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Silently, Yours

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Error had just placed Paperjam in bed. His son kept a tight grip on his jacket, not wanting to let go. However, Error was able to untangle himself. PJ squirmed and reached for his father. The destroyer grabbed a small star plushy, with the creepiest face and gave it to his son. It was almost comical how quickly the other latched onto the toy.  


The destroyer felt a smile tease his skull. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his son’s temple. Error sat back and took a glimpse around the room. A frown on his face. The walls looked weaker to the destroyer. Fragile even. One temper tantrum and it would all come crumbling down. He looked back to his son and sighed. 


With his son’s new abilities, they would need to reinforce some of the structures of the house. Mainly the walls and floors. The last thing they wanted was for Paperjam to have a tantrum and destroy their home. Not that Error wouldn’t be proud. He probably would turn the ruins of their home into a monument of Paperjam’s abilities! It would be fantastic!


What type of material was sturdy enough to hold against that though? Stone would be strong, but it could be easily broken just the same. Diamonds were said to be strong, and there was a surprising amount. Maybe he could get Ink to reinforce everything with diamonds. Way too flashy. Or at least have him create a material that had the strength of diamonds. Wait, were they hard or strong? Was there a difference?


Error let out a breath. He would ask Ink about it later. Right now, Error wanted to take a bath and climb into bed. He also wanted to drag his mate into sleepy cuddles. If the bastard didn’t beat him to the bed already. 


Before leaving, Error turned a night light by the bed on. It was designed to look like clouds. They made sure Paperjam knew how to turn it off and that he did it every morning. The small godling wasn’t fond of the dark. Now, during the day time, Paperjam wanted that small thing on for comfort. It made him feel safe. For now, the nightlight stayed on whenever his son was sleeping. 


He made his way out of the room and turned the light overhead off. He stretched and popped his back. He scratched his cheek and lazily made his way to his bedroom. Ready to drag his mate out of bed and to the bathroom. Even if he had to do it with Ink tied to the bed, again. Instead of seeing Ink snoring on the bed, he found his husband holding his weeping brother. 


Ink held a tight grip on Geno. The smaller was shaking and had his head buried into Error’s mate’s chest. The destroyer could hear pitiful whimpers leaving his brother. Something akin to sympathy and protectiveness flared in Error’s soul. The destroyer looked away from the god of tragedy and glanced up to meet Ink’s gaze. 


“Another job?” Error queried his husband. Ink shrugged his shoulders, unsure of it himself. He didn’t get to ask the other yet. Part of him was still processing finding the diminutive tsundere even in his bed. The other part was tired and just wanted to comfort Geno. Ink went to open his mouth to reply but Geno beat him to it. 


Geno pulled back and wiped his cheeks with his sleeve. He pitifully tried to stop the tears. Through hiccups, he got a syllable out. “Re-”  


Ink instantly knew what Geno was trying to say. Kind of hard to not know. What made Geno cry and first to letters where R and E? It wasn’t a job. For once, he wished it was. He tightened his grip around Geno. His thumb rubbed soothing circles into the other’s back. Error seemed to also have pieced the puzzle together but was barely holding himself back. “Rose?” 


“Reaper-” Geno found his voice cut off with another sob. Ink blinked in surprise while Error yelled out a normally comical ‘WHAT?!’. “He- he came to my h-house.” 


“What did he want?” Error’s voice ground out. Anger and frustration that Ink felt could be heard in his husband’s voice and saw in Error’s expression. “What the hell was he even doing there!?”

“I- don’t know,” Geno mumbled into Ink’s shoulder. Tears had come to a stop but there were still some in his eyesockets. He rubbed his cheek into the other’s shoulder, in a way to comfort himself. “He didn’t say… He wants to meet today at two.”

“Two?” Ink looked over to the alarm on the bedside table. Ten past twelve. Less than two hours away. Not long at all. How long was Geno here? 

“What are you going to do?” Ink kept his voice soft. Not allowing any emotion other than concern seep through his words; Mimicking a robotic message. 


Geno didn’t say anything. He looked lost and conflicted. Hurt and broken. It killed Ink seeing his friend in that state. Error, however, didn’t share that emotion.


