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progressive development

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The steward opened their room with a flourish and showed them inside. “This will be your room for the night Mr. and Mr. Rogers. I hope you find everything satisfactory, and if you need anything just ring down to the lobby and we will do our best to accommodate all of your needs.”

Steve nodded politely and suppressed the urge to shut the door in the man’s face. He was only doing his job. Tony didn’t say anything behind him and Steve wondered if he just wasn’t the talkative type, considering he had said nothing but what the officiant told him to say, a quiet mewl when Steve had broken his bonding gland and quiet polite conversation with guests at the reception through the whole wedding. “Thank you,” the blonde said. His Ma didn’t raise with no manners.  “We’ll be sure to.”

The steward smiled tightly and left, and Steve shut the door, turning to where Tony was standing in the middle of the room with his arms turned around his waist and nibbling on his lower lip. “Hello,” Steve tried, sighing with disappointment when Tony just whispered a quiet ‘hi’ and looked at the ground. “Are you cold?” he asked, trying to build a conversation. Their marriage was going to be pretty miserable if they didn’t talk to each other at all. “I can turn up the thermostat.”

Tony flinched, looking at him through surprisingly thick lashes and shaking his head, before flinching and mumbling, “Whatever you would like, sir.”

Steve blinked and took a step back. Sir? That was deeply enrooted in Old Way protocol, and as far as he knew it was just Howard’s generation that followed that still. It didn’t make sense for Tony to be calling him that basically saying that he, as an omega, was somehow less than Steve. “You don’t need to call me sir,” he said definitively. “Just Steve is fine.”

“Sorry,” Tony muttered a flash of something going across his face before evening out into Tony’s placid if nervous look. “Sorry.”

Steve rolled his eyes and sat on an armchair to get his shoes off, wiggling his toes thankfully. 

“How do you want me?” Tony asked, interrupting his train of thought. “I am yours to use as pleased, but how do you want me?”

Steve frowned and got up, stepping closer to Tony when he was hugging himself. “How do I--what?”

Tony's shoulders were shaking and the omega wiped at his face--was he brushing away tears?. “I am yours, so you can use me how you’d like--”

Steve jolted and had swept Tony up in his arms, pressing a kiss to Tony’s cheek and giving him a firm hug before he realized it. “Oh my god, sweetheart no,” he gasped before realizing what he’d done and dropping away from Tony abruptly. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have touched you without asking, I--”

“No,” Tony moaned, a dam breaking, clutching onto Steve’s jacket with a desperate kind of urgency. “It’s been so long, it’s been so long since someone touched me like this, please.”

Steve leaned in and pressed their lips together again chastely, guiding Tony’s head to the hollow of his neck and rocked them slowly back and forth, his heart aching for how young Tony sounded and how stupidly happy he was that Steve was just hugging him. “So long since somebody touched you like what sweetheart?” he said softly rubbing Tony’s back through the thin fabric of his dress. God, his omega must be freezing and Steve wouldn't have even been able to tell. He felt another surge of anger go through him as he realized how used to suffering Tony must’ve been to be able to stand in thirty-degree weather in what was basically just lace and not have even a single tell. 

Even though Tony was crying and obviously upset, and Steve wasn’t exactly happy either, this was a nice change from ignoring each other.

“Without wanting to hurt me,” the quiet response came and Steve bit his lip. His omega pushed up against him to scent him, and Steve let him, walking them back to the bed and tugging Tony into his lap, a soft noise of pleasure coming out of him as he was warmed from head to toe. His omega was so pleased with such a simple act of being cuddled and held, something that all omegas should be accustomed to. The poor thing must’ve been so neglected to get so happy at such a basic touch from what was essentially a stranger to him. 

“C’mon, honey,” Steve murmured instead of the choice words he had for Tony’s family and reached for the zipper and clasp on the back of the dress. “Let’s get you into something comfortable.”

His omega froze, and a soft noise escaped Tony. Steve didn’t even think Tony recognized it and belatedly he realized that this was probably a little more intimate than either of them were ready to get to, but the omega looked halfway to down from a little and touch and some praise and Steve would be surprised if he could get his clothes off all the way without going into shock or having a panic attack. 

“Sweetheart?” he asked gently, nosing at Tony’s cheek. “Is something wrong babydoll?” 

“Nothing, Alpha,” he mumbled but the poor thing was as stiff as a board and his hands were curled into fists against his thighs. “I yours to use as wanted.” The thing was obviously rehearsed, and Steve just about fell off the bed when he realized what Tony was referring to. 

“Oh, no!” he exclaimed, something that gave Tony quite a jolt. “I’m not going to, I would never,” he babbled, setting Tony down and kneeling in front of him, off the bed. “I would never, ever have sex with you unless you wanted it.” 

Tony bit his lip and wrapped his arms around himself. “Howard said that--”

“Fuck Howard,” Steve said vehemently, causing Tony to jump. “I would never, and any decent alpha wouldn’t either. Just because we’re an alpha and are biologically equipped with a knot doesn’t mean we have the right to go sticking it anywhere we want.” By the end of the rant, Steve was flushed in the cheek and Tony looked dubious. “I promise you unless you explicitly tell me you want it, babylove, I would never.”

“Babylove?” Tony said his cheek flushing. 

Steve smiled and squeezed Tony’s knee, standing up and helping Tony up too to give him a hug again. “I’ve liked you since I heard that you got mad at your sexist physics professor at MIT and you put his car on top of the social studies department.”

