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Silently, Yours

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“Ah-hah!” Ink stood back from his work. He just got done putting the coffee table together. Ink wiped at the sweat that was collecting on his forehead. 


Ink was redecorating the living room for the twelfth time this month. He could already hear his Chocolate Cosmos complaints but Ink didn’t care. His house was his canvas. If Error didn’t like it, he has every right to redecorate to his liking. He was just too lazy to do so. Today’s colors were brown and creme. The walls were painted a creme color and the furniture a warm brown. It made Ink crave coffee. 


Ink picked up the table and moved it to the center of the room. He placed it a few feet away from the couch. Ink smiled and nodded his head. This looked great and would look better when he got his paints. Paints that his husband hid from him. Something about the bathroom not being a suitable place for painting. He guesses Error didn’t like to have a white bottom after he accidentally sat on the freshly painted toilet. 


In Ink’s defense, he forgot to warn him. It didn’t help his case with Error in the end though. Ink shrugged off the memory with a fond smile. Whether Error liked the new design or not didn’t matter. It wouldn’t last longer than a week before Ink got the inspiration for a new look. Maybe next time he could get Geno’s help. Ink couldn’t stop the blush that spread across his cheeks at the thought of spending time with Geno by decorating. 


Geno was their friend for nearly a century. He was one of the sweetest gods Ink ever had the pleasure of meeting. Also, he was shorter than Ink! Geno was adorned in white when they first met. Yet, blood poured from the wound across his chest. It stained any clothing he wore. But it wasn’t long after that Error started to make him some bandages that were easier to deal with and helped stop the blood flow. The small god seemed to latch onto Error when they first met. Which was cute. Back then, Ink and Error were recently engaged. Error mentioned an ‘ally’ that was recently an unknown. Two things stood out to Ink at that moment.


One: Error didn’t do friends, so when he did somehow gain one, he would never admit it. ‘He was the God of Destruction, he doesn’t do friends.’  


Two: It was the unknown.


Unknowns were godlings and born mortals that turned into Gods after their deaths. Children who were born gods have yet to understand their abilities or their calling. But if it had been recent, the new god had to be around a teen. Error hated other godlings though. Something about them being so stuck up about who they or their parents were. However, rarely were Unknowns born as mortals. 


Hearing there was a godling born as a mortal had struck Ink’s interest. Error knew Ink well and knew of his curiosity. After meeting the godling though, that curiosity only grew. The curiosity turned to fondness, which turned to love. 

Knock, knock, knock-


Ink jolted out of his thoughts when there was fast, repeated knocking on his door. He looked back to his masterpiece real quick. A frown settled on his face. Something didn’t look right… Oh! Ink turned to run into the kitchen, still hearing the knocking. “One second!”


Ink grabbed the clear vase that sat on the kitchen table. He snatched it and ran back to the living room. He nearly tripped over the boxes the table came in. Ink sat the vase down in the center of the coffee table. It still needed that final touch. He used some of his ink to conjure up a dark rose and placed the rose into the vase. There! It was perfect!


Ink placed his hands on his hips and stared at his masterpiece. It finally felt accomplishment. No matter how many times he has done this, he always loved the outcome. What was the noise? Oh! Right, the door! 


“Coming!” Ink happily chimed. He marched towards the door with a pep in his step. When he got to the door, he quickly realized the knock on the door sounded like bone. Error never knocked and either ported in or just walked right on it. The only other person it could be was- “Geno!?”


There stood outside the door was Geno. Stars, Geno didn’t look good at all. His entire body shook. Despite the porcelain mask that had a frown carved into it, Ink could tell tears cascaded down Rose's cheeks. The smaller sobbed, loudly and nearly breathlessly. “Fuck, Gen-” 


Ink didn’t move to touch Geno, only stepped to the side and ushered for him to walk on in. His entire body shook. Geno had his arms wrapped around himself. In a clear poor attempt to hold himself together. Geno made it to the center of the room and stopped. He didn't look like he could move anymore, his body shaking too bad.


Ink quickly shut the door, not removing his eyesockets from Geno's form. Whenever the smaller came to him looking like that, nothing else mattered. Ink didn’t waste any time and made his way to the God of Tragedy. Slow to make sure he didn’t startle him or make it worse.


Geno shook harder the closer Ink got. There were a few feet between them. “Breath in,” Ink encouraged. “Breath out.” He repeated this. Geno tried to comply, but his sobs didn’t help him in the slightest. Soon started to dry heave as it got worse. Fuck. 


“I’m rearranging the living room!” Ink tried to distract His Rose as he got a step closer. Geno flinched. “I decided to go with some coffee colors. The table was difficult to get together. Pretty sure I got a splinter.” He seemed to calm down enough. No longer dry heaving. “It was okay, though I should have saved it for a joke to Error. Ask him if that was the stick he always had shoved up his ass.” 


Geno didn’t laugh but he didn’t flinch when Ink took a step closer. “He probably will make me sleep on the couch after that. But jokes on him! I would simply sneak back into the bed when he is asleep!” Gen wasn’t shaking as bad anymore, but Ink could still hear the sobs that broke his soul. Ink made sure his voice didn’t waver or change. He kept it calm and leveled. He was now close enough so he could reach out and touch Geno if he wanted. 


“Gen,” Ink’s voice was calm but firm. He held his hands up, not touching the shorter god. Geno trembled as sobs ripped themselves from himself. “I’m going to remove your mask now, okay?”


Geno didn’t reply. Only tilted his head up enough for Ink to see the edge of the mask. He took that as permission and reached for the porcelain mask. Ink rubbed his thumb against the mask in a soothing manner. Trying to give a reassuring smile as he pulled the mask off of his friend. 


Ink’s soul dropped when he saw the tears that ran down Geno’s cheeks. His eyelight was missing and the glitching around the other eyesocket had spread all over his body. Ink carefully placed the mask on the table beside him. When he turned back around, Geno was covering his face. The God of Tragedy was letting out sobs into his hands. 


“Oh, Gen…” 


Ink raised a hand and held it near his friend's cheek. His fingers brushed against Geno’s. He was trying to not touch the other without his consent- Geno dropped his hands and grabbed Ink's. He pressed his cheek into Ink’s hand. Ink let his body relax, not noticing how tense it was before. Ink gave the smaller a smile. 


Ink rubbed away the tears with his thumb. His left hand came up and ‘brushed’ the glitches away from around Geno’s right eyesocket. Now, of course, Ink couldn’t get rid of the glitches, but his rose allowed the glitches to flutter away. Leaving his melted eyesocket bare to his friend. He knew Geno wasn’t fond of his melted eyesocket, but he never knew why. He honestly thought Geno looked breathtaking when he didn’t wear his mask or have his glitches. Geno was just naturally beautiful but now…


Ink’s soul just sank to the floor from the tears. He held his arms out, an invitation and a question. Geno barely nodded his head. Ink closed the distance and brought the smaller into his arms. The smaller latched onto him. Head pressed into Ink’s chest as he cried into the other’s arms. The creator hushed the other. Ink laid his head onto Geno’s. He rubbed Geno’s back soothingly, rocking back and forth. 


They sat on the floor. Ink didn’t make a move to get up or do anything other than to comfort his friend. He did lead Geno in a way for the small god to be sitting in his lap and Ink’s back against the coffee table. 


Ink had his hands wrapped tight around the small god. Not planning on letting go any time soon. Geno whimpered relentlessly into his chest. He nuzzled his head into the crook of Geno’s neck. He shut his eyes. He could feel his shirt becoming damp from his rose's tears, but he didn’t care.


Ink jolted awake when the door to his house opened. Ink adjusted his body to keep a sleeping Geno from falling to the ground. He looked over to the door as the words ‘Mommy !’ rang through the house. It got a stir from the monster in his arms. 


In had walked Error, Ink’s husband and the God of Destruction. Tiny fingers held onto Error’s hand. It was Paperjam, their adorable four-year-old son. Their son looked excited to see his favorite Uncle Geno, but his smile quickly turned into a frown and didn’t approach his mom or Uncle. PJ understood when and when not to approach someone, even if he knew them. Ink attempted to smile at him and nodded his head for Paperjam to come to them, but quietly. 


Paperjam walked to them, he dropped his father's hand. Ink's son plopped down softly beside them but kept his distance. Ink lifted a hand from his Rose and tried to give his son a sideways hug. Ink whispered, “Hey, Jammy, how was your day with Papa?” 


“AWESOME! Papa destroyed a whole castle!” Paperjam exclaimed as best as he could in a hushed voice. Ink eyesockets widened in worry. He trusted Error to spare their son of the horrors of death, but an accident could happen. He shot a look to his husband. Eyelights pleaded to Error to say their son didn’t see anything morbid. Thankfully, his husband shook his head when he noticed the stare. 

“It was an abandoned castle. No one will miss it.” 


Ink sighed in relief and turned back to his excited son. He gave his son an encouraging smile to continue. Paperjam rattled on and on. He moved his hands as he spoke each syllable. Eyelights shined bright, as he jumped up and down in his spot. Ink giggled. 


Paperjam looked ecstatic to begin and talk about his day. Star eyelight twinkled. Going on about how his Papa showed him to destroy a brick. (Paperjam was still coming into his powers and didn’t have full control) How Papa destroyed it in a matter of seconds and how it crumbled to the ground like sand. In reality, it made Ink cringe and wince with every small detail, but he never once lost his smile. 


“Baby abomination,” Error cut Paperjam off. The godling looked over to his Papa, blinking in confusion. “Why don’t you go and pick out some bath toys?” Error suggested, nodding his head towards the stairs. “I’ll draw your bath after I talk to your Mom.” 


Paperjam nodded his head as he stood up. Within seconds he was up the stairs. Error sighed and rubbed his nose bridge. “No running up the stairs!” Error groaned. Ink snickered at Error’s clear frustration but shut up when Error glared over at him. “Don’t encourage him.” 


Ink gave his husband an innocent look, which he didn't buy. Error knelt beside Ink and Geno. His eyelights went soft as they gaze upon his chosen brother. Error didn’t make a move to touch Geno or Ink. Keeping a respectful distance between them. Sympathy in those eyelights Ink loved so much. 


“Rough job?” Error questioned as he nodded his head to the sleeping god. Ink nuzzling his head into his friend's neck. A whispered ‘yes’ coming from the creator. Geno had only gotten like that when there was a rough job; He could handle only so much before his line of work became too much to bear. Error and Ink both could handle their jobs with ease. Geno’s job, however, was much more... close to home. Error had a grim expression. “Was he there?” 


Ink weakly shrugged. “He didn’t get the chance to say.” Ink hopes, stars, he hopes that asshole wasn’t there. 


He was Geno’s husband, The god of death. Nearly a century ago, Geno’s husband had up and left him. Nothing but silence and the ever-growing presence of loneliness. There had been no divorce, no fight, no reason, nothing. Geno had come home from the hospital to an empty house. Geno had waited and waited for his husband to come home. Death, ‘Reaper’ Geno called him, had a time-consuming job. It was nothing new for Reaper to be gone weeks, but he had always returned to Geno. But those weeks turned to months. Months had turned into a year and after that year, Geno gave up. 


It hadn’t been long after that year he had been discovered by the God of Destruction. Error was going to destroy the nearby town when he had sensed another god. There was Geno. He had been on his way to the town. Tragedy felt something pull him to it. Still unsure of what that something was. 


Error had approached Geno has best as he could 


“Who the hell are you?” 


Geno froze, clutching his book bag and looked over his shoulder. There stood a tall skeleton, around 5’6. Okay, maybe not TALL tall, but Geno is barely 4’9, give him a break. His bones black, his legs that were shown were red. Fingertips red and yellow. Tear markings ran down the other’s cheeks. His clothing was a hoodie a navy blue with a red on the inside. It was stained and worn. His shorts looked like they use to be pants by had been sewed shorter. 


Geno looked away from the god’s eyes. He felt small compared to them. The only other god he had ever meant was- “My name is Geno,”


The god tilted his head to the side. He appeared done with everything. He ran his hands over his skull. Eyelights darted over Geno’s head and to the small town below them. The wind had begun to pick up. Causing Geno to clutch his scarf in his hand and shut his eyesockets tight. Geno could feel the wind pushing him forward.


Geno felt hands grab his arms and twisted him around. He was embarrassed by how easy he was to be maneuvered. Geno was pulled back down, the stranger shields him from the wind. 


"You’re new to this, aren’t you?” It wasn’t a question. There was a sheer annoyance in the other’s eyes as they stood like a wall between Geno and the wind. “You don’t even stand a chance against the damn wind.” 


Geno shrunk from the remark and pulled up his scarf to cover his mouth. Barely meeting Error’s eyes. “I… recently discovered my name...” Error quirked an eyebrow bone. The God could hear the self-hatred that took place in Geno’s voice. Error knew that sound from experience.


“Well? What is it then?”




“Tragedy, huh?” Error scratched his chin. He let out a huff of air, almost a laugh. Meeting the small god’s eyelight. Error pointed to himself, half-heartedly. “Destruction. Looks like we will be seeing each other a lot more, Godling.” 


Error moved out of the way and gestured to the town. “I’m assuming you are heading there?” When Geno shrugged, Error hummed. “Fine, you will come with me. If it’s not there, then I can help you find your next spot.” Geno’s eyelight disappeared. Shock and confusion on Geno’s skull. Also, appreciation… Error growled. “Don’t think too much into it. The last thing I want is a beating because some godling got killed for getting in my way.” 

After that, whether Error would admit it or not, became somewhat of an ally to the smaller. Error helped Geno learn to understand his urges and resist them. He had even been the god that brought Geno to the Upper Realm. That ally-ship turned to them being friends which turned to them being brothers. Who better to be brothers than the God of Destruction and God of Tragedy? 


Ink had teased Error relentlessly over his bond with Geno. Error of all Gods meeting someone and bonding with them? Yeah, right. He shut his mouth quickly when he meet Geno. Despite his undying love for Error, there had been something about Geno. Something that struck Ink the moment he saw him, mask and all. Error noticed immediately and questioned Ink about it. 


Geno had just left from their first meeting. It had been hours but Ink had quickly taken to the shorter one. And it's not because he was shorter then Ink. There was just something about Geno that Ink couldn't describe. From one meeting, Ink was hooked. He had only ever felt that way with Error.


Needless to say, Ink had instantly started to busy himself with painting the kitchen. To distract himself? To set it straight that whatever he felt when he saw Geno was nothing. Ink didn't even know him that well. Plus, they both had been married. Well, Ink was on his way to being married! it was stupid and clearly-


“You like him.” Error had his arms crossed. Eyesight locked on his husband as Ink painted in the kitchen. Ink had blinked over at his fiance.


“Well, yeah. Geno seems ni-” Ink waved his paintbrush around as he spoke. He froze when his fiancd so rudely interrupted him. Error had grabbed the paintbrush and set it down on the counter. Despite Ink’s tiny panic of paint being on the counter, he never broke eye contact with Error.


“You know what I meant, Idiot.” 


Ink frowned. Yes, Geno is adorable and cute but Error was Ink’s fiance. Whatever Geno ignited within him, didn’t douche his love for Error. Nothing could get rid of his feelings for his Chocolate Cosmos. He made Ink want to try. Ink couldn’t -he wouldn’t- give that up. “Error, I love you-”


“I don’t care, Dumbass. Gen…” Error sighed, laying his head against the fridge. “Gen is a good guy. He doesn’t deserve even an ounce of the shit he gets.” Error pushed himself away from the fridge. He grasped Ink’s cheek, smiling at his husband. “I wouldn’t be opposed to you starting a relationship with him. Both of you deserve to be happy. If you would be happiest with the both of us, I don’t care.” 


Ink blushed, he couldn’t stop the smile on his face. He reached up and held Error’s hand against his cheek and nuzzled it. “Error, I don’t deserve you.” Ink chimed, staring into Error’s eyesockets. "Sorry for being an idiot." 


Error shook his head and pulled Ink in for a hug. “The only person allowed to talk shit about you is me,” Error leaned his head back and looked to the side. “-and maybe Geno.”


“Does this mean we can have a threesome?”

“Ink… No.” 

Error kissed Ink, shaking the creator from his thoughts. Happy, he kissed back. He had missed Error, even if it had been only a few hours. Despite their differences, they were made for each other. Ink felt incomplete without his Ruru (or Geno). Ink grabbed Error’s shirt collar, pulling the other god for a deeper kiss. 


Error jerked back and winced in pain. “What the-” Geno had jerked his head to the side. Rammed into his husband's skull and grazed past Ink’s. Ink blinked, hand covered his mouth as he held back a laugh. Error rubbed the top of his skull as he shot a glare to the still sleeping skeleton. "Fucking jackass-"


Error saw the creator chuckle to himself. Error dropped his hands and held out his arms. All the while, scowling at his husband. Ink clenched his eyesockets shut and held back his laughter as best as he could. He lifted his arms and gave the option for Error to get the other. Error grunted as he lifted Geno in his arm. He immediately stopped with the laughter and groaned in relief. Ink stretched out his back and heard a satisfying pop. How long had Geno been sleeping on him? His legs and butt ached like hell.


“Papa! I got my toys!” Error and Ink turned their heads towards the stairs. Paperjam stood on the third step. Arms filled to the brim with plastic boats and animals. Ink was surprised Paperjam didn’t drop any of it. Surprised he made it down the steps with ease. Ink pushed himself up onto his knees. 


Error juggled Geno in his arms and nodded at his son. “Okay, I’ll be there in a second.” Paperjam smiled brightly at the promise and turned back around. Ink watched as his son waddled back up the stairs. 


Ink looked away from the stairs. Error looked ready to toss Geno onto the couch. Already he had made his way to the furniture Ink forced himself onto his feet, grabbing his husband’s shoulder to get his attention. Ink leaned more on one foot and wiggled his fingers at the sleeping skeleton. Hinting at Error to give the other back to him. His husband looked grateful to hand off his brother to Ink. Back in his arms, Geno cuddled into his chest.  A whimper escaped Geno as he was moved from person to person. Not once waking up. 


“How is that fucker still asleep?” Error eyed Geno in silent amazement. “He’s like PJ when PJ falls asleep after a movie.”

“Or like you when you drink too much warm chocolate milk.” Error deadpanned, nose scrunched up. Ink kept an innocent smile already hearing the spur of denials from his destructive husband. Ink quickly turned around and made his escape to the staircase. Not looking back as he balanced the sleeping god up the staircase.


“I don’t do that!” Error instantly started. 


Ink ignored him and snickered. He walked away from the lies faster. Catching Paperjam peeking his head around the corner. Toys had fallen and scattered around him. Watching with wide eyes as Ink fled to the safety of his bedroom. 


“Run mama!” Paperjam clapped his hands in excitement. Giggling as he made his way over to his parent’s room and peered in. The words that followed next got a giggle from both Paperjam and Ink.


“Don’t encourage your mother!” 


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Sunlight twinkled through the bedroom’s window. Ink scrunched up his nose and buried his head into the bedding. He let out a pitiful whine. Whatever time it was, it was too fucking early. 


He felt Error cuddle into his chest. Ink cheekily grinned. His love was a cuddle bug whether he admitted it or not. Ink snaked his arms around his husband and held him tight against his chest. He buried his head into Error’s, breathing in his ‘new book’ scent mixed with peppermint. Ink’s nose scrunched up in confusion. Error normally didn’t smell of books or peppermint. More like chocolate chips. It doesn’t matter, he was too tired to question it. 


He let his body go lax and his hands wandered down lower. He laid his hands on his husband’s butt. Giving it a nice squeeze and pressed his husband closer. Just because Ink was sleepy, doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a nice butt. Especially if it belonged to Err-


“That’s my ass...” A tired and already done voice followed. Ink furrowed his eyebrow bones together. Confusion entering his head. That tone sounded like a sleep-deprived Error, but that voice didn’t... Ink opened his eyesockets. Meeting the annoyed stare of Geno. 


Oh...Right. Yesterday, Geno came to them in tears and fell asleep. Ink had taken him to their bedroom for him to sleep peacefully. However, he never woke up and slept in their bed for the entire night. Ink had tried to wake the other up for dinner but he gave up when Geno didn't wake up. Error and Ink had just shrugged their shoulders and climbed into bed when they went to bed. Well, his husband had a few complaints. Mostly revolving around Geno taking his pillow. In the end, they ended up sandwiching Geno in their bed. 


He was holding Geno's ass in his hands. G E N O ' S. It was plump and spilled around his fingers. And oh stars, he had pressed their pelvis together...Honestly, probably one of the best ways to wake up. 




“Stop squeezing my ass!” Ink snorted and removed his hands. Geno looked done with him already but didn’t make any fuss. Ink’s hands were off his ass and that was good enough for now. He moved a hand up to rub at his eyesocket. A yawn escaped him. Ink smiled and stared down at Geno in fondness. 


“Morning, Booty-ful.” Ink purred, tightening his grip on Geno. He pulled the other god in close. Geno was so close that he could feel the other’s soul beating against his ribcage. The god of tragedy flushed that gorgeous red. Ink smirked cheekily as he peered down at the pretty skeleton in his arms. “You know, I really like waking up with you in our bed.” 


Geno by now was a bright cherry. More glitches sparked around him and spread across his body. He brought up his hand and pushed at Ink’s face. Eyesocket closed as he twitched and sputtered: “Dumbass! Shut up!”


Ink snickered. Not once taking his eyelights off of the embarrassed god. Geno was cute, that was something anyone could recognize. He barely being 4'9 and downright huggable. Ink brought Geno closer, placing his head into the crook of Geno’s neck. He felt Geno tense from the position. “It’s true though,” 

His breath tickled Geno’s neck. Geno wiggled in his embrace. His shoulder shooting up to block Ink from his neck. Grinning like a mad man, Ink inhaled and blew a raspberry against his neck. With a shriek, laughter erupted from Geno. He placed his hand on Ink’s chest to push the other god away. Wiggling in the process as he was tinkled. 

“Will you two stop?” 


Ink opened his eyesockets. When had he close them? Error had one eyesocket opened and was glaring at his husband and friend. Annoyance clear in his eyelights. His husband was not a morning person. That didn’t stop the destroyer from throwing a hand over them. He buried his head into the bed as he glared at the other two. Error didn’t seem to mind the ruckus. If anything, he seemed to pull the two closer. “Not all of us are in the mood for an orgy-”


“IT’S NOT LIKE THAT!” Geno exclaimed, desperate for his brother to see his innocence. Error didn’t buy it. How could he when he knew when Geno lied?

Ink cackled as Error deadpanned at the smaller's outburst. “Sure it isn’t.” 


Geno slammed his head into Ink’s chest. Letting out a muffled groan, clearly flustered with both of them. The God of Tragedy moved his head so it was pressed into Ink’s neck. Eyesockets falling shut once again. That pretty red blush never had never faded from his cheeks. It brought Ink back to when the roses in his garden would bloom. Ink couldn’t stop the smile that formed on his face, resting his chin on Geno’s skull all the while keeping eye contact with his husband. Error rolled his eyelight when he saw the shit-eating grin that had made its home on his skull. 


