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A Rock and A Hard Place

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Eijirou Kirishima isn’t usually one to kiss on the first date...or first meeting, but that didn’t make him pull away from the heavily tattooed blonde pressing him against the wall outside a club at two in the morning. “’re too damn hot,” the blonde muttered against his lips, big hands sliding down his torso to his hips. He’s pulled even closer and...

Good, God, he can feel his hard-on. How can it be so big?

“Nn...Kats...wait,” he manages to moan as the blonde begins to attack his neck with kisses and bites. 

That’s right, he was making out with Katsuki Bakugou, the world famous rapper. He really should stop himself, but the thought is driven from his head as Katsuki presses a thigh between his legs and rubs against his own boner, earning a whiny moan. So un-manly.

“’re right...come back to my place?” the deep, gruff voice growls in his ear. 

Eijirou should say no. He knows he should say no, but...he wants this man so badly he can’t think straight, literally. He nods his consent and is dragged towards the black and orange Lamborghini Diablo Eijirou recognizes from countless tabloid photos.

Katsuki holds the door to the passenger side and when Eijirou is seated, he leans down and kisses him again, taking Eijirou’s hand only to place it on his own bulge. “Touch yourself while I drive...don’t want you to forget what we’re doing,” he says in a gravelly purr that sends a shiver down Eijirou’s spine.

He nods, stroking himself through his loose, cotton pants as he watches Katsuki walk around the front of the car and get in on the driver’s side. He glances over and smirks slightly as he starts the car. “I want to see it.”

Eijirou knows his face is the same shade of red as his hair now, but he wants to please this god of a man. He quickly pulls his pants and underwear down enough to free his erection and start stroking it with quiet, but frequent moans. He can feel those red eyes on him and somehow it makes him harder.

To say, Katsuki’s a hell of a fast driver’s an understatement, but later, Eijirou was glad he was distracted playing with himself on the drive to the rapper’s apartment. What sticks out in his mind was being so close when they pulled up and having Katsuki’s hand wrap around his and pull him off himself. 

“Noooo, I’m so close,” Eijirou groaned, the whine coming back in his voice. He hears Katsuki chuckle and looks up to see his signature smirk barely a hair’s breadth away from his face.

“You don’t get to cum yet, Shitty hair.”

I don’t have a humiliation kink, I don’t have a humiliation kink, I don’t have a humiliation kink. Despite the inner mantra, Eijirou’s unattended cock twitches. And Katsuki saw it. Which only makes the need to cum stronger.

Katsuki’s still smirking as he gets out of the car and walks back around to Eijirou’s side. “You gonna pull up your pants or are we doin’ it here?”

Eijirou flushed darkly, shaking his head as he frantically pulled his pants back up. Now, of course, his boner is impossible to hide. He should never have agreed to this or at least not the touching himself on the ride here bit.

He doesn’t have long to lament his own idiocy before he’s being dragged into the building and into an elevator. He opens his mouth to demand he not be dragged around that way, but a tongue is shoved in before he can speak.

There’s a hand in his hair, gripping it at the base of his skull and the tongue in his mouth is pressing his down as it explores. One of his hands goes to the back of Katsuki’s neck while the other grips his shoulder. He wants Katsuki to move his leg closer so he has something to grind against, but the blonde is too busy assaulting his mouth.

The elevator dings and Eijirou finds himself missing Katsuki’s tongue trying to get down his throat when he pulls away. He doesn’t have long to think about it though as Katsuki is quickly pulling him down the hallway and through a door. Eijirou catches only the briefest of glimpses of the penthouse he’s standing in before he’s pushed up against the door with a tongue in his mouth again.

He can’t stop the moan that slips out when Katsuki finally ( finally ) pushes his thigh between Eijirou’s legs and he starts trying to grind against it, but Katsuki breaks the kiss with a chuckle.

“Horny, are you?” he asks with that stupid, “Don’t you want to be in a bed?”

“Fuck, I don’t care where...I just need you,” Eijirou groans, looking up at Katsuki's tattooed face with a look of real need.

This declaration makes Katsuki start kissing him again, but now his hands are everywhere and Eijirou doesn’t even register his clothes being stripped off of him until there’s a hand around his cock, squeezing it. 

“You need me? You want me? You better start acting like it.”

