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Being born quirkless in a society where quirks were the standard wasn’t the best thing to happen and Midoriya Izuku was the proof of that.  He waited and waited and waited for his quirk to develop aso he could be just like all of his friends and family, so he could be like All Might, so he could be like everybody else around him. 

Midoriya was used to wish to every star before going to sleep to have the baddest quirk to ever exist so his dream would come true. His dream to be a hero and save people around him. 

But it never happened.

And it sucked.

Then the bullying came, some friends were turned into strangers and he could see the disappointment on the eyes of people every time he was asked about his quirk. He learned how to deal with all of it, he learned how to simply not care and move on with life. 

Now he was a successful journalist, having the right to write whatever he wanted. And, of course, he decided to write about heroes and villains.

He liked to shit talk villains and praise the heroes. Who could blame him? Villains sucked and heroes didn’t, it was simple. Who cared about the part where he had the biggest crush on the most famous - and most handsome - of them all?

– It’s so ridiculously obvious how you play favorites when you write, Deku. – Bakugou, his best friend would say. – “And with grace, Shouto saves the day once again”, how stupid do you gotta be to have the courage to write that, uh? 

So what ? He liked Shouto. Who could blame him? He was handsome, mysterious, never did interviews, and was an amazing hero. 

And he was tall! Not that Midoriya cared about that… No, he absolutely cared about how tall his crush was. He always had a thing for tall ones, since he was usually considered a fun sized guy, and Shouto seemed the perfect size to press him against a wall and-

Anyway, back to him being a journalist. A journalist known for trash talking villains.

He never thought it would backfire him. You know, everyone knew how it worked. Villains equals bad, heroes equals good. Everyone liked to read his articles since he always wrote what people wanted to read.

He never thought villains would read his articles. Or that they would care about what he wrote about them.

But now there he was, with a rope around his body, something against his mouth leaving him unable to talk or scream and almost falling down one of the tallest buildings of t one of the highest  buildings of his city. 

He lived a nice life. Yeah. It was nice. 

Midoriya didn’t even know which villain this was. He talked about so many of them but he never cared enough to remember their faces and powers, he just… Hated them a good amount and liked to write how stupid they were for keep on trying to win when the heroes existed. 

He wasn’t even paying attention to the monologue of the villain, he was too busy trying not to look at the fall he was going to live to care. 

Holy fuck, I’m so screwed this time. I should have used another name while writing those articles but I was stupid. Maybe Kacchan was right, I am indeed a fucking idiot. 

The villain kept on talking but now he was laughing to himself, Midoriya rolled his eyes to that.

Can't he just kill me already? That's why villains are a joke here, they never get to actually kill us, civilians. I wish I was someone important so someone would actually care to save me. I mean, yeah, everyone is important enough to be saved but nobody would notice my miss. I'm just the good and old Deku and-

What the fuck.

Out of nowhere, he felt hands touching him. Cold hands. At first he thought it was the villain finally ready to kill him, but the hand pulled him back, ending his suffering of seeing the fall he was destined to live.

And then everything made sense.

The heroes came.

And better.

Shouto came.

After all those years writing about him, he was finally meeting who he thought was the love of his life. He was finally seeing face to face who he’s had a crush for years and years. 

And he was fucking gorgeous.

His eyes were shiny and his hair was so pretty. His hand… Wow, his hands were so soft he could be holding Midoriya for hours that he wouldn’t mind a single bit. The scar seemed bigger than he’s seen on pictures, but that wasn’t something that put him back. He was just as gorgeous as before. 

Shouto was beautiful and he wished he could be looking into his eyes for hours.

If it wasn’t for that cursed voice.

 – Deku you fucking prick. – Bakugou said, walking towards Shouto and him with fire on his eyes. – What's wrong with you, you stupid fuck?! I told you that shit talking villains would fuck with your sorry ass! And there you are being almost killed! Fuck how can someone be this dumb?!

Midoriya frowned. What was Bakugou doing with Shouto's team and-

Oh .

They were from the same team.

Oh no.

Oh no no.

Fuck no.

Kacchan knew everything about Midoriya. Everything. Including his stupid crush on Shouto. And they were on the same team?! Had Bakugou told Shouto about that? Had Shouto laughed at him and his feeling? Damn he was screwed.

