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“Only two rooms left?” was the question on everyone’s mind but only Sugimoto seemed brave enough to express his annoyance. All of them had been travelling for days, feeding off the land with the help of Asirpa’s knowledge but with the weather conditions getting harsh it was a mutual agreement that they search for shelter, and thanks to Rui they had found a lodge just twenty minutes into their search, the only problem was, there were limited rooms.

“C’mon grandpa, you must have something for us, right?” We have money!”
Asirpa opened her mouth to correct Sugimoto’s statement when a scarred hand slapped over it.

“We have money okay! So let us in… please? It’s getting real cold out here.”

The lodger frowned and scratched his head. He eyed each and every one of them intensely before sighing and rubbing a hand through his greying beard.

“I wish I could, but the problem isn’t you guys, there isn’t enough beds. Both rooms only have three beds and there’s eight of you… unless you’re sharing them-“

“We’ll share!” Sugimoto screamed, causing everyone to flinch a little.
“We’ll share, it’s fine! Asirpa and I will share a bed so it’s no problem!”

By the look of determination on Sugimoto’s face the keeper soon realised that he wasn’t about to give up, and after a couple of seconds moved from in front of the door way to let the group in.

“We’ll discuss payment tomorrow morning, your rooms are the fifth and sixth doors down the hall”

Sugimoto, Shiraishi, Asirpa and Cikapasi all sprinter to the rooms after the old man had finished talking; leaving Tanigaki, Ogata, Kiroanke and Inkarmat trailing behind them.

The lodge wasn’t anything special, wooden flooring to match the wooden walls with the occasional portrait hanging from it, it wasn’t particularly warm either but it was better than being outside.

By the time the others had reached room one Sugimoto and Shiraishi has already made themselves comfortable.

“There’s one more bed in here and the rest are next door, as long as it’s not Ogata I don’t mind who takes it” Sugimoto says and glances at the sniper.

Ogata scoffs and runs a pale hand through his jet black hair. “I must say i’m flattered but I already got off when we stopped in the last town, I won’t climb into bed with you that easily”
Ogata didn’t wait around to see Sugimoto exaggerate fake vomiting over the side of the bed.

“Well if it’s okay with you guys i’m going to take this bed” Kiroranke gently settled down on to the bed and it groans under his weight. “You guys like to stay together right?”

Tanigaki nodded because secretly he was glad he wasn’t sharing a room with Shiraishi because he couldn’t stand his snoring.

“Then the rest of us will take room number six” he announced and looked at Inkarmat to confirm she was fine with that idea too.

“We’ll see you all in the morning” was Tanigaki’s final words as he made his way out and closed the door behind him.

“Make sure you don’t get shot by Ogata in the night! We need yo-“ Shiraishi called out but Tanigaki didn’t get to hear the end of his sentence as the door clicked shut.

“They certainly are a loud bunch, aren’t they?” a loud thump followed by “you’re useless Shiraishi” came from behind the door and Inkarmat giggled into her sleeve.

“Yeah, they are. Thank god i’m not sleeping in their room tonight, poor Kiroranke”

Both adults laughed at the thought of Kiroranke getting increasingly annoyed at his temporary roommates.

“I’ll ask the spirits to protect Kiroranke tonight, he’s going to need it”

As they entered their own assigned room Tanigaki saw Ogata sound asleep with his rifle nested in his arms and Cikapasi with his finger way too close to the snipers nose.


The young Ainu jumped back and scrambled under his sheets.

“What were you trying to do?” Tanigaki patter the bed until he felt a small human sized bump underneath the soft cotton. “Are you trying to wake him him up?”

“I can assure you I wasn’t sleeping to begin with Private Genjitou” Ogata mumbled and cracked an eye to look at him. “A true solider never sleeps deep enough to give the enemy a chance to attack, you of all people should know that”

Ogata’s gaze moved to the young boy who had his head poking out from under his sheets and shot him a smirk. And much to Tanigaki’s surprise the young Ainu hid again.

“I do know that, and i’ll make sure Cikapasi doesn’t bother you anymore Ogata”

The sniper chuckled before rolling onto his side; facing away from the trio.

“It’s no issue for me private, that boy couldn’t hurt me if he tried”

Tanigaki decided not to answer and patted Cikapasi’s back and whispered “go to sleep”.

He and Inkarmat’s bed faced a wall near the only window in the room, it should have been big enough for the both of them but Tanigaki was a large man and worried that he would suffocate the women in her sleep, but it didn’t seem like they had a choice anymore.

