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love out loud

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“I can’t make it home in time for dinner tonight, Izuku.” A silence grips at the green-haired Omega’s throat as his heart plummets to the pit of his stomach. “I’m sorry, but the damn boss has me staying in late so I can review all the notes for tomorrow’s trial. I know I haven’t been home lately, and I miss you so much...Please don’t be mad, we really need the money. I’m off in the next three days for sure and I have a surprise you’re going to enjoy, okay?” 

The Omega looks down at where he’s mixing the spaghetti noodles. No, he wants to say. We’re well off enough as it is. What I need is you…I fucking miss you, damn it! But instead, a quiet and timid “Okay” falls through the phone. 

“I love you,” Todoroki hesitates before continuing on. “You know I don’t like this as much as you do, but maybe when you find a part-time job I can start taking on so many shifts.” 

“You won’t,” Izuku sighs. “You do this because you like helping people...You like to give them what they rightfully deserve - whether it be life in prison or a $50 ticket instead of $500. It’s your dream job, babe, and I understand but I miss you.” 

“I miss you too, baby,” the Alpha coos over the phone, causing his mate to gnaw at his bottom lip. “I’ll be home around one tonight, and I don’t have to go in till five in the afternoon tomorrow. We’ll go out for breakfast, okay?” 

The Omega gives a weak smile despite his mate being unable to see him - trying to push back tears that threaten to spill from his eyes. “Yes,” he agrees. “I love you.” 

“I love you more,” Todoroki pauses, and Izuku can hear someone walk into the room and then muffles as his mate covers the phone so clarity can’t seep through. “I have to go,” he lets Izuku know when he comes back. “I love you so much, baby. I’ll see you tonight.” 

“Love you too...bye,” 

When his mate hangs up, Izuku sighs and smacks it onto the countertop beside him, pouting down at his half-cooked spaghetti noodles. What do I do with you now? There’s enough in here for two people... Finishing up his dinner, he pours the entire pot of spaghetti into a container and closes it before placing it in the fridge for later - appetite gone as he stands over the sink and starts to scrub away at all the tools he used to cook. 

He can’t remember the last time he and Todoroki had sex. His mate still hugged and kissed him, gave him cuddles, but fuck - when was the last time they had sex? There were multiple occasions in the past two weeks or so where Izuku had tried, but it always ended in a speech about how Todoroki was so exhausted and sorry he couldn’t...perform. What else was Izuku supposed to think of that, other than something was wrong with him? Logically, it should be the Alpha’s fault, but…

Groaning, the Omega flings soap suds from his fingers and then takes a hand towel to dry his hands before turning the sink off. Looking around him, he can’t help but feel his heart sink even lower into the pit of his stomach. He had everything he could ever dream of - enough time to volunteer at the animal shelter, plenty of time to work on his comic books (which Todoroki helped publish), and a home he hoped to one day fill with his and Todoroki’s children…but what was all that if he didn’t have his mate by his side? 

Izuku’s Omega inside is trying to claw from the inside out, practically whining for his mate to come back home and show them the passion he once showed when they were younger. They were still young, only 27, but still…

Reaching into the liquor cabinet, Izuku’s hand reaches out to grab the wine bottle and freezes. He remembers a time where when he’d do this, Todoroki would be behind him holding two glasses - a soft smile on his face before he followed his Omega outside to the balcony, the two cuddling on one lounge chair and speaking about everything yet nothing at all. Eyes slightly watering, Izuku lets his hand drop to his side, using his fingernails to dig into his palm as he shuts his eyes, squeezing them harshly. 

I’m not that pathetic, Izuku thinks. I have friends...Yeah, I can always invite Uraraka and Iidya out for a drink. I think I’ll do that. 




Izuku: i’m heading to the bar right now, you guys wanna come? 

Uraraka: can’t, i’m caught up helping Asui with smthing rn :( sorry 

Iida: yea, i’m doing something with kaminari’s kid atm. Kid’s in an engineering class and needs help with his hw :/ 

Iida: wish i could tho, this kid makes me wanna turn my blood into vodka…

Placing his phone in his pocket, Izuku sighs as he sits in the driver’s seat of his car, unfocused green eyes zooming in on the front of the bar. He was sure they would come, but...whatever. He was mated, he smelt taken...He’s sure a couple drinks just to ease his mind would help. Iida would be mad knowing he drove with even one drink in him, but whatever. He hadn’t had any human interaction in quite some time now. It seems nowadays all he did was cook dinner for Todoroki and him, only to come up dry when his mate couldn’t find his way home. 

Izuku: it’s fine, i got one of todoroki’s friends to come, have fun!!

