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They Were Roommates!!

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Katie!" Romelle called, giggling with excitement. Katie suspiciously raised an eyebrow, as she abandoned her bag on the coffee table and headed towards her friends that were crowded in the living room.

"A new rom-com released and we have to watch it!" Allura declared.

"I overheard a few girls talk about it in class, Apparently it's pretty good," Nadia informed, pushing her glasses up her nose.

"What is it about?" Katie asked, taking her usual seat on the couch between Allura and Romelle.

Over the past two years thanks to her friends she had become well versed in romcoms. Although she would never care to admit it to her friends but overtime romcom had become a guilty pleasure of hers. Despite the cheesiness, she usually found them cute and a good escape from her exhausting school life.

Romelle squealed. "It's about two people who are roommates and the main lead is so dreamy!"

"I would love to be his roommate," Allura dreamily sighed.

"You have Keith! This guy is mine!" Nadia declared, throwing a pillow at Allura.

Allura raised her own pillow in response but stopped in mid-action as Romelle pointed to the screen.

"It's started!" she stated, dispersing the pillow fight. The four friends finally settled in, Nadia on the armchair and the rest of the three on the couch.

Approximately two and a half hours later, Katie trudged to her own apartment, deep in thought.

She was already aware of the fact that movies held a very small sense of reality but didn't have the heart to tell her swooning friends that this movie might as well be made on another universe.

It was nothing close to having a guy roommate. If only the writers had interviewed her before making that movie, she would have given such an account that movie would have turned from a rom-com to a murder mystery.

Although she wasn't certain who was the murderer; Lance or her?

They both get their fair share of moments of wanting to murder each other.

She shrugged as she entered the elevator. Most probably the murderer would be Hunk given the number of times she and Lance used to call him to complain about each other.

She shook her head erasing the thoughts, as she took out her key to open the door but before the key could touch the lock.

The door enthusiastically opened by none other but the devil himself.

"Pidge!!" he greeted cheerfully ushering her inside.

She simply rolled her eyes, reminding herself never to forgive her older brother for using her old nickname in front of Lance.

"So how did your day go?" he questioned taking her bag from her.

"Alright," she mumbled, feeling slightly puzzled at the sudden warm welcome.

"Are you hungry?" he questioned and she shook her head, her brain still trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

Pidge wearily eyed the chirpiness of her roommate, she was used to Lance being a ray of sunshine but today he seemed a bit too happy.

"Is there something on my face?" he asked nervously, touching his cheek.

"Are you bringing one of your girlfriends over?" she asked.

Her dear roomie was one heck of a social butterfly, she has witnessed those 'rom-com endings' almost every week in her living room thanks to Mr. Lover boy.

"No!" he quickly answered, his face turning red.

She quizzically raised a brow wondering where the sudden shyness had come from but she quickly brushed the thought off in favour of another theory.

"Don't tell me you want to throw a party again?" she asked sternly.

Lance paled at the memory, "Definitely not after the last time."

"Then what are you up to?" she questioned.

Lance innocently shrugged. "Just trying to be the wonderful human I am."

"No funny business?" she confirmed, not finding enough energy to deal with the "wonderful human".

"Nope," he assured, feeling satisfied Pidge nodded, heading to her room.

Two hours later, she poked her head out of her room. Her hair held a beautiful resemblance to a bird's nest thanks to her unexpected nap.

According to her year's experience since it was 9:30 pm on a Friday evening. Lance McClain should be out of the house by now to be at whichever party he had been invited to and that meant that the house belonged to her.

But to her utter surprise, Lance McClain was at home in his pajamas watching tv. She never thought she would ever live to see this day.

"Hey," she called softly walking towards the couch.

"Finally awake? You know it wouldn't kill you to have a normal sleeping schedule," he teased, making space for her on the couch.

"Shut up," she sleepily retorted, stifling a yawn.

"How come you're at home?" she asked to which he simply shrugged.

