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let me be your motivation (to stay and give it tonight)

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Jungkook never thought he’d be insecure about being a virgin at 19-years-old. 

Sure, there’s times when he takes his friends’ harmless teasing a little too much to heart and ends up wallowing in his room for an hour or two, but he’s never been actually self-conscious about being a virgin. 

The thing is, Jungkook isn’t a virgin because nobody wants to sleep with him - he’s had to gently let down a lot of girls at the parties Taehyung dragged him to when he was a teen. He was just never interested in all of that “teenage rebellion” bullshit, mainly focused on his grades and getting into his first choice college (which he did, thank you very much). 

But now, a freshman in college and living in his own apartment, Jungkook still hasn’t given up that big V in his pocket. He mostly blames it on his inexperience with boys. Jungkook’s had an idea he was gay since he was twelve but didn’t come out until two years ago and there weren’t any out gay guys in high school, so that hasn’t given him much time to explore. The farthest he’s gotten in that field is a couple blowjobs and handjobs from strangers at parties. 

Jungkook probably would’ve stayed a virgin forever (or well, at least until he found a boyfriend) but it wasn’t until the people pleaser in him just couldn’t take it anymore that he decided to change that. And it’s all Taehyung’s fault. 

His best friend had dragged him out of bed to go to this club that he swears is “sooo” great and that he always has “sooo” much fun at. Which Jungkook highly doubts since every club that he’s been to, there’s always at least ten girls on the verge of stuffing their hand down his pants. He much prefers bars - or staying home and watching Stranger Things while eating a whole pizza by himself. 

As soon as they arrived, Taehyung was already pushing shots his way because everyone knows Jungkook won’t be any fun without at least five vodka shots in his system. Jungkook wasn’t complaining, though, he’d need as much alcohol as he can get to boost up his confidence. 

An hour and fifteen shots later, Jungkook was on the dance floor with a cute boy with pretty eyes and brown hair that he can’t for his life remember the name of - even though he just heard it only two minutes ago. 

“So,” Jungkook starts, kind of getting worked up from the way the boy in front of him is rubbing against him. “You come here often?”

The boy laughs at the awful line. His name finally comes to Jungkook’s mind, Beomsoo. “Nah, this is my first time. You?”

“Yeah, I come here all the time. It’s basically my second home,” Jungkook lies, his hands traveling further down Beomsoo’s body, going from his hips to his upper thighs. He looks over Beomsoo’s shoulder and can see that there is a telltale bulge from his skin tight, black jeans. Jungkook’s glad he’s not the only one. 

Beomsoo seems to detect Jungkook’s fib, which isn’t surprising - Jungkook can’t lie for shit. “You’ve never been here before, have you?”

Jungkook smirks at the way Beomsoo’s arms come up to wrap around Jungkook’s neck from behind him, tilting his head to look up at him. “Nope, you got me,” he whispers into his ear, making Beomsoo shiver. 

Feeling particularly bold - definitely from all the vodka mixed with god knows what else, Jungkook moves his lips from his ear to his neck, leaving soft kisses down it. The music turns to something more sensual which encourages Beomsoo to match his hips to the slow beat of the song. Jungkook continues to kiss along his neck while moving with him, enjoying the way Beomsoo leans his head back against his shoulder and moans quietly, almost inaudible over the loud music. And shit, Jungkook might be a virgin but he’s about ready to risk it all for this stranger. 

They stay like that for a few minutes, grinding against each other and getting more worked up by the second, when Beomsoo turns around to face Jungkook and speaks over the bass of the music. “You wanna get out of here? I only live like, five minutes away.”

There it is, the question that always leaves Jungkook stumped. Beomsoo is hot but not enough to lose his virginity to, considering he’s a stranger. Nobody is. 

“Um, I kinda drove my friend here and he'd kill me if he finds out I left without him,” lie. “Do you maybe wanna go to the bathroom or something? We could have a little fun in there,” Jungkook slides his down to Beomsoo’s ass (which isn’t the best he’s ever seen but still a pretty nice ass) to cancel out any suspicion he might have. 

Beomsoo laughs at Jungkook’s sudden groping but doesn't push him off, wrapping his arms around Jungkook’s neck. “Can’t he get an Uber or something?”

“No, uh, he has a phobia of public transportation,” Jungkook internally face palms himself. Idiot. 

