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MXTX Kinktober 2019 Collection

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Jiang Yanli had practically skipped up the stairs after retrieving her package from the postal carrier with hurried thanks and heated cheeks. She carefully opened the box and unfolded the layers of crisp tissue paper, revealing soft lilac fabric even more luxurious than it had appeared online. 


Eager to try it on before her husband returned home, Jiang Yanli had slipped out of her black leggings and boring tunic, quickly followed by her simple undergarments. With a small sigh, she briefly lamented her lack of fashion since having Jin Ling. Reverently, she took her newest purchase out from the layers of wrapping, holding it up before her to admire. 


Not wanting to wait to try it on, Jiang Yanli had shimmied her legs into the openings, slowly working it up and over her torso, and then contorted her body through the shoulder straps of the corset. She adjusted the bindings to fit her shape, snug but not uncomfortable, before she stepped back and assessed herself. 


The lacing of the bodice accentuated her waist, not fully back to her pre-baby days, but mimicking it nicely enough. The height of the cut on the thigh made her legs appear long and slim, and she didn't even notice the slightest dimpling of her flesh. Normally, that was the first thing she honed in on, her pregnancy leaving her with numerous physical flaws. The thin satin ribbon criss-crossed her lower abdomen, giving an enticing peek of what lay beneath, hiding every stretch mark somehow while leaving plenty of skin on display. 


Running her hands up her belly, Jiang Yanli had cupped her breasts, lifted and filled by the clever underwire propping them up, defying gravity in a way that enchanted even her as she groped herself. The muted purple hue of the lace pulled taut over her breasts highlighted every curve and swell. She gazed at them in pride - they feed her son, they attract her husband, they make her feel like a woman. 


As Jiang Yanli had laid herself out on the bed, waiting for Jin Zixuan's return, she hoped he would come home before it was time to next relieve herself of milk. What a shame it would be to stain this garment before he even gets to see her in it. She ran her hands down her thighs, opening them for her own exploration, only teasing at herself through the sheer material of the lingerie. 


Jiang Yanli awakens to a feeling of uncomfortable fullness and heat in her chest, her breasts aching and sore. She starts to sit up, glad her son is with his grandparents and she can use her pump, although she's so engorged she'll have to encourage a little relief with her hands first. Suddenly, the pressure of two large hands gliding over her hips and a leg nudging between her thighs registers in her mind. 


"Yanli," murmurs Jin Zixuan, hovering over her. He presses his lips to her exposed cleavage. "I came as soon as I got your message. Was this what was urgent?" 


Sighing, Jiang Yanli lays back down. She is disappointed that she needs to tend to a basic need before she and her husband will be able to enjoy one another, her craving as a wife on hold to her duty as a mother. A sharp pain lances through her bosom. She gasps. "A-Xuan, I have to pump. I'm late."


Jin Zixuan backs away, concern washing over his expression. "Can I help you?" 


Despite the agony, Jiang Yanli smiles. "I don't think so, darling. Not unless you intend to feed like your son. Plus I'm so full, even he couldn't latch on properly right now. I need to relieve some pressure first." She begins to unhook the straps from the bodice, reaching around behind her to unclasp all the tiny closures. 


Jin Zixuan rises from the bed and gently shifts her arms back in front of her, moving to perch behind her. "Please. I want to help you, Yanli."


Nodding, forcing away her childish desire to pout, Jiang Yanli allows her husband to undress her from this gorgeous lingerie before he even gets to experience it. He slides the straps down her arms, his palms grazing up her arms and back to her now bare shoulders. He pulls apart the corset, reaching around her from behind to pull it away from Jiang Yanli's chest. Her breasts spring free and she groans at the heaviness. 


Before she can begin, Jin Zixuan holds one hard, red breast in his hand, massaging it. He uses his fingers to coax the overfilled tissue towards release. The ache is delicious as Jiang Yanli senses the lightning sharp tingle of letdown, her nipple erect and ready to nourish life. With a spurt, breastmilk begins to flow out of the nipple, coursing down her stomach and soaking the pretty lilac ribbon. 


With a moan, Jin Zixuan releases her breast and easily turns her body around so they face one another. Jiang Yanli watches him in surprise, at his hungry gaze where he stares at the milk trickling over her skin. 


"Yanli…" Jin Zixuan breathes, hands slightly shaking where they lie on her waist. He licks his lips. "May I keep relieving you?" 


“A-Xuan?" Jiang Yanli almost thinks he is implying that he wishes to feed off her. The thought sends a flare of heat pulsing through her, the fabric between her legs already feeling sticky and damp. "Do you want to…"


Jiang Yanli cups her breast between her palms and arches her back, offering herself to her husband. Her face warms at the possibility that this isn't what he meant, in which case she might expire from embarrassment. Before she even finish her thought, Jin Zixuan whimpers and places his lips sweetly on her skin, closing them around her sensitive nipple. He flicks over the tip with his tongue, before he creates a seal. Jiang Yanli holds her breath in anticipation, and her cunt throbs with desire as she stands on this precipice. 


Suddenly, Jin Zixuan sucks. Jiang Yanli throws her head back, her hands flying to hold her husband's head close to her. The milk flows out of her, she feels it moving through her and gushing out of her nipple, where a hot mouth suckles to drink it. Jin Zixuan moves to blindly grope at her other breast, already letting down due to the simulation of the other one. He uses his dexterous fingers to massage that flesh while eating his fill. 


With a gasp and a plea, Jiang Yanli grabs her husband's hand and pulls it away from her chest, even though the gentle kneading feels divine. She runs it down her body, guiding them both between her trembling thighs. Holding Jin Zixuan's hand, together they press down against her heat. He needs no further encouragement. 


Mouth greedily drinking from her body, Jin Zixuan eases his fingers past delicate lingerie and slips them inside of her. His thumb works slow circles between her folds, changing his tempo and pressure as her body reacts to his ministrations. The waves of pleasure from her husband’s lips drinking her milk, and his fingers playing her like an instrument, work tirelessly to bring her to an unexpected peak.