"I had to work on a paper today and now I am too exhausted to go out," he replied, slumping back lazily on the couch.

"Who are you? And what have you done to my roommate? she asked, “The real Lance would never miss a chance to have fun."

He chuckled, sitting up straighter. "About that. Are you up for a match?" he challenged grabbing the controllers.

Pidge smirked confidently, "If you’re prepared to lose that is."

There was no denying that the two of them had their differences but surprisingly found common ground in video games. She considered Lance a worthy player, his reflexes were very sharp making him a challenging opponent.

Lance on the other hand always found it a good opportunity to bond, befriending Pidge was not an easy task. She usually didn't like to talk about herself or initiate conversations but strangely did become a much easier talker when her attention was diverted by work or video games.

So he took his opportunity.

"How come you came home late?” he asked. “Don't your classes end early today?"

Pidge briefly glanced at him, her gaze held surprise which was cleverly disguised by annoyance.

"You have learned my class schedule now?" she questioned, her gaze was fixed on the screen where she tried her best to stab Lance's character.

Lance snorted, swiftly avoiding her attacks.

"It's not that hard to learn. I am a very observant person after all." He grinned proudly.

"An observant person with a lot of free time on his hands," she chided.

"So where were you?" he asked again.

"Watching a movie at Allura’s," she answered, heat bloomed in her chest remembering the plot of the movie.

Stupid rom-coms...

Lance opened his mouth again and this time she was aware of what his next question was going to be. "No, Allura didn't ask about you. She and Keith are still together," she teased, anticipating the familiar pout to appear.

Lance chuckled warmly, ducking his head.

"I will never understand how Mullet managed to charm her," he confessed.

His thumbs paused over the controller, as the screen finally announced Pidge as the winner but there wasn't any sign of disappointment in his eyes.

Instead, he slightly shifted towards her, there was a dreamy gaze in his blue eyes and instead of his signature smirk, a soft thoughtful smile graced his face.

"But I guess that's the funny part about love. It's where you least expect it to be," he whispered.

Pidge blinked back at him owlishly, her brain failing to understand the implication.

"If you say so. You are the love expert after all," she said with a shrug.

Lance shook his head as laughter bubbled in his throat, although he had the right to feel disappointed but he couldn't bring himself to.

He lets out a hearty chuckle earning a more puzzled look from Pidge.

"What?" she asked dazed by her roommate's strange behavior.

"You finally admitted that I am a love expert," he declared proudly, ruffling her hair.

"Well, I never denied that either," she retorted, swatting away his hand.

"Katie, the professor is going to kill you," Nadia warned shaking her friend awake.

"I am already dead,” she sleepily mumbled. “So it doesn't matter."

Nadia slumped back in her chair, observing her surroundings. Most of her classmates tried their best to keep their eyes open as the professor droned on with his lecture hardly bothered by the lack of response.

Whose bright idea was to keep an 8 am lecture on Monday?

She fixed her glasses and leaned forward trying to understand what the Professor was talking about.

Despite her best efforts, she failed to do so, she decided that her friend had the right idea and it was better to catch up on her sleep. At least she would be feeling fresh for her next class.

But that was until…..

"Katie!" she hissed poking her friend.

"What?" Katie groaned.

"James is looking at you," she whispered, unable to contain her giddiness.

"What!" Katie jumped in her seat.

Nadia facepalmed as their classmate’s attention turned towards them.

"Miss Holt and Miss Rizavi. Anything you like to share with the class?" The Professor questioned sternly, crossing his arms.

The two friends slowly got up from their seats, they momentarily shared a look before turning back to the Professor.

"Well, you see Professor..." Nadia started as Katie zoned out of the explanation. Her eyes darted like a thief avoiding her Professor's gaze.

The people who were barely awake a minute ago watched the pair with curious eyes. Among those eyes was James Griffin.

Katie froze as his eyes made contact with hers, he gave her a small sympathetic smile. Subconsciously Katie's lips curved up as well.

"Miss Holt what are you smiling about!"