 “How long was I asleep?” Geno voice came out muffled against Ink's shirt. Trying to change the subject and fight back the heat on his cheeks. Questioning why he had to be sandwiched between these two of all Gods. 


“You slept through the entire night, Rose.” Ink shrugged his shoulders. Loving how Geno's cheeks flamed up at the nickname. “So we just flopped you down here. Entrapping you in an embrace of love and cuddles.” Error pretended to gag over Geno’s shoulder. Ink stuck his tongue out in retaliation. 


Geno shook his head and sighed. He flopped around onto his back. Geno winced as his shoulder hit his brother. Error groaned in pain and scooted down a bit. The bed wasn’t small by any means, but the destroyer was a cuddle bug. Whether he admitted it or not. Tragedy apologized and brought a hand up to his head. He ran his fingers over his temple. Feeling a headache coming on from too much sleep.

“I need to get home.” He stared up at the ceiling. Ink could see the resistance in his eyelight. Geno was fighting himself. 


Ink tightened his grip, Error did too. “No, you don’t!” Ink claimed, laying his head back down to be eye level with the other. “You can stay here. Forever, preferably.” Geno shook his head, but there was a faint smile daring to breakthrough. 


“Shove it.” Geno hushed the other. Raising his hand placing it over Ink’s mouth. Eyelights flashed to question marks, Ink went crossed eyed to look at the hand over his mouth. 

Error let out a sleepy laugh. “Leave your hand there, he is actually tolerable like this.”

Ink pouted but then smirked. He stuck out his tongue and licked his Rose's hand. Geno instantly yanked his hand away. “Yuck!” Geno wiped his hand on his poor brother. Error's stare turned murderous, his stare didn't leave his brother's hand. Possibly plotting ways to tear it off when Geno wasn't paying attention. Staring down at Geno like he had stolen his chocolate. “Why did you do that?” Geno asked, ignoring his friend’s glare.


“There are more things I can do with my tongue if you would like?” Ink wiggled his eyebrow bones. His eyelights flashing to pink hearts. Error groaned and facepalmed, not believing the stupidity that was his mate. 


“Is everything with you a sex joke?” Ink's grin turned crooked. He reminded Geno of a crocodile. Predatory and filthy. Geno would lie and say the grin did nothing to him. 

“Oh, but Gen, it is not a joke. It’s an offer.” Ink purred, voice pure silky. He pressed his body closer to Geno's, trailing a hand down his thigh. Geno stiffened, hands clenching tight as he shot a half-hearted glare towards Ink. Seriously, Error looked ready to bolt if he didn't have his face buried into his brother's shoulder. 


Geno deadpanned. “I mercifully decline.”


“Seriously, how did those ever work on me?” Error grumbled to himself. He let out a sigh and looked to his brother. His eyebrow bone raised. “You know, you’re not going to win with him, right?” Error quired with a yawn. Geno looked over at his brother. His brother never took his own eyelights off of them. His arm twitched around the other two. Error pressed his skull further into the bedding. “One word out of you and he will turn it sexual.”

“I know, and I hate it.” That was a lie. Ink could tell by the way Geno's eyelight darted to the left. 


“Error, I know for a fact that you don’t hate it.” Ink disclosed. When the two of them looked at Ink, Ink shrugged his shoulders. Not losing the smirk that stuck to his skull. Ink threw a perverted stare. Which earned him a glare from his husband. It all but dared Ink to say anything. “Error is really into dirty talk~”

It was Error’s turn to blush. Ink loved it when his face flushed that pretty yellow. It reminded him of forsythias. Bright, beautiful and golden. His Chocolate Cosmos' eyelights flared. “Ink, I swear-”


“Mom, Dad, Dunckle?” 


All three of the adults' heads shot to the bedroom door. It squeaked open as a tiny skeleton head peeped through. Paperjam was rubbing the sleep from his eyesockets. An adorable pout resting on his face. The small child pushed the door wider and stepped through. He was wearing his pink star-patterned onesies. A teddy bear that Error knitted in his arms. 


“Dunckle?” Geno mouthed to himself. Eyebrow bones furrowing together in confusion. Ink sat up in bed, not letting his arms fall from Geno or Error.


Paperjam walked over to them. His steps stuttering as he was still half asleep but wanted his parent's attention. “Are you up?” 


“We’re up, Jammy.” A bright smile appeared on the little starlight’s face. Paperjam was at the end of the bed. Tiny hands pushing himself up onto the bed. Nearly tripping overly his papa’s legs. Then he stopped and frowned. He blinked before he opened his mouth and pondered-

“Are you wrestling again?” 


It took Geno a second to realize what Paperjam meant. When he did, his eyesocket widen. His blush worsened as he stared at Paperjam in horror. Geno had to be mentally screaming, looking ready to throw himself out of the window. Ink looked between his embarrassed friend, husband, and curious kid. Ink just couldn’t help himself. 



“NO!” Both Error and Geno shouted, interrupted Ink who was now wiggling his eyebrow bones at the other two adults. Paperjam frowned and tilted his head to the side. Innocent confusion in those pink eyesockets. Something both Geno and Error wanted to keep. 


Ink just laughed his ass off, he fell back down onto the bed. It earned him a glare from both his husband and dear friend. Paperjam seemed to decide to ignore the adult's weirdness and flopped down onto his father’s chest. Already being enveloped in his father’s outstretched arms. 


Geno sat up, pressing his back against the headboard. He gave the small godling a soft smile. Geno petted his nephew's skull. Ink watched the action before looking over at his husband. Error had one of those rare smiles that usually only gave their son.


His Chocolate Cosmos met his gaze. Ink felt his soul thump when that stare never weakened. Even now, Error still made him feel this way. Ink reached out his hand and intertwined his fingers with his husband's.


A rumble echoed in the room. Geno’s cheeks darkened as his stomach growled. The others snapped their focus on him. He didn’t eat anything since before coming over. Ink really should have tried harder to wake him up.


“Was that your belly?” Paperjam’s eyesockets were wide as he stared at his uncle. Awe and shock resigning inside of them. 


“Yeah… I guess my tummy wants some food.” Geno let out an embarrassed laugh and scratched his cheek. Paperjam’s mouth opened and a soft ‘oh’ escaped him. He was now staring at Geno’s ecto-stomach. 


“How about some pancakes?” Ink shrugged his shoulder, looking at the others. He got a frown shot at him by Error. Clearly not liking the idea of giving Paperjam any sugar so early in the morning. He tended to get hyper easily. However, Ink ignored him and kept his gaze on his son. Paperjam shot up like a rocket at the mention of pancakes. His starry eyelight shined brighter. The sleep was now gone.


“With chocolate chips?” Error now was looking at Ink with hope in his eyelights. Okay with pancakes if there was a chance for chocolate. Father like son. Ink nodded his head. Which got Paperjam to clap his hands in excitement. “Is Duncle Geno going to stay?”


The family of three shot their stare to the trapped god. Geno sighed but not once looking annoyed. He gave Paperjam a smile and nodded his head. Never being able to say no to his favorite nephew. “I wouldn’t know a better way to spend my morning.” 


So far, this morning was perfect. Well, in Ink's eyes. 


Chapter Text

About two hours after breakfast and coffee, Ink washed the dishes as Error cleaned off the table. Geno took Paperjam into the living room to play with some of Pj’s toys. He could hear Paperjam making car noises from where he stood. He had his tongue poked out, scrubbing maybe a little too hard. He hummed a happy tune. Hopping from foot to foo and shaking his butt in the process.


“Scrub any harder and I will have to go shopping for plates, again.” Error grumbled as he circled his arms around Ink’s waist. The creator laid his head back against Error’s chest. 


“In my defense, that was one time and you distracted me.” Ink held out his finger as if stating a fact. He peered slyly over his shoulder. His husband rolled his eyelights and rested his chin on Ink’s shoulder.  


“You were balancing a large stack of plates and could barely hold them up!” Ah yes, that day was a fun one. Unfortunately, he came out with a few cuts and bruises. At the moment, he couldn’t stop laughing. He only shut up when he saw Error was genuinely worried and not pissed. Error had bandaged him up while muttered ‘Idiot’ under his breath.

“And you distracted me!” Ink claimed with a snicker. He splashed soap at Error’s face. Chuckling when it splattered against his cheek. Error froze before he shoved his hand into the sink water and splashed Ink’s shirt. Ink gasped in shock and jumped back. 


“Shit, Ru!” Ink gawked at the water dripped that over the side of the sink. Error just snorted and took a step back from his drenched husband. 


“Your fault.” Error reached for a dish rag and tossed it at his husband. It landed on the counter next to Ink. He placed a hand on Ink’s shoulder and nuzzled his cheek with his own. Ink could feel the rumble in the other’s chest from his laughter. Error pressed a kiss to Ink’s cheek. Ink bit the inside of his cheek, giving a mock glare to Error. “Don’t start a war unless your prepared to fight dirty, Inky.”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Ink grabbed the dishtowel and wiped the water off the edge of the sink. Before any more could spill onto the floor. When he got it, he dapped at his shirt. The rag was already wet, so he decided to let his shirt dry on its own. It was already as dry as a fish out of the water anyways. “You’re just happy to be an ass.” 


His husband didn’t deny it. He didn’t think the other would, not that it mattered. Ink didn’t care about the water. Error barely got him. Well, not enough for him to be pissy over. He got worse from spilt paint water. Ink could always get back at Error later. Ink sighed and tossed the rag behind him onto the counter when something caught his eyelights. The sink sprayer. A rotten smile spread across his face. He could get back at Error sooner rather then later it seemed. 


Fight dirty, huh?


“So you wanna play dirty, huh?” Ink purred out, eyelights trained on the sprayer right next to the sink. A filthy grin on his face and his eyelights flashed. He arched his back and leaned on his hands. The water was already running and he could practically feel Error's eyelights trained on his backside. It would be so easy to reach over and-


“Seriously, is everything turned sexual with y-”


He didn’t get his words out before Ink grabbed the sprayer and turned around. It sprayed Error right in his face. Ink bellowed out in laughter. He clutched his stomach. Error threw his hands up in the air and tried to block the water.

Ink laughed maniacally. He watched as he drowned his beloved Chocolate Cosmos. Down with the God of Destruction! Ink watched with glee. His smile wide and dangerous. Error was attempting to cover his face from the water. His poor husband tried to make his way to him. It just caused the water to hit him with much more accuracy. It didn’t stop him though. Error was able to close the distance and tried to wrestle the sprayer out of Ink’s hands.


“No!” Ink shrieked. He raised a leg to push at his husband. The water sprinkled into the air and soaked the walls. Ink and Error included It was a mess and disaster, but the God of Creation wouldn’t give in so easily. Water was everywhere. Ink’s socks were drenched and uncomfortable. This was torture for both parties. But only one could be the winner-


“Fuck!” Error slipped, his hand grabbed onto Ink and pulled the other down with him. The sprayer was yanked out of Ink’s hand as they both fell to the ground. Ink groaned as he felt his husband land on top of him. His back hit the floor with a loud thud. His arm hurt from being yanked with the sprayer. His entire back had landed in a puddle and now was drenched. Ink didn’t stop his laughter though. 


Error’s hands grabbed Ink’s and pinned them over his head. He proceeded to straddle the artist. Ink wasn’t paying too much attention. Too caught up in his laughter to even care he lost. This was a win for him either way. Even then, but Ink wouldn't be upset by this in the slightest.


“You are an ass, you know that?” Error growled at his husband. Ink blinked and stared up at his husband. His laughter ended abruptly. Though that shit-eating grin remained and he shrugged his shoulders carelessly. It had earned him a scowl from his husband. Ink wiggled a hand free from Error’s grasp and looped it over his husband’s neck. Error paid it no mind, still glaring down at Ink. “I just splashed you and you drowned our entire kitchen.”


"All is fair in love and war, hun~" Ink purred as he pulled his love down. He pressed their smiles together. HIs Chocolate Cosmos couldn’t stay mad at him. Error let out a sigh of annoyance but kissed the god of creation back. A snort escaped him when the Destroyer did this. His bitter husband was so fun to annoy. It made things interesting in many ways. Not that Ink would push Error over his limit. However, that didn’t mean Ink could get his husband riled up. 


Despite the chaos the lead up to the kiss, it was sweet. Ink let his body go lax under Error’s and his husband laid down on top of him. He let go of Ink's hand and trailed down his side. Error's fingers circled his waist and pulled Ink up into his body. The Creator hummed in satisfaction. Everything about Error screamed home for him. His taste, appearance, smell, and touch. He never felt more at home than when he was in the other's arms like now. Which is why he pouted pathetically when Error pulled away. 


Error pulled back and rested his forehead against Ink's, "Oh, you are lucky I love you.” Error mumbled, a smile on his face. Ink just sent a wink at Error, holding back a chuckle. His husband rolled his beautiful yellow and red eyelights before going for another kiss. Ink meet him halfway. Eager for more affection from his beloved. 


“Hey- oh.” They broke apart when they heard someone from the doorway. It was Geno. He stood in the doorway and had one of Paperjam’s ruined storybooks in his grasp. He took one glance around the kitchen. His expression showed that he wasn’t impressed. “You do realize your both adults, right?” 


“Your point?” Ink wiggled his body, the mess of water to moved with him. Error shook his head at his husband and laid his head down onto the other's shoulder. Ink just continued to grin over at his friend. 


Geno also shook his head. Not even a little entertained in the slightest about any of it. He dropped the subject and raised the book in his hand. “Where are Paperjam’s books?” 


“They are up in his room.” Error grumbled and jerked his thumb over his shoulder. Stars, his husband's blush spread across his cheeks so prettily. Embarrassed at the situation but refused to let it show. Ink found himself fascinated by his husband’s flush. He leaned up and nuzzled his husband’s cheek. Now distracted, Error grumbled: “Next to his bed.” 


Desperate to get away from the couple and mess. He awkwardly backed out of the kitchen slowly. Geno flicked his finger at the couple and nodded his head. “Got it. I’ll just be...” 


Ink peeked over Error’s shoulder to Rose's retreat. He waved his fingers at his friend. Ink snickered at the awkward way Geno all but stumbled out of the kitchen. It reminded Ink of when Error walked in on him changing for the first time. It was downright cute. The image of the short skeleton as he made a run for it was utterly delightful on many levels. 


“Why can’t you two just fuck and get it over with?” Error asked as he caught Ink openly stared at Geno's butt as his brother disappeared around the corner. “If this lasts another year, I’m destroying something.”


Ink rolled his eyelights at his husband's words and gave a slight push to his chest. Error has said that ever since the first year had passed. He didn’t have much patience, yet he never complained about it too Geno. He didn't want Geno to feel forced or pressured into a relationship. “When Geno is ready, he will come to us,” 

Error rolled his eyes at the statement and mumbled under his breath. With a grunt, he heaved himself off of Ink. He trumbled a bit as he tried to keep his stance. Error tested his balance before he reached his hand out to Ink. The artist took the hand that was held out to him. He allowed himself to be pulled up and steadied. Ink held Error’s hand and leaned against his husband’s side. Ink reached back and held onto the counter to keep both him and Error from slipping. 


“What if he decides he doesn’t want to be with you?” Error held concern in his voice as he watched Ink closely. Error didn't want to force Geno, but he also didn't want to watch his soulmate suffer. He didn't want Ink to be emotionally hurt in any way. He almost wanted to request Ink to give up to save his soul. He would if it wasn't for the clear fact that Geno had some feelings for Ink. 


Ink frowned. Truth be told, he hadn't fully thought down that lane. Who wants to entertain the thought of the person you loved rejecting you? Either way, Ink already knew his answer. It was as easy as a question to what were the primary colors. Ink scratched his chin and shrugged a shoulder. “If that is Geno’s choice, I can’t force him.”

Error looked perplexed and gestured his hand around as he spoke. His other hand keeping a grip on Ink, he held his mate close. “Then why do you keep flirting with him?”

“Him not being ready or possibly deciding not wanting me doesn’t mean I can’t flirt.” Ink stated with a shrug. If Geno ever asked for him to stop being a flirt, truly asked, he would. Ink may be a shameless flirt, but he had his morals. He also was weak for adorable and easily flustered Gods. “He’s adorable when he flushes and have you seen the way his eyeli-!” 


“Yeah, yeah, you think he is the bee's knees.” Despite what he said, Error didn’t look annoyed. A belgard light in his eyelights. A smirk on his face and an eyebrow bone raised. “Spare me the details on all the ways you wish to fuck him.”


“I wasn’t going to go that detailed.” Nearly offended at the mere suggestion, Ink scoffed. Who did he think Ink was? Why go verbal when he had better options? Ink wiggled his eyebrows bones at Error. “I got my drawings for that. Wanna see~” 


“Of course you do,” Error scoffed, not phased by Ink’s words. He knew of all the pictures and even saw many of Error that Ink drew specifically for him. “-and no, weirdo.”

Ink smiled lewdly up at the other and his eyelights flashed to hearts. He threw his arms around Error’s neck and pulled his husband down close. He pressed his chest against Error’s and intangled their legs. “That reminds me, gonna model for me tonight~?”


Oh, there is that alluring yellow flush. Ink tried not to smirk in triumphant. Error tried to push him away, but he was stuck to Error like a python to their prey. He clung to his husband’s sturdy form. His grin turned deadly as he stared at his flustered husband. With a mocking pout, he urged. “Come on, Ru! You promised!” 


“I said I would just to get you to shut up.” Error claimed with a roll of his mismatched eyelights. Ink didn't buy that. He couldn't when he could remember the excitement in his Chocolate Cosmo's eyelights. The way Error looked excited but refused to even meet Ink's gaze, he hadn't wanted Ink to believe him. 


Ink knew his love and knew him well. Ink grinned brashly, not a bit sorry for any of it. “It didn’t work.”

Error lolled his head back, a sigh of torture escaped him. “I noticed.”


Ink cackled. Leaning forward and pressing his mouth into Error’s collarbone. In defeat, Error wrapped his arms around the shorter god and pulled Ink close. Ink let out a sigh, relieved to feel the other so close. He nuzzled his husband's chest and lowered his arms down from Error's neck. Ink could hear his mate's soul thump so close to his own. Almost in perfect tandem. It relaxed him in so many ways. Ink doesn’t know what he would do without his destroyer. 




“Okay! That’s enough-” Error pushed Ink away and crossed his arms. The creator had snuck his hands down to Errors ass and gave it a good squeezed. Error had an amazing ass, nice and plump. Ink was not to blame. It’s what convinced Ink to marry Error. You know, besides loving him. Error’s blush was worse, now spread down to his neck. He refused to meet his husband’s stare. Ink’s eyelights flashed to hearts before going back to his normal star shape. “You’re a pig.” 


“Aww, is someone embarrassed?” Ink ignored the ‘pig’ comment. Error shot him a glare. Ink laughed and clapped his hands together. He pressed his chest against the Destroyer's and threw his arms around his husband's neck. Ink’s cocky grin grew as the blush on his husband’s cheeks spread. “You are! That’s so cute!"


“I hate you,”

“I love you too, Ru!” 


Error rolled his eyelights but his body slacking. Ink pressed himself against Error. He laid his chin on his husband’s collarbone. He stared up at Error with that cocky grin still on his skull. Not once losing it as he huddled close.


With a snort, Error laid his head on Ink’s. “You’re lucky I love you, you dumbass.” Error rewrapped his arms around Ink. Error’s chest still shaking with laughter. Ink raised an eyebrow bone in confusion.



 Ink had finally cleaned up the water. He had started the fight, so he said he would be the one to clean it up. Error put the dried dishes away in the meantime. Which he got done with that, he finished the dishes Ink had left to soak. 


Each task took around thirty minutes. Error had gone back and forth after getting towels and putting drenched towels in the bath tub to dry out. Ink had been happy when he realized there was no more water on the floor. Though, the temptation to spray Error again when he would come back with a fresh towel was almost too great for Ink to ignore. (Ink would be sleeping on the couch if he did though, and Ink needs his Ruru to sleep at night.)


Ink felt accomplished in holding himself back, nonetheless. Also in being able to get it all clean. He threw the dishtowel into the sink and rolled his shoulders. A triumphant smirk on his face as he placed his hands on his hips. He stared at the newly cleaned floor. He felt happy to be done with it all. Though the clean up did give a few new ideas for a new design...


Either way, that could wait until he had the time. Unfortunately. Ink turned to look over his shoulder towards Error. Error had his arms crossed and he leaned against the kitchen doorway. Ink grinned and patted his pants before he made his way to his Chocolate Cosmos. The Creator used his tip-toes, Ink laid his chin on Error’s shoulder. He circled his arms around his taller mate's waist. He followed Error’s eyesight to Geno and Paperjam.


Their son was sitting in Geno’s lap as his duncle read to him. Paperjam looked excited and pointed repeatedly at some of his favorite characters. Geno had a loving and patient smile on his face and would say ‘Yes, Fluffy Bunny is hiding there!’ Paperjam would always look up at him and sprew an entire monologue about the said page. Not letting a single drop of ink not have it's own monologue. 


Ink let out a soft laugh at the sight. Geno raised his eyelight too look in Error and Ink’s direction. The former mortal gave them a fond stare. Geno stuck out his tongue. Their son noticed his duncle's movement and turned his head towards his parents. Paperjam never lost that bright smile.


“Mom, Papa!” Paperjam grabbed the edge of the book and lifted it for them to see. The big was overly large and PJ looked to struggle holding it open and up. “Dunckle Geno is reading to me!” 


“Was he?” Error asked, false surprise in his voice as he widened his eyesockets. Paperjam nodded his head rapidly. Their son basically jumped up and down in Geno's lap. 


“Wanna read it with us?” Paperjam asked eagerly. Hope shined in his eyelights was impossible to say no too. At least for Ink it was. Ink looked over to Error and could see it worked for his husband as well. Ink unwrapped his arms, not before squeezing Error and pressing his face into the god of destruction's shoulder. 


Error sat beside Geno and Paperjam, his legs crossed. Ink sat on the couches arm, with his legs thrown over Geno and Paperjam. He threw his arm behind Geno and laid it on his Chocolate Cosmo's shoulder. Error looked up at Ink, his hand going up and resting upon his. He gave his husband's shoulder a rub, feeling at ease from the contact from both of the skeleton's that he loves.



It was nearly half an hour later when all three adults heard a snore. Paperjam had fallen asleep and had leaned back against Geno's chest. Ink ran his hands over his son's head. He smiled fondly down at Paperjam and 'aww'ed. His son was adorable and downright sweet. When he wanted to be, other times he was a devil in disguise. PJ's nose wrinkled and nuzzled into his uncle's arms from his mother's contact. Geno hushed out under his breath: "Can one of you get him?"


"I got him." Error twisted around and picked him up. Paperjam’s head lolled back, snoring softly as he was placed in his father’s hold. When in his father's lap, Paperjam groaned and his eyesockets clenched. He wiggled around for a bit before pressing his head into Error’s chest.