Beomsoo raises his eyebrows at him and Jungkook laughs nervously. “Well, can h-”

“Let’s just go to the bathroom! Or we can find an alleyway, if you’re into that kind of thing.”

“Kinda want you to fuck me, though,” there’s a tempting tone in his voice and it makes Jungkook blush. “Can’t do that in a bathroom. Or an alleyway.”

“I was, um, thinking we could just, like, suck each other off or something,” Jungkook is stuttering now and goddamnit why can’t he just not be a virgin right now. 

Beomsoo slides his hand down Jungkook’s chest, his fingers stopping right above the (slowly shrinking) bulge in his pants. “You don’t wanna fuck me?” He looks up at Jungkook from under his eyelashes. 

“No! I do, it’s just that, um-“

“Do you think I’m a serial killer or something?” Beomsoo laughs teasingly. 

“No, fuck, I just think that we should-“

Jungkook is about to come up with another lame excuse when someone calls his name and he feels a hand slap his back. 

“Jungkookie!” Taehyung shouts, way too loudly to be right next to Jungkook’s ear. “Are you having fun?”

Even though he’s partially relieved for the interruption, Jungkook sighs and rolls his eyes. “Yeah, I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

“Oh, who’s this?” Taehyung turns to look at Beomsoo, ignoring Jungkook. 

“I’m Beomsoo,” he removes his arms from Jungkook’s shoulders and forces a smile. Beomsoo turns back to Jungkook. “Listen, if you wanna-“

Taehyung perks up and leans to whisper, not so quietly, into Jungkook’s ear. “Oh my god. Are you finally getting rid of your V-card?” 

Jungkook doesn’t even have to look at Beomsoo to know that he just screwed up his chance of getting some head. 

“Um,” Beomsoo starts. When Jungkook finally looks at him, he’s already backing away, judgment written all over his face. “I’m gonna go find my friend. It was, uh, nice dancing with you.” 

Then he’s walking away, probably to find someone who’s not a virgin that he can take home. 

Jungkook hits Taehyung in the arm. “Why’d you fucking do that?! No one’s gonna sleep with me now if everyone knows I’m a virgin!”

Before he can lower his voice, the damage is already done. A bunch of people stop talking and turn to look at him. Great. 

Taehyung rolls his eyes. “You should be thanking me. Beomsoo is an asshole, he spreads rumors about everyone he sleeps with,” he takes a random person’s shot out of their hand. “And I heard he’s kinda clingy.”

“Well, that’s nice to know.”

“Don’t worry, he probably won’t say anything about you.”

After they left, Jungkook was ready to brush it off and forget this night ever happened. 

That is, until he got to school on Monday and got pelted by index cards with the letter V on them. Fucking freshmen. Taehyung was so wrong. 

“Virgin Mary!”

Jungkook was pissed. “What are you, ten? Get a fucking life.”

God, he felt like he was in high school all over again. Even though Jungkook was a college freshman himself, he really fucking hated freshmen. 

Between that and what happened at the club the other night, Jungkook was beginning to question whether or not he should just go and find a random stranger to fuck. Yeah, it might not be what he wants to do but Jungkook is so tired of being looked down upon because he doesn’t want to stick his dick into everything that breathes. 

Later that night, Jungkook got his laptop and started doing some research. If he was going to lose his virginity, he was going to do it responsibly. Well, as responsible as this could get. 

Many, many Google searches later, he comes across an ad that sparks his interest. 

Make all your fantasies come true. 170,000 won.

Jungkook clicks on the ad and is taken to a website that looks pretty sketchy if you ask him. The first thing he sees though is a picture of an actual angel.  

It’s a close up shot of a young boy, probably around the same age as him, with blonde, wavy hair. He has a small, button nose and plump lips that are parted. His brown, mocha eyes are hooded and Jungkook has never seen anything more sinful and angelic at the same time. 

After drooling over the image for a good five minutes, Jungkook roams his eyes over the rest of the website. 

The boy’s name is Park Jimin and he’s 21 years old, Jungkook learns. He’s an independent call escort, a prostitute. Under his personal information, there’s a few other details. 

Bottom. 170,000 won an hour. Meet at hotel, email the address below to book an appointment. 

Being the irresponsible idiot that he is, Jungkook doesn’t even let himself think rationally before clicking on the email address, opening up to a new draft. 