He tried to answer. But his mouth was still with the tape.

(And his arm was still being held by Shouto)

– Let me take care of this shit head, half-half. – Bakugou said and Midoriya's eyes grew big when his friend's hand came and took off the tape fast. Midoriya wanted to scream. – Now, dear asshole, want to explain?

How could he talk when Shouto was touching him? Because, while Bakugou kept on screaming and cursing - as always -, Shouto was freeing Midoriya from the rope. And Midoriya’s mind was all over the place while feeling the softness of Shouto’s touch. 

– Hey, Earth to stupid. – Bakugou talked again. – Care to explain?

Shouto finally freed him and Midoriya gave his best to smile at him. 

– T-Thank you, Shouto-san. – He gave a small bow with his head. – Thank you for saving me. I-I thought I was going to die and-

– It’s not a problem. – Shouto answered, voice low and raspy, making Midoriya’s heart race. 

He then walked away to the rest of the team, who were taking the villain away with them. Midoriya kept a smile on his face while following Shouto with his eyes, until he felt a smack on the back of his head.

– Ouch! 

– Pay attention to me, asshole. Stop drooling over Shouto. – Bakugou rolled his eyes.

– You’re a traitor, Kacchan! – He whispered-screamed, looking betrayed, to what Bakugou only scoffed. – You never told me you were from the same team as Shouto!

– You never asked.

– How was I supposed to think of this possibility?!

– I don’t care. – He frowned. – Now, tell me, what stupidity did you do this time to end up like this? I’m telling you, I’m not saving you again. 

– Stop blaming the victim, babe. 

And, even tho Bakugou had a frown on his face, his ears were pink by the pet name. Midoriya looked to where the voice came and recognized the face. Kirishima-kun, his friend’s long term boyfriend and also Midoriya’s friend. 

 – Shut up, shitty hair.

– It’s ok, Izuku-kun, he’s on a bad mood today but he was worried as hell when we were told you were kidnapped.

– I was not. Don't put words in my mouth.

Kirishima smiled and put his fingers on Bakugou's lips.

– Do you prefer I put something else?

– Ok! Enough you two! – Midoriya said, while Bakugou slapped Kirishima's arm and told him to fuck off. – I'm ok! It was just a villain mad at me for writing the truth about them. Nothing to worry about.

– I'm not worried. – Bakugou murmured. – I'm bothered.

– Of course you are, Kacchan. – Midoriya smiled.

– We have to go. 

And, again, Midoriya's heart was skipping a beat because of Shouto. Wow, what a man.

– Sure, let's go babe. See you, Deku-kun! – Kirishima said, taking Bakugou's hand and pulling him.

Shouto was about to leave when Midoriya called his name yet again.

– Yes? – Shouto said, turning around to face Midoriya.

– I-I… Thank you. Again. You know, for saving me.

– It's my job.

– I know! And I'm grateful for that. – Midoriya finally gave him a full smile. – You're amazing in what you do! Keep doing the good work!

Shouto stood in silence, facing Midoriya. Until he gave a smirk.

– Keep writing those articles, Midoriya-san. Just take care of what you write. 

He reads my articles?

He reads my articles!

Left alone, Midoriya smiled to himself.

Until he remembered he wrote an entire page about how Shouto had the perfect body to save not only the city but the whole world.

He reads my articles.




Midoriya tried. He really did.

But he was a journalist . He had to write about what happened around town and c'mon he was also human so how could he not put his feelings and opinions on his articles?

So yeah. He was kidnapped again. 

But, this time, he knew Bakugou wasn't gonna save his ass because the whole team was on a trip to another city, helping people from there.

So yeah. He was screwed.

You, Midoriya Izuku. The villain, who he again didn't care to remember the name, talked while walking around him. You dare to say such words about me.

It's not my fault you're such a dick. He said, bored. 

Right after that he received a hard punch against his cheek, feeling high pain on the place. 

Watch your mouth, Deku.

You're pretty brave for a quirkless piece of shit.

Ok, that shit hurts.

At least I'm not using my quirk for the evil! At least I'm a good person!

And look where being a "good person" lead you. The villain smiled.