Geno let out a groan of relief when the weight was gone. He threw his head back and closed his eyesocket. Ink held in a laugh. He looked at the Destroyer over Tragedy's head and raised his eyebrow bones in question. Error shrugged his shoulders and gave him an 'I don't fucking know,' look. Ink pushed at Geno's shoulder, getting the other to freeze. “You okay, there Gen?”


Geno opened his eyesockets and numbly stared at his legs. A looked of utter torture and betrayal in his single eyelight. He was scowling his legs. “My legs are asleep.”




Ink’s smile turned crooked as he propped his head on his fist and stared down at Geno’s friends. Error noticed the look but didn’t say anything. He couldn’t when his expression mimicked Ink’s. Ink pushed himself up and jumped off the couch. He turned to Geno and gave the other an evil grin. He wiggled his fingers teasingly and lunged for shorter god before he could escape.

“NO! Ink!” Geno laughed as he was hauled up and into Ink’s arms. His legs were numb and barely able to hold himself up. Geno slipped and fell into his friend's arms. He quickly scrambled to hold onto Ink's shoulders. His eyelight pleaded for mercy. “Ink, I can’t feel my legs-”


Ink refused to let go of the other, however. He wiggled his arms a bit to get a delicious squeal from his rose. Geno laughed and pushed at his chest. Desperate to try and get out of his hold with as little movement as possible. Ink had his head thrown back. he laughed hard as Geno struggled in his hold. Ink took a chance and looked down at the struggling god. Stars, Geno looked so precious like this. Ink stopped his movements and loosened his grip. He decided to give mercy onto the other. "okay, okay-"


Geno looked relieved and still clung to the other. Ink laid his head on top of the other's head and stared dead-on at his husband. Both throwing a smirk at one another. What Geno didn't know, Ink wasn't the only one who wanted to be an asshole to the God of Tragedy. 


With his arms full, Error lifted his foot and pushed into his leg. Geno jumped, his head whipped around to shoot a glare at his brother. Error pressed his foot harder into him. Geno began to try and get away from him and out of Ink's hold for freedom but it only caused it to become worse. 


“Stop! Please, Ru!” Geno tried in vain to be quiet. Paperjam squirmed in his father’s hold, eyesockets clenching before he relaxed back into Error’s arms. Being the heavy but twitchy sleeper that PJ was, he was not bothered by the chaos around him.


Geno fell to the ground. Accidentally he pulled Ink down with him. Ink didn't care. He was bellowing in laughter as he watched the war in front of him. Geno tried to block Error’s foot. However, he failed terribly. A pissed off look flickered in Geno’s eyelights but it was quickly overshadowed by merriment.

“Ru! I am begging you!” Geno pleaded. His voice grew ever more desperate as he grabbed at his brother's leg. The God of Tragedy tried to keep Error away with as little movement as possible.

When out of nowhere, Geno stopped trying. A victorious smirk made its home on Tragedy's face. He shot up and grabbed a couch pillow. Oh shit. Seeing the malicious in Geno’s eyes, Ink hurried up off the ground and nearly knocked the God of Tragedy down. He jumped forward and reached for his son. He took the sleeping child out of Error’s arms (His only true protection from his vengeful brother) and held him. Ink scurried back and as the turmoil unfolded before him. 


"No longer numb, Bitch!”


Chapter Text

The sound of a high pitched whistle screamed through the room.


"Shit, shit, shit!" Ink rushed to pull the kettle off of the stove. He was squinching his eyesockets shut because of the high pitched. He moved the kettle to the back burner. Thankfully, it instantly killed the noise. Ink went to the far end of the cabinets and pulled out three medium cups. One black with blue stripes, another with skittles thrown across it, and the last cup was a plain white. 


After all the chaos that had ensued earlier, Ink had laid Pj down in his room. He didn't expected the small child to stay asleep for long, so he had left the light on and the door open. Stories just knocked him out whenever he was read too. Much like his father tended to do. (Ink discovered Error did this when he tried to annoy fuck and read out loud. Only to turn to see his husband cocked out beside him.) After he had laid the child to bed, Ink had made his way back to the kitchen to make some tea.  Which is where he was now. 


He went to the cabinet to get the tea bags. Already going through the motion, knowing exactly what he wanted and where it was. He opened the cabinet and reached the boxes near the top when his arm bumped into something. He felt it rock in place, only for it to fall before he could stop it. Ink freaked out and nearly let the object fall to the ground until he recognized the shape. A mask. Shit. Ink squeaked and barely caught it in time.


It was the mask he had yet to give to Geno. The mask was very similar to Geno’s current one. Just this time, it was a replica of the mask mortals use in a theater called ‘tragedy’. The mortal one had slanted eye holes and a long frown. It was overly dramatic but got the point across. It was sad, anguished and filled with despair. It reminded Ink of something from a nightmare. So he made this one with a less exaggerated expression. The smile wasn't as long and eye holes were larger, big enough for Geno to able to see through. A thin red outlining the eye holes and the reem of the mask. With a sparkle in the reem, to give the mask a more stage performance feeling but still be subtle.


Paperjam must have hidden it when they weren't paying attention. The godling had taken joy in hiding things from his parents. He didn’t see it as mean and forgot about it if neither Ink or Error question him. How the child got it up the cabinet, Ink didn’t know. Nonetheless, it didn’t surprise him. Paperjam had hidden things in stranger areas. He could have easily pushed a chair over to the counter and climbed on top. Something Ink had caught his son doing multiple times before.


Ink sighed and placed the mask on the counter. He was beyond thankful it didn’t break or shatter. He probably should start locking up his art room. This was the third time this month PJ took something from in there. He gave the gift one last look before turning to get the tea bags. He grabbed the peppermint and wildberry boxes at the top.


Both brother's loved peppermint tea to the point they had to keep multiple boxes. Ink himself didn’t have a favorite brand but favored many of the berry kinds. So there were about eight different types of berry teas lost in the cabinet. Ink opened the boxes and tore open their packets. He plopped the teabags into three cups and pushed them out of the way.


Ink grabbed the kettle and proceeded to pour the steaming water into the cups. He waited the next few minutes for the tea to set in before adding the rest of the ingredients. The plain white cup got honey, milk, and sugar. The next two cups, milk and two teaspoons of sugar. Ink stirred the cups. Putting one of the peppermint ones in the fridge and the first two on the counter.


His eyelights once again darted to the mask. He had finished it a few days prior. Which was faster then he thought he would. Ink wanted to reach for it and look for any imperfections. There could be an edge that was too sharp or wasn’t sanded down enough. Maybe there were streaks in some of the details. Some sparkle out of place- Ink shook his head and sighed. He had double-checked multiple times before. He knew it was perfect, but maybe… Ink chewed on the tip of his fingers.


No! No. Ink ran his hands over his eyesockets. He blew out a puff of air and turned back to the cups of tea. He should tell the others the tea was ready. Error will have to wait a minute for his but at least Geno and Ink could enjoy theirs. 


“Is that tea?”


Ink looked over his shoulder. Geno stood at the kitchen’s entranceway. His clothes were wrinkled from the pillow fight. A few pieces of cotton from the pillows stuck to his shirt and scarf. He reminded Ink as a plushie that was worn down by time. Ink flashed his friend a smile and nodded his head. “What kind?”


“You’re favorite, Peppermint with honey, sugar, and milk.” Ink lifted the white cup as he said that. Geno eyelight snapped into a star. The excitement being bright on his face. “Take a seat,”


Geno pulled out a chair and sat down, facing Ink. Geno genuinely looked giddy. It was downright cute and sweet to see the other like that. His eyelight remained that star and twinkled. Ink made his way to the table and placed his tea on the table while handing Geno's his. 


“I still don’t get how Error likes his cold,” Geno mumbled and took his steaming cup of joy. Pure glee in his eyelight. Ink shrugged his shoulders. The Creator himself didn’t care what temperature his tea was. Geno took a sip and sighed in pure bliss. His head rolled to the side and closed his eyesockets. 


Ink pouted, watching him with slumped shoulders. “Why does the tea get special treatment?” He cried playfully but Geno shot him a glare. With a raised eyebrow bone, the shorter god took a slow sip of his tea. Ink just gave the other a cocky grin and wiggled his eyebrow bones at the other. Which earned him a roll of the eyes and a discreet smile. Ink snickered at the other’s blatant attempt to seem annoyed by his antics.


He grabbed his cup of tea and sighed at the taste. He took another large gulp before he took a seat beside Geno. He drew lazy designs on the table and kept glancing over his cup to his friend.


Geno had set his cup on the table and tapped his leg. He was leaning on his hand and nipping his fingertips. Ink watched his movement and knew the other was restless. Ink bit his tongue, unsure if he should ask the other what was wrong or not. He didn’t want to cause any negative memories to resurface. However, -Geno’s leg bounced harder- sometimes people need to talk about things.


“How are you feeling?” Ink referred to the day before. Geno blinked in confusion at Ink. His expression turned to grim and pained when he realized what Ink meant.


“Better, but…” Geno trailed off. A dark shadow going over his face. His face reluctantly twisted into a scowl. Ink noticed the way he kept a deadly grip on his cup. Ink expected to see it shatter under his grip. He could see tears pricking in the corners of Geno’s eyesockets. His arms shaking as he tried to get the words out. Chest heaving with each syllable that he got out. “I can still hear their cries.”


Ink’s soul broke. “Was Dea-”


“Yes,” Ink didn’t miss the relieved tone in Geno’s voice. It was small, almost nonexistent but there nonetheless. Even apart, Geno missed and yearned for his husband’s presence. Yet dreaded it greatly.


“I got there before Reaper. They-” Geno’s hand shook around the cup before he sat it down a little roughly. Ink knelt beside him. Hands going to hold Geno’s shaking ones. The God of Tragedy twisted his hands, successfully intertwined their fingers; Holding Ink with a death grip. “The baby wasn’t even old enough to hold their head up.”


“They were crying, wanting help but no one stopped.” Geno’s voice wavered. His grip got even tighter. Ink stayed silent. He didn’t want to interrupt Geno or make him feel like he was rambling. Ink rubbed circles on the back of Geno’s hand. “Ink, hundreds of people heard the baby but never stopped.”


“Sweetie,” Ink cooed sympathetically. The god of tragedy blinked and shook his head. He tried to give a smile but it didn’t reach his eyesockets. Ink could see right through it and that fact alone made his soul break further. “Oh, Rose…”


Geno wiped away the tears on his sleeve. “I’ll be fine. It’s just-” He cut himself off with a sob. His eyelight was wavering and his voice watery. Choking on his words. “Fuck, mortals are so heartless.”


Ink's frown grew. He untangled one hand and grabbed Geno’s chin. “Not all mortals. You’re one of the nicest gods I know.”


A breathless laugh left Geno, his eyelight watched the wall. Ink winced at the emptiness in his voice. The hand he held tightened to a deadly grip. “I don’t think I count for a testament to mortals anymore.”


“Maybe not, but you were one. And trust me when I say you have a good soul.” Geno didn’t say anything, he probably degraded himself in his head. The God of Tragedy chose not to believe anything Ink said about him. “Hey,” Geno meets his gaze, barely able to hold it. “It wasn't your fault, okay?”


Reluctantly, Geno nodded his head. He knew Ink was right, but it was hard to not see it that way. Not to see the dead look in each child’s eyes. To see the torture and pain they are feeling. Not to see the pain and how they begged for someone, anyone, to help them.  It was soul-wrenching each time and it would forever haunt Geno. No matter what happened, Geno couldn’t escape those moments. It’s hard not seeing it not being his fault. Especially-


“Rose,” Arms circled Geno and brought the other in close. He froze in Ink's arms. He sniffled and his body gave a twitch. Fingers flexed before the tears finally fell down his cheeks.


He shook in the other’s arms. His breathing slowly grew harsher and elevated. Geno shoved his head into Ink’s shoulder. He threw his arms around the other and held Ink close as he cried. His fingers twisting in Ink's shirt and clung on tight. His cries of anguish muffled by Ink's chest.


Ink face was pinched in pain. He didn’t like hearing the other crying. He didn’t like Geno hurt in any way. Fuck, this wasn’t fair. Geno didn't deserve it. He didn't deserve it, he didn't fucking deserve it! Ink held in a growl from his internal frustration. His grip on the sobbing god tightened. Ink nuzzled his head down on Geno’s and closed his eyesockets.


For several minutes, Ink refused to let go of the other. He had his head buried into the other’s neck. The soft fabric of Geno’s scarf pressed against his face. It nearly suffocated him but he didn’t care. He rubbed his hand in small circles on the other's back.


Geno ended up pulling back, his tears had come to a stop. He didn’t pull away fully. Just enough to move his head and lay his cheek on Ink’s shoulder. He took comfort in Ink’s touch and smell. It made him feel better. It made him feel safe and okay. So, when Ink pulled away, Geno wanted to grab the other and pull him in close again.


Ink didn’t go far, thankfully. He laid his hands on Geno’s shoulders. He rubbed his thumb across the other’s collar bone. Geno did lean his skull to the side, laying his cheek on the other's hand.


“Want me to help with their tombstone?” Ink offered, moving his thumb to rub against the other's cheek. Geno shook his head. Part of him refusing to even allow to taint Ink with the haunting memory of his job. Ink dropped his hands and stood up. “Well, my offer still stands if you ever want my help.”


“Thanks, but no. I already have it done anyways.” 


Ink nodded his head sadly. He wiped away Geno’s tears. Not commenting on when Geno leaned into his touch or nuzzled his hand. Not feeling the time would be even in the slightest appropriate to flirt or push the other away. Geno needed him.


“Ink, can we change the subject?” Geno whispered, eyelights darting to the side. His gloved fingers twiddling with Ink’s scarf; He gave it a small tug every couple of words. “I already have enough time thinking about this when I’m alone. I rather not think about it now.”


“Yeah, of course, Gen,” Ink pressed a kiss to Geno’s head. Allowing himself to linger before pulling back fully. He slid his hands down to his hands and kissed the other’s fingertips. He leaned back and flashed an overly bright smile to Geno. “So, how about this weather.”


“You’re a dork.” Geno sighed, but a smile perked on his face. It didn’t reach his eyesockets but it felt more genuine than the previous smiles. “But thanks.”


Geno did something that shocked both of them. He grabbed Ink’s scarf and pulled him down, pressing a kiss to his smudged cheek. Ink’s face erupted in pastel rainbow and it was his turn to feel flustered in the other’s presence. Geno’s face was a breathtaking shade of red.


“Heh,” Ink melted as he stared at the shorter. Geno avoided his stare, grabbed his cup of tea and took a large gulp. Ink blinked at the other and let out a chuckle, enamored completely.


Well, that was the wrong thing to do. Geno’s blush had got even worse and his eyesocket twitched. He didn’t say anything but he did grab his now empty cup and stood up. He tried to smile at Ink. One the god of creation saw through easily. Ink gave an apologetic smile.


“Are you done with that?” Geno politely nodded to Ink’s almost empty cup. Ink knew the other wasn't trying to be rude. Truly wanted to change the subject once again and have Ink forget what he did. 


Ink held up a finger and swallowed the rest. When done, he handed the cup over to his friend. Geno took it and brought the two empty cups to the sink. Desperate to get away from the conversation and Ink.


Nonetheless, his movement was slow and sluggish. Probably emotionally tired and yearning for a nap. Ink watched the other with a hint of grief. He didn’t want this for the other. He didn’t want to be the reason Geno was distant and he didn’t want the other to be forced as a god with a horrific job.


'Geno had to go home at some point,' Ink thought with dread. He had none of his things here. No clothes, no books, nothing of his. Maybe Ink should ask the other to move in. That way he wouldn’t be forced to go to an empty house after a tough job. They had enough rooms for him to have his own. Geno deserved to be happy and not be alone when he had a rough time.


Geno would never go for it. He was too stubborn for his own good. Probably roll his eyelight and push himself further away emotionally to prove a point. Something he did before. Ink had offered their spare guest room back when Geno was still very new to the upper realm. Determined to prove he was fine on his own, Geno didn’t stop by for a few weeks.


When Paperjam was conceived, they turned the spare room into a nursery. They still had another room but it was filled with art supplies, strings, Paperjam’s baby clothes, and toys. Stuff that could be easily moved to the attic if need be.


Ink sighed and closed his eyesockets. He loves that stubborn skeleton. He just wishes he could help Geno without accidentally pushing the other away. Ink couldn’t force Geno to leave his home and live here. If the other didn’t want to, he didn’t have to. Ink could make sure that he knew that he would always have a place here though.


“What is that?”


Geno brought Ink from his thoughts. He turned his head to his friend and looked at him confused. The shorter skeleton nodded his head towards something on the counter. He was referencing to the mask on the counter.


Ink’s face lit up like a colorful flame. His eyesockets widened as he stared at the mask. Fuck, he forgot about that! The curious stare of Geno’s had him wanting to hide the poorly concealed gift. Ink had wanted to give the porcelain mask to Geno on his birthday. He could lie and shrug it off, but Geno already saw it!


Yet, maybe the mask could cheer him up. Ink glanced over to Geno. Still seeing the redness beneath his eyesockets from crying. Slowly, he glanced between his friend and the mask. He finally flashed a wide smile and made his way to the counter. Ink felt excitement surge through him and glee.


He grabbed the mask and presented it to his Rose. Feeling a slight nervousness but pride. All in all, it made him want to hurl. He could feel the bile in his throat but he swallowed it down. “Here! I made you this!”


Geno stared at the mask with furrowed eyebrow bones. He could see the confusion in the other’s expression and Ink began to sweat. Did he mess up on it? Was it insulting? Fuck, he knew he should have checked it again. However, Geno’s stare quickly softened; His head tilted to the side and flushed.


“Thank you,” Geno mumbled. A soft and rare smile on his face. His head leaning against his shoulder, eyelight glowed softly in appreciation and something else Geno wasn’t ready to admit to any of them. “You’re sweet,”


“Anytime,” Ink chimed, happily handed the mask over to Geno. The shorter ran his hands over the mask. A smile making it's home on his face. He traced the reem of the mask.


Geno looked back up at him. Fondness and warmth in his eyelight. It made Ink’s nonexistent stomach feel fuzzy and do knots. ‘Ink, whatever you do, don’t fuck this up. Don’t say anything to fuck this up. Do- ’ “Since you already know that I am sweet, you should let me have a taste of you.” Fuck.


Geno blinked, confused before his face contorted into an annoyed scowl. “How many times do I have to tell you to shut up?”


“How many times does it take before you punish me?”


Geno just blatantly stared at Ink before he snorted. His eyesocket clenched shut as he tried to stifle his laughter. His hand slapping across his mouth. He opened his eyesocket, meeting Ink's. Stars, Geno was adorable. Ink didn’t fight the blush that spread across his cheeks. Geno's eyelight twinkled in laughter. “You’re terrible.”


“You’re mouth says that, but your eyelights say otherwise.” Geno shook his head no, ready to deny it. The laughter stopped any words that were going to rise out of his mouth. Ink closed the gap between them. A shit-eating grin plastered to his face as he watched Geno laugh.


Fuck, he is cute.


Ink placed his hands around Geno’s waist. Ink waited and looked for any sign of objection. When none came, he pulled the other close to him. Geno’s hand fell from his mouth, no longer trying to stifle his laughter. His hands fell onto Ink’s chest, forehead pressing into Ink’s ribcage. His shoulders shook with giggles.


Ink laid his head against his Rose's. He watched the happiness in Geno’s expression. It relaxed him. It was wholeheartedly pure in a way Ink could never describe. It willed Ink to do anything to keep that smile on his friend’s face. And he did mean anything. The brightness from Geno’s smile put the sun to shame.


Speaking of that smile…




Ink leaned down. Their mouths inches apart. He could hear Geno’s breathing hitch. Geno clenched Ink’s sash, accidentally pulling Ink closer and- A hand covered his mouth.


Ink opened his eyesockets. Geno looked at him with a downtrodden stare. The hand that remained on his chest pushed him away. Ink’s sash was never released from Geno.


“You know I can’t…” Geno whispered, pain in his voice. Ink’s smile fell grim but remained. “I’m still married to Reaper and-” ‘I still love him.’  Geno didn’t say it. He didn’t need to for Ink to know that that was what he was going to say.


Ink nodded his head. “I know. Doesn’t mean I can’t wait.”


“You’ll probably be waiting for a long time…” He tried to change Ink’s mind. Geno held the mask close to his chest.


Ink closed the distance between them. Ink tilted his head to the side, refused to take his eyes off of Geno. Ink trailed his hand up to Geno’s face and cupped his cheek. Ink pulled his friend close and pressed a kiss into Geno’s forehead. Lingering long enough to whisper:


“You are worth it.”

Chapter Text

Even welcomed into their home, Geno felt out of place. He knew he belonged there. Somewhat, at least. Sometimes he felt like a neighbor that just kept stopping by. He fit in, but not enough to stay for long. The members of this household where his family through and through, but something always felt missing in that regard. 


Ink had knelt by the couch. His eyelights were bright hearts as they stared at his sleeping husband. Geno didn’t remember his brother falling asleep. Let alone appearing tired enough to conk out. He looked to be almost falling off the couch, barely hanging on. A soft snore leaving him as his chest rose slowly. Pillow stuffing surrounding Error like snow. 


Geno could see a fond, love-stricken smile on his friend's skull as he stared down at the Destroyer. Geno’s story finally catching up to the god of destruction. Having him out cold. Ink tenderly caressed his husband’s cheek. The darker skeleton unconsciously nuzzled into his hand. Stars, his Chocolate Cosmos was so cute.


“When did he fall asleep?” Geno asked as he stared at his brother bumfuzzled. The creator didn't turn to look back. Too busy gazing at the other with so much love in his eyelights it could drown a god. 


“He falls asleep to other’s reading rather easily.” Ink shrugged his shoulders. Stars, that smile on his face. Geno clenched his shirt as he watched. “Or it makes him sleepy.” Ink leaned forward and kissed his Chocolate Cosmos' cheek and stood up. 


“Thanks for the blackmail,” Geno smirked evilly. Many ideas running through his mind. He snickered and leaned over on Ink’s shoulder. Ink snorted, rolling his eyelights as he shook his head at his friend. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell him it was you who ratted him out.”

Ink clicked his mouth uncaringly. “He will know anyways.” It made Geno giggle and cover his mouth. Effortless to stop his snickers. The creator rolled his eyelights and moved away from the couch. Of course, after he gave Error’s cheek another rub. “He always knows.” 


Geno felt a stab to the chest, ceasing his laughter. He recoiled in on himself as a waved of nostalgia slapped him in the face. Back when he would mumble similar things about Reaper and vise versa. 


-The sound of wood and wallpaper being ripped to shreds. Geno curled around his stomach, protecting his small bump from whatever was making those noises. He should call Reaper! He needs to call his husband! He has to protect his daughter!


With his eyelights trained on the kitchen door, Geno dashed for the phone. The moment he started running, everything fell eerily quiet. As if something was watching him with mirth. Watching for the best moment to strike. 


He hastily reached for the phone, fumbling as he pushed the buttons. He could hear something behind him. Moving slowly towards him. He was about to call his husband when his hand was suddenly stained black. No, not stained. Something fell onto his hand. Another tick from the clock and more of whatever it was fell onto his hand. Dripping down his arm and engulfing his arm like a disease. 


