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Luck of the Draw

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Bright neon signs and flashing lights lit up Mary’s face with a myriad of colors while she sat alone at the blackjack table, aside from the dealer. Nameless employees bustled around her carrying trays of flute glasses filled with bubbling champagne. Voices melting into one another surrounded her and the sounds of chips falling and slots spinning filled her ears. Despite the chaos, she felt right at home and strangely at ease there. However, she wanted some excitement. Every other player she met that night didn’t want to take a single risk. No spark, no fire, no fun.

‘This is getting boring…’ Mary sighed to herself and leaned back in her stool. She crossed her legs, draping one knee over the other, and smoothed out the red dress that draped over her limbs. She threw some of her blonde locks over her shoulder then propped an elbow onto the table to look over the dealer as she placed her chin into the palm of her hand.

They appeared to be nothing particularly impressive as he waited patiently for her to speak up. He was dressed in a black suit vest and crisp white button up. A similarly black bowtie was fastened around his neck. Other than that, nothing really stood out from him with his rather plain face and short brown hair. Between the dizzying lights and her own lack of care, she barely made out the name on his tag that read Suzui.

A second sigh parted her lips when she closed her eyes. Gambling alone was boring and she debated leaving the table or even the casino all together. Yet her thoughts were soon cut off when she somehow heard the sharp clack of heels approaching the table. Her fingers twitched against her jaw and she could strangely feel an intimidating presence before she even opened her eyes.

Mary lifted her eyes towards where the sound was cutting through the cacophony of other noises. Her gaze locked onto another woman standing tall in a black dress that left little to the imagination; the neckline was cut dangerously low, showing off a rather large amount of her cleavage that made Mary a bit self-conscious, and a split ran up her leg for easier movement. A thin, folded over pouch was clutched in her hands. Despite the suggestive get-up, she was giving her an almost sickly sweet smile and tilted her head, making some of her long ebony hair fall off her shoulder. All of the lights and sounds faded into the background as she stared.

“Excuse me. Do you mind if I join you?” Her voice was almost musical and rang clear through the casino. Mary’s voice caught in her throat and her mouth opened and closed multiple times before the mystery woman gave her a laugh behind her hand. “Is that a yes?”

“Y-Yes, please do.” Mary finally tore her eyes away and stared down at her hands in her lap. She could feel her face and ends of her ears heating up with embarrassment. Without looking back, she could hear her laugh one more time before taking a seat next to her. All of a sudden, she got a feeling that things were about to get interesting.

She took a deep breath to steady herself then dragged her eyes back up to the dealer. It didn’t take her long to realize he was smiling at the new gambler. He dipped his head down slightly in a shallow bow. “Evening Jabami-san. It’s certainly been a while.”

“It hasn’t been that long Ryota!” She brought up one of her hands to dismissively wave it from side to side. A warm smile was still stretched across her face as she continued. “Also, I told you that you could call me Yumeko. You’ve been my dealer of choice for how long?”

“I know you have, but I’m also working. I could get in trouble.” He sighed.

“Ah, where are my manners though! Thank you for letting me join your table. I’m Jabami Yumeko; it’s a pleasure.” The woman turned back to Mary, the grin on her face softening significantly, and she pressed her palm against the top of her chest as she gave a small, polite bow in her seat with her head. “I do hope we have a wonderful gamble together!”

“L-Likewise…” Mary was still reeling from how breathtaking she looked to her and it was a chore to figure out just where exactly she wanted to look at her. She grit her teeth for a brief moment before returning the smile. “I’m Saotome Mary.”

“Well then, Mary-san, shall we?” Yumeko’s words dripped like honey off her lips and she flashed her one last smile before returning her attention to the dealer. Her hands moved to open the folded over pouch in her hands to withdraw a few bills and place them onto the table for Suzui to gather them up. He counted out a surprisingly large stack of chips and placed them in front of the other woman without so much as flinching.

