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More Than Planned {RadioDust}

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Angel Dust was restrained, face down. All four of his arms and wrists bound together and were forcibly tucked underneath him and wrapped around his legs.

He was a goddamn sweaty mess. His chest fluff, matting against the bed-sheets giving it a sticky feel. With no warning, he felt Alastor pull out, yanking the slutty demon's body towards him. He let out a loud moan and he buried his face into the sheets, staining them with his saliva.

The sweat-soaked demon's cock was twitching, on the verge of spilling over from the intense sensation of the jizz drooling from his winking hole. Angel had trouble mustering up any coherent words to throw back at Alastor and insult him with. This brought much joy to hear his bitch, pathetically helpless underneath.

Angel's cock twitched and he clenched the bed-sheets. He bucked against Alastor's cock, wanting more. Alastor raised an eyebrow and brought his hands up groped Angel's plushy ass. In return, gained the privilege hearing a soft, pleasant moan to escape from the spider's lips amidst all of his blabbering.

He leaned his tall physique in to bring his face alongside Angel's. He hovered just a few inches away from his fur and tilted his head slightly at an angle, showing off his grand smile before taking a breath and opening his mouth. Softly, the words, "Are you going to beg?" parted his lips, his mouth now curling more into an even more wicked smile from his default.

Only soft whines were the response.

He ran his hand up the spider's back, raking his claws carefully down to not tear Angel's fluff and stain his beautiful white coat of fur. Alastor brought his hand around to Angel's chin and dug his claw into his cheek and forcibly turned his face to look at him.

"Beg." Alastor growled, gripping down harder on his cheek.

Angel choked out a gasp then let out a whimper before choking out a "Please!"

Alastor let out a chuckle and used his other hand and rested it on Angel's small ass. "Please what?" he said with a smug grin.

Angel was growing annoyed at this point and bucked against his hand. "Fuck me again you dumbass!" he growled, growing cranky that he wasn't able to ejaculate yet since Alastor was edging him for over 20 minutes. The deer demon hummed in response and gave him a glance since he was amused with Angel's struggle.

"I'll think about it." Alastor muttered, yawning. "I am quite tuckered out and it's much more fun to see you struggle." he continued as his eyes slit and his smile filled up the majority of his face.

"If you can break from the rope, then you can fuck me and tie me up..that sound like a challenge for you?" he asked, leaning in closer to his face again.

Angel growled and bit at him and Alastor pulled himself back watching the spider just bite at air. He laughed then placed his hands on Angel's small waist. "I don't think you can, can you?" he whispered gripping him for just a short moment. "Besides, it seems that you're enjoying being my little bitch, but I think I'm done for now." he said pulling away from him and zipping back up his pants. The spider demon glared at him and Alastor gave him a peck on the forehead, before snapping his fingers and the rope fell off of him. Bastard had the rope bounded by his demon magic. Angel fell flat onto the bed. "Good night Angel~" Alastor teased, already to the door and leaving with his exit to be followed by a few daggers seeping from the door and peaking the other side.

He had more important stuff to do.