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And what next?

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The Void churned with power, encompassing the universe. From beyond the stretch of imagination, the Void oversaw the universe's balance. Yet there was a sense that something was off, and a power that was more malevolent was approaching. Something was close to this universe, and in the grand scheme that is the universe, might does make right.

An interconnected destiny means everyone has a part to play, and no matter how small one thinks their piece to be, they contribute something to the entire puzzle. With a multiverse, destinies collide and mesh together, and after an objective look at would ask themselves: Is there a destiny to destiny? Or is there something that oversees it all? Or is there something doing it as a mere whim? Like a discovery author that writes as they go along, not even being sure themselves about what comes next?

Hell if I know. I'm a discovery writer.


Boboiboy was laying on the field, staring up at the moon. He looked at the massive universe spread out before him, and felt something familiar inside him. A suppressed feeling of depression that he often felt while he and his friends were out and about in space. It revolved around the feeling of helplessness due to the massive size of the universe. He couldn't help everybody, since the universe was far too large. It had been a year of his vacation, and he was now older and felt more of his creative juices flowing while fighting an opponent. He could use his powers more effectively and creatively, especially after watching a bunch of Earth shows about people with powers. He was also reaching his formative years. That thought was somewhat frightening him.

A spaceship then slammed into the ground in front of him, sending debris everywhere and caking his face with dirt. Retak'ka stepped out, fist emanating with gamma radiation and a menacing grin. Boboiboy leapt to his feet, terror flooding his heart. He thought he'd defeated Retak'ka already. Two other spacecrafts landed in front of him, with every villain he had ever fought in his life stepped out. Jokertu, Jugglenaut, Ejo Jo and more surrounded him and began cackling with evil.

"Oh fuck, oh no. How'd you all-"

"Come on, you idiot. There are Power Spheres that can manipulate time. Why wouldn't someone have a Power Sphere that can revive the dead?" Jugglenaut rumbled. "You really call yourself a seasoned fighter? You only got lucky when fighting us, getting a last-minute power-up that saves your ass."

Retak'ka blasted Boboiboy with a gamma ray blast, melting a hole straight through his body, causing him to puke a torrent of Uranium-235. Captain Separo then laughed maniacally, and used Hookabot to slash Boboiboy in half in its Sword-form. Screaming in pain, Boboiboy looked on hopelessly as Jokertu transformed his legs into a card and jammed it down his throat. Jugglenaut then made a balloon and placed it on top of Boboiboy before cooking him alive with Firebot, thus igniting the explosive balloon, and-

Waking him up from his sleep, as he sat up in bed, drenched in cold sweat. He looked around his room, it was 3 a.m., and he didn't really want to bother other people with his trauma. So he stared out the window in silence. He thought to himself of the uselessness of it all. He never really questioned orders and he barely had a break between the defeat of Retak'ka and his next mission. Justice doesn't wait for the Heroes to heal. Now that he was on this break, he started questioning his existence more. More importantly, he wanted to know how Earth was protected while he was gone. But he never really asked anyone. He just assumed that he got lucky and no aliens came to Earth while he was gone.


Boboiboy ate breakfast and plunged himself into deep thought. He spent these days with Targetbot who was repurposed by TAPOPS. During their first meeting, Targetbot wasn't much, but soon revealed that its true intent was for training, and decades of not being used had caused it to slowly lose its true functionality. Targetbot was actually extremely durable and more powerful than previously expected. It was meant as a real-life training simulator and is modifiable to the owner's wishes.

For maximum "comfortability" Boboiboy chose the mode that was more akin to the Laksamana Tarung's style, which was modifiable. Since they're more akin to Power Sphere training, Boboiboy was grilled on making sure that he had the creativity to strategize mid-battle, so their training sessions were often paired up with Boboiboy's other friends. 

Since she was the most versatile, Yaya was often used for practice with the other members of the team. Honestly, most enemies are probably equipped with enhanced strength and speed, so elite TAPOPS members must train with her. Boboiboy was used more for extreme condition training. But life hadn't thrown anything major at any of them for a while. They usually stop when the weather gets too intense, but recently, though, the weather's been weird with unknown and random patterns. Odd for the Pulau Rintis area, since they're chock in the middle of Selangor. Boboiboy had to pair up with Yaya to take down Targetbot. The challenge behind this is that they had to defeat Targetbot a different way every time that they clash. Also with each clash, Targetbot becomes more and more resistant to their attacks.

"Come on, lards! Hurry up and defeat me!" Targetbot demanded. "I've had dildos attached to rhinos that hurt more than your damned lightning bolts, boy!"

Yaya snickered under her breath. "Goddamn."

Boboiboy eyed her with her small smirk. "Really, Yaya? You of all people?"

"Quit yammering, you troglodytes! No excuse for you either, Yaya! I've watched cringey Youtube videos that hurt more than your punches. Now get beating my ass, or I'll beat it out of you!"

"S'what she said." Gopal smiled while raising an eyebrow while jeering at Ying.

Ying rolled her eyes while smiling. Everybody had begun spouting dirty jokes because...teenagers.

"Boboiboy Triad!" he yelled, jumping through a ring of light, causing him to split into three. Out came Boboiboy Thorn, Boboiboy Blaze and Boboiboy Ice. Waving his arms around, Thorn summoned a flourish of thorny plants. They bloomed with purplish flowers that oozed a weird gaseous substance. He then redirected the substance towards Targetbot, covering him in a light violet liquid layer, as Boboiboy encased Targetbot in ice, leaving a hole in the dead center of Targetbot. He then shot a bolt of fire straight in through the hole and closed it up, causing Targetbot to be set on fire, the liquid emitted from the plants acting as fuel for the flames. The blazing fire decimated Targetbot, leaving it scorched to its very circuits.

"Could've been better, kid. But please increase the intensity of the fire next time. No need to pull any punches on me. Alright then, where's the next dumpster fire of a Hero you guys call 'Yaya'?!"

"Watch and learn, will ya? Watch from the master of not pulling any punches."

"Don't destroy a building this time around, alright?"

Yaya rolled her eyes. "It was one time, I was running out of ideas, and it was a building that was supposed to be demolished, anyway."

"Right. And your cookies are real fucking delicious, too."

"I will knock your fucking teeth out one day."

Boboiboy grinned while reverting back to one form. "Sure. At least you're acknowledging that your food is bad, alright?"

"Time to show you all how it's done." Yaya said, cracking her knuckles. and flying straight at a freed Targetbot.

"Show me what you got."

"Heh. Terbaik." Boboiboy said, putting a thumbs-up in mid-air.