She let herself stare a moment longer before shaking her head and reaching into her own small bag to withdraw a few bills herself. The shock of just how many chips were in front of her gripped at her throat and she could already feel the tension and excitement that was emanating off Yumeko. Not to be so easily intimidated, she decided it was best to keep herself in control and pressed twenty thousand worth of yen onto the table.

Without missing a beat, Ryota slid the money across the table and deftly counted out her chips before placing them in a stack in front of her with a small clatter. He was nice enough to have split them up into several five hundred and one thousand yen chips. Even so, her stack was nothing compared to Jabami’s. ‘What is she getting at…? Does she think she’s better than me? Is she trying to intimidate me? Like hell!’

“Minimum bet is twenty-five hundred yen; there is no max bet limit at this table.” Ryota calmly continued on as he tapped the top of the card dealing shoe. “If all players are ready, let’s begin.”

Mary swallowed against the lump in the back of her throat that she didn’t notice was there. Steeling her resolve, she placed her chips into the betting square. Yumeko followed suit, putting several more than her in her own square. ‘Tch…’

Her brow furrowed as she watched the dealer pull cards from the shoe and place them in front of the three. She felt like her hand was rather strong, sitting at a fairly solid and safe nineteen. She didn’t want to risk anything just yet, so she waved her hand over her cards. “Stand.”

Yumeko hummed and brought her hand to her chin. She noticed she had a middle ground hand with a total of fourteen. She tapped her finger against the felt. “Hit.”

Another card was added to her total. Up to seventeen.



“Hah, how unfortunate.” She sighed and Suzui reached over to pull her chips back. With that same hand, he flipped over his other card. The total was seventeen and he was forced to stand without even drawing any other cards. Mary couldn’t help the confident smirk that pulled across her face.

‘Maybe I can be a bit more reckless than I thought…’ She wondered. Her smirk widened as she dropped half of her chips into the square. She looked over to her new gambling partner then realized she was watching her with a surprisingly intense gaze. Her mouth quirked up in a lazy smile. Their eyes bore holes through her and without pulling them away, she pushed half of her large stack into the square.

Mary’s eyes widened at the gesture and she clenched her teeth. She tightly gripped her few remaining chips in her fingers before slamming them onto the stack.

“Ah… All-In, I see?” Yumeko hummed and brought her fingers up to her lips to hide her own smirk. Something flashed behind her eyes, but the constant changing lights around them made it difficult for Mary to figure out what exactly shifted inside her. “If that’s the case,” she shoved forward her entire pile of chips. “I’ll be going All-In too.”

Mary nearly choked on nothing. Despite this not being a competitive gamble, they were both pushing each other’s buttons and Yumeko was clearly getting under her skin. ‘But why? Why is she bothering me so damn much? Damn it, why is she so distracting!?’

She watched as she tapped a finger against one of the towers of chips. She was grinning at Ryota while he began to deal the cards. It was then that she realized she was letting her eyes linger for far longer than she wanted. The multitude of lights made her hair flash with different colors. Her sensual presence was smothering and demanded attention. A rather strong part of her wanted to reach out and touch her face, but she wasn’t sure why.

She growled low in the back of her throat and locked her eyes onto the table, waiting for him to reveal her hand. It came up rather weak; a three and a five. Mary let herself side-eye Yumeko’s hand and her blood chilled. A natural twenty-one. An ace and a face card. ‘Like hell I’m letting her show me up.’

“Hit me!” She barked at Suzui, pressing her index finger against the tabletop hard enough that her fingertip went white. He obliged and placed down another. Another five. She gave the tabletop a second, irritated tap. A six joined her total. She snarled and looked directly at Yumeko with a surprising fire behind her eyes. “I’m going to get that blackjack! Hit me!”

Jabami’s mouth twitched with a curious look glinting in her eyes. Ryota took one more card from the shoe and placed it down in front of her. Her face went white as she tallied up the total.


