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The 3 Magic Kingdoms

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"Merlin you better not say any snide remarks or it's to the stake with you." The Crowned price Arthur imperiled Merlin as they walked to the throne room. Merlin rolled his eyes, "Maybe I'll faint and the knights will freak out like always." He mumbled, glad his real friends cared. "I heard you, and it is mostly Lancelot and Gwaine, " Arthur commented back to Merlin.

"I do have to say it worries me how you charm everyone around you." The Crowed prince chuckled a bit. Merlin puts his hands on the door to push it as he rolled his eyes back at Arthur, "yes, I am so bewitching aren't I?" He said sarcastically and Arthur was glad the other didn't see his face of disappointment at his words.

"Arthur." The king smiled at his son. "Come now just in time for the guests to be arriving." Arthur smiled at his father and sat next to him as Merlin hid a bit behind Arthur, out of his master's view. "Father who is it that is coming? You refused to tell me. This truly feels very important." Arthur said a bit amused at his father's smile. "3 kingdoms have decided to join the peace treaty. Since the others have signed it they excused themselves but they have all sent letters." Uther said very delightedly. Arthur was a bit surprised knowing the exact kingdoms.

Merlin's whole life did a 180-degree turn for the worse, he almost lost his breath as his world shattered. He was so dead. Gaius, the trusted physician saw Merlins almost lost and broken expression as he wondered about what had he heard or remembered.

Suddenly a knight from the kingdom of Ealdor entered the room. A blond man, with a dark blue cape. Wolfskin adorning the edges of his cape. Silver adorning everywhere it could. He was rather short but he made up on that with his deadly face. Even causing fear in Arthur. The man clearly looked like the general. He looked very displeased as he looked down on everyone in that room. His eyes falling last on the king.

Uther stood up to be as best of a host as he could. "King Mycroft Holms and the princes of Ealdor." He proclaimed with a less scary voice. His gloved hands tightening when his deep blue eyes got caught in Merlin's light blue ones. The young warlock looked back at the man almost petrified.

"Silence boys." A yell was heard from the hallway and very loud footsteps. The door was almost blasted open as a very angry king entered the room with three other princes behind him. The general stood next to the tallest man with black hair with curls. His sharp cheekbones reminding him of Merlin, Arthur suddenly realize that the prince reminded him greatly of Merlin.

The king looked older, brown eyes, a cane and a face that looked like he was annoyed to be here in the first place. The third prince looked more like the king, brown eyes, brown hair, but this one looked a little bit off. Regardless, a skinny man with dark curly hair, looking like the second oldest, was next to this one, looking even weirder. They were all adorned with black and dark blue, a silver raven as their crest. Leather, animal furs and silver adorned them greatly. Their crowns looked more intricate than the ones in Camelot.

"Mycroft, it's been some time. This is my son, Crowed Prince Arthur, and this is my ward, Morgana." Uther said as others stood up and did their respected curtsies.

"Very nice to see you, Uther. This is Sherlock, Brian, Dexter, and the little prince has decided to disappear after a little issue, but I am sure to find him so-" Mycroft's words were stopped as he looked at the side of Arthur and looked like looks were ready to commit homicide.

"A serving boy?!" The king yelled looking at Merlin, as the boy tried to act like it was not at him that they were talking to. "Merlin out of all of the things I would have been fine with you picking you choose a serving boy?! I should have kept you on a leash at my side at all times." King Mycroft yelled and jumped at Merlin but the general and prince Sherlock grabbed him in time. But Prince Dexter grabbed at him instead. Making Prince Brian rolled his eyes. "Brother, how have they been treating you?" Said Dexter hugging the small boy. The boy looked at Arthur and the king and felt embarrassed, hiding in his older brother's chest. "Have they been nice to our favorite baby brother. Oh, look how much you have grown, oh you're so gorgeous. You look just like Sherry and Biny!" He smiled as he kissed Merlin's head. Brian was quite calm as he decided to not create more commotion than needed.

The whole court was in absolute shock. But Dexter continued to speak, "It was our mother who told Merlin that he could hide away with uncle Gaius." At this Gaius rolled his eyes, annoyed at getting caught already.

"Can someone cares to explain," Morgana said with a charming smile. "Merlin is the 5th son of the old king of Ealdor. He had a little escapade 2 years ago because of something that happened." The general said as he held his violent king in place, but then Dexter hugged the boy again and spoke, "But Merly promises not to do that again right?" Dexter said baby-talking Merlin while he squeezed his cheeks. "Stop treating him like a babe. He's only 17." Brian complained and joined the group hug to hide his baby brother's shame.

Morgana and Uther gave each other looks as Arthur got a bit closer to Merlin. Wondering why HIS Merlin, his clumsy, caring and sweet manservant was PRINCE of EALDOR, A KINGDOM THAT WAS MORE VIOLENT THAN ESSETIR. How was this even possible? But no wonder the boy was clumsy at work, he was a damn prince.