This time he was locked with steel handcuffs and it sucked because, even tho he wasn't exactly week, it wasn't a good feeling to be chained by a villain when he knows he's gonna die for sure. It wasn't pleasing.

But, yet again, he was wrong.

The door of the place where he was being held hostage exploded and, at first, Midoriya thought it was Bakugou coming to save his ass but no, it was Shouto, with the same cold expression of always.

Oh fuck, he's hot. Literally.

And they fought. Apparently, the villains power was to go elastic, but Shouto was more powerful and he got to burn the other's hand and while he was distracted, got to fight him hand to hand, winning and making the other faint.

While, Shouto chained the unconscious body, Midoriya had a huge smile on his face.

Shouto! Midoriya spoke excitedly. You came.

Of course. He said plainly, as if it was obvious. It's my job.

I know I… I just thought you were travelling with your team.

Shouto walked towards Midoriya, analyzing what he should do first.

One of us had to stay.

I'm glad it was you. Midoriya said, receiving a glare from Shouto. His face was getting red. I-I mean, yeah, yay, you're here haha please save me.

Shouto just glared and went after Midoriya's hands, looking with a puzzled expression to the handcuffs. He pulled the chains a bit, making Midoriya arch his back.


No, don’t get excited about that, Deku. He's just doing his job and wow did you see how strong is his pull? Imagine if he was the one handcuffing you and-

I'll have to freeze this to break it, so maybe you'll feel a but cold after. Shouto explained, stopping Midoriya's train of thought. 

Before Midoriya could answer he felt the temperature low and the chains breaking. Finally free. 

He was about to thank Shouto when he felt fingers touch his lips slightly. Midoriya froze in place, eyes growing big as he looked into Shouto's analyzing eyes.

Did he touch you? 

U-uh yeah, kinda, he punched me. He explained as soon as his fingers left his mouth. I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

Shouto smirked.

I can imagine that.

Midoriya frowned.


I mean, you're always writing about what you think, writing as if it was your own diary. I can imagine how you have almost zero mind to mouth filter. The ghost of the smirk was still on his lips, making Midoriya keep looking at them.

I-I guess so? He gave a nervous laugh, looking all the ways but Shouto's eyes. I just… Say what I think. I gotta stop that.

No, please. Keep doing that. It's entertaining. 


Shouto then held his hand and his whole world stopped. His mouth was slightly opened as he saw the other caressing his hands.


I'm sorry? Midoriya tried to say.

Your hands are cold. I'm sorry. Shouto explained, letting go of his hands. It was the fastest way to free you.

I-It's ok! It happens haha. I'll just make some tea and put my hands on my cup.

Do you like tea?

What a strange question.

Yeah, coffee is way too bitter for me. I'm a sweet guy. He tried to joke.

I'll keep that in mind. Shouto half smiled.

Midoriya looked confused at him, but let go of the subject.

They exchanged their goodbyes as Shouto took the villain away. Leaving Midoriya still starstruck by the presence of the other.

The next day, Midoriya went to work as usual, but there was something strange. He then noticed how his assistant was looking funny at him.

Any problem, Yuno-san? He asked while passing through her.

Nothing. And then she gave a small laugh. 

Puzzled, he entered his office. 

On his table, a Starbucks' cup with a small note. While he tasted the green tea and his cheeks grow redder, he choked on his drink.

I hope your hands aren't cold anymore.

So yeah. He was in love.




The next time, Midoriya starts to feel like he’s being target.

It just isn’t fair! It’s not like he’s the only journalist in the city who writes about villains. He’s just doing his goddamn job! What’s wrong with that? Why are all villains unitting to mess up with his life? It isn’t fair.

This time, he was kidnapped after arriving to work, he was on his lunch break, meeting a friend of his - Uraraka - and telling her about how his last week was crazy, since he not only met Shouto but also had received a small gift from him. 

Out of nowhere a villain came and took him. Her power was to freeze people in place, so he couldn’t even move to fight her back. Unfair. 

At least this time he was near someone who could call the heroes for him. And this time it was a lot faster than the last time, with a blink of an eye, he noticed the shadow of the same heroes who saved him before. 

Shouto’s team. 