She leaned back into her seat and ran her hand down her clammy face. Her shoulders shuddered with muffled laughter before her head tipped back, letting the sound free.

“What the fuck!? I don’t know how you did it, you fucking lunatic, but you made a non-competitive game not that! Not only that, what in the fuck did you do to me?” She ran a hand through her hair and turned to look at Yumeko. Her eyes were panicked, but she could feel a strange warmth flood her body when she locked onto her dark irises.

“I simply showed you the joys of taking a risk, Saotome-san!” She was practically buzzing with excitement on her stool when she explained. “Yes, finally! Someone who truly understands the thrill of betting and losing it all!

She scooted her stool ever closer to the blonde and snaked an arm around her waist. Her other hand went under her chin, pressing her forefinger against the underside to lift her face up to meet hers.

“You… I think I’ve taken a liking to you. So how about this, Mary…” Yumeko’s voice went back to its sweet tone, however, the lights that shone in her eyes made them appear dark red and devilish.

“What if we make this more interesting? If you win this next hand, I’ll pay you all of the yen that you lost and then some. But if I win,” Mary tensed when she felt her hand that was under her chin move and come to a rest high up on her thigh. The back of her throat dried up and made her want to cough as she leaned in close to her ear. Her breath felt way too hot against her ear and neck when she whispered low into it. “Why not give in to temptation and become mine for the night?”

An audible swallow could be heard from Saotome. She tightly gripped her dress in her lap while she mulled over her proposition. Part of her thought she could use the money, but another, much louder, part of her actually hoped she would lose. “Fine. You’re on.”

Yumeko reached out to pluck a single, twenty-five hundred yen chip from her stack and placed it into Mary’s betting square. She held her breath with anticipation, Jabami’s hand returning to her leg and her face not leaving its position by her ear, as Ryota dealt the cards. Mary had an eight of clubs; Yumeko was given a six of hearts. Her heart picked up its pace.

Seven of spades.

Faster still.

King of clubs.

“Hit me.” Mary tapped the table twice without a second thought.

Five of hearts. She was up to twenty. She could take the risk for a minuscule chance at a twenty-one or throw it to lose and get what she could tell she wanted. Though her pride told her otherwise. “Stand.”

Yumeko was grinning wildly while looking over her own hand that was spread on the table. Mary could hear her panting directly into her ear and it did not help with her frantic heart. She felt her hand tighten its grip on her thigh and the darker haired woman bit down on her lip. Her nail sharply tapped the table.


Ace of hearts. She tapped again, not saying a thing as heavy breaths fell from her lips. Two of spades. And again. Time slowed to a crawl for Mary as he placed the final card upright in front of them.

Four of clubs. Twenty-three… A bust.

Yumeko trembled against Mary and her face was bright red. To her, it looked like she didn’t exactly lose, but rather was given quite the rush. Ryota looked at the dealer cards and pulled out the needed cards until he could stand. The numbers climbed for him until it read eighteen and he was forced to stop.

“Ahh… Wonderful...” Yumeko let out a blissful sigh before leaning back into her seat and wrapping her arms around herself. “Simply wonderful! I knew you were something else Mary when I saw you from across the casino floor! I’ll be sure to pay you your winnings in a moment.”

Mary suddenly slammed her hands onto the blackjack table. Colorful chips toppled over from the force and scattered across the table. Her hair fell around her face in such a way that it cast shadows over her eyes as she stomped up to Yumeko. She grasped her face in her hands and dug her nails slightly into her jaw. Even though she was looking down at her in her seat with an intense stare and how she just lost their side bet, she was smirking up at the victor as if she was truly the winner.

“Fuck. You.” Mary hissed before swiftly leaning down to capture her lips with her own. She desperately groaned into her mouth when she pulled her closer and invaded with her tongue. Ryota awkwardly looked away and scratched at the back of his neck, unsure of what to do with the two guests that were exploring each other’s mouths in front of him. Mary finally pulled back with a gasp. Her cheeks were flushed from the lack of oxygen as she panted out, “And fuck this game.”