Lying might have been low, but if either of his Beta friends knew he was drinking alone...the mere thought made him want to sigh in frustration. Getting out of his car, Izuku double-checked twice to make sure it was locked and then tucked his keys in the front of his skinny jeans before walking in - enjoying how the slightly dimmed sky turned into a slightly above average bar stinking of Beta’s, Omega’s, and Alpha’s all searching for a quick fuck or quick fight; pool tables tucked in the higher corner of the bar while the walls near the lounge area had darts to play. Skipping both altogether, the Omega slides over to the bar and tucks himself in the corner - two seats away from where two Beta’s were flirting, both female. The taller one places her hand on the smaller one’s wrist, grinning seductively while the other blushed. Heart suddenly hurting, Izuku looks away and finds a bartender smiling at him - hair a wild, red mess on his head. Once more, his heart hurt. He had the same shade of red Todoroki’s left side claimed. 

“Got any mind on what you want?” The bartender asks, and Izuku’s sensitive nose could pick up on the cologne trying to beat down his pungent Alpha scent. “We’re a full bar so we pretty much have everything! Cocktails, specialty cocktails, dessert cocktails, beers served in bottles, drafts, pitchers and buckets, and red and white wines! Don’t forget out mojitos and bubbles...Those are good.” 

Izuku finds himself smiling at the bartender - enjoying the cheesy salesman sort of vibe he read off of him. “I’m driving myself home, so I just want a nice mojito to nurse on while I watch the game.” 

The bartender - Eijiro, his name tag read - gave the Omega a wink. “Good choice, my man, I’m fuckin’ killer when it comes to mojitos!” 

Izuku smiles, watching as the bartender pulls a tall glass out and sets it in front of his customer, placing two mint leaves in there and some other things before getting a small and smooth metal tool to smash the leaves and grind the others. “I haven’t had a mojito in quite a while,” he admits to the bartender - and maybe the guy doesn’t wanna hear it, but when you’ve lacked physical and verbal interaction for so long, Izuku can’t help himself. “I think the last time I had one was when I took a trip to Hawaii. 

Eijiro lets out a low whistle, grabbing a bottle and pouring an ounce of its liquid into the glass. “Damn, son! I wish I could go to Hawaii...but nah, I’m stuck here trying to scavenge enough tip to be able to pay rent.” 

“Is it hard?” Izuku asks, slightly pouting at the idea this Alpha wasn’t well off on his own. “You know, being a bartender?” 

Eijiro hesitates, and Izuku watches as he takes a metal mixer cup and pops it on top of the glass; before picking it up and starting to shake. As he shakes, he talks - “Not too bad,” he lets Izuku know. “I also have a job working part-time as an assistant to one of my friends’ dad... that’s bad.” 

Izuku raises an eyebrow. “Why?” 

“I like people and don’t like being told what to do,” Eijiro confides. “Bartending is pretty much independent unless I have to ask another bartender where they put everything when they closed. Being an assistant...especially for that guy, it’s practically hell! I’m not even allowed to check my phone to see if boo texted when there’s downtime because, in his words, there’s always something to do. Tch. Yeah, right!” 

The Omega watches as skilled hands turn the glasses so all the contents can pour into the glass he’ll be drinking from - tossing the metal mixer in the sink behind the bar and then grabbing a cherry to set on top of the ice on his drink. “Wow,” he says, sighing. “I just draw and write comic books...But my mate, I live with him, and he pretty much pays all my bills.” 

“Ah, a sugar daddy,” Eijiro tisks, sliding the drink to his quest. “I need to get me one of those.” 

“He’s not my sugar daddy,” Izuku blushes. “He can barely act as my mate.” 

He regrets the words as soon as they exit his mouth, but the bartender doesn’t seem to judge him - he just seems intrigued. The bar is slow due to it being a Monday night, and nobody’s sitting in his section, so Eijiro places his elbows on his side of the bar and then places his chin in the palm of his hands. “Trouble in paradise, huh?” 

Gripping his drink tightly, Izuku swallows before taking a small sip of the drink - enjoying its taste. He takes another sip, this one larger, enjoying the cold swimming in his veins as he speaks: “Yeah,” he mumbles. “Just the regular type of stuff, you know. Ignoring me, never being home...etc, etc…” 

Eijiro pouts and is about to respond when the door of the bar all but slams open - almost everyone near the pool tables and Izuku’s side of the bar startling and looking over. There’s an attractive Alpha in the doorway - dressed in a tank top that showed off his curves and muscles, loose jeans that pooled around the top of his boots, while his hair was styled in a spiky blond mess above his head. There was a sneer on his lips, teeth bared as he crossed his arms over his chest and tilted up his chin to sniff out the place. Izuku blushed when crimson eyes met his. This man was the type of Alpha both his mother and his mate would hate - letting his scent of smokey trees and rain roll off him in thick waves. Izuku looks away and turns to Eijiro, expecting their conversation to be fired up again, only for Eijiro to look over him with a scowl on his face. 

