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marching bands of manhattan

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Eiji made it easy.

Made it easy to feel at ease, to sleep, to forget.
He doesn’t think he’s ever felt as light as when they’re together. He doesn’t deserve it, he knows, but being anywhere else is bad for Eiji, bad for him, and even though the mantra in his head told him he was badbadbad


The sun filtered in through partially closed blinds in their bedroom. The sound of people going about their day ten floors below was inescapable, every corner of New York City thrumming with life. Eiji was trying to blink the sleep out of his eyes, bringing a hand up to cover a yawn as he did so. Part of his hair was flat from where he had been pressed against Ash’s shoulder, the other sticking up at some odd angles. Cute.

“Hey, sleepyhead.” His hand went to Eiji’s cheek, swiping his thumb under his eyes gently when they fluttered shut. “It’s early, you know.”

Eiji huffed, keeping his eyes closed as he placed his hand over Ash’s. “You’re awake, so I am too.”

He was pretty sure Eiji was going to fall back asleep sitting up though, hand still warm on his where he was touching his cheek. It was hard not to smile, to push him back down gently and his smile only got softer as Eiji let himself be guided, instinctively going back to his usual spot by Ash’s side.

His hand always came to curl on top of Ash’s heart, the steady thumpthumpthump under his skin a melody that played back again and again for him, only.