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The Red Balloon

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Richie was always the kind of guy who frequented parties.


He wasn’t new to them, he wasn’t new to the aspect of taking someone home that night either. He wasn’t new to writhing, sweaty bodies on dance floors, and being the one to have a boy or girl grinding on him. In short, Richie had experience with scandalous social outings.


What he was new to though, was strip clubs.


When Richie walked in to the Red Balloon, he wasn’t entirely sure what he was expecting. Bill and Mike has told him to bring his impulse control at its very best. Whatever that meant. When they walked through the front doors, he suddenly understood. Vividly.


The room was painted in purple and pink, blue lights shining onto the visitors and the employees. Strippers seemed to frolic around the club, making the rounds at tables, escorted by their own personal bodyguard. The bar was packed, one dancer was giving a show atop it, letting patrons hold on their drinks for her to drown down. The middle of the club had a magnificent and large stage. One pole was rewarded the entire attention of their audience. It’s the stage and it’s paths that were special it seems. There were steps in the shapes of circles that the dancers could walk up and down, pleasing their audience and picking up their bills.


“So,” Bill interrupted Richie’s thoughts, “What do you think?”


Richie was at a loss for words, which didn’t happen often. What was he supposed to think? Yeah, the dancers were hot. Yeah, it appealed to his sexuality by having both men and women working. But why was it so special? “Of course, Bill! I’m the birthday boy, aren’t I? What’s better than hot bodies, no connections?”


Mike shook his head and lead them to the front of the stage. They sat down on a long couch, Richie opting for the ottoman next to them. “Bev should be out in a few. She wanted to know what you thought.”


Beverly Marsh owned the place with her boyfriend, Ben. They’ve been friends for awhile now, but only recently did Richie find out that she owned this establishment. Why wasn’t he surprised?


“She dance?” He asked, intrigued.


“‘Course not,” Bill answers with a chuckle, “She’d rather die than get that kinda attention all over again.”


“Hey, boys!” The cheerful voice came from behind. The three guys whipped around and greeted Beverly with wide smiles. “How’s it hanging, birthday boy?”


Richie snickered and obliged her innuendo. “To the floor , Bev.”


Beverly nodded, extremely satisfied with his answer. “Just as I thought.” She sat down next to him, swirling her martini. “I was surprised when I learned that there’s not as many mixed strip clubs out there that I was hoping there to be!”


“Had to do it yourself, huh?” Bill asked her, a kind smile on his lips. They had dated for about a year back in highschool, but they figured they were better off being good friends. It didn’t have a negative impact on them or anyone else in their small group. They’ve all been friends since school. Richie, Beverly, Bill, Mike, and Ben.


“Exactly,” she pointed to Bill with a smug smirk.


Mike accepted the drink a server brought him. “So, where’s your man at?”


“Yeah,” Richie sadly cried out, “Benny hasn’t wished me a happy birthday yet!”


Beverly’s smile only widened. “Actually, he’s getting your surprise ready.”


Richie cocked a brow. “I thought the strip club was the surprise?”


“Not the whole surprise,” Bill answered, “We got something special planned for you.”


“I...I mean this has already been a pretty good-”


“Shh!” Bill hissed. He accepted a drink from another server, this time a lanky, curly haired boy that Bill and Mike didn’t bother hiding their stares from. “It’s starting,” Bill started again when the server retreated.


“What is…” Richie trailed off when the lights dimmed. The only light that stayed on, was the one centered on the curtain. He noticed that the suspense starting drawing a large crowd. Patrons shoved to get to seats and as near to the stage and it’s path as possible.


Beverly snickered as she watched them. “Yeah, he draws in a big audience.”




Richie was answered my music starting and cheers coming from all around them. Loud wolf whistles started, and Richie saw people already pulling out dollar bills. The curtains started to draw back, and out strutted the most beautiful human being he’s ever seen.


“That,” Beverly announces to Richie, “is our Teddy Bear. The most popular dancer here.”


Said she tired little money, need a big boy

Pull up 20 inch blades like I’m Lil’ Troy

Now it’s everybody’s flockin’, need a decoy

Shawty mixin’ up the vodka with the liquor, yeah


The boy was soft everywhere. He was short, and absolutely sweet looking. He walked in red heels with confidence, letting his hands brush against the white thigh highs that hugged the plush skin. His white corset hugged his frame perfectly, and his hair was messy. Like, just after sex messy. The whole image of the dancer was an overwhelming mix of sexy and soft. He looked huggable, and fuckable.