“In a bad mood as always,” Eijiro says - and the scent of the Alpha near the door comes closer until Izuku is practically drowning in it. “What happened this time?” 

Izuku’s blush runs over his nose and across his cheeks, and he turns to the side to see the explosive Alpha standing right behind him, to the side, with his hands on his hips and a scowl still etched into his face. 

“Stupid coworkers, as always.” The blond pulled out the stool beside the small Omega and sat in it - only he stayed close near Izuku, something Todoroki would have done if he were here. “Damn dipshit Tetsutetsu dropped an entire ass cinderblock twelve stories, and guess who had to fill out the report? I did.” 

“Sucks,” Eijiro responds, eyes flickering between Izuku and the Alpha with hesitant eyes before continuing. “I’m assuming you want something with vodka today?” 

Izuku wrinkles his nose. Gross. 

“No, I’ll take an IPA Goose Island draft today,” the blond says, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. 

Eijiro looks down the bar, where the beer is located - making a mental note on how far away it is from where the Alpha sits. He sighs. “Anything for my favorite customer,” he says - tone dripping with sarcasm before he pushes himself off the bar counter and walks away, leaving nerves to chew away at Izuku’s stomach. 

For a moment, it’s silent. Izuku is gripping his mojito with a vice grip; staring down into the glass with slightly wide and glazed over eyes, hyper-aware of how close the Alpha beside him is. He can’t help but slightly sniff the air around him, almost enjoying the stranger’s scent. 

“You have an Alpha,” 

Izuku startles slightly, eyes now fully wide as he looks to the man beside him. The blond is now leaning over, and up-close Izuku can spot the darkened stain from sweat around the front of his tank top. He blushes, leaning back slightly as a muscled arm lays down in front of them - a threat. 

“Y-yes,” the green-haired Omega stutters. “I do, I…” 

“Then why does he smell faint on you?” 

Izuku’s mouth snaps shut, his lower lip jutting out slightly into a cute pout. The Alpha beside him chuckles, leaning backward and crossing his arms over his wide chest while a cocky smirk takes over his scowl. “That’s...that’s none of your business,” he settles. 

“I think it is if I’m trying to see if you’re single or not.” 

The Omega huffs, crossing his own arms as he leers to the side of him. “I literally just said I had an Alpha, were you not listening?” 

“But you have no marks on your neck, his smell on you is faint - probably from you trying to scent yourself using articles of his clothing - and if you two were truly close, the scent of being turned on wouldn’t have came off you the minute I walked in,” Izuku can’t help but drop his arms, turning to look at the cocky Alpha who’s going on a rant, Eijiro walking over to place a large mug of beer in one hand. “Face it, baby, you don’t have an Alpha anymore.” 

Eyebrows narrowing, Izuku stands up and smacks one hand on the countertop in front of the blond, leaning downwards so their noses are almost touching. A smell of spice takes over his senses, but the Omega’s feelings are so out of control he ignores it. “I have an Alpha,” he spits, baring his small canines to the Alpha in fury. “He’s kind, smart, beautiful, and he takes care of me better than anybody else could. Better than you could.” 

The Alpha is still smirking, his tongue sticking out to swipe over his lips. “I know the tell-tale signs of a failed mating, darling. I know you’re still in the stages of denial, protecting your Alpha as a way to comfort yourself, but deep down you know the truth. You wouldn’t be this interested in me if he were around to please you, and boy oh boy...would I love to take his place.” 

Izuku’s face blows up in flames as he brings his fist up and down - but instead of hearing a satisfying fuck that hurt spill from the Alpha’s lips, he here’s the slap of his fist being caught by an overly large hand that curls around his. 

“Wanna try that again, sweetheart?” 

Growling, Izuku rips his fist from the Alpha’s grip. “Fuck off,…!” 

“The name is Bakugou,” the man says, his aura still drenched in spice. “First name’s Katsuki.” 

“I don’t give a fuck!” Izuku reached into his back pocket, took out a ten, hope it paid for his drink, and slammed it on the bar. “You’re a dick, that’s what you are!” 

As the Omega storms off, hips swaying side to side in anger, the Alpha - fucking Bakugo - staring after him, a look of pleasure on his face. “If you wanna meet a great dick, just come over at my house later, sweetie!” 

Yeah, yeah, Izuku thinks in fury, getting into his car and slamming it shut - tears welling in his eyes. I’m just glad I’ll never have to see that jerk again in my life.