"I am sorry but what?" Allura giggled and Keith smirked in amusement.

"I finally manage to get us out of trouble and she lands us right back in" Nadia groaned.

"You were the one who got us into trouble in the first place!" Katie reasoned.

"Whatever. It doesn't matter" Nadia waved off, slurping the last of her chocolate milkshake.

"So what is the good news?" Keith asked.

Nadia grinned, "That daredevil trick helped her score. He asked her out"

"Really!!" Allura grinned, slapping her hands on the table in excitement. The three of them jumped back in terror as their glasses and the table shook.

"Easy there, Honey" Keith reassured carefully steadying the glasses.

"He didn't ask me out!" Katie glared at Nadia.

"He only asked if I wanted to be his partner for our project" she clarified.

"Oh please the translation for that is. Will you be my partner for life" Nadia informed.

"Geez, Nads." Katie rolled her eyes as the rest of them laughed.

"Oh no. We are going to be late for our class," Allura declared, checking her watch.

"This is gonna be the third time!!" Nadia added, frantically grabbing her stuff.

"See you later." Allura waved off, giving Keith a quick kiss on the cheek. Surprising the young man, whose face started resembling his red jacket.

Katie smirked in satisfaction as she watched Keith's eyes follow Allura till she disappeared outside. She and Keith have been friends for ages courtesy to Shiro and Matt but she had never seen this soft side of him. The side which was only reserved for Allura.

"Aren't you the cutest," She teased, causing him to turn red.

"Shut up," he mumbled turning back to his fries.

"No offense, but never in my wildest dreams did I consider you the dating type," she confessed and Keith gave her a small smirk.

"I could say the same for you."

Katie giggled, stealing a fry. "Well I am still single so your theory stands."

"Not for long," he informed.

"You want to make a bet?" Katie challenged, Keith shrugged innocently, "Sure. I bet you 50 bucks that you will be dating before the end of the semester."

Katie look at him bemused. "I'll take that bet. Prepare to lose,"

Keith smirked. "We will see."

"Hey, you want to hear something weird?" he suddenly offered. Katie rubbed her hands in delight, "Another conspiracy theory. Is it about Area 51?"

"No no but this is even weirder," he assured. "What?" she asked carefully, Katie didn't like the evil smirk on Keith's face.

"Today after class Miranda Green asked Lance out," Keith informed and Katie's eyes widened.

"Miranda Green? The popular one who is famous for playing hard to get. How come she asked Lance out ?"

Keith shook his head. "That is not even the weird part. Lance rejected her,"

"What?!" Katie shouted and Keith quickly grabbed all the glasses before she could reentact Allura.

"See, I told you it was weird," Keith smiled in satisfaction.

"Wait..wait. Didn't Lance like her?" Katie questioned, racking her brains.

"I mean he used to talk about her all the time till..last month?" She mumbled trying to remember the last time Lance mentioned Miranda.

Keith casually shrugged his shoulders, "Who knows what goes on in that boy's mind"
Pidge absentmindedly shuffled her food around her plate replaying the recent weeks in her mind.

The year had given her plenty of time to grow accustomed to her roommates activities and behaviors but the last two weeks were a stark contrast to her previous observations.

For starters he hardly went out this weekend, before that she had a higher probability of seeing him outside rather than in their own apartment.

Now he had rejected someone for whom he was singing love ballads a few weeks ago. Speaking of that, when was the last time he brought or mentioned a girlfriend?

She stabbed her meatball with her fork, what was this boy upto? Had she rubbed off on him? This was disappointing she had really hoped he would rub off on her. God knows how much she needs those social skills.

Whatever it was she was going to find out, Pidge decided, munching on her spaghetti.

"Hey!" a familiar voice called.

The devil was home.

Lance dramatically fell on the couch. Pidge glanced at her watch and turned towards Lance.

"Hey, how are you ?" she questioned.

Lance shrugged, "Very tired and hungry. Please tell me there is still dinner?"

Pidge nodded, "I made spaghetti."

