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Marry you is not a dream

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Hua Wuxie had the authorization to marry his lover and bodyguard and a great warrior who was Pei Wende.
It's was incredible he couldn't believe all of this, because of the statut of the family but they have agreed.
When he told the news to Pei Wende he was so happy, because he would protect him as his duty but love him and be with him all the time.

After the marriage who was grandiose, where no one has dared to stop it or even interrupt it. Because if it's would have happen Pei Wende would have done his affairs.

When they were in their quarters, their room, where finally Pei Wende could be all the time without to worry.

"Marry you is not a dream, it's finally happening" says Hua Wuxie who was kissing him

"It' s not a dream, it's really happen, I'm really here with you and will be the whole life with you"

"My love..."

"My Beloved"

This night was magical for both of them even if they had done this before between them, but this night was more particular.