Easily, he was unfreezed and free. And, again, Bakugou started to curse at him for being a stupid asshole who can’t take care of himself and had to be saved at all times. Behind those words, Midoriya knew his friend was actually worried sick with all of this. 

  Can’t you be smart for once in your life and stop writing those articles?! Bakugou asked, angry (not that this fact was a surprise to anyone). – Don’t you see that they are causing all of this and that if you simply stopped being a know-it-all I wouldn’t have to drag my ass all the way across town to save you?

– It’s my right as a journalist to write. 

– It’s your right as a quirkless asshole to stop causing trouble.

Ouch, that hits right at home.

Before Midoriya could laugh the hurt off, he saw Shouto coming his way and tried his best smile to not show how hurt that words made him be.

– Stop talking shit, Bakugou. – Shouto said, ignoring Midoriya’s smile and frowning hard at Bakugou, who only rolled his eyes. – Apologize to Midoriya.

Bakugou laughed. He laughed hard. Tears almost came out of his eyes from laughing and all Midoriya could do was sigh. Of course Bakugou would laugh at that, even Midoriya wanted to laugh at the idea of Bakugou apologizing to someone unless it’s a life or death situation.

– You amuse me, half-half. – Bakugou finally got to say after laughing. – Apologizing to this stupid fuck. Wake up, Shouto, he’s only causing us trouble.

– If you think saving people is trouble then you shouldn’t be working as a hero. 

Midoriya’s eyes grew big. 

He didn’t say that.

Oh no he totally said that.

The sarcastic smile on Bakugou’s face was turned into a deep frown. He grabbed Shouto’s shirt and pulled him closer, probably wanting to explode the other’s head.

– The fuck you said, halfie? Do you think I’m not worth it as a hero, uh? Getting brave, don’t you think? – His voice was low, his face angry. – I could explode you right now.

Shouto had a bored face, probably not caring about Bakugou’s empty threats. But Midoriya knew better, he knew Bakugou since they were children and knew just how much pride he had about being a hero.

– Babe, stop. – Kirishima came running, putting his hand on Bakugou’s shoulder. 

– Fuck off, stupid.

– Stop with that.

– Who do you think you are-


And, just like that, Bakugou let go of Shouto’s shirt, still eyeing him angrily. Kirishima tried to kiss his cheeks but was pushed by his boyfriend, who just walked away without looking behind. After smiling apologetically to Shouto and Midoriya, Kirishima followed his boyfriend to the exit.

That left the two of them.

– Don’t listen to Bakugou. Being quirkless mean nothing. – Shouto reassured him, getting closer to him. – He’s a bastard for saying that to you.

– I-I know! I mean, it used to be a big stigma but… I don’t know, I live with that. – Midoriya smiled to Shouto, he was way too close, making Midoriya need to look up to meet his eyes. – Thank you. For saving me. Twice.

– It’s my job. – He said the same sentence as always.

– Not the Bakugou part. That wasn’t you being a hero. That was you being a good person. – Still with a smile he saw how Shouto’s ears became a slight shade of pink. – Thanks for that.

– You’re welcome, Midoriya

They kept on looking at each other eyes. Midoriya’s heart beating twice as fast as normal and the smile on his face not fading. How could he stop smiling when Shouto was right in front of him? Being a sweetheart? Defending him? 

– I… I gotta go. – Shouto said, finally eyeing his teammates and not Midoriya. 

– See you next time! – Midoriya said without thinking.

Shouto smirked at him.

– Already knowing you’re getting in trouble, Midoriya-san? 

Midoriya felt his cheeks burn when he noticed what he said, he tried to laugh it off.

– W-Well, maybe? Uh, maybe the next time we see each other wouldn’t be like this? 

– Really? – Shouto stepped closer, bodies almost touching. – How it would be?

Oh fuck.

– I gotta go to work! – Midoriya almost screamed, taking a step back. – Yeah! Haha, oof, I gotta go to work! See you, Shouto-san! Thank you, uh, for saving me! You’re the best! I mean- 

And he fucking ran away from the love of his life, cheeks burning, heart racing and cursing himself inside his head. 




Three weeks passed until Midoriya saw Shouto again.

