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baby boy tonight (the roles are reversed)

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 When Jiang Wanyin hears something that sounds like a moan—coming out of his own room, no less— he dismisses it. Noises aren’t uncommon to him, and he is no stranger to them.

 When he hears it a second, third time, each louder than before, he stops and listens.

 And what comes to him first is not the noise again, but it is the smell.

 The smell of an omega in heat.

 In their first heat, at that. The sweet scent of lotus blooms and peonies might not be a common mix, but Jiang Wanyin knows what it is.

 Who it came from.

 Just to accompany his thoughts, a moan floats through the air, sweet and gasping and Jiang Wanyin freezes. This is—this is his own chambers, no one should be allowed here except one other person, and that person is—

 A pitiful whine follows, and Jiang Wanyin—he does not know what to do.

 And then there’s a soft murmur, and Jiang Wanyin thinks he should—he really should not be doing this, but he strains his ears and listens, because that sounded so close to—

 ‘Please, uncle—I—I wanna come, please let me cum!

 Jiang Wanyin curses at the fact that he’s actually being affected by this—this nonsense.

 He should go. He should go continue on his patrol and keep himself from sleeping, he should scream himself to sleep and he should drink himself to forgetfulness and he should not look at Jin Ling in the eyes ever again.

 He turns.

 ‘Uncle please I want your cock, please, I just—I need your cock so badly please fuck me!’

 His hand’s turned the doorknob and he’s stepping in and he doesn’t realize he’s doing that until it’s too late, until he’s met with a sight so lewd and obscene he can feel his dick throbbing.

 And the sight is this; Jin Ling is rutting desperately in his sheets and looking utterly ruined and Jiang Wanyin’s restraint, which had not even been that good in the first place, is so close to snapping.

 This is bad, Jiang Wanyin thinks, this is very very bad.

 ‘Uncle, please—‘

 Jin Ling moans and writhes on his bed, ass up in the air and three fingers already buried deep inside of himself and Jiang Wanyin can barely restrain his alpha that’s telling him to claim, to take and devour his nephew’s body—he’s offering it up so desperately, after all, isn’t he?

 ‘Jin Ling.’

 At this, his movement stalls, until all that can be heard in the room is heavy breathing and Jiang Wanyin feels faint with how much pheromones Jin Ling’s body is letting out, the scent sweeter than usual and heavy and think in the air.


 Jin Ling does not turn back, but even so, Jiang Wanyin catches the red that creeps up his ears—his neck would be a pretty red too, if only his hair weren’t covering it.

 He doesn’t say anything, not for a moment, and Jin Ling starts thrusting his own fingers in and out again, letting out tentative mewls and gasps until he resumes his pace from before and his whines turn into full out moans.

 Jiang Wanyin wonders, wonders if his nephew even feels ashamed, at the fact that his uncle is watching and that he had even come to his uncle’s room in the first place, and yet he’s still hard, at the fact that he even seems to be more aroused at the thought that his uncle is there, or maybe he thinks this is all a fever dream and that he’s hallucinating Jiang Wanyin being there—

 He looks so ready though, a voice whispers in his mind, look at him, spread out and presenting himself to you. How could you say no to that? Look at him, whining and pathetic and begging for your cock like he’ll be happy if it’s the last thing he got to touch—

 He growls and shakes his head, trying to keep those thoughts at bay, but—but Jin Ling’s moans grow louder at that, his thrusts more sloppy and frantic and when he turns his head back Jiang Wanyin catches the sight of the tears in his nephew’s eyes.

 After all, this is the whole problem—this is his nephew, who is definitely the last person Jiang Wanyin should be taking advantage of during his first heat.

 And that brings a thought to his head—and the image of other people taking advantage of and using his nephew makes him see red—and he growls, louder than before, Zidian crackling around his fingers—

 And with that, with a pitiful whine, Jin Ling’s coming, and his body goes lax against the sheets. Jiang Wanyin violently shoves the thought that he would like to cuddle his nephew out of his head.

 ‘Well?’ he snaps, barely holding onto his frayed dignity, ‘Are you done now?’

 Jin Ling rolls over, and—and Jiang Wanyin has thought before, that his nephew looked a lot like him from when he was younger, and now is no different save for the fact that he looks lost to his own lust as he bites out, ‘But I’m still hard…’

 And indeed he is, Jiang Wanyin notes, with his cock leaking and tip a pretty red and curving so that his fluids fall onto his stomach—

 Jiang Wanyin shakes his head violently, ignoring the instinct that screams at him to mark, to mate and to take what’s his, and puts his hand on the doorknob, intent on leaving never looking at Jin Ling in the eyes again. For a few months at least.