What's the worst that could happen? This Jimin guy - that looks like he literally just fell out of heaven - is a prostitute, he gets paid to have sex with people. It's definitely better than going to a club and getting shitfaced enough to hook up with a random stranger. Plus, Jungkook would die if he didn’t tap that at least once in his life. 

Also, 170,000 won an hour is pretty cheap as far as Jungkook is concerned, considering most prostitutes can charge up to almost 500,000 won - so he’s heard. And, Jungkook doesn’t really have any financial problems since his dad just dropped 3 million won into his bank account (that he only uses for rent and school, by the way. He’s a responsible, working young man).

Jungkook types up an email - trying his hardest to sound professional and not like the hormonal virgin that he is - and closes his laptop, but not before clearing his search history. Taehyung can be really nosy. 

Looking over at the alarm clock beside his bed, Jungkook panics, seeing that it’s almost 1AM. He makes quick work of turning off his table lamp and getting comfortable in his bed. Jungkook falls asleep before he can let himself process that he just emailed a prostitute, a very gorgeous prostitute at that, to lose his virginity to. 

Maybe this is the reason why he’s still a virgin. 



It’s not until Jungkook is standing in front of the hotel door that he realizes that this is probably (no, definitely) the stupidest, most impulsive thing he’s ever done. 

Jungkook hopes he’s dressed appropriately, wearing a black, oversized button down paired with his favorite black skinny jeans that always make his thighs look great. But, how appropriate can you dress for something like this? It’s not like his clothes are going to stay on

The 350,000 won in cash sitting in his wallet feels like it’s weighing Jungkook down (he brought extra, in case it takes longer than an hour). His palms are sweaty and his heart is beating fast, so fast you could probably hear it in a silent room. 

Jimin had responded to his email the night after he sent it. To Jungkook’s surprise, he sounded really friendly - not that prostitutes can’t be friendly, they’re people too. It sort of eased his nerves but he’s still nervous as hell. Who wouldn’t be when they’re about to lose their virginity to a total stranger? 

Taking a deep breath, Jungkook raises his fist to knock on the red door. The hotel that Jimin had picked was actually pretty nice, Jungkook was kind of expecting a dirty motel - that’s what the people in the movies always go to. 

A couple seconds pass and Jungkook starts to worry that he’s too early, it is 7PM, isn’t it? He hears a “coming!” from inside before the door is opening and man, Jungkook was not ready for what was behind that door. 

It feels as though there should’ve been light shining on Jungkook’s face, just like in the movies as well - he’s so taken aback from Jimin’s beauty. 

All of Jimin’s features seem as if they’re magnified, his jawline is defined and his skin looks even more smooth and soft. Jungkook can see the subtle dark eyeshadow and eyeliner on his lids, making Jimin’s eyes look sultry and so, so pretty. And don’t get Jungkook started on his lips - all he can imagine is how they’d look wrapped around his cock, how’d they feel pressed against his own lips. 

It only gets worse as Jungkook looks down. Jimin is wearing a black, silk robe that sticks to his muscles and highlights his curves. His thighs are unreal, Jungkook wonders what it would be like to get in between them and leave marks on the skin. There’s a subtle dip from where his hips widen out from his waist and fuck, Jungkook can’t believe he’s still a virgin when someone as perfect as Jimin exists. He won’t be for long, though. Hopefully. 

Jungkook doesn’t realize he’s been practically drooling over Jimin for a little too long now until he hears him clear his throat. Jungkook reverts his eyes back to Jimin’s face, hoping that he’s not blushing too much. 

“Hey there. Good evening,” Jimin greets with a smirk and an alluring tone, just like the rest of him. God, even his voice is perfect. Just by those two words, Jungkook can already tell how soft and soothing Jimin’s voice is. 

“Uh,” Jungkook snaps himself completely out of his trance and clears his throat. “Um, hi!”

Jimin laughs at his awkwardness and Jungkook blushes, he probably already thinks Jungkook is so weird. He’s not really wrong, though. 

“You’re not gonna stand out there all night, are you?” Jungkook’s face flushes even harder and he shakes his head. “C’mon, come in.”

Jungkook obliges, pretending to be fascinated by the interior of the room to avoid Jimin’s eyes. That man makes some killer eye contact. 

