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Inasa vs Bakugou

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Remedial lessons are a bitch for a majority of the class… Except for two people.

Now, Bakugou isn’t the type to really give a damn about others or their relationships. He truly does not give a damn about what people do in their spare time in their bedrooms. In fact, if Kaminari ever brings up one of his wet dreams or if Kirishima brings up Mina one too many times again, he will blow their faces off.

That being said…he does care when it concerns one pretty boy from his class.

Bakugou is gay and he’s owned it all of his life thanks to his confidence as well as his family’s acceptance. He’s had a few boyfriends in middle school, but never anything serious which could hold his interest for long. Being popular meant he could have anything he wanted, but UA wasn’t the same as middle school and he learned that on the first hero training exercise when he was easily surpassed by not only the rest of the class, but by this one pretty boy named Todoroki Shouto.

He hated the boy for being stronger than him despite being quiet and reserved. He hated him for easily surpassing him with his powerful quirks and getting in on recommendation for being so strong whereas he didn’t. He hated the boy for such petty reasons at first, always glaring him down and wanting to assert his superiority over the boy so he wouldn’t feel so threatened. Then came the Sports Festival and everything changed.

He overheard his conversation with Deku and hearing that the strongest boy in class (in Bakugou’s eyes at least) had such a horrid upbringing… It made him feel stupid for hating a boy with such a crappy life. He then tried to be somewhat more understanding of him, but it went right over his head (either that or Bakugou didn’t approach it right).

He eased up on his hatred of the pretty boy after that, but now…ugh, he hates himself for thinking this, but he can admit Shouto is attractive.

He’s got stupid pretty hair, stupid pretty eyes, and a stupid pretty body that should be on a runway. It doesn’t help matters that—going off of the time they’ve spent together in the lessons—he has learned some little things about him.

For example, Shouto is perceptive. He can read a villain’s intentions or spot out when someone has a look in their eyes he’s seen in himself before. However, despite being perceptive, he’s dense as fuck. Bakugou cannot even begin to tell you how the fuck he bought Deku’s stupid lie about his quirk acting up during their matches against Class 1-B. Anyone with eyes and ears could see that response was pure bullshit, but not him. Deku’s not a good liar when put on the spot like that and it went right over Shouto’s pretty head.

Then there’s the fact he cannot catch onto the Shiketsu baldy’s obvious attraction to him.

During their first remedial lesson, he went over to Shouto and asked, “Hi, Todoroki! How are you today?”

To which, Shouto had replied, “I’m doing good. How about you?”

“Great! Hey, if we get the chance to, do you want to work together during this lesson? I think another fire tornado would be amazing!”

“Sure, why not?”

Inasa had wormed his way into Shouto’s life and Bakugou despises him for it. Deku had once upon a time commented to someone in the halls that if he hates someone he doesn’t speak to or scream at them. As much as he loathes to admit it, Deku was right about that one. He hates Inasa and as such, he won’t have anything to do with him. He won’t jeopardize his shot of getting his license, of course, but he will give him the cold shoulder whenever he can.

He commented to Shouto in his own roundabout way of getting his question answered, “You seemed to forgive the bastard who made you fail the exam the first time around.”

Shouto had answered this honestly—not to mention bluntly—to the one whose feelings he is oblivious towards, “Of course I forgave him. Why wouldn’t I? I was in the wrong too and I’m willing to make up for it. Yoarashi isn’t a bad guy, I think you are judging him wrong.”

Bakugou wasn’t happy to hear this. No, it made him think of the giant windbag as being a threat to himself. If there’s anything Bakugou hates more than losing or having a win given to him, it’s losing a potential love interest to another man.

It’s why he hates Yoarashi and didn’t speak a word to him during their remedial lessons. Even when they had to work with the kids, he didn’t speak to him much because he despised him too severely to actually work with him. The most he did was indirect speaking to their entire group, but other than this, he did all that he could to avoid him. At this lesson today, he had flat out ignored his very existence and only spoke to him indirectly by directing everything at the entire group one more time. It didn't seem to bother Inasa, oddly enough. Probably because he's too busy being fucking optimistic and hanging off of Shouto's every single breath. Dammit it all, he really hates this guy!