 ‘Please, uncle,’ Jin Ling calls out, ‘please please please, I need something in me please—‘

 ‘You have your fingers,’ he snaps, closing his eyes and willing himself not to turn around.

 ‘Please,’ Jin Ling gasps, breathy and harried, ‘Please, I need your knot in me, please, alpha—

 Jiang Wanyin does not know what causes him to snap—maybe it is the way Jin Ling whines, so alluring and needy, or maybe it’s that way visions flash across his eyes, of Jin Ling, debauched and wrecked, and Jiang Wanyin can’t even begin to pretend that that sight does not affect him at all.

 Jin Ling, from where he’s still panting and has his eyes closed, looks up as he hears Jiang Wanyin stomps towards him, and maybe Jiang Wanyin could be mistaken, but—but does his nephew tremble and open his legs just a bit wider?

 And then Jin Ling’s pulled forward by Jiang Wanyin grabbing his hair, a whine escaping his lips as his eyes fall closed again and his breath leaves him shakily.

 ‘Please,’ he murmurs, half-delirious, ‘Please fuck me.’

 Jiang Wanyin drags him forward into a searing kiss.

 He swallows up Jin Ling’s little ‘oh’ with his mouth, savoring Jin Ling’s hot breaths and licking into his mouth. Jin Ling, on his part, does not offer any resistance at all, and his hands come up to grasp Jiang Wanyin’s upper arms as he writhes on the sheets beneath him.

 ‘Look at you,’ Jiang Wanyin mutters, against his lips, ‘I’ve barely even touched you and you’re this affected.’

 Jin Ling moans, arching up into him and Jiang Wanyin uses the one hand that isn’t holding his head to trail across the small expanse of his nephew’s body—who shivers as their kisses get sloppier in lieu of Jin Ling trying to press himself closer to him.

 Jiang Wanyin pulls back, smirking a bit at how Jin Ling chases his lips and falls back with a whine when he cannot. It’s too endearing.

 ‘Uncle,’ Jin Ling pleads, eyes glassy with love, ‘Please fuck me, come on.’

 ‘Don’t tell me what to do.’

 Despite his words, Jiang Wanyin gets out of his clothes as quick as he can, lying them carelessly on the floor and settling himself between his omega’s legs again. He doesn’t miss the way Jin Ling looks at his cock—hungry and feral, and Jiang Wanyin thinks he gets even harder.

 ‘You’re so pretty,’ he says, and normally he’d never let himself sound so awed, but dammit he’s in a haze and Jin Ling is spread out under him so invitingly and he can’t help the words that spew out of his mouth, ‘so eager for me, huh?’

 Jin Ling whines, trying to thrust his hips up but Jiang Wanyin holds him down, smirking at the lost look his nephew sends him. Leaning forward, his kisses him again, savoring his taste and the sounds he makes and the way his fingernails bite into Jiang Wanyin’s arms. There will be marks tomorrow, surely.

 He prods one finger at Jin Ling’s entrance, watching the way his omega gasps and—‘Alpha, please, more—‘

 And when he thrust three fingers into his welcoming heat Jin Ling keens, back arching upwards and hands scrabbling for purchase on Jiang Wanyin’s arms, and he moans, loud and begging and Jiang Wanyin’s control over himself almost, almost snaps.

 He prods around, searching for—that one spot, and he knows he’s found it when Jin Ling tightens his grip, throws his head back and exposing the arch of his neck that Jiang Wanyin desperately wants to take a bit out of, but—but he can’t so he lets the litany of pure filth descend from his lips.

 ‘So slutty, aren’t you? Begging for your uncle’s cock? I would have expected better of you, Sect Leader Jin. If anyone else could see you right now, would you be ashamed of yourself? Letting your uncle do whatever he wants with your body?’

 He punctuates each word with a thrust, and Jin Ling sobs, body spasming and jerking as Jiang Wanyin spreads him and makes him come undone with just a few words. (The rush of power should not be so exhilarating.)

 Jin Ling’s reaching his limit, he knows, sees the way his cries grow louder and how his arm comes up to cover his face—like that’ll do anything—and he trembles even more than before, and Jiang Wanyin—he is bewitched.

 And what happens next, will always be imprinted in Jiang Wanyin’s mind.

 ‘Cute little pup,’ he murmurs. Jin Ling freezes for all of a millisecond before he comes, with a yell and fingers drawing blood from Jiang Wanyin’s arms.

 Jiang Wanyin takes a moment to think—wickedly—that his nephew deserves no rest, and with that thought he lines himself up and thrusts into Jin Lin’s hole in one smooth glide.