Lance immediately perked up, "I am the luckiest man alive."

Pidge rolled her eyes, "Flattery will get you nowhere Mr McClain. You have to get it yourself."

"But Pidgey, I’m so tired!" Lance groaned, he pleadingly clasped her hands in his.

"Please," he begged out a mumble, giving her puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh fine!" she agreed, freeing her hands from his. Faint shivers ran down her back, and she rubbed her hands together trying to get rid of the sudden chill.

"Don't call me Pidgey," she warned, and he mischievously smirked.

"But we have a deal," he reminded.

There were rare moments when Lance could make Pidge speechless, it's not easy to make a genius speechless mind you so Lance enjoyed every second of it.

"Just wait till I meet your family!" she threatened.

"You will be sorry that you even thought about messing with me!" she warned disappearing into the kitchen.

Lance chuckled to himself, "What's the rush? Let me ask you out first."


Pidge glanced up from her laptop, it was 11:45 pm and Lance was out cold on the couch.

Her eyes softened at the sight, he looked less evil when asleep and as much she would have preferred to let him stay like that. He is gonna get a back ache, their couch wasn't exactly the beacon of comfort.

Putting her laptop aside she walked towards the sleeping man, mustering all her physical energy.

"Lance," she whispered shaking him lightly.

"Go to your room or else you are going to end with a backache," she ordered, shaking him harder.

Lance groaned in his sleep hugging the green pillow tighter.

Pidge sighed, a wise person would leave him alone to his fate but a wiser person knew that he would be grumpy the next day and in turn, annoy her more. Taking another deep breath, Pidge started pulling on his arms in order to get him up. Lance might look like a bean pole but he was heavy and pulling him up wasn't an easy feat.

Thankfully his eyes fluttered open, "Pidge what are you doing?" he slurred in his sleep.

"Getting you to your bed," she answered between her struggle.

Lance nodded absentmindedly as he slowly started getting up.

Pidge patted herself for a job well done but the celebration was done too soon.

"Quiznak! Lance!" she shouted as he nearly toppled her over.

Pidge huffed, she was nearly being crushed by a man almost twice her weight then again she should have known better than to stir the devil in his slumber.

"Next time I am leaving you there," she hissed to the half awake man as she almost dragged him towards his room.

"Mmmm," was his simple reply as his face snuggled closer to hers.

Pidge didn't know if her face was red from blushing or exhaustion. Rolling her eyes she continued her voyage and then kicked the door open.

Using the last of her strength she dumped the 85 kgs on his bed. Lance seemed unaffected by the whole ordeal and he simply snuggled closer to his pillows with a small smile curled on his face as if he was the most innocent person in existence.

Pidge glared at the sleeping figure before tossing his blue comforter over him. All that effort would be a waste if he caught a cold, she decided.

As she turned to leave, Lance managed to gather enough senses to sleepily whisper "Thank you"

Pidge smiled to herself, softly closing the door.

Lance sighed with contentment as he opened the door. Thursday had become his favorite day for it successfully ended at 2:30 pm. No more classes and definitely no work.

His brows furrowed in confusion at the sight of the empty apartment. Usually she would be haunting the living room at this time.

Could it be that Katie finally decided to leave the home on her own accord?

He cautiously stepped inside wondering if he ended up in one of those alternate realities Katie kept talking about?

His eyes searched the apartment till it ended up on an unfamiliar object.
Wait was that plant here when he left?
"Ka-Pidge!!" he finally called out.
"Over here!!" came the immediate reply.

Lance shook his head as he made his way over to the balcony, sometimes he forgot that they also had a balcony. Their apartment was like a luxury for them, no wonder despite their differences they had decided to co-habit it.

There she was, among her plants. Smiling at them like a proud mother.

"Hey!" she chirped.
"Hey," he cooly replied.

"Mind telling me about that plant in our living room?" he questioned, the amusement evident in his eyes.

"It needed a home?" she offered innocently. "Really?" he asked, leaning against the railing.

