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The pact between CangSe SanRen and the Lan clan was to marry the first alpha of the clan with the omega son of her. It's stupid, Wei WuXian thought as he travelled to Gusu with Jiang Cheng by his side. Lan XiChen made his way out and refused this union, making his younger brother the candidate, Lan WangJi agreed being the obedient heir he was. Did he do it for his family? Giving up the potential love life, when he said that to Jiang Cheng he scoffed and said didn't you do the same? It was not. He would have declined it his parents were alive, but now they are dead, he cannot oppose Jiang Fengmian, he still have to repay the Jiang sect for the things they have done. Madam Yu sat him down before they came and asked him over and over if he wanted to do it or he is just going there to disappoint their family, WuXian's answer was 'yes' everytime and she sighed at the end and warned him before asking Jiang YanLi to pack every of his necessities and remind him his heat schedule. She was worried and Wei WuXian knew if he said 'No' she would have made sure that nobody could move him from Yunmeng.

In order to organise the union, the bride and groom had to know each other properly, thus his journey to Gusu, where he would study his remaining years and also stay with Lan WangJi. Wei WuXian was brilliant and he knew it, and in Gusu there was not any discrimination against sub genders, so he knew he would show very good performance in that aspect but about behaviour he cannot be sure. Since causing mischief was in his blood. As Wei WuXian woke up that day -very early much to his dislike- he sat on the bed, in Yunmeng there would be servants with Jiang YanLi who would help him dress up but GusuLan had a strict rule, everyone would wash their own plate and do their own laundry. Wei WuXian sighed and got up from the bed, washed his face and put on fresh cloths, as he was combing his hair Jiang Cheng poked his head from the door, "You are up already?" He sounded surprised, "Gotta impress my in-laws" Wei WuXian winked as he braided his hair the way his Shijie taught him before coming here. Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes at the remark, "I sent someone there to check on the eldest Lan if we get permission we would be leaving" Jiang Cheng left with that. Wei WuXian sat in front of the mirror, then got up.

They were provided with the north east line of quarters, the sunlight wafted in the small well maintained garden, really nice Wei WuXian thought as he strolled. As he was about to turn in the corner he felt someone's gaze on him from behind and halted, when he turned around there was no one, did the person Jiang Cheng sent came back already? But he was sure it was a corner of white robe and not purple. Wei WuXian started walking towards the side he thought he saw the white robe, however there was no one, "Hello?" He greeted, as if to make whoever was hiding from him come out, When no one did he turned around jumped out of his skin, "Oh fu- heavens!" He swallowed the curse word. There was a young man dressed in a white robe -Gusu Lan sect uniform-, his long hair touched his waist, the cloths were embroidered with clouds, as he turned his eyes up he saw a long nose, high cheekbones as if made of fine jade and two beautiful clear crystal golden eyes, calm and collected. He was probably a feet taller than Wei WuXian, there was sect ribbon wrapped around his temple as well, beautiful cloud embroidered. The young man's face was expressionless, but he was quite young same age as him probably. Wei WuXian smiled at him, "Hello are you a disciple?" He asked. The young man nodded. "I am Wei WuXian" He saluted, the man bowed his head in return. If Wei WuXian was close enough he could catch his scent but he was further and taking a whiff would be rude, but with his broad shoulders calm eyes, he was an alpha. "What is your name?" He asked, the young man shook his head, Wei Wuxian blinked, "You don't want to tell?" The young man shook his head. Oh. Wei WuXian couldn't describe but he found this quite adorable. "Why?" He asked, "Forbidden, before being introduced by the elders." Oh. This was so incredibly adorable.

He was about to ask something but there was foot steps. The young man looked alarmed and quickly passed him, as he passed Wei WuXian caught a whiff of his scent. Rich sandalwood and snow. Beautiful. "Wei Ying!" Jiang Cheng whisper yelled, Wei WuXian bliked, "What the hell are you standing here alone for?" He narrowed his eyes. "Elder Lan wants to see us let's go." His shidi said and was already walking ahead. Wei WuXian followed but couldn't help glancing behind him again, probably in hope to catch a glimpse of that young man again. Jiang Cheng noticed his troubled face and thought maybe he was tensed, his normally ill tempered shidi took his hand talked in a soft voice, "You don't have to do it if you don't want to, I didn't oppose because the Lan brothers have pretty good reputation and I think you would be happy here." Jiang Cheng proceed to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear, "But it all depends on you, if you feel like you don't want to just tell me I will call father right away and we will brake the engagement. Okay?" Wei WuXian's heart swelled at his words, "Okay" he answered. Jiang Cheng nodded exhaling and led the group. When they reached infront of the door a Lan disciple was already waiting for them, the woman saluted as she opened the door. Jiang Cheng let Wei WuXian enter first as a sign of respect and entered the second. After exchanging greetings Jiang Cheng passed him the letter Jiang Fengmian wrote. Lan Qiren was quite good looking at his age, as it seemed, tall with broad shoulders and handsome face WuXian heard this man stayed unmarried for the rest of his life for a unknown reason. "Very well" Lan Qiren said as he read the letter, then he gestured a disciple. The disciple went outside and instantly two young man entered the room, they looked pretty similar but one had a smile adorned on his lips and the other was completely expressionless. Wei WuXian's eyebraws shot up seeing the shorter man, that was the young man he met in the guest quarters probably an hour ago. "Let me introduce" Lan Qiren started, "My eldest nephew, Lan XiChen" He gestured to the young man that was smiling, "The youngest nephew, Lan WangJi" He gestured to the expressionless one. They both saluted them. Wei WuXian returned the bow, Lan Qiren observed him, then smiled for some unknown reason.

When they sat down in their respective matt, Lan Qiren started, "As you see the pact was made between CangSe SanRen and me specifically, after her passing away I did not expect it to be full filled" his voice was solemn, "But I am glad Jiang sect found Wei WuXian and adopted him also respected CangSe's decision, even with a condition" Now Lan Qiren's voice was lased with amusement, "Even though XiChen ended this engagement and stepped away, Jiang Fengmian asked me to include him as well" Wei WuXian saw Lan XiChen's eyes widened, the man glanced at Lan WangJi, even though his brother's face didn't gave anything away Lan XiChen understood, "Uncle" He interjected, his voice lased with mild panic and Wei WuXian didn't understand why. "And I agree with that" Lan Qiren put an emphasis on 'agree'. "But I blacked away!" Lan XiChen's voice raised a bit octave higher he glanced at his brother again. "But Young Master Wei didn't get to did he? If you get a choice to back out, he gets a choice as well, to choose between you and WangJi." Lan Qiren finished. Lan XiChen's face was full with panic now and Wei WuXian tilted his head, Lan Qiren turned his head towards his younger nephew, "Do you agree WangJi?" He asked. Lan WangJi was keeping his eyes on the floor till now, not part taking in the on going conversation whatsoever, as he heard Lan Qiren say his name he turned his eyes up and looked straight to Wei WuXian as if to search something, then nodded. "Very well" Lan Qiren said. Lan XiChen sighed very very loudly. "Then it is decided, as Young Master Wei will stay here fifteen months for studies, he will be courted by both the Twin jades of Lan for six months and after that if he will have to decide whom he would like to be with."

"I am really pleased with this" Jiang Cheng commented as they sat on the bed. Wei WuXian felt exhausted and he didn't even speak a word. "Why?" He asked as he got out of those uncomfortable robes and got in his normal comfortable ones. He will have to wear white robes from tomorrow like the other disciples of the clan. "Because you get to choose and not some weird person get to have you just like that, limited but still you have a choice." Wei WuXian laughed, Jiang Cheng went on, "If you ask me the older one is better." Wei WuXian stopped laughing at that, "Why?" He asked again, "I don't know" Jiang Cheng shrugged, "That Lan Wangji, His chord hards differently, did you see his face its like he wouldn't even blink if a ghoul comes in front of him." Jiang Cheng dramatically gestured, "He probably doesn't even know what romance is." Wei WuXian didn't say anything and just folded the pile of clothes he just shredded.


