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The Forgotten Duo

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Chapter 1

Kings Cross Station

Harry walked through the barrier at platform 9 & ¾ for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had been waiting for this day for as he could remember.

His parents, and this twin brother Andrew, who was also known as the famous ‘Boy Who Lived,’ were walking ahead of him, while he lagged behind. He had no intention of being seen so close to them, not with how they’d treated him his whole life.

On the Halloween of 1981, Harry at the time had been with his Mum and Dad visiting his Godfather, Sirius, while his brother had been left home with his Godmother, who had hoped to have some time to bond with him.

Unfortunately, that night, Lord Voldemort came to Godric Hollow. The Dark Lord killed Andrew’s Godmother and moved to kill Andrew, but something went wrong, and Lord Voldemort disappeared off the face of the earth.

No one knows exactly what happened that Halloween night, only that the Dark Lord's wand was found in the room, with no sign of his body.

Andrew was found safe and healthy, with only a lightning-shaped scar to prove he was there, with Wizarding Britain claiming Andrew as the ‘Boy Who Lived’ and the saviour of Wizarding Britain.

And to Harry’s point of view, this was the reason why his parents had focused most of their attention on his brother, and whether intentionally or not, neglected him in the process. As every action, they seemed to make showed off their blatant favouritism towards Andrew.

On the twin’s birthday, on July 31, a party was held at the Manor for their shared birthday. All of Andrew’s friends came over, and as Harry had no friends, no one came over for ‘his’ party. His parents had given his brother two notable presents, the first of which was a brand-new Nimbus 2000 broomstick, which was said to be the best broom on the market.

Andrew was also given his father’s family heirloom, the Potter invisibility cloak. When Harry saw this his mind was in a fury, he knew that for as long as he could remember the family heirloom had always been passed down from the father to the eldest son. So, based on that Harry should’ve been given the cloak as he was born an hour before Andrew, but alas it seemed traditions didn’t apply to the Potter’s ‘favourite’ son.

For some reason, Harry had a very difficult time making friends, which is why he had none at all. Whenever he talked to someone he had to constantly grab their attention, or else they just seemed to ‘zone out.’ This resulted in Harry thinking that he was simply a boring person, and not deemed worthy of anyone’s time. And other children only ever talked to him because they mistook him for his brother, and once he had communicated this, they promptly became a lot less friendly towards him. But most of the time people just walked past him, almost as if they didn’t even see him.

Harry and Andrew looked very similar, as they were near-identical twins and near carbon copies of their father, James. The only differences being Andrew's famous scar and their different eye colours. Where Andrew had inherited his father's hazel eyes, Harry had gained his mother's green eyes.

Harry found that over time he actually felt somewhat comfortable with the daily loneliness in his life. He had never experienced friendship before, and because of that didn’t know what he was missing out on.

And since he was so ignored and unnoticed he spent a lot of his time going through the various books in the Potter library, Who knew the Potter’s had such an extensive and broad collection of books ranging from all different kinds of magic?

To avoid looking identical to his brother, Harry kept his fringe long enough so it could cover one of his eyes. This way he was less likely to be mistaken as his brother, and maybe if his parents noticed him properly one day, they wouldn’t get confused.

And the neglect towards Harry was not only from his parents, as both his two uncles Sirius and Remus ignored him as well, and as a result, he resented them all for it.

So, as Harry walked behind his family he decided, right then and there, that he was going to leave a mark on the world and be remembered as someone. His first footprint was set to begin in the 1991 Hogwarts Sorting.


As they walked Harry listened in on the conversation his parents were having with his brother.

“Andrew, remember to not just chase girl all day,” said James.

Andrew rolled his eyes and said, “Dad why would I worry about chasing girls when I can watch Quidditch?”

James let out a chuckle, “Yes I suppose you’re right, Quidditch is more important than girls,” replied his father with a smirk.

This resulted in him being lightly hit on the arm by Lily who was not so amused and glared briefly at her husband.

“Quidditch is not the most important thing in the world,” said Lily.

“Yes, mum." And the two Potter males fell into laughter.