It caught the eye of Camie who had to ask him, “Why are you being rude to Yoarashi?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You know…you’re icing him out. You haven’t said one word to him directly during our lessons and it’s super wack. I think you should apologize to him.”

To which Bakugou rolls his crimson eyes because he doesn’t owe the fucker anything, “Shut up.”

Camie doesn’t relent, though, “Yoarashi is a cool, chill guy once you get to know him! His quirk is really lit and he’s so good on the battlefield too.”

“Like I give a damn.” Bakugou hisses, not really liking the infomercial about the guy he hates he is getting from Camie right now, “Why should I care about any of that? I don’t give a damn about that stupid baldy and nothing you say can change it!”

“Whoa, dude, calm down! I was just trying to ease up the tension here!”

“Yeah, well, fuck you. I’m done with hearing this shit.”

He left Camie alone to her thoughts, angrily trudging on as he heard Shouto chuckle at something Yoarashi said, making him all the more infuriated as he passed them by.

On the bus back to UA, he cannot help but to wonder, “What’s the deal with the windbag? Why is he so obsessed with you?”



Shouto blinks twice to this before nodding, “Okay, whatever you say. He’s not obsessed with me. He’s wanting to get closer to me because he feels bad about what happened at the licensing exam and becoming my friend is his way of making up for it.”

“Really? He wants to be ‘just friends’?” he asks the pretty boy because he cannot be too sure with him.

Said pretty boy looks at him in confusion, “What do you mean by ‘just friends’? Yoarashi and I are friends, like how you and I are friends.”

Bakugou cannot believe what he is hearing, “What the—where the fuck do you get that idea from?”

“We spend a lot of time together and we work well together when taking on villains.” Shouto points out easily, looking pretty confident in his assessment…except, he doesn’t understand there’s more to a friendship than this.

“You don’t even know a damn thing about me or my life!”

“What does that have to do with being friends?”

“A lot, dumbass! Ugh, what kind of system do you have in your head?”

“…What do you mean by ‘system’?”

Okay, he’s going to drop the subject now so he doesn’t have to deal with this.

“Never mind.” he groans in response, feeling as though he is getting nowhere with what he wants to get at, “Look, are you and the baldy really friends or something more?”

“What else could we be other than friends?”

Truthfully, Shouto is wondering this because he doesn’t understand the concept of dating and romantic relationships. His parents were arranged in a quirk marriage, his father used his mother specifically for ‘breeding the perfect offspring’ as he had heard the bastard describe it, and none of his classmates or any other student he’s met in UA is in a romantic relationship. He doesn’t really have anything to work with here other than what little information he got from his parent’s awful relationship. Which, sadly enough, didn’t include dating, love, patience, trust, and understanding of the other.

He only knows that a relationship is supposed to be the exact opposite of whatever his parents had. Other than this, he’s pretty clueless as to what that would look like or be like.

Too bad Bakugou doesn’t know this, so this results in him getting more annoyed than anything else, “Okay, you’ve got to be kidding me. How the hell can you not see the obvious crush that gigantic doofus has for you!”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.” aka, Shouto was severely isolated from his siblings and society growing up. He wasn’t allowed to play or socialize like other children. His childhood was lonely and focused on only surpassing All Might, how to defeat a villain in battle, how to read a villain’s intentions, how to handle any dire situation involving a villain, but he doesn’t know anything about normal, average, everyday people.

He can’t understand regular people. That’s why going to UA was pretty much a culture shock in and of itself. After he had been isolated all of his life, being by people who were all so very different from himself and each other was something he wasn’t used to. He remained quiet and kept to himself at first, but he got better after the festival. He started to talk a little bit more and see his classmates for more than their quirks and battle skills. He’s still doing his best to understand them, even though he has a tendency to keep to himself still at times and mainly talk to Iida now that Midoriya’s gone at the internship.