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The next morning Wei WuXian woke up reasonably earlier -his schedule was 1 at night to 9 at morning -if Madam Yu doesn't pick him up by his ears- and started strolling in the garden, they have shifted to the disciple's quarters, he was sharing room with a fellow omega named Nie Huaisang. His brother was an alpha who was determined to make him a cultivator, it was a very good thought but poor Huaisang was not interested in cultivator at all, rather he was interested in painting fans and he did great but sadly his brother begged to differ. This garden was neatly taken care of as well, Yunmeng was almost entirely on water if not, their house didn't have a garden, he grew up in water. After a minute of walking he realised he has crossed the disciple quarters and was now inside the family resistance, shit, he hurried but the corridors were confusing. He took a turn in the corner and collided with what it seemed like a piller. Oof he huffed but the person grabbed his elbow and steadied him, instantly there was the smell of sandalwood and snow invading his senses. Wei WuXian blinked, Lan WangJi stood there like a piller, one arm folded behind the other still touching his elbow. "Good Morning" Wei WuXian scrambled to greet. Lan WangJi returned the bow with a greeting as well. "Are you heading to the class?" Wei WuXian asked, Lan WangJi nodded, "Good because I was just strolling cannot find my way back and I might be late" He rambled, "Not late" Lan WangJi replied. "Oh..." The alpha was the man of a few words, "Can you show me the way out then?" Wei WuXian managed to give those smile that his Shijie said she couldn't resist. Lan WangJi's eyes lingered on his face, then he avered it moving sideways and asking him to lead.

They did not reach late to his class however Jiang Cheng was already there with Nie Huaisang both looking worried, when they saw him arriving Jiang Cheng visibly relaxed and rushed towards him only to remember running was prohibited. "Where were you!" He whisper yelled. Wei WuXian tried to calm his ill tempered shidi, "I was just strolling and got lost" He gave Jiang Cheng a smile and the other man shook his head, then he noticed Lan WangJi behind him, they exchanged greetings. Lan WangJi then walked ahead, leaving them. "He is already making move?" Jiang Cheng laughed, Wei WuXian lightly slapped him on his shoulders, "What are you even saying he only helped me!" Jiang Cheng shook his head, "You are an idiot, he is a Lan he arrived first in class, both me and Huaisang arrived a bit later we were worried about you, I bet he heard our conversation because the moment we discussed your whereabouts he power walked inside." Wei WuXian felt his face getting warmer with each word. "That's not possible" He tried reasoning but Jiang Cheng was already speaking, "I take back what I said yesterday, the younger Lan wins this round".

Wei WuXian couldn't help but sneak glances of the alpha as they sat in class, Jiang Cheng snorted everytime their eyes met and they both broke it looking equally flustered. The class was boring, the announcer narrating three thousand sect rules with agonising pace. Wei WuXian found himself yawning, only to collect himself when Lan Qiren glanced at him. Lan XiChen entered the room at some point, creating whisper and Jiang Cheng wiggled his eyebraws at him suggestively. Lan XiChen just looked at Lan WangJi, then him and sighed. Lan WangJi however didn't change his position at all, his back still straight, his eyes still looking forward but his brother got whatever emotion he was feeling right now. Brother Reader Wei WuXian thought and laughed a little at his own sense of humour. The teacher asked everyone basic questions that was far too easy only to turn very difficult ones that few -that included Wei WuXian- knew. When Wei WuXian answered the questions accurately the teacher seemed impressed and gave Lan Qiren approving look.

"They approve of you" Wei WuXian stratled at the voice. It was a long day and he only wants a bottle of wine to soothe himself and sleep but alcohol was prohibited and he doesn't want to go through the trouble, if he was here only to study he would have done that ages ago but he was here as a potential bride of the two jades of lan and he had his sect's reputation to keep. As he was sitting by the outer garden Lan XiChen approached him, "You really gained approval of our oldest teacher" The older of the twin Jade laughed, they exchanged greetings. "I was just being myself" He spoke truthfully, he was, and being himself included challenging each and every orthodox situations, he always opted to learn by action than by the book and he express himself that way. Today he did in the classroom as well, Lan Qiren's braw touched his hairline but he seemed proud nonetheless. Lan XiChen suddenly sat in front of him, his face serious, Wei WuXian caught his mellow jasmine scent with the same snow alpha musk. "I don't have any interest in this union" Lan XiChen said, his eyes drifted behind him and he gulped, "Rather I have no interest in marriage at all". Wei WuXian titled his head and nodded, "And I want to stay this way. So..." He paused, "WangJi was looking forward to this, if you want to choose please choose him." Lan XiChen stood up with that he bowed and left, without Wei WuXian's answer.

There was something nudging his fingers as he was left in daze, when looked to found the source he cooed. A white bunny nudged his fingers with it's small nose, "Hello there little thing!" He cooed as he took it in his arms, then he noticed, there was a black one as well. A white one and a black one. They seem like a pair. There was foot steps behind and Wei WuXian didn't startle as the smell of sandalwood and snow came. Lan WangJi caughed to let him know his presence, then said, "Everyone is worried, its getting dark." Wei WuXian looked at him and smiled, "Yes a minute" he said and put the bunnies down, they followed him, "Ah little ones I cannot keep you!" Wei WuXian pleaded, "If the master of this household wants maybe they can keep you but don't beg me please!" He said and hurriedly walked away. "Let's go Lan Zhan." Wei WuXian said, Lan WangJi's step faltered, "Oh, I thought we were classmates so..." Wei WuXian hurriedly said, "It's okay Wei Ying." He said quietly but it was clear he was shy and the tip of his ears strained red. Wei WuXian faught the urge to coo. Lan WangJi walked him to his quarter and they exchanged goodbyes before he left. "Oh my" Nie Huaisang mused when he entered, Jiang Cheng was inside as well he just raised an eyebraw. Wei WuXian ignored. "How come the frost brother Lan WangJi is so attentive towards you?" Suspect oozed from Nie Huaisang's voice, "Why is he frost brother?" Wei WuXian asked instead, Nie Huaisang rolled his eyes, "Don't you see him? I doubt he even cried when he was born." Wei WuXian smiled, "But he looks so warm." He mumbled.


"Wake up moron!" Jiang Cheng's irritated voice woke him up from his slumber as he groaned, "Fuck off!" He yelled before remembering they were in Gusu rather than in Yunmeng. "Pardon his language please Lan WangJi" he heard Jiang Cheng say and shot up, "Lan Zhan!" He whisper yelled, he saw Nie Huaisang looking absolutely stunned by the door. He scrambled to smooth his hair and threw on his outer robe before coming outside.

Lan WangJi stood there with a clothe wrapped around something. Even though he looked like he was going to sprint any moment but he still stood there and averted his eyes when Wei WuXian came out in nothing but a layer of outer robe. "Lan Zhan, Did you sleep well?" He asked as slapped himself mentally, all of the flirting with those ladies for nothing. "Mn" Lan WangJi replied, then pulled the clothe in his hands, "For Wei Ying" He pushed it in his arms, "Wei WuXian curiously took a look and his heart skipped a beat. A pair of bunnies, still babies, one black and other white, snuggljng with each other as they sleep. Wei WuXian's face broke out a grin, "For me?" He pointed himself and Lan WangJi nodded, thrusting it in his arms. Wei WuXian toom the bundle happily, "Thank you Lan Zhan" He said. "Mn" and Lan WangJi was already leaving.

"What was...." Nie Huaisang's words died in his throat when he saw that in Wei WuXian's arms, "Oh my" he could only breathe out. "Is this?" Jiang Cheng pointed and Wei WuXian nodded. He put the sleeping bunnies on his bed. If Lan WangJi continues further he might fall in love.

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After talking with Wei WuXian Lan XiChen disappeared. Lan Qiren came to him and told him in a very apologetic tone that Lan XiChen is away from sect duties, he will come back shortly and resume his courting. Wei WuXian said he didn't mind, Lan Qiren apologised again as he eyed the bunnies that was resting in his hands before leaving. "Seems like Lan XiChen is not eager." Jiang Cheng commented, Wei WuXian hummed. "Tell me one thing" Jiang Cheng said, Wei WuXian glanced at him, asking to continue, "How much are you going to keep this up?" Wei WuXian furrowed his braws, "Keep what up?" Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, "This pefect delicate omega posture, I mean you catch ghouls under water with bare hands, at least twelve vendor comes to my father every month asking for compensation, you gulp alcohol like water." His shidi look a breather, "And here you are weirdly obedient. You are not even trying to scare them away." Wei WuXian didn't reply and kept feeding the bunnies the fresh grass that a disciple delivered this morning. When Nie Huaisang entered the room and annouced that the classes are cancelled for today because the teacher went to a night hunt and hurt themselves, Wei WuXian got up to his feet, holding the baby bunnies in arms, ignoring Jiang Cheng's quiry.