What happens now? Obviously, they’re here to have sex but do they jump right into it? Do they get to know each other? Do they make out a little bit first? 

His thoughts are interrupted when Jungkook hears the door close and feels Jimin’s presence behind him. Jungkook jumps when he feels a hand on his shoulder. 

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Jungkook,” he loosens up when Jimin’s hand slides off his shoulder and he walks over to the little table near the front of the room, but he’s still tense. Can you blame him, though? Jungkook’s only been around Jimin for - what? Two minutes? And he’s already a little intimidated. 

“Would you like a drink, Jungkook? I brought some wine,” Jimin glances at him as he grabs the wine glasses and pours a little bit in one of them. “Just for you.”

“Oh, um, no thank you.”

Jimin’s back is facing Jungkook and he can’t help but let his eyes wander. The robe sticks to his skin and the idea of Jimin being naked underneath the thin material makes Jungkook’s face flush which is stupid, considering he’s about to see Jimin naked in any minute now. 

Jimin hums and turns back around, taking a sip of his wine. “Most of my clients would be thrilled to bum some wine off of me.”

“I don’t really drink.” Which is true, the only times he’ll drink are when he’s sad or just in the mood for it. 

Jungkook stands there awkwardly for a few moments until Jimin is sauntering (yes, sauntering) over to the bed. Oh god. 

“Come sit,” Jimin pats the spot next to him. “I don’t bite.”

He walks over to the bed, can feel Jimin’s eyes on him and the way he’s smiling at Jungkook. 

Jungkook sits on the bed, his (sweaty) hands resting in his lap. He doesn’t really know why he’s being so awkward and shy, he’s usually always confident when it comes to little things like flirting. Maybe it’s because Jimin is intimidating as fuck. 

“So,” Jimin takes another sip of his wine. “How old are you, Jungkook?”

“I’m 19,” Jungkook finally decides to try and look Jimin in the eyes. If he’s going to be having sex with him, Jungkook probably needs to be able to make something as simple as eye contact. 

Jimin’s eyebrows raise in surprise. “Oh, wow. You’re pretty young.”

Jungkook nods and prays that Jimin isn’t a virgin detector or some shit like that. 

“I’ve never had a client that young before. They’re always stinky, old men that cheat on their wives and swear they’re straight,” Jimin rolls his eyes and sighs into his wine glass. “You know how it is.”

He certainly does not know how it is. “Yeah,” Jungkook breathes out anyway and glances over at Jimin. He’s smiling at him over the rim of his glass. 

Jimin leans his head back to drink the last of his wine and leans over Jungkook to put it on the nightstand not far from where they’re sitting on the bed. Jungkook’s face bursts into flames, again. Jimin smells like expensive lotion and a little like peaches. His hand is on Jungkook’s knee for support and just that touch alone has him wanting to shiver. 

As much as Jungkook kind of likes being smothered by Jimin’s scent, he’s relieved when Jimin goes back to his spot on the bed. It’s easier to breathe without worrying that he’s going to bust his pants open with the slowly growing erection that’s coming on. God, he’s such a hormonal pre-teen. 

When Jungkook gets himself (and his dick) to calm down, he looks back up to Jimin - who starts talking again. 

“How much time were you hoping to spend with me?” Jungkook guesses that’s how prostitutes ask how much money did you bring me?

“I, uh,” Jungkook turns to dig his wallet out of his jeans pocket. “I brought enough for two hours, just in case I’m here for more than an hour,” he opens his wallet to take the money out, holding it out for Jimin to take, which he does. 

Jimin counts the money, looking up at Jungkook through his eyelashes to which the latter looks away at. 

“Looks like I hit the jackpot tonight,” Jimin gets up to walk over to the table, setting the money down. 

“W-why’s that?” Jungkook stutters, heart racing as Jimin moves closer to him and sits down on the bed again. He’s so close that he’s practically sitting on Jungkook’s lap. 

“Because I have more time to do whatever I’d like to you,” Jimin leans in until his mouth is right next to Jungkook’s ear. “And more time for you to do whatever you want to me.” 

Before Jungkook can even process Jimin’s words, he feels a soft pair of lips against his own. Jungkook makes a sound of surprise in the back of his throat and starts kissing Jimin back. His hands are frozen, still resting on his lap but he doesn’t have a chance to move them because Jimin puts his own hand on Jungkook’s chest to push him so he’s lying on his back. 