Without another word, she took Yumeko’s hand and tugged her off of her stool. She stumbled forward, taken slightly off guard from the sudden boldness coming from the other, and she twisted around to wave at the flustered Ryota. “I’ll come back later for my chips! Thank you Suzui-san!”

Mary was scarily silent as she pulled her through the crowds and slot machines towards the doors that connected the casino to the hotel she was currently staying at. She slammed open the ornate and somewhat gaudy glass doors and marched towards the elevator. Her foot impatiently tapped against the marble floor as she stared fiercely at the lift’s light until the small speaker dinged and the stainless steel doors slid open. They were barely open when she shoved the other into the box and pressed up against her. She reached behind her to press a button close to the top floor.

“I don’t understand what the fuck you did to me, but you better take damn responsibility.” She told her in a rough, suggestive voice. Once the doors closed behind her, she took fistfuls of long, black hair in her hands and pulled her back down to her mouth. A second moan erupted from her lips and was muffled by the other’s. Her eyelids fluttered closed when she felt Yumeko’s hands firmly grip her hips and pull her closer until they were completely flush against each other.

Mary felt as if she was engulfed in flames and the elevator suddenly felt far too stuffy. It seemed like hours passed by as they were pressed in the corner of the elevator when another chime went off to alert them that they arrived at the floor her room was on. She reluctantly pulled back, took her hand again, and tugged her back out of the elevator. She fumbled into her bag to fish out her keycard and clumsily inserted it into the lock. An electronic click barely greeted her before she shoved open the door and practically threw Yumeko into her room.

Once inside, it was Mary who was almost violently shoved back against the door once it relocked itself. Again, lips pressed to lips in a desperate attempt to relieve some of the lust between the two with no avail. Yumeko’s hands moved agonizingly slow down her sides while she was pinned, barely able to move. She swallowed down a whine, but she let herself squirm at her touch and rolled her hips against her, becoming rather distraught.

She could feel her hands grab at her dress and steadily pulled it up higher, bunching it up under her breasts. A shiver traveled up her spine when the cold air brushed against her thighs and stomach. Jabami drew back to finish pulling off the red dress then threw it aside and onto the floor. Saotome’s heart was deafening in her ears when she grabbed at the black dress that clung to her body.

Yumeko was smirking at the blonde before helping her remove the article of clothing in a single, smooth, rather erotic motion when she arched her back. A heated pant found its way out of Mary that made her chest heave with desire. There was no going back now that her mind was blank with need.

She roughly grabbed at her waist and all but tossed her onto the hotel’s bed. She let her golden eyes trail along her body to soak up the sight before her. Long, sable hair was sprawled across the white sheets and her milky skin was flawless. She just realized she didn’t have a bra on at all, though that wasn’t surprising considering the dress she was previously wearing. Lacey black underwear greeted her as she trailed her gaze lower. The almost sophisticated choice in lingerie made her face flush slightly with embarrassment when she looked down at her own choice of delicates; they were rather basic with no frills or lace and a plain white.

Mary shook her head to refocus on the task at hand. She had no reason to get embarrassed now of all times. She crawled onto the bed, planted her knees on either side of Yumeko’s hips, then pressed her fingers against her stomach. Inch by inch, she slid them higher until she took a handful of her breasts in each of her palms and gave them a firm squeeze before rolling a nipple beneath her thumb. An indecent groan tore out from her throat when she arched into her touch.

‘Fuck… I can’t think straight…’ Her mouth was barely parted with needy panting. She bent down to drag her tongue up along her throat then bite into the side of her neck by her jaw. She felt her body shudder against her and yet another groan filled her ears.

“Mary…” Yumeko whimpered in a breathless voice. She turned her head to press her face into her hair and playfully nip at the edge of her ear. She gulped, holding her breath for her next whispered words. “C’mon; I want more.”