This time he wasn’t being held hostage by a crazy villain, but, yet again, Shouto saved him. 

Midoriya was peacefully walking around the city, it was a Saturday and he wanted to visit a park so there he was, with his earphones on the maximum listening to whatever song his random playlist on Spotify made him listen to. 

And right when he was about to cross the street, he felt a pair of hands touching his waist and pulling him closer. His first instinct was to scream and let himself be held. At first he didn’t understand, until he saw a motorcycle running full speed right where he was walking before. 

– Fucking hell. – He said out loud, his earphones hanging from his neck now, not listening to the playlist anymore. His heart was beating fast. – Thank God you saved me I-

– You gotta pay more attention, Midoriya-san.

Oh God.

It was Shouto. Wearing casual clothes and with a half smile on his face, eyeing Midoriya and, fuck , they were so close and, holy Jesus , his hands were still on Midoriya’s waist, holding him together. 

– O-Oh, hi Shouto. 

– Hello, Midoriya.

His voice. Damn. That voice.

– I guess you’re destined to save me every time. – Midoriya tried joking, too nervous about the touch of Shouto’s hand on his body.

– Guess I am. 

Slowly, Shouto let go of Midoriya’s waist - oh no - and they started to eye each other without talking at all. 

Maybe, just maybe, Midoriya was a bit starstruck by his presence. So how was he going to speak? What was he going to say? What was he going to do?!


He was going to embarrass himself again.

– F-Funny how you’re always here when I need you, Shouto-kun. – Oh no what was he saying no no shut up Midoriya you stupid excuse of a human. – I’ve been clumsy my whole life but just now it seems that life decided to put an angel on my life. I mean! Not that you’re my angel… Or mine at all! Uh, you’re just really nice and your hands are soft and-

– You’re rambling, Izuku. – Shouto stopped him - thank God - with a mocking smirk on his face, probably having the biggest fun with Midoriya’s obvious crush on him. – Not that it’s bother, I would love to listen to your words.

Midoriya’s cheeks were burning. Of course Shouto would be a sweetheart to him, that’s why he’s his number one hero. 

But wait.

– How do you know  my name? – Midoriya frowned.

– Your articles. You write them under Midoriya Izuku ’s name. I just assumed it was your real name. – He explained softly. – Which isn’t really smart, since that’s how villains are discovering more about you.

– Yeah, I should have decided a better name. 

They stared at each other until Midoriya decided to get all his courage and ask Shouto what he really wanted.

– Do you, by any chance, would like to have coffee with me? There's a place I know that's pretty sweet. – He gave Shouto a huge smile, waiting for his answer, but the only reaction he got was his eyes growing big. Oh no. – Y-You don’t have to accept, obviously! It’s just an idea and, yeah you’re probably too busy to do that I don’t even know why you’re walking downtown and-

– Midoriya. – Shouto cut him, making Midoriya blush hard for rambling again. Shouto sighed slightly. – I’m free. A coffee never killed anyone. 

– G-Great! 

The coffee shop Midoriya talked about wasn’t far from where they were, they walked while talking (Well, Midoriya talked) and the whole time the green-haired boy thought about how would be to hold hands while walking with Shouto. But that had to wait for their next date (And yes, Midoriya was totally considering that a date). 

There they had their orders and sat by the window, Shouto looked at the busy street while Midoriya took a sip of his latte. 

– It’s been some time since we last seen each other. – Midoriya said, capturing Shouto’s attention. – I mean, I think the villains got tired of me. 

– I’m glad to know that you’re having a peaceful life again. – Shouto nodded. – Did you stop writing that kind of articles?

Midoriya gave a small shy laugh to what Shouto sighed, the smallest smile on his lips.

– Why do you write them? Don’t you see that they only bring you trouble?

– It’s my way of being a hero. – He explained, shyly, trying to look away from Shouto’s questioning look. – I… I always wanted to be a hero, when I was a kid, but my quirk never came and, well, I found my own way to help others. Even if it is only by letting people know about what’s really going on.

– It’s pretty noble of you. To take this risk. – Shouto took a small sip from his black coffee. – You put yourself in danger in name of your ideals, that’s brave.

– T-Thank you, Shouto-kun. 

