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My Raggedy Doctor

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The crack! There it is!
He took out his sonic screwdriver and like the first time, he fixed it. Prisoner Zero hasn't escaped yet. There were no voices on the other side of the crack.
He returned a couple of months before their first meeting. So he could just close the crack. He just hoped her parents weren't swallowed yet.

Her room seemed weird. Without that crack.
She wasn't there. That's for the best. He made sure no one was in the house when he entered.

He looked around the room. Of course, there was no Raggedy Doctor doll or something. No more Raggedy Doctor.
He looked through the window. He remembers like it was yesterday. His TARDIS was crashed right there! By that tree! And she was standing right where he stands now when she saw it for the first time.
"The days that never came..." He thought bitterly.

He walked across the room, and took the doorknob.
He was starting to leave...right now...he's gonna push that door and leave her behind forever. That's right...c'mon Doctor...push...and leave!

Ah! He can't just go without leaving absolutely nothing about him in her life.

He saw a pen and a notebook on her desk. He took the pen and turned the first page on her notebook. Then he started to draw. Then he realized he wasn't really a good painter. Well...this version of him wasn't.
If he remembers well, he used to be a great painter before, a couple of regenerations ago. He even helped Picasso with some ideas. But the famous painter took the credit anyway...

When he finished, he looked at his 'masterpiece'. wasn't really a masterpiece, but it did look like a child of seven drew it and that's good.
He drew a TARDIS. A big one. In space. Million planets and stars around it. The TARDIS door were opened, and there stood a man in a suit and a bow tie, waving.

He closed the notebook and hoped he left it on the same spot.
He took the doorknob and closed the door behind him.
He was on the floor. In that hall with too many rooms as he once said.
He was walking down the stairs and looked at the kitchen where they once ate...
-Amy! - the voice came from the outside. -Your father and I are going to the market, you go prepare for bed, we'll be back shortly! -
He heard the car start and leave. Her parents are there! They are alive! Despite the situation he was in, he had to smile. She will have parents to raise her. Her life will definitely be better.
He heard footsteps from the outside getting closer and closer.
"Oh, bloody hell! Now what?"
He looked around the house not knowing where to go.
He heard the door open and started running upstairs when suddenly he heard a sharp, familiar voice shout:
-Hey! -
He froze on the spot.
-Who are you? - she asked.
He turned around and at the bottom of the stairs she stood, looking at him. "Wow!" He thought he will never see her again. And there she is. Alive and well.
Although she didn't look like his old Amy. Cause now, she was scared. Well, that was new. Amy Pond, looking at him, scared. He didn't want that...
-Hello! - he said cheerfully. She didn't say a word. She looked confused. Oh, he was confused too. Ugh...she wasn't supposed to see him at all!
-So... - he slowly started to go down the stairs.
She immediately drew back. But didn't take her eyes off him.
He was still walking and she kept going backwards and reached the doorstep.
He walked cautiously towards her not knowing what to do. He was silent and she was silent. It was like they were having some kind of a weird staring contest.

She got outside the house and it looked like she was preparing to run away. house seems safe enough! - he patted the house a few times with a nervous laughter.
-Wh-who are you? - she asked timidly.
-Oh, no, don't be scared, I'm just a...a...Doctor! Doctor...for...this house! Just checking if it's safe against thieves and...other...stuff... -
She looked even more confused.
-You know, I'm fixing stuff! In...houses. - he was trying really hard to reassure her that everything was alright. He was hoping it will work.
She looked suspicious and after some time finally said:
-There's a strange crack in my wall. It just appeared out of nowhere. Mum and dad tried to fix it, but they couldn't.
-Oh, yeah, I took care of that! Don't you worry miss Am...I mean...what's your name?
-Pond. Amelia.
-Amelia Pond! - he walked towards her with jumps in his steps. When he stood in front of her, he put out his hand for a shake. -That's a lovely name! Like from a fairy tale! -
She still looked at him like he just fell from the sky.
-Your clothes is weird. Why are you wearing a bow tie?
-Hey! Bow ties are cool! -he said as a matter of factly. Like he always does. -You should wear them sometime, believe me you'll feel cool. -
She finally put her hand out and shook his. -You're weird.
-I've been told that before. -
She let go of his hand.
-So what's your name then? -
He looked thoughtful now. He just stared at her and she stared at him.
-Are you some kind of thief? You don't want to tell me your name so I don't call the police? - she looked suspicious again.
-Oh, no! As a matter of fact, police and I are good friends. Look! - he pointed behind her. She turned around and saw a blue police box. But it looked kind of...
-Why does it look so old?
-It looks like your clothes. All...raggedy. You're some kind of a raggedy man. A Raggedy...Doctor... -
Suddenly, her face changed. She looked like she was remembering something and was trying to say, to scream it! But then, she just blinked and her face was back to normal.
-What's a police box doing here? In my garden?
-Oh sorry I maybe parked it on the wrong spot.
-Parked it?
-Yeah, it's my vehicle. -
She seemed partly amused and partly suspicious at the same time.
-Are you messing with me?
-No! Truly, it is my vehicle! Why is it so hard to believe? - he really couldn't understand.
-My parents won't believe me, when I tell them this. About you, here. They'll say you're just a story I made up. -
He smiled. And then kneeled so he was on the same eye level as her. He put his hand on her shoulder. -Then tell them we're all stories in the end. Some good stories, some bad stories. Everybody's lives are stories. You just have to make it a good one, eh? -
Finally, she smiled. -Well, maybe my friend Rory will believe me.
-I bet he will. - he stood up. -Well, I'm really, really glad I met you miss Pond! - he put his hand out to shake hers one more time.
-It was very nice and weird meeting you Raggedy Man!
-Don't forget what I told you about bow ties! -
She laughed. It was an innocent children's laugh. He was glad he saw it one last time.
-Well, off I go! There are a lot of other...houses...I have to check! - he was walking towards the TARDIS and opened the door. Then he turned around and waved.
She was, of course, turned to him and waved back with a smile.
Then he closed the door, but a second later, he opened them again.
-Oh, and Amelia Pond! I bet you're going to have a wonderful life! - he said with a wide smile on his face. Then he closed the door again.
She still stood there looking at that weird police box, and then remembered it was her time to go to bed for a while now, so she turned around and went towards the house. And as she took the doorknob in her hand, she remembered she had to ask him! And turned around again.
-Wait, how do you even drive tha...? - he wasn't there. The police box was gone.