The fortune teller had already made herself comfortable by the time Tanigaki had removed his outside clothing and weapons and looked up at him with a smirk on her face.

“I’m glad this bed is big enough for the both of us-“ she started as she began to stroke the material underneath her. –“We don’t have to be squished together”

It might have been Tanigaki’s imagination but he didn’t trust the smile that danced upon Inkarmat’s lips, it made him suspicious, almost like she knew something he didn’t.

Tanigaki laid his satchel and knife down on a nearby chair and sat on the edge of the bed, a little sigh escaped when his rear connected to the soft padding of the mattress and Tanigaki felt the stress and exhaustion of the day disappear, their journey was far from over and although they were a group they all had their own individual goals and dreams, dreams that put them all in danger.

Smooth hands found their way under his shirt and begin to massage the tense muscle beneath skin and Tanigaki signed again and leaned into the touch.

“You seem annoyed” Inkarmat whispered and Tanigaki was suddenly aware of how close her lips were to his ear. “is something bothering you?”

Tanigaki shook his head and turned so he could see the women properly.

“I was just thinking about us and how far we’ve travelled, we’re miles away from Huci and the village”

Inkarmat didn’t response so Tanigaki continued to talk.

“I wouldn’t say i’m homesick or feel the urge to run back but I do miss everyone, but the goal is ultimate. Plus, this is Cikapasi’s first time leaving the village, I wouldn’t want to ruin his adventure.

He let out a soft chuckle as his eyes looked over the small boy, who was still being swallowed whole by the sheets around him.

“I just hope everyone back at home is okay”

Tanigaki felt Inkarmat’s hands move from his shoulders to reach for his face, and he let her guide him until they were facing each other.

The look she gave him was one he’d seen before, on the beach when they shared a passionate kiss and in a previous lodge when they all accidentally digested sea otter meat. It was a look Tanigaki knew all too well and wasn’t planning to taking the risk.

“We cant-“ a slender finger placed over his lips, cutting him off.

“Let me help you relax, Tanigaki Nispa”

Tanigaki would be lying if he wasn’t tempted by the offer, but with the others so close to them and Ogata and Cikapasi literally inches away from them someone had to be the responsible one.

“It’s a bad idea” he states.

Inkarmat shows off her trademark smile and before Tanigaki can say anything else his back is against the mattress and Inkarmat is straddling his thighs.

“You can always stop me”

The space between slowly closed and Tanigaki can feel his heart racing against his chest and with the first press of soft lips against his Tanigaki’s brain goes into overload.

His hands travel to Inkarmat’s hips instinctively and deepens the kiss to feel more of what he longed for.
“We shouldn’t be doing this, we shouldn’t be doing this, we shouldn’t bd doing this” ran through his mind but his traitorous body acted differently.. He pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her waist as Inkarmat’s hands smoothed over Tanigaki’s shaven head; emitting a small groan from the private.

And when they finally parted their lips they remained connected by a single string of saliva.

“This is so dangerous” he voiced and looked over Inkarmat’s shoulder to see Ogata in the same position he was before.

“Ogata could wake up at any minute”

Inkarmat chuckled and leaned down to give Tanigaki’s full lips a quick kiss.

“Isn’t that part of the fun, private?”

Although the woman was mocking Ogata’s nickname for him there was something strangely attractive about the way she whispered it. And Tanigaki could feel his body heating up a dangerous degree.

His hands pressed against her kimono and Inkarmat saw that as a sign to continue her wicked plan. She let her mouth travel south, placing kisses on uncovered flesh slow and torturous, her hands roamed under his shirt and fingers began to comb through the matted chest hair until they stopped at a perk nipple, and Inkarmat lifted her head to watch Tanigaki’s change in emotion as she gave an experimental flick to the bud.

The groan Tanigaki released was guttural and raw, his eyes drifted shut when he felt a spark of electricity through his body. They shouldn’t be doing this and yet the danger of getting caught made everything so much more exciting.

Inkarmat stared at her lover as her fingers continued their work, swirling and flicking his nipple to hardness, and in no time Tanigaki was lightly panting under her, his chest heaving from the little actions.

“Are you alright?” she asked and received a nod in return.

Tanigaki couldn’t stop himself from looking over at the sleeping solider every few minutes just to make sure he was still sleeping, he couldn’t deal with Ogata seeing him like this, all hot and bothered from having his nipples played with, the embarrassment would kill him before Lieutenant Tsurumi could.