It was like a wire snapped in her mind. She bit down harder on her jaw and pulled her left hand from her chest to slide her index and middle fingers into Jabami’s mouth. A distorted grunt sounded from the woman pinned beneath her. She could feel her tongue wrap around her digits with a shocking amount of dexterity. Trembles went down her spine as she sat upright to watch her work on her fingers. She pressed down against the wet muscle, forcing her to stop her doting licks, then relaxed them. Almost immediately, she was back at it.

Yumeko looked up at her through her eyelashes when she closed her mouth around them. One, two, three. She counted the amount of gentle sucks with a strange fascination. Though once she pulled her head back and released her fingers with a gasp, cheeks a light red, a hungry smirk formed.

Mary’s now slick fingers trailed back down her body, pushing past the elastic of her panties, then brushed against her folds. The smirk became more teasing and ravenous when she leaned down once more to mutter into an ear. “Hey, where’d all that confidence from earlier go? I thought I was supposed to belong to you for the night?”

Chuckles filled the silence only to be drowned out by a loud, desperate moan when she finally pushed a finger past her soaking entrance all the way down to the last knuckle. She curled her finger and prodded at her walls, trying to find the exact spot that would make her cry out in ecstasy. It didn’t take long as her moans went up in pitch and her back lifted off the bed. The sight made her give her own groan before forcing in a second finger. Their breath hitched, but she was clearly putty in her hands.

Then a third joined the other two and Yumeko was all but melting beneath her. Curling her fingers one final time, she straightened them back out then began thrusting hard and deep inside of her. She writhed under her and desperately grabbed at the sheets and comforters atop the bed. Lust filled cries poured out in strings from her mouth that made Mary’s own arousal throb uncomfortably between her legs. She pressed her thighs together in an attempt to relieve some of it with little success.

She bit down on her lip as she adjusted her position to bring her other hand to her clit. Pressing her thumb against it, she rubbed slow, deliberate circles against the sensitive bundle of nerves. Yumeko’s toes curled and her legs spasmed and jerked from the combined stimuli. She brought her hand to her mouth to bite down on a knuckle.

“M-Mary! I-I’m--” Suddenly, her body locked up, muscles twitching and clenching tightly around her fingers as she came. A high-pitched whine cut off her sentence and it went on until she came down from her high.

Mary pulled her hand from her clit to gently rub her stomach to try and ease her down from her bliss filled state. When her panting subsided, she gave her one more playful thrust, drawing out an over-stimulated yelp, before pulling her fingers free. She spread her fingers out in front of her and took note of the cum that stuck to them and how it shone in the dim light.

“Heh, you seem to have enjoyed yourself.” Mary cooed as she craned her head down close to Yumeko’s face and deliberately made sure she saw her take her dirtied fingers and slide them across her tongue. Another shudder traveled along their body underneath her, but she missed the sudden glint behind her brown eyes.

The world spun when she felt hands on her shoulders and she was flipped onto her back. It took her a moment to register what happened, and once she gained her bearings, Yumeko was mere centimeters from her face. She stared hard into her eyes, swearing she noticed a tinge of red in the irises, before her voice finally chimed in.

“Why don’t you let me return the favor, Mary-san?” Her voice took on a dulcet lilt, almost sing-song in a way. The honeyed words drifted sluggishly in her mind and essentially put her into a trance. Yumeko’s arms found their way around her to undo the clasps to her bra. She slipped the straps from her shoulders, threw the undergarment aside, then brought her lips to an already perked nipple.

Pleasure lit up under her skin and her hips reflexively bucked up against Yumeko, causing her body to bounce. The action didn’t deter her though as she kept her mouth locked around it and pressed her hand against the neglected breast. She pinched and rolled the bud not within her mouth and sucked, licked, and bit at the other. Mary bucked again after letting out a wanting moan. Little by little, kiss by kiss, she inched her way down from her chest to her stomach with her hands pressed flush against her body on either side of her face. Her wandering fingertips left trails of fire that burned her skin.

