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Bound By A Bond

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single, strong and instinctual alpha in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a pretty, quiet omega to sit by their feet and entertain their every fancy.

It was preferred if such an omega was obedient beyond compare with enough beauty to be considered desirable and a nice set of wide hips that made pups far easier to bear. A good family name was also a large benefit. A common bitch just simply wouldn’t do, not for someone with a reputation to uphold.

Whether said alpha was kind or good looking wasn’t weighed nearly as heavily. After all, anything after a shred of human decency was considered more of an immense luxury for the poor omega than something naturally expected. As long as money, names and power were involved, a dainty, well-behaved omega was supposed to merely be seen and not heard.

It didn’t matter how far omegan rights had advanced, for those of the higher class, it was like a life sentence of homemaking and high expectations without bail.

A simple life of pup-bearing, pup-rearing, people-pleasing and entrapment was all that was demandingly expected. No job, no dreams, no extensive hobbies and a heavily restricted social life.

It was true that omegas of lower classes and little money had more freedom, but their lack of hinderance and excessive independence was extremely off-putting for an alpha who valued what others thought. Freedom is no more than a voided cheque of limited comfortability and few chances of financial sustainability for a future family.

It was a difficult trade-off for some.

While caste systems had long since been eliminated in Japanese society, yet remnants still clung heavily in every social crevice available - like a lingering scent tinging everything it touched.

Elopement was an escape from one predetermined hell into another burning chasm of Satan’s lair, so it was essentially just easier to accept the cards that had unfairly been dealt out in the rigged game of life. Love was displayed as a measly whimsy, a game the poor played to distract their hearts and heads from the gravity of poverty and to occupy their disadvantaged minds.

It was pliancy of temper, docility and steadiness of character that seemed to define a prospective omega, not their kindness nor their supposed feelings. Good breeding was the goal and families refused to allow that to be sullied – territorial of their name and coinciding status.

It was a way of life that Todoroki Shouto had long since become accustomed too.

At one point in time, Shouto had even been his abusive, upper-class father’s favourite. Yet the fall from grace had been harsher than anyone could have predicted, the burn encapsulating his left eye and the surrounding skin being evidence enough. His presentation as the thing his father despised the most, a lowly breeding tool of an omega, triggering every angry muscle to exert itself in domineering shame for his son.

Nothing about the tall teen with Heterochromia had ever hinted towards the surprise that was Shouto’s secondary gender. He had seemed to lean more towards the stigma of a silent alpha with abrasive tendencies, never overly soft or aggressive but strong enough to defend himself mentally and physically if the opportunity arose.

He hadn’t shied away from a fight and his handsomeness only seemed to develop as years passed by – caught between the prettiness that his snowflake of a mother provided and the rugged, perfectly dishevelled look of his offensive sire. He even started to sprout the beginnings of a well-kept beard in the freezing winters before his presentation. Before his father harshly shaved it off in an attempt to make his omega son more wanted.

Shouto was the youngest of four to Enji Todoroki and his quiet wife Rei Todoroki, his birth was nothing more than a desperate and final attempt at producing another alpha child. Enji’s only other successful child being his oldest Dabi, who had presented as the only other alpha amongst the pack of beta’s that was their brothers and sisters. Shouto was his father’s last chance at the dream of having two successful heirs to ascend his legacy and business – to help cover the supposed mistakes of his ‘useless’ omega birthing three beta children in between.

Yet in his despairing effort at fulfilling his pipe dream, the alpha businessman had easily made the biggest ‘failure’ of his loins.

Shouto Todoroki hadn’t Presented as the angry, commanding Alpha that his father wanted, and his damn prayed for (She could only take so much abuse for producing ‘undesirable’ Offspring after all). He hadn't even presented as the impartial and unbiased beta that is independent siblings were.

No. His presentation had arrived under the shroud of fire enveloping the teen in the darkness of his Gran bedroom at the far too young age of fourteen. Everything hurt and each bone ached for something that the young pup with too naive to know or understand. To be filled and bred with a child, when he was nothing more than a pup himself.