If his classmates and regular people were more like the villains he’s been trained to understand, then maybe he’d be able to get them better, especially when talking about things like this.

“You’re fucking hopeless!” Bakugou quits in a scream and Shouto is left to shrug off his odd questioning and the strange things he spoke of.

He doesn’t know what a ‘crush’ is, though. Maybe he can talk to Iida about this.

Bakugou is in his room after the lessons are done for the day and Shouto is visiting Iida because what Bakugou brought up during the ride back to the dorms has him all sorts of bothered because he’s never heard of this ‘crush’ thing before. He’s also curious as to what would even provoke Bakugou to ask such a thing to begin with and why he cares so much about his friendship with Inasa.

Iida always answers his door on the first knock, which is a calm, reassuring constant in his life. His friend is smiling as he greets him warmly, “Todoroki, it’s nice to see you! How did the remedial lessons go today?”

“They went by just fine.” he admits before biting his lower lip, “Iida, I have to ask you something. It’s about something Bakugou brought up on the ride back here.”

Iida frowns a bit as he enters the pristinely clean and organized room. He then takes a seat on Iida’s chair at his desk, his eyes meeting the blue ones of his concerned friend as he speaks, “I knew something was bothering you when you came back. You didn’t greet anyone when you returned and you usually do that no matter what. What happened? Did Bakugou act brashly towards you? Because if he did, then I can do something to get him in trouble for it.”

“No, he didn’t do anything brashly towards me. He asked me questions about Yoarashi and I’s friendship. Then he made a comment about Yoarashi having a ‘crush’ on me. I don’t know what crushes are, so, can you tell me about them, Iida?”

Iida is one of the smartest people he knows and despite what many in their class believe, he’s actually closer to Iida than Midoriya at this point. Midoriya hasn’t really spoken to him much ever since he started his internship and as a result, he started going to Iida instead for conversations. Surprisingly enough, Iida is the easiest one for him to talk to. Iida knows what it’s like to be raised in a hero family, what it’s like to be under the pressure of living up to the family name, and what it’s like to not fit in at times.

That and Iida is super patient with him. He doesn’t mind taking the time to teach him things his father never taught him.

“A crush is where someone is extremely attracted to an aspect of you. They usually want to date you, kiss you, and have a relationship with you. They like you as more than friends and will usually want to be either your boyfriend or girlfriend. In your case, it’d be boyfriend.”

Iida is also the one he came out to. So far, no one else in the class really knows he is gay aside from him because Iida felt like the safest one to tell. He’s not sure how his father would take his being gay, especially since he always said that he would arrange a quirk marriage for him, so he doesn’t have to think about all that ‘relationship nonsense’ as he called it.

“What do boyfriends do?”

Shouto doesn’t really know this because his parents never were boyfriend and girlfriend and they never had crushes on each other. They were married in a loveless quirk marriage. He highly doubts if they had to go through these rituals normal people do, then their marriage wouldn’t have ever happened between them.

“Boyfriends take their partners out on dates, listen to them, support them through the bad times and the good, but most importantly of all, they are supposed to love their partner and treat them right.” Iida explains with a look in his direction, “If Bakugou commented on Yoarashi, it must be because he thinks he has a crush on you. He is really perceptive on these things despite his rough exterior.”

He thinks it over, asking him, “How would I know if Yoarashi has a crush on me, though? He’s been really nice to me this whole time and we have become good friends. Bakugou could be overreacting like he always does.”

Iida considers this for a moment before asking him, “Consider this, though: whenever someone asks about or brings up Yoarashi to you when he’s in the room, I’ve noticed that his eyes narrow and though he’s not screaming, it’s like something in him becomes…deadly.”

“That could just be Bakugou getting angry over not being the center of attention.”

“Still, I don’t think it is… How does Yoarashi act around you?” Iida, on his phone, has out a list of ways to tell if someone has a crush on you.

