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Regenerate, Time

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Stress was not the word that could describe Izuku. 


There was so much more than just stress. 


He has so much he feels like he needs to get done! While at the same time, everyone keeps taking care of everything. In short, he’s feeling pretty restless. Definitely useless. Much like a-


“Oi, Deku, I’ve been trying to get a fucking coffee for the last 5 minutes!” Kacchan grabs him by the apron and pulls him over the counter. 


“Cut it out!” He whines, struggling to get out of his grip. You’d think making explosions for a living would fuck up some of his muscles and ability to have a firm grip. But no! He’s actually strong!  


“Make my coffee, nerd!” 


“I will!” He chuckles, turning to prep the espresso machine for another drink. 


“I can’t fucking believe it.” Kacchan sighs, running a hand through his hair.


“What, that I look this hot in an apron?” He jokes, sticking his tongue out when Kacchan makes a fake vomit sound. 


“No, fuckwad, that you’re getting married. That someone would actually want you.” Damn, years ago he’d say that and actually mean it. Look at this softie. 


That’s right. Tomorrow is Izuku’s wedding. It’s….. Unreal. 


“Do you think people will have questions?” 


“Of fucking course they will. You never became a hero! You just, disappeared to everyone else after graduating. The entire world will be waiting to see who Icy Hot is marrying.” 


“They know he’s marrying Oni.” 


“They don’t expect him to wear a mask to his own wedding!” 


“I’m still working on that part!” We have a list of people with illusion quirks. I won’t have a mask on to Shouto, but everyone else will see me in a mask. It’s just a matter of whether or not to have an illusion quirk work on Shouto, or to have a quirk work on everyone else.


The ideal will be to wear my mask and then use a quirk to make him not see me in a mask. A quirk to let him see my face. 


Shouto’s probably interviewing people for the right quirk as they speak. 


“When are you proposing to Kirishima?” Izuku asks, laughing when he hears Kacchan choke on coffee. 


“Who said heroes have time for that shit?!” Shouto’s a hero and he’s getting married. “Unlike you, I have a job.” 


“Kacchan you’re literally in my coffee shop.” 


“Shut it.” 


“Just propose! You already act married! It’s not our fault that you just can’t handle the thought of Kirishima in a suit ready to put a ring on your spikey ass.” Instead of cursing him out, Kacchan huffs a bit, sitting back. 


It’s been four years since graduating UA. No one else really found out about him being Oni. After graduating, he effectively disappeared. The world wonders where the last student of 1-A went, seeing as there’s been no news of Izuku dying or anything. 


He sued several shops for selling he and Toshi’s merchandise and anything related to their respective brands without permission or payment. He did it the moment he turned 18, and had enough to start a coffee shop just like he’s planned since his first year. 


Toshi nearly cried when he was blindfolded and brought to the grand opening of “Inko’s Drinkos”, a coffee shop next door to the apartment building made for the heroes of class 1-A. 


It was a lot easier to get an apartment complex built for heroes only than they thought. The public agreed that allowing more privacy for heroes would benefit everyone. Too many were getting burnt out from constantly being in the public eye. This way they have a safe place to recharge. There’s enough heroes around to cover other parts of the cities. That, and they never all have the same days off, so there’s always going to be a chunk of them patrolling. 


When Toshi saw the coffee shop, he was amazed, but at the same time overly suspicious. He asked what else was there. How’d he know I’d have a basement? More specifically, a lair. Oni’s entire base is located under this coffee shop. 


A bell gets his attention. 


The door opens and Dad trudges in, prompting Izuku to make his coffee. 


“Thanks little intern.” 


“Stop calling me that, Dad, I haven’t interned with you in forever.” 


“Yeah, and there was far less property damage when you did. Maybe you ought to.” 


“Yeah, yeah.” He mumbles, scrolling through his phone. He sees countless tweets and posts about his wedding tomorrow. Wow, this is a lot of fanart of us. All of them is pretty, but none can seem to match his soon-to-be husband’s actual beauty. 


God, am I whipped? 




At home, Shouto opens the door and listens. 


Singing in the shower. 


“Izu, I’m home.” He calls, giving a soft knock on the bathroom door. 


“You can join me if you want!” Izu answers, voice sounding like he’s definitely grinning. 


“I would, but I’m starving. I’m getting a head start on making dinner.” After he explains, he hears a few thuds and then the bathroom door opens. “Izu, put on a towel or something, you’re getting water all over the floor-” 


“You are not cooking tonight! You’ve been running around doing so much work! Just rest!” 




“The only but involved here is this one.” Izu points to his rear, making Shouto roll his eyes at the stupid joke.



“Which means I will not allow to hear of any more of them. You’re not cooking and that’s final. You can eat a snack to hold you over, I’ll order food.” Izu moves to go into their room and get his phone, but Shouto grabs him before he gets the bed wet.