Then there’s fingers encircling Eijirou’s wrist and pulling his hand to rest on Katsuki’s still clothed, but massive bulge. He wants it now more than ever. He wants it in his hand, in his mouth, in his ass. He doesn’t care, but he wants it.

Eijirou dumbly nods his head as he undoes Katsuki’s belt, then the button and zipper on his jeans. He pushed the other man’s pants and boxers off and was greeted with exactly what he wanted. Without any prompting, he pushed Katsuki’s hand away from his cock and went to his knees.

“It’s so big...” he whispered reverently, in awe as his fingers lightly ran along the length. He heard a low, shuddering groan come from Katsuki and couldn’t help but smirk up at him as he licked along the length slowly, then down to his balls, God they were so heavy , and sucking one into his mouth with a moan.

He feels strong, thick fingers gripping his hair as he pulls back and starts to work his tongue around the angry, red head of Katsuki’s cock. He slowly starts to take it into his mouth, taking his time so he didn’t choke, but his partner just pulled him down further on his dick with a loud groan, forcing Eijirou’s nose into his blonde pubes. The musky scent made Eijirou’s cock throb with need, but his throat burned and he felt himself gagging around the dick in his mouth as tears streamed down his face and drool covered his chin.

Katsuki didn’t stop there, thrusting into Eijirou’s throat a few times before pulling his dick out and smirking down at him. “C’mon...let’s go to the bed,” he growled, pulling the redhead up by his hair.

Eijirou’s had sex before, but he’s only ever dated guys in the folk music circle like he is. He’s never been with a guy that was so rough. But damn if it didn’t get him hard as a rock to be used like this.

He’s led, completely naked and hard, to the bedroom by his hair and pushed onto the bed. Katsuki’s on top of him quickly, kissing his lips possessively and even biting on his lower lip as fingers push against his asshole. He groans loudly, rolling his head back as a finger slips past the tight ring of muscle.

Then he feels Katsuki pull back slightly, panting as he looks down at Eijirou with an expression he can’t place, but seems to be some shade of concern. “Do you want to have sex?” he asks and the question floors Eijirou for a second, confused.

Then he realized that he’s making sure that Eijirou’s comfortable with proceeding. Until that moment, all the redhead had thought was that he was hot and he would do anything he asked, now he felt the stirrings of real feelings in his heart. “I want to hear you say it,” the voice demands, almost worriedly, but it’s covered with annoyance.

“I want to have sex with you,” Eijirou said, looking up into Katsuki’s eyes. The other man nods with a faint smirk as he leaned down to kiss and bite along his neck, his fingers pumping in and out of him. His moans become high-pitched whines as he bucks against Katsuki’s fingers, wanting more.

He heard Katsuki chuckle as he removed his fingers. “So damned impatient,” he growled in his ear as he hooked Kirishima’s knees over his broad shoulders. “I’ll give you what you want...”

Eijirou felt his cheeks heat as he looked up at Katsuki while he placed the broad head of his cock to his winking hole. There’s no lube and Eijirou loves the slight sting as the thick shaft stretches him open and the blonde bottoms out with a low groan. 

He doesn’t realize he’s closed his eyes and started muttering curses as he’s thrusted into until he hears a voice next to his ear. “Is it that good, Shitty hair?” he hears the gravelly voice whisper, making him moan louder as he nods.

Eijirou moved to wrap a hand around his untouched cock, but his wrist is grabbed by one rough hand. “No touching. You’re gonna cum from my cock only, got it?” Why did he like being ordered around so much? Good God, he did have a kink.

“Y-yes! Yes, just your cock, yes,” he panted, his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He could only faintly see that damn smirk through the haze of bliss. He felt the cock inside him shift angles and would have been very dismayed to hear the squeal that escaped him at the feeling of his prostate being fucked into. He nearly came with just that first thrust. “Noooo, not there,  not there!” he groaned desperately.

“Right there? You got it, hottie,” Katsuki growled, thrusting into the swollen, sensitive area repeatedly as Eijirou’s hole spasmed heavily around his cock. He was about to cum. They had just started and he was already going to cum. He never came early! Another jab to his prostate shut his brain down enough that he didn’t even care anymore.

