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Double Whammy

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Some secret base...

It was quiet. Too quiet (heh heh), and the on-mission Avengers were starting to get tense. Those Avengers in particular were: Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Star Lord and Spiderwoman. They advanced down the empty passageway of the secret laboratory they were in, expecting something or someone to jump out and attack them at any moment. Nothing came though.

"Are we even sure anything is here? How'd we even find out about this place?" Quill asked, breaking the silence among the heroes. The others were awkwardly quiet, instead choosing to shrug their shoulders. "Great. I bet it was some kid. And his name was probably Timmy. Damn you Timmy."

Seeing that her teammate was about to become incredibly annoying, Jessica quickly said: "Quill, Timmy isn't real and he is not hunting you down. So please... be quiet."

Quill crossed his arms and quietly muttered: "He is too. Saw him looking through the cafe window the other day."

Now that the space outlaw's whining was over, the team resumed their silence, scouring more of the lab. Looking around, they found strange tubes filled with an unnatural looking liquid, and rather creepily, some filled with human body parts. Those tubes seemed to have notes full of equations and elements written on and stuck to them. There also seemed to be a broken machine in the middle of the room; covered in dust and cobwebs. It seemed the place was empty.

"Alright team", Tony said, finally relaxing his posture, "Seems we got a whole boatload of nothing here."

Just as he finished saying that though, Steve raised his hand, and started stalking towards a wall. "Wait a minute, Tony. I swear I hear something coming from behind this wall." The others turned and walked over to the ww2 veteran and listened in. 

"Damn. There really is", Quill remarked in a surprised tone. After listening for a little longer, the former guardian's head perked up. "Is that music?"

The others repeated their teammates motion when they realised- oh yeah, that definitely was music. In a strange move, Tony took aim at the wall with one hand and started counting down with the other. Five. Four. Three. Two. One... And then he shot a powerful blast at the wall, instantly destroying it.

The others jumped at the move even though the countdown had tipped them off. On the other side, sounds of struggles were heard, and when the dust settled, there were two people on the other side. One was in a defensive position looking at the Avengers head on, while the other was horribly failing at hiding underneath a chair. That wasn't the most surprising thing about these two mystery men though. The strange thing was-

"Peter?!" Carol exclaimed in a surprised tone. 

Yeah, the two looked just like everyone's favorite webslinger... unless your favorite is Miles, or Spider-Gwen, or Spider-Man 2099- I think you get the idea.

"Who", the older one said, slightly relaxing out of his position. The other one who seemed to be younger slightly peeked out of his bad hiding spot and gave a similar look.

"Peter Piper? Peter Pan? There's a lot of Peters. Be more specific", he added. The Avengers gave him a weird look.

"Are you... gonna get out of there?" Captain Marvel asked. The young one shook his head. After a few moments of awkward staring, the half-kree spoke up again. "So. This is... confusing."

"You're tellin' me", the older Peter lookalike shot at the woman, "Who the hell are you guys anyways?"

"Seriously? We're the Avengers", Tony answered, tilting his armoured head upwards a little bit. The hiding Peter scrambled out of his hiding place and went straight over to the Iron Avenger.

"Dude, you're the Avengers. Wait- does that mean you're Captain America?"

Quill and Jessica had to hold in their laughs while Tony made an offended noise. "I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that and ask- you've heard of the Avengers, but don't know who we are?"

The older one spoke up next. "Well we've been in here for who knows how long. You expect us to know much living in this tiny shithole?"

Seeing the Peter lookalike swear was really weird considering their Peter never did that, but the heroes quickly got over that. "You live in here? For how long?"

The two strangers shrugged their shoulders. "Can't really keep track of time down here, and seeing how we're not dead from hunger, I'm guessing not long."

Captain America walked forwards at that and asked: "Do you want to leave here then? Come with us?"

The young one brightened up, and almost screamed out his next words. "Bro! Bro! The friggin' Avengers want to take us home! How cool is that?"