“Oh! Yeah!” Izu howls with laughter, returning and shutting the door and presumably finishing his shower. 


Shouto eats some popcorn and waits on the couch. Scrolling through his phone, his face is everywhere. Right, heroes getting married is a big deal. 


Soft stomping gets his attention. He looks up and sees Izu barreling towards him like a demon and jumping onto the couch, almost knocking it backwards onto the floor. 


“Why are you like this?” Shouto jokes, opening his arms to allow Izuku to wrap around him. To be entirely honest, Shouto is kind of happy Izuku stopped growing in his second year, allowing Shouto to be taller and therefore able to wrap his arms around him much easier. I feel like I’m keeping him safer. Even though the world knows no one is needed to defend Izu besides himself. 


“Because it’s funny to me. Say, did you find someone with a good illusion quirk?” 


“I did actually.” He hums, “Their quirk allows them to make me see through anything I want, up to six hours. So long as it’s nothing too thick, like steel.” 


“That’s perfect!” Izu smiles, then frowns ever so slightly. 


“What’s wrong?” 


“I realized that means you’re going to see me cry.” 


“I’ve seen you cry before. You’re a crybaby.” Shouto teases, dodging when Izu tries to push him away. “It’ll be fine! Tears of joy are fine!” 


“You’re going to be stuck with me forever.” Izu jokes. 


“D-I-V-O-R-C-E.” Shouto spells, laughing at the scandalized look he gets in response. I’d never. 


“It doesn’t matter. I’d stalk you-” 


“Already do-”

“Do not!” The conversation dissolves into laughter. The two watch TV and wait for the food to arrive, curled up together on the couch. He feels eyes on him, and looks down. Izu stares at him in a look he can only describe as pure adoration. 




“I can’t believe I get to marry you.” He breathes. Shouto feels his face head up a bit, and kisses him softly. 


After all these years, Izu still surprises him. 


I can’t believe I get to marry you. ” Izu repeats again, smiling ear to ear. 


When their food arrives, Izu texts Shinsou and Bakugou, saying they can come join them. It’s become a sort of tradition to come over if ordering food. 


Shinsou shows up first, tired as always. 


In the doorway he fixes his hair, retying the bun it was in. Is he sure he’s not actually Aizawa’s son? Secret love child?  This man looks so much like Aizawa now it’s frightening. 


“What’s going on?” Shinsou asks Shouto, moving past him to remove his shows. “Is he being hyper?” 


“Sort of. Not as much as I thought he’d be.” He admits. 


“Huh, weird.” Shinsou shrugs, bracing for when Izu throws himself into his arms. “Hey, Izuku.” 


“I’m getting married. ” 


“Uh, yeah, I’m aware.” 


To him. ” 


“Uh, yeah, I’m aware.” 


I’m so happy. “ Izu fake sobs, burying his face into Shinsou’s shirt. 


“That’s great and all, but if you blow your nose in my shirt I’m going to brainwash you into missing your own wedding.” 


“Please don’t, I’d look like a fool.” Shouto interjects, getting a shrug from Shinsou, showing he’s not against that if it means Izu’s a fool too. 


“A hot one at that.” Izu compliments, getting dropped by his brother. 


“There’s a sink over there.” Shinsou points out. 


“What does that mean?” Shouto asks with a tilt of his head. 


“I just thought because Izuku is so fucking thirsty right now, he ought to know where the nearest water source is.” 


“Wow, rude. Besides, I’ll drink water when I’m dead.” I know where this is going. 


Bakugou and Kirishima arrive after a while, prompting them to throw on a movie and eat. It’s nice, actually. Shouto wouldn’t go out of his way to have his apartment full of people, but he’s gotten so used to them that he doesn’t mind at all. More people from their class show up, cramming into the apartment and joining them. Is the whole class here? 


“Midoriya!” Iida greets with a wave of his arms. 


“Hey Iida.” Izu nods, “Where’s your SO’s?” 


“Ochako and Tsuyu went to get coffee before meeting us here. They’re bringing me one as well.” 


“So, if I text one of them, they could bring me one too?” 


“Seeing as we are in your home, I don’t see why not?” This causes Izu to quickly take his phone out and type far too fast. “Todoroki, how goes it?” Iida greets.


“I’m doing alright, you?” 


“Good, good. I imagine you’re fairly stressed?” Shouto thinks over the question a bit. Am I actually stressed?  No, he doesn’t think he is. Hell, he was even more stressed out asking Izu to prom than to marry him. Maybe I just realized he’d say yes no matter what? 


“I don’t think I’m stressed.” 