 Jin Ling spasms so wonderfully around him, and Jiang Wanyin barely holds back his pleasure as a word from Jin Ling shocks through his mind.


 And Jiang Wanyin freezes, watches as Jin Ling whimpers and thrashes against the bed and moans that over and over with whines of embarrassment, watches come puddle on his omega’s stomach and fuck he wants to ruin his nephew so badly.

 But he’s content, for the moment, to waft in Jin Ling’s now mellow scent after he comes down from his high, to stay in Jin Ling until the latter flutters his eyelashes and looks utterly debauched and wrecked and Jiang Wanyin thinks with both pride and shame that he’s the one who brought Jin Ling to this state.

 In this fucked out state, Jin Ling’s whimpers slowly fade out, until he gazes up at Jiang Wanyin and he—he looks so cute, Jiang Wanyin thinks dazedly, with his eyelashes fluttering and his pupils blown out and his hair sprawled out behind him—he looks absolutely adorable.

 He doesn’t realize he’s said all this aloud until Jin Ling raises his hips and whimpers, an open invitation for Jiang Wanyin to keep fucking into him.

 And fuck him he does, snapping his hips forward and backwards until Jin Ling howls, clutching onto his sheets and legs wrapping tight around Jiang Wanyin’s waist and he, selfishly, wants to keep this memory to himself, of Jin Ling looking so pretty and vulnerable—and the want stirs up the thought of other people seeing Jin Ling like this, the same way he sees him—

 Jiang Wanyin gasps at the jealously that rears its ugly head in his chest, and he’s so unprepared for the surge of possessive to unfurl that he ends up fucking into Jin Ling harder, until the boy is screaming daddy over and over again, mind lost in the haze of pleasure that Jiang Wanyin is providing him.

 ‘So pretty,’ Jiang Wanyin tells him, ‘Such a good little pup for me, huh? Do you like this? I bet you’ve thought about this before, haven’t you? Thought about my cock in your ass, pounding you until you lose your mind like this? Do you like it, pup?’

 ‘Yes!’ Jin Long sobs, ‘yes, daddy, please please I—I’ve thought about this for so long—always wanted your cock in me, yes!—‘

 Jiang Wanyin had asked those questions on a whim, yet the unexpected answer sends a wave of heat through him, and he growls, leaning over Jin Ling and grabbing the headboard for better leverage.

 Almost immediately, Jin Ling’s hands come up to claw at his back and Jiang Wanyin takes a second to think yes, mark me, let everyone know I’m your alpha and no one else’s before he bites down, hard, onto Jin Ling’s neck, right below where an actual mating mark would be.

And Jin Ling comes, hand and sudden and his insides clench around Jiang Wanyin’s cock so perfectly, spasming and fluttering uncontrollably and Jiang Wanyin, with a low groan, comes too, spilling inside his nephew’s ass.

 After a few seconds of both of then trying to regain their breath, Jiang Wanyin lets go of the headboard, shifting his weight onto his elbows and arms where they come to frame Jin Ling’s head.

 ‘Uncle,’ Jin Ling whispers, eyes darting around, and Jiang Wanyin notices amusedly that his nephew’s trying so hard not to look at him, ‘Uncle, you’re still—‘

 Jiang Wanyin grinds his hips into Jin Ling’s, eliciting a squeak from the latter, and indeed, he is still hard, and his cock is the only thing stopping his come from leaking out of Jin Ling—he wonders what it would be like to watch it drip out of him, agonizingly slow.

 ‘Jin Ling,’ he murmurs, turning onto his side and taking care not to dislodge himself from him, ‘look at me.’

 Jin Ling doesn’t. His cheeks are blotched red, and his small body trembles as Jiang Wanyin tucks a stray lock of hair behind his ear.

 ‘Look at me.’

 And yet Jin Ling doesn’t. Jiang Wanyin, with a half-growl, moves again so that Jin Ling is on top of him, his dick still securely nestled in Jin Ling’s tight hole, and his nephew gasps weakly and collapses onto his chest not a second after the change of position.

 ‘Jin Ling.’

 He still doesn’t look, still doesn’t raise his head up, but Jiang Wanyin can feel the heat that’s radiating off his cheeks where he’s buried his face into Jiang Wanyin’s chest.

 Jiang Wanyin grips Jin Ling’s waist, painful enough that his omega lets out a soft whimper and squeezes even tighter around his cock.

‘Look at your daddy, pup.

 Jin Ling’s head flies up, and his eyes lock onto Jiang Wanyin’s—and it seems that his body had automatically responded, seeing as that his eyes are blown wide and his breathing is erratic as he shifts on Jiang Cheng’s cock. Jiang Wanyin has never seen a sight so fucking arousing.