Only a few more thrusts were needed before Eijirou was crying out that he was cumming only seconds before his orgasm hit him. And it hit him like a train. He didn’t know he could cum this hard, but he felt it with his whole body; his back arching, his hole clenching around Katsuki’s cock and his hands fisting the sheets beneath him as his cock painted white stripes on his stomach.

He almost, almost , didn’t notice the hot feeling of cum being shot into him while he was cumming. “Fuck, made me cum,” he heard muttered above him in his post-orgasmic daze, then a soft chuckle as the slowly softening cock in his ass was humped lazily into him, pushing the cum deeper. 

“Guess ‘m jusss tha’ good,” he slurred in response, barely able to keep his eyes open. He felt lips on his as Katsuki slowly pulled out of him and he tried to respond to the kiss, but he was beyond gone by then.

“Just sleep, Shitty hair,” the rapper muttered, his voice softer than Eijirou remembered. He nodded, but naturally rolled over to throw an arm over Katsuki when he laid down beside him. He was half-asleep already, but he felt the other man pull him closer and hold him against his chest. He could get used to sleeping like this.

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Katsuki Bakugou had a reputation for one night stands. It wasn’t a correct reputation, since the tabloids only seemed to get pictures of him helping wasted women into his car and he never slept with them, just took them home. 

Not that he didn’t have sex, he just didn’t have sex with women. However, for his career to survive, that hadn’t been allowed to be public knowledge when he first started rapping and now the playboy reputation was too strong.

He was always very careful about any men he picked up. Made them meet him at his apartment, didn’t touch them when they were where they could be seen, and he never, never , made out with them outside of clubs...or in his apartment’s elevator. 

So why the fuck had he lost his mind and done that the night before?

He was staring down into the long, red hair of a Folk Rock musician he had been introduced to the night before when he woke up. Eijirou Kirishima was a pretty man, that had been Katsuki’s first thought when Hitoshi Shinsou had walked over with him and some trashed, blonde extra who was, apparently, Shinsou’s newest boytoy.

Why did Hitoshi get to have a string of gay relationships when Katsuki couldn’t even have one? Yes, Hitoshi was his manager and the spotlight wasn’t on him, but still ! He knew Katsuki was having to hide any and all of his relationships and he still flaunted it.

Pulling himself from the angry reverie, he reached behind himself to see if at least one of his cell phones (he has six, so surely, one ) was on his bedside table. He was lucky he had decided to have one charging before he left last night. He pulled it closer, squinting and wishing he had had the foresight to not wear his contacts to sleep in.

XXXPlosion’s One Night...Man? Rap Icon Caught Out? Those were just two of the many headlines over a picture of Katsuki leaning into his car while Eijirou tried to put his erection away. 

He had made it all the way to his apartment before being caught? Why couldn’t he have made it all the way up to his penthouse? Then his phone started going off as Hitoshi started texting him. 


You left me with a hot as fuck guy...what the fuck did you think would fucking happen?


Guess you fucking thought wrong, huh?

Oh great, now Hitoshi’s calling. He smirked and pressed the FaceTime option. Teach that purple-haired pain in the ass to call him this early.

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?” his manager yelled, not realizing he was on FaceTime, so Katsuki had a view of his ear.

“Pipe the fuck down, you’re gonna wake him up,” Katsuki replied with a smirk. He watched as Hitoshi pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at the image of Katsuki with his arm around a sleeping Eijirou.

“Fuck, he’s still there ?”

“Well, yeah, we fucked and he stayed in my bed.”

“Huh? What’s going on?” a sleepy voice mumbled next to Katsuki’s ear as Eijirou started to stir next to him.

“Nothin’. Just talking to this fucker, Shitty hair,” Katsuki felt the name cause a shiver to go through Eijirou’s body. God, this kid was kinky.

Eijirou blinked his crimson eyes open and looked up at the phone screen, waving sleepily, before seeming to fully realize the situation. “Ah! Ah! Oh, Hitoshi! Um, uh,” he stammered, his eyes going impossibly wide. “This isn’t what it looks like.”

“Yes it fucking is. You came home with me and got fucked to sleep,” Katsuki muttered in his ear which made the redhead flush a deep red, but didn’t deny it which gave him great satisfaction.

“We need to strategize, Kats. You can’t be seen leaving your apartment with a guy. We haven’t staged your coming out properly.”