Jimin hovers above Jungkook, on his hands and knees while he continues to move his lips against Jungkook’s. He tries not to panic at the thought of Jimin’s ass so close to sitting on his dick. 

They finally pull apart, Jimin breaking the kiss to start peppering kisses down Jungkook’s jaw. His hand is holding the side of his face and Jungkook is going to die. 

“How do you want me?” Jimin mumbles against Jungkook’s neck, now sucking his collarbones. “I already opened myself up for you.”

Jungkook freezes. He’s a virgin, he doesn’t know anything about positions or what he likes in bed. Even though his heart is in his stomach, Jungkook’s brain still conjures up an image of Jimin on this very bed with his legs spread wide open, fingers fucking in and out of himself, mouth parted to let out the prettiest moans, whining because he can’t find that special spot. God. 

At his lack of response, Jimin looks up from his neck and raises his eyebrow in question. 

“Um, I,” Jungkook clenches his hands. “I don’t know.”

“Hm,” Jimin goes back to lightly sucking on Jungkook’s neck, lowering himself down to completely straddle Jungkook - which makes the latter jump. “Too many favorites, huh? That’s okay, we have time.”

“No, I just don’t have a favorite one,” Jungkook looks away to avoid having to see the look in Jimin’s eyes when he realizes Jungkook is an absolute loser. “I’ve never done this before,” he says timidly. 

Jimin lifts his head from Jungkook’s neck, their faces right next to each other. Jungkook really hopes the concealer he applied over his blemishes this morning hasn’t rubbed off yet. 

“Never been with a prostitute?” He laughs and runs a finger over Jungkook’s mouth. “Don’t worry about me, tonight’s all about you.”

“N-no, I’ve never, um,” Jungkook swallows. Shit, here it goes. “I’ve never had sex before.”

He waits for Jimin to scoff and kick Jungkook out, tell him that he’s weird and a loser - but it never comes. Jimin just sits up on Jungkook’s lap and looks at him, almost in a concerning way. 

“And you wanted your first time to be with a prostitute? In a hotel?” Jimin crosses his arms over his chest. His tone is more serious, way different than the seductive voice he’s been using all night. 

“I mean, it seems better than going to a club and hooking up with a stranger there.”

“I’m still a stranger, though,” Jimin grins amusingly. 

“Yeah, but it’s different.”

“Because I’m a prostitute?”

Jungkook panics, face starting to heat up. “No! No, it’s just that-“

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” Jimin smiles at him which makes Jungkook literally swoon. He’s so fucking pretty when he smiles. “I’m not judging. I just don’t want you to do something you don’t want to.”

“I do want to, I’m just,” Jungkook sighs. “I’m nervous.” 

And Jungkook does want to do this, Jimin somehow has this comforting aura (even though he can be kind of scary) to him that makes Jungkook feel cared for and safe - even if he’s a complete stranger, like Jimin said himself. 

“Well, if it makes you feel any better,” Jimin looks down at his hands that are resting on Jungkook’s abdomen. “My first time was when I first started doing this job. I was 18.”

Jungkook looks for any signs of regret showing on Jimin’s face but doesn’t find any. His nerves calm down a little bit. He’s not going to be the only one who didn’t lose their virginity to their high school sweetheart or first love. 

“That actually,” Jungkook licks his lips. “That makes me feel a little better.”

“I’m glad,” Jimin leans back down, his mouth right above Jungkook’s again. He pushes Jungkook’s hair back and trails his fingers down the side of his face. “So, are you sure you wanna do this?”

Jungkook nods, feeling himself release the tension in his muscles and relax. Jimin doesn’t think he’s weird. 

Then, Jimin is kissing him again. Jungkook moves his lips more freely against Jimin’s, pushing his nerves to the side. The kiss is slower than the first one, but the heat is still there. 

Jimin’s hands are all over Jungkook’s upper body - his neck, his face, his chest. Jungkook could get addicted to Jimin’s touch. 

Noticing that Jungkook’s hands haven’t left their spot by his sides, Jimin grabs each of them one at a time to place them on his ass. And boy, does Jimin have an ass - it’s definitely the best he’s ever touched. 