After asking few disciples he finally got to know the whereabouts of Lan WangJi, he was not in jingshi, he was in the library pavilion. "Lan Zhan?" Wei WuXian called as he reached the threshold. Lan WangJi was writing something he slowly turned his head up, Wei WuXian smiled, "May I come in?" He asked, Lan WangJi nodded. He put the bunnies on the matt and Lan WangJi's eyes widened, "I want to raise them here." Wei WuXian said, "As much as I love them I can't take care of animals properly, if don't want anything to happen to them, so let's take care of them together?" Lan WangJi's face didn't change but his clear golden eyes flickered. Then put the paint brush down and picked the black one, "Yes" He only said. "Thank you Lan Zhan!" Wei WuXian smiled.


Lan XiChen cameback that very afternoon. The next day when the classes were finished for the day Wei WuXian and Jiang Cheng bumped with both of the brothers. The greeted each other, "Where is Zewu-Jun heading to?" Wei WuXian asked. "To Caiyi Town, we have received several complaints about water ghoul so we have to go and take a look" Lan XiChen answered, "Oh.." Wei WuXian seemed thoughtfull and then grinned, "We don't we also tag along?" Beside him Jiang Cheng rubbed his pointer finger between his nose and lips to suppress his upcoming grin. "Very well, young master Wei" He smiled, Lan WangJi glanced at Wei WuXian and only commented, "Dangerous". Jiang Cheng's face was almost red, "It's alright, cultivation itself was dangerous anyway" Wei WuXian elbowed his younger brother, "We will return with our swords please wait for us!" With that he dragged a snickering Jiang Cheng with him.

"Apparently Wei WuXian and Jiang Cheng is pretty famous in Yunmeng" Lan XiChen commented after they left, Lan WangJi didn't reply, he just followed the omega's moments with his eyes. "You wanted them to come didn't you?" Lan XiChen said again, "Mn" Lan WangJi just hummed.

As they arrived in Caiyi town, the road was bustling with vendors. Wei WuXian felt nostalgic and a bit of homesick at the image of floating market. There was two vendors arguing with each other, "People of Caiyi talks so politely, are they even arguing?" Jiang Cheng commented, "Yunmeng's people have rough tongue" Wei WuXian replied. They rented six boats for each disciple, as they stood on the boat and started rowing Lan XiChen spoke, "We will be entering the ghoul area please stay alert." Wei WuXian was relaxed, he had done this from his infant years but here it was different, even though he just wanted to come because he got bored but he cannot jump into the water and drag the ghouls up. First because it would be reckless and he doesn't want them to be worried and second he was wearing long robes unlike the rest of the alpha and beta disciples. Wei WuXian glanced at the surroundings, Lan WangJi was just behind him, standing tall with his back straight almost looking like a jade statue. Then he looked at the boat the alpha was standing on, "Lan Zhan!" Wei WuXian thrusted the oar in the water and sent a handful of water into Lan WangJi's direction, in a blink of an eye Lan WangJi jumped from the boat and landed on Wei WuXian's, immediately Wei WuXian turned the boat over, a water ghoul had occupied in the bottom, his sword flashed exorcising the ghoul within a minute.

"Brilliant" Lan XiChen commented, his eyes glistening, "How did you know?" Wei WuXian shrugged, "The bottom of Lan Zhan's boat was lower into the water, since there was no extra weight only something clinging some from the down can sink it." Lan XiChen looked genuinely impressed. "There is another one!" Another disciple yelled and Lan XiChen rowed towards that. Wei WuXian turned to Lan WangJi beside him, "Sorry Lan Zhan, it was not intentional." Lan WangJi shook his head, then he spoke, "What is the name of your sword?" He asked, "Whatever" Wei WuXian replied. Lan WangJi looked surprised then quickly concealed it, "It would be rude to call it something that is not it's name". Wei WuXian barked a laughter at that, "No no Lan Zhan, it's name is Suibian , Whatever". Lan WangJi was speechless, Wei WuXian went on, "You might think there is any reason there is actually no reason at all. When my uncle asked me I came up with over hundred names but nothing seems right so I said whatever and this happened." As Wei WuXian was speaking Lan WangJi seemed too engrossed in him, so engrossed that he didn't even heard his brother calling him, "WangJi!" He came to his senses after third calling, his earlobes flashed red. Wei WuXian chuckled and quickly rowed tue boat to Lan XiChen.

"This is a Waterborne Abyss mount your sword quickly!" Lan XiChen yelled as Bichen was seathed in WangJi's. Jiang Cheng quickly glanced at him and mounted his sword yet as Wei WuXian was about to mount his, the corner of his robe got itself attached in the boat's scrape wood and the boat turned over, "Wei Ying!" Jiang Cheng yelled in horror, shitty omegan clothes, Wei WuXian cursed and unseathed his sword but he cannot mount like this he will fall in the water, he could see the water ghoul's shiny teeth. Yet before the water touched him his waist was captured, Lan WangJi with one hand pulled him up and with other hand he took suibian. "Retreat!" Lan XiChen ordered. Wei WuXian sighed, Lan WangJi handed him his sword, Wei WuXian expected him to let go and tell him to mount his sword but the alpha just said, "Seath it" and flied with him as if he does that everyday. Jiang Cheng smirked at him, Wei WuXian returned it but then blushed yet he teased, "Lan Zhan, am I heavy? You can let go." Lan WangJi just stared ahead, "Not heavy" he whispered.


"Your masters take a look at these" One of the vendors called as they were venturing in the market. Caiyi town was famous for two things one was alcohol and other was hand crafted jewellery, Wei WuXian wanted to try 'The emperor's smile' but he had a reputation to uphold. Instead he went to the jewellery vendor, he never had any interest in those but he wanted to buy one for his Shijie. Jiang Cheng noticed and jogged by his side, "You want something?" His shidi asked, Wei WuXian hummed, "Not sure maybe for Shijie." Jiang Cheng wordlessly handed him some extra money and left his side. He was about to turn when something caught his eye. A blue lotus hair ornamental made of jade, the stem of the lotus grew bigger and pointy. Wei WuXian fiddled with that before settling on a jade pendent for his Shijie.



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It was around mid day when the commotion was heard. Wei WuXian was caring for the bunnies in the library pavilion, Lan WangJi by his side with a book. "Wei-Xiong!" A YunmengJiang disciple hurriedly entered the library pavilion and halted when he saw Lan WangJi, they exchanged greetings before he disciple spoke in horror, "Shidi Jiang and Young Master Jin is fighting in the ground." Wei WuXian's eyes widened, he glanced at Lan WangJi who stood up as well. "Take us" Lan WangJi said.

Jin ZiXuan was Lanlingjin sect leader Jin Guangshang's only legitimate son, the future sect leader, an extremely arrogant person and also Jiang YanLi's betrothed. Wei WuXian scrunched his nose when he neared the scene, alphas and their tendency to stink up the place with pheromones. His legs grew heavy because of the dominant pheromones but he walked, there was a lump on the ground, the lump was Jin ZiXuan yelling on the top of his lungs and Jiang Cheng on him as he was punching him. If it was any normal situation he would have laughed but Lan WangJi was behind him watching everything. "Jiang WanYin enough" He said and he went near and grabbed Jiang Cheng's coller, "Enough brother don't forget where we are." With that Jiang Cheng stopped suddenly being aware of his surroundings. Wei WuXian checked him for injuries and pulled Jin ZiXuan's sleeve making him stand. "Wei WuXian teach your brother some manners" One of the Lanlingjin sect disciples said, Wei WuXian didn't pay attention, "What happened?" He asked Jiang Cheng, "He insulted a-jie and you." Jiang Cheng said eyeing Jin ZiXuan with feral eyes and the other alpha just increased his pheromones. Wei WuXian felt himself shrinking, "Jin ZiXuan" Lan WangJi stepped in, "Using second gender to assert dominance is forbidden." He calmly stated. Jin ZiXuan huffed, "I said nothing wrong I just said this whole idea of betrothal is idiotic, how do I know that person is of my standard." Then turned to Lan WangJi, "How can you court Wei WuXian without knowing him properly?" Wei WuXian's heart skipped a bit. "What did you just say!" Jiang Cheng was about to lounge but Wei WuXian kept a firm grip on his coller.

Lan WangJi however settled his calm eyes on him, "I know him enough." He said without wavering. Jin ZiXuan didn't seem to back down, "Are you saying that because its your uncle that picked him for you? It's not unknown that he is here because CangSe SanRen and the Lan clan had a pact, would you do have done that even if there was no pact?" Lan WangJi's eyes narrowed dangerously on him. Wei WuXian rolled his eyes, Jin ZiXuan was like a peacock always proudly flaunting his wealth but he was quite immature for people of his age. "Jin ZiXuan" Wei WuXian called, his voice hovering between calm and sarcastic, "I understand you have several doubts about arrange marriage, as you should have. But you can express it without insulting anyone." He tried to keep his face devoid of any emotions, The heir of Lanlingjin sect faltered, probably never being addressed by an omega like this made him flustered. "What is happening?" A new voice called and Lan XiChen entered, "I heard there was commotion, his eyes landed on Wei WuXian firmly holding Jiang Cheng." Wei WuXian hurriedly spoke, "There was a mild disagreement between my brother and Young Master Jin." Then proceed to salute, "I apologise." Lan XiChen spluttered, "N-No need, is anyone hurt?" Jin ZiXuan also saluted, "No I apologise as well".

