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The Law

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It was the War that had pushed them to do it.

Yoongi didn't love his mate. Not like that. Not like he was supposed to love a mate.

They cared for each other. Like packmates. More than friends. Like soulmates... But not that kind of soulmates. But he felt lucky.


When the War exploded it caught everyone off guard. Sure, they were aware of the fact that those were tough times for omegas, but they didn't think that it was going to get that bad in a so short amount of time.


One day they woke up and everyone was talking about it. On the TV, on every channel people were discussing about it.


There was a new law: omegas that were not mated after three years from their presentation were to be taken and put into special buildings. They were going to stay in said buildings for five years, to be chosen by alphas as mates. If after those five years they were still in the building i.e mateless, they were to be moved, to become prostitutes or breeders.


So when they made that decision, they thought they had no other choice. 

Officers started to knock door to door, looking for Omegas that were still unmated three years after their presentation.


Yoongi fit perfectly under that description. He had presented at 17. He was now 22.


It was Namjoon that came up with the idea first. He couldn't let something happen to his hyung.


They mated two days after the law came out.

But even after being mated and marked by someone he didn't romantically love, Yoongi still felt lucky.

He had Namjoon after all. They were alone. But they were alone together.


Exactly 19 hours after they mated, the officers broke into Yoongi's house.

The Omega was coming down from the effects of the mating bite. It was normal for an Omega to feel particularly sensitive, vulnerable and feverish after being bitten.


Namjoon was entering the room with a tray of food, when he was pushed to the side and two alpha officers made their way inside followed by two other beta officers.


Maybe the elder was still pretty out of it at the time, but he could still remember the way he was tugged out of the bed by one of the Alphas, manhandled around and scanned from head to toe. After the bite on his neck was spotted, he was pushed back on the mattress and the officers left the house.


He remembered starting to cry because he felt so overwhelmed. So unimportant. And also scared of being taken for a few seconds.


But still he felt lucky. Because at least he had an alpha that cared about him.


They had to move.

They couldn't stay there.

People knew them there. They knew they were only friends. And if one day they were to find out that Yoongi and Namjoon had mated, they were surely going to report them to the authorities, because they would have known that they had only mated to avoid the repercussions of the new law.


Because people there liked to hurt other people. People there liked to talk. People there liked to mind other people's businesses.


So they spent the four following months living like fugitives trying to hide.

For the Omega those were four months of fear.

Four months of never leaving the house, unless it was absolutely necessary.

Four months of covering his neck and scent during those rare occasions he had to leave the house.

Four months of Namjoon taking on every possible job, so that they could get the money to move as soon as possible.

Four months because Namjoon was only a professor. But after earning the absolute minimum necessary to afford a journey like that, they left. They left without ever looking back.

But still he felt lucky. They've always only been in two anyway.


Oh, but now they were about to be three.


Leaving their small town was probably the best decision.

At first they had to live in a very small apartment just outside of Seoul. 

Once again they were alone. But it was okay. They could do just fine just the two of them.

And even when the Omega woke up in the middle of the night, because his water had broke, Yoongi thought that it didn't matter if his pup was going to be surrounded by people or not. Daddy and Appa were enough.


And now he had his sunshine Taehyung like Namjoon had insisted on naming him, because "we're so going to have another one, hyung. He will be a hyung. So Tae-Hyung"

Maybe it hurt like a motherfucking bitch, but he felt lucky.