"Merlin is a prince," Arthur whispered softly. Morgana placed her hand on Arthurs's shoulder to comfort him silently. She was also surprised at this, and she was quite glad she was never terrible to him like Arthur was.

"They had him hostage!" Mycroft yelled. Sherlock rolled his eyes still holding his older brother back. "You're clearly wrong on that one brother. Stop making a scene, we have Merlin back. No need for violence." He said sighing as the other relaxed. He still pulled Merlin up to him and kissed his forehead before pulling on his ear. "What are you even wearing! Not fit for such a handsome prince like you!" Mycroft growled out pulling at the cloth around Merlin's neck. The boy was so embarrassed he didn't know where to look.

"King Cenred and Princess Irene of Essetir!" A servant in black said. The two more terrifying figures entered the hall and ungodly screech was heard. "Merlin!" Princess Irene made her way to Merlin with a delicate walk. Her heels even and loud as she hugged the boy and messed up his hair.

"Hiding in King Uther's realm. Merlin, you're such a bad boy. Oh, good day to you all your majesties." She said after her freak out. She still had respect for lower kingdoms like Camelot. She did her bows as Cenred joined in the fun.

"Ah what a nice reunion. Your majesties. Uther, Mycroft, good seeing you all." Cenred said softly and gave Merlin a lustful look. "And how is my lovely fiancee, had fun playing serving boy, you know I could have arranged something like that for you once we are wed?" He purred at Merlin and Dexter growled out a bit. Not wanting to let go of Merlin. Everyone was rather disgusted except for the Ealdorians and the Essetires.

Arthur was shocked, his manservant was meant to marry the enemy kingdom of Camelot.

"Wait the 5th prince of Ealdor is to marry the king of Essetir?" King Uther asked, trying to understand the huge family reunion happening in front of him. "But Merlin can't be a prince, he's…" Uther was about to mock him but Mycroft looked about to declare war.

"We are here for a peace treaty and we find our brother as a servant boy! Of a prince! I have never been more insulted. And to have to be in a kingdom that outlaws magic! I r-, " Mycroft was silenced by Sherlock again. "We simply want peace, and to keep our brother. I am sure there is no need to discuss the fact that we are taking him back. No discussion needed?" Sherlock said and repeated just in case Uther was too dumb for words.

"Yes. No need, misunderstandings happen, don't they?" Uther said peacefully and a bit lost.

"Merlin you lied to me." Arthur finally spoke up and Merlin looked at his prince fearfully. The silence echoed in the room.

"King Williams and Princess Abigale of Northevense!" Shouted a servant of Camelot, meaning that the kingdom had not brought their own servants. This king almost looked dead inside as he walked towards the group of royalty. His boots had soles of metal so they cackled like thunder in the deadly quiet room. Adorned with timber wolfskin, and a bow and quilt hanging from his back, his golden crown not really fitting in with his dark long curls but the emeralds truly stood out. His cape was shorter and didn't drag. But it was a beautiful deep green. His cold blue eyes scanned the room as he did his courtesies.

The princess was gorgeous, dressed in pink cloth with deerskin adorning her chest and cape. She smiled nervously at the side of her father. Twin blades resting at her hips. A simple golden crown, it's simplicity not robbing your eyes from the beauty of the Princess.

The man at the side of the king was definitely another general, he had this high air to him that he seemed like another king or the real predator in the entire room. He was in chainmail and had a long cape. The black wolf symbol contrasting beautifully with the green of his robes. He held his helmet at the side, small horns on the sides of said helmet. This man was also holding two black hunting wolves with muzzles on and leather harnesses to hold them back with the chains.

"Forgive me for being tardy. But I see that's not the reason for this silence. I do hope your not all at each other's throats." Williams said he smiled darkly.

Now the room had 3 of the most feared Kings. Yes, Uther executed all magic users that were caught. Nevertheless, Uther was not the one killing the people directly. He sent his guards to do so.

Williams's kingdom was known as a land of cannibals. Williams was also known as 'The Hunter', he truly caused fear all-round. His general was a ruthless warrior, killed all he found unworthy. They called him the 'Northern Ripper'. Nothing much was known of the king's child, only that she was a dame. And a hunter of the first class.

"The cannibals made it." Cenred teased as he shook William's hand, causing Williams to smile and chuckle a bit at the joke. "I saw you a week ago Cenred, you make it sound like you missed me." He joked and the other smiled. He kissed Irene's hand and Abigail walked over to Irene and the two princes stayed next to each other.

Williams completed his hello to the ones he knew and looked up at Uther. "Nice to meet you Uther Pendragon." He said with a deadly smirk. "Same to you William McGraham," Uther replied not showing his fear to the cannibal.

"What a messy introduction, I don't remember half of the names and kingdoms," Dexter said exasperated.

"Yes let us get the tables. The court is dismissed. Morgana, dear, take the Princesses for a walk or take them to their rooms or something else." Uther said running out of ideas. "If the kings may stay. The room will be ready." He mumbling a bit, still in shook at having a prince as a serving boy.