Tony pulled away, mouth opening and closing comically. “You like me?” he squeaked. “Like, like like?”

Steve smiled fondly, if a bit nervous, and squeezed Tony’s arm. “I do. You don’t have to agree or say it back until you’re ready or anything. But I want to put that out there.”

Tony flushed and looked down. “I don’t--” 

“Take your time, Tony. That’s okay.”

Tony nodded. He didn’t look entirely convinced, but Steve would convince him. He had the rest of their lives to do so anyway.

“Do you want me to help you get undressed?” he asked, squeezing Tony’s hand gently and then dropping it. “I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable, but I figured you would need help getting all the pins out--”

“Okay,” Tony’s voice is still quiet and painfully shy, but he was responding, which Steve would take as an improvement. “You, you can help.”

Steve smiled, and went for the clasp on the back of the wedding dress, undoing the clasp with careful fingers. He hopes that the dress can eventually be something that they can, or at least Tony can look back on with fond thoughts, and not something that symbolized the end of his world. “Okay?” he asked, as his fingers brushed the porcelain skin of Tony’s back. 

Tony shivered. “Feels nice.”

Steve smiled. “Yeah? I’m glad I could make you feel that way.” he sees Tony melt and his shoulders lose their last remaining tension, and he kept one hand on his waist, as high up as he could without touching his chest or his ass. “Good boy,” he murmurs, quickly unpinning some safety pins from the bodice and skirt, before turning Tony around with gentle hands on his waist. “Tony?” Steve asks quietly when the omega just stared at Steve with big doe eyes, brimming with tears. “Hon?”

“I’m,” Tony’s voice cracked “I’m a good boy?”

How alone must Tony be if he was so overjoyed at simple praise?

Steve felt his heart break all over again as Tony shivered. “Yeah, Tony,” he whispers. “So good for your Captain.”

Tony whined, clutching Steve’s forearms. “Captain,” he breathes. “Captain.”

Steve smiles, helplessly fond, dragging his hands over Tony’s waist and helping him step out of the dress. “Captain is so proud of you,” he praises and he can feel Tony practically lighting up underneath him, looking up at him with so so grateful eyes, just happy to be touched without intent to harm and few words of praise. Christ, he can’t imagine what Tony’s life has been like if Tony was expecting him to hit him and hurt him and fucking rape him, good god, and Steve restrains himself from tensing up. He knows omegas like Tony would always expect to be the reason for the anger, or at the very least something to take his anger out upon, and this is probably a rash decision, but Steve promises that he won’t ever make Tony expect to be hit on purpose. He’ s not gonna continue the cycle of violence. “You’re so good,” Steve croons, guiding Tony onto the bed and very forcefully not looking below Tony’s neck where he’s sitting in nothing but a sheer bralette and panties. He knows what they dressed Tony up for, and Steve would rather die than make Tony…

Never mind. 

He goes to Tony’s tiny, tiny, suitcase -- for someone who is moving away from a home he is never to return to except for short visits deemed by Howard as appropriate , his suitcase is awful small -- and digs through the case for something for bed. Everything is something sheer and tiny, and probably not at all comfortable from the way it feels in his hands, and even in their fantastically rich hotel room, it’s still chilly. “Fuck,” he breathes, sitting back. His family, his mother and father, the people who are to care for and nurture the little omega haven’t even left him something comfortable to wear and the alpha swallows the anger in him, the instinct to hurt and protect whoever had harmed his omega . And that would be the effects of the still-healing mating bite on Tony’s neck. Steve sighs and rakes a hand through his hair. 

“Alpha?” Tony whispers behind him, and Steve turns to see the brunette looking at his lap. “Was--did I do something wrong?” He flushes and stares at the ground. “Am I allowed to ask?”

Steve shudders and hurries towards Tony, kneeling right in front and holding his ankles, smiling up at Tony’s uncertain face. “You didn’t do anything wrong, baby,” he murmurs, patting Tony’s knee. “And you can always ask, I’ll never be mad at you for asking a question.”

Tony flushes and Steve makes up his mind, grabbing one of his own comfortable t-shirts and pulling it over Tony’s head, grabbing his sweatpants and guiding Tony to his feet. “I’m going to dress you now,” he says firmly. “If you’re uncomfortable, or anything, anything at all, just say Manhatten, alright?” Steve says, picking something random for a safe phrase. “Say yes if you understand.”

“Yes, Captain,” Tony breathes, sinking lower. 

The alpha moves Tony’s little hand to his own shoulder and gives him simple commands, ‘leg up’, ‘put it in through the leg hole’, easy things that Tony can follow, and Steve awards Tony with praise everytime, a part of him warming up from the way Tony smiled a little bit more. 

He scooped the little brunette up and tucked him into the sheets, stipping out of his suit and getting a t-shirt and sweatpants on as well. Normally he slept with just boxers, or at least bare-chested, but he figured the skin-on-skin would just make Tony uncomfortable, judging by how awkward he was already with him. Lord knows they’ve broken more than enough boundaries for the day. “Okay, doll, let’s go ta bed.” he hurried across the room and slid under the sheets with Tony. He swallowed, suddenly nervous and reached a hand across the bed. “If you want to cuddle, you can just come here, but--” Ton moves so suddenly that Steve is taken aback when Tony burrows into his arms. 

“You’ll hold me?” Tony’s voice is devastatingly uncertain. “You won’t leave me?”

Steve bites back the curses and kisses the top of Tony’s head. “Yeah, baby. I got you.”