The freshly presented teen had only ever been raised with his father's goals in mind, taught that omegas were secondary class who deserved the mass amount of abuse that society sent them. So, as the first whiff of his sickly scent caught on his flared nostrils, Shouto cringed a shame bubbled instinctively in his overheating gut. None of this was as it was supposed to be. It meant everything in his life is going to change.

No longer with the determined and hardworking boy allowed to fleetingly fantasise on anything other than being swept off his feet by alpha, who almost certainly did not have his best interest at heart. His father expressing from the moment that Shouto presented, that he would make the Omega useful to the family in one way or another.

Ultimately indicating that his father, his flesh and blood, had very little time or interest in his youngest child in lesson involved marry him off to the highest bidder with the best name. Todoroki Shouto compiled into just be glad that despite being unable to pick his future, let alone a husband, his father was excessively picky over who would sire his grandchildren.

It wasn't the life Shouto had ever wanted, yet it loomed over him daily. Reminding him of its presence with every gentle scent of sweetness from his maturing body that was not bitterness or burning. It was his own historical story written by his hand, with his destiny seemingly set in stone when fate freely allowed auto correct to meddle with the word ‘Alpha’. Life still biting at his heels as its pre-contract plans to be hard left turn down the road he hadn't even seen when he predicted his own life.

“Are you even listening to me, Shouto? Shouto! I’m talking to you!” the devil’s voice, firm and unreasonable, managed to penetrate the boy’s desperate thoughts. Jolting himself awake and out of his daze to travel pass the static of ‘what could be’’ and ‘what ifs’ of his mental radio and turning into the commanding baritone voice of his father scolding him for yet another supposed blunder he had succumbed to making.

“Not in the damn slightest.” He drawled aimlessly in reply, forcing himself to return his gaze to the hulking form of a man that was his sire droning on about Shouto’s future or something equally unchangeable – that was probably the only time he ever acknowledged his youngest son’s presence. Plus, when he needed a personal punching bag to abuse.

Enji Todoroki, dressed in his typical uniform of expensive business suit that was somehow stiffer than himself, growling through a half-parted scowl. “Drop the fucking attitude brat. This whole fucking thing is for you, so start showing some damn appreciation.”

“Oh yes. This is entirely for me.” Scoffed Shouto sarcastically. “It isn’t like your benefitting from this in the slightest.”

“Benefitting? You have been nothing but a hindrance and a disappointment since your presentation!” screamed the alpha, banging his fist on his large oak desk as he sat across from his only omega son. The walls of Enji’s home office bare except for his own hung diploma’s and a single, lone, framed photo of his pride and joy, Dabi with his lanky arm slung across his father’s broad, tree-trunk shoulders. The only child that the harsh man held any pride. “You’ve been nothing but a damn thorn in my side who chose to challenge me on every occasion you can. The most that I will ever physically get out of your betrothal is some peace Shouto and if you behave as you should, then potentially some grandchildren.”

Shouto had learnt years ago that continuing an argument further would only result in unnecessary pain that was just a hindrance for everybody involved. He only has so many opportunities to exercise his sarcasm. It was just better to allow his sire to run his mouth and swing his fists until he hit something, or his words stuck until eventually, the Todoroki son could escape for his room.

“Whatever. I’m just assuming that you’ve found another alpha whose father owns some company, probably somewhere foreign where you want to expand, which you undoubtedly want to acquire through less than sanitary means. You just want to use me as some random pawn piece in a game you don’t know how to play. So, I am simply thrilled to meet the next poor unfortunate soul and attend the boring date you’ve undoubtedly set up.”

He heard the bang of his father’s fists hitting the thick, oaky wood of his desk again before his body connected with his brain and recognised what was going on. His physique already betraying him and releasing copious amounts of fear pheromones into the air -shutting himself up instantly. “ENOUGH! You’re an omega – a soon to be married one at that. Behave and shut up.”