As soon as they entered their quarters Wei WuXian slapped the back of Jiang Cheng's head. "Brat what were you thinking?" Jiang Cheng frowned rubbing his head, "What he insulted you and a-jie, can't I defend my Shixiong an a-jie?" Wei WuXian sighed, "Of course you can I would have punched him square on his jaw but don't forget why we are here." Wei WuXian warned and handed him a cup of water. After downing the cup Jiang Cheng smirked, "You have twin jades of Lan wrapped around your finger eh?" Wei WuXian frowned, "What?" Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, "Did you see how Lan WangJi looks at you? And Lan XiChen's ears looked so red like it will fall off when you spoke to him today." Wei WuXian shook his head.


"Young Master Jin?"

Jin ZiXuan startled when he heard the call. The disciples of Lanlingjin sect seemed very startled as well. After finishing his remaining classes he went straight to the alpha quarters and looked for Jin ZiXuan. "What the hell is an omega doing in the alpha quarters?!" The disciple's voice was scandalous, Wei WuXian ignored. "Walk with me." He said to Jin ZiXuan. The alpha just agreed. "You do not like my Shijie?" That was the first question Wei WuXian asked, Jin ZiXuan seemed conflicted, "I don't know, I don't know her enough to decide and that-that is the problem, my mother didn't bother asking me before settling my marriage. Heck even she doesn't know how I am like how can we court? Its not a choice, it's like we have been locked in a room and the people outside are saying 'now get to know each other' its just not fair." Jin ZiXuan stopped. Wei WuXian hummed, "Then you would decide to marry her or not if you know her enough?" Jin ZiXuan nodded, "Of course I want to know about her, want her to know about me and we both can decide if we want to spend our lives together or not."

"Very well" Wei WuXian said, "Then this New Year why don't you visit Yunmeng with us? You can stay several days and I will make sure you and Shijie get some privacy." Jin ZiXuan stared at him, then nodded slowly, "I will inform you of my answer later?" Wei WuXian nodded. "And Wei WuXian?" Jin ZiXuan said, "Next time if you have to talk to me, please send someone I will visit you in your quarter, an omega having to walk all the way to the alpha quarters to talk, it's not courteous at all." With that they parted ways.

As he was exiting the alpha quarters he encountered with Lan XiChen, who looked stunned, "Young Master Wei! It's so late what are you doing in the alpha quarters?!" The older Lan brother asked. Wei WuXian smiled, "Nothing, I was here to settle some matter with Jin ZiXuan." Lan XiChen shook his head, "You could have asked him to visit you, this is not courteous." Wei WuXian chuckled, "Well the need was mine so..." Lan XiChen shook his head, "Please let me escorts back you to your quarter." Wei WuXian was too tired to argue so he agreed. The evening has arrived already and in no time the dinner will be served, Wei WuXian sighed. Beside him Lan XiChen fidgeted a bit, "Young Master Wei" He called, Wei WuXian hummed his mind elsewhere, "I-"

"Wei WuXian do not let any alpha come near the omega quarters!" They startled to see Jiang Cheng running dishevelled towards them. "Why? What's happening?" Wei WuXian's heart skipped a bit. "That Nie Huaisang forgot to take heat medication and his heat has unexpectedly started." Wei WuXian widened his eyes, Jiang Cheng bowed in front of Lan XiChen, "Please go back from here." Lan XiChen frowned, "Why are you not effected?" He asked, Jiang Cheng smiled, "I lived and grew up with my two omega siblings, your instinct starts to dull after you tame them. But Huaisang was still an unmated omega so I cannot stay long. Anyways can you please spread the word?" Lan XiChen nodded. Wei WuXian didn't waste any time he saluted and left the place.

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Lan Qiren didn't take Nie Huaisang's negligence very well. Every omega and alpha have to take their heat and rut suppressing medication before entering Gusu, any kind of mishap during those delicate times would leave GusuLan a centre of big mess. Nie Huaisang's brother was away so he couldn't be notified but as soon as he could be he will be called, Wei WuXian shook his head when he saw the poor omega trembling under Lan Qiren's scrutiny. "Teacher" He called, his voice soft. "Please reconsider" Wei WuXian requested. Lan Qiren sighed, "He had made a huge mistake and I cannot even sweep it under the rug."

"I understand teacher but according to Huaisang he did take suppressant regularly, it might be the stress from all the exam preparation." Wei WuXian spoke, "I also apologise for not paying attention for his health, if you want to hold accountable please punish me as well" Nie Huaisang's eyes widened, "WuXian-xiong" He whispered. Wei WuXian shook his head, asking him not to speak. "You can divide the punishment between us." Lan Qiren stared at Wei WuXian before shaking his head, "Since the matter has come to this, Nie Huaisang will do the task to write the hundred tailsman that will be taken by the disciples in night hunts, for a month." Nie Huaisang couldn't decide if he was fortunate or unfortunate. "And Wei WuXian, copy the sect rules for a week in the library pavilion. WangJi will supervise you." With that Lan Qiren dismissed them.

"Wei-Xiong that was unnecessary!" Nie Huaisang said when they went outside, Wei WuXian hummed, "Don't worry about it do your task." He said as he went to the direction of the library pavilion.


The library pavilion is always peaceful but to Wei WuXian it was covered in a rose coloured clothe, he could smell the fragrance of sandalwood and snow and when he would close his eyes he could imagine Lan WangJi sitting on a desk, a brush in his hand writing. Every flick of his wrist, every twitch of his finger making those characters bloom. "Lan Zhan" Lan WangJi looked up. It's been five days since they saw each other. He couldn't leave with a omega's heat scent on him, still Lan WangJi's nose twitched when Wei WuXian entered. Wei WuXian wordlessly patted the bunnies that were lazing around.

"Wei Ying" Lan WangJi called him, his voice didn't hold questions. Wei WuXian shrugged, "You probably got the notification already didn't you?" Lan WangJi nodded. Its easy really, to arrange the papers, to hold the brush, to copy the characters written on the rule book of cloud recesses. After three or four times the hand would work on its own but Wei WuXian found himself glancing at the figure sitting at the opposite. How his long hair would sway a bit with the wind, how the long strands would decorate the side of his face, how those eyes coloured like the morning sun would focus on whatever he was writing. Wei WuXian wanted to fiddle with those locks, he wanted to trace lines on the tall nose, he wanted those eyes to look at him, he wanted-

"Lan Zhan." He called, but his throat was dry. "Lan Zhan look at me." He said again, why he was sounding so desperate? Lan WangJi pulled his gaze from those papers to him. There was a eerie feeling of accomplishment that bloomed in his heart, he wanted those eyes to fix on him and him only. "Now now don't look at me like that Lan Zhan we are not even engaged." He couldn't help but tease, those eyes widened a bit then weavered, "Shameless" a mutter came and oh the tip of the ears were red. Wei WuXian smiled, full and contended. "Yet" He finished, now full on grinning. Lan WangJi's eyes snapped up a small flicker of hope appeared, then it disappeared. He turned his attention back to those stupid papers again, "Focus" murmured but more to himself than to him.

Half an hour later a call was heard again, "Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan look at me." Again the alpha looked and blinked, Wei WuXian was grinning, his eyes turning into small crescent as he pushed a paper at him. A doodle of a man, sitting straight, his hair flowed like water on his shoulder, his eyes fixed forward but there was no forehead ribbon and a flower tucked behind his ears. Lan WangJi touched his forehead to check and it was still there, Wei Wuxian's mischievous smile grew more. "It's not gone" He mused, "Yet" Lan WangJi flushed again. "Ridiculous" He mumbled. "Pretty bold statement for someone who was looking forward to this engagement hm?" Wei WuXian was delighted of how easily the colour of Lan WangJi's eartips would change, "You were not?" The alpha countered. Wei WuXian supported his chin on his palm, "Would my opinion change anything?" He asked, "Yes." The answer came without hesitation, "This engagement will be broken and forgotten." Wei WuXian stared at The Second Jade of Lan, lying was forbidden he has read it in the rulebook but he couldn't stop the next question from firing, "Are you doing this for the sake of your family? Or you see a potential lover in me?" Lan WangJi froze for a moment, then relaxed, "What about you?" He countered again, Wei WuXian sat back, "If you want me to be honest I don't feel anything for Zewu-Jun, respect? Yes immensely but not anything else." He sat straight again, "I would answer I am doing this for the Jiang sect if you asked me ten days ago but now, I do see you as a potential lover and a cultivation partner." Wei WuXian's voice was quiet but clear. They sat in silence for a few moments before Wei WuXian sighed, "I want to make this clear with you Lan Zhan, you do not have to force yourself to please anyone. Everyone in here is your family, I know your uncle will be less likely to oppose if you refuse. Even though I greatly appreciate your gesture" He looked at those bunnies that were snuggling on a cousin, "But if you were to give your forehead ribbon to me." Wei WuXian stood up, "I want it to be for life." With that he saluted and left.