What was that? 

Oh, it was the sound of Midoriya falling deeper in love.







A huge headache and he wasn’t feeling his hands but apart from that, he felt fine. 


Where was he?

Midoriya started to open his eyes, seeing the silhouette of Shouto watching him from near, with his body close enough for Midoriya to notice a small freckle near Shouto’s ear. He gave a small smile, but Shouto didn’t respond to it, just watching as Midoriya slowly rose his torso from the bed, feeling incredible pain while doing it.

– What happened this time? – He asked, already knowing the answer to it.

– A villain. She was like a chameleon, and made us think that she was you and vice-versa. – Shouto sighed deeply, letting his hand travel to Midoriya’s face and caressing his cheek softly. – Bakugou tried to warn me but I ended up using my powers on you instead of her. I’m sorry, Izuku.

– It wasn’t your fault, you didn’t know. 

– But I hurt you because of my ignorance.

– It happens, unfortunately. There’s nothing we can do now. – Midoriya kept the smile on his face. – I’m fine now, see?

Shouto glared at him, hurt in his eyes. But then it turned soft and he half smiled to Midoriya.

– You’re a strong one, aren’t you, Midoriya?

– Guess I am. 

They stared at each other for a while, being interrupted by a rough voice.

– Stop being fucking gay. 

Their heads turned to the door, where Bakugou was, by his side, Kirishima rolled his eyes. 


– Did you see how they were looking at each other? Just fucking kiss already, it’s not like Deku doesn’t has the most embarrassing crush on half and half.

Kacchan! – Midoriya screamed, his face full red and trying his best not to look at Shouto, who for sure was eyeing him. – Shut up!

– Am I lying tho? It’s so obvious.

– Excuse us for a minute. – Kirishima looked murderous at Bakugou, who only shrugged and followed his boyfriend to the hospital hall again. 


– Midoriya, I-

– I’m so sorry, Shouto! – He began, putting his hands over his face, not being able to face Shouto after Bakugou had just confessed his feelings. – I promise it’s not like Kacchan said! I-I like you a normal amount! I mean ! As a friend! As a hero! Yeah, as that! Romantic feelings? None, haha, I would never!

– Midoriya, look at me. – Shouto said, catching Midoriya’s attention.

– No no, I refuse.

– Midoriya. 

Slowly, Midoriya took his hand off his face, which was still pink from embarrassment. 

– I’m really sorry.

– There’s no need to apologize. I’m glad Bakugou said that.

Midoriya frowned.

– Uh?

– I mean, I would never confess and probably neither would you. – He explained, a small smile as he let his hand travel to Midoriya’s face again, a soft look on his own face. – So I’m glad he fastened all of it.

Oh God.

– W-Wait, what do you mean? – It was too much information for his brain to process.

– I meant I too have feelings towards you. Romantic ones. 

Midoriya’s heart skipped a beat. Maybe two. Maybe he was having a heart attack. Yeah. 

– You do?

– How could I not? You’re such a beauty with a brave heart. – He explained as if it was obvious and with each word, Midoriya’s smile got shyer and stronger. – There’s nothing not to like. 

– I-

And then two nurses came out of nowhere, all scared of how fast Midoriya’s heartbeat was, telling Shouto to go away so they could take care of him. With a knowing smile, Shouto left the room. 

While the nurses checked his heart rate, a silly smile grew on his face.




Midoriya rushed towards Shouto, taking the other’s hand with his own and checking the small cut on his middle finger, some blood coming out of it.

– You gotta take more care of yourself, Shouto-kun. – Midoriya said with a worried look, taking the other to the sink so he could wash the blood away. – You can’t hurt yourself like that.

– I know, I was distracted. 

They were at their new apartment, the one they rented together so they could spend more time together, and both were taking care of the adjustments the place needed. 

Midoriya went to the first aid kit he carried everywhere and got a pink band aid, putting delicately on Shouto’s finger. With a small smile, he kissed the other’s finger, looking at him right after that.

– I don’t know what I would do without you, Izuku. – Shouto said with a frown, looking at his own finger. – You’re my hero.

Midoriya laughed, kissing his boyfriend again, this time on his lips. 

Yeah, maybe he was his hero.