Only one phrase piqued Shouto’s interest as Enji continued to raise his voice. Soon to be married? That was a new addition to the long list of colourful adjectives and descriptive terms his father used to describe him. The line made every inch of his skin crawl – caught somewhere between unpleasantly intrigued and downright terrified of what said advancement entailed. Up until now, his father had only been making meetings where he was expected to act perfectly as his father surveyed whether a potential suitor and their extended family would be beneficial.

When did his father make the jump for him from available and actively searching to a promised engagement for the moment his 18th birthday finally rolled around? It had all seemed so far away just a month prior. Talk that no-one seemed to be able to match so the teen had just assumed was nothing, but tall tales spun out of his father’s desires.

Shouto could attest that he had been revelling in his family’s clear pickiness and inability to decide. Not having to fulfil an outdated role of a house omega who was only useful to warm a strangers bed, produce their disgusting pups and stand aside and happily allow themselves to be abused. Despite his singledom being highly monitored and restricted, it was the absence of a wedding band around his finger that give him the taste of preciousness freedom. He didn’t want the jig to end just yet, being single was perhaps the only thing from forcing himself to rip every strand of his dual-coloured hair from his scalp.

“Soon to be married?” His voice becoming course as it caught in the rings of his throat, trying to choke to the sentiment before it could breach into the air. Mentally, he loitered over the idea of potentially throwing out another sarcastic retort in the form of a ‘Not the last time I checked’ or the classic ‘I think you have that wrong’. Only his voice box couldn’t even fathom to form those words, his father never threw out pieces of information in jest and the rug that was snugly sturdy underneath him had just been harshly tugged away. The safety breaks of his defector liberty quickly retracted in for little words.

“Y-you found s-someone?”

“Yes.” Crisp, clear and damming in its preciseness.

“An Alpha. Obviously.” Enji ran his gaze over his son, internally monitoring and evaluating Shouto’s newly obtained stutter. “He is the stepson of my biggest competitor. The idiot had no pups himself, so this boy is the only successor to his unmanaged mess of a company that he parades around. He doesn’t come without risk though.”

The red- and white-haired teen could feel the stomach acid start to slowly rise like bile in his already clogged throat. His own body starting to violently react to even the potential prospect of a permanent proposal.

“He isn't technically the idiot pup and his Dam is barely worth a dime. She's fat and old with a barren womb. But at least she can produce a fucking alpha,” His father did not attempt to hide his disdain for his wives inability to birth another appropriate child. Perhaps he would have preferred Rei to be as childless as Shouto’s future mother-in-law, but he wasn’t fortunate enough regardless. “He is undoubtedly a risk. Yagi’s company is worth well within the billions and he plans to allow this uncultured woman’s son to inherit it all. Managed to raise a semi-decent child though, though they brag constantly. Some damn rags to riches, Cinderella-type story for Inko. You’ll be comfortable if all my plans go correctly, Toshinori has a ridiculously large soft spot for this child even though they don’t share a single drop of blood.”

Shouto so badly wanted to comment about how his father held no soft spot for him and they shared at least half of their DNA and the same blood type. Arguing with a person with no working logic was never a winning battle and he was far too preoccupied dealing with his alleged future Alpha and what that entailed.

“H-his name? W-what’s his name?” Shouto stuttered. Every ill-conceived plan his father had ever orchestrated concerning his youngest sons marriage, hadn’t ever quite reached the level of grandeur that was his child marrying into the family of the Todoroki’s business rival. It was as if Shouto’s blood could spare him no mercy, not even a choice in the matter. Choosing his mate with no restrictions would have been his fate if he simply followed his fathers designated planned had he just presented as an alpha; As if that was entirely his choice to make and not some freak accident of nature.

“He shares too much with his damn for Yagi to even pretend that he is his son, so he kept his father’s name when his dam married. Timider than a field mouse caught in the vice of a rattlesnake.

His Sire was absent too before he died in some freak mining accident overseas – probably the reason this kid has no backbone. He’s the perfect example of why pups need an alpha and an omega to raise them, provides stability and role models for how they should act after they present. It makes me question where you went so wrong Shouto, to be so disobedient when you should be grateful.”