She hooked her fingers into the simplistic panties and yanked them down off her legs. Her hands eased up the entirety of her legs with her nails pressed into her skin just enough to cause light marks to form before fading away. A choked out whine was Mary's only response. She could feel Yumeko's mouth tilted in a smirk as she placed light, teasing kisses to the inside of her thighs and playful bites that caused her to let out soft hisses. They soon stopped their wandering hands to come to a rest on either side of her sex. Using her thumbs, she subtly spread her open, almost inspecting what she was working with in excruciating detail. Mary threw an arm over her furiously blushing face only to immediately howl into the crook of her elbow. Yumeko had pressed her mouth against her button, flicking the end of her tongue against it, and she gingerly sucked to draw out more passionate screams.

‘That damn skilled tongue of hers! I feel like I’m going insane!’ She thought when more pleasurable sounds slid off her own tongue. She finally removed her arm from her scarlet covered face to grasp at her dark hair. She forced her farther into her hips, grinding against her face with yearning need. Her tongue teased at her entrance, slipping inside just enough to drive her to madness.

Mary’s hands knotted in her locks only to tighten further once she felt a finger plunge inside. She eagerly clenched down on the intrusion, sucking it in as deep as her body would allow. Her back lifted off of the mattress, panting and begging, “Damnit, more, you fucking tease!”

Without missing a beat, she felt not one or two fingers join the first, but three. Her breath hitched into a squeak and she hissed through her teeth. The slight, stinging pain quickly melted back to pleasure when she went back to work on her clit. Yumeko began pumping her fingers in a steady rhythm, easing up into a quicker pace in tandem with her sucks.

Her eyes rolled back slightly in her head and the edges of her vision started to go black. Her toes curled and uncurled with anticipation while her body began to violently shudder. All at once, she was dropped over the edge.

Where her vision was black it suddenly erupted into a bright white that stunned her into momentary silence. Tremendous howls and calls of Yumeko’s name soaked the room’s walls and she didn’t care what guests she disturbed with her screams. Her muscles pulsated against her fingers from the extreme climax. Carefully, oh so carefully, she came back down to earth and released her strong grip on Yumeko’s hair to collapse fully into the bed.

Yumeko finally lifted her head up from between her legs, licking her lips with a sly grin, and crawled up to join Mary. She scooped up the spent girl in her arms to cradle her against her chest. Too weak to fight back, she accepted the embrace. Only now did she take note of the strangely calming and sweet scent of flowers that clung close to her skin. As she laid in her arms, she let out a feeble chuckle.

“You know, I didn’t expect to gain a fuck buddy through a gamble today.”

“Hm, oh really?” Yumeko hummed and looked down at Mary, tilting her face up to meet her eyes. “But do you want it to stay that way?”

‘Do I?’ She wondered at her words and her brow furrowed as she was swept away at her thoughts. The other woman rolled her eyes and flicked her forehead to get her attention again. She winced and was about to scold her before one more kiss kept her from sputtering a reply.

“I’ll make it easy for you, how about that?” She mumbled against her lips, pressing another, far lighter kiss against them. “Can I take you out to dinner tomorrow? Make it a bit less like lust and actually get to know each other?”

“W… What?”

“Must I spell out everything for you?” She huffed, cheeks puffed out a bit in a pout. “A date. May I take you out on a date?”

Mary blinked in shock. That wasn’t exactly what she was expecting after getting her brains fucked out by someone she just met. She brought a trembling hand up to her hair and ran it through to get her bearings. It was like emotional whiplash; one moment she was screaming out her name and now the next she was being asked out? Wasn’t it normally the other way around? Though, to be fair, this Yumeko was anything but normal it seemed. A second chuckle made her shoulders shake and she smiled up at her.

“Yeah… Yeah, I think I’d like that.”