“Consider me outed. The picture’s on every online tabloid already.” It was honestly a relief to be out even if it wasn’t by choice and he would have preferred that picture not be the one used.

“What picture?” he heard a half whimper ask him and he felt an odd sinking in his stomach. Whatever the picture did to him, his brand could take it, but Eijirou hadn’t even been discovered yet so this could tank that completely...especially considering the picture had his dick in it.

Katsuki looked down into the worried, already mildly upset face of the man in his bed and had an alien urge to protect him from this. “Uhh...someone got a picture of us last night,” he said slowly, watching Eijirou like he was a wild animal.

His bed companion was out of the bed in an instant, running back toward the door and Katuski dropped his phone without thinking and ran after him. He found the redhead pawing through the pile of clothes by the door until he held up a cell phone and started tapping on it. 

The moment he saw the picture, Katsuki knew. He knew because there were instantly tears running down his cheeks and he dropped the phone. Katsuki didn’t even think, he just pulled him close and held him. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Fuck, uh...we can figure a way to keep your name out of this. Your face isn’t in the picture,” he tried to soothe. He wasn’t used to this kind of thing. He wasn’t an affectionate person. But he didn’t want the kid to cry.

“My dick is!” Eijirou sobs, his face pressing into Katsuki’s shoulder. He had a fair point. It was invasion enough to have your sex life known, but to have a part of your body exposed like that...He would fucking murder the photographer if he ever found out who it was.

This was why Katsuki always took precautions when taking someone home; because shit always went wrong for him when he forgot to think. “Fuck, look, let’s get dressed and I’ll take you home, okay? This heat’s gonna fall on me, alright? No one will know that you were involved, alright?” Eijirou nodded miserably, starting to pick up his clothes. “C’mon, you can get something of mine so you aren’t in wrinkled clothes.”

Eijirou seemed to perk up at that suggestion which made Katsuki snicker as he led the, still naked, still hot, man into his closet. He gestured vaguely as he went to pull on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. He tries not to notice that he has picked out a pair of sweats as well that he has to pull the drawstring tight on to keep them up and one of his signature black t-shirts that hangs on him. 

The kid’s so small that Katsuki’s clothes swallow him. Why is that hot? Is he getting a boner? Yes, he is...why? As he eyes him, he decides that Eijirou could muscle up and still be hot as fuck.

“Alright, come the fuck on. Let’s get you home,” Katuski mutters, putting a cap and sunglasses on him before getting his own. He drags the redhead to the elevator and back to his car, his eyes constantly watching. He opens the passenger door and Eijirou gets in quickly, muttering the name of his apartment block as he did. He glances around with a glare that’s only just hidden by his sunglasses, then gets in the car as well.

If he had been drunk the night before, Katsuki could have blamed his poor decision-making on that, but he hadn’t been. Neither of them had been. They had just...started kissing...then they were outside the club, making out. Then in Katsuki’s apartment before he really had the presence of mind to think of anything .

A glance at Eijirou tells Katsuki that he is shocked at how fast the car is going and he smirks to himself. He must have been too busy playing with himself the night before to notice how fast they had driven. “If it helps you cope, you could play with yourself again,” he muttered out of the side of his mouth.

Somehow, this eases the tension and he hears Eijirou giggle. “That’s how we got into the whole picture situation,” he replied, a faint blush on his cheeks.

“Well yeah, but we’re going to your place, now. No fuckin’ poprazzi there to catch you with your dick out.”

“You just want to see my dick again.”

“So what if I do? It’s a cute dick.”

He glances at Eijirou again and sees him squirming in his seat, his whole face red. With his eyes back on the road, he reaches across the console and rests his hand on the bulge in his sweatpants, smirking when he found that he was hard.

“You know you want to.”

Apparently he did because Katsuki’s hand was pushed aside as Eijirou huffed softly and pulled the sweatpants down enough to pull his cock out. Katsuki puts his hand back on the wheel, smirking as he listened to soft whimpers and moans coming from the seat next to him. This guy was so hot.

The sounds coming from his passenger only encouraged him to drive faster, eager to reach the apartment and do something about the straining cock in his pants as well. 

“I want you...I want you inside me,” the redhead’s voice whines, his sweatpants totally off now as he stroked himself and slid two fingers into his ass. 

