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You are my courage but also my fear

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Hua Wuxie could fight it's true even if he not really what he likes the most because of the promise he have do to his mom years ago.
So when he trained with Pei Wende he looked a little not a good warrior.
But at the same time he learned his skill, he had one sword in one of the closet of his room.

When he have seen Pei Wende fight for him, he have give him so much courage to maybe learn more and fight for him too because it gives him fear to lose him.

He doesn't want to lose him, it's true that they are more close now and that their relationship is only new.

So when he have heard that Pei Wende had one difficult fight, he planned to go help him and he have take his sword.

"I'm sorry Mom, I want to fight for you, I don't want to lose him. He is my world. He will be my world. I'm sure you will have loved him if you were here"

Pei Wende was surprised when he saw Hua Wuxie fight and be with him, and he saw that he was a great warrior like him.

"Where did you learn to fight like this?" asked Pei Wende when they were back at the palace

"I was a little warrior and I learned a lot thanks to you"

"But why?"

"I didn't want to fight, I have give my promise to my mom. But you are my courage and my fear, I refuse to lose you. You are too precious to me" says Hua Wuxie with his eyes misty.

His feelings are finally out, he put his hand on the shoulder of Pei Wende "I care so much about you, I don't want to lose you, you are more than my bodyguard, you are everything to me"

Then Pei Wende put his hand around Hua Wuxie and kiss him

"I love you since the beginning since the first day I have saw you while you were with the flower, I knew I would love you and also that I wanted to protect you with my whole life"

They put their forehead against each other and they kiss.

"I will protect you too if I can, I don't want to lose you ever" say Hua Wuxie.

"You said that I'm the courage for you and also the fear but it's the same for me"