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Following the raven

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A/N Its been a long time coming but we are finally here. Welcome to Following a raven sequel to Following the scent of the lunar flower. Characters old and new return. Let's see what happens.

Kiba's POV

Months had passed since he abandoned his charge. Lykos had chosen the side of humans. Kiba chose the side of wolves as it should be.

He knew when he left that he should have never left Lykos alone. The younger wolf always had a weak spot for lower creatures. Wolves were supposed to be ablve humans. Not below them.

Wolves of all packs and clans had come. A high council meeting was called. It would be the proof his new pack needed to see that he was telling the truth.

The only way to see if the Okami clan still had an heir was to call another pack to take their seat. If magic and the Moon didnt accept the clan then an heir was still out there. If they did accept the new clan then Kiba's life would be forfeit.

Kiba put his life on the line for this because he knew he was right. When the rest of them knew then a hunt would begin. They would find Harrison before he could come into full strength.

There was a brief flare of guilt at what he was planning. Harrison had been like a brother to him. Then again he threw away his heritage and birthright for a human. His choice forced Kiba's hand.

Kiba was no longer the boy's protector. The brotherhood that had been built between them destroyed.

At one time Harrison hated the humans as much as he did. It all changed when he went to Hogwarts. Kiba should have dragged the younger with him on his journey. Just so that he could look after him. Regret filled him but he could not change it. Or change what he had to do in response.

The meeting ground was high in the Scottish mountains. If it wasn't for the pull in his heart most would have never have found it. There was little wonder why the wolf stronghold was never found by the humans who hunted them. Even for a wolf getting to the meeting was difficult.

Wolves of all ages and colors were scattered across the grounds. Some had tents pitched. Others simply built fires and lay next to them. The northern side of the grounds was cordoned off however. That was where the main part of the meeting would take place. Where the high council would decide what needed to happen from here on.

As a a former Okami clan member knew he wouldn't be accepted into the camps that were already made. To make it worse he was a protector who betrayer his heir. Magic would punish him but he didnt know how or when.

The fires were mainly for clans and major packs. He would have to set up his own camp on the outskirts.

As he walked towards an open spot of snowy ground he scented a familiar scent. One that sparked anger in his heart. The scent of the dark forest, Fenrir Greyback. It took all of his self control not to turn around and attack the other. This lunar wolf killed and turned children.

Kiba kept walking knowing if he stopped he would attack the older wolf. He was had been accepted by a pack temporarily. Tonight would determine if he would live to see another moon.

He was thankful when a few hours later he was still undisturbed. He had built a fire and put up the tent he brought with him. There was no telling how long he would be here for. Some meetings lasted a few hours. While others lasted several days to even a week or two. It all depended on what they were debating.

Given who's birthday was just a few weeks priors, it could take awhile. The Heir of the Okami clan lived and would be taking his journey by now. There wasn't a single wolf alive who didn't know the story of their downfall. It was passed down as a reminder and a warning. One did not disobey Inuzaka clan. It would only bring death and destruction down upon them.

Two days passed since his arrival to the mountain. Wolves came and went like the strays they were. Kiba for his part stuck around. He couldn't risk not hearing what the council had to say. If the wolves were going back to war he had to know. He was likely the only wolf that would alert regular humans to what was happening.

There was movement on the northern side of the grounds. It drew the attention of many weary wolves. The full moon had been the night before. Many of them wanted nothing more than to sleep the day away. Despite this they wanted to hear what was going on.

Five men and one woman came into the middle of the grounds. The six current members of the high council. This was the first time he had seen the council in its entirety.

A lead man with brown hair and hazel eyes lead them. It was the Head of the Inuzaka clan. All wolves despite their sleepiness was now on their feet. Head bowed respectively to the most dangerous wolf in their world.

The man said in a deep baritone voice, "Wolves I, welcome you all back to the meeting grounds. Some of you are new to the grounds. While others I have known for many years. Whether new or old I welcome you back. I am Tarren, leader of the Inuzaka clan. I am one of the six heads of the High Wolf Council."

That brought some mummurings out of the other wolves. Most of it came from the younger wolves. All it took was an angery look from the olders for them to quiet again.

Tarren said once it was quiet again, "You are all wondering why you are here. Why after so long a council meeting has been called. I am here to answer those questions."

He paused before continuing, "The last time we all gathered like this it was a dark time. One of our own betrayed us to the the humans. They went so far as to mate with the one the humans."

Those who had ties to the human world made their outrage known. Some still believed the humans would accept them. It was a fools hope.

Tarren said in a colder tone, "Another human came to us. A Noble," roars of outrage sounded louder now. Wolves young and old sounded their displeasure.

A human Noble. Even Kiba hated them for forcing wolves into hiding. It was because of the Nobles, wolves like Greyback existed. The same people kept him from living a normal life.

Another leader far older than Tarren roared in anger, "Silence! Hold your tongues until he is finished."

It was no normal command. It was a command of an alpha wolf. A command felt by every wolf not on the council. Silence quickly followed many of them looking like chastised children.

Tarren continued as if he was never interrupted, "This Noble left behind his weapon and came alone. He came knowing that his life was forfeit the moment he stepped on these sacred grounds. Despite this he showed us the trechary of the Okami Clan Head. It was with that information and an investigation of our own that we uncovered the truth. The Okami Clan would rather live amongst the humans than their own kind. That they were willing to kill fellow wolves to achieve their own goals. Wolves who did nothing wrong! So it was with this we made the attack on the clan grounds."

Anger rose up once more among the wolves. However this time they were able to keep it nearly silent. No one wanted to be reprimanded a second time. It made one feel smaller than an untried puppy.

Another took over for Tarren this time it was the old woman. She said her grey eyes looking out over them, "One of the children who was not accounted for during the war came to us. He told us of a story saying that the Okami clan heir still lives. As you know the Moon will not allow a new clan to take a seat on this council unless it is willingly given. Or we wait until the heir would have gone on their journey. A maximum of seventeen years. The Okami clan heir still lives this very day. A black spirit raven has been seen in the north."

Gasps sounded. There was only one clan that would have an heir old or young enough to make a journey. The Okami Clan heir lived.

Now he knew that the boy was alive and the general direction of travel. Following a black spirit raven. It seemed he would need to get a move on if he wanted to catch up. Wolves as a whole would be making their move. What was said next however made his blood run glacier cold.

Tarren spoke this time, "We believe a legend of old has been activated. If you all remember the Legend of the Book of the Moon," that wasn't just any legend. It was every bedtime story told to wolves since the beginning of time.

Legend of the Book of the Moon was better known as the Legend of Paradise. It was said if one followed the directions of the Book of the Moon they could find paradise. Even Kiba who grew up with humans had heard of it.

It was said there was a book given to each of the clans by the moon . The books however had been burned by humans during the war. The war killed more than half of the living wolves at the time. Both lunar and spirit wolves went in hiding after the war. Not a single Book of the Moon was recovered or saved after the war.
No one had seen the legend in more than a hundred years. Kiba knew that if they followed the legend things could get dicey.

A new war would start between the wolves and humans.