“’re gonna cause an accident looking that horny,” Katsuki muttered in response when he glanced over. They were five minutes from the apartments. He heard a loud moan from the passenger seat. Make it two.

He pulls into one of the covered parking spaces in front of the apartment building and parks before reaching down to push his seat back. “C’mere, Shitty hair. I want that ass.”

“Yes, yes, please, fuck me,” Eijirou pants, eagerly unbuckling himself and scrambling into Katsuki’s lap. The rapper smirked and adjusted him as he pulled his cock out before letting the redhead sink down on it with a loud, long whine.

“You just gonna sit there? Or are you gonna put some work in?” he growled, lightly spanking his ass. 

Eijirou nodded and started riding his cock with loud, desperate moans. “You must have been needing some good dick, huh? You’re a little slut for a big dick, huh?”

“Nooooo, no, ‘m not a sluuut,” he whined, grinding his hips eagerly.

“Say it. Say, ‘I’m a slut for big dicks.’ Say it or I’ll pull out,” he teases, grasping his hips to lift him off his cock.

“No! No! I’m slut for big dicks! I’m a slut for big dicks!”

“Good. Now, when I call. You’re gonna come to me right fuckin’ then, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Right then!”

“And you’ll do fuckin’ anything I ask you to, won’t you? You’ll be a good boy for me, huh?”

“I will! I will! I wanna be-fuck-I wanna be a good boy!”

“That’s right. Fuckin’ move that ass. You want my cum, don’t you? You want it in your ass, don’t you?”

Eijirou lost all power for words by then, tears of ecstasy rolling down his cheeks as his tongue hung out and he bounced on that cock for all he was worth. He just nodded, his hole clenching as his cock twitched with an impending orgasm. 

How had he gotten this way? Fucked out in a rapper’s car? Declaring he was a slut and that he would do anything Katsuki asked of him? What was becoming of him?

“Fuckin’ shit, fuck, fuck,” he heard the low voice groan as the dick in his ass spasmed and shot cum into him, triggering his own orgasm. He barely noticed the cum he shot onto the black t-shirt of the man he was riding. 

He collapsed forward, panting and moaning, his body trembling. He had just gotten fucked by the same man for the second time in less than twelve hours...maybe he was a slut. He felt himself being carefully lifted off the cock buried inside him and couldn’t stop the soft moan that escaped him.

“Alright...c’ need to clean up a little so you can go inside.” Eijirou nodded slowly, moving back to the passenger seat and pulling the sweatpants back on. “Gimme your phone.”

He put his phone in the outstretched hand, feeling his cheeks turn red. He could feel the cum inside him dripping down his thigh, but tried not to think about it as Katsuki put his number into the phone and sent a text to himself. When he handed it back, Eijirou noticed that he had put his name along with an eggplant and peach emoji.

“Th-thanks for the ride,” Eijirou stuttered as he got out.

“Just the dick or the car, too?”

Eijirou tried to stutter out a response, but instead just shut the door and jogged up to his apartment. 

“EIJI! There you are! You haven’t answered any of our texts!” Fuck, he forgot he had roommates.

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“Eiiiiiijiiiii! Come out! We just want to know what happened!” Mina whined from the other side of Eijirou’s locked bedroom door. 

“Can you leave me alone long enough to take a shower?!” he snapped back, taking off the shirt he’d gotten from Katsuki and tossing it on his bed. 

“What do you need to take a shower for, Eiji? Do something naughty?”

Yeah, Eiji, what did you do? Why is there cum leaking out of your ass? “Just, shut up , Mina!” He walked into the bathroom connected to his bedroom, his face red. He showers quickly, but is careful to get all of the sticky cum out of his ass before going back to his room. He pulls on a pair of clean shorts and Katsuki’s t-shirt before walking downstairs.

Mina, Denki, and Ochako are all sitting on the couch and they turn to stare at him.

“Is that an XXXPlosion shirt? Do you even know who XXXPlosion is?” Ochako asked first, frowning up at Eijirou.

If Eijirou hadn’t known before, he did now. “He’s a rapper...that took me home last night,” he muttered the last part, his face red.

“YOU’RE THE DICK IN THE PICTURE?!” Mina screamed, her eyes wide. “What the fuck, Eiji?!”