Freaking out, Geno threw the phone down and shook his arm. In a pitiful attempt to get rid of the spreading goop. It didn’t help and only got worse. Like a fungus or virus, spreading in mockery. It was useless. Geno stopped shaking his hand and stared at his blackened arm. His other hand tightened around his small bump. He could feel his chest heaving with fear for his daughter.


More of the goop fell in front of him. Confused, the fear of earlier still circling in his soul, but now a back thought. He looked up. Black goop with a teal shine dripped from the ceiling. It was moving and gurgling. Geno felt like it was staring at him, watching his movement. Geno furrowed his eyebrow bones in confusion. “What the hell-” 


S u n s h i n e !"  


The unknown jerked his eyesockets open and sit up quickly. Reaper haven shaken him awake. His chest heaving. Unconsciously, throwing his arm over his stomach protectively. He snapped his head over to his mate. Reaper had sat up as well, his hands held out to ease the smaller. Reaper looked down at his mate and seemed relieved Geno was now awake. “You were having a nightmare.”

“I-” Geno shook his head. Still feeling that dread and despair the dream had caused but his head was foggy. “I don’t remember-” Geno stared confused at Reaper. The god of death lifted a hand and rubbed a thumb across his cheek. “Nothing had happened...?”

Reaper gave a coerced smile. He pet Geno’s cheek lovingly. Geno was too tired to notice the small shake in his mate's movements. “Good thing, you’re God in black robes was able to save you in time then.” Geno was too tired to point out how stupid that sounded. Instead, he shoved his head into Reaper’s chest. Mumbling under his breath and yawned.


“Heh. I know, Sunshine.”


Reaper fell back onto his back. He held out his arms up in an offer for comfort. Geno wasted no time and cuddled into Reaper’s chest, laying on top of his husband. He felt his husband summon his wings and wrapped around him for more comfort. 

“I know…”


“You there, Gen?” The god of tragedy blinked; Seeing Ink standing closer in front of him, his eyelights question marks. Blankly, Geno stared at his friend for a few seconds. Confused about where he was. When he realized, Geno attempted a smile and nodded his head. 


Geno grabbed Ink’s hand and squeezed it. He seeked that warmth that the creator brought with him. Not in the mood to deny the comfort the other always gave him. He nodded his head in reassurance. He held a death grip on the other's hand. “Spaced out for a bit.” 


Ink seemed to understand and intertwined their fingers. He closed his eyelights and kissed the back of Geno's hand. The shorter relaxed and leaned more into Ink's side. He didn't care about the lost of his facade in the process. He closed his eyesockets and basked in the warmth and nuzzled his head into Ink's shoulder. The creator wrapped his arms around him and rested his head against Geno's. He let out a sigh when his senses were flooded with Ink's scent: A hint of paint and vanilla cream. Stars, this was nice. 


“Mama…” Ink and Geno turned to look behind them, the former didn't want to pull away any time soon. Paperjam stubbled down the stairs, holding onto the railing and a small star plushy. Sleep in his eyelights. Once at the bottom of the stairs, he rubbed at his eyesocket and looked over to his uncle and Mom. His face scrunched up in confusion, pulling the plushy closer to his chest. He stared at the mess in bewilderment. “Why are there clouds?”


Ink looked over at his friend and smirked. “Uncle Geno and Papa were wrestling.” Ink let his arms fall from around Geno and held them out for his sleepy boy. The child toppled into his arms and stared at his Uncle. 

“Who won?” Paperjam blinked over at the God of tragedy sleepy. Geno shot a glare towards Ink, knowing exactly what he was doing. Fully remembered Paperjam’s innocent question from that morning. Ink didn’t flinch or move, just smiled evilly at the other. 

Geno turned his attention to his nephew and smiled at him softly. He placed his hands on his hips and puffed out his chest in playful pride. “It was me, of course.”

It didn't get the response he thought he would. Instead of awe, Paperjam deadpanned. The tiny godling reprimanded his uncle. “Mama says lying is bad, Duncle.”


It took seconds of silence before Ink bellowed in laughter. Geno puffed out his cheeks and flushed brightly. Paperjam just stared at his uncle, clearly disappointed in his uncle for ‘lying’ to him. Not seeing anything wrong with what he said. 


Ink held his son close and looked over his head to his friend. He couldn’t hold back any laughter at Geno’s expression, tears pricking in the corner of his eyesockets. Geno just huffed up more and clenched his fist, embarrassed. Why would Paperjam think he was lying? Did he look that frail compared to his brother? Apparently, yes. 


Ink pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead, he still wheezed in laughter. “Stars, I love you Plumeria.” 


Confused but contented, Paperjam nudged his head against his mother’s mouth. “Love you too, Mama.”


Geno’s fake scowl disappeared. An ache cut through his soul as he watched the two. He didn’t breath, he couldn’t. Not when his soul was cut up into millions of pieces and each piece burned intensely. He grabbed his scarf tightly and smiled wistfully at the other two. He tried to not let the other two know something was wrong. Which worked when neither of them looked to Geno due to a raspy voice coming from the couch. 


“Why do you two keep waking me up? Assholes.” Error grumbled from his spot. He shot a nasty glare towards the trio. He now laid further back on the couch with his arm thrown over his face. The Destroyer peeked through and shot daggers at his brother and husband. 


“Hey, Papa!” Paperjam peeked over his mother’s shoulder. A bright grin on his skull, he leaned his head on Ink’s shoulder. He blinked happily towards his father. Error’s face softened instantly at the sight of his offspring. 


Error moved to make room for his son, a silent offer for sleepy cuddles. Paperjam beamed, always ready for affection from either parent. With a blink, Paperjam ported on to his father’s lap and laid his head down on his chest. A seemingly innocent moment but one that had Ink and Error froze. They stared at the child with wide eyesockets.


“PJ,” Ink turned to stare at his son and took a hesitant step. Happiness and pride surging through him. His shocked expression twisted into a grin and he grabbed his own hands against his chest. Bouncing in place in clear excitement. Error had a similar expression. He held onto Paperjam tightly. A grin that was larger than the sun on his skull. 


Geno was confused and stood off to the side. Watching the family with his head tilted to the side and a frown on his face. What was the big deal? Paperjam had magic and showed it off before. Right? Apparently, his confusion shown on his face for Ink grinned at him brightly.


“Usually teleporting takes a ton of magic to even attempt.” Geno nodded his head, showing he was following Ink’s explanation. Teleporting took a shit ton of magic from anyone. It took Geno until he was ten to be able to shortcut. “For a young godling to show they are tapping into their magic more effortlessly-”

“He is going to be getting his powers soon!” Error finished sitting up quickly, enveloping his son in a bear hug. Error threw Paperjam up a bit before catching him. The young godling giggling from the action, feeling excited himself and the star in his pink socket twirling. “Baby abomination will be a baby destroyer!”


“Excuse you,” Ink approached his husband and son, hands jokingly on his hips. He flicked his finger against Error’s temple. His arm going up and wrapped around his husband and son. A large grin on his face. “He could be a creator, you never know.” 


“Does it matter?” Paperjam questioned, eyebrow bones furrowed. A little worried that if he was one, he would hurt the other parent. Ink smiled softly. 


“Of course not, Plumeria.” Ink kissed his son’s cheek. Paperjam grinned brilliantly. “Whoever you are will be amazing.”

Geno felt even more confused. He could remember a few times Paperjam ran up to him with something broken; Saying he has destroyed it himself. Wouldn't those be signs of Paperjam coming into his powers? Displaying said powers? "Hasn't he been destroying things though?" 

Ink nodded his head. "well, yes, but..." Ink wiggled his hands in the hands in the air. Unsure on how to explain it to the former mortal. He shared a look with his husband. Error was too busy being a proud Papa and showering Paperjam with kisses to pay attention. "Most godlings have magic they can manipulate enough to showcase certain abilities. It's not until they start to hone in that magic due they actually get their powers." 


Suddenly, Ink's face lite up like a Christmas tree. His eyelights were bright as he had an idea. “What if we train him tomorrow?” Ink asked, turning to look at his husband. Both him and Error had the day off. It would be the perfect time to see if Paperjam showed either sign of one of their abilities being permanent or any of his very own. “What do you think?” 


Ink turned his attention to the godling. Paperjam only witnessed his parent’s abilities separately. Always in awe of them. Rarely the two parents had a job together. If anything, the two seemed to avoid one another during work. Paperjam would adore having a day with both. So he clapped his hands in excitement. “Yes!”


Geno pressed himself into his own little corner. Not too far from the trio but enough to be separate. A watery smile on his face as he watched them happily embraced and yammering on. Paperjam looked around his excited parents and to his uncle. His already big grin got even bigger. 


“Can Duncle come with us?” That innocent question made both of the parents’ freeze. The parent's shared a look before Ink looked back down to his son. His voice was soft and slow. Not wanting to hurt Paperjam’s feelings (or Geno’s). 


“Sorry, Jammy,” Ink began as softly as he could. “It would be too dangerous for Uncle Geno to be there.” Ink tried to explain to Paperjam without going into too much detail. He rubbed his arm and looked at Error. “It would be the best idea for it to be just us.” 


Geno shrugged his shoulders, he tried to give a smile. “I wouldn’t mind. I wou-”


“No!” Error cut in. Geno turned his attention to his brother, shocked by the outburst. The destroyer had a frown cut into his skull. “Geno, Paperjam most likely has destructive powers. It is too dangerous.” 


“What about Ink?”

“Ink has had centuries of dealing with destruction first hand.” Error eyelights darted to Ink. Guilt was in both of their eyelights as they spared each other a stare. Ink held onto his arm as he shifted uncomfortably. The creator tugged on his fingerless gloves. “We haven't always gotten along.” 


“I have dealt with destruction before,” Geno defended. He had jobs that went with Error’s. It wasn’t as rare as it should be. Destruction was everywhere in the lower realm. He has seen Error take down cities and kingdoms in a matter of seconds. 

Error shook his head, staying firm. He pointed over to his mate as he continued, getting Ink even more uncomfortable. “Not in the way Ink has. It is different.”


“Rose, if it was any other time-” Ink started, sad that they couldn’t include Geno. Ink was rubbing at his wrist as he took a step closer. He knew how dangerous destructive magic could be. Untapped and uncontrolled destructive magic? Even if there was a slim chance that Paperjam would grow into it, Geno wouldn’t stand any chance. 


Geno waved off Ink, interrupting him with a lie. “It’s fine. I understand.” It seemed so easy to lie.


That had been yesterday. Geno was home now in his small house. He had gone home late last night. Of course, that was not without Ink and Error trying to get him to stay. Ink and Error had taken Paperjam to test his abilities, planning on spending most of the day training him.  The couple insisted that Geno could stay there and make himself at home if he wanted. Their house was his house. As much as Geno would have loved to lay in bed there, it felt weird. He couldn't stay. He didn't fit with them as he wanted.


Geno just wishes he was able to go. Paperjam was his nephew and he wanted to be there for every moment. He understands why they didn’t want him too, more they couldn’t let him. Neither wanted him getting hurt if Paperjam had lost control. That didn't stop Geno from wanting to see it; From wanting to be there for his nephew and watch him grow. 


The house was quiet, so he busied himself with a good book. Without the other three's constant noise, it felt lonely and suffocating. He felt like all his senses were in hyperdrive. Geno could sense a soul calling to him, but thanks to Error and Ink, he learned to control his urges better and knew that not every soul needed him immediately. It was still difficult to ignore them. He felt like a child procrastinating to answer a question on a test with limited time. 


Geno closed the book and let out a sigh.  


Geno wouldn’t lie. He was considering Ink’s offer more and more. Geno knew there was something between them. Something strong that made Geno blush and want to scream. Error was more like a brother than anything but seemed to encourage whatever it was between Ink and Geno. And Gods! Paperjam. Paperjam was adorable and the sweetest kid Geno had ever gotten the pleasure of meeting.


Just the three of them made Geno happy. The thought of being with them, being part of their family made Geno feel a way only Reaper had made him feel. He wanted whatever they would give him. He wanted them in general. It wasn’t a new feeling, but it was terrifying nonetheless.  


He got hurt once, he could get hurt again. They could just up and decide he wasn't good enough. That they didn't need nor want him. They could l e a v e  h i m.


Still, Geno could see himself being happy with them. Truly happy. Finally at somewhat peace in their arms. Yet, there was still something keeping him from joining them. From jumping into Ink’s arms without a second thought. Stopping him from moving in, stopping him from being a permanent presence to Paperjam. Stopping him from moving on.


Geno subconsciously placed a hand over his nonexistent stomach. Whatever was left of his soul, shattered tortuously over time. Geno still thought of them to this day. His baby, his sweet Starlight. His baby that didn’t get a chance to experience the world. For its pain and joy, it could bring. Didn’t get the chance to open their eyes or smile. They didn't get the chance to let out a cry of life. It wasn’t fair! It had never been fair! It shouldn't have been his baby! Why his!? There was so many terrible people who got to be mothers, so why was it Geno that lost his Starlight!? Out of everyone in both realms, why his baby!? Geno was willing to take any shit from the world, just for his baby to be alive. To give his life for his child. He would do it if he just got the tiniest chance for his baby to grow up happy.


Some- Sometimes, Geno would wonder, if he- If he didn’t have a miscarriage, would they be friends with Paperjam? Would Ink and Error welcome them with open arms? Would Ink make paintings for them? Would Error knit them a sweater as he did for Paperjam? Would he have even meet Ink and Error? Would Reaper have stayed-


S t o p. 

Geno didn’t notice the tears that already began to slide down his cheeks. Geno didn’t move to wipe them away. It would be pointless to stop the endless stream. Instead, he stood up. No point in thinking of the ‘what if’s’. Not when it was painful and useless. Geno will forever have his child in thought and soul. But wondering what could have been would just cause him more suffering. His soul was already scarred due to his mortal life; After Reaper's departure and the death of his baby, it was destroyed.


Geno stood up. His body shaking and ready to fall back onto his couch. He made his way to his bookshelf. Movements shaking and slow. He forced himself to keep going despite how much he wanted to curl into a ball now. Hide under the covers and make sure he never saw the light of day. Maybe some ice cream too with sprinkles and chocolate fudge. 


As he was putting the book back, there was a knocking at the door. His entire body froze, chills running down his spine. The knocking continued. Knocking he tried to convince himself didn’t sound like bone. 

Chapter Text


“This seems to be a good place, right Cosmos?” Ink looked over his shoulder to his husband. Error was making his way up behind him with a small cooler in one hand and another holding Paperjam's leg. Their giggling son on Error’s back and hanging on tight to Error’s face. Nearly blinding him with his tiny hands. 


“As much as I can see, yeah.” Ink rolled his eyes at Error’s remark. A smile had made it’s home on his face. 


The sun was out and shining brightly down on them. It warmed their bones and took away any chill there had been in their house. First world problems. Or was it ‘god problems’? The sky was cloudless, which was disappointing. Sure it was a pretty blue, but it would have been fun to look for weird shapes when they took a break. They were in a valley with bluebells growing nearby. The bluebells were gorgeous and vibrate. There were also trees overtowering them from a distance. It was the perfect place for a small cottage. 


Ink let out a sigh and laid down their picnic basket. He took their blanket out from under his arm and shook it free. He tried to get the blanket perfectly laying on the ground but it became useless. The corners would flop or there would be wrinkles in the middle. In the end, it didn't matter. Error placed the cooler down on the blanket before Ink had the chance to flip it again. He had to slouch to even place it down. They would be here for a while and needed at least enough food for two quick meals. 


Paperjam giggled from being jostled around on his father’s back. His eyelight swirling in his socket. He blocked Error's eyesockets even more, as he grasped the other. Ink felt his soul warm at the sight. He walked over to his son and picked him off Error's back. (He didn't have to stand on his tiptoes, shut up!) Error did have a slight panic moment when his son was suddenly off his back but relaxed when he saw Ink putting him down onto the blanket.


Paperjam instantly flopped down and surveyed the world around them. Even when he went out with his parents, he never got to actually explore the lower realm. He was in awe of actually being there. He looked ready to jump up and run towards the trees. Ink, however, sat down next to his son. He placed a hand on PJ’s shoulder to keep him from running off. The young godling looked over to his mom, eyelights shining with curiosity. Which didn’t last long when Paperjam noticed his father moving to face him.


Error already taking control of the situation and kneeling onto one knee. Face stern and blank of emotion as he stared at the four-year-old. Paperjam blinked over at his dad in a confused and determined manner. His tiny chest puffed out in pride. That was too cute. Ink had to hold back a snicker. Instead, the creator wiggled in his spot and leaned back on his hands. 


“Okay, we will be focusing on destruction.” Error began; He was already waving his hands as he spoke. He kept darting his eyelights over to Ink and back to his son. Error licked his mouth and looked around him. His fingers twitching. A phantom string in his fingers, nearly feeling them wrapped around his fingers and spewing from eyesockets. "Destruction is more of physical ability.”


“It can be tied to emotions when they are strong enough, but it isn't normally constructed mentally or emotionally.” He looked back to PJ. His entire expression was firm and serious. “Considering how young you are, the abilities will come more natural through your emotions." Ink tilted his head to the side. He didn't even know that. Creation was the opposite. He couldn't just force something into existence. It wasn't how his powers worked. Destruction, however, was brute force.


"But relying on your emotional state to control your abilities will only cause you trouble.” Error continued his ranting, not noticing how astonished Ink was beginning to look. He appeared nervous as he spoke. As if he wasn’t sure he could correctly explain how those abilities work. Ink just kept his gaze on his son. Noticing that Paperjam was nodding along, but probably not fully paying attention. Ink sighed and leaned back on his hand. A patient smile making it’s home on his face. 


“Are you ready to give it a try?” Error asked, looking to his son. Paperjam’s eyelights came back into focus and nodded his head eagerly. Ink pulled his legs up to his chest. He laid his head on his knees. He watched his family with a smile. 


This was going to be a while. 


A few hours went by of them trying and nothing. They took a break every thirty minutes, not wanting to stress Jammy out. They each ate a sandwich and had some water. Each parent never getting frustrated and gave words of encouragement to their child. However, as each attempt fail, Paperjam started to look more and more disheartened.


Ink felt sympathy for his son. He could remember trained when he was a mere decade old. It hadn’t been easy when you don’t know what your abilities could possibly be. Thankfully Paperjam had a better idea of what he could have. So it should come easier. Well, should. Frankly, neither Error or Ink taught another god about what their abilities could tell. Sure, they taught Geno to ignore calls but that was about it. 


Paperjam didn’t know the full extent of his powers and neither did his parents. All they could do was guess and hope they were right. Ink remembers thinking he didn’t have any abilities all up until he was two decades old. Even then, it took forever for him to truly discover his strengths and purpose. Imagine training for a decade and constantly getting negative results. It wasn’t easy but he hadn’t been alone. Neither was Paperjam. 


“Pay attention to the-” Error stopped and looked frustrated. Not with Paperjam but with himself. He looked over at Ink as if praying the other stepped in. The last thing either wanted was for Paperjam to think that frustration was directed at him. The creator nodded his head and stood up from his spot. He reached out a hand to his husband and lifted the other up off the ground. 


“How about we try creation now?" Ink questioned as he turned to his son. He laid a hand on Pj's shoulder and gave it a comforting squeeze. "Huh, Plumeria?” Ink squatted next to his son. His son looked disappointed, he looked back over to his father. His body slumping as he huddled in on himself. 


His voice sounded small and insecure. “Did I do it wrong?” 

Error quickly shook his head. “No, no PJ, you didn’t.” Error tried to reassure his son, hands lifted up to do so. “Growing into your powers will be difficult no matter how in tune with your emotions and strength-”

“I want to keep trying!”


Paperjam insisted as he interrupted his father. He stomped his foot to prove a point. Eyelight growing as his eyelight flashed uncontrollably. Ink frowned. Confusion circulating in his mind. Paperjam wasn't known for tantrums. It was rare, extremely rare and only happened when he was tired. Ink sighed mentally. Maybe he was tired, they had been going on for a few hours. Ink raised his hands softly, trying to calm his son. The pout on Paperjam’s skull got worse, much worse.


Oh jeez. Ink spared a look over to his husband; Who had his hands held up as he slowly backed away from the ticking time bomb. Ink huffed and raised his eyebrow bone. Scaredy-cat.


“Plumeria,” His attention turned to Ink. That pout growing when he recognized the look on his mother’s face. It was the same face when Ink told him no to chocolate before dinner. “It would be a very bad idea to force yourself."


“No!” Paperjam clenched his fist, eyesockets shut in anger. “I WANT TO TRY NOW!” He raised his tiny foot and stomped it down again, hard. Before Ink could come up with some way to calm his child down, the ground shook beneath them. Ink froze and eyesockets widened. Ink could feel every brat of his soul painfully against his ribs as time slowed.


The ground beneath Paperjam cracked and crumbled under him. Shit. Ink lurched at his son and wrapped Paperjam in his arms. The child, not aware of what was happening, began to hit at Ink’s chest. Attempting to push his mom away in a fit of a tantrum. Ink didn’t flinch as the ground gave away. He quickly let his body fall backward so if they were to hit the ground, Ink would be the one to take the hit. 


Error, however, shot strings to his son and husband. The strings wrapped around Ink's soul. Keeping the god of creation hovering in the air. The fear his son felt made his powers to worsen. Sending out a wave of destruction, it made Ink grit his teeth in pain. Nonetheless, he never loosened his hold around his son. Due to his destruction magic expanding, most of the strings begin to crumble.


“Shit, shit, shit.” Ink tightened himself around his son more and stared at the strings that were connected to his soul. Flashbacks to when Error would hurt him when he was in this position ran through Ink's mind. Part of him braced himself for an attack from Error. Waiting for a swing to attempt a final blow. It never came. Of course, it wouldn't happen. Error loves him. Ink shook those thoughts away. Right now, he needed to protect his son.


He held onto Paperjam tightly with one hand; The other shakingly let go and reached out towards the strings. He twisted his wrist and hand in one of the stronger strings. Wincing when one of the other strings snapped, making the string he held pull tighter around his wrist. Cutting into his bone through his glove. He could feel marrow seeping out of his wound. He didn’t let go though. 


“Paperjam, sweetie,” Ink whispered. His voice strained from the pain. One eyesocket closed in discomfort. “You need to calm down.” Ink’s soul broke with how shakey his son’s tiny body was. He was terrified. “Hun, it’s okay, You’re the one doing this. You just need to reign in your emotions. Okay?” 


Ink hoped his voice wasn’t as shaky as he felt. He was trying to tell a four-year-old to control his emotions. Yeah, they weren't going to get out of it that way. He tried to smile at his son. Eyelights darted up to his husband. Error was using one hand to keep them in the air, the other digging out more string to throw at them. His eyelights were never taken off of Ink or their child. “We are safe. Daddy has us.”