His father had always spouted antihate towards same presented couples and the thousands of single dams forced to raise their pups on their own. So, it shouldn’t have surprised Shouto that his father had managed to worm the topic into the conversation.

“Has the looks of his father though. The dead one, not Yagi.” That was Enji’s dismissive way of saying the unimportant one. “Except for that unruly green mop of hair on his head – that is his caste hoping mother through and through.”

“I asked for his name. Not his family history,” A frustrated Shouto reiterated. “ You’re shipping me off to be married to a complete stranger. The least you could do is have the decency to answer my questions and tell me his name.”

Enji ran his sensitive tongue over the perfectly smooth surface of his overly veneered teeth in anger. He could only lecture his son so much with no results before the CEO of the Endeavour company allowed his resentment for Shouto to bubble expressively to the surface. “Omegas and their damn emotions. It would do you, good boy, to learn how to calm yourself – no one wants a high maintenance bitch.”

A hearty growl and the urge to bear his much smaller canines at his father rose through the younger man’s chest like a rapidly spreading wild-fire – heating every limb he had with anger as his anger rose for the occasion. It would be a fruitless fight if he was to initiate it, to raise his decibels from barely audible to a challenging tone. Instead, the omega let the prideful rumble die a slow painful death in his chest; taking painful stabs and jabs at Shouto’s self-esteem along the way.

His father just assumed his son’s silence as a submissive, unspoken apology that the omega couldn’t muster due to embarrassment from his alleged ‘outburst of emotion’. A potential plea for forgiveness because Shouto’s anxiousness had infiltrated and overridden his behavioural programming. It was just easier for Enji to blame everything on Shouto being an omega.

“You are forgiven Shouto,” The teen was in no way apologetic. It was natural to object to an arranged marriage. An outburst such as his was mild in comparison to how a person without his stature would have reacted to the news. Yet, he was of his social standing and he was expected to have a composure unachievable to those without training. So, Shouto forced himself to suppress the incessant urge to spit in his own sire’s face. “You’re nervous. I understand, your poor brain must be flitting around. Becoming a wife must be such a daunting endeavour for you.”

Shouto wished he could say that the alpha’s voice was dripping with sarcasm however he could instinctually tell that his father was just patronising his second gender and asserting his theoretical superiority. Enji genuinely believed that the only things occupying an omega’s brain that could be stressful was what dress they were going to wear, the flower arrangements and whether their husband had intentions to beat them.

“His name is Mirdoriya Izuku.” Enji had decided that the majority of the conversation was over – dropping his head to continue signing the copious and suspicious amounts of paperwork littering his desk. Not affording his child the courtesy of eye contact. But the patriarch of the Todoroki clan had never been renowned for his courteousness. “You’ve met him once or twice at a soiree here or there. He wasn’t anything exciting to stare at back then, but I dare say he has grown into his more ‘prominent’ features. You wouldn’t be producing any ugly pups with him by any means if that’s your worry.”

That was not his worry in the slightest. His worry was more pointed towards the fact that an obnoxiously large, diamond ring (worth something crazy ridiculous if his father had any say in the matter and he typically did) would soon rest upon one of his fingers. A life-size promise of marriage and tortured capture in a gilded cage for the rest of his foreseeable future.

It could be hard to decipher the monotonous notes of Shouto’s deep voice but as Enji allowed another ignorant, conceited and oblivious comment spew from his hateful lips, it was clear that Shotuo’s spitting of words was livid. “That wasn’t what I was worried about.”

“You are almost 18 Shouto. Two months away.” The idea of his father remembering his birthday was a foreign concept to the omega. Yet considering it was the date that Enji could potentially be rid of his youngest ‘mistake’, it didn’t strike as close to home for the dual coloured haired boy. “You are approaching your prime. No one wants an old spinster for an omega, you need to remember that. Just be grateful I have such qualified connections to make this process easier. Marriage is important – the most important day of your life. Young is better than never.”

Shouto Todoroki could and would continuously attest that he would have much preferred the option of never over young. It was just a shame that no one seemed to acknowledge his opinions or desires.

Alphas just always seemed to top Omegas. Sexually or otherwise.