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I'm really tired

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Sometimes he would like this to be a dream.
Sometimes he wouldn't want disappointment to be an integral part of his life.
But things never go the way they want.
As a child he had learned not to expect anything from anyone, his parents offered him few things to celebrate, but you can't understand what you are missing if you never had it.
Remember everything in your life, more like a car than a person.
The flying Graysons who died, the first time Robin appeared, the birth of Nightwing, the death of Jason.
He felt guilty though, the death of his favorite Robin had given him something to do in life.
Before that his life was not very valuable, he was not afraid to put it at risk on Gotham's nights but later, but after all it changed.
Nothing was easy in the beginning.
Bruce did not want it with him, Dick was not really a great support because of his big quarrels with Bruce.
The only help was Afred.
But when you care a lot, all that can happen next is to be disappointed with it.
He may have engaged more than the others but he cannot deny the distance between himself and others.
When Damian arrived, when Bruce died, it was obvious that Dick would choose Damian and not him.
He had always noticed differences in treatment between himself and others, especially with the newcomer.
Even Alfred, who was the most political, had allowed Damian to keep animals at home when he was always denied the house.
His relationships with others had worsened when Dick called him crazy, when Bruce had clarified his contempt for when Damian said he was brought to kill.
The only one with whom the relationship had improved was Jason.
He had discovered that the person who once wanted him dead was actually someone much better.
Who thought they were denying him the right to see it?
He was a mature person and able to decide with whom to talk and no.
They were nobody to choose for him, they were the ones to thank him for every time he saved his ass.
Instead it all ended with Tim being treated like a kid who didn't understand anything about life, not the guy who understood Batman's identity at nine.
They also quarreled that night.
they screamed until they had no voice.
He was tired of all this.
"I'm not part of everything anymore"
It was all he said before leaving his brooch and walking away from the cave.
For once he didn't want to be the one who forgave everyone, he wanted to take his position and get away from everything that defined him.
If Bruce had his system to make Wayne Manor burn so hard that no evidence was left, Tim had a lot of money with which he could buy lots of gasoline and matches.
No one would look for him saying he needed time to calm down, but that time he used it in another way.
Drake Manor was a very old house, he had always hated it because of his squeaks and the fact that he had almost always lived there.
The floor, the walls, and every thing in gasoline would have burned and burned very well.
As soon as he was finished he sat in the living room to observe the large painting of his parents.
There were not many questions asked, not at that time, at that moment he wanted to be just a man of facts.
He took the matches from his pocket with a pack of cigarettes.
He lit a cigarette while his lungs filled with the smell of gasoline.
All he did was throw the match on the picture of his gentiles, also soaked in gasoline.
The stationary stopped to watch the painting slowly become black while the rest of the mansion began to burn.
At that moment he burned everything that bound him to the past and he was happy about it.