He can only hope it will help his friend out, “Well…Yoarashi will bring me zaru soba to eat at times, even though he doesn’t like it but he’s still willing to try to find a sauce he likes for it. He always talks about how our quirks are compatible together and he always volunteers to work with me during lessons. He’s really nice to me too, he always talks to me, he’s never on his phone when he talks to me, and he always talks about how he really likes me a lot, saying how we’re so compatible… He’s sweet and I’m going to miss him once the lessons are over.”

Iida nods sharply, handing him his phone, “I think you need to look at this list and see if anything matches up.”

He looks it over a few times, a blush starting to grow on his face as he realizes Inasa does everything on this list. He hands Iida his phone back, asking him, “What could he even find attractive in me? I didn’t even know what a crush was or what boyfriends do because I was homeschooled until I got into UA! I think Yoarashi can do better…”

Shouto does want a boyfriend because he doesn’t want a quirk marriage with whoever his father chooses for him. He wants to be in a happy marriage and it sounds like dating is the way to obtain a happy marriage as opposed to what his parents did.

“No, Todoroki, you’re wrong. He’d be happy to have you. You’re smart, attractive, brave, sensible, and strong. Anybody would love to be your boyfriend.”

“…You think so?”

“I know so. Just ask Yoarashi about his crush and see if it’s true or not. I’m sure he won’t lie to you.”

“Okay, I’ll do that. Thank you for the advice, Iida.”

“Don’t mention it. Tell me how it goes, okay?” Iida tells him, a smile on his lips as he hugs him.

Shouto will never vocalize how much he enjoys these hugs from Iida. He hasn’t gotten hugs ever since he was a small child and his mother was in the house. Receiving a small token of affection like feels nice, though he won’t voice out loud.

“I will. Goodnight, Iida.”


He heads back to his room, feeling confident in what he is going to do tomorrow at their lessons.

Shouto actually isn’t nervous at all to confront Inasa and ask him about whether or not he has a crush on him. Shouto doesn’t get why people online get nervous around their crushes or confronting people with this. In a situation like his, even if Inasa doesn’t like him, they can always be just friends and it will all be written off as a misunderstanding. (If Shouto has to play dumb in order to maintain the current status of their friendship, he will. Inasa is the only one—aside from Iida—who took the time to get to know him more as an actual person as opposed to someone who is a good ally on the battlefield against a villain.)

Their lessons are winding down and soon enough, they will have their licenses. He enjoys the time he spends with Inasa and not being able to see or speak to him again every single day has him feeling all sorts of upset though he hides it behind a neutral mask.

He approaches the giant of a teen and asks him upfront, “Yoarashi, do you have a crush on me?”

A blush creeps up on Inasa’s cheeks, and he clears his throat when addressing it, “I was…too strong, wasn’t I? I’m sorry, Todoroki! If you don’t like me back, that’s fine, we can still be best buds!”

“No, Yoarashi…I want to give you a chance and go on a date with you.”

Inasa’s eyes widen, his blush now replaced with stars in his eyes, “Really! You want to date me?”

“Yes, I do. I am gay and I do like you… If you don’t want to date me, that’s fine—”

“No, I definitely want to date you! You don’t know how long I’ve dreamt of this over the months of remedial lessons. I promise, I’ll give you the best date ever, Todoroki!”

He smiles to Inasa’s bold declaration, but like with much good things in Shouto’s life, it doesn’t last forever.

Bakugou had overheard this and was pissed right off the bat, “You can’t date him.”

He was eerily calm as he said this. His demeanor alone almost induced a shiver from Shouto because it was pretty similar to his father’s when he’s in a foul mood.

Inasa glares him down, a resilient reply coming from him, “I don’t need to appease a homophobe and neither does Todoroki! We’re going to date whether you like it or not, bigot!”

“You dumbass… I am gay and this has nothing to do with homophobia but everything to do with you.”

“With me? How!”

“You think you can come into his life and take him just like that from me? Fuck you! I won’t you allow two to date because if this is dense bastard is dating anyone, it will be me.”