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Fortunate Little Misfortune

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Little Misfortune is a girl with a great personality and a heart of gold. Everything around her, however, is reminiscent of complete misfortune. For that, she tends to sprinkle glitter all over things just to make them look better. It makes her heart feel good. Glitter may be her greatest power, but ugh. I hate glitter.

“I love glitter, Mr. Voice! Sprinkle here, sprinkle there. It makes me feel warm inside, heheh.”

Yes, I know you do, Misfortune. Nevertheless, we have got to continue playing my game. Alright, how about we go on a train to the other side of town. Once we’re there, we can perhaps search for your eternal happiness through stores and such.

“Oohoo! That sounds like loads of fun! I love trains, ohuhu!”

Good. It may take a while, so bear with me.


… Hey, uh, you there on the other side of the screen. I have to tell you something very important. At the end of my game, Little Misfortune will have to make a very big, important decision. She will only get two choices. Once you make it there, you will have to choose very wisely for her sake. Please keep that in mind, okay? Okay. Well, I better return to her so she won’t get too suspicious. We wouldn’t want that now, would we? Alright, let’s proceed onto my game…

“I love coloring books. They always keep me busy.”

Misfortune, we seem to be getting close to our destination. I suggest you put that book away so you will not lose it.

“Oh, okay, Mr. Voice. I’m puttin’ it~- away!~”

Um, Misfortune… why are you placing it under your hat?


Little Misfortune! I said why are you depositing that book in your hat?

“That’s cause I never take my hat off. I don’t have a backpack or anythin’.”

Hmm … she’s right. She never takes her hat off. Not even once… hm.

“Who are you talking to?”

Nobody. Let’s just continue on my game. We seem to be here now. Let’s get out of that train so we can go walk around the town for a bit. The eternal happiness has to be hidden in one of those stores. We should check out the one store that looks the most suspicious first.

“Nice, oohuhu!”

Misfortune , make sure you don’t get too distracted by any toys? Alright?

“Okay, okay. No distractions.’’

Good. Now, on we go.

“Wow! This one is huge!

Oh, this store may take too much time to search through. I suggest we find a small store first.

“Okay. Small it is!”

This one doesn’t look too bad. Well, it is the smallest store in this town, after all.

“Oh lookie! A fox plushie! It looks just like Benjamin!”

Misfortune , what did I tell you?

“No lookie.”

Aw, don’t make such a pout like that. I am certain you will be very appeased once you find your eternal happiness.


Of course. Alright, this store doesn’t have your eternal happiness. We should move onto another one.

“Okay. I’m movin’ on.~ I’m movin’ it.~”

Um… Misfortune… we just went in that store.

“I wanna go in this one so I won’t forget it.”

Ugh… whatever you say, Misfortune. Promise you won’t get distracted by anything in this one?

“Don’t worry, Mr. Voice. I won’t. I am Little Misfortune! Little Misfortune will win her mission! Heheh!”

Indeed you will, my dear child. Indeed. You. Will.

“Mr. Voice, I love how big this store is!”

Well, I believe otherwise.

“Woah! Another fox plushie! Ooo, what should I do? What should I do?”

  1. Avoid the plushie and continue on finding the eternal happiness.
  2. Go up to it and admire it, then leave it and continue on.
  3. Go up to it and steal it.
  4. Beg to Mr. Voice for the plushie.