The other one looked slightly confused for a few moments. "I... I don't know about that. All we know is that you guys kicked the crap outta some aliens, and the doc was pretty serious when it came to keeping us here."

"Come on bro", the young one whined, "Mr. Warren straight up poofed away ages ago, and again- these are the Avengers. It's like you say: this place is a shi- poop hole."

The older lookalike sighed his defeat. "Alright... but if you guys try anything, I'll kick all your asses."

The Avengers all nodded, and led the way out.


Avengers Tower...

"Holy schmoly bro, this place is the bomb!"

After arriving at the Tower, the two 'Peters' started to look around in awe. They told everyone on the way back they lived in that closed off room for all their lives- however long that had been- and that some 'Miles Warren' had been the man who observed and provided things for them. After talking a little more on the ride, Tony was able to figure out from what he was told about the two's memories and appearances, they were more than likely, rather surpsingly... clones.

Now though, they were at the Tower, and the younger clone was running up and down the halls, even running along them in some instances- seems they had powers- looking at everything in pure awe, his 'brother' not far behind.

"I can admit this place is cool. You guys got anything I can fight", the older lookalike asked. The current Avengers gave him an amused look. They had discovered quite quickly this clone was a very forward, impulsive and rowdy person. In appearance, he seems to look slightly older than the man he was modeled after- however that was possible- and seemed to have some scraggles of a beard.

The other clone on the other hand, was completely different. He was energetic, positive, and seemed to enjoy literally anything. That much could be figured out by how he was looking at a hole in the wall. He also looked much younger than his 'brother', seeming to be more around fifteen, and his voice cracked everytime he spoke in a loud or excited voice. 

They ran around the Tower for a little longer, finally stopping when they found the general room, young 'Peter' going over to look out the window while older 'Peter' flopped onto the couch. The Avengers entered just after, most going to sit down with the older clone while Carol went to enjoy the view with the younger one.

"It's a pretty good lookout, isn't it", she asked the kid, who looked at the Avenger and gave a nod.

"I think you could probably see from where me and my bro lived that there was nothing like this." There was a hint of sadness in the kid's voice, but the awe at the view was more noticeable.

"Do you have a name?"

The young 'Peter' scrunched his face up in thought, and after a few moments said: "No. But for some reason, the name 'Ben' feels right to me."

Carol gave 'Ben' a smile. "Then let me be the first to say hello Ben." Ben returned the smile, and after looking through the window a little longer, a loud beep was heard, causing Ben to jump. Seeing his confused and possibly worried expression, Carol quickly gave some comfort. "Don't worry, that just means someone is here. Maybe it's Peter. You're gonna freak when you see Peter."

When the two turned around again, they saw the others standing up; excited and mischievous grins on Quill and Jessica's faces, and the unnamed clone closing his hands into fists. Seemed he just naturally felt like he was always in a fight. About a minute later, they heard whistling coming around the corner, and were met with Spider-Man entering the room just after.

"Hey guys, what hippity hoppitiOh my goshness, what sorcery is this???" Spidey squeaked out upon seeing the clones. Ben gave a polite wave and the other clone just stared at the spider hero in shock.

"No f***ing way", he breathed out, "You look just like me."

"I could say the same, man in the mirror", Spidey joked. "Wait- why do you look older than me."

A shrug of the shoulders. "I musta got the shit genes."

Peter looked at the other 'him' with surprise for a second. Seeing himself swear was weird. The wallcrawler then looked over at Ben. "Hey dude. Guessing you must be a clone as well then."

Instead of answering, Ben walked up to Peter in almost a trance, and then poked Spidey and let out an idiotic laugh. "No way. I'm a clone of Spider-Man?! I don't even care that I'm kinda not a real person right now- this is so cool! Do you think this is so cool bro?"

The older clone shrugged his shoulders and pointed at the person they were modelled after. "Guess you got someone else to call 'bro' now too."