By the end of the night, half of class 1-A is collapsed around Shouto’s apartment. With a small smile, he cleans up the plates and cups sitting around. On the couch is Iida with Uraraka draped over his lap, and Tsuyu draped over Uraraka's. How Iida can still breathe is beyond him. 


The floor has Bakugou and Kirishima, passed out. Were they drinking? He didn’t notice if they were or not. 


Shinsou’s awake, typing at the table with a tired expression. 


Ojiro is alseep at the table as well, and every once in awhile Shinsou watches the boy wag his tail. Under the table lays Kaminari and Sero. That cannot be comfortable. 


“You look like Dad doing a roll call.” Shinsou speaks up, taking his hair down. 


“I am doing a roll call.” 


“Then where’s your husband?” 


“He’s not my husband yet, Shinsou.” he points out, “That’s…. A good question actually.” Shouto excuses himself from their conversation to look around the apartment. Maybe he’s asleep? No, no, this is Izuku Midoriya he’s talking about. 




He opens their bedroom door and watches Izu tense and turn, shit eating grin very apparent. 


“Were your spidey senses going off or something?” Izu tries, mask still in his hands. 




“Hear me out!” Izu drops the mask and wraps his arms around Shouto. Oh, he’s trying to use puppy dog eyes on me. “I’m so excited for tomorrow that I can’t sleep. So what if I patrol a little bit, just to tire myself out?”


“Or we can go to bed and you can eventually fall asleep?” He tries, knowing well that’s not how it works. 


“Shouto.” He whines, stomping his feet a bit, “You know I wouldn’t sleep. I’d be up all night thinking ‘wow, I get to marry this guy’.” He kisses Shouto’s cheek and plays with his hair a bit. 


“You better not tangle it, they’ll be mad if it takes longer to put my hair up.” 


“Your fault for choosing to include braids.” He’s kind of right. Right now, Shouto’s hair sits at his waist. He hasn’t had anything besides trims since his first year. “Anyways, if I patrol now and go run around a while, I’ll be knocked out when I get back.” 


“Only if you shower again, I don’t want to wake up to you smelling all sweaty.” 


“You don’t?” 


“No, you goof, I don’t.” He laughs, letting Izu finish getting ready. “Promise you’ll be safe, at least?”


“We have this talk every time, you know? I can’t die, I’ll be fine.” 


“You can’t die, but what if something else happens?” He can’t help but be nervous. Izu’s the most capable person he’s ever met and he still worries for him. That he’ll come home one day and find their apartment empty and never see this man again. It terrifies him. 


“Like what?” Izu snorts. 


“Like Overhaul.” He offers, tensing when he sees Izu look away. 


“I haven’t thought about that in a long time.” He breathes, “Okay, that definitely wasn’t one of my best moments, but I’m still here and I’m okay.” 


“Stay that way or else.” 


“Or else?” 


“Or else I’ll turn into a villain.” Shouto huffs, not meaning a word of it. It’s clear that Izu isn’t convinced either. “Okay, then I’ll be really sad and lonely and you don’t want that.” 


“Fine, fine, you got me.” He laughs, “Is Eri coming? Are we going to have a kid’s table or something?”


“Well All Might said he’s coming, so that probably means Eri is too. Kota is coming with the Pussycats, so there’s a small kids table for them and for any other kids that show up.” 




“Did you see all the news with Tsukauchi?” 


“And how he’s coming to the wedding but made no promises to not arrest me? Yeah, I heard and I accept that challenge.” 


“Izu, if you get arrested we can’t have a honeymoon.” The fear is apparent on Izu’s once-smug face. So he does have priorities. 

“Okay, I’m going to patrol now!” He kisses Shouto, puts on his mask and jumps from the window. 




Izu races off, hopping from building to building. The air whips through his mask and embraces him. He’s never been happier than he’s been the last few years. 


Sure, every once in a while some ‘great evil’ shows up and he has to kick ass, but it’s usually All for One, who seems more reluctant to fight each time they meet. Losing repeatedly after all these years of winning must suck for him. 


The police has more or less backed off, seeing as it’d cause public uproar to arrest Oni. They said so long as I don’t promote other vigilantes it might be okay. Which is a lot better of a deal than he thought he’d get. 


He’s about to move to the next neighborhood, but screaming gets his attention. He takes his bo staff out and jumps down into the alley. As he’s falling, he sees a familiar figure across the street. Dad’s patrolling too, huh. He manages a wave before fading from sight. 


On the ground, the screaming echoes around the walls. It sounds like they’re in pain. 


There’s no one in the alley, though. 


Izuku realizes it too late. Someone from behind already shot him with a dart. 


“Dad-” He feels his eyes roll up and he goes limp. Hitting the concrete and watching the world blur around him.




Izuku slowly wakes, mad as hell and too tired to deal with anything. His arms are bound to the chair he sits in.  