The royals stepped to the side and the ladies left. The generals would not budge though, staying next to their prince or king. The tables and chairs were set up and the kings sat down.

Mycroft was annoyed as he had to sit next to the dumbest king, with Cenred in front of him. "I think this is quite noble of you to accept me into this peace treaty," Cenred said with a smirk. Williams was next to Cenred and he gave his friend a weird look. "Hannibal you don't have to stay," William turned around and said softly to his loyal knight. Hannibal leaned in to whisper in his king's ear. "I don't want my royal highness to end up as a stable boy." That made Williams laugh as Hannibal left him the black wolves and the hall.

"Dexter, Brian. You are to take Merlin to get into more prince-like clothes. Make sure their Brains since they are both skinny. " Mycroft managed to say as he pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation.

"Arthur you are to stay here," Uther said as the prince almost growled at his father, sitting next to Williams.

Sherlock sat next to Mycroft and immediately took off his crowned followed by the older brother to do a simple hand movement and for the second to slip it back on in annoyance.

Brian made way as Dexter followed suit with Merlin, holding his hand like a little kid. Merlin wanting to hide under a rock extremely embarrassed. "Merly, head up like big brother Mymy says." He said still baby talking him. It would be very embarrassing for the others to admit they called him the same and allowed the smaller ones to call them such baby names.

"This is horrible," Merlin mumbled as he was pushed into one of the guest chambers. There boxes already in there. Dexter opened up Brians's trunk and started digging in it. "Oh, this is nice." He said softly, finding some blue. "Oh Merly, kid, you don't look good in red. It's not your color, it's Camelot's. I mean you look good in blood. Especially when it's someone who deserves it.~" Dexter said darkly, making the oldest in the room smirk.

"He does, doesn't he? I miss watching you kill, lovely." Brian purred to Merlin. The boy turned and held his head, not wanting to remember how good it was to use his magic for destruction.

"I'd be as disappointed as Kilgarah is in you. You still haven't assassinated the king? He's killed so many of our kind. What is one king versus a hundred men?" Dexter said as he took out a silk blue cape.

"Biney! Strip him!" Dexter told Brian as he stood up quickly to help the unwilling warlock. The unstable boy changing the conversation topic within seconds.

Merlin lets his brothers manhandle him and get him completely naked. Finding some nice black trousers for him, slipping on a dark blue tunic that fit him a bit loosely like everything he wore. Then a black belt with a silver buckle, and what was obviously a magical gem, well to magic people anyway, in the center of said buckle.

"Okay, I look princely enough." Said Merlin, but that was not enough to make his brothers stop, all of them only caring about impressing each other rather than the public eye. That mostly counted as impressing Mycroft, since the man had tastes for the finer things in life.

Dexter slipped on the silk cape nicely, adding some white tiger fur to one of his sides. They all preferred white fur so the blood would look nicer and it always did. He locked the cape with another silver buckle with gems and took out Merlin's crown. Smiling softly at the boy. Merlin felt a bit bad that he had made his family feel like this, desperate to find him and holding onto the hope that they felt his magic somewhere.

"What a beautiful prince, I hope you had fun… but you have to come home." Brian said softly after placing Merlin's crown on.

"I don't think he has a choice…" Dexter said softly. He looked pensive and almost gone, like always, wondering about his emotions. Mycroft and Sherlock didn't show it but they definitely cared a lot about a load of other people, unlike Brian, Dexter, and Merlin, that only ever cared about family. The three of them had a problem faking their care and the other two sucked at showing just how much they truly cared.

"Oh, this is terrible," Merlin said laying down on the bed ad he gasped exasperatedly.

"The problems you have gotten into, or the clothes you have gotten into?" Brian joked, and Dexter chuckled at that, Merlin almost laughed but he was analyzing that he was still going to end up married to Cenred. It was not that he didn't like the man. But he was still young and wanted to be free, but Cenred was too flexible with Merlin, not even thinking he was a hard catch or a challenge, he thought the boy was downright entertaining. Other than being one of the most powerful warlocks alive, he was Cenred's type. Whatever that is, better not be what Arthur says, that he was a girl. Just because he is skinny and is bothered and a precautious person, does not make him a girl.

"I bet men like you because you are girly. I mean, you can get married with one because, oh would you look at that, I have magic!" Dexter said and Brian and Merlin looked at him like 'that's not it'.

"Dex, I understand you'd think that's easy to do since spells have never, ever been your thing, like not even potions are your thing. Your magic is destruction with your thoughts alone. You get into people's minds and in change, you let them in yours. But the rest of us can use complex spells." Brian explained softly and Dexter joined Merlin in sighing dramatically and laying down.

"Mycroft said to dress Merly up, did we have to go back?" Dex asked and Brian sat up.

"Yeah, no one else other than Uther would mind if we just prance back in there. Mycroft and Sherlock always have time for us." Brian said and stood up, slipping on Merlins boots like he always did and pulled him up on his feet, same with Dexter.

"Let's go boys, Merlin you better not escape because I will hold your hand." Brian threatened as they left the room to go to the throne room.