"Wei Y- what the fuck?" Jiang Cheng exclaimed when he saw Wei Wuxian gulping a whole container of emperor's smile that he just smuggled inside. He looked at Nie Huaisang and the omega just shrugged and continued making tailsman. Jiang Cheng sat beside his brother, "What?" His voice was rough as usual, Wei WuXian smiled but it didn't reach his eyes, "Have you ever feared rejection?" He slurred. Jiang Cheng narrowed his eyes, then stood up, "Oh my god don't tell me" as much as he sounded horrified, he looked angry, "Don't tell me that Lan WangJi rejected you. I swear I will break his legs." Before his ill tempered shidi could actually go and knock the man's room Wei WuXian stopped him, "A-Cheng wait!" He called, "Don't do this wait till the end of this month." Wei WuXian pleaded, Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes but sat, "If you say so, but if he rejects you because of some ridiculous reason like you don't fit to omega stereotypes I will break his leg."

Chapter Text

Wei WuXian's punishment of copying sect rules were about to end, Lan WangJi did not utter a word after that day while Jin ZiXuan and Lan XiChen were suddenly very interested in his daily activities albeit for very different reasons. Lan XiChen would talk about his brother while Jin ZiXuan...he would behave very coy while asking about his day and such. Jiang Cheng groaned and glared everytime Jin ZiXuan would even linger around him. "If that second young master rejects you I am taking you back to Yunmeng and we are never coming back here again" Jiang Cheng declared at some point, "Also I will break his legs!" Before stroming off. "I think Jin-Xiong likes you" Nie Huaisang said after his...observations. And Wei WuXian, well he was spending his days stone-faced glaring at Lan WangJi so hard that the entire Cloud recesses was sure Lan WangJi will form a hole behind his head. By the end of the week Lan Qiren called him in his chamber, the older man looked genuinely spent. They both sat on the low table and Wei WuXian poured tea neatly like Jiang YanLi taught him before coming here. "You and WangJi got closer" Wei WuXian's fingers twitched making the tea dribble down from the cup, he apologised and took a clothe to clean. "I suppose you have already made a decision?" Lan Qiren brought the cup in his mouth and nodded agreeably, the tea was probably good. Wei WuXian clenched his fist, "I did" he said, "But seemed like Young Master Lan has not." Lan Qiren's braw rose up with that, "Is that so?" Wei WuXian didn't touch the tea cup that was infront of him. "There is still time." Lan Qiren spoke after several sips. Wei WuXian didn't reply and excused himself after chatting sometime.

"Wei WuXian." Jin ZiXuan called as soon as he entered the disciple quarters. Wei WuXian forced a smile on his face, he really didn't want to face him right now. Jin ZiXuan fidgeted as he stood, when he opened his mouth another voice loomed over, "Wei Ying?" He turned around and saw Lan wangJi and Lan XiChen, their eyes met and Wei WuXian huffed. "Wei WuXian can we talk alone?" Jin ZiXuan looked at him with hopeful eyes, "Wei Ying." Lan WangJi called again followed by Lan XiChen' quiet warn, "WangJi". What was even happening here?

Just as he was about to greet another voice screamed, disregarding atleast ten rules as Jiang Cheng ran towards them, "Oi Stay away from my brother!" There was Nie Huaisang as well carrying what it seemed like, stack of books? "Wei WuXian?" Jin ZiXuan was looking at him, ignoring everyone, "Stay away!" Came Jiang Cheng's yell. Wei WuXian could feel a headache forming. Probably because he was looking absolutely exasperated and Jiang Cheng looking absolutely murderous, Jin ZiXuan ever the arrogant peacock thought he was actually saving a damsel in distress and gripped Wei WuXian's wrist and tugged him. Jiang Cheng's eyes widened, Lan XiChen gasped and before Wei WuXian could even open his mouth a sour sour scent envaded their senses. Lan WangJi was staring at their hands as he marched forward, he gripped Jin ZiXuan's wrist and growled. The ever so righteous Lan WangJi who could even control his pheromones from a very young age, growled and it was not a growl of the assertion of dominance, it was guttural, low and deadly. It meant if he has to fight with the other alpha, he will. Wei WuXian's mouth hanged open, even Jiang Cheng had stopped glaring, Lan XiChen's eyes widened and Nie Huaisang stumbled probably affected by the pheromones. The books (?) that he was carrying scattered on his floor and broke the atmosphere that was being created.

Wei WuXian's trance broke with Jiang Cheng's, "What the fuck!" and Nie Huaisang's frantic apologies, Lan XiChen looked like he was not sure whether to laugh or be astonished. Wei WuXian frowned and looked at the floor, some book has opened after falling revealing several pages. Wei WuXian's breath caught as he looked. Nie Huaisang was frantically trying to collect his very priced porn books while Jiang Cheng and Lan XiChen looked like they wanted the earth to swallow them. Wei WuXian glanced at those alphas that are about to kill each other and saw Jin ZiXuan looking kind of terrified at Lan WangJi's dark eyes, his hand has also loosened. Wei WuXian thought quickly, one moment he was freeing his wrist from Jin ZiXuan and another moment he gripped Lan WangJi's wrist and tugged, not giving him a chance to look at anything else. He heard Jiang Cheng's call from behind but he paid no mind and kept tugging Lan WangJi, who speed walked behind him.

When they stopped it was the outer skirts of cloud recesses. As the sun settled the forest looked more calm and serene. Wei WuXian let go of his hand as soon as he they were out of everyone's attention. If the alpha was displeased or reliefed, his face didn't disclose anything. Wei WuXian sat on the ground, for a long time they neither of them talked, as the sound of the crickets grew louder Wei WuXian sighed. "Why?" He asked, Lan WangJi's posture didn't budge. "Why did you stopped him when you don't have any plan to claim?" Wei WuXian said. "I do want" Lan WangJi mumbled, "What?" Wei WuXian didn't catch it, "I do want to love Wei Ying." Lan WangJi said, his words loud and clear. Wei WuXian's heart skipped a beat.

"Really?" He didn't intend to sound so hopeful but he did, Lan WangJi nodded, "Wanted to tell sooner but, not good with words." Wei WuXian laughed, this man was indeed the most emotionally constipated he had ever countered but how come this person is making him so happy? Wei WuXian stared at those pale eyes and laughed again.

What an interesting pair they would make.


Jiang Cheng was pacing in the room as Wei WuXian entered, "You should go back to your quarters more often A-Cheng." He said, Jiang Cheng jogged towards him, checking him from head to toe, then relaxed when he found nothing. Wei WuXian saw Nie Huaisang sitting on his bed looking absolutely devastated, "Jiang-Xiong let older brother Lan confiscate my book!" He whined, "That was porn!" Jiang Cheng exclaimed. Wei WuXian sighed and let them do the back and forth. "How much time is left?" He suddenly asked, Jiang Cheng stopped then counted, "Tomorrow we will cross one month here, there is two more months till the courting ends, then you will be given time to sort out your thoughts and feelings and then possibly the engagement." He prompted. Wei WuXian nodded, well this will be interesting.


Chapter Text

As the end of the second month approached Wei WuXian found himself a bit nervous. He would visit the library pavilion atleast twice a day to visit the little ones and also to study because half-yearly exams were coming up and he was pretty sure Lan Qiren will not be amused if the potential bride of the Lan clan will get a grade lower than the best disciples. Jin ZiXuan however, apologised along with all the Lanlingjin sect disciples, to Wei WuXian for not being courteous and to Lan WangJi for challenging the alpha. Wei WuXian tried to convince that it was a huge misunderstanding and he had an unstable temper but Jin ZiXuan was adamant on seeking apology. "At least he had the decency to apologise for touching someone's soon to be betrothed." Jiang Cheng had commented. As the last week approached Lan Qiren annouced after the exam they will arrange a night hunt in the borders of Caiyi city, as they heard some complains about animals being infected by resentful energy. Everybody was booming with excitement with that. Wei WuXian silently studied and did well in the exam, much to Nie Huaisang's displeasure and if Jiang Cheng felt it too he didn't dwell on it.

