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Winner Take All

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“I’m gonna make you fucking take it Kacchan,” Deku hissed in Bakugou’s ear. “You lost.” Deku had Bakugou pinned in place and his hand down Bakugou’s pants. “It’s gonna hurt if you doing stop fighting me.”

“Make it hurt!” Bakugou snapped, sweating from the workout. Winner got to fuck the loser. Those were always the rules but it was usually Deku whining for Bakugou’s knot, not the other way around. 

Bakugou didn’t do begging, but his body did when Deku forced a spit slick fat finger into his tight asshole. His back arched and his dick plumped up with interest. He might normally fuck Deku, but his knotted dildo at home told another story.

Most nights Bakugou would go home dying to fuck it. He was an alpha, he wasn’t supposed to get fucked. Bakugou was supposed to do the fucking which was why he’d let Deku finally win so that he’d shove his fat knot into Bakugou’s hole without Bakugou having the embarrassment of having to ask for him to do it.

He let Deku push his face into the ground and yank down his pants. Deku’s tounge was hot against his crack and Deku was rough spreading Bakugou’s cheeks. Bakugou ignored the fact that he let out a fucking whine when Deku pushed his tongue past Bakugou’s rim. But he could feel the smile on Deku’s face.

“I know you did it on purpose Kacchan,” Deku said fucking three fingers into Bakugou. Bakugou said nothing. If he opened his mouth he’d moan and he did not want Deku to know how good his fingers felt. “You pretended I was the weaker alpha and I knew you needed to so I let you,” Deku continued and lined up, slowly pushing in and pushing all the air from Bakugou’s lungs. “But I know you too well Kacchan,” Deku said petting Bakugou’s hair as he started thrusting. Thrusts Bakugou was sure would tear him apart.

“You know nothing Deku,” Bakugou punched out but his voice sounded too wrecked for there to be any force to his words.

“Mmm I know you threw the fight because you were desperate to get my knot in your ass,” Deku said leaning down to kiss Bakugou’s shoulder and run a gentle hand up Bakugou’s cock. It was rock hard and leaking, making a huge mess already as Bakugou’s knot strained against air. “See how much you like it Kacchan?” Deku asked giving Bakugou’s knot a squeeze and making Bakugou’s body tense as he choked out a gasp. “If you are a good boy and take my knot, I’ll let you cum too Kacchan,” Deku whispered and Bakugou groaned when Deku took his hand away.

The embarrassment Bakugou initially felt was fading and his resolve crumbled when Deku’s knot started to inflate and Deku held Bakugou down forcing him to take it. Moans turned to sobs as the pain lit all the pleasure centers in Bakugou. His body wanted it, but his alpha instincts still made him thrash under Deku. Submission was a hard pill to swallow, but when Deku was all the way in, stretching Bakugou impossibly wide and dumping thick cum into him, the submission took over and Bakugou begged to cum too.

“Please, please, please Deku,” he sobbed, body desperate for release. 

“Shh Kacchan I know. You were so good for me, you can cum,” Deku murmured reaching under Bakugou and squeezing his knot hard enough to hurt, but Bakugou just cried out as an explosive orgasm shot out of him and leaving them both panting hard.

“Don’t tell anyone,” Bakugou whispered when he found his voice again. Deku carded his fingers through Bakugou’s sweaty hair. 

“I never would. This Kacchan is just for me.”