And it was just when he looked over for the fifth time that Tanigaki’s eyes widened and he was forced to bite his fist because something moist had found its way to his already sensitive chest, and when he looked down Inkarmat’s tongue had begun to draw circles around the perk bud.

“Inkarmat…” he whispered. He needed to stop her while there was still time, he could deal with blue balls for one night, it would hurt less than Ogata or, god forbid, Cikapasi catching them in the act.
“Inkarmat, I cant-“ another moan stifled by his fist when the tongue moved to the second nipple.

Tanigaki was losing his mind, he knew he was blushing and his awakened lower half was pushing against his trousers, he knew Inkarmat could feel it against her stomach and yet she didn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Tanigaki decided it was time to take control of the situation because if he didn’t he was going to come in his underwear.

Trying to be as quiet as he could he flip them over and. Tanigaki panted quietly and looked back to see if his actions had woken Ogata up but the soldier hadn’t so much flinched since he’d laid his head to rest. With the help of the moon Tanigaki could see his lover more clearly, her eyes had darkened into a almost feral state and her usually well kept hairstyle had been reduced to a nest of loose strands and a misplaced headband. He was losing his cool and all they had done was kiss.

Since the last time they had slept together it was all Tanigaki could think about, the way Inkarmat gasped and begged him to move faster, the way her pointed fingernail dug into the skin of his back, the way she would look directly into his soul as her mouth hung in awe, he wanted nothing more than to make her feel that good again, and Tanigaki wasn’t sure he could keep his composure with the way his lover was currently looking at him and licking her already damp lips.

And although every fibre in his being screamed for him to roll over and join Cikapasi in his bed he wasn’t sure when they’ll be able to do something like this again.

Tanigaki placed a finger against Inkarmat’s lips and bend down until his mouth brushed against his earlobe.

“Be quiet” he whispered.

He could feel Inkarmat’s heart beating under her Kimono, beating only for him and slight anticipation, it made Tanigaki’s heart race too because he’d never wanted a woman so badly in his life, all the whores on the whore houses didn’t match the woman Inkarmat was and he drove him crazy.

“You can’t make a sound” he continued and felt Inkarmat’s hands slide down his clothed back .

“You can trust me… Private.”

Tanigaki took a deep inhale and basked in the feeling of his dick getting harder at the pet name, he was in trouble and he couldn’t care less right now.

He didn’t take his eyes off Inkarmat as he travelled south toward the edge of her Kimono, or when he undid her obi and separated the item of clothing but his breath hitched when he saw the damp spot on the front of her underwear, it made his mouth water, he wanted this.

They didn’t have much time but they had enough to tease a little, Tanigaki planted kisses a long Inkarmat’s naval, leaving wet marks as he moved toward the place she craved to be touched. He could see the rise and fall of Inkarmat’s chest as the palm of his hands caressed her thighs.

Looking back once again to see if everyone was still asleep Tanigaki pushed the last of the material to the side and hooked his thumbs under the waistband of the underwear and slid them down, and the sight that waited before him caused his mouth to go dry.

Tanigaki took his time mapping out every bump and scar that his tongue came across on Inkarmat’s thighs, listening to the deep sighs that his lover exhaled every time the wet muscle inched closer to the centre.

His own dick was crying out for release against the mattress, every time Inkarmat squirmed on the sheets or lightly groaned the inside of his pants got a little tighter.

Placing his hands on either side of Inkarmat’s hips Tanigaki kissed his way to her core before allowing his tongue to take over. He felt Inkarmat’s stomach muscles tense as he licked around her labia; gathering her juices on his tongue and groaning deep against her.

Inkarmat’s fingers curled against his buzz cut; sliding her hands down to his neck and digging her pointed nails into his flesh.

Inkarmat’s scent was intoxicating but her taste was enough to make Tanigaki nearly come in his underwear.

His tongue lapped up her flowing liquid, eager to find the spot he’d been searching for, and when his tongue flicked against Inkarmat’s clitoris her back arched off the bed with a high pitched gasp.

“Inkarmat!” Tanigaki whispered and strained his neck looking behind him; all was still quiet in the room.

The fortune teller smiled and pressed a finger against her lips but her eyes were glassy and wild, like Tanigaki was her prey and he felt his member twitch violently.

