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They've never used it.

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"Max..?" David asks, walking up to him, said boy groans in annoyance, 

"What David. Don't tell me you got another fake shooter here." Max spoke bitterly, remembering what happened just a couple of days ago. 

"No.. Uhm.."

"Spit it out already!" 

"How do you know what a real gun looks like, no one else could- even I couldn't" Max looks up at the tall man, quiet. David frowns, he was expecting many things, but silence wasn't it. 

Finally Max sighs, "There's a gun in my parents room, one like that man had, but you can tell it was fake from the way he held it and moved it around" David nods, 

"Have your parents ever used the gun?" 

Max's mind flashes back to his 9th birthday, no one showed up, not that he invited anyone, and no birthday gifts or cards, nothing for him, he did receive a new thing to fear though. 


"You little s*** would you stop that whining! Who cares if it's your birthday!" his mother yelled at the boy, causing him to cower. He father came into the room holding something

"You really want something for your birthday huh?!" he father stormed up to him, Max picked up what his father was holding, the metal glinting against the dull lights. "If you don't stop making noise I'll show you what this thing can do. Get out of our sight" his father spat out, Max quickly running towards his dull room, hiding away from people who claim to be his parents. 


"No" Max lies to David, "They've never used it".