As Teddy got closer, his eyes roamed the crowd he brought in. He approached the pole, letting his hand run down it and winking in the general direction of Richie. Cheers from other customers roared from behind him, but Richie wasn’t paying attention.


Teddy Bear had these amazing, large doe eyes. They seemed to forever drag Richie into their honey color. He had pouty lips, but a small smirk graced them as well. The dancer threw his head back with the beat, letting his messy bangs fall away from his forehead. He rolled his body against the pole. 


1,000 bands in my pocket, it’s on me

100 deep when I roll like the army

Get more bottles, these bottles are lonely

It’s a moment when I show up

Got em’ sayin’ “wow”


That’s exactly how Richie felt. He was transfixed on the figure before him. Teddy wrapped his thighs around the bar, handling it with grace and care. He let his body drop at the beat did, and lifted himself back up smoothly. He stuck his face out, letting his mouth fall open slightly, eyeing patrons begging for his attention. 


The dancer decided to ditch the bar, approaching the side of the walkway and crouching down. He let his legs part and rubbed the insides of his thighs. Dollar bills fell onto the stage like rain. He got on all fours and crawled towards the other side, letting men and women shove their money into his corset. Then, he approached the circular steps towards Richie’s entourage.


Bill, Mike, and Beverly all cheered and gained the dancer’s attention. The boy’s eyes seemed to light up at the sight of them. He strutted over to the seats and let his hand roam over Mike’s hair, scruffing it a bit as he went.


Beverly then nudged Richie’s shoulder. Watch this , she mouthed. Bill was biting a dollar bill between his teeth. The dancer seemed to let out a slight laugh at the sight, and leaned down, cupping Bill’s neck. The crowd erupted once again. Teddy moved dangerously close to Bill’s lips, and Richie thought they were gonna start making out right there, but the dancer only bit the other side of the 20, and gave Bill and wink and a quick scratch under his chin.


Then, he stopped in front of Beverly. She moved closer to Richie. “Hey, hun, this is the guy I was telling you about,” she cheerfully informed the dancer.


The boy gave an o-face, and his eyes landed on Richie. He was like a deer in headlights. The boy was a predator to Richie, and dear God, if he was gonna die, this is the way to do it. Teddy dropped onto the ottoman, crawling across Beverly’s lap, letting out a yelp as she slapped him on the ass, and gently tucked a few bills into his thigh highs. Then, he was straddling Richie’s lap.


Richie’s face was on fire. In fact, his whole body was on fire. The dancer practically planted himself onto Richie’s thighs, fisting his collar and pulling him close.


“Does the birthday boy have a wish he wants to make?” Oh God, even his voice was dripping sex appeal. That is not fair .


“Uh,” Richie clears his throat, cursing the restricting tightness in his jeans. “I think your a whole gift just by yourself, sweetheart.”


Teddy made a cooing sound. “So sweet, such a gentleman.” The dancer wrapped his arms around Richie, pushing chest against the taller man’s. “How about a private show, hm?”


“Private show?” Richie almost squealed. He kept his arms firmly grasped against the ottoman.


“Yeah, baby,” Teddy cooed again, “Bevvy set me up for an hour with you.” Richie tore his eyes away from the sex god in his lap, and eyes Beverly. She merely laughed in response. The dancer cupped his chin, turning Richie back to him. He leaned close, his breath tickling Richie’s lips. “I’ll see you then.”


And just like that, Teddy was up and approaching other audience members. He just now realized that the music had died down again to a low lull, and two bodyguards were moving in to let the dancer roam.


“I...who? How? Bev?” Richie could only stammer out.


“That’s Teddy!” Bill informed happily, “He’s really good.”


“No- yeah. I got that part. But what I’m wondering is how the hell you ,” he pointed to Beverly at this, “Expect me to have one hour with him- without touching him or creaming my pants.”


Beverly shrugged, sipping her martini. “Ground rules will be set with Eddie.”




“Teddy Bear is his stage name.”




The boy who literally almost made Richie pop an embarrassing boner in front of his friends and almost without even touching him first. Ridiculous, and hot. So incredibly hot.


“You’ve got a few hours to prepare yourself, Rich,” Mike informed, “Eddie’s gotta do his rounds and please his frequent patrons.”


Richie turned around to see Eddie accepting a hand to help him step onto a table top. His bodyguards stayed close, but not close enough to interrupt his performance of downing a shot and letting drips fall down his chin and onto his chest. He licked his lips and accepted more money into his lace garments.


Oh, boy , Richie thought, this is going to be so much harder than he originally thought .