Pidge nodded enthusiastically, "My mom got it but it's not safe to keep around Bae Bae. So she asked if I could take care of it."

Lance shook his head trying to keep down the laughter bubbling in his throat.

"Our home will become a Greenhouse soon," he tried to reason.

"Please! Lance," she begged, clasping her hands together.

Lance raised a hesitant brow, "Katie..."

"It has nowhere to go," she whispered helplessly.

"Fine. As long as you are not allergic to it" he gave in and Pidge grinned.

"Did I ever mention that you are the best roommate ever" she praised gleefully.

"I wouldn't mind if you mentioned that more" he added and Pidge simply rolled her eyes, turning back to watering her plants.

"Need any help?" he questioned, kneeling next to her.

Pidge blinked in surprise, "Yeah. Can you transfer that one to the bigger pot,"

"Wow it's grown so much!!" he marvelled, picking up the spare gloves.

"Just be very careful with it," she advised.

"Don't worry. I am a pro," he assured, gently lifting the plant from its old home.

Lance could feel the amber eyes trained at him as he added the soil in the new plant. It gave him goosebumps.

"What?" he softly questioned as Pidge flitted her gaze.

"Nothing," she mumbled.

A peaceful silence followed till she asked again.

"Hey, I can ask you something?" she carefully juggled her words.

"Sure?" he replied, his voice holding equal uncertainty.

"Is everything alright?" she whispered. Lance looked at her confused, "What do you mean?"

A pause followed as Pidge selected the suitable words in her head before she spoke again.

"Lance you have been acting differently these days. I used to hardly see you in daylight and today your classes ended early but instead of parading around somewhere with your friends. You are at home with me."

Lance simply let out a chuckle, " Is staying home with you a bad thing?"

Pidge shook her head. "No, but it's certainly unusual for you."

"Maybe I just like hanging out in my apartment these days. I can't let you have our awesome TV all day," he joked but Pidge remained unamused.

She sighed, Lance wasn't an easy person to deal with. He thought he had everyone fooled with his goofy and easy-going persona but overtime she had learned better.

"It's fine if you don't want to talk to me about it but make sure you do talk with someone," she firmly stated.
The playfulness from his eyes disappeared and he took a sober tone. "Everything is fine," he assured sincerely.

Pidge raised a skeptical brow, "Really?" He gave her a small smile, "Cross my heart."

"Although..." he started and his tone made her realize that he was going to say something ridiculous. "I didn't know my dear Pigeon cared about me so much," he teased.

Pidge's reply was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing.

They shared a puzzled look for a moment on who could it be before Pidge's eyes widened in realization.

"Shoot!" she paled, taking her gloves off quickly.

"Lance get the door. I will be back!" she said heading into her room with top speed. Lance slowly walked towards the door, scratching his head on what could have possibly made Pidge so nervous.

He didn't need to wonder for too long though, the other side of the door revealed a young man with brown hair.

He seemed familiar. Lance probably saw him around campus. The brown-haired man was equally surprised to see him.

He cleared his throat, "Is Katie here?"

Lance's eyes narrowed but before he could reply the person in question came running towards the door.

"James!!" she greeted opening the door wider and letting 'James' inside.

James's posture relaxed but he still suspiciously eyed Lance who in turn did the same. Both boys wondering about the relation of the other.

Thankfully Katie considered it a good time for introductions, "This is my roommate Lance"

"And this my classmate James. We are working on an assignment together" she explained. The two boys reluctantly nodded in acknowledgment.

"Did you research on the malfunction of 1269?" she asked. James nodded proudly holding up his USB.

"Awesome! Let's get started" Katie grinned in excitement, there was a mad look in those amber-colored eyes. Lance considered it to be safer not to get in the way when Pidge was in her 'mad scientist' mode.

Beside him, James affectionately chuckled at her excitement. Lance's eyes narrowed again, an uncomfortable feeling poked him in the chest.

He didn't like this guy…..