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Small Comforts

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Foggy hadn’t become aware that Matt was a cuddler until their final year of law school. Up until then, Matt had almost never initiated any touching during their friendship unless he was drunk. And he hadn’t even started that until after Christmas break of L1. Foggy just figured that he had a thing about touching and accepted it.


That is, until after Elektra. Foggy figures now that after Matt and Elektra broke up, the poor guy was so low that he was ready to just lay all his weaknesses bare. He was too tired to keep pretending to be strong.


Foggy had been heartbroken that first night he found Matt alone in their dorm curled into a ball on his bed and crying silently. He’d rushed over and gently put a hand on Matt’s shoulder and asked if he needed anything. Matt shuddered and, for a moment, Foggy expected him to say no. Like he always did.


“I don’t want to be any trouble,” he mumbled miserably and Foggy almost cried.


“Matty, it’s okay to ask for something you need,” he said gently and rubbed Matt’s shoulder.


Matt let out a stuttering breath. “Could you… can I have a hug? Please?” he squeaked out. 


Foggy melted. “Yeah, buddy,” he sighed. “Come here.”


He sat on Matt’s bed and pulled the little ball of misery that was his best friend into his lap and wrapped his arms around him. Matt cried himself to sleep against Foggy’s chest.


Since that night, Foggy had made sure to offer Matt hugs, fist bumps, back pats, anything he could think of as often as he could so Matt would know it was okay to want those things. To ask for them. And after a while, he did. 


Foggy liked to think that his cheerful persistence eventually broke down Matt’s walls of Catholic self denial or whatever and helped Matt to believe that he was deserving of physical affection if he wanted it. And it seemed that he did want it. A lot. He started hugging Foggy all the time. And holding his elbow when they walked together, and laying his head on Foggy’s shoulder when they listened to reruns of old tv shows, and straight-up full-body cuddling when he was hungover. It still made Foggy sad to think of what Matt was like those first couple years when he obviously took so much comfort from just touching someone else.