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A Million Dreams

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Clarke could sense the oncoming heat before it was even visible. The death wave, still miles away from her location, was producing enough heat even from that distance that Clarke was finding it hard to breathe.

In her current situation, this is proving to be a problem. It proved that the wave was coming in fast, much faster than she could outrun.

But still, she fought against the pain in her lungs as she tore through the woods, not following any path, just in the general direction of the lab. The voice in the back of her head pleading for her to run faster, to make it, to live.

It's the same voice that's always been there, begging her to stay alive in any situation that puts her in danger.

The voice of Bellamy Blake.

The real Bellamy probably already thinks her dead. Or close enough to it, there was no way for him to think any different. He was the one to close the door, the one who sat with his head in his hands as he left the Earth's atmosphere, leaving behind the one person who means just as much to him as his only sister. So, To him, Clarke Griffin was dead, and it was his fault.

Still, Clarke ran for him. stumbling through the greenery, accumulating cuts and bruises from tripping over and running into loose branches, not stopping for a moment to duck out of the way, or to wipe the blood tricking into her eye from a gash on her forehead.

"Just a bit farther- don't be weak... you can do this!" Clarke was yelling to herself, her voice coming out in raspy wheezes. It was becoming painful for her to breath now, causing her to stumble and fall more often than she liked.

The heat was stifling, the trees in front of her were swaying dangerously as if they were melting under the extreme temperature. If Clarke wasn't running so fast, she would see some of the leaves smoking to a crisp.

"Do it for Mom..." Clarke was crying now. Her footfalls becoming clumsy and slow.

Clarke wasn't sure what her mother would do if in five years she has to learn her only child has been dead. Sure, Clarke was aware that Marcus would be there for her mother, but the idea of causing that pain, the same pain she felt when she lost her father, to her mother, it was almost as unbearable as this heat.

Suddenly, a gust of boiling wind knocks into Clarke's back, sending her sprawling into the mud and rocks.

Turning in horror, Clarke looks up to see thousands of birds flying high in the sky, some of their feathers falling off behind them as they (like Clarke) frantically try to outfly the flames.

They are having better luck than she is.

The wind from before is back, and Clarke is forced to curl into a ball to try and protect her skin from the boiling heat. However, her hands are left open and vulnerable.

The pain is so severe that Clarke screams louder than ever before. She could feel blisters erupting on her skin and blood pouring down her arms, soaking into the fabric of her clothes.

The feeling was indescribable, and if it were someone weaker, they would've given in at that moment. Just lay there and allow the flames to take her.

But Clarke still had something to live for.

"Bellamy... please-" Clarke forces her hands to grasp the dirt beneath her, ignoring how the small stones and twigs tear at her ruined hands. Her eyes were almost blinded by her tears. She couldn't die now, she had to survive the five years. She had to see him again- to tell him-

A loud crack fills the air and for a moment, Clarke stops in fright, her train of thought lost as a sudden large weight crashes down on her back.

She couldn't turn to see, but it was clear by the smell and the rain of debris that rained down on her, that a large branch had given up and snapped from one of the wobbling

It was game over.

Sobs break their way out of Clarke's mouth, great, body wracking sobs that leave her chest throbbing with pain along with her hands and back.

It was clear at that moment, Clarke wasn't going to get out of this one, judging by the lack of pain in her legs, where there once had been. Something had broken, something that let her feel her legs.

"I'm sorry- Bell- Bellamy I'm so sorry!" Clarke wasn't sure if anything could hear her anymore, she was alone, but it didn't stop her from screaming apologies into the sky. Wishing somehow, although it may be impossible, that Bellamy would hear her and forgive her for giving up.

Clarke closed her eyes and hid her face in the dirt, not caring that mud was getting into her mouth. She lay there crying into the Earth, trying hard to imagine that the people she loved and lost were there with her now... sitting with her as she died.

Clarke thought of her father, holding her hand in both of his, of her mother soothingly pulling her hair into a braid, of Wells reading her a story of some long-forgotten land, of her friends Raven, Monty, Harper, and even Murphy, sitting by her feet, not saying anything but just being there for her in these last painful minutes.

The last person who comes to Clarke's head is Bellamy. He is sitting by her side, on the other side of her father, his hand on her cheek, whispering how it was all okay, that she could rest, his thumb brushing away her tears of pain and loneliness, promising her that he will be there while she falls asleep.

Promising her that things will be better, wherever she goes next, he will always be there for her.

Always love her.

Clarke was aware that it was all a stupid dream, but it stopped the sobs, even if the tears kept falling. It gave her one last piece of comfort as she lay here dying all on her own.

Bellamy loving her.

Her loving her.

It was the last thought that Clarke Griffin ever had.

As a mere 5 seconds, later a wall of flames takes over her body.

Ending her life in a matter of moments.

Miles into the sky, the heart of Bellamy Blake breaks even more.

He knew she was gone.