Gaining more confidence, Jungkook releases the tension from his hands that are still on Jimin’s ass to grope at it slightly. He doesn’t really know why he’s being so awkward right now, he’s made out with people before - has no problem doing a little grinding and groping. Maybe he just doesn’t want to disappoint Jimin, which is kind of dumb since he’s probably had less than mediocre clients before. 

After they kiss for a while and Jungkook grows more comfortable, Jimin decides to switch their positions so Jungkook is on top of him. 

The position change makes Jungkook a little nervous, he has more control like this - and Jungkook knows that he should not have control, he has no idea what he’s doing. 

“You wanna do it like this?” Jimin is biting his lip, panting. 

Jimin must notice Jungkook’s hesitation, grabbing his head so they can look each other in the eye. 

“Hey,” he says softly. “Don’t overthink anything, I’m not gonna judge you. It’s just you and me.”

Jungkook takes a deep breath and nods. It’s just you and me. 

“Yeah, I wanna do it like this.”

“Okay,” Jimin smiles up at him and uses the hold he has on Jungkook’s head to bring his mouth onto his one last time. “You should probably take off your clothes though,” he chuckles. 

“Oh!” Jungkook blushes, realizing he can’t exactly have sex with his clothes on. “Right.”

When Jungkook starts pulling off his shirt, he can’t help but feel self conscious - even though he spends a good chunk of his time at the gym. And it’s not like Jimin is expecting anything of him, Jimin isn’t his boyfriend and he’s probably had more out of shape clients before - plus, they’re literally strangers. Although, it does kind of feel like they’ve known each other their whole lives. 

Jungkook avoids eye contact with Jimin while he takes the rest of his clothes off, slightly panicking when it comes time for him to take off his boxers - it doesn’t matter that he’s slightly bigger than average in size, it’s Jimin that he’s getting naked for. 

He quickly pulls his underwear down, throwing them near the pile of clothes he’s created on the floor. When he finally looks at Jimin, he’s surprised to see hunger in his eyes - like he wants to devour him.

“Um,” Jungkook mutters, not knowing what to do. 

Before he knows it, Jimin is sitting up and adjusting himself so he’s on his knees before Jungkook - staring right at his dick. 

“Fuck,” Jimin takes a hold of Jungkook’s cock, making the latter jump. “You’re so big. You’ve been letting this thing go to waste.”

Maybe if Jimin’s hand wasn’t wrapped around his dick right now, he would’ve laughed but instead Jungkook just breathes heavily through his nose. 

“Wanna suck you off,” Jimin starts pumping him, looking right up at Jungkook - who really feels like he could come just from this, Jimin barely touching and looking at him like this. 

“S-sure,” is all Jungkook can get out before Jimin is already licking a stripe up the underside of his cock. 

Jungkook doesn’t even have the time to let out a strangled moan because Jimin is swiping his tongue all over his cock, from the base to the tip and looking right up at Jungkook the whole time. 

Jimin wraps his lips fully around the head of his cock and Jungkook jumps, mouth falling open. His mouth is so warm and his lips are so pretty stretched around him. 

Jimin gets right to work, sinking down to take more of Jungkook’s cock into his mouth and when he tells you that he’s never had anything feel this good - he’s not lying. 

“Mm,” Jimin pulls off, immediately moving his hand back to pump Jungkook again. “You taste so good.”

Then he’s going right back in, bobbing his head back and forth. Jungkook looks away and up at the ceiling, knowing that the sight of Jimin right now would make him come on the spot - spit all around his mouth and eyes watering. 

After a few more bobs of his head, the tip of Jungkook’s cock hits the back of Jimin’s throat. He moans in surprise and the groan Jungkook lets out is loud. 

“Shit,” Jungkook grabs ahold of Jimin’s hair to ground himself. “Fuck.”

Jimin seems pleased by his response because he moans around his cock and starts bobbing his head back and forth with enthusiasm. 

“Jimin,” Jungkook pants out. “I’m gonna come, fuck.

The sound Jimin lets out around him like all he wants to do is suck Jungkook’s dick all day drives Jungkook crazy but then Jimin’s off and away from his cock. 

Jungkook looks at Jimin and his breath catches in his throat. He’s slowly taking off his robe, revealing his smooth skin that Jungkook just wants to press kisses on and rub his hands all over. He gulps. 