Harry had to admit he was slightly jealous of their exchange, Seriously one would think that they only have one son. He sighed and began to make his way over to them hoping to elicit some sort of reaction, however, just as he was about to reach them a clan of redheads blocked his path.

Great the Weasley, thought Harry sarcastically.

The Weasleys were… a strange bunch to be sure. The Mother of the clan, Molly Weasley was perhaps the most overbearing mother, Harry had ever seen, although he hadn't seen that many to begin with. Molly constantly nagged her kids and was often seen telling the Weasley twins off. If it was out of love, or a need to be in control Harry couldn't tell. He had never experienced anything like that to understand.

Arthur Weasley was also there, the father and the Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office, which one can only wonder how he still has the job, as Harry had overheard the twins talking about a flying car. A flying car! How can someone who is the head of the misuse of muggle artefacts be doing exactly that?

Harry had only seen Bill and Charlie Weasley a few times when they had visited the Manor, and since they were too old for Hogwarts they weren’t present at the platform.

Percy was standing there looking completely full of himself, in his Gryffindor robes and a badge proudly on his chest representing him as a Prefect.

The twins were supposedly a fun bunch, however, Harry wouldn’t agree with this statement. He had seen them commit pranks on guests and in Harry’s opinion they weren’t wonderful pranksters, but instead bullies.

The youngest son of the Weasley's, Ron was also there. He was best friends with his annoying brother and a first-class git. The few interactions he had with Ron were some of the worst. He ignored what Harry said and proceeded to talk about Quidditch and the Chudley Cannons, all the while making off-hand and rude comments to his ‘bookish' habits. Why Ron was Andrew's best friend would always be a mystery to the eldest Potter boy.

The youngest of all the Weasleys and the biggest fan of Andrew ever was Ginny. It seemed like she couldn’t even say a single word in front of Andrew and blushed furiously whenever Andrew addressed her. Harry wondered if this was the result of Molly’s influence.

While the Weasleys caught up with his family, Harry looked up and down the platform, before locking his eyes onto a familiar looking group. It was the infamous Malfoy family, who easily contrasted the Weasley’s red hair with their blond. They stood there straight a powerful, looking as though they owned the place. He knew that they were the second richest wizarding family in Britain, the only one richer being the Black estate which was almost entirely controlled by his godfather.

His parents had told him and Andrew all about the Malfoys, and how they used to be followers of the Dark Lord. They had advised their kids to be very careful and even antagonistic towards the followers of the dark and their children. Harry, however, thought otherwise, Why should I judge someone based on their parents’ actions? I certainly don’t want people to judge and presume me to be just like my father. If Malfoy is indifferent to me, I see no reason what I can’t return the favour.

Harry turned his gaze back to the Potters and realised that they were saying goodbye to their child, less they forget he was also theirs.

“Goodbye Andrew, you’re all so grown up now. Going to your first year at Hogwarts, I’ll miss you,” said Lily before bringing Andrew into a big hug.

“Mum, you’re embarrassing me,” said a blushing and embarrassed Andrew.

James laughed and joked, “That’s why parents exist Andrew, solely to embarrass their children.”

Andrew smiled awkwardly in response.

“Now make sure you end up in Gryffindor, not as if that’ll hard as Potter’s are always in Gryffindor.”

“Of course, Dad, where else would I be, Slytherin?” joked Andrew.

The trio all laughed at that.

They waved their goodbyes and Andrew made his way onto the Hogwarts Express.

His parents were still looking at Andrew seemingly oblivious to Harry's presence.

Harry cleared his throat.

The two turned their attention to the noise and seemed a bit startled.

“Oh, Harry I almost forgot you were here,” said Lily a bit awkwardly, blinking a few times while looking at Harry.

More like you did forget mused, Harry.

He looked into her eyes and noticed that he saw the usual lines and wiggles associated with his eye condition.

“Well bye Harry, hope you enjoy your year.”

“Bye son,” said James and patted his son hard on the back.

Harry mentally sighed before saying “Bye,” and without taking another look at them he headed off to board the Hogwarts Express.