Inkarmat’s nails continued to dig into the skin of Tanigaki’s neck as his tongue dragged over her clit in wet circles. He could feel Inkarmat’s shaking under his palms and saw she’d brought one hand to her lips to bite. The faster he moved the more tiny noises escaped from behind her hand.

He could tell Inkarmat was nearing her peak from the way she looked down at him with furrowed brows that ached for release, from the way her hands clutched at the wafer-thin sheets in desperation, from the way her head sunk into the pillows as Tanigaki’s name fell from her lips like a mantra in hush tones and it was killing Tanigaki and his dick.

He decided to change his rhythm and allow his tongue to slip inside her as his thumb rubbed against her clitoris once more. Inkarmat’s breathing staggered, tapping Tanigaki on the head and whispering “i’m gonna come”

Just hearing those words leave his lovers mouth so sensually was like a punch to Tanigaki’s gut and soon he couldn’t take it anymore.

One of his hands left Inkarmat’s thigh and slipped into his pants to work over himself, he was so close he didn’t need to tease himself.

His hand worked fast over his cock as he fucked his fist at a record speed, his tongue didn’t slow down inside Inkarmat, curling inside her and licking her walls to be rewarded with more juices flowing freely onto his tastebud.

This whole event so turning him on so much he felt lightheaded, he moaned against Inkarmat’s core and felt the tell-tell signs of a pending orgasm arriving in his gut.

“Tanigaki-Nispa i’m-“ Inkarmat panted and choked out a gasp; stilling on the sheets for a brief second before relaxing again.

Tanigaki was too close to distract himself now so his tongue continued to lick inside and around Inkarmat opening, his fist stroking his cock at a brutal pace and five pumps later he was painting in inside of his underwear with his hot seed.

Both of them breathed heavily in the quiet room, only the sound of Cikapasi’s snoring louder than them and when the room had stopped spinning Tanigaki removed his hand from inside his pants and grimaced the mess covering his fingers.

Inkarmat giggled and patted the bed. “come here” she said gently and like the obedient puppy he was Tanigaki did what he was told, and much to his surprise the second he was next to Inkarmat he found his soiled hand next to Inkarmat’s lips and her tongue licking at the mess.

Tanigaki did nothing but watch his lover suck on his finger tips and twirl her tongue over white liquid and if he hadn’t just come this definitely would of gotten him hard again.

“all clean” she announced and looked up at Tanigaki with her trademark smile. “now you don’t have to wake everyone up by opening that creaky door to go to the bathroom”

It took Tanigaki a minute to come to his senses but when he did he leaned forward to give Inkarmat a tender kiss.

“I love you” he muttered against her lips. “so much”

Inkarmat smiled and gave Tanigaki one more kiss. “let’s get some sleep, we need to be up and out of here in four hours”




The weather hasn’t gotten any better by the time the group had woken up and left the lodge, it had taken them longer than should have to pack up and leave because Sugimoto lacked the funds to pay the owner, which resulted in Asirpa having to trick the owner with cuteness and some of their food.

“Stupid owner… couldn’t he see we would of died if we stayed out here” Sugimoto grumbled to himself as he kicked the snow.

“The bed wasn’t even comfortable AND I had to put up with Shiraishi’s snoring all night, how can you charge us for that?!”

“At the end of the day you still used his services, don’t tell me you’re a thief as well as an embarrassment of a solider?” Ogata chuckled

Tanigaki couldn’t help but huff out a laugh as well, he was in a good mood considering how terrible the weather was; and that good mood didn’t pass Ogata’s sniper eye.

“Care to share why you’re so jolly this morning, private?” Tanigaki’s smile disappeared as quickly as it arrived and he cleared his throat before answering.

“Just glad we didn’t have to sleep out here”

He watched Ogata cock an eyebrow and grin and if Tanigaki knew anything about Ogata is that he didn’t trust him or that smile at all.

“That’s all? Because I recall hearing a lot of noises from your side of the room last night, almost too sexual to just sleep groaning”

Tanigaki’s eyes widened as Ogata’s smile became almost sinister.

“Didn’t I tell you a true soldier never sleeps deep enough to be attacked by the enemy?”

Ogata placed his hand on Tanigaki’s shoulder and leaned in close to his ear “if you’re going to do that kind of thing in front of me at least have the decency to invite me too”

And with that Ogata continued his journey behind the others, leaving Tanigaki with his boots sinking into the snow and an expression of horror on his face.