Ben quickly turned back around to face Peter, a ginormous smile on his face. "What'd ya say bro", Peter said, "Guess we're Spider-Bros now."

Ben let out an excited squeak and wrapped himself around Peter in a giant hug.

So cool.


The next day...

"You three ready?" Tony asked, his hand hovering just over the button to start up the training robots. Peter, Ben and no-name Parker gave their different variations of a yes, and waited for the iron Avenger to start the training.

After getting over all the weirdness of clones, the now formed 'Parker brothers' had decided they would test to see if they had powers- Peter more to help the other two if they did though. They knew Ben had the stickiness abilities, but they had no idea if he had the spider-sense or super strength. The older clone hadn't bothered showing off any powers, but the Avengers reckoned he probably had some as well. 

Tony pressed the button, and the robots came to life. No-name charged at the closest one and tackled it to the ground while Ben started to jump and leap around, usually off the top of the bots' heads. So he had the agility and the older one had the strength. They knew this based off the facts they had this on Spidey's normal settings, which were pretty tough all things considered.

With the robot he tackled, the older Parker brought his fist down as hard as he could, denting the bot's head and leaving the clone making a surprised chuckle. Over with Ben, he jumped over another robot, and then felt a tingling in his head. Without thinking, he rolled forward, and saw that he just dodged getting hit from behind.

"Dude, did you see that", the young clone called out to Peter, "Am I like, psychic or something?"

Peter chuckled before answering. "No Ben. It's a neat trick we got which I called 'spider-sense'. Basically, it warns you of danger before it hits you, letting you dodge and stuff."

"Cool", Ben stated while he jumped over another robot, kicking it in the back and toppling it to the floor. He continued his strategy, jumping off the top of the robots, and then delivering high kicks and punches to them on his descent before leaping off again, also listening to his spider-sense when the need arised. Finally, he realised he had taken out four of them, and gave himself a moment to catch his breath.

No-name on the other hand, had decided to go in at full force, bringing a few robots down at once and pummeling them until they stopped moving. From what he heard from his brothers' conversation, he must have also had that spider-sense thing, seeing as how something in his head would tingle whenever he was about to get hit. After battering and dodging a few more of his temporary opponents, the clone grabbed the last robot when his spider-sense called out, and promptly ripped it in half.

"Holy shit", the older clone chuckled, "I'm a complete badass."

Peter came over and pat him on the back. "Sure are no-name... I think you need a better name than no-name by the way."

"What would you suggest then Peter", the clone shot, "Johnny? Harry? Carradine?"

The webslinger frowned at his newly appointed brother. "C'mon man, none of those names are good. What about, hmm... Oh I know. We'll call you Kaine. Like the wrestler- even though it's spelt differently."

The clone huffed. "Huh, you know, it's not actually half bad; Kaine. You're a complete loser for naming me after a wrestler, but I'll take it."

Ben quickly came over to his brothers, a stupid grin on his face. "Aw yeah, the Parker Bros. Peter, Ben and Kaine. Ready to kick names, and take ass."

His brothers gave him a weird look. "I don't think the saying goes like that, but hell yeah! I can get on this", Peter said excitedly. 

"Ugh, f*** it. I can agree with that", Kaine said, then in a smart ass tone: "The take ass part I'll get along with just fine."

Peter and Ben let out a coughed laugh at the announcement, and then waited until they were cool again to say anything. "Hey Pete", Ben asked his brother, "Do you reckon we can get costumes too? I think I'll make a bad as- bum superhero."

Peter thought about it for a moment then nodded. "I guess so. You guys are obviously capable, and seeing as how we all got the same powers and mindset I think, I believe we can make that a reality."

Ben cheered while Kaine said: "I'll be caught dead in bright spandex Parker."

Peter just smiled at his new brother, and then pointed upwards as an idea popped into his head. "Before we do that though, I think you guys should meet aunt May."

The two clones seemed to perk up to that, the name loosening something in the back of their minds. They quickly nodded, and then made their way off.