as they walk. 


“What are you thinking about?” Jeongguk murmurs, just loud enough to hear among the cars that drive beside them and the conversations that drift with every passerby.


Taehyung raises his eyes to meet his, hooded in the way they are whenever he’s thinking about something. His smile is fond, one Jeongguk knows all too well as its reserved for him. It just makes him all the more curious to hear his husband’s thoughts. 


“Do you think our hands will still fit together so well even when we’re old?”


They reach the bus stop, and Jeongguk’s eyes widen slightly at the question. He looks down at their hands, at the way their fingers fit between each other’s perfectly, Taehyung’s slim to Jeongguk’s thicker a combination that Jeongguk adores. He adores holding his husband’s hand, the warmth that radiates from his soft palm bringing relief that can only come from physical touch. 


And Jeongguk considers their age, considers ten, twenty, thirty, forty years into the future; he smiles at the thought, at Taehyung knowing they’d still be side by side after all that time. 


He can’t imagine a day where Taehyung’s hand won’t fit in his; it’s impossible. 


“Withered or not,” Jeongguk mumbles, caressing his thumb along the back of Taehyung’s hand, “I don’t think anything can stop me from holding your hand.”


Taehyung’s lips form the smile he lives for, closed-lipped but lifting his cheeks enough to curve his eyes, beautiful brown crescents framed by long lashes and lids Jeongguk could press kisses to. Has the urge to now, but waits until the bus finally arrives, his thumb never stopping its gentle rub at Taehyung’s skin, readjusting their fingers every so often but never letting go. 


When they sit next to each other at a seat towards the back, Jeongguk lifts Taehyung’s hand to his lips, pressing a kiss to every knuckle, a longer peck going to the wedding band he loves seeing so much. 


“Age won’t ever stop me from loving these hands.” Hands he’d hold, hands he’d cherish forever, all because they’re a part of the man he loves.


Taehyung’s eyes are glossier than before, and Jeongguk hopes the kiss he presses to his lips soothes him, melding their lips together slow, like they have all the time in the world. Years, and years, and years—time is theirs, and they’ll take all of it, no matter how long it lasts.


Age won’t ever stop me from loving you.