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The Sex God: Harry Potter The Baby Maker

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Disclaimer: I own nothing of JK Rowling, her associates, anyone who paid for use of the Harry Potter Universe. etc. etc. et al. No money made; this was for fun.

I am doing this as a story, instead of a one shot; as I did in Fanfiction.

I need to fill it in, a lot more. Have a few twists, but nothing worth the time right now.

Lily had spent three months going over the spell, runes, and ritual. If Severus had not told her of the prophecy, he overheard. The time wasted. Alice, Andy, Selene, and her; together with all four family tomes & Family Magic; came up with an idea.

The Summer Solstice was in two days. Tomorrow the Runic circle; During the Solstice doing the enchantment, Runes, and Family Magics. Then as the evening sun sets the ritual. Then the sacrifices, whenever the attack happens. James or Frank will die to ensure Harry and Neville live. Unborn Luna and Nymphadora will be the linchpins between the two.

Harry would live, even if it cost her and James's life, and maybe the other three. Selene did say that in all likelihood all four of us might die, but does not seem a major line. The betrothal contracts for in case it happens are at Gringotts. Whichever one of the boys, the girls want, they will get; even if the same boy.

Killing Voldy Shorts and letting the four have a great life, would be worth their lives. Harry sits like the good boy he is. I had just fed him. My nipples felt abused, used, and great. No one noticed the two flies procreating, during the ritual; on Harry, in the circle.

The ritual went almost perfect. Harry did not cry, when I made a small cut on his penis. I made myself cum, beyond belief. Added Alice, Andys, and Selene's blood. That stupid Mosquito was the only thing, making it not perfect. I did not realise till later, that it had sucked my blood, then Harry's; when I killed it.

The enchantment was carved with the required runes into the seven spots on his body. Again, he did not cry out. He is such a good boy. I just love him to death. When Alice's, Andy's, Selene's, and my fluids were used to wash him, of the blood.

He laughed and giggled. Then we used Dora's blood to seal the seven runes; everything seemed to go off perfectly.
We repeated both in between Harrys for Neville. It was a good thing there is over an hour between our places.

Months pass, Lily still looks for other ways. Selene has Luna OK. She says that something was added to the Ritual. It took us looking thru the Pensive, to see me killing the Mosquito. Then the two flys leaping off Harry. Harry killing them by clapping.

So a little predone death. That eliminates the line were we die.