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Texting In The 90s

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Why are you staring at me?

Am not.

You just winked.


Muuullldeerrr stop
You just did it again. We are in a meeting… stop!

Is that your heel on my thigh?

Nope 😉

Oooh a winky face… saucy 😉


Three winky faces… Ms. Scully… what are you saying to me?

I miss you...

I thought I was the needy one??

I want to hold your hand… 😩

Awwww my Scully can be sappy… and I wanna hold yours 😌

I’m hungry. Where are going for lunch?

Wanna try that new cafe?

Yeah, that sounds good.
Where’s your foot?

So we’re allowed to play footsie in a meeting, are we?

It’s at least some kind of touching...

Now you’re making me sad


Because I wanna hold you...

We can do that later… I know I want to as well. I miss you.

Hey, did you buy more toilet paper?

No, we need to get some on the way home.

Okay. Also… maybe some cookies…?

Mulder, you don’t need cookies every day.

But Scully I do. Almost as badly as I need you.


I’m holding your hand at lunch

☺️ I’d like that

We’re making out in the car for at least ten minutes too

I’m not saying no to that

Oh my dear, Scully, I wouldn’t let you…

Oh my dear Mulder, I wouldn’t deny you 😏

Okay, so since I can’t get cookies for home, can I get one at lunch?

Mulder, you’re an adult. Make your own decisions.

Yeah, but you’re how I get the Scully lovin’

As your doctor I would recommend not having ten cookies a day… but as your lover I like when you’re in a good mood… so…

Awe Scully I’d kiss you no matter if I get my fix or not. You’re the only drug I need, baby.

Baby, Mulder? Baby?

You didn’t mind it last night if you know what I’m saying…😏
Fine… I love any name you call me…

Knew it!! I’m changing your name to “My Beloved” in my contacts!!!

Oh my gosh…

Fine… then, sweetheart.

Mmm that one is cute… but I wanna hear it in your voice.

You just wait for lunch time, cutie patootie.

Okay that one is just ridiculous

But, but…Scullllyyyyy.

Yes, Mulder?

You’re my cutie patootie.

And you’re my doofus.

Okay I’m changing your contact name to, “Mine”.

That’s kinda weird

Do you love me, Scully?

Are you asking me this in a meeting where I can’t even speak to you in person?

I just wanted to see you blush all adorably like that…


Well I love you like a lot a lot a lot

Mulder, of course I love you. I love you more than anything.

I got butterflies now, Scully.
Awe that’s my favorite smile. You’re so gorgeous.

And you are the sweetest and sexiest man in the whole world.
PS I’m hungry feeeeeeddd meeeee

2 more minutes babe

Let’s take the back staircase so we can hold hands on the way to the car

Hell yes

I love you

Mmm I love you more

No you don’t

Is there anything that you won’t argue with me about?

Nope. Hey, how’s my hair? I didn’t have time to look in the mirror before the meeting.

Perfect as always


I mean my favorite hairstyle is bed mussed cuz I ran my hands all through it but it looks sleek as usual. Promise.

I live for Mulder makeovers

Well I’m planning on kissing your face until it falls off

But then I would look like a zombie! Oh wait… you’d like that wouldn’t you?

No, not really. But I’d still love you even if your face was rotting.

. . .

“Hurry up!,” Scully hissed as Mulder walked purposely slow towards the back stairwell following her. Mulder started jogging and smirked, but as Scully closed the door behind him and shoved his back to the cold concrete wall his smirk faded fast.

Scully wrapped her hands around his cheeks, thumbing his jawline while smashing her lips against his.

He moaned involuntarily, “Geez, Scully!” She slid her hands down to his hips and pulled his bottom half flush to hers. He immediately felt the warmth, “Scully, I thought you were starving?” She looked up at him with nearly black eyes, “I needed a Mulder fix first.”

Mulder groaned as she massaged his hip bones with her precise fingers and licked up his neck. He shivered and wrapped his arms around her back, feeling her breasts brush his own chest made him smile.

She smelled like cherry blossoms, tasted like coffee, and felt like silk, “Gosh, I love you, Scully.”

Scully hummed and kissed up the trail of saliva her tongue left with her warm lips, “Mmmm, good because I was hoping that you’d be in my bed tonight lovin’ me real nice.”

Mulder whined,”Scu-ul-lly, you’re killing me. Spicy Dana is my favorite Dana.”

Scully chuckled against his cheek, “Oh yeah I thought Naked Dana was your favorite Dana?”

