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The Hunt For Red October

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Despite Sgt Michael Stonebridge's (Section 20) best efforts, Damien Scott (his Partner in Section
20-also a Sgt) refuses to cease his long diatribe about the many (inferred) sexual encounters between
himself and Special Agent Natasha Zapata (all FICTIONAL), he's doing it to 'spin-up' (irritate, provoke) Special
Agent Edgar Reade, who clearly has a more than 'platonic interest' in his lovely Latina Partner. Stonebridge can see
that the bearded agent is getting angrier by the minute, and he's worried that the shit will certainly fly if Scott doesn't
PLEASE should the fuck up in the next ten seconds....SHIT! As predicted, Reade stops readying the weapons and goes
straight at the burly Ex-Special Forces Operator, catching him unaware with the speed and ferocity of his attack.

FUCKFUCKFUCUUUCK...when the Section 20 mucky-mucks get wind of THIS...with Weller's help, he wrestles
the outraged Damien into a corner as far away from Reade as they can get; both men have sustained some damage, and
they continue screaming curses and insults at each other until Reade frees himself from the clutches of Sonny Carlisi and
an FBI S.W.A.T. Team member and storms out.

"WHAT-IN-THE-LIVING-FUCK was that, Mate? We have to WORK with this lot...MAJOR DALTON is going to fucking HAVE US
(strictly discipline us) when word of this filters back, which it will...Why PUSH the man like that? He was fucking FURIOUS-I
could see it, and I know that you did as well."

"Fuck HIM...I was fucking with him, passing time. Fuck him if he can't take a joke. Besides, (a conspiratorial wink), it's just a
matter of time until fantasy becomes know yourself that once Damien Scott sights on a target, that target will FALL."

"Fucking hopeless," Stonebridge growls.

Ten minutes later, Stonebridge's phone buzzes: the screen reads "Dalton"...BLOODY FUCKING HELL!", the blonde man screams, kicking
a nearby box of supplies.

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"Tasha!...TASHA!" Patterson seems panicked, out of breath as she runs up to the
Latina Agent.

Now ZAPATA's alarmed. "What! What is it! READE!?"

Her blonde friend manages to gasp, "You have to find him-RIGHT NOW! He and and Damien Scott
just tangled ass, and he needs to be talked down-I've never seen him this pissed."

"WAIT-why's he fighting Scott?"

"Three guesses, and I'll save you some time: what else?"

"THIS SHIT, AGAIN! These sizzling hook-ups he won't shut up about NEVER HAPPENED!!

"You know the type, Tash...he's so used to weak-minded Women's panties falling off on their own the second
he gets within striking distance- the kind who find his looks and bullshit so irresistible-he can't fathom one of them
NOT being YOU."

"He just couldn't let shit happen on it's own...I'm not saying it would have, but shaming your way into some
pussy, or the old MALE STAND-BY: "it's OUT THERE, so maybe she''ll cock her knees up, since everyone thinks
we did it anyway' is the WRONG ANSWER with Zapata...JESUS, this is gonna fuck me up with Reade!"

Zapata is suddenly furious-not JUST ANGRY, BLINDINGLY SO-she yells, "I'MA START THROWING SHIT!"

Patterson suggests they take some action that might result in a solution-sometimes you HAVE to throw shit,
but in this case locating Reade's '20' is step one. "We gotta FIND READE, then go from there.Yeah?"

"Yeah...let's go."

When they locate Reade, in a corner behind the joint task force staging area, alone. Patterson stays a short
distance away, while Zapata approaches him.

He has a small gash in his left eyebrow, and a swelling beneath his other eye. "Your face...are you okay?"

He brushes the question aside, asking one of his own: "Is any of that shit Loudmouth was spouting off about true?"

"It is NOT."

"He mentioned the little mole on your left side, just below the bra line."

"He must've seen that on that mission to Minsk-we'd gotten separated from you, Stonebridge, Martinez, and Weller-
we jacked a janitorial crew for their uniforms, and walked right out past the Militsiya (Belarus Police Service), I told
you about that...Jane and I were laughing about how he was more focused on watching us strip-down then getting
the fuck out of there? Baby-C'MON...Damien? Even at THAT TIME my judgement wasn't so compromised I'd go to bed with

"Yeah...okay." After that he doesn't say anything else for some time, and so Tasha is compelled to break the silence.