“I thought you didn’t believe in one night stands?” Ochako said, concern and confusion obvious in her eyes.

“I didn’t, but Denki abandoned me at the club last night and-”

“You abandoned him with XXXPlosion?!”

“I didn’t know XXXPlosion was gay!”

“Yeah, no one did. That’s kinda why there’s a lot of media attention on it.”

“Shit...your dick is all over the country!” Mina said, her eyes wide.

“Noooo, I had no idea about that,” Eijirou replied bitingly, glaring at her.

Mina frowns at him, obviously hurt, and Eijirou immediately feels bad about it. “Sorry, sorry...I just...I’m dealing with a lot right now,” he murmured, looking down.

“Like what? Eijirou, did he hurt you?” Ochako asked gently, pulling him onto the couch with them.

“I mean, no? But he probably will. I had sex with him and I just met him and I don’t know how to handle that.”

“Oh,’s alright. One time isn’t a bad thing.”

“...and I fucked him in his car when he dropped me off,” why did he say that? They’re all staring at him and he feels his skin heat. “And he told me he’d be calling me.” STOP TELLING THEM MORE!

“You...who are you and what did you do with Eiji?” Mina whispers, staring wide-eyed at him. The incredulity in her voice and the shock on her face is enough to make the tears start.

“I...I...I don’t knowwww,” Eijirou wails, covering his face. And he doesn’t. This isn’t how he usually acts. He’d been called a prude more times than he could count and he had only, previous to last night, only slept with two guys. And both of those guys he’d been dating for months before he had sex with them. Katsuki’s words whisper in his head and his tears increase. “I’m a sluuuut!”

“Hey, hey! No, you aren’t! You don’t have to see him again! Just because he calls doesn’t mean you have to answer or go see him again,” Ochako soothes as she and Mina wrap their arms around him and hug him tightly.

But Eijirou knows. He knows the moment he gets that phone call or that text, he will be on his way. He knows because calling himself a slut made him feel a tiny shiver of excitement.

Two full days passes and Eijirou has been watching the drama unfolding surrounding XXXPlosion’s sudden outing. All the female musicians saying he was rude and had a mouth on him, but he never crossed any lines. No previous male lovers popped up though Eijirou knew there had to have been some.

He’s in band practice when he gets THE phone call. He glances at the others before stepping into the hallway, gripping his acoustic guitar.

“Oi, shitty hair, I want you over here five minutes ago.” A shiver goes down his spine at the name. Why can’t he get a handle on that?

“Wh-what? You mean at your apartment?”

“Yeah, I’m sending a car, where are you?”

“...I’m at Rush band practice.”

“Well that ass better be waiting for the car when it gets there. I’d hate to have to drive down there to get you myself.”

“Why? What would you do? Spank me?” Eijirou feels his body getting heated.

“I’m walking to my car now, shitty hair, better take it back.”

“Oooo, I’m so scared.” Why is he teasing this man? What is he thinking?

He hears a low, ominous chuckle and a car starting up in the background. “And here I was thinking I could be nice to you...apparently you’re a brat who needs to be taught some manners.” With that the call ends.

And Eijirou is painfully erect. He takes a few deep breaths to calm himself as he puts his phone away, then walks back into practice with the excuse that it was his mother. His guitar hides his boner so no one questions it.

He’s not really coming. He wouldn’t really do that. He was just messing with Eijirou. But he wants to see him. He wants to be around Katsuki. It isn’t even just the sex, he had felt a real connection or he wouldn’t have slept with him.

After ten minutes, Eijirou fully relaxes into the belief that he was just being teased. He hates how disappointment curls in his stomach at the thought, but he knows it’s better this way. He really can’t be going on booty calls just because he might have feelings. And if Katsuki is making those booty calls, he clearly doesn’t have feelings.

And that thought depresses Eijirou.

“Um! You can’t go in there! They’re practicing and really-”

The door bursts open and XXXPlosion is standing there with a scowl. He points at Eijirou and crooks a finger. In a haze, he puts his guitar down and walks over to him, his body trembling slightly. The blonde leans down and kisses him hard and possessively which makes his knees a little weak.

“Your friend and I have business to take care of,” he heard the gruff voice say, likely complete with a scowl.