Error conjured more string to wrap around Ink’s waist and hold them above the growing abyss beneath them. His string worked to keep both of them safe. For now. Error could keep them up in the air, but his magic wasn't suited for fixing destruction. Only making it more colossal and damaging. And he never tried to save people from it. He kept it from heading towards Geno when their jobs collided, but that was all of it. He never stopped it, just moved its path. 


Ink didn’t blame Error if it took him a few minutes to find a way to get them both out of it safely. In the meantime, Ink could try other ways to solve it. He rubbed his hand into Pj's shoulder and hummed softly. He tried not to move so much, but he wanted nothing more than to comfort his son. So with what little movement he was allowed, he used it to provide comfort for Paperjam. 


“Ring around the rosy,” Ink sung, trusting his husband to keep them safe. He rubbed his thumb against Paperjam’s shoulder. “Pockets full of posey,” He could feel the tension slowly etching out of Paperjam's body. "Ashes, ashes," He stopped himself from finishing the rest of the lullaby. It...would not be appropriate. So, he hummed the rest of it. 


Paperjam seemed to calm down. He wasn’t shaking so bad. He focused on his mother's voice. The string’s deterioration rate slowed down. The sound of the earth breaking apart stopped. Ink could hear Error’s sigh of relief and he let out his own shuddered breath. Ink looked up to his husband. Countless strings strung from his eyesockets. 

They were stuck in the air unless Error could come up with a way out for them before Paperjam loses control of his emotions again. Ink had an idea, but Error wouldn't like it. Well, he could take a yelling at later. 


“Sweetie,” Ink started, eyelights meeting his Plumeria’s. A soft smile. Ink pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead and lingered for a second. When he pulled back, he made sure Paperjam was looking at him. “I love you, Jammy.” 

“Love you too, Mama.” Paperjam looked scared and confused. Not fully understanding why his Mama would say that now. At least not the full extent. 


"Error," Ink looked up to his husband. “Catch.” 


Ink removed his arms around Paperjam and without missing a beat, tossed Paperjam as hard as he could into the air. He heard Error cursed and the strings around him fell as Error dropped the strings to catch their son. 


Ink felt his body instantly begin to fall. Ink didn't waste any time and summoned his paintbrush. Ink twisted around in the air as he fell. The string wrapped around him. Eyelights disappearing, he swung his brush down the cavern as he fell. Not wasting a second in sealing up the cavern beneath him with dirt. He swore as he felt the impact of his body hitting the ground, thankfully there had been long grass conjured so no serious injuries. 


Nothing broke, so that was good. But fucking hell, why damn dirt!? He couldn’t think of pillows? Just a pile of dirt? Well, it could have been worse. 


Ink pushed himself up with his hands. Pain shot through his shoulder, forcing a wince out of the creator. He laid his head on the pavement and let out a shaky breath. Yeah, that was going to bruise. Fuck, he didn’t take damage like that in nearly two centuries. Since before-


“DaMmIT InK!” 


Error stood above the hole, seething in rage as he glowered at his husband. Ink let out the biggest sigh of relief when he saw his son safely in Error’s hold. Paperjam looked a bit shaken but unharmed in father's arms. Ink didn’t doubt for a second Error wouldn’t catch him. Out of the options they had, throwing PJ to his father was the only real option. Ink thinks so at least. Hey, Ink wasn't going to risk waiting when those strings were growing weaker. The destroyer was shaking in anger as he glared at his husband. “WhAt tHe hElL wERe yOu tHiNkInG!?” 


Ink stood to his feet. He blinked at Error before shrugging his shoulders. “To live?” Error groaned at his husband’s foolishness. His glitching barely easing off. 


"WhY dId I mARrY tHiS iDiOt?" Error was now mumbling off to himself, looking close to snapping into insanity. Ink had a way of doing that to Error. "I wAs tOlD nOt tO, bUt dId I liSTeN?! NooOoO!" 


Ink gave a grin, eyelights bright. He brushed the dirt off his pants and shirt. Being careful with his shoulder. He then reached for his brush and tossed it in the air mindlessly and caught it. He did this a few times as he tried to figure out a way out. He ended up going for the simplest options. A ladder. The god of creation used his brush to create a ladder long enough to get him out of the pit. He pushed it against the wall. He made sure it had been steady before making his way up. Thankfully, he didn't fall too far. He pulled himself out of the hole.


“That was something.” Standing up, Ink stretched out his back. he held in a wince from the pain in his shoulder. Not wanting Error to notice and worry. He cackled as if his life wasn’t in danger at all. Well, he was never in danger. As Error said, he knew how to deal with destruction. It was centuries of experience that made him able to handle this scenario with his eyes closed. It was a walk in the park for him. “You definitely got destructive abilities,” 


He was ready to make a remark to his husband about not being that strung up since last night. Error looked adorably flustered after any hidden sex joke. However, whatever half-assed joke that he could conjure up got stuck in his throat when saw how shaken his baby truly was.  It was Paperjam who didn’t have that experience. 


“Aw, Plumeria.” Ink quickly took his son into his arms from Error and peppered the other with kisses. He squeezed Paperjam to his chest and buried his head into his son’s neck. “I’m sorry for scaring you, Love.” 


Paperjam clung to his mom. A small whimper escaping him. Stars, Ink felt terrible for it. Ink felt his soul twist into something awful. Ink buried his head between his son’s neck and shoulder. He rocked both himself and his son. Whispering apologies over and over again. 


Paperjam threw his tiny arms around his mother and openly cried into Ink’s shoulder. Fuck a motherfucking duck. Ink looked over at his husband who wore the same pinched expression Ink was sure his features taken. Neither liked seeing their baby upset. 


Error dropped his shoulders. He let out a heavy sigh. He enveloped his family in a hug, Ink could feel him shaking. Probably close to crashing but too scared and relieved for his family to pay attention to the telltale signs. Ink wrapped one arm around his mate’s waist and buried his head into his shoulder. He felt his skull and Papejam’s be littered with kisses. A rarity from Error when he was this bad shaken up. 


ThAnK tHe GoDs yOu'Re bOtH sAfE.” Error mumbled under his breath against Paperjam’s head. 


With a blink of an eye, they were back home in their kitchen. Ink sighed in relief as he set down the basket on their kitchen table. Error tossed the cooler and blanket on the ground and quickly (also carefully) reached for their son, who was in Ink's arms. Ink opened his mouth to object. He had been enjoying those sleepy cuddles, thank you very much! The glitch just shot him a glare. 


"InK, yOu aRe hUrT." The concern in Error's voice was nearly drowning. Ink was hesitant but gave in and softly transferred Paperjam into Error's arms. That didn't stop Ink from sticking his tongue out in retaliation. Error just raised an eyebrow bone and walked off. Most likely going to put Paperjam into bed for a well-deserved nap and tell him a story.


Stars, he could also go for a nap. 


Ink sighed and rolled his head to the side. Now that he was alone, he raised a hand and rubbed at his shoulder. Moaning when the pain lessened. He would have to take it easy for a while. How was he going to hide this from Error? He already knew of his hands. His gloves were clearly cut up. Maybe he could find some excuse that his love would buy. Either way, he was going to need to get healing cream soon.


With a sigh, Ink dropped his hand and turned on his heel and made his way out of the kitchen. His eyesockets lolling closed. Ink carefully made his way to the stairs, not stopping to notice the shoes and white jacket thrown across the room. He made his way up the stairs. Hand reaching out and gliding against the wall. His entire body was sluggish and slow. He could see Paperjam's bedroom light was on. At the top of the stairs, Ink leaned against the wall on his side that wasn't injured. 


He wanted to sleep and was excited to crawl into bed. He made his way down the hallway. He stopped short of Paperjam's door and peered in. Error was placing their son into bed for a nap. His stuffed toy clutched tight in his tiny hands. A small smile filled Ink's face.  


Ink turned his attention back to his destination and frowned. The door to their bedroom was ajar. It wouldn't normally be weird but he remembers closing it. Huh. Maybe Error had gone back in when he wasn't paying attention. Ink looked over his shoulder to his husband tucking Paperjam into bed. The god of creation looked back over to their bedroom door and cautiously made his way to it. 


Ink flicked on the light. Half expecting to see nothing and berate his sleep-deprived mind. So when he saw a bundle under the covers on the bed, his body tensed. It didn't last long though when he noticed a very recognizable scarf. 



Chapter Text

Knock, knock! 


Geno’s soul felt like it was going to explode from his chest. No one in the upper realm besides Error and Ink liked him. It didn’t help that Error and Ink weren’t in the upper realm at the moment. Every god was quick to believe those rumors of him, which Geno now took comfort in. So who in Asgore’s name would be knocking on his door? The noise was definitely bone and Geno didn’t know any other skeletal god. Well-

He knew one.


No. It couldn’t be him. Reaper didn’t even know nor care he was in the upper realm! Stars, please don’t let that actually be bone. There had to be a few skeletons other than the ones Geno knew. He remembered Ink mentioning a handful. Even so, why would any be here? Maybe to shank him? No. Most of the gods knew he was Error’s brother. And many, if not all, feared the God of Destruction. Another comfort.


Geno had to take a deep breath. It was okay, this was fine. It couldn’t be Reaper. No way in hell it was him. Maybe it was a new godling who didn’t know who he was. Maybe someone got addresses mixed up. Yeah, no reason to get his panties in a twist. It could easily be some random teenage gods doing ‘ding, dong, ditch’. Yeeeeaah, Ding, dong, ditch. Has to be. 


As more knocking came, Geno grabbed his new mask off the couch and strapped it on. His time wearing it was when someone was knocking on his door and not on a job. Heh. Unlike his old mask, which was made to hide his reflection from his own eyes, this one felt like a shield. Protecting him. Geno swore he felt traces of the other melded into the clay. Did Ink put his magic into this? 

Geno didn’t dare speak or call out. He grabbed his white jacket and threw it on. Making sure the hood was thrown up over his head. He then made his way to the door. His posture rigid and his movement slow. He didn’t want to see what was on the other side of that wooden door. However, just because he didn’t want too, didn’t mean he was scared. Feeling something so akin to Ink’s magic made Geno less afraid. He could do this. 


Not being afraid, didn’t make it easier. Geno felt like his bones were fighting everything in him. Not wanting to go to the door, not wanting to open that door. Unfortunately, whoever was at that door refused to go away. Geno had to hold in a groan of annoyance when another knock came. Rude, much?


His steps quick but it felt like he had lead in his marrow. Making it increasingly difficult, but not impossible. He grabbed the handle and was about to turn it but hesitated. He continued to lie to himself. It couldn’t be Reaper. It could be a random god. Who was a skeleton. Who for some reason was at his door. Not Reaper though. It couldn’t be Reaper.

He took a deep breath and pulled the door opened. 


The breath he took became trapped in his lungs. He was thankful he didn’t need to breathe, for all of the air was quickly stolen from his chest. He stared up at those hauntingly familiar empty eye sockets and smirk. The other’s posture in a position to knock once again and a hint of shock with a smidge of humor circled in those empty pools. Geno’s mouth was suddenly dry. His palms, sweaty.



Geno’s mind had stopped working. He couldn’t breathe. Not when Reaper -fucking Reaper!-  was standing in front of him. He hadn’t changed a bit in the past ninety-three years. No, he was still just as handsome lean and his stare still piercing. He made Geno feel small in his presence. His mouth was suddenly filled with water and it took all he had to not turn away and throw up. 


The other’s presence captured his attention in a way he was sure his own did catch the other gods. Terrified and frozen in place. As if one move and he would be devoured in those dark pools. Oh who the fuck was he kidding? Just standing here had him consumed by those eyesockets of his husband’s. 


No! Reaper wasn’t anything of his! He had no right to that title anymore! He left! He left and n e v e r came back. This doesn’t count! He doesn’t even know it’s Geno under the mask! This. Doesn’t. Fucking. Count!


“-Hello?” Geno blinked. Reaper stood closer -too close- to him. A hand being waved in his face in the laziest way possible. Had he been speaking? Geno couldn’t recall. He was too busy staring into those fucking eyesockets that still lured him.


“Skeleton got your tongue?” The god of death questioned. An amused look in those eyesockets. Geno let out a cough and pulled himself tighter against the door.

“Sorry. What was-” Geno had to clear his throat when it rose in pitch. Reaper raised an eyebrow bone. He was amused by Geno’s clear struggle. “What was it you were saying, Lord Death?” 


Geno kept his voice devoid of emotion. Attempted to anyways. From the God of Death’s ever-growing amused smirk, he knew he was failing terribly. He was sure his door would have claw marks from his grip. He thanked his lucky stars, if he had any, that as a skeleton and a god he didn’t need to breathe. For he would have passed out by now. 


Reaper eyed him for a second. Calculating something, trying to pinpoint something. Geno didn’t want him to find it. Whatever it was, he couldn’t let him find it. 


“Lord Death, please don’t waste my time.” Geno forced himself to stay calm. He prayed his voice stayed steady. “It is-” Geno glanced up at the sky. It was still early in the morning. “barely past the break of day.”  


Reaper just tilted his head to the side. His grin was macabre. 


Tibia honest, I didn’t notice.” Geno felt his eyebrow bone twitch. “Though, I was thighly- ” Nope. Nope. Geno wasn’t going to do it. He wasn’t going to- “certain that gods didn’t kneed sleep.” 




 He tried. He really, really, tried. 


Geno covered the mouth part of his mask. His eyesockets clenched shut tightly, head tilted to the ground. Shame flooded his body. He had a weak sense of humor and it was coming back to bite him in his ass. Was this how Papyrus felt when he laughed at Geno’s puns? Embarrassment, humiliation, disgrace, any other synonym for ‘shame’?


Being too busy glowering at the doorstep, he hadn’t noticed the stiffness that took over Reaper’s bones. Nor how Reaper now stared at him with a glint in his eyesockets. Geno was too busy kicking himself to notice those familiar signs. Signs of Reaper’s consuming interest. 


Geno couldn’t move. He felt frozen as he berated himself for showing his weakness. For allowing that bastard any sort of warmth. Even if it was humor. His hand clenched around the mouth of his mask. If it wasn’t the mask Ink had gotten him, Geno was sure to have broken it under the pressure.


“So…” Geno opened his eyesockets at the sound of the other’s voice. He looked up cautiously from his feet. Reaper gestured to the door that remained halfway closed. An eyebrow bone raised as he leaned onto one foot. “Are you going to let me in?”


The idea of allowing the God of Death into his home, into the place that had been his secondary haven for over fifty years, struck a chord in Geno. He couldn’t. He instantly dropped his hand. He regained whatever bits and pieces of composure he had left. He straightened his back and meet the other’s stare. Geno closed the door as far as he could with his body in the way. Nearly crushing his side in the process. 

“I am sorry, Lord Death, but no.” He wasn’t sorry, far fucking from it!


Reaper angled his head to the side. “That’s fine. I need to get back to work anyways.” Thank, fuck- “I’ll just come back later.” What? Geno was thankful for the mask he wore or Reaper would see his jaw falling open in shock.  “How does two sound?”

“I wouldn’t-” 

“Great!” Reaper interrupted. He pulled out his staff and carefully angled it at Geno in a sort of salute. “I will see you then, Tragedy!”

Just like that, Reaper vanished from the god of Tragedy’s doorstep. Just like he did a century ago. Geno allowed for his body to finally begin to shake. His body now felt heavy. He didn’t want to believe what just happened. His hand now clawed into the door. His breathing coming out in gasps for air. He shut his eyesockets shut tight. 

Slowly, every bit of energy that he had left was quickly drained from his body. He closed the door. He turned and fell back against the door. The emptiness inside the house mocked Geno. His sped up breathing is the only thing that dared mock the emptiness right back. 


Finally, a sob wrenched itself from his chest. He brought his left hand to his ribcage and sunk to the floor. Tears slid down his face. Dripping down his chin and falling onto his shaking hands. His red magic staining his white coat as the tears ran down his hand. 


Geno didn’t care. He brought his hand to his mask. Screaming into them until his throat hurt.  Fuck. Why? Why now?! Why know when he was FINALLY happy? When he finally has the chance to have the life he always wanted? When he meets someone who was able to help heal his wounds!? Just fucking why!? 


He didn’t want to see Reaper again! He didn’t want anything to do with him! Not now! He was finally moving on! 


Reaper had a hard time taking ‘no’ for an answer. Geno remembers when they first started dating. How Geno brushed the God off but Reaper had been determined to be by his side. Well, he had been. Reaper would come by at two, even if Geno didn’t want to see him again.

Just… not again. Not now. Please.




Geno melted to the ground. His chest heaving as he begged with every deity for that to have been a shapeshifter or some fucked up dream. Please, just don’t let this be real!


Don’t let it be him...


 After Reaper left, Geno teleported to the only place that made him feel safe. Ink and Error’s. Geno didn’t know what else to do.


The house was empty and cold. The smell of paint was heavy in the air. He knew they wouldn’t be back until later this afternoon. That didn’t matter. He just wanted to forget. Geno all but tore his mask off and carefully placed it on the ground. He took off his jacket and didn’t hesitate to run up the stairs and open the first door on the left. 


Geno threw himself onto the messy bed and curled around the throw pillows. He got his senses overfilled: Paint, flowers, vanilla cream, yarn, and chocolate chips. When his face hit the pillows his tears quickly drenched them. He screamed into the pillows and clenched them to his chest tightly. His throat beginning to hurt due to the screams, but he didn’t care. Even if he did, he was unable to stop the shouts that escaped him. 


Why now? Why when he was finally coming to peace did Reaper have to show up!? Did some God out there have it out for him? Wanting to see him suffer in every way possible? Yes, he wasn’t fully healed, but he was getting there. He was almost ready to be with Ink. Ready to finally be happy for the first time in a century. So, of course, fate would have to come and fuck him some way, right? 


Fuck! This wasn’t right, wasn’t fair! Reaper had no fucking right to suddenly appear out of nowhere! It was the biggest ‘fuck you!’ to Geno. Reaper might as well spit on his mask and walked away! 


He wanted to scream and throw something. He wanted to tear apart whatever he got his hands on. His screams and tears weren’t enough to express his pain and anger. Nothing would be enough for it. 


Geno was left with a gaping hole in his chest the moment he lost his child. Reaper’s departure had been the final blow. If it hadn’t been for Error and Ink, Geno would have done something drastic. Anything to take that pain away. Now, Reaper was back and his appearance had thrown Geno back to that time. A time when Geno had no solutions or anything to shed light on his days. Back to when he would have down anything, anything, to take that pain away. 


A few hours, Geno passed out from crying. When he finally came too, he refused to move from the bed.  He was now buried beneath the blankets and held a pillow to his chest. Head pressed as far into the pillow as it could physically go. His breathing had even out, minus the small hiccups. 


Geno was trapped in darkness. He felt so empty and cold. It wasn’t new though. It should be, but it wasn’t. That familiar coldness was comforting. He just wanted to sink into it and never come back up. It felt like the world was closing in but it also felt consuming. Like it was taking over him at every second. Every atom that made him up was slowly being taken over by this pain. 


Geno couldn’t shed any more tears, he felt number now. The tears couldn’t leave him. They stung his eyesockets and refused to fall. Hours of crying have left his eyesockets dry.

Why did he feel so alone? Why-



Geno blinked, sleep still consuming his mind. His eyesockets crusty from sleeping with tears running down his cheeks. He wiggled and hesitatingly moved the blanket out from in front of his face.


There stood Ink. Ink’s outfit was ruffled. Gloves torn to pieces. Geno could see marrow running down the other’s hands and fabric sticking to the cuts that Geno could see. Ink was also slouching a bit, clearly tired and begging for a place to rest. His eyelights, for a brief moment, were bright pink hearts. However, now they were a green question mark and a red exclamation mark. 


The sight of the other pained yet relieved Geno. At first, he was confused. Until he remembers he was in the other's bed. Crying. Into his or his husband's pillow. Right. Geno didn’t know what to do but move to sit up, silently reaching for the other. Ink’s face twisted into a painful look. As if the sight of Geno was slowly killing the other. Geno didn’t care, he didn’t care. All he wanted was for Ink to get his boney ass over here and cuddle him. Make him feel better and safe. Make him forget the pain.

“Oh, Rose,” Ink sat down on the bed. He didn’t make his move to hold Geno. Waiting for the other to make the first move. He didn’t have to wait long. 


The moment the other was in reach, Geno threw himself into Ink’s arms. Nearly knocking themselves onto the ground. Ink stiffened but quickly wrapped his arms around Geno.


“Hey, hey,” Ink held onto Geno. “It’s okay, Rose. It’s okay.” Ink brought the smaller up into his lap. “I’m here.” Geno felt those tears finally fall from his eyesockets. He whimpered and sobbed into the other’s chest. He clung to him and never wanted to let the Creator go. 


Not now, not ever! 


Ink was Geno’s safety net. He buried his head into Ink’s chest, getting a hefty smell of paint, flowers, and vanilla cream. Home. 

Chapter Text

Error had just placed Paperjam in bed. His son kept a tight grip on his jacket, not wanting to let go. However, Error was able to untangle himself. PJ squirmed and reached for his father. The destroyer grabbed a small star plushy, with the creepiest face and gave it to his son. It was almost comical how quickly the other latched onto the toy.  


The destroyer felt a smile tease his skull. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his son’s temple. Error sat back and took a glimpse around the room. A frown on his face. The walls looked weaker to the destroyer. Fragile even. One temper tantrum and it would all come crumbling down. He looked back to his son and sighed. 


With his son’s new abilities, they would need to reinforce some of the structures of the house. Mainly the walls and floors. The last thing they wanted was for Paperjam to have a tantrum and destroy their home. Not that Error wouldn’t be proud. He probably would turn the ruins of their home into a monument of Paperjam’s abilities! It would be fantastic!


What type of material was sturdy enough to hold against that though? Stone would be strong, but it could be easily broken just the same. Diamonds were said to be strong, and there was a surprising amount. Maybe he could get Ink to reinforce everything with diamonds. Way too flashy. Or at least have him create a material that had the strength of diamonds. Wait, were they hard or strong? Was there a difference?


Error let out a breath. He would ask Ink about it later. Right now, Error wanted to take a bath and climb into bed. He also wanted to drag his mate into sleepy cuddles. If the bastard didn’t beat him to the bed already. 


Before leaving, Error turned a night light by the bed on. It was designed to look like clouds. They made sure Paperjam knew how to turn it off and that he did it every morning. The small godling wasn’t fond of the dark. Now, during the day time, Paperjam wanted that small thing on for comfort. It made him feel safe. For now, the nightlight stayed on whenever his son was sleeping. 


He made his way out of the room and turned the light overhead off. He stretched and popped his back. He scratched his cheek and lazily made his way to his bedroom. Ready to drag his mate out of bed and to the bathroom. Even if he had to do it with Ink tied to the bed, again. Instead of seeing Ink snoring on the bed, he found his husband holding his weeping brother. 


Ink held a tight grip on Geno. The smaller was shaking and had his head buried into Error’s mate’s chest. The destroyer could hear pitiful whimpers leaving his brother. Something akin to sympathy and protectiveness flared in Error’s soul. The destroyer looked away from the god of tragedy and glanced up to meet Ink’s gaze. 