"Reade. You and I weren't a couple at that time, and if I had done what he claims, I'd come clean...I told you that I'm
finished lying to you, shading the truth, holding things back-all of that is DONE. I'll bet he never actually SAID that we
fucked, right.? He just alluded to it?

"Hmmm...yes-now that I think about it...he talked around it, implied it."

'We find him so that I can 'SPILL THE TEA' on his ass in public. We have to get in front of this, make him admit he's been claiming
pussy he never got. NEVER GOT, Reade."



"I get it...let you handle it."

"Thass wus up, Agent Reade. Un beso."

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"SGT. STONEBRIDGE! I rely on you to keep that American wanker (fuck-up) on a leash-certainly
easier said than done-AND YES, SGT SCOTT, I'M AWARE THAT YOU ARE LISTENING!... listen
CAREFULLY, THE TWO OF YOU: this last 'incident' is FAR OVER THE LINE-CIA, FBI, and the New
York Police Commissioner have ALL been in touch: you can imagine what OUR higher ups have to say
about the dust-up with Agent Reade...I have been ordered-meaning that YOU PAIR HAVE BEEN ORDERED-
to provoke no further incidents with any of the joint task force members, and to apologize-SCOTT- to the Agent
in question, AND to Assistant Director Weller. You are to assure him that our team will cause no further incidents
that might imperil this mission. Stay out of Agent Zapata's way. CEASE ALL RUMOR-MONGERING.Do you both

Stonebridge: "Copy, Major."

Scott: "Copy."

"Good hunting. A word, Sgt Stonebridge."

Scott excuses himself and walks away.)


Zapata, trailed by Reade (the bloke he'd scruffed with earlier) are striding toward him, and
neither looks to be in a jovial mood. Reade, especially doesn't look pleased, and Scott puts the
rocket launcher he's been re-checking and stands, ready for 'round two'-he seems to have completely
forgotten the discussions with Stonebridge and Major Dalton regarding his behavior.

"DAMIEN SCOTT!", the Latina shouts, at a distance of perhaps 10 meters (feet) away. Heads turn all
around the staging area (looks like the monotony's about to be broken-AGAIN!!)

"Ahhh!...the beautiful Agent Zapata! A singular pleasure..."


Danien tries to defend himself: "Here now, Hon...we we can talk this out in private, what do you say?
Here, let's go over there..."

"NonononoNO! You don't continue to feed the rumor that you and I have, had or ever will have a sexual relationship,
a 'hook-up' or 'having a GO', I mean to say, in PRIVATE! I will enjoy the singular pleasure of putting a round
into your pea brain if you keep it up...I've HAD IT WITH YOU, Fucker!? That brief speech was delivered in a deliberate,
measured, calm (ELEVATED) tone of voice. A crowd has gathered, and Scott finally realizes the volatility of the situation
may have reached< critical mass...

Shocking all of those around him (including Stonebridge, who came running as soon as the shouting started), Damien blurts, "I
APOLOGIZE! OK...I apologize for all of the distress, the anxiety and any problems I caused between the two of you...(addressing
Reade) he says "Agent...I mean it-I've been an asshole, and you had every right to jump me." He puts out his left fist, which, after
hesitating briefly, the Bureau agent taps with his.

"Agent Zapata, you won't hear me stirring any more rumors up about you and I.".Zapata shakes the hand he offers, mollified by Scott's
quite surprising (and wholly un-expected change in attitude.)

"Now that we're cool, I have some Fourex on ice at Stonebridge and my set-up. We can drink to it, before tonight's briefing."

Zapata looks to Reade, who answers, " Yeah, OK...we'll see you there in 15?"

Damien Scott nods and walks away. Edgar Reade is still somewhat stunned. "Damn...that's a fucking 'from deep deep left' turn
in events right there."

Zapata: "Verdad?"