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In The Name of Love

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Hua Wuxie was totally in love with Pei Wende, he was happy that they have become lover and now he wanted to court him for be his husband.
People would think that it's at Pei Wende to do the courtship but it's him who will do it.

First Hua Wuxie decide to give him some fruits by telling him "You should eat this, they are very good and also it's can help you if you are a little sick"

"Thank You," say Pei Wende and kiss his hand, Hua Wuxie is blushing

Then the second step is to do one poem, so he is sitting near the peach tree where he finds some inspiration while he watches Pei Wende training.
And also he had the inspiration for one painting.

While he was in thought, Pei Wende arrive and kinda bow at him and say "Do you want to spar with me? You could learn some things"

"I would love that"

This night there Hua Wuxie had his head on the legs of Pei Wende where they were relaxing a little.
Hua Wuxie loved it to be with his lover and also seeing Pei Wende smiling.

Some days later Hua Wuxie asks Pei Wende that they eat the only both of them, after the dinner, they walk together in the palace and see the stars.

It's at the moment that Hua Wuxie take his hand and when Pei Wende was ready to take off the hand, Hua Wuxie take one of the flowers and give it to Pei Wende

"Since some days I give you lots of things, these things are a gift and also my way of court you"

"Court You ?"

"I want to be more than your lover and also more than my bodyguard, I want you to be my husband"

Pei Wende was a little surprised by all of this because he didn't think it's was possible it's could happen, but Hua Wuxie surprise him.

He kisses him and he says "I want to protect you, I want to hold you, I want to be with you all the time, you are my life"

"I want to take your hand everywhere, smile at you freely, kiss you all the time, hold you, hug you, be in your arms, cuddle with you, sleep with you and wake up with you"

"I want all of this too"

They kiss and they watch the stars shining, they smile at each other and they go in the room of Hua Wuxie where they made love.

"My love," said Pei Wende

"My Future Husband and my love"