Around the last week of the courting month, Lan XiChen visited him. "Young Master Wei are you busy?" Lan XiChen asked, the tender smile visible as always. There was nothing much to do anyways since the exams has finished yesterday. Wei WuXian agreed when Lan XiChen asked to have a walk with him.

"This is where our mother used to live." Lan XiChen said as they were away from even the personal quarters. A very very quiet garden with a hut in the middle. Lan XiChen went on, "Our father was a very promising youth of his generation, the older brother and an alpha with a very high cultivation level. He did many good deeds but sadly couldn't escape the fate." Lan XiChen said, smiling. "Fate?" Wei WuXian tilted his head. "Our father fell in love" The older jade's eyes were pale, "But our mother didn't, she even killed one of his teachers." Wei WuXian's eyes widened, "After that my father found this house and kept her here and then found another house and locked himself, and he still stays there." Wei WuXian exhaled, "How did Lady Lan..?" Lan XiChen shook his head, "I don't know, we were allowed to meet her once a month, uncle was terribly unhappy at the outcome, then one day we were told that we don't need to visit anymore." Lan XiChen's eyes were unreadable, "We are very blessed, as well as cursed." Wei WuXian wasn't unware of the history of the Gusu Lan sect. How the founder Lan Ahn was a monk who ascended in the mortal world only to find a cultivation partner and founded this sect, then again went back after she passed away. As it was embroidered on the curtains in the classrooms, there was also a very well know sentence that passed by.

"A lan can only have one love, Young Master Wei." Lan XiChen mused, "we don't have the capability to turn to someone else, put someone else in that person's position that we have deeply loved." Lan XiChen's eyes were so so sad. "Even after her passing away WangJi used to come sit here." Lab XiChen looked at the foyer, "He would wait despite the cold, then oneday he stopped coming altogether. At first we thought he was done mourning but he stopped saying anything at all." Lan XiChen smiled, "Then uncle told us to travel to Yunmeng with him, after coming from there he recovered and still recovering, albeit very slowly."

Wei WuXian frowned, "Yunmeng? When you went to Yunmeng?" Lan XiChen looked confused then laughed, "Around nine years ago." Wei WuXian wanted to pester a bit more but then Lan XiChen was taking out a box, "This might not be the right time but I realised I never gave you any courting gift," Wei WuXian shuffled backwards a bit, "Young Master Lan, I don't have feelings for you I am sorry, I have already chosen." Lan XiChen blinked, then smiled, "Ah Young Master Wei, you might have understood it wrong, I never saw you as a potential bride", Lan XiChen shook his head, "Yes there was a time when I thought you were amazing, be it in the Waterborne Abyss or how you talked with Young Master Jin, your voice loud and clear or how you walked in the alpha quarters and stood on your ground despite of people's comments. But those were amazement causing attraction as you would call it a 'crush'." Lan XiChen smiled, "May be it would have bloomed into something more than simple admiration if I gave it time but you see I won't, I can't. My brother's happiness matters more than a feeling that I don't even know will ever bloom." With that Lan XiChen stopped.

"As for the gift take it as whatever you want, as a courting gift, as a gift to celebrate your engagement with WangJi." Lan XiChen handed him the opened box, Wei WuXian was surprised when he saw that jade hair ornament that he put his hands in Caiyi town, except the stem was wrapped in gold. "Thank you", he smiled.


"Wei-Xiong congratulations." Nie Huaisang said with a tight smile, he couldn't blame him, even though he knew that young omega won't hold it against him. The test scores have published, and Wei WuXian has ranked highest -even higher than Lan WangJi-, while it can be frowned upon but the absolute pleased look from Lan Qiren shut everyone's mouth. "A-Xian" Jiang Cheng poked his head, "Let's talk" Jiang Cheng titled his head, he followed his brother to a more secluded area. "We are going on that night hunt" Jiang Cheng said, Wei WuXian nodded, "I am warning you do not do something reckless." Jiang Cheng's voice dropped several octave, "Remember what father said, okay?" Wei WuXian sighed, "A-Cheng don't worry I won't let anything that will taint Jiang sect's name" Jiang Cheng shook his head, "Idiot its not about the sect, its about you, don't do anything and hurt yourself, promise?" Wei WuXian rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah". They started to bicker.

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When Wei WuXian woke up Jiang Cheng was already sitting beside his door, snoozing. Wei WuXian rolled his eyes and left to do laundry and bath and when he got back Jiang Cheng was inside the room sleepily gulping a bowl of congee, that was delivered by the disciples. "Did you even leave?" Wei WuXian asked, "I did but today is the last day and mother said to be extra careful, since alphas can be forceful." Jiang Cheng declared. Nie Huaisang sleeping soundly in his own bed, Wei WuXian glanced at him then adjusted the cover that was slipping from his shoulders. "You remember what I said yesterday right." Jiang Cheng started, "I do A-Cheng, we already decided to keep it a secret." Wei WuXian's voice was quiet, "It's not like I oppose you, you cannot leave it, its a part of you." Jiang Cheng said hurriedly, "But don't use it freely everywhere." Wei WuXian nodded, "Yes I understand."


The forest was located at the north side of Caiyi town, not too deep but perfect for night hunts. The group of ten went supervised by two senior disciples, Lan XiChen was one of them and other was Lan Tan Yi. "The group will be divided into two, one side will follow the east and the other will follow the south. If anything happens and either of us needs more assistance we will send signal." Lan XiChen annouced. Everyone nodded, then the two seniors started conversing in low voices. Nie Huaisang, who was dragged by a scowling Jiang Cheng whined, "Why am I here? I can't even wield a saber properly" Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes, "Your presence is enough, I don't want my brother to become the subject of some alpha dumbassery again." Nie Huaisang saw Lan WangJi and Jin ZiXuan standing face away from each other, while the Jin sect heir was surrounded by the disciples, Lan WangJi was standing right behind Wei WuXian who was sitting on a rock and chattering mindlessly.

"You know you are also an alpha right?"


Nie Huaisang clamped his mouth shut.


Wei WuXian glanced at the man who was standing behind him like a shield, even though Jin ZiXuan has already made sure that he was not a threat, Lan WangJi still guarded him, not that he minded. When an alpha would claim an omega they will guard them like this, but Lan WangJi's presence was not imposing or overbearing, he never tried to dominate or suppress his ability, he would just be...there, watching over him with calm eyes. Wei WuXian liked it, how the alpha would provide protection but won't get between his work.

"Do you want to come to Lotus Pier?" Wei WuXian asked suddenly, Lan WangJi didn't answer but nodded, "Its a great place, we can rent a boat and I can show you around." He kept chattering. Even though his mind was running, especially about Lan XiChen's words about how they went to Yunmeng. He wanted to ask him, but he shouldn't, not before the engagement. Wei WuXian wanted this, he wanted this engagement, he wanted to fall in love with Lan WangJi and put effort in this marriage, also he wanted Lan WangJi to put effort as well. One thing he understood properly that the alpha was not good with words, his scant answers were confusing, his expressionless face would make him intimidating but underneath he was as nervous as him and as desperate as an alpha who just put a claim on an omega. Wei WuXian sighed and glanced at him again, he stood upright, his back straight and his heart beat faltered a bit.

Why this seemingly boring man makes him so happy?


The group parted and according to Jiang Cheng Lan XiChen's part certainly consisted of Jin ZiXuan, Jiang Cheng, Nie Huaisang, Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi. Lan WangJi tailed the group while Jin ZiXuan was behind Lan XiChen. Jiang Cheng placed Nie Huaisang behind Jin ZiXuan while Wei WuXian was between him and Lan WangJi.