“Eijirou? Are you okay?” he heard the lead singer ask him. He just nodded, leaning on Katsuki as he pulled him out of the studio. 

Suddenly he’s in that car again and looking up into ruby red eyes. “You gonna get yourself ready for me?” he hears Katsuki purr and he lets out a huff as he pushes his shorts and boxers off before his hand is wrapped around his cock. “Good boy.”

Yes, he wants to be a good boy. He wants to do what Katsuki tells him. His hand is stroking his cock without him really thinking about it and he hears himself moaning and getting more praise and approval from the man driving the car.

But inside he feels so dirty and broken. This wasn’t what he wanted at all. He knew he wouldn’t have a normal life as a musician, but now he was the sex toy of some rapper? And he liked being a sex toy.

He doesn’t realize he’s crying until the car stops and he hears Katsuki’s worried, strained voice. “Hey, hey! Fuck. Don’t cry! I’m sorry, -fuck- I thought you liked this. I didn’t mean to upset you,” he’s saying quickly, pulling Eijirou’s hand off his dick, but that just makes him sob harder. 

“I...I...I don’t want to be thrown away,” he whimpers, looking up at the blonde beside him, through the tears. He hears a soft tongue clicking nose and he’s being pulled across the center console and held in Katsuki’s lap.

“Shut the fuck up. ’M not gonna fuckin’ throw you away,” the words are gruff and angry, but he can hear the gentleness behind them. “I just can’t get you out of my fuckin’ head.”

Eijirou nodded, still sniffling softly as he hid his face in Katsuki’s shoulder.

“We don’t have to do this, you know. You can actually tell me no.”

“...I didn’t, did I?” Eijirou mumbles, lifting his head to look at Katsuki. “I just...don’t want to...I don’t know...I want to be used, but I don’t want to be used , ya know?”

Katsuki nods slowly, cupping Eijirou’s chin lightly. “I don’t fuckin’ date. But ‘m not a fuckin’ monster. ‘M only gonna fuck you until we’re both done, got it?” the redhead nodded, biting his lip with impossibly sharp teeth. “Good. Now, let’s get to my apartment before I fuck you in this goddamn car again.”

The younger man is scrambling back to the passenger seat and putting on his seatbelt before starting to stroke himself. Once Katsuki has confirmed he’s happy with playing with himself again, he puts the car in drive and starts toward his apartment again.

He had been shocked at himself for being so worried about the kid, but he just didn’t want him crying. The strange, unfamiliar feelings in the pit of his stomach were ignored. There was no way he actually had feelings for the kid. This was just a way for them both to have a good time, nothing less, nothing more.

“I’m so close...please hurry, I need it,” he hears the slutty moan of the man in the passenger seat and he grips the steering wheel harder. Why did he have to be so hot?

“Better shut the fuck up or I’ll have to face fuck you in the car before we go up.”

At first that quiets Eijirou and Katsuki tries not to be disappointed, but then the moans get louder and he hears the lewd sounds of wetted fingers being pumped into an ass. He is gonna fuck this kid so goddamn hard. He has never been so aroused in his life except the previous two times he’s slept with him.

He pulls into the garage of the apartment and parks in one of the little stalls higher up instead of the first empty space he finds. He pulls his pants down quickly, his cock springing forward. “C’mere, suck it.”

Eijirou nods as he quickly leans over the console and takes his dick into his mouth, moaning around it softly. He’s quickly bobbing his head up and down on the length as his tongue explores and teases Katsuki’s dick. 

“Fuck, yeah, you suck cock like a champion, huh? You’re my little slut, huh? Just fuckign for me,” Katsuki groans, unaware of the effect his words are having on Eijirou. “I’m gonna get you inside and fuck you until you can’t walk. You’d like that, huh? I’ll fuck you everywhere in everyway. That’s what you want isn’t it.”

Eijirou nods as he sucks heavily on his dick, drool covering his chin and tears running down his cheeks.

Katsuki groaned, grabbing the back of his head and forcing him up and down roughly, but Eijirou doesn’t mind it as much as he probably should. He likes the roughness and the slight pain. It’s not much longer before cum is shooting down his throat and his cock shoots a load onto the console.

