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Darker Than Ebony

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Izuna takes a big breath in as he usually does, and then snuggles deeper into the warmth he’s curled around.


His hands map out the chest of the person he’s spooning and it definitely doesn’t feel like Aniki (he would have also told him off by now), but who else—?

Izuna opens his eyes to white.

Oh, looks like Tobirama’s still here~

Making a mental note to talk to the medic later, because hallucinations that stay overnight are probably something they should know about, he happily continues to run his hands over pale skin, under a rough shirt and map out all the little scars and imperfections. He rolls and pinches the nipples he finds until they harden under his touch before moving on. Pants. Ugh. Much less convenient than the sleep yukata he’s got on, but considering how his hallucination had climbing through his window, he supposes that’s to be expected.

It’s quick work to pull Tobirama’s pants down past the swell of his ass, which he takes a moment to fully appreciate with gropes and smacks and a few bites. He’s definitely too impatient to deal with untying the fundoshi, so he tugs on it just enough to give him access. He gently rubs the soft opening there and almost questions why it’s not already wet and ready for him, but he figures this is probably exactly what would happen in real life, so he reaches for his thick lubricant.

Who knew that hallucinations could be so life-like?

Izuna watches one finger slide easily in and he groans. He wants in now. It’s so hot around his second finger, a third. So tight and wet and—

Izuna rubs his fingers over his dick before shuffling himself closer, using one hand to spread Tobirama’s ass open and see.

Then he’s sinking into that hot, silky channel and he groans and plasters himself further to Tobirama’s back.

There’s suddenly too much clothing and Izuna hikes Tobirama’s shirt up to start biting at the skin he can reach while working up a steady rhythm with his hips.

He’s face level with a very pretty nipple that’s just begging to be sucked and bit until it’s all puffy and red and—

Izuna latches on, unable to resist.

There’s a groan from his husband and then he’s being squeezed as Tobirama clenches and it’s way too much. He thrusts in a handful more times before spilling as far in as he can push himself.

There’s a confused noise as Tobirama clenches again around him, probably just finishing waking up.

What a good husband he has, Izuna thinks as he rubs his face on Tobirama’s chest.