There turned around the corner when a huge fox jumped from the shadows, eyes red and black smoke rising from the skin. "Demonic possession." Lan XiChen mumbled and jumped moving out of the way to let the disciples handle this. The five fought really well together, Bichen, Suibian, Shihua and Sandu flashed together as the beast jumped, even Nie Huaisang threw some necessary tailsman, Lan XiChen observed with a smile. They can make a good team in future. Halfway through however the thunder roared suddenly, "Make it quick!" Lan XiChen raised his voice a bit. Jiang Cheng and Jin ZiXuan took positions as Wei WuXian distracted the beast Suibian flashed in his hand, the omega dodged an attack perfectly and Jin ZiXuan stabbed it's right leg and at the same time Jiang Cheng stabbed him in his ribs. "The core!" Wei WuXian yelled at Lan WangJi, the alpha followed angling bichen as he chanted the sword incantation. However the beast recovered quickly and pawed, stopping it. The sword flew and fell a bit far, even though Lan WangJi chanted the incantation but the beast was already attacking there was not enough time, Lan XiChen was about to help when Wei WuXian straight jumped infront of him but what startled him was he didn't use sword but his free hand. "A-Xian!" He could hear Jiang Cheng's voice migled with horror. The rain started to pour and Lan XiChen's vision blurred but he could swear Wei WuXian's eyes flashed red as he closed his fist and the beast jumped backwards, then bichen flashed, stabbing straight to it's heart and destroying the core. Lan XiChen jumped down from the tree, "Are you okay?" He asked everyone, they nodded and Nie Huaisang quickly flashed exorcising tailsman. Lan XiChen glanced at Wei WuXian but he seemed normal, maybe it was just the flash of the sword.

They took shelter under the trees, Jiang Cheng took Nie Huaisang by his coller and put him under a safe place. "It was sunny seconds ago" Jin ZiXuan grumbled, "Gusu's weather is always unpredictable" Jiang Cheng retorted. Wei WuXian was paying no mimd to their bickering, Lan WangJi was standing in front of him blatantly guarding him from the sprinkles of water. Not that was helping, his clothes were still getting wet. "Why we didn't bring an umbrella?" Nie Huaisang whined, "Because no one knew!" Jiang Cheng scowled again, "A-Cheng" Wei WuXian warned when his voice went a bit higher. Lan XiChen was standing a bit far amusement evident in his eyes, "But they started it!" Jiang Cheng said incredulously. Wei WuXian was about to say something to his brother when he felt something stung his feet, "Ouch!" He exclaimed beside him Lan WangJi was alert and hurriedly moved by his feet.

"Wei Ying!" Lan WangJi's voice boomed with the thunder. Everybody turned at them and saw Lan wangJi was holding Wei WuXian in his arms, "A-Xian!?" Jiang Cheng didn't understand but he also hurriedly went to his brother and his heart stopped Lan WangJi stabbed his sword in a poisonous snake's head. Nie Huaisang gasped.
"Get help!" Lan XiChen yelled, Jin Zixuan ran immediately. Lan WangJi shook him, "Wei Ying stay swake!" Then proceed to place his outer robe on his head to stop him from getting wet, Jiang Cheng cupped his brother's face, "Don't you dare fall asleep idiot."

Lan WangJi was squeezing the wound, letting the poisonous blood out. He didn't hear any of his brother's words about herbs and such. Lan XiChen's eyes widened when he saw Lan WangJi untying his forehead ribbon to tie that on Wei WuXian's leg, inches from the wound, so that the poison won't spread further. Wei Wuxian could already feel his throat burning. "The snake was dangerous the herbs won't do much, we have to move him." Lan XiChen said checking his pulse. "Not enough time. The poison will spread to his core." Lan WangJi's voice was cold as ice, Jian Cheng grabbed his brother's shoulders.

"We have to it manually." That was Lan WangJi's final word before be put his lips on the wound and sucked. "Lan Zhan!" Wei WuXian screamed in horror. Lan WangJi sucked the poison blood and spat, Wei WuXian watched in horror, this was an effective procedure for minimal poisoning but the poison was mixing with his saliva that was dangerous as well. "Lan Zhan stop it!" Wei WuXian tried to speak, he could feel the numbness disappearing with each suck, "Lan Zhan enough!" He caught his face, the poison has subsidised but Lan WangJi's lips were turning blue. Then he collapsed in his arms.

"Lan Zhan!"

Chapter Text

When Wei WuXian opened his eyes, the first thing that came in his mind was, Lan Zhan and poison. He scrambled on his bed only to realise he was not in his dorm rather in the infirmary. He saw Jiang Cheng by his side, dozing off with his head on the matt. Wei WuXian ran his fingers in the smooth locks, "Sorry" he muttered. Jiang Cheng snapped up, rubbing his eyes. Wei WuXian's heart stopped when he saw his brother's swollen eyes, "I will call the doctor" Jiang Cheng quickly turned around, stopped then turned back around and lounged on him. Wei WuXian smiled and hugged back, "I was so scared." Jiang Cheng's voice was wet, "I thought I would loose you." Wei WuXian rubbed his palms over his back wordlessly. 




"I will forever be grateful to Lan WangJi." Jiang Cheng commented as put the bowl of congee on the table. The doctor said he was out of danger, Lan Qiren has already visited twice, the old man was very stressed even though he tried to convince that it was an accident and he won't loose face in front of Yunmeng Jiang sect. Hearing Lan WangJi's name his heart skipped a bit, "How is he?" Wei WuXian asked stirring the congee, it was bland. "He is fine, he collapsed because of the initial poisoning but thanks to him you had minimal effect." Wei WuXian didn't reply. He doesn't clearly remember what happened after the snake bit him, "You should talk to him after this." Jiang Cheng said, "You know sort out things." Wei WuXian narrowed his eyes, "What?" Jiang Cheng scoffed, "Do you think I am blind? Didn't you already chose him? The courting ends today afternoon and your thinking period starts. Even though you won't need it, since the entire Cloud recesses knows that Lan WangJi is the one you will choose." Wei WuXian bliked, "How?" Jiang Cheng looked at him incredulously, "You don't remember?" Wei WuXian was more confused, "Remember what?" Jiang Cheng pressed, "What happened after you were bitten?" Wei WuXian grimaced, "I was in a haze, I really can't recall." He only remembered when Lan WangJi was sucking the poison out of his wound. Jiang Cheng sighed, "Oh boy". 


After the courting period ends the alpha and the omega is not allowed to meet anymore, and during the deciding period if the alpha makes any move or tries to influence the omega they would be punished accordingly. 


Wei WuXian was sitting blankly when Nie Huaisang visited, "Thank heavens Wei-Xiong is alright." The omega beamed, then he glared, "You should thank Lan-xiong properly." Wei WuXian raised his eyebraws, "I know he saved my life." Nie Huaisang nodded like an old man, "And in my opinion you should choose him as well, you know how sacred the forehead ribbon is for the Lan clan, yet he wrapped it around your leg so easily-" Nie Huaisang stopped when he saw Wei WuXian's mouth was hanging open, "Lan Zhan did what!" He yelled. Nie Huaisang tilted his head, "You know the basic procedure in order to stop the flow, he is a real quick thinker, when we were still thinking about herbs he quickly pulled his ribbon out and tied it. Even the older Lan was shocked!- Wei-Xiong! Where are you going! Hey you are still inju-"


The protest died as Wei WuXian ran, existing the infirmary, crossing the hallway. He didn't care when some looked at him with disapproval. Finally he stopped in front of the Jingshi, Jiang Cheng said the alphas were supposed to in their room. 


His hands shook as he stood in front of the Jingshi. The afternoon was yet to end that means it was still their courting period, he took a deep breath and knocked. There was a shuffle and the door opened soundlessly. Lan WangJi was a flawless  person but he looked tired and shocked. "Lan Zhan" Wei WuXian whispered, not sure what to say. "The courting period has ended" Lan WangJi said, but made no move to close the door. "No there is time" Wei WuXian shook his head, "So before that, tell me, nine years ago did you go to Yunmeng?" Lan WangJi's eyes widened, "How...? His voice trailed off because it was obvious who had said it, instead he nodded, "Yes, after mother was gone uncle took us to Yunmeng because it was stuffy" Lan WangJi's eyes were downcast, "It was summer festival and people were dancing." In a flash Wei WuXian's memory returned, it was his first summer festival in Yunmeng. He was so happy, dancing and playing flute on the road, a terrible melody but it was happiness nonetheless and people were encouraging him because his father helped a lot of people according to them. That was the first time he felt he was accepted, beside Jiang Cheng and Shijie he felt he belonged. "Y-You saw me there?" Wei WuXian stuttered. Lan WangJi nodded, "Saw and...." he trailed off again his ears turning pink. Wei WuXian suddenly laughed out loud, "Lan Zhan you are an idiot!" He laughed, "Who develop crushes after seeing a person right away? Are you an idiot? Then why did you agree- wait." Wei WuXian gaped, "Is that why Big brother Lan said you were looking forward to this engagement? Is that the reason he backed away? Is that the reason you came to guest quarters the first day to see me?!" Lan WangJi's whole face was like a tomato, Wei WuXian panted, "Are you an idiot Lan Zhan? How do you know it was me? What if someone else was brought in?" Lan WangJi shook his head, "No, uncle asked around for you, they said you were sect leader Jiang's adopted son and your biological parents were Wei ChingSe and CagSe SanRen." 