 ‘Pup,’ he addresses his nephew, taking in with no amount of dissatisfaction at the way Jin Ling tries to sit up a little straighter despite the way his legs are sprawled out on either side of Jiang Wanyin’s body, ‘Sit up properly.’

 Jin Ling does, with difficulty, and he braces his hands on his uncle’s chest, breathing heavily and staring up at Jiang Wanyin with doleful eyes. ‘Is this okay, uncle?’

 —and he yelps, as Jiang Wanyin smacks the underside of his ass, tilting forward and squeezing almost painfully around his cock, and this, Jiang Wanyin thinks amidst his own choked groan, this is what heaven must feel like.

 (How could something so wrong feel so good?)

 ‘None of that,’ he admonishes, relishes in the way Jin Ling’s doe eyes grow even wider, ‘You were all needy and cute earlier for daddy, weren’t you?’

 Jin Ling’s blush starts to spread down to his chest, and Jiang Wanyin can’t help but trail his fingers up to his chest, fingers ghosting over Jin Ling’s skin, bare enough that Jin Ling shivers and hangs his head downwards.

 ‘…daddy,’ Jin Ling whispers, so soft that Jiang Wanyin would not have heard it if he were not waiting for it.

 ‘Good pup,’ he praises, watching the way his nephew tenses up at the words. God, Jin Ling really is too adorable for his own good. He sees Jin Ling’s cock starting to swell up again, and he thinks, says, ‘Be a good pup for daddy and ride me, hm?’

 Jin Ling whimpers and starts moving, slowly, grinding his hips and pushing himself up and down in short thrusts. He continues like this for a few moments, and Jiang Wanyin lets him—he needs to find his pace after all—and soon Jin Ling’s moaning, hips bouncing jerkily on Jiang Wanyin’s.

 Jiang Wanyin lets his hands wander—this was a feast only for him—and he strokes his shoulders, his neck, down his waist, while admiring all the tiny fucked out noises that Jin Ling makes, short whimpers and cut-off moans and cute sounds that Jiang Wanyin immensely enjoys.

 ‘Good little pup,’ he murmurs, drawing Jin Ling into a kiss as his omega bounces himself on his dick, ‘Taking my cock so well. It’s like you were born for this, huh? Born to take my dick like the cute little whore you are.’

 Jin Ling jerks, and his arms are shaky as they grip onto Jiang Wanyin’s shoulders.

 ‘Hm, tell me, pup—‘ Jin Ling whines—‘Why did you come to my room? Did you think that I would not catch you? Did you think you could get away with having your first heat, in my room?’

 ‘Ah, daddy,’ Jin Ling whimpers, ‘Daddy, I just, I just needed your scent so bad, to be around you and—and I didn’t know I was gonna be in heat I swear—‘

 ‘If you says so, my little pup.’

 Jin Ling sobs, and his movements grow frantic with the need to come, Jiang Wanyin sees, and to help out—

 He thrusts up as hard as he can, almost knocking Jin Ling off his lap and continues with this pace, fucking up relentlessly into Jin Ling, who’s gone boneless and a puddle in Jiang Wanyin’s arms, lets himself be fucked until he’s babbling nonsensical words in Jiang Wanyin’s arms.

 Jiang Wanyin drags Jin Ling into a hard kiss, biting along his lower lip and losing himself in the tightness, the heat that is Jin Ling, squeezing him so deliciously and is a garbled mess in front of him and Jiang Wanyin—

 —and he is powerless.

 With a growl and a ‘fuck, pup, you’re so good for me,’ Jiang Wanyin comes, spilling inside his nephew’s ass, again, and he feels his knot swell, feels Jin Ling gasp so sweetly against his lips as he comes as well, his come spilling between their bodies and Jiang Wanyin watches with unmasked affection as his omega slumps into his embrace.

 ‘Tired,’ Jin Ling mumbles, after a few seconds, and Jiang Wanyin chuckles, shifting them around so that his knot doesn’t hurt him, and lays them into a more comfortable position and pulls the blankets up to cover them both.

 ‘Sleep, my little pup.’

 Jin Ling snuggles into him further, and Jiang Wanyin strokes his hair until his breaths have evened out and his body’s gone lax in his arms.

 He sighs.

 There will be problems, he thinks, of course there will be, but sleep is tugging at his eyes and he finds that he does not have the energy to fight against it anymore.

 With a last kiss to Jin Ling’s lips, he lets himself drift off.

 It’s the first time he’s slept peacefully in years.