“Another job?” Error queried his husband. Ink shrugged his shoulders, unsure of it himself. He didn’t get to ask the other yet. Part of him was still processing finding the diminutive tsundere even in his bed. The other part was tired and just wanted to comfort Geno. Ink went to open his mouth to reply but Geno beat him to it. 


Geno pulled back and wiped his cheeks with his sleeve. He pitifully tried to stop the tears. Through hiccups, he got a syllable out. “Re-”  


Ink instantly knew what Geno was trying to say. Kind of hard to not know. What made Geno cry and first to letters where R and E? It wasn’t a job. For once, he wished it was. He tightened his grip around Geno. His thumb rubbed soothing circles into the other’s back. Error seemed to also have pieced the puzzle together but was barely holding himself back. “Rose?” 


“Reaper-” Geno found his voice cut off with another sob. Ink blinked in surprise while Error yelled out a normally comical ‘WHAT?!’. “He- he came to my h-house.” 


“What did he want?” Error’s voice ground out. Anger and frustration that Ink felt could be heard in his husband’s voice and saw in Error’s expression. “What the hell was he even doing there!?”

“I- don’t know,” Geno mumbled into Ink’s shoulder. Tears had come to a stop but there were still some in his eyesockets. He rubbed his cheek into the other’s shoulder, in a way to comfort himself. “He didn’t say… He wants to meet today at two.”

“Two?” Ink looked over to the alarm on the bedside table. Ten past twelve. Less than two hours away. Not long at all. How long was Geno here? 

“What are you going to do?” Ink kept his voice soft. Not allowing any emotion other than concern seep through his words; Mimicking a robotic message. 


Geno didn’t say anything. He looked lost and conflicted. Hurt and broken. It killed Ink seeing his friend in that state. Error, however, didn’t share that emotion.


“What is he going to do?” Ink looked over to his husband. Error’s face was contorted into anger and disgust. “What is he suppose to do?!” Error ran his hand over his skull. He looked ready to punch something, someone. “That bastard left him for a century and he wants Geno too meet up with him in two hours?!”

“In his defense-”

“No!" Error jabbed his finger at Geno. Whatever the shortest was about to say was quickly shut down. "Doesn’t matter whatever your excuse for him is, you shouldn’t defend him!” Ink really, really wanted to kick his husband out right about now. Ink laid his head on top of Geno’s and raised an eyebrow bone towards Error. 


“He didn’t know it was me,” Geno grumbled, burying his head deeper into Ink’s chest. Annoyed at being cut off. “If he did, he probably would have never stopped by.”


“That makes it sooooo much better.” 


‘I love my husband. I love my husband. I love my husband.'  Ink repeated in his mind. He held back the urge to shot his mate a glare or yell at him to shut up and listen. Ink loves his husband. It doesn’t mean Error couldn't be an asshole. “Ignore Error, he hasn’t had his nap yet.”



Ink contemplated the thought before shaking his head. “Tempting but later. Right now Geno needs us.”  


The dark yellow blush that erupted across his Chocolate Cosmos' skull was mesmerizing. It was cute and made him want to take out his sketchbook. 


“I…” The smaller drew both of Ink and Error’s attention to Geno. He had sat up and furrowed his eyebrow bones together. Hands fisted into Ink's shirt and tugging on it for comfort. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do.” He answered Ink's question. Error opened his mouth to protest when Geno beat him to it. “I want to avoid him. To never see him again! But, this is Reaper! That wouldn’t work on him.” 

Geno looked up and made eye contact with Error. His voice, while shaky stayed firm. “I think the best option would be to meet him.” 


“Are you-”


"Ooookay, " Ink snapped his head towards his husband. "Error, can I talk to you in the kitchen. Now." Ink glared at his husband. Error rolled his eyelights. He threw his hands up before turning around and walking out. He didn’t seem happy at all, but Ink was grateful he didn’t fight or argue. 


Geno didn’t budge at first. He clung to Ink for a few seconds before realizing he needed to climb out of the other’s lap. He mumbled out apologies and rolled off of the creator. Ink leaned forward and kissed Geno’s cheek and stood to his feet. 

“What the hell was that?” Ink growled out the moment they were in the safety of the kitchen. The walls weren’t thick, so he kept his voice low. The last thing either needed was for Geno to blame himself and for Paperjam to wake up. 


Error, however, didn’t look phased. He was too caught up in his own anger to care about Ink’s. Error threw his hand up to the ceiling, where Paperjam's room was. "You expect me to be happy over that?!"


“I expect you to be supportive!" Ink slammed his hands down around his sides. He stopped his foot on the ground. “Yes, this is shitty, but it didn’t happen to us. It happened to him!” 


“I get you are pissed, you have every right to be.” Ink tried, picking absentmindedly at his cuts. He only stopped when Error let out a tired growl of ‘Ink, stop.’. He dropped his hands and rubbed his neck. “But right now, it would be best to just show him he is not alone.” 


The destroyer just stared with a hardened gaze. One that Ink remembers well from back when they weren’t even friends. Thankfully, Ink could still see the warmth in them that was only ever directed at him. Error was a stubborn man. One that didn’t lie about his feelings about shit and didn’t care how that made him seem. A lot of times, Ink had taken comfort in that. Now, he just wants Error to hold back on it.


“Error, we can’t force him to do or not do something.” Ink said, voice firm. He felt his soul thrum in his chest and he held back from pacing. “He isn’t a godling. He is a grown adult! If this is what he needs to do, we can’t stop him!”


“That asshole abandoned him!” Error continued to jab his finger up at the ceiling. 

“I KNOW!” Ink finally felt whatever last of his restraint snap. “I know that asshole left him! I know what that did to Geno!” Ink’s words came out as tired and exaggerated. Damn it, he wasn't dumb! “But It’s still not our decision to make!” 


Error had his fist clenched together now. The calmer of the two felt a change in the air pressure. Ink could see the floor below Error cracking. The god of creation took a step towards his husband. He could hear the weakened floor crunch under his weight. He kept his hands up in the air. He didn't move, instead, he allowed let his soul’s aura spread out towards his husband. 


“I don’t want him anywhere near that asshole.” Error growled out, his fist shaking with anger. Ink nodded his head. He wanted Geno as far away from Reaper as he could be as well. He wanted to keep Geno on their side of the Upper Realm. He wanted Geno happy and moving forward. He wanted- He wanted whatever Geno did. 


So, he just shrugged his shoulders. “He could get some closure.”  


It was true. A lot of people needed closure to be able to move on. To be happy. Geno was no different. Ink knew that ‘why’ Reaper did what he did haunt the god of tragedy. To not know why something went wrong, to be forced alone and to suffer with no answer as to why? It would hurt. It would hurt worse than getting thrown into a shredder...don’t ask. 


He waved his hands as he spoke. Granted, Ink may be shooting out of his own ass right now. “He may be able to get some answers. He hadn’t had any for nearly a century. It could be healthy for him.”  


“What do you know about healthy emotions?” Error spat out. A snarl in his eyelights and nose flared.


The moment the words were out of his mouth, Ink could see the regret the flooded Error's face. Ink flinched, hard. His eyesockets shut tight and held in a shaken breath. Okay, that was a low, loooow, blow. But Error didn’t mean it. At least not in a hateful way.  


“Ink.” The god of creation opened his eyesockets. Meeting the apologetic ones of his mate. The destroyer had closed some distance between them. He had his arm reached out in an attempt to touch Ink’s arm. Ink forced a smile and leaned into his mate’s touch. It was rare for Error to seek touch when he was upset. “I didn’t mean-”


“You did,” Ink interrupted, waving his hand up to stop his mate. “You meant it but not in a hurtful way.” Did that make sense?  Oddly, for him it did. Ink didn’t care, not right now. They can have a full fledge conversation about the fight later. Preferably when Geno was gone. There was just some stuff Ink wasn't ready for the other god to know. So he gave a fake smile. “But we can talk about it later.” 


“I'm sorry..." Error slid his arm down Ink’s and wrapped it loosely around the other’s waist. “I'm upset, but the last thing I need to be doing is throwing something like that in your face.”


"l a t e r."


At the seriousness of his voice, Error dropped it. He cupped Ink’s cheeks and pressed their foreheads together. He looked Ink in his eyelights. Ink reached up and grabbed his husband’s hands and held them close to his cheeks. He pressed his forehead more into Error’s. He listened closely to his mate’s breathing and could feel the thump of his mate’s natural magic in the air. It made him feel better and calmer. He hoped his aura did the same to Error. 


“I am so tired,” Ink whined, falling into his husband’s arms. He brought up his hands and clutched at the destroyer’s shirt. He wrapped his arms around Error’s waist and breathed in his mate’s scent. He felt all the fight in him gone. 


Error stayed silent, pressing a kiss into his skull. Holding Ink in his arms. “Don’t fall asleep like this. I’m not carrying your ass into bed.”


Ink just grumbled and held on tighter. With a sigh, Error just held the tired god in his arms. They stood there for a few minutes. Ink loved the warmth the other provided him. Ink laid his chin on Error’s chest and looked up to his husband. When Ink stood on his tiptoes, Error got the hint and pressed a kiss to his mate’s mouth. It was just a small peck. Error pulled back rather quickly but pressed another one to the corner of Ink's mouth. 


Error took a tiny step back and grabbed his hand. Ink frowned when the other lifted it to be eye level with him. “I can’t be near Geno right now without voicing my thoughts on this.” Error kissed Ink's fingers. ink felt himself blush and give a half-hearted tug on his hand. “Go and comfort him. I’ll get bandages for your hands.”

“I’m fi-”


“I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, Inky.”


Error removed his gloves and winced at the sight of Ink’s permanently scarred hands. Centuries of scares widdled Ink’s hands, disappearing up his sleeve. Many of the scares were painted black to mimic tattoos. However, there were too many for all of them to be painted over. Error was staring too long for Ink’s comfort. 


He carefully yanked his hands out of his husband’s and held them to his chest. He avoided his husband’s stare. Ink cleared his throat. He sidestepped Error, making his way to the doorway.  

“Okay.” Ink waved his hand back to Error. He held his other hand to his chest. “But get the rainbow bandages!” 

“We still have those!? I thought I threw them away!”


“Not the pastel ones~”


Going back to the room was quick. He didn't want Geno to be alone longer then he had to be. Plus, getting his mind focused on something else would be great. Nonetheless, once back in the room, Ink saw that Geno was no longer alone. Paperjam was sprawled out in Geno’s lap and clinging to his uncle’s shirt. Geno was creating soothing circles over his nephew’s skull. A soft hum escaped Geno as he sang a quiet lullaby. It was a precious sight. Paperjam looked so happy and relaxed against his uncle.


Ink grinned and approached the bed until he stood directly in front of Geno. He tugged on his shirt as he watched the other. Geno didn’t seem to mind his presence. -Which Ink hopes not, this is his room- Geno finally looked up. An understanding smile on his skull.


“Pj came in here and just crawled into my lap,” Geno whispered, laying his head on top of the child’s. “He was too tired to even notice it was me.” 


“He knew it was you.” Ink shook his head. He leaned forward and ran his own hand over his son’s skull. A smile spread over his face when PJ responded to the touch and wiggled. “He adores you, Rose.”  


Geno blushed and beamed at Ink. It was the same smile Error gave him when the god of destruction thought Ink wasn’t paying attention. He felt his soul flutter but he dismissed it. He sat down on the bed. He went to put his weight onto his hand but quickly thought against it. Geno noticed the movement but didn't say anything. 


“Do you think I’m being silly?” Geno whispered after a few seconds. The god of tragedy softly petted Paperjam’s skull. the child snuggled deeper into his uncle’s chest. Ink frowned and looked to the side. “You can be honest, I won’t be hurt.”

“I-” Ink sighs and shrugs his shoulder. “I don’t think you are being silly.” Ink moved so he was facing the other better. He pulled his knee up on the bed and leaned forward. “It’s your decision and I will stand by it.” The creator stopped and bobbed his head in thought. “Error will too, he is just being protective.” 


Geno snorted and nodded his head in understanding. But the moment he laughed, his face fell. He furrowed his eyebrow bones together. Concerned, Ink watched the other's expression for any lies. “How are you feeling?” 


“Petrified...” Geno's grip around PJ tightened. Ink was almost surprised that Geno hadn't consumed PJ with how much he curled around the godling. “I never thought I would see him again. Outside of work, I mean.” Geno shifted his weight, averting his gaze. “I imagined saying so many things to him. Now, I don’t know if I can even look him in the eyes without breaking down.”


"Your happiness and mental health should come first. You don't have to see him, Gen." Ink scooted closer. Hesitantly, he brought up a hand to cup the others cheek. "Whatever your choice is, you will have us."


Geno looked ready to jump at Ink's offer but something held him back. He leaned into Ink's touch and whispered in a hushed tone: “...I can ask for a divorce.” 


Ink felt his entire body stiffen. He... He hadn't expected that. Sure, Geno didn’t want to be near Reaper, but it had been clear that he still very much loved his husband. Geno himself appeared to be shocked by his own words, but he didn’t regret them.

“Ink, i will never seek him out,” Geno admitted.  As if trying to convince Ink to go with the idea. “That might sound pathetic, but I can’t stand the thought of seeing him.” Geno carefully moved Ink's hand from his cheek. Being wary of the cuts, Geno intertwined their fingers. “I won’t be able to fully move on without completely cutting ties with him. As long as I am married to him. I can’t.”


Ink didn’t say anything. He just smiled and squeezed his fingers around Geno’s. He didn’t know what to say even if he did. He didn’t want to force Geno into something the other didn’t want. So he moved on the bed until he laid next to Geno. The god of tragedy moved until he was laying on Ink’s chest.



Chapter Text

Geno felt scared. (Understatement of the year.) Stars, how was he going to do this? How was he going to ask Reaper for a divorce? He didn’t even know it was Geno! Was he just going to come out with it? Butter the other god up? He could make coffee! Reaper was addicted to that stuff!


He only has a few minutes at most to get everything in order. He knew he could make coffee in no time. But did he have time to do anything else? He probably shouldn't have run to his brother's. He should have planned more with what time he did have. Now he only had a handful of minutes to truly prepare a game plan. It was a mess, he felt like a mess. It was awful. Geno bets that Reaper is doing so much better then he is. He probably has more control over himself and happier with where he was. Happier without Geno.


He felt like he was going to have a panic attack over all this. He could barely keep his breathing in check. The world was closing in and all he could think about was Reaper. It felt harder to breathe at the mere thought. He could keep calm. He could! He knew he could, just take deep breaths. 


He could fake it through the meeting. He could sit across from his husband with no problems. He could ask Reaper for a divorce. He got this. He got this. He- Was it always this hot in here? Was, was it always this hot?


“Duncle?” Geno jumped when he felt tiny arms wrap around his leg. He looked down from where he was putting on his coat. Paperjam half hugged his leg. His mouth contorted into a pout. “Hugs?” 


Geno smiled softly down at his nephew. Despite being all ready to leave, he bent down to pick Paperjam up. His nephew latched onto him and buried his little head into Geno’s shoulder. Why was his nephew so cute!? 


His nephew had woke up when Geno moved to get out of the bed. That thirty-minute nap was enough for Paperjam to be up and raring to go. Much to his parents' dismay. Geno didn’t care though. It had meant he got extra cuddles from his favorite nephew before he was marched to his doom. It was just a sacrifice Ink and Error had to deal with. 


Geno squeezed Paperjam against him. He could feel his nephew’s arms tighten as hard as they could around his neck. When they pulled away from the hug, Geno fake rubbed the back of his neck. As if he was in pain. He stared down at Paperjam with wide eyesockets. “Stars, you’re getting so strong!” 


Paperjam puffed out his tiny chest and nodded his head. Pride shimmered in his mismatched eyelights. “I drink a lot of milk!” 


"Oh, you do?" Paperjam nodded his head hard. Nearly hit Geno in the head with his own. Geno snorted and shook his head. He pressed a kiss to PJ’s temple. Snickers left him as he shut his eyesocket in laughter. 


“You don’t have to do this, Gen.” His laughter abruptly stopped. His brother’s angered voice caused him to open his eyesocket. The god of tragedy stared past his beloved nephew’s skull at Error. Paperjam just shoved his head into Geno's shoulder and tilted his head to the side to listen in on his elders. 


Error stood at the stairs. Arms crossed and fists clenched. A stern, barely controlled rage in his brother’s eyelights. Geno sighed and laid his chin on Paperjam’s shoulder. He already mentally prepared himself for Error's beratement. His brother meant well, Error just barely could control his thoughts. Considered that there was cracked beneath Error, he was trying to keep it in his anger. 


“That’s where you are wrong, Ru.” Geno pulled away enough and stared down at Paperjam. He brought up a hand and lovingly rubbed the child’s head. He met Error glower and gave a half heartened smile. “I do.” 


“You’ll call us when it is over?” Stars, this protective big brother act was getting annoying real fast. At least Error’s soul was in the right place or else Geno would lose his damn mind. 

“I’m not a child! I can handle Reaper.” Geno hoped the crack in his voice when he said his husband’s name was noticeable. That Error was too annoyed to notice. That he could truly fool his brother...and hopefully himself.


Error shook his head and stared at the ground. “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I know, I know.” Geno attempted to smile. It didn't his eyesocket though. He doesn't think he could get himself to give a true smile. “You said -yelled- that already! I’m going to be fine-”


Geno stopped when something flicked against his shoulder. A spot on his shirt was suddenly damp. The actioned repeated. Geno deadpanned and let out a sigh. “Paperjam Miscue, are you licking me?”


Paperjam slowly pulled his head back. His eyesockets were comically wide and innocent. His tongue peeked out between his teeth. It was a cute sight. The small godling gave a shake of his head. He went on to lie through his teeth. “No!”


“Then why is there a wet spot on my jacket?”

“i dunno.” Paperjam shrugged his shoulders. His eyesockets wide and innocent. The child averted his gaze out of guilt. Geno snorted before he put his nephew down. Paperjam didn’t seem upset from being set down. Instead, he latched back onto Geno’s leg and shoved his skull into his uncle.


“How times do I got to tell you,” Error stared at his son, a mock glare in his eyes. An expression ruined by fondness and love. “If you are going to eat someone, do it while they are sleeping.” 


“ERROR!” The darker skeleton didn't flinch. He looked towards the ceiling as if he had expected it. “Stop trying to get our son to become a cannibal!” 


“HE IS THE ONE LICKING PEOPLE!” Error threw his hands in the air and looked over his shoulder. Annoyance was nowhere in his facial expression. A cocky smirk laid on his face and his head tilted up. 


Geno chuckled at their small quarrel. He glanced down at Paperjam to see the kid also holding back laughter. Geno couldn't remember what he was upset about. Okay, that was a lie but he did feel better. That was something at least. These three could always make him feel better. 


Paperjam held out his arms and proceeded to approach his father. Error glanced down at the child and frowned. “If you are planning to eat me, I suggest getting the salt first, Baby Abomination.”


“Cuddles, Papa!” Paperjam giggled and shook his head. Geno's nephew held his arms out wider. Error’s face softened. He reached down and picked up his son. The child grinned widely as he laid his head down on his father’s shoulder. 


Geno saw his opportunity to escape Error’s rampage. He thrust his thumb over his shoulder. “I should go.”  


“Love you, Duncle!” Paperjam shot his hand out and gave a quick wave to his favorite Duncle. Error had to quickly rebalance himself to keep his son from slipping.


“Love you too, PJ.” With a soft smile, Geno wiggled his fingers at the small godling.


After he fixed his grip on his son, Error nodded his head towards his brother. Despite it all, Error still looked concern. “Bye, Hemorrhage.”


For whatever reason, the insult brought a grin to Geno’s face. He flipped his brother off and turned around. “Bye, Glitch fuck.” 


“BAD WORD!” Paperjam all but screeched. Geno could hear as Error cackled. He apologized as he held in own snicker and was about to teleport away when he heard a tired voice. 


“See ya, Rose,” 


Geno looked over his shoulder. Ink finally came down the stairs and stood on the second to last step. Arms circled his husband’s body and leaned into the darker’s back. Geno could see pastel rainbow bandaids patched across Ink’s hands. 


Ink appeared worn out but there was a kind smile on his face. His hand waved bye to Geno. There was something about that smile. Something about those three that had Geno ready to face the fire. Ready to walk through hell and back with a smile.


“See ya.” 


Geno moved the coffee pot for the tenth time. He felt like it looked awkward where ever he put it. It didn’t look right next to the fridge or stove It definitely didn’t look right on the table. Why did this bother him so much?! It was just a damn coffee pot! It could sit next to the dog bowl and it wouldn’t matter!


Dog bowl? Geno didn’t have a dog! ...Did Ink count as a dog?


Geno all but slammed the coffee pot down. It was crooked but at this point, he stopped caring. He still didn’t know why he bought the damn thing. He wasn’t that fond of coffee. It had a rather bitter taste. 


The reason he was so frustrated was that Reaper was late. Thirty minutes late. Stars, it was so infuriating! Of course! Of, fucking, course, Reaper was late! Of course, he was! Why was Geno surprised in the first place? It was Reaper! The guy was ninety-three years late getting back with the fucking milk!


An annoyed growl escaped Geno. He leaned against the counter and brought his head up into his hands. Why did he allow this to get to him? It was just Reaper! 


Just Reaper..


Geno raised his head with a pout. He leaned against his fist and stared at the wall. Was it ever just Reaper, though? Even now, everything about the other drove him crazy. What kind of power did Reaper possess to still be able to make Geno lose his fucking mind? It wasn’t fair! 


Another frustrated growl escaped him. He threw his head back rubbed at his head in aggravation. He wanted to scream. So, he did. 


“Why did that arrogant bastard have to be late!?” Geno screamed out. Tears pricked his eyesocket. They threatened to fall but Geno quickly wiped them. This was a torture of the worse kind. Why did this have to bother him so much? Why couldn’t he be strong? 


Knock, knock!


He squeaked, nearly knocked down one of the chairs when he jumped. Geno was quick to catch the chair before to hit the ground. He closed an eyesocket. Part of him still expected to hear a loud bang. He let out a deep breath and set the chair back up. 


Then the sound he did hear finally registered. Reaper was here. Holy shit, he was actually here. Nearly an hour late, but he was here! Geno was suddenly very underprepared for this. Was this a mistake? What was the game plan again? Was it too late to cancel? Could he just port to his brother’s and cuddle them? No, because that would be too easy. Could he just hide? Geno could fit in the cabinets pretty easily. 


Geno felt like he was going to have a panic attack. Like he was going to fall and melt into the floor. He wanted too, he wanted to scream ‘GO AWAY’ to the god on the outside. 


He needed to calm down. He was not going to be able to do this without being calm...Fuck! That was easier said than done! Geno wanted to be calm. Wanted to face his husband without the feeling of a panic attack. Wanted to be strong and brave. He wanted to be everything he wasn’t. 


Why was he even doing this in the first place?!