“What is he going to do?” Ink looked over to his husband. Error’s face was contorted into anger and disgust. “What is he suppose to do?!” Error ran his hand over his skull. He looked ready to punch something, someone. “That bastard left him for a century and he wants Geno too meet up with him in two hours?!”

“In his defense-”

“No!" Error jabbed his finger at Geno. Whatever the shortest was about to say was quickly shut down. "Doesn’t matter whatever your excuse for him is, you shouldn’t defend him!” Ink really, really wanted to kick his husband out right about now. Ink laid his head on top of Geno’s and raised an eyebrow bone towards Error. 


“He didn’t know it was me,” Geno grumbled, burying his head deeper into Ink’s chest. Annoyed at being cut off. “If he did, he probably would have never stopped by.”


“That makes it sooooo much better.” 


‘I love my husband. I love my husband. I love my husband.'  Ink repeated in his mind. He held back the urge to shot his mate a glare or yell at him to shut up and listen. Ink loves his husband. It doesn’t mean Error couldn't be an asshole. “Ignore Error, he hasn’t had his nap yet.”



Ink contemplated the thought before shaking his head. “Tempting but later. Right now Geno needs us.”  


The dark yellow blush that erupted across his Chocolate Cosmos' skull was mesmerizing. It was cute and made him want to take out his sketchbook. 


“I…” The smaller drew both of Ink and Error’s attention to Geno. He had sat up and furrowed his eyebrow bones together. Hands fisted into Ink's shirt and tugging on it for comfort. “I’m not sure what I’m going to do.” He answered Ink's question. Error opened his mouth to protest when Geno beat him to it. “I want to avoid him. To never see him again! But, this is Reaper! That wouldn’t work on him.” 

Geno looked up and made eye contact with Error. His voice, while shaky stayed firm. “I think the best option would be to meet him.” 


“Are you-”


"Ooookay, " Ink snapped his head towards his husband. "Error, can I talk to you in the kitchen. Now." Ink glared at his husband. Error rolled his eyelights. He threw his hands up before turning around and walking out. He didn’t seem happy at all, but Ink was grateful he didn’t fight or argue. 


Geno didn’t budge at first. He clung to Ink for a few seconds before realizing he needed to climb out of the other’s lap. He mumbled out apologies and rolled off of the creator. Ink leaned forward and kissed Geno’s cheek and stood to his feet. 

“What the hell was that?” Ink growled out the moment they were in the safety of the kitchen. The walls weren’t thick, so he kept his voice low. The last thing either needed was for Geno to blame himself and for Paperjam to wake up. 


Error, however, didn’t look phased. He was too caught up in his own anger to care about Ink’s. Error threw his hand up to the ceiling, where Paperjam's room was. "You expect me to be happy over that?!"


“I expect you to be supportive!" Ink slammed his hands down around his sides. He stopped his foot on the ground. “Yes, this is shitty, but it didn’t happen to us. It happened to him!” 


“I get you are pissed, you have every right to be.” Ink tried, picking absentmindedly at his cuts. He only stopped when Error let out a tired growl of ‘Ink, stop.’. He dropped his hands and rubbed his neck. “But right now, it would be best to just show him he is not alone.” 


The destroyer just stared with a hardened gaze. One that Ink remembers well from back when they weren’t even friends. Thankfully, Ink could still see the warmth in them that was only ever directed at him. Error was a stubborn man. One that didn’t lie about his feelings about shit and didn’t care how that made him seem. A lot of times, Ink had taken comfort in that. Now, he just wants Error to hold back on it.


“Error, we can’t force him to do or not do something.” Ink said, voice firm. He felt his soul thrum in his chest and he held back from pacing. “He isn’t a godling. He is a grown adult! If this is what he needs to do, we can’t stop him!”


“That asshole abandoned him!” Error continued to jab his finger up at the ceiling. 

“I KNOW!” Ink finally felt whatever last of his restraint snap. “I know that asshole left him! I know what that did to Geno!” Ink’s words came out as tired and exaggerated. Damn it, he wasn't dumb! “But It’s still not our decision to make!” 


