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Coming Together

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A/N: Okay so I had a few requests on FF to bring this story back but I do most of my reading here now so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to rewrite and fix some errors in earlier chapters to get me back in the right headspace for this story. I plan on uploading a chapter every day or two and slowly working on new chapters at the same time. Please let me know what you all think! I'm exciting to get back into this story after so long away.


"Arghh". Cam Mitchell rolled over and felt a sharp pain shoot down his left arm. As he looked around, he realised he was in a large cave system. He couldn't see very much in the darkness of the caves and his vision was cloudy from his fall which didn’t help. He pushed himself into a sitting position against the rock formation directly behind him waiting for his vision to return somewhat. Cam noted that where ever he was, it was cold and it smelt damp which was not a good sign when you’re lost and injured by yourself. After a couple of minutes he decided his vision had returned enough to risk a short walk to look for the two women who had hopefully fared better than he had. All he could do was hope.

Cam had been walking around the caves for about 5 minutes before he actually found anything. The first thing he spotted was one of the basic military packs that Sam had insisted on taking with them. Even though there mission was only supposed to last an hour, and they didn’t expect any problems to arise, she wanted to play it safe. Which at this point in time, he was very grateful for her earlier insight, he had to remember to thank her for it later.

As he approached the pack, he knelt down and quickly rummaged through until he found what he was looking for. He popped two Tylenol and took a quick sip of water to wash them down. Just as he was about to assess their remaining supplies, he heard a quiet groan come from a few metres away. Immediately he was on high alert, with his P-90 at the ready, he slowly made his way over to the source of the noise. When he rounded the corner he saw the two women he had been looking for.

Colonel Carter was lying with her back facing him, a small amount of blood had started to pool underneath her (never a good sign when your stranded in underground caves), she had a semi-conscious Vala draped over her. The groaning appeared to be coming from the latter, she showed only faint signs of being conscious, but they were definitely there. He crouched down next to the prone forms of the two women in front of him. Knowing that Vala was aware enough to feel pain, he first checked Sam for a pulse. It took a minute but he finally found the first signs of life from his superior officer.

After doing a quick check on Vala, he surmised it was safe enough to move her, at least as safe as it could be considering their circumstances, she didn't appear to have any serious injuries other than a bump on her head and a few scrapes and bruises. His first task would be to see if he could wake her up long enough for her to move of her own accord.

"Vala! Vala, you need to wake up." He gently shook her shoulder being careful not to disturb Sam. "Come on Vala, up and at 'em" she started to come to slowly.

"OW!" Despite her words Cam knew it was just the shock of her injuries and she wasn’t actually that badly injured, Sam seemed to have cushioned her fall somewhat.

"Hey, it's okay sleepy head, just don't move, okay?" Vala scrunched up her nose in confusion and pain. She tried to focus her eyes on Cam.

"Come on gorgeous, I'm not hurt that bad". Cam just rolled his eyes at her, knowing that she would be just fine, physically at least.

"It's not you I'm worried about. Just don't move okay, at least for a minute".

Vala furrowed her brow in confusion "Huh? What are you on ab... Oh My God! Samantha!" She started jostling around, trying to push herself up. Cam put his hands on her shoulders gently to keep her still.

"Vala stop! I need to make sure Sam is okay before you move, just stay still okay?" He slowly pulled his arms away and she nodded slowly. "Alright then let’s take a look, aye?"

He systematically started checking over her, she had a large laceration on the back of her head from where it struck the ground, her right arm was dislocated, she had a large gash starting just above her left hip and continuing diagonally across her torso, up to just below  her right breast and although Cam couldn't quite tell he was fairly certain her right hip was either badly broken or dislocated, but considering the inflammation already surrounding it was getting worse, paired with her clearly shattered ankle, there is no way they would be getting out of this on their own.

"Jeez Sam, what the hell have you done to yourself, hey? You always seem to get messed up out here and expect me to patch you up. I only know basic first aid you know, nothing too fancy, but maybe I should consider it if I am going to be going on more missions with you." He gestured wildly with his hands and put a smile on his face, looking up he noticed Vala was shaking gently.

"Vala?" He couldn't keep the underlying worry out of his voice, as he stood up, he went over so he was kneeling in front of the alien woman "Hey, what's up? You okay?" She sniffed and wiped her nose with the back of her hand "Yeah it's just, I mean, look at her." She looked at him, her eyes pleading with him for reassurance.

"Is she going to die Cam?"