“Hewwo?” He jokes, looking around. He’s in a warehouse, but there’s very little security around. That means whatever’s going to happen will be real simple and not worth the time and resources. He’d like to think he can just use One for All and break out of this chair, but no, someone thought ahead. 


“Quirk suppressants, huh?” The question is, do they plan to kill me? Or just make me drowsy. The sound of breathing behind him gives away the presence. Though, he doesn’t think this person ever planned on keeping their presence concealed. 


“Oni.” They greet, stepping out in front of them. Their face is littered with clocks, all seeming to be naturally protruding from their skin. Their eyes have clock hands, still and unwavering. 


“Nice way of luring me into an alley. Vague screaming. How’d you know I couldn’t resist-” She strikes a punch, whipping Izuku’s head to the side. The chair tips. 


“Shut it! I hate you!”


“Yeah, I kinda figured. So, what’s this about? Did I lead to your boo thang getting arrested or something?” He guesses. It’s usually revenge-type stuff that leads me here. Either that, or people try to take him down before he can get them. 


It reminds him of the days where he and Dad would try outsmart each other. It reminds him of when Hisashi tried to kill him before he could. 


But times have changed.


You know what? This kind of drowsiness is just what I need. I can get out of this and go to bed with Shouto. 


“Well, uh, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get going.” He hums, checking the time on a watch he mostly certainly doesn’t have on his wrist. “I’m-” 


“Getting married to Shouto Todoroki tomorrow, I know.” Oh, is that what this is? 


“You have the hots for him too?” He sneers, earning himself another punch. 


“I’m in love with him!” She shouts, turning and slamming a boot into Izuku’s jaw. You think this will shut me up? 


“Aren’t we all?” He manages, annoyed by his lack of quirks. 


“God you ever fucking shut up?!” She screeches, stomping into the ground. 


“I’m literally famous for being the vigilante that sasses people. What did you think would happen?” 


“In any case.” She takes a deep breath, no doubt trying to keep Izuku’s nonsense from getting to her. “You took Shouto away from me.” She snarls. 


“I literally do not know what to say.” He stifles a laugh. “The only thing that ‘took’ Shouto away from you is the fact that he’s gay! What do you mean it’s my fault?!” He howls with laughter, kicking his feet. Oh my god. She’s a fangirl. 


“Keep laughing. You’re never going to see him again.” What? He stops laughing, ready to take this freak seriously. “No one ever survives my quirk.” 


“What is it, being blinded by your own obsession for someone?” 


“Worse, Oni. You’ll relive the worst days of your life over, and over, and over again. ” Time loop?


“No one’s ever come back from it?” He asks cautiously, looking for any signs of a lie. 


“No one. They die. They all eventually kill themselves before escaping my quirk.” But if I can’t die…. Then what does that mean?


“Fun challenge.” He spits. 


“You’ll regret that by the second week.” What does that mean?! “Look me in the eyes.” 


“Why the fuck would I do that?” He shouts, trying to get out of the restraints. “I promised Shouto I’d come home in one piece tonight, I can’t have trauma the night before our fucking wedding, you freak!” 


“Oni!” The door bursts open, and Dad barrels through, making a break for him too. There’s a dart in his shoulder too. His quirk won’t work to stop her. They thought ahead and brought extra. 


Look at me!” She insists again, taking a taser out of her pocket. Shoving it into his side, she presses down and laughs while he convulses. The woman grabs the sides of his face and forces him to look her in the eyes. 


The clock hands in her eyes spin,


And spin, 


And spin,


And…… it draws Izuku in. He knows it’s wrong but he feels the need to go towards whatever this is. It’s flowing backwards and forwards and he doesn’t care which way he’s being pulled. 


The world stops spinning. 




He knows this sound. Izuku knows this sound very well. 


The All Might alarm clock I had in middle school. He reaches out and hits it. What a weird dream to have. 


Opening his eyes and waking up, Izuku sees the ceiling. Oh, I was brought to my apartment. He was patrolling last night? Right? 


Wait. He gets a good smell of the air. It’s not burnt smelling? Did they clean it while I was at my shop or something?  Maybe it’s a honeymoon present, and he wasn’t supposed to be brought back to his apartment.


…..If it’s morning…. Then that means. 


I’M GETTING MARRIED TODAY! Fuck! Izuku rushes out of bed and into the bathroom. I have to get ready. I can’t piss fast enough. The vigilante vigorously washes his hands and starts brushing his teeth.


“Shit, Shouto’s going to be so worried.” Izuku freezes, feeling a bit of a fight or flight response at the sound of his own voice. Am I sick? I haven’t sounded like this since like, middle school. 


He looks up into the mirror to see how bad his hair is,


And Izuku screams.