Wei WuXian was torn between being moved and to laugh at him because, this person is an complete idiot! A fleeting crush of nine years! He not only harboured it but he acted on it agreeing on marriage! Who does that! What if he was not Lan WangJi thought he was, would he still do it? In the middle of inner turmoil Lan WangJi shifted, "The counrting period is over." He informed and went to close the door, Wei WuXian forcefully stopped the door, "What do you think you are doing?" He furrowed his braws, "You not only liked me for nine fucking years but tied your forehead ribbon on my leg without thinking, risked your life to save me and you think I will just let go of you!?" May be it was because Lan WangJi probably the first time in his life looked so shocked, almost terrified that Wei WuXian couldn't stop laughing. "Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan don't be so shocked, I choose you, obviously I want to fall in love with you. Won't want to do it as well?" Lan WangJi's lips moved, "Yes". Wei WuXian took his hand and brushed his fingers on his knuckles, "Then it's settled, I, Wei WuXian the son of Wei ChingSe and CangSe SanRen would like to the betrothed of the second jade of the Lan clan, Lan WangJi."



Chapter Text

The morning started with beautiful sound of xiao and guqin in the cloud recesses. The Jiang family arrived first in the morning, "Shijie!" Wei WuXian hurriedly embraced the purple clad young lady, "Oh A-Xian." Jiang YanLi moved his unruly hair out of his face, "Uncle Jiang, Madam Yu" He then bowed to his adoptive parents. Jiang Fengmian had smiled fondly while Madam Yu didn't smile but gave a packet to him, "Here are the clothes of the ceremony and also some snacks." She had said dryly, Wei WuXian nodded. Madam Yu remembered that he liked spicy food and GusuLan food was bland. After Wei WuXian left with Jiang YanLi, Jiang Cheng had greeted his parents as well however Madam Yu glared at her son, "I heard about the incident in the night hunt, didn't I especially told you take care of him!" Jiang Fengmian grimaced, "My lady it was a mistake." Madam Yu glared at his husband as well, "He took responsibility of an omega and the omega got hurt do you know how disgraceful it is?!" Jiang Cheng's face twitched, "I apologise." At that moment Wei WuXian entered the door and heard the conversation, He quickly pulled Jiang Cheng up, "No, no! It was an accident, it's not his fault!" When he refused to budge, he kneeled with his brother, "Punish me too for being careless then." Jiang Cheng glared at him, "Stop speaking nonsense why would you be punished!" Madam Yu sighed, "Spoiling siblings" She murmured and Jiang Fengmian pulled them up, "A-Cheng, A-Xian it was an accident don't worry about it, go get ready for the ceremony." With that Wei WuXian pulled Jiang Cheng with him. 


The music continued as Wei WuXian dressed up for betrothal ceremony. He cried when Jiang YanLi opened the package and saw Madam Yu's betrothal ceremonial clothes, that Jiang YanLi was supposed to wear at hers. Madam Yu was missing from that scene but Jiang Fengmian assured them that she packed it herself and she would be very pleased if Wei WuXian wears it. Dressed in a deep red robe that fluttered as he walked, with pure gold embroidered lotus flowers Wei WuXian emerged, his hair braided like engaged omegas'. Jiang Cheng blushed when he saw his brother, cheeks radiant and lips pink and a huge smile on his face. 


According to tradition till the bride enter the groom and the groom's mates will play instruments to greet the guests.


When they entered the hall the music stopped. The ones playing the nusic stood up. Lan WangJi was wearing pristine white robe with silver embroidery, his forehead ribbon was not the ordinary but was embroidered with silver strings of clouds. Lan XiChen and the groom bowed, "Welcome" Lan XiChen greeted with an amused glint as Lan WangJi's face was expressionless but he was tracking Wei WuXian's every movement with his eyes. Wei WuXian was however unabashedly staring at his betrothed, taking in his soft glowing beauty, a strak opposite of his bold red one. 


One by one everyone of the family bowed at each other, the elders of the clan seemed very pleased, because Lan clan was about form a very valuable alliance as well as getting CangSe SanRen's son as the bride, how fortunate! Regardless of her reputation as a very mischievous omega, no one can deny that she was talented, and the man she married was as well. 


Thus the betrothal ceremony began. Nie Huaisang couldn't stop smiling but seeing his brother he suppressed. The family exchanged tea to show the formed alliance, then it was the time when the bride and groom will share a cup. Lan WangJi gazed as Wei WuXian pressed his lips just where he had pressed while holding his gaze and felt his ears turn red, beside him Lan XiChen caughed to hide the embarrassment. Then Lan WangJi slowly pulled his forehead ribbon, Lan XiChen helped and Jiang YanLi helped to push up the sleeve of Wei WuXian's left hand. Lan WangJi then started to wrap the ribbon on his hand, as sign of commitment, promise and devotion. His forehead will be empty till their marriage then he will put on a different ribbon that will indicate that he is mated. With great concentration Lan WangJi wrapped the ribbon, that was long enough to cover up his entire arm from elbow to his wrist, then tied it in a knot that will come off if tugged but also won't come off easily. After finishing it Lan WangJi didn't let go of his hand, rather he held it delicately and brushed his fingers on Wei WuXian's knuckles. The Yunmeng Jiang side erupted in cheers and Wei WuXian laughed. For once there wasn't any look of disapproval from Lan Qiren as the man looked kind of blissful. 





"Where are you taking me?" Wei WuXian asked as Jiang Cheng pulled his arm, "Just wait", his brother replied. The ceremony was almost over, since alcohol was forbidden the celebration had consisted of only tea and fruit juices. However the Lan clan had made an exception sleeping schedule for the second Young Master. Wei WuXian was enjoying it till Lan XiChen called Lam WangJi out to discuss something and after sometime Jiang Cheng called Wei WuXian as well, when Madam Yu protested Jiang YanLi said Wei WuXian's clothes were uncomfortable and asked Nie Huaisang to help him. Thus the three of them were aimlessly running in the hallway. Wei WuXian was about to ask again when Jiang Cheng stopped, they had reached to the back of the cloud recesses in a very secluded garden with one mongolia tree. "Why are we here?" Wei WuXian asked Jiang Cheng didn't say anything and pulled him again, Nie Huaisang followed. However going a bit further Wei WuXian's heart skipped a bit, Lan XiChen was standing under the tree beside Lan WangJi. "Hello" the older Lan greeted. "We realised you two might need some time alone." He mused. Wei WuXian suddenly felt very shy, he couldn't bring up his eyes and look at his alpha's face. "Then shall we leave?" Lan XiChen smiled at a blushing Nie Huaisang and the three disappeared. 


For a long time they stood still, neither of them said a word, only the heartbeats of the two individuals could be heard. When Wei WuXian finally mustered the courage to look up he immediately regretted it! Because Lan WangJi under the silver moonlight was looking like an immortal being, as if he was there for this night only and as the sun will rise he will disappear and go up to his immortal world. "Lan Zhan" He whispered, cringing when his voice cracked at the end. Lan WangJi was straight looking at him, his eyes unwavering and Wei WuXian took a steo forward. His left arm tingled and he shivered. Lan WangJi also stepped forward closing the distance and touched his arms, he intertwined their fingers and brought Wei WuXian's palms close to his lips then kissed it. Wei WuXian shuddered, Lan WangJi's lips were soft, then the alpha brought his palm onto his cheeks and cradled it gently. "Wei Ying" Lan WangJi whispered back, his eyes straight on Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian suddenly felt like crying, Lan WangJi was so so gentle towards him and his heart was full of the alpha's kindness that it created a lump in his throat. He lounged forward and wrapped his arms around Lan WangJi's shoulders, he hugged him tightly and after that slid his plams on his chest when he felt arms wrapping around his waist. There was something warm in his chest that matched with Lan WangJi's rapid heartbeat.


"Are you happy?" Wei WuXian frowned at this question and sat up from Lan WangJi's embrace. They were cuddling under the tree, Lan WangJi was humming a song under his breath and Wei WuXian was listening to his heartbeat. "What do you mean?" Wei WuXian asked, Lan WangJi looked at him, "Am I enough?" The question shocked him, "Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan why are you saying this?" Wei WuXian touched his face, "I don't want anyone but you, didn't I tell you before? I want to love you and cherish you, have you seen yourself? Its me who doesn't deserve you." Lan WangJi's eyes narrowed at that, "Wei Ying deserves" He said, "That's right and Lan Zhan deserves as well." Wei WuXian again pulled him in his embrace. 


It was not quite love yet. But they will definitely get there. This is just the beginning after all.