Mulder took a deep breath, “You’re getting me all riled before lunch, what are we gonna do about that?” Scully kissed the corner of his mouth and ruffled his hair, “Guess we’ll have to make a pit stop at the office first and cut lunch a few minutes short, Mr. Mulder.”

Mulder nodded enthusiastically, “Onwards, my lady!” Scully rolled her eyes and drug him by the hand down towards the basement. She squealed as he scooped her up into his arms and slammed the door to their office shut behind them.

They had taken it upon themselves to gather some extra cushions from their homes and stow them away in the closet for just this kind of moment. She leaned into his chest as he kicked open the closet door and ushered the cushions out into the open space.

He kissed the top of her head before lying her across the pillows gently. His fingers shook as they hovered above the buttons of her blouse, he felt like a teenager sneaking around high school to makeout with his girlfriend in the janitor’s closet.

Scully lowered his quivering fingers to her buttons and nodded, while caressing his face, “Mulder, sweetheart, you always have permission.”

He nodded and swallowed, “You make me so nervous, Scully. I feel like a reckless teenager with you. I haven’t been this excited since getting to wake up in the morning so I can go to work and see you, but now I get to wake up next to you and hug you whenever I want,” his face warmed with the influx of tears and his lips shook.

Scully sat up to tuck her chin against his shoulder, wrapping her arms around him tightly, “Oh, Mulder,” she cooed with a soft kiss to his neck, “you make my life so much better, you’re my everything.”

Mulder tucked his nose into her shoulder and sighed, his breath shuddering as he fought back the ache of a sob. He tilted his chin up and whispered against her ear, “Promise me you’ll never leave. I couldn't live without you.”

Scully nuzzled her nose against the fine hairs on his nape, and whispered back, “I’m not going anywhere, ever. You’re it, Mulder. You’re my… my whole damn world.” She felt her own throat tightening, “You’re making me cry, Mulder.”

He smiled as his tears slid down onto her blazer, and he hugged her back in full force. “Scully, I wanna marry you.”

She gasped and then choked out, “Really? I… of… of course. But Mulder you know that I can’t offer you children.”

Mulder breathed air through his snot-filled nostrils, “We’re not giving up yet, darling.”

Scully breathed deeply and inhaled his warm, sweet scent, “Okay,” she breathed in the tiniest voice, “I just don’t want to let you down, but my God, of course I’ll marry you. If you’re sure.”

Mulder swung his arms around her legs to scoot her into his lap, chuffling, “Dana, you are more than enough. In every facet. You’re the most extraordinary woman in the world, and I love you so fucking much, you don’t even know how much. You are my best friend, and my savior. You saved me.”

She kicked her heels off and brought her feet into his lap, hugging his waist firmly, and kissing his chest, “Muuulder, you are mine.”

He traced shapes on her back with his hands, and felt the warm, satin expanse of her toned skin, “Scully, are we engaged?”

She smiled and breathed into his sternum, huskily, “Yes, Mulder. Yes.”

He hugged her even tighter, and she oofed, feeling nearly breathless from the pressure, but she was flooded with warmth and excited nerves. Her stomach was tingling, and her heart was pounding wildly, making her chest feel light.

She breathed quickly, “Oh my God, we’re getting married…”. Mulder’s own heart was doing palpitations against her chest, and she could feel the rhythmic thumping that played nearly in sync with hers. Mulder finally let out a sob, “I’m so happy.”

Scully kissed his chin, nose, and lips with a smacking sound, “Me too. I’ve never felt so happy about anything.”

He smiled into her shoulder, and pressed a kiss to the polyester clad skin.

“So, can we make a honeymoon video this time?.

Scully chuckled into his check, “You know the first time you said that it really hurt me.”

Mulder pulled back from her shoulder and nuzzled her cheek, “Whaddya mean?”

Scully breathed deeply, feeling the tug of anxiety from finally telling him the truth of how that case had really affected her.

“It felt like a tease, like you were making fun of me.”

Mulder tugged her limbs closer, “Oh, I didn’t mean it that way. I figured that we’d never get to play house in real life. Thought you’d never love me back like I loved you.”

She sighed as he stroked her back, “You were so very wrong about that. I wanted it so badly. It felt like a big slap in the face because I could never have you in that way.”

Mulder hummed, and rocked her slightly, “Thank you for telling me that, Scully.”

She nodded against his collar and whispered, “You’re welcome.”

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed the crown of her head, “I always want you to be honest with me. Don’t hold anything back.”

Scully sniffed and tucked her head into his arm, “I love you,” she breathed.

“You too, so much,” Mulder assured.