“You wanna fuck me?”

The only thing Jungkook can do that in that moment is jerkily nod and say “yes” because getting inside of Jimin is what he’s been wanting to do the moment he saw him on his computer screen. 

Jimin takes his robe off completely and tosses it to the floor. He spreads his legs and looks at Jungkook, batting his eyelashes. Jungkook’s dick twitches. 

“Condoms and lube are over there,” Jimin nods his head into the direction of the nightstand. 

Jungkook rushes to get to the items, not wanting to make Jimin (or himself) wait any longer. He grabs a condom and the new bottle of lube, turning to Jimin to wait for some kind of instruction since Jungkook does not know what the fuck he’s doing. 

“So, first,” Jimin starts, grabbing the condom from Jungkook. “You gotta put this on. Do you know how?”

“No,” Jungkook says shakily. 

“Okay,” Jimin smirks. “Let me show you.”

Jimin tears the wrapper open with his teeth, which Jungkook is pretty sure you’re not supposed to do - he did some research. Once he’s got the condom out, Jimin leans over and he’s right in front of Jungkook’s dick again. 

“Before you put it on, you have to pinch the tip of it,” Jimin follows his own instructions and places the condom on the head of Jungkook’s cock. “Then you set it on your tip.”

Jungkook blushes and nods, letting Jimin know he understands. 

“Now you just unroll it. Like this,” Jimin takes his other hand that’s not holding Jungkook’s penis and rolls the condom all the way down his shaft to the base. Jungkook can’t help but notice that Jimin’s hand doesn’t even fully wrap around his cock. Fuck, Jimin is really going to be the death of him. 

Jimin grabs the bottle of lube and hands it to Jungkook. “You always put lube on after the condom.”

Jungkook squirts some into his palm and spreads it over his cock, groaning at the contact even over the condom. He notices that Jimin is hard and wet against his stomach, Jungkook’s mouth waters. 

“You said you were already prepped?”

“Yes but we’ll practice that later,” Jimin winks and pulls Jungkook towards him, pressing a kiss onto his lips. “You ready?”

Jungkook takes a deep breath and nods. He takes a hold of his dick and guides it to Jimin’s hole (yes, he knows where it goes). This is it. Jungkook is about to lose his virginity to a prostitute. To Jimin - the prettiest man he’s ever seen. 

The tip breaks through, with little resistance. Right off the bat, Jimin is so, so tight and warm and so good. Jungkook lets out a quiet groan. 

Jungkook pushes more of his dick inside of Jimin, going slow so he won’t hurt Jimin - he would never want to hurt Jimin. He looks up at him and there’s some pain on his face, but not as much as you’d think there would be when someone has a dick up their ass. Jimin’s probably used to it by now. But he still asks, “Are..are you okay? Am I hurting you?”

Jimin shakes his head. “No, god. You feel so good. So big,” he breathes out, letting out a moan. Jungkook’s dick twitches inside of Jimin at the sound. He’s all the way inside of him now. “This is the part where you move.”

If under any other circumstances, Jungkook (and probably Jimin too) would start laughing - but there’s no time for laughter when you’re inside of the sexiest person alive. 

Jungkook breathes deep, calming himself down. He tests the waters, moves his hips forward and then pulls out until the tip of his cock is halfway out of Jimin’s hole. “Fuck,” this is so much better than his hand. 

As Jungkook grows more confident, so does his thrusts. He gradually starts going faster and harder, encouraged by Jimin’s loud moans. 

“Oh,” Jimin’s eyes are closed, his head thrown back against the pillow and exposing his bare neck - Jungkook kind of wants to suck hickeys into the skin but he doesn’t know if he’s allowed. “Fuck, you’re so good.”

Jungkook doesn’t really know how much he believes that, considering Jimin probably says that to all of his clients even when they’re doing a shit job. He leans down to kiss Jimin, wanting to have some kind of closure right now. Jimin kisses back, wrapping his arms and legs around Jungkook - spurring him on. 

Noises that Jungkook didn’t even know he could make come out of his mouth, Jimin swallowing them up. He grunts at every thrust, can’t get enough of the feeling of being inside of Jimin. 

On a particularly hard thrust, Jimin detaches their lips and moans out shamelessly. “There! Right there, fuck.”