Error had his fist clenched together now. The calmer of the two felt a change in the air pressure. Ink could see the floor below Error cracking. The god of creation took a step towards his husband. He could hear the weakened floor crunch under his weight. He kept his hands up in the air. He didn't move, instead, he allowed let his soul’s aura spread out towards his husband. 


“I don’t want him anywhere near that asshole.” Error growled out, his fist shaking with anger. Ink nodded his head. He wanted Geno as far away from Reaper as he could be as well. He wanted to keep Geno on their side of the Upper Realm. He wanted Geno happy and moving forward. He wanted- He wanted whatever Geno did. 


So, he just shrugged his shoulders. “He could get some closure.”  


It was true. A lot of people needed closure to be able to move on. To be happy. Geno was no different. Ink knew that ‘why’ Reaper did what he did haunt the god of tragedy. To not know why something went wrong, to be forced alone and to suffer with no answer as to why? It would hurt. It would hurt worse than getting thrown into a shredder...don’t ask. 


He waved his hands as he spoke. Granted, Ink may be shooting out of his own ass right now. “He may be able to get some answers. He hadn’t had any for nearly a century. It could be healthy for him.”  


“What do you know about healthy emotions?” Error spat out. A snarl in his eyelights and nose flared.


The moment the words were out of his mouth, Ink could see the regret the flooded Error's face. Ink flinched, hard. His eyesockets shut tight and held in a shaken breath. Okay, that was a low, loooow, blow. But Error didn’t mean it. At least not in a hateful way.  


“Ink.” The god of creation opened his eyesockets. Meeting the apologetic ones of his mate. The destroyer had closed some distance between them. He had his arm reached out in an attempt to touch Ink’s arm. Ink forced a smile and leaned into his mate’s touch. It was rare for Error to seek touch when he was upset. “I didn’t mean-”


“You did,” Ink interrupted, waving his hand up to stop his mate. “You meant it but not in a hurtful way.” Did that make sense?  Oddly, for him it did. Ink didn’t care, not right now. They can have a full fledge conversation about the fight later. Preferably when Geno was gone. There was just some stuff Ink wasn't ready for the other god to know. So he gave a fake smile. “But we can talk about it later.” 


“I'm sorry..." Error slid his arm down Ink’s and wrapped it loosely around the other’s waist. “I'm upset, but the last thing I need to be doing is throwing something like that in your face.”


"l a t e r."


At the seriousness of his voice, Error dropped it. He cupped Ink’s cheeks and pressed their foreheads together. He looked Ink in his eyelights. Ink reached up and grabbed his husband’s hands and held them close to his cheeks. He pressed his forehead more into Error’s. He listened closely to his mate’s breathing and could feel the thump of his mate’s natural magic in the air. It made him feel better and calmer. He hoped his aura did the same to Error. 


“I am so tired,” Ink whined, falling into his husband’s arms. He brought up his hands and clutched at the destroyer’s shirt. He wrapped his arms around Error’s waist and breathed in his mate’s scent. He felt all the fight in him gone. 


Error stayed silent, pressing a kiss into his skull. Holding Ink in his arms. “Don’t fall asleep like this. I’m not carrying your ass into bed.”


Ink just grumbled and held on tighter. With a sigh, Error just held the tired god in his arms. They stood there for a few minutes. Ink loved the warmth the other provided him. Ink laid his chin on Error’s chest and looked up to his husband. When Ink stood on his tiptoes, Error got the hint and pressed a kiss to his mate’s mouth. It was just a small peck. Error pulled back rather quickly but pressed another one to the corner of Ink's mouth. 


Error took a tiny step back and grabbed his hand. Ink frowned when the other lifted it to be eye level with him. “I can’t be near Geno right now without voicing my thoughts on this.” Error kissed Ink's fingers. ink felt himself blush and give a half-hearted tug on his hand. “Go and comfort him. I’ll get bandages for your hands.”

“I’m fi-”


“I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer, Inky.”