At that question, a piece of cloth caught his attention. It was his scarf hanging on the kitchen chair. He had unraveled it from his neck the moment he got home. He didn’t want to ruin it in his hurried attempt at cleaning. That scarf meant more to him than his mask. It was his brother’s -Papyrus’s- scarf.


Not only that…


Knock, knock!


Geno walked to the chair, eyes never left the scarf. He danced his fingertips over the embroidery that Error stitched on a few decades ago. The small stitching spelled out his title as God of Tragedy. Right beside the name was a crooked heart that Paperjam tried to place. (Of course, PJ had been supervised.) He could even still see the paint stain that took up most of the bottom from when Ink dropped his paint water on it. 


His family...


It had his family’s marks on it. Geno picked up the scarf and pulled it close to his face. All his fear wiped away in an instant. He wrapped it around his neck. The thudding of his soul against his ribcage calmed down enough for him to breathe. He could do this. He knew he could. If not for himself, then for his family. 


Geno grabbed his mask that he had left on the table and slid it onto his face. With it on, he marched towards the livingroom door. The closer he got, the more nervous he became. He clenched his scarf. He could do this. Geno knew he could. 


At the door, Geno did hesitate for a moment. He stared at the wooden door but took a deep breath. He let go of his scarf and reached for the door handle. Geno opened the one thing that stood between him and Reaper. 


He was doing this for his family and himself.

Chapter Text

"Hey!" Reaper had his hand raised in a small wave. His mouth turned up in a smirk as he stood tall. He had his hands clasped behind his back. Swayed on his feet. His eyesockets held laughter. 


Geno leaned against the door frame and tapped his fingers. Reaper couldn’t see his glare under his mask. But he was sure to get the point across. That didn’t stop the god of death from smirking.


Reaper didn't even try to hide his emotions! Geno could easily see the excitement in those dark alluring pools of his. It was like when Error was given chocolate or Ink got a new paint set. It was like a child trying to hold themselves back from ripping the wrapper off a gift. 


“We were scheduled to meet at two.” Geno tried to keep his voice stern and hardened. He didn’t want to show any weakness. Not right now at least. Yet, even that he clearly failed at, his voice cracked just a bit at the end. 

Reaper kept that cocky smirk and tilted his head to the side. A sign that the god of death had heard that break in Geno's voice. “And?”


Would it be smart to slap him? Stars, he wanted to throttle Reaper. Also, kiss him but that was a much, much, MUCH smaller part of him. A part he struggled to trample into the ground. 

“Aaaand, it’s nearly three o ‘clock.” Geno chided as he pointed to the sun behind his husband. The position of the sun being a clear give away to the time of day. Reaper didn’t move to look behind him. He just leaned on his staff and continued to stare at Geno. “Do you understand the concept of time or do you think I have nothing better to do?”


“If you did have somewhere better to be,” Reaper started. He let go of his staff and leaned against it like a pole. He crossed one arm and waved his other hand as he spoke. “-you wouldn’t have waited the extra hour.” Geno felt his eyebrow bone twitch. 


“And now you want to kill me but I can’t die.” Reaper commented cheekily.  His smirk grew wider and he scratched his cheek. Geno could feel him look the smaller up and down. The God of Death sized him up for something. For his own amusement? No, that’s not the other’s way. Nonetheless, it made the Geno feel like an ant. “So you either will invite me in or slam the door in my face.”

No matter how Geno would go about this, Reaper would get what he wanted. More information about him. How the God of Tragedy worked. 


Geno grabbed his scarf and gritted his teeth. Eyesocket clenched shut. He slowly stepped out of way and gestured into his house. “Come on in, Lord Death.”

“Cool.” Reaper’s smirk turned deadly as he chimed. He walked past Geno. That smirk never left his face as he examined the room. With all the confidence in his expression, Geno was surprised Reaper could walk through the door; His head couldn’t get any bigger.


Geno felt his eyesocket twitch. Why did he marry this asshole again? With an exasperated breath, he closed and locked the door. He heard Reaper whistle behind him. He turned to see his husband with his hands shoved into his robe pockets. 


Geno's home was plain. No decoration went into Tragedy's home. It didn't even feel like a home. Only a place that Geno kept all of his things. He had his books, pictures, and clothing there and that was about it. Everything he considered home wasn't there. It was with his family. So why bother fixing a place that would forever be isolation? Throw paint and glitter into it would never soothe the ache.


Reaper’s attention had stopped on a picture. Geno wasn’t in it. He didn’t keep pictures of himself in the house. He still didn’t like to even look at himself in the mirror, let alone a photograph. However, that didn’t mean he didn’t have pictures of his family up on the wall. It was always him who took the pictures anyways. The pictures were the glitter and paint for his lonesome house. 


The picture Reaper stared at was of Error and Ink on Paperjam’s first birthday. Error had a smirk on his face; the Destroyer had tried to clean cake off of Paperjam’s face for the picture. All the while, Ink fed more cake to their toddler. A cheeky grin on the creator’s face. Paperjam had laughed at the camera and made grabby hands to his uncle.


They looked so happy. 


“You’re friends with the God of Creation?” Reaper’s tone was flat. Geno raised an eyebrow bone. He was more used to people questioning him on Error or God's questioning Ink about him. Maybe Reaper didn't like him and preached Ink's praises as many Gods did. 


“Yep,” Geno popped his ‘p’ as he walked past his husband and tried to go into the kitchen. The faster they got this over with the better. He rather not do it in the room he spent the most time in. Geno didn't want to soil his second safe haven with memories of today. However, he stopped before he could get into the kitchen when he realized Reaper hadn’t followed him. “What?”


Reaper shook his head as he turned away from the picture. Geno could see disappointment. It stung to see disappointment from his husband targeted at him. No matter what they had, Geno never thought he would see Reaper look at him like that. Death walked past Tragedy and into the kitchen. Geno followed close behind. “Just figured you two wouldn’t get along is all.”


“Why?” Geno asked. He turned quickly, hands thrown down in fists. Eyesocket burned brightly as he stared back. Not that Reaper could see. Geno stared at his dear husband's back. The other's posture remained careless. It made Geno want to scream in frustration. 

“Creation has a tendency to lean a certain way.” God of death plopped himself down into the kitchen chair. Head tilted back towards Tragedy. “He doesn’t stray too far from the Peanut Gallery.”


Sheer annoyance was in the God of Death’s voice and Tragedy was still unsure about how he felt about it. He never knew Ink as anything more than the god who helped and loved him. Anything else didn’t match the Ink that Geno knew.


“You’re friends with it?” The God sneered, pure disgust in their eyes. He could see their hands clenched. Clear attempt in holding themselves back from hurting Geno. “How can you be friends with a god that baths itself in children’s blood?”


 Even with their eyes locked on Geno, their question wasn’t targeted towards him. It was targeted towards the slightly taller god between them, Ink. Geno’s friend shrugged his shoulders, idly scratched his cheek. 


“Pretty easily actually.” Ink’s voice was void of emotion but his hands twitched. “Just keep a bottle of bleach on hand and you don’t have to worry about the blood.” Quickly, Ink's voice turned ice cold and he cracked his head to the side. "And He has a name, but you wouldn't care for it." The god before them suddenly snapped their gaze to Ink. The blood left their face and they staggered back. Ink sneered, "Refer to him as Tragedy, Godling." 



Even now, Geno appreciated it. He still laughed at the other god's reaction to this day. Ink didn’t care if there was a wedge between him and the other gods of the upper realm. He was kind and stood up for Geno and Error. Ink never let anyone talk down them down. Whatever Reaper was talking about, he clearly didn't have the full picture. 


Those were just rumors. Rumors that godlings spread just like they did with Geno. Just like they did with Reaps- Reaper!


“I’m surprised that Destruction even married him.” Reaper nodded his head in thought. He leaned forward on one hand and stared at the wall. Boredom now etched into his skull for the first time that night.


‘Shut up...Shut up. Shut up! Don’t talk about Ink like this. About Error like this. Just S T O P!’  Rumors were terrible things! Ink wasn’t as bad! He was one of the sweetest, perviest, Gods that Geno knew! Those were only rumors! Gods just got so bored they didn’t have anything better to do. For beings too good for lower beings, they resorted to mortal habits to pass the time. It was pathetic. 


All Geno wanted right now, was for those terrible rumors to stop. To leave his family out of it. Since when was Reaper of all Gods listening to rumors? Did he really change that much in the last century?


“They hated each other to the point of attacking each other on sight! -Almost got my head chopped off once!-” He then laughed at this. Despite his laugh, his voice was void of warmth. He clearly didn’t care for the ones he spoke of. It hurt Geno. “Then out of nowhere, they were engaged.” Reaper shook his head and looked bumfuzzled. “Surprised the entire fucking Upper Realm.” 


“Can you not talk about my family.” His voice came out of gritted teeth. Hands clenched in his scarf as he glowered. Reaper leaned off his hand and tilted his head to the side. His eyesockets were calculated and calm. Another thing to add to the list of things he knew about Tragedy it seems. There is more to them and me then measly rumors spread by bored godlings.” 


A beat passed between them. Reaper stared at him, his face blank from emotion and then... he laughed. It wasn't filled with amusement. It was more of a bark, forced and empty. Geno kept his stance, even if he wavered for a second. His hands nearly ore into his scarf to keep his stare on his husband.


“Okay, okay.” Reaper’s held up his hands. That smirk was back. He smacked his ‘lips’ together. He pushed himself up to sit up straighter. “I understand that was rude of me. I’m sorry.”


With a roll of his eyelight and a huff, Geno turned and walked to the coffee maker. He took cups and poured coffee into them. Tragedy had to fight back the urge to add the things he knew Reaper had loved in his coffee. Even now it was like second nature to try and reach for the cinnamon. 


The entire time, Geno could feel the other’s sight on him. He shouldn’t remember how it felt back when they still lived on the lower realm. How Geno would get up first to make Reaper some coffee before the other went to work. How no matter what, they would have breakfast together. It was the only thing Reaper made sure to do before work. 


Geno shook his head. Now was not the time to think of that stuff. He would only fall apart at the seems he desperately clung too. That’s not what he came here to do. 


“Coffee?” He turned with both cups in his hands. He held one up in an offer. It was almost adorable on how quick the god of death lite up. Reaper’s back straightened and Geno was sure there were stars in the other’s eyesockets if he had eyelights. 


“Yes, thank you!” Reaper all but exclaimed as he reached for the drink. When Geno gave it to him, the God of Death automatically put it to his mouth. 


There was an excited gleam in his eyesockets as he took a sip. Geno guessed he wasn’t surprised by that, he himself still loved ketchup on a daily… and chocolate. Chocolate was amazing. 


Has Reaper changed at all throughout the century? Small interactions like this… It wouldn’t give him anything to go on. Reaper was always wary of other gods, so him being here went against that. That’s one difference. Another is he hasn’t added anything to sweeten his coffee. Reaper always preferred two cubes of sugar, some cream and a dash of cinnamon. Maybe there were changes that not even the God of Death noticed. 


Geno pulled out a chair for himself with his foot. He placed his own cup onto the table and sat down. His fingers wrapped around the cup protectively and pulled it in close. The two of them sat in silence as Reaper chugged his drink down. 


Geno quickly grew tired of the silence. He didn't want to wait any longer than he already did. Those ninety-three years had already been exhausting on Tragedy. Just a second now in this kitchen... It was torture.    


Geno pushed the coffee cup to his husband’s direction. At the second offer, the god of death stared at him. Stars, Reaper looked like a child on Giftmas. Even with that new glow in his eyesockets, he didn't break his blatant stare when he took the cup from Geno.


The stare held wonderment and confusion. As if he couldn’t quite grasp Geno’s actions. It wasn’t uncomfortable. He didn’t mind it, but it was strange. 


“Why are you looking at me like that?” Tragedy tilted his head with his question. He tugged on his scarf. He leaned forward on to his hand as he stared right back. His husband slumped back in his chair and took another large gulp of the coffee. 


“You aren’t disgusted by me,” Reaper whispered almost wistfully. Death sat his cup down and fiddled with the handle. He stared unapologetically at Tragedy. “Angry, sure. But not disgusted.” He leaned on his fist, an eyebrow bone raise. “You are the first god to not be disgust at the mere sight of me. Why is that?”

First? Sure, Geno hadn’t known his title back then but shouldn’t he still count as the first? Not Tragedy? Did Reaper really rid himself of him? Just upped and forgot about him? Was Geno really not that important anymore? 


“No offense, but I have seen worse things than death in my life.” Geno scoffed and crossed his arms. He turned to face away from the reaper. He could feel his eyesocket twitch in small annoyance. “Besides… I highly doubt that.”


That got a smirk out of his husband. One filled with curiosity and sent shivers down Geno’s spine. (Unpleasant, UNPLEASANT shivers, damn it!) He has seen that smirk before. It was the same when Reaper got the reaction he expected out of him. Like when Reaper would tease him relentlessly when they first meet. Nostalgia hit him hard. 


Why did Geno miss that? Why was a part of him happy about having the god of death so close? At the same time, he was pissed. He wanted to scream, to yell at the other. It wasn’t fair that his husband still had all this control over him! Still had the power to make Geno feel everything at once. 


He swallowed the magic that had gathered in his mouth. He tried to keep his soul calm. Geno looked anywhere but at his husband. Thankful for his mask that hid his emotions.


“Why did you even come back here, Lord Death?” Geno squeezed his side with a tight grip. He averted his gaze and frowned. He needed answers. He needed them now. “We are not companions. You have no real reason to be here.” 


Nice way of saying ‘fuck off’.

“You laughed.” Reaper didn’t miss a beat. Already knew what he wanted to say and he didn't have a problem with saying it. He shrugged one shoulder as he took another large gulp from drink. The God of Death wiped his mouth with his sleeve. The cup now empty, he pushed it into the center of the table. 


Everything in Geno froze. He turned his gaze back to his husband, his mouth almost fell a gap.  “I- what?”

“You laughed at my jokes.” Reaper shrugged his shoulders. Amused by Geno’s reactions. Something passed through the grim reaper’s eyesockets. His smile strained. “Not many people do.” 


‘Not many people do.’ 


Geno regretted everything at that moment. His hand slapped over his mouth and eyesocket wide in horror. He couldn’t believe he did that. He couldn’t believe he let a snicker escape him. 


Reaper’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. His smile was wide as he took the shorter into his arms abruptly. “You laughed! You liked my joke?”


Still dazed from the sudden grab and kind of uncomfortable, Geno nodded. “Why is that such a big deal?”

“Not many people do!” Reaper remained in his face. If he had eyelights, Geno was sure there would be stars within them. He acted excited like a child on Christmas day. His nose nearly touched Geno’s. A strong whiff of coffee and cinnamon came from the god of death’s breath. Back then, it had Geno’s nose scrunched up. “Wanna hear a knock-knock joke?”

How could Geno say ‘no’ to that face?



Right. Unlike Geno, Reaper didn’t exactly get along with other gods. Well, he didn’t either but he at least had Error and Ink. This entire time, Reaper had no one. 


Geno hated to say it, but sympathy hit him in the soul hard. Yes, Reaper had been an ass, but he had been alone. Maybe he deserved it but that didn't make Geno feel less sympathy for the other. He shouldn't feel that for Reaper though! He should be laughing his ass off at his husband. Reaper may have been the one to leave, but he was the one left alone. But that wasn't the case. He got his answers. It just wasn’t what he suspected. 


He forgot that even though a century passed, he still knew Reaper better than most. Knew his tale, his weakness, and his strengths. He knew Reaper’s love for coffee and his secret love for flowers. He knew how Reaper despised his job and other gods on an entirely new level for hate. Somehow the same amount of hate though. 


Reaper, despite everything, didn’t change. 


“Creep you out?” That cocky attitude was a lie. Geno could see right through that bullshit. Reaper was freaking out on the inside. He didn’t want the god of tragedy to force him out. Not when he was the first one to tolerate Reaper’s company in a century.

“No,” Geno fiddled with his scarf and scoot his chair back from the table. He stood up and he could feel his arm shake slightly with nerves. Reaper watched him with furrowed eyebrow bones. Before he could ask Geno was he was doing, the smaller beat him to the punch. 

“You… You still like cinnamon in your coffee?” Reaper froze and his body stiffened. “You haven’t asked for any or for sugar either.” He stared at Geno and his eyesockets were wide in confused disbelief. “Or do you like it just black now?”


“W-What?” Reaper had tensed and fingers clenched in his robe. He could see it was taking everything within Reaper to not leap out of his seat and grab Geno. “How...How would you know that?


Geno grabbed the edge of his mask and hesitated as he took it off. His entire body shook. His breath was stuck in his throat. He wanted to collapse and hide in the corner. He simply placed the mask on the table, made sure to not drop it. 


With the mask off, he didn’t look towards his husband. He felt exposed and weak without his barrier. He grabbed onto his scarf and pushed it up over his mouth. He couldn't bring himself to look up at Reaper. He just felt like was going to fall to the ground. It took everything in him to not do so. Now without his mask, he knew he would collapse if he looked up at Reaper.




At the sound of disbelief in his husband’s voice, he finally brought himself to look to Reaper. His husband’s body had frozen. Geno wondered if it was him that was shaking or if it was Reaper. It took everything in him to not fall. His hand clenched in his scarf, he gave a nervous laugh. “Hey, Reaps…”

Chapter Text



“Hey, Reaps…”


In that next moment, everything happened in a blur. Coffee spilled over onto the floor and the table was flipped into the air along with Geno's mask. Reaper was out of his seat in the next second and on Geno. His entire body trembled as his mate cupped the shorter’s cheeks. 


Geno could feel every bone within him shake. He had frozen the moment Reaper jumped from his seat, his brain short-circuited the moment Reaper grabbed at him. He hadn’t expected his husband to do this. He didn’t expect to find himself in Reaper’s arms.


So, he panicked. 


“GET OFF OF ME!” Geno shrieked as he pushed at Reaper’s chest. His soul pounded in fear. Reaper had stopped caring, so why would he want to touch Geno?! He shouldn’t be touching him! Reaper had no right to touch him! To hold him as if he missed him! He had lost that right a century ago!


Just get off, get off, get off, get off! Pleeease! Just get off! 


Geno's push to the other's chest had them stumble back a step or two. The moment Reaper let him go, Geno fell to the ground. He held his head in his hands and curled in on himself. His breathing came out in short huffs. His body was desperate for air that he was suddenly lacking. It wasn't supposed to go like this, this whole meeting! Reaper wasn't supposed- Supposed to- 



“Shut up!” Geno sobbed out, tears still flowed down his cheeks. He clutched his head, desperate for some type of grounding. “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”

“Gen…” Geno pretended to not hear the distraught in the other’s voice. His breathing grew louder and harsher. It hurt to breathe at this point. His grip on his head began to hurt but he couldn’t think of it. All he wanted was for Reaper to leave him alone. To go, just leave, he couldn’t do this. He was wrong. He was so, so wrong! He couldn't breathe! He felt like all the air in him was sucked out and now-


A song pierced through the protective haze in Geno’s mind. He slowly peeked through his hands and saw his husband whistling a soft tune. Reaper stayed about two feet away. His mouth pursed together, face etched in desperation. Reaper had begun to whistle. It was a song that no matter how Geno tried, he couldn’t forget. 



It had been a rough day for the Unknown called Geno. He had gone to the Bookstore adorned in a dress his husband had bought for him. When he entered the store, everything was fine. He greeted the receptionist, -a kind old lady that seemed to have a love for books that rivaled Geno's- and went quickly to the new book section. He had been happy and excited. Until he heard some mortals as they whispered about him and his appearance.


Now, Geno knows he isn't the fairest maiden of them all, but he doesn't think he was unattractive. He doesn't understand what he could have done to bring on such rudeness. It didn't matter, it shouldn't matter. He had a mate that loved him!


Nonetheless, those mortals had put a damper on his mood. He pretended to be fine and happy. it had fooled everyone, everyone but his husband. Reaper had noticed his lie instantly, especially since Geno had stolen a robe of his. (a comfort habit of Geno's) The God of Death had immediately wrapped him up in his arms and cuddled him. His infamous song filled the air. 


Which is where Geno was now. He sighed and leaned against Reaper’s chest. His eyesocket closed as he listened to his husband’s song. The glitches that normally hovered around him was gone. The God Of Death's voice relaxed the unknown on many levels. 


“Feeling better?” Reaper questioned with his voice a low rumbled purr. His fingers graced against the smaller's spine. It sent shivers up his spine. His head nuzzled into the nape of Geno’s neck. 


Geno sleepily nodded his head. A smile on his face as he pressed himself further into Reaper’s chest. The smell of coffee still clung heavily to his husband’s robes. Before he left for the book store, Geno had tripped and dumped coffee all over Reaper. The god of death refused to remove his robe and just smiled. 


“I didn’t tell you to stop,” Geno grumbled with a pout. His husband laughed. A kiss was pressed into his temple before the song began again.



Geno didn’t expect to ever hear Reaper’s song again. It had a way of calming him down and it relaxed his body to the point he felt safe. Back then, the song had been Geno’s savior, something warm that lifted him up when he was down. It was one of the things that made him feel at home.


Now... Now that song was his curse. His body immediately relaxed as if he was poisoned. He had dreams that mocked him, using that voice as a means to torture him nightly. He was always in Reaper's arms as his former beloved whistled to him. Soft and bittersweet. In his dreams, it made him feel whole and happy again. In reality, that song made him feel like a fool. A fool for allowing that song to relax him and a fool for having missed it.


Stars, he- He couldn't go on in life like this.


“I want a divorce.” 


He didn't realize those words left his mouth until he saw Reaper's expression. They put a stop to Death's song and proceeded to choke the god with them. Was it wrong for Geno to take joy in that?


“What!?” Reaper fell forward on his hands and knees. His expression was desperate and twisted in pain. “No! Sunshine!” He tried to touch Geno but the shorter flinched away. “I- Just no!”


Geno could see, no, feel the other’s pain. Reaper yearned to touch Geno, even though he no longer held that right. When his husband hesitantly reached for him again, Geno slapped the other’s hands away. He scooted as far back as he could until his back collided against the counters. 


Instead of looking disheartened by the rejection, something akin to happiness spread across Reaper’s gaze. The god of death rubbed at his hand. Sockets filled with disbelief and his grin wide as if reality finally set in. His voice came out as breathless: “You really… You’re really here!”  

“I don’t know how, but you are!” Reaper’s cry of happiness echoed in Geno's otherwise empty kitchen. His husband's hands hovered around Geno’s face. In an itch to hold the shorter’s cheeks. They clinched the air until Reaper finally placed them on the counter on either side of Geno’s head. In instinct, Tragedy slid down, his toes bumped into the bastard’s knees. “Why in Asgore’s name would I divorce you now that I have you back?”


Why...? WHY!?


“You left me!” His words are forced and clung to his scarf. His eyelight begged Reaper to free him. Free him both physically and emotionally. “W-why keep me tied to you wh-when all you do is leave?!” A sob interrupted his scream. He didn’t try to hide his pain anymore. “I-I can’t take this anymore, Reaps…”


“Left you?” Reaper whispered confused. Eyesockets narrowed in thought. “I didn’t leave you! You- Fuck! Sunshine, you were dead!” 


