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The Deviant Cop

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The barrel was cold and against his scalp. He was drunk as can be and waited for the courage to slap him in the face. "One... two... three..." he breathed and pulled the trigger

Nothing happened.

Location: DPD
Time: 1:35pm

"This fucking gang is gonna drive us mad! We need some kind of evidence they even aren't a gang!" Gavin yelled from across the room. Ben chuckled and kept typing. "Any day now, Reed." He smirked. Hank came in, hungover and looking exhausted. "Hey! Where the hell you've been!? Its noon!" Gavin almost stood up. "Oh shut up. You are just fuckin' lucky i showed up!" Hank growled. He sat at his desk and looked over a few things. "Fuck this." He groaned. Looking up at the pop up on his computer, he face palmed. Fowler sent him a message saying a local restaurant was broken into by a young man in a beanie. "Why would anyone break into Chicken Feed? Are they that desperate?" Gavin walked over and looked at the pop up. "He he.. looks like someone has a case on their drunk ass!" Gavin laughed and pat him on the back. The old man yawned and looked at the description of the robber. Hank looked at the picture of the person, it was clear and pretty visible. He did note a few things about him. Probably early to mid twenties, easily six foot, wearing brown and black with damaged gym shoes. "Ugh. A damn kid."

Location: Chicken Feed
Time: 12:30pm
Connor was hiding behind a dumpster, he was spying on a food stand that was poorly attended. Chicken Feed. There was only one man working there and he was looking like he needed a break. With his belly rumbling and he needed food. As the cook left, Connor ran in and looked around the truck. It had some cold looking foods but yummy things. He found some hot dogs in the heater already wrapped in tin foil, a burger already made and a few bags of chips. The man also took a few bottles of soda. Connor threw everything in his bag and left. As he ran out of the truck, he bumped into the owner. "The hell!?" He cursed. Connor pushed him and ran off. The owner ran after him but couldn't catch him. "Damn you!" Was all he heard before turning a corner. As he made his way up the old stairs in the abandoned apartment, the man took a deep breath and looked out the window. Detroit. Filled him with sorrow and hatred. One day he will leave. Or get a better life. Connor also felt lonely. It was just him. He often dreamed of living with someone or a dog. But for now, he was hungry. Opening his bag, the food was still warm. Some of the food he gave to a friend named Ralph who was not mentally stable but he was hungry, leaving Connor with a soda and the burger. The young man didn't complain, all he was happy with was that he had a place to sleep for the night and something to eat.

Location: Chicken Feed


Hank was at the restaurant. "Hey Hank. Good to see ya." Gary waved a bit upset. "Heard some kid broke in, eh?" Hank chuckled and shook the man's hand. "Yeah. Went to take a piss and came back to someone in my store. I checked and he stole some food and drinks. While I'm pissed over it, he didn't take any money or damage property." The owner explained. The loss of products could cost him money even if it wasn't a lot. "Maybe he was starving. Had no food or money. Maybe he was homeless." Gary tried to be sympathetic. The look in the boy's eyes just screamed fear. He remembered how scared and hungry he looked. "You're right. I'll keep my eyes pealed for him. Maybe contact a shelter for him." Hank felt bad. Maybe that was all true. The camera footage didn't show evidence in any other issues and there was no damage. All will be fine. "But I'm still gonna put in a warning out though. We have his picture just In case he decides he wants to rob more places." Hank explains. The older men thanked each other and left.

Location: Jericho
Time: 5:46 AM

Connor had his hands in his pockets and he kept his head down as he made his way through the ship. He was going to meet with the leader of the Jericho gang, Markus. While he wasn't known to be violent or aggressive, the other leaders of the gang were. Connor was nervous. He didn't want to go see them but he had to, he was helping sell and make Red Ice. He was only doing this just to get by but he had to bring in most of the money to give to Markus, only 20% went to him. Usually the Red Ice they sold was around 100 USDs meaning Connor gets only $20 per sale but usually no one buys from him. The money he earns goes to buying something to eat at the market or new clothing as the seasons go by.

Connor knocked on the door of the captain's cabin and waited anxiously. The door opened to show Josh. He was a relaxed member of the four. He let Connor, revealing others in fold up chairs mashing and mixing ingredients. Among them where three leaders. Connor gulped when Markus looked up from his note pad. "Connor. Good to see you." His face stayed neutral and not even blinking. Connor nodded and fixed his eyes on his. "So, how has business been?" North piped up, she was cleaning her pistol. "Well. I sold $300 dollars worth this month." He smiled nervously. North gave him a look. "Are you serious? That's little to nothing! I sell more than that! We have starving people here, Connor!" She growled and spit at him. Connor started to step back, he never was fond of North. "Relax, North. Connor, you have been losing business. If this continues, we will not work with you anymore." Markus tells him calmly. Connor nods and feels ashamed. He could have done better. He could have sold more. "Next time we see you, we hope that you have more money to bring in. We don't care how you get it." North says aggressively."I promise, I will do better." Connor says with a break in his voice. "You've let us down too many times. And you owe us a lot of money, dipshit!" North yelled at him and cursed. "We should have left you in the alley to bleed." She got up and left. Markus stood up and went after her but Connor stopped him. "She's right." Connor looked down to the floor in shame, his eyes filled with tears but he refused to let them drop.

" Connor looked down to the floor in shame, his eyes filled with tears but he refused to let them drop

Hank was passed out on the floor with a bottle of Black Lamb. He was drinking all night and passed out around three in the morning. He grumbled and groaned as he felt his dog's wet snout against his face. The Saint Bernard slobbered all over him and laid on top of him. Sumo was a good dog. He always knew how to make things better but he was getting older,eventually he will need help with keeping Hank in line. Sumo stood up and went over to the tv. He sniffed it and looked at it with no interest. Hockey like usual. He didn't care for sports, it was just humans playing fetch with each other. Some days he wished his owner would play fetch with him and stop drinking. Upset, Sumo decided to go and jump into Hank's bed and fall asleep. He made sure he rubbed his entire body all over the bed. Hank eventually woke up and had a pounding headache. Why did he do this to himself? He tries to get up but he falls again. The old man groaned and sat himself in his chair. He looked at the image on the table and sighed. "One day, Cole. One day." He smirked and wished his son was there. "What I'd give to have you back. Or at least another chance." Hank spoke to the picture. "Now where is that bastard? Sumo! Help me up!"