Jungkook doesn’t exactly know what he did to get that kind of reaction but he does it again and Jimin is moaning and letting out a string of incoherent curses. He guesses that he found Jimin’s prostate, his special spot - as all the articles he saw on the Internet called it. 

To his horror, Jungkook can feel his orgasm already approaching, which is one of the things he was worried about. Jungkook can’t believe he’s about to come not even five minutes after fucking Jimin. 

“Jimin,” Jungkook pants as he starts to thrust faster. Jimin seems like he’s in another world, his limbs are still wrapped around Jungkook and he hasn’t stopped letting out those gorgeous moans and whines that really don’t help Jungkook stave off his orgasm any longer. “S-shit, I’m close.”

Jimin moans in response and Jungkook worries that he didn’t hear him, that’s he’s going to be disappointed when Jungkook comes out of nowhere, that he’s going to tell all of his friends about the worst client he’s ever had that couldn’t even hold it in for- 

Suddenly, Jungkook’s being pushed away and is forced to pull out of Jimin which automatically feels wrong. Jungkook panics but then Jimin is turning around onto his knees and Jungkook has a full view of his ass. Oh god. 

“Oh my god,” Jungkook’s eyes are wide and Jimin looks back from where his head is buried into the mattress. He giggles at Jungkook’s reaction and wiggles his ass. 

“C’mon, baby,” Jimin says and his voice is so low and so sexy when he says it - and anything really. “Thought you were close?”

Jungkook nods his head lamely, not really believing what he’s seeing right now. Jimin’s ass is unreal. So round and plump. Meaty and so perfect. He pushes back in and Jungkook isn’t as shy this time - puts his hands on Jimin’s ass and gets right to work, starts thrusting hard and fast. 

The view he’s getting right now is really the best thing Jungkook’s ever seen - even better than seeing he won a Overwatch match. He can see his dick going in and out of Jimin’s pretty, tight hole. His cheeks slap against Jungkook’s thighs, making them jiggle - his orgasm is right there. 

Jungkook braces his arms on either side of Jimin’s body, leaning over him to chase his orgasm. “F-fuck,” he grunts and rests his forehead on Jimin’s spine. “I’m gonna come. Jimin, fuck.”

Jimin lifts himself up on his forearms, starting to meet Jungkook’s thrust to help him get to the edge quicker. “God,” he cries out, high pitched and loud - Jungkook really hopes there isn’t anyone in the room next door to listen to him literally clap cheeks right now. “Wish you could come inside me. Your cock is so big, fills me up so good.”

The more Jimin talks, the closer Jungkook gets. He lets out a deep groan, almost a growl and (thankfully) Jimin keeps talking. “Gonna wear my thong next time, dress up all pretty for you.”

Jungkook moans and thrusts one last time inside of Jimin before he feels the heat pool in his stomach intensely and then he’s coming, spilling into the condom. “Ah, shit.”

He fucks Jimin through his own orgasm, listening to Jimin’s whimpers, until he’s just too sensitive. Jimin’s arm is moving back and forth so Jungkook guesses he’s touching himself. The thought of making Jimin come makes him feel a little pride. His guess is proved correct when he leans over a bit and sees come splattered on the white comforter. 

Jungkook takes a few seconds to catch his breath. He goes to pull out but Jimin makes a noise and shakes his head. “Not yet, don’t wanna be empty.”

He makes a sound of disbelief, Jimin keeps getting hotter and hotter. Jungkook leans over Jimin’s body to rest but he’s careful not to crush him. 

They lay there, letting their heartbeats and pants slow down. Jungkook searches his brain for any regret of what he just did, but he can’t find any - he’s never felt better than he does now, laying here with Jimin. 

After a while, Jungkook can’t help but wonder, “Um, did I do okay?”

“Are you sure you’re a virgin?”

Jungkook laughs, his soft cock jostling inside of Jimin - making them both wince a little. “I mean, I’m not anymore.”

“You were really good,” Jimin looks back at him and smiles softly. Jungkook almost forgets that Jimin is a prostitute that he just met almost an hour ago. “We do have time for round two.”

Jungkook groans which makes Jimin laugh. Neither of them move, though, they just lay together with Jungkook’s very sensitive penis sitting inside of Jimin. 

And Jungkook can’t help but feel like he wouldn’t be as content as he is right now if Jimin wasn’t the one laying with him.