“Dead…?” Geno blinked, confusion circled in his fogged up mind. He pulled his scarf over his mouth and dug into his shirt. He stared mindlessly up at Reaper. He didn't even try to hide the pain he felt. He had to suffer and Reaper had to face the consequences of his actions. 


...Dead? He was clearly not dead! Why would-


Horror filled Geno as what Reaper said clicked. The day Reaper left, their bedroom had been filled with blood and death. Fuck, Geno wished it had been him that died that day. 


“Our bedroom was consumed with my essences.” Reaper’s voice broke and he curled in on himself. God of Death clenched his robe. He never broke his gaze from Geno. There were heartbreak and tears spilled from his husband’s cheeks. “There- There was blood everywhere!” 


“Blood…” He loathed the fact that he knew exactly what his husband was talking about. That day… Reaper sensed… He- Geno felt a sob force it’s way out of his throat. “R-Reaper, that… That wasn’t me!”

Reaper continued to look confused and maybe a little offended. “I know what your blood looks like, Sunshine. I-”

“It was my blood!” Geno cut Reaper off as tears spilled faster down his cheeks. Another sob ripped itself from him, he buried himself into his scarf. The scarf now stained with his tears as he forced his words out. “B-but it wasn’t me who died that day!” 


“What...What do you mean?” Reaper whispered, his eyesockets watched Geno’s reaction. Don’t make him say it! Don’t make him say it, please! He can’t relive that night! Not again. He already had to deal with the loss every day! Unfortunately, Reaper was deaf to Geno’s silent pleads. “Sunshine… Who would have died in our room?” 


Geno shook his head as he mumbled 'no' over and over again. He shoved his head into his scarf and cried into it. He couldn't do this, he couldn't do this again! Please...Please...!


"Sunshine, please! I need to know." Geno looked up into Reaper's gaze as his husband pleaded. There was unspoken fear in those dark pools. His husband was insistent on an answer; An answer that would destroy him and Reaper knew that. Still, he demanded on knowing it. "Sunshine, I have to know!" 


'No, no you don't.'  Geno thought as he averted his gaze to the wall. He closed his eyesocket as he shook his head. He reopened his eyesockets, hand almost tore through the fabric of his scarf as he kept his fingers clenched in it. 


"Sunshine-" Reaper didn't get far into another question before Geno's sobs became too much and he broke down. 


"I- I'm so sorry! I'm sorry, I'm sorry-" Geno cried out. He shook his head and tried to curl in on himself. He reached out, with a shaking hand and grabbed Reaper's sleeve. Reaper jumped from the contact but had stared at Geno's hand before he looked back up to Tragedy's face. When their eyes meet again, Geno all but dry heaved as he forced out his next words in a pitiful whisper.


"I was pregnant..." 


“Can we go home?” Paperjam whined as he tugged on his arm. Currently, the young godling held his mother’s hand, bored of the nearly empty field, save for the apple tree that the family was at. It was large and loomed over the three.  

“Plumeria, we have to get some groceries.” Ink chimed with ease as he picked some apples with his free hand. They weren’t far from the market as Ink could hear the commotion with people buying things there. Nonetheless, nothing was better than freshly picked apples, so the family was in the nearby field. “If you want anything, you are going to have to wait until we are done here.” 


“But I want to go get candy now!” Paperjam pouted up at his mother and gave his arm another tug. “You promised I could get some!” 


The child attempted to use a puppy dog pout on his mother but it never worked on Ink. Paperjam had it down pat, but Ink was the master of it. He did have to give his son brownie points for the quivering lip. He needed to remember to use that next time he wanted to convince Error of something. Who says he wasn't a great role model? Ink sighed and shook his head as he placed the apple he grabbed into the basket his husband carried. 


“Plumeria, you will have to wait." Ink turned back to the tree in search for more apples. His eyelights landed on a big, juicy apple that dangled right above them. It would be perfect for Paperjam's apple juice and sauce. Ink stood onto his toes and tried to reach for it. Damn it! His fingers grazed it but it was just out of reach. 

“Don’t worry, Baby abomination.” Error unhelpfully chimed in as he peered over Ink to their son. The Destroyer sighed and lolled his head. “You aren’t the only one here against their will.”

“We wouldn’t be here if someone had told me that we were running low on groceries.” Ink shot his husband a stare, a smirk danced on his lips. He went back to the tree and frailed his arm around to grab the apple. When he failed again, he met his Chocolate Cosmos’ mismatched eyelights. “I could have gone by myself.”

“We ran low on milk! Only milk!” Error exasperated. His hand rubbed his face. He reached out and intertwined his pinky with his mate’s sleeve. “I don’t see that as a grocery emergency, Squid.” 


“Okay, I maaaay have been milking the situation to my advantage.” Ink rubbed the back of his son's hand with thumb and squeezed it before letting go. He stuck out his tongue as he jumped as high as he could to get that teasing apple. Only for his fingers to barely brush it and to land on his feet with an annoyed grunt. He could feel his husband's gaze on him. Ink was too prideful to ask Error for help, however. 

Error groaned and deadpanned. His mismatched eyelights never strayed far from Ink and their son. “Did you drag us out here to use that pun?”

“You dairy think the worse of me, Cosmos? I'm hurt.” Ink laughed at his dumb pun, which this time was the cause of his failure to grab the apple. When his husband and son both groaned in annoyance, he laughed harder.


Awe, his son was only four and already understood the misery of puns! Ink couldn’t be more proud! 


With another attempt, his fingers grazed the apple but not fully grasped it. Ink backed up a bit. He ran and jumped. His arms reached out and- Ink got it! He felt a small tug from the tree but the apple gave. Ink landed on his back with a thud. He giggled to himself. The apple cradled in his hands. He finally got the apple! Victory for the short people on this day!   

“Did you break something?” Ink opened his eyesockets and turned to look at his husband. Error had his hand on his hip and basket hanging by his side. Ink grinned brightly and held up the apple. A smile found its way on Error’s skull. The destroyer reached down, grabbed Ink’s forearm and helped him up. “I could have gotten that for you if you had just asked, Short Stack.” 


Ink settled himself on his feet once he was up. The creator held his mate’s hand and leaned into his side. “You have to carry the basket! I can reach one apple.”


Error sighed, concern flitted in his eyelights. He crossed his arms and stared at Ink. His gaze locked on Ink's hands as if worried that the gloved bones were still bleeding marrow. "Yes, but you hurt your hands and-"


"I told you, I'm fine. I've basically healed by now anyway!" Ink placed a hand on his mate's mouth. Successful in quieting his mate. Ink kept his smirk and pressed his mouth against his hand. His mate raised an eyebrow bone at him. "That healing cream worked wonders on me!"


Ink was able to find some healing cream when Geno had left. Thankful for it and used it on his injured shoulders and hands. It took a bit for the cream to work but once it did, Ink convinced Error to go out for groceries. He was healed and scarred but he didn't need to mention that.


Error pulled his hand away and pressed a chaste kiss to Ink's mouth. It was sweet. His Chocolate Cosmos was sweet. Ink broke the kiss and squeezed Error's hand.  The Creator grinned when his hand was given a squeeze back. 

“Are you ready to go to the market now, Plum- Plumeria?”


When Ink turned around, he was only greeted with empty air. Everything within Ink froze, his brain halted for a second. A nervous laugh left him. “Paperjam?”


There was no reply. Something heavy sat in Ink’s soul. He clutched the apple close to his chest. Okay, no need to panic. Paperjam was small, he probably went behind the tree or snuck behind Error. Right? Right!


Ink turned, fully expecting -hoping- to see his son with Error. His soul dropped to the pit of his stomach when he met his mate’s equally concerned and terrified stare. Any speck of hope in his son just playing a trick in this wide, clear and empty field was gone. 


Ink dropped the apple and spun around back around to the empty field. His breathing coming out ragged as he called out: “Paperjam!?”


Paperjam only wanted some chocolate from the market. He thought it would be okay to get it and teleport back to his parents. He carried around a few bits of gold his mom gave him for when they did go to the market. So, what was the harm in getting the candy then? What was the worse that could have happened? At least, that's what Paperjam had originally thought. 


He didn’t think someone would go and grab him, pulling him into an alleyway. Paperjam whimpered as he was thrown back against the wall. His tiny body crumbled to the ground. He tried to open his eyesockets to look up at the god that grabbed him. 


It looked to be someone that was around his Papa’s age. He was a humanoid God that wore navy blue robes that covered nearly his entire body. Red eyes that glowed that reminded Paperjam of a scary dream. His face was barely visible.


“Asgore, look at this freak!” The god laughed before they placed his foot on Paperjam’s shoulder.  He pressed Paperjam harder into the ground all while he snickered as Paperjam gave out a small cry. “Creation and Destruction! Nothing but a fucking joke.” 


The bully threw back his foot and rammed it into Paperjam’s chest. When Paperjam gave another fruitless cry, the god groaned and looked over his shoulder. He turned back to look at Paperjam and had a sneer on his face. As if the sight of Paperjam disgusted the god. “Shut up, you little shit!” 


Paperjam didn’t understand. What did he do? He was being good! He didn’t take without asking or break any rules! Was it because he left without telling Mama and Papa? No, Mama and Papa wouldn’t ever want to hurt him! He had to have done something else.


“I’m sorry-” Paperjam tried to apologize for whatever made this person mad, but that made him receive another kick. Paperjam tried to curl in on himself, to protect himself from any more blows. But it never came. 


“You don’t know how to shut up, huh?” The god raised his foot once again. He looked ready to stomp his foot into Paperjam's face, hard, when-




Paperjam squinted his eyesockets open at the voice. It sounded so familiar yet strange. A skeleton was suddenly inbetween Paperjam and the bully. They were short and was adorned in a white jacket and a familiar red scarf. Paperjam blinked. Duncle?’


His Duncle held the bully in his hands. The meanie was off the ground and scrambled to hold onto something. Anything. So, the meanie grabbed onto Duncle's arm. Fear rolled off of them. 


“You will leave him alone. Got it?” When they refused to answer, Duncle Geno slammed their body against the wall. Hard. The god let out a shout of pain as the bricks cracked against the force. “GOT IT?!” 


“Yes! Yes, I got it!” Paperjam could hear his uncle growl under his breath before tossing the god to the ground with full force. Paperjam heard an awful crunch as they hit the ground. Their scream echoed in the alleyway. It was a sound that would haunt the young child’s nightmares. 


Duncle created a portal under the bully, causing them to disappear to wherever. A few seconds passed before Paperjam’s Duncle body relaxed and slowly turned to him. His face blank and void of emotions. His eyebrow bones furrowed in thought as he stared down at Paperjam. His normal glitches were on standstill and didn't flicker once. His body relaxed as he stared down at the young godling. Paperjam didn't care. His Duncle was here. Paperjam was safe! Right?




Chapter Text

The silence was deafening in Geno’s kitchen. The only thing that could be heard was Death’s sobs. After he had learned the news, he had crumbled in disbelief. He had fallen to the ground as the truth sunk in and cried out in his pain.


Tears now dried on Geno’s face, he scooted closer to Reaper. There were about five feet of distance was between them. Geno reached out and grabbed Reaper’s hand. The taller one tensed but welcomed his warmth and fell into his embrace. He let his husband lean into him and cry.

“I should have told you...!” Geno's cracked, weak from his sobs. He shook his head as tears threatened to fall once again. “You didn’t even know-” 


Reaper shook his head quickly, not wanting to hear Geno’s words. He didn’t want it to be real, he was in denial of those words. Geno knew that feeling well. His own denial over the loss of their child and Reaper’s disappearance. It lasted for weeks, MONTHS with Geno. When he finally accepted it, he broke. Everything in him crumbled. He couldn't go on! He didn't want to go on!


If it wasn’t for his family, he would have become a mess. He wouldn’t be able to leave the bed in the morning if not for those he cared for. Those who cared for him. 


Reaper, if Geno is correct, experienced it with his own supposed ‘death’. The reality of what happened had slowly sunk in. Geno sympathized with his husband and scooted closer than he already was. He let Reaper wrap his arms around him and cling onto him tight.  


Geno still didn’t feel comfortable with Reaper’s touch. Not yet… Maybe not for a long time, it still made him quiver and want to sob! But they both needed this. They sat there in each other's arms for who knows how long. Both cried for what they lost and the time they couldn’t get back. 


“Gen, Geno, Geno-” Reaper began to repeat his name like a mantra. His head buried into Geno’s chest and the small god just wrapped his arms around Reaper’s neck. His husband’s tears caused more to slowly fall from Geno. He shook his head and laid his head onto Reaper’s head. 


“Reaper...” Geno muttered under his breath. The moment his husband’s name was uttered from his mouth, Reaper’s arms tightened around him. The taller trembled in his arms. Together, they sat on the floor and cried. Wrapped up in each other's embrace as they cried for Star they lost. 


Never in all Geno's time that he knew his husband, did he ever think he would be the one comforting Reaper. He never thought anything, anything could bring the dangerous god down. The sight of Reaper weeping for their lost child hit Geno in the soul. He knew his husband would mourn their child, he just never expected to see it.


Nonetheless, the pain he felt in his gut took his breath away. Every time Reaper let out a sob, his breath was stolen. Every second was like a punch in his gut. Every minute was as if someone was choking the life out of him. 


The wound on his soul for his child and Reaper had scabbed over. Never to be fully healed and to be constantly reopened. It bled and bled with how much he picked at it but Reaper’s... Reaper’s wound was fresh, a slash to his soul that would never heal properly. Something, Geno knew he would never get over. It wouldn’t even scar. Scarring would mean it healed. It would scab and would open up.


Over, and over, and over and over-

“Sunshine…” Geno blinked and carefully pulled back from Reaper. His mate -former mate?- kept his head on Geno’s shoulder. Not moving back to look at the god of Tragedy. His body slumped as if all the energy was zapped out of him.


“Do you... do you really want a divorce?” Reaper’s voice came out hoarse and quiet. Barely loud enough for Geno to hear without straining his ‘ears’. It broke his soul to hear the other sound so small and fragile. 


Tears still in the corner of his sockets, Geno didn’t know what to say. He opened his mouth but nothing would come out! He felt resign and fell back. What was he supposed to say?  


Geno sighed and shook his head. “i… I don’t know.” He- Fuck, he still loves Reaper with everything in him. But five minutes doesn’t erase a century of his pain. “Reaper, I love you... That never changed but-” 


How could he say he still ached at Reaper’s abandonment? That no matter what, he couldn’t believe Reaper would really stay? How can he say that for years he could barely get out of bed and even struggled with it now? 


...How could Geno say there was someone else? 


Guilt swirled in Geno's soul. He was going to leave Reaper, his Reaper, for someone else. Granted, he thought Reaper didn't want him but still! He emotionally betrayed his husband! How could he have done that so easily?! 


“We can make it work!” Reaper sounded desperate. The darker one let out a sob as Geno jolted out of his thoughts and looked up to his husband. His grip on Geno tightened to the point of nearly being painful. Reaper pulled his head back and stared at Geno. His face tear-stained and eyesockets darkened even more. Tragedy bit his tongue and looked off to the side. “Sunshine, please, i lost you once. I don’t want to lose you again…”

“I never wanted a divorce!" He admitted hesitantly, Geno clenched his eyesocket shut. It was the truth, Geno never wanted to separate from Reaper. It was his husband who always kept himself at a distance. It was Reaper that left! Not Geno! He let out a breathless laugh before he slumped back. "But things have changed, I’ve changed. ” Geno shook his head. He grabbed at his scarf and averted his stare. “I’m not the same as I was one hundred years ago.”


“Neither am I!” Reaper begged, his arms tightened around Geno. “Sunshine, we won’t be the same in another hundred years, but I never wanted to spend any of my life without you! If i could take back this past century, I would.”


Geno hated that he couldn't say the same!


“You really want to stay?” Geno whispered, nearly in disbelief. “You… Didn’t mean to leave?” Geno’s eyelight trained on Reaper’s hood. He couldn’t meet his husband in the eyes. Not yet. His voice barely kept from cracking. “You want to stay-”

“O- Of course!” Reaper rushed. His head snapped up to meet Geno’s. “I never-” Another sob ripped its way out of the god of death’s chest. He shook his head. “fuck, Sunshine- I never wanted to leave you! I never wanted you to think I wanted that!” Reaper’s fingers tightened in Geno’s. The shorter was surprised the other didn’t break his hand yet.


“What I am trying to say is-” Reaper brought a hand up and cupped Geno’s cheek. He flinched at the touch but didn’t back away. He met his husband’s stare head-on. “I’ll stay, only if you want me too.” 


Geno could see that Reaper wasn’t lying. He would really leave and never come back if Geno told him too. Doing so would destroy his soul but he would still do it. Yet, Geno didn’t want that. He didn't want Reaper to leave him again!

Geno nodded his head, his hand tightened in Reaper's and laid his head down. A shaken breath left him. “I want you too. I want you to stay!” 




Duncle Geno wiggled his fingers in a small wave. Paperjam wanted to move towards Geno but he was still in pain. Paperjam curled away. Something was off but it was his Duncle. Paperjam didn’t flinch when the other knelt beside him. His voice blanked. “You okay, Paperjam?” 


Paperjam nodded his head. He reached out to touch his Duncle. He wanted to be held. To feel better and safe! He wanted his Duncle!


Instead of his Duncle wrapping him up in his arms like usual, Geno pulled him up to his feet. His duncle went to let go but Paperjam grabbed his arm and all but threw himself into his Uncle’s chest. A cry escaped Paperjam as he buried his head into his Duncle's chest. Geno stiffened from the sudden touch. His arms kept at his sides as Paperjam shoved himself as best as he could into the other. His uncle wrapped his arms around him, patted his back for a few seconds. 


“Okay!” Duncle put distances between them, his hands fell to Paperjam’s shoulders. Slowly, he raised a hand and wiped some of Paperjam's tears away. His eyelight fuzzy and smile strained. “Let’s get you back to your parents, yeah?”

Geno stood up and went to leave the alleyway but Paperjam whimpered. What if someone grabbed for him again? What if Duncle didn’t get there this time?

“D-duncle?” His voice was a soft shout. His uncle looked at him with a raised eyebrow bone. His reactions were stiff and slow as if waiting for something to happen. Without thinking, Paperjam raised his arms for his Uncle to carry him. “...Can you carry me?”

Geno froze and looked over his shoulder. He nodded his head with a sigh as he knelt down and held open his arms. Paperjam stumbled into his uncle’s arms. Head buried into his duncle’s shoulder. He wiped his face into his Uncle's shoulder and let out small whimpers. Paperjam at the time didn't care if he got his uncle's clothing wet with his tears. 

Geno stiffened and seemed to short circuit from the touch. A few seconds went by before his Duncle snapped out of it and left the alleyway with the godling in his arms. As they walked through the market, Paperjam just kept himself shoved into his Duncle’s body. He felt safe and calmed in his uncle's arms. He felt at home like he did with Mama and Papa. 

“So, are you going to be okay?” Geno questioned with his head tilted down. His grin was strained; It reminded Paperjam of one of his Papa's dolls. Happy, but fake. Geno got a better look of Paperjam's hurt stare, his expression hardened.


“Don't worry, no ass-” Geno's eye landed on Paperjam and he coughed. “-ssstronauts will hurt you.”

Paperjam blinked and tilted his head to the side. Confused by the new word. “What’s an assssstronaut?”


A pause.

“WHAT ARE YOUR PARENTS TEACHING YOU!?” Duncle screeched with a wide eyesocket. Exasperated, his duncle went on a rant. He waved his free arm around in the air as he talked. “They are mortals that go into space and explore. They don’t always do it themselves. Mortals have come up with A.i. -Oh! A.I. stands for artificial intelligence! Can you believe that!?- They pilot these ships into space and-”

Weird, Paperjam thought but relaxed into his duncle’s arms. He allowed the others morose aura wash over him as they pushed through the crowd. It felt off, not quite right but familiar. His duncle continued to ramble on. It relaxed Paperjam as they continued towards the tree. Did Paperjam tell Uncle they were at the apple tree? Paperjam’s eyelights flickered to his uncle and stared. He wasn’t sure. It didn’t matter though. 


Paperjam, tired and still hurt, was close to falling asleep when he heard a scream of his name. “PAPERJAM!?”

PJ shot his head up towards his mother’s voice. It was distant, but he knew his mother’s voice anywhere! He still couldn’t see them though, too many adults crowded his vision. That didn't stop the smile on PJ's face.


He turned to his uncle and his smile disappeared. Geno stared forward and his eyelight darkened. It was with an emotion Paperjam wasn’t sure of.  


Slowly, Duncle sat him down and began to back up. Paperjam turned towards his uncle and frowned “Duncle?” 


His Duncle flashed him a soft smile. His eyelight held an expression that Paperjam was accustomed too. He was almost...sad? With a whisper, his duncle said: “Keep me a secret in this, kay?”


Paperjam didn’t get it. Why? But that look his duncle gave towards his Mama’s voice... Paperjam swallowed his head and nodded. A smirk spread across Geno’s skull. His voice became a whisper in the air as he disappeared.

“See you later, Jammy.” 


“Plumeria!” Paperjam turned back around in time to see his Mama and Papa as they ran towards him. Relief flooded Paperjam and he stumbled towards his parents. He ignored the pain from his bruises as he rushed to his parents. Happiness soared from his soul.


Tears ran down his cheeks, as he let out a sobbed: “M-MAMA, PAPA!!” 


“Oh stars,” Ink had fallen to the ground and wrapped his arms around his child. Paperjam buried his head into his mother's chest and whimpered. He was still in pain but he was so happy to have his parents. He cried into his mother's chest. 


“My baby-” Ink repeated as he pressed kisses over Paperjam’s skull. Both of their bodies shook with relief and happiness. 

Error had also fallen to the ground next to his family. Without missing a beat, he brought Ink and Paperjam into his arms. Silent tears ran down his cheeks as he kept swearing under his breath. Error had his head buried into the small gap of Ink's chest and Paperjam’s shoulder. 


When they pulled back, Ink kept his arms wrapped around his son. Not about to even let go for a second. Error kept running his hand over Ink's back and cupped Paperjam’s cheeks. Both were just so happy and relieved to have their son back in their arms. 


Well, Error was until his eyelights saw the forming bruises all over his son’s skull and neck.


“You’re hurt!” Error exclaimed as he saw the still forming bruises all over Paperjam’s small body. The entire back of Paperjam's head hurt from when it hit the wall, he could only assume what it looked like. Anger filled his Papa's eyesockets. “Who hurt you?” His voice was low, eyelights flared.

Now, even his Mama stared wide-eyed. Their stare was scary but Paperjam knew it wasn’t targeted towards him. Paperjam turned to look behind and pointed in the direction he came from. “Someone g-grabbed me and-”


Paperjam went on to explain what had happened. Well, the best he could with how shaken he felt. His voice shook and cracked. Mostly came out it rambles. He did make sure to leave out his uncle like promised. As he had his head turned, a flash of midnight purple disappeared out of view.