Error removed his gloves and winced at the sight of Ink’s permanently scarred hands. Centuries of scares widdled Ink’s hands, disappearing up his sleeve. Many of the scares were painted black to mimic tattoos. However, there were too many for all of them to be painted over. Error was staring too long for Ink’s comfort. 


He carefully yanked his hands out of his husband’s and held them to his chest. He avoided his husband’s stare. Ink cleared his throat. He sidestepped Error, making his way to the doorway.  

“Okay.” Ink waved his hand back to Error. He held his other hand to his chest. “But get the rainbow bandages!” 

“We still have those!? I thought I threw them away!”


“Not the pastel ones~”


Going back to the room was quick. He didn't want Geno to be alone longer then he had to be. Plus, getting his mind focused on something else would be great. Nonetheless, once back in the room, Ink saw that Geno was no longer alone. Paperjam was sprawled out in Geno’s lap and clinging to his uncle’s shirt. Geno was creating soothing circles over his nephew’s skull. A soft hum escaped Geno as he sang a quiet lullaby. It was a precious sight. Paperjam looked so happy and relaxed against his uncle.


Ink grinned and approached the bed until he stood directly in front of Geno. He tugged on his shirt as he watched the other. Geno didn’t seem to mind his presence. -Which Ink hopes not, this is his room- Geno finally looked up. An understanding smile on his skull.


“Pj came in here and just crawled into my lap,” Geno whispered, laying his head on top of the child’s. “He was too tired to even notice it was me.” 


“He knew it was you.” Ink shook his head. He leaned forward and ran his own hand over his son’s skull. A smile spread over his face when PJ responded to the touch and wiggled. “He adores you, Rose.”  


Geno blushed and beamed at Ink. It was the same smile Error gave him when the god of destruction thought Ink wasn’t paying attention. He felt his soul flutter but he dismissed it. He sat down on the bed. He went to put his weight onto his hand but quickly thought against it. Geno noticed the movement but didn't say anything. 


“Do you think I’m being silly?” Geno whispered after a few seconds. The god of tragedy softly petted Paperjam’s skull. the child snuggled deeper into his uncle’s chest. Ink frowned and looked to the side. “You can be honest, I won’t be hurt.”

“I-” Ink sighs and shrugs his shoulder. “I don’t think you are being silly.” Ink moved so he was facing the other better. He pulled his knee up on the bed and leaned forward. “It’s your decision and I will stand by it.” The creator stopped and bobbed his head in thought. “Error will too, he is just being protective.” 


Geno snorted and nodded his head in understanding. But the moment he laughed, his face fell. He furrowed his eyebrow bones together. Concerned, Ink watched the other's expression for any lies. “How are you feeling?” 


“Petrified...” Geno's grip around PJ tightened. Ink was almost surprised that Geno hadn't consumed PJ with how much he curled around the godling. “I never thought I would see him again. Outside of work, I mean.” Geno shifted his weight, averting his gaze. “I imagined saying so many things to him. Now, I don’t know if I can even look him in the eyes without breaking down.”


"Your happiness and mental health should come first. You don't have to see him, Gen." Ink scooted closer. Hesitantly, he brought up a hand to cup the others cheek. "Whatever your choice is, you will have us."


Geno looked ready to jump at Ink's offer but something held him back. He leaned into Ink's touch and whispered in a hushed tone: “...I can ask for a divorce.” 


Ink felt his entire body stiffen. He... He hadn't expected that. Sure, Geno didn’t want to be near Reaper, but it had been clear that he still very much loved his husband. Geno himself appeared to be shocked by his own words, but he didn’t regret them.

“Ink, i will never seek him out,” Geno admitted.  As if trying to convince Ink to go with the idea. “That might sound pathetic, but I can’t stand the thought of seeing him.” Geno carefully moved Ink's hand from his cheek. Being wary of the cuts, Geno intertwined their fingers. “I won’t be able to fully move on without completely cutting ties with him. As long as I am married to him. I can’t.”


Ink didn’t say anything. He just smiled and squeezed his fingers around Geno’s. He didn’t know what to say even if he did. He didn’t want to force Geno into something the other didn’t want. So he moved on the bed until he laid next to Geno. The god of tragedy moved until he was laying on Ink’s chest.