When his head is released and he sits back, Katsuki makes an annoyed noise. “You better fuckin’ clean that up,” he said, nodding to the cum on the console. With red cheeks Eijirou starts looking for napkins. “With your mouth.”

Why was that so hot? He nodded and leaned down to start licking up his own cum. “Good put your fuckin’ pants on and let’s go the fuck inside.” He nods again, eagerly pulling on his pants. He just came, but he’s only too eager to have that cock in his ass again.

Chapter Text

Their arrangement continues for three months with no change. Katsuki gets horny and Eijirou immediately responds to his call. They probably would have continued like this indefinitely if XXXPlosion didn’t have to go on tour. To make things worse, Katsuki didn’t tell him about it; Denki did because Denki was going with Histoshi.

“And Toshi said we’d be staying in all these big hotels and that Tetsu would be there,” the blonde was cooing as he packed his bag.

Eijirou had managed to keep his ongoing...encounters with Katsuki a secret from his roommates, citing band practice (even though he had quit two weeks into sleeping with Katsuki) as his reason for needing to leave all the time. He knew Mina and Ochako were suspicious, but Denki was absolutely clueless.

“When are you leaving?”

“Oh, in two days, but Toshi wants to approve my wardrobe and give me a few things, too~.”

“So, is he your boyfriend or your sugar daddy?” Eijirou teased, raising a brow.

He’s my sugar daddy and Tetsu is my boyfriend,” Denki giggled, rolling his eyes playfully.

Eijirou just chuckled, standing to walk to his room. He shouldn’t be disappointed. Katsuki had made it clear that theirs was a sexual relationship, no feelings involved. No strings. No fuckin’ messes.

He sat on his bed and laid back, tears filling his eyes. He had given up a lot to maintain his availability for Katsuki. Not that it mattered. Family money had been supporting him this long, so he really didn’t need a job. He didn’t even want to do Folk Rock anymore. Granted, Folk Rock had never been his first choice. 

The tears were really flowing now and it made him almost angry as he curled up on his side. Why should he be crying over that asshole? He didn’t really care about him. 

He punched his bed as a soft sob broke free of his chest. No matter how little Katsuki cared about him...he cared about Katsuki...hell, he might even love him.

Bzz Bzz.

“, don’t do this...” he whispered to himself as he rolled over to pick up his phone and holding it to his ear. “Hello?”

“Are you crying? Why the fuck are you crying? What the fuck happened?”

“Nothing happened, Kats. I’m getting up, I’ll be there s-.”

“Hey, shut the fuck up. I’m coming to get you. You better be fucking dressed in something nice, got it? We’re goin’ out tonight.”

Then the call ended, Eijirou just staring at the phone. Except in the car, they didn’t have sex in public and they had never, never , gone out before. He was immediately on his feet and walking to his dresser, tossing shirts aside he knew would be too tight. 

He had a lot of extra time now that he didn’t work or have to practice for his band so he spent a lot of it in the gym at his apartment block. He wasn’t the size of Tetsutetsu, XXXPlosion’s bodyguard, but he was no longer twinky looking like Denki. Katsuki had even praised him once that he would make a nice hunk once he had enough muscles.

Since a lot of his clothes got dirty, or, in some cases, ripped, in the course of his time with Katsuki, he often came home in the rapper’s clothes. When he stopped being so skinny he had to always tighten the drawstring on sweatpants, he started taking jeans from him. He had a few nice shirts, too, that were only slightly tight on his biceps. Those would work.

He pulled out one that was black with an orange X on each of the breast pockets. He left the top three buttons undone to show off his chest a little more. Then he pulled on a pair of black jeans he was pretty sure were supposed to be straight legged, but they fit him like skinny jeans, clinging to his calves and thighs. He looked at his reflection and sighed.

Three months ago he only wore loose fitting clothes and soft, pastel colors or shades of white. And now he was wearing all black. It was like he was trying to force himself into Katsuki’s aesthetic so he felt like he belonged more. He grabbed a black bandana and wrapped it around his head, holding his long hair out of his face. Katsuki liked it down usually...made it easier to grab during blow jobs or makeouts.

He slipped on a pair of black canvas shoes, grabbed his phone and wallet, then jogged downstairs. “I’m going out,” he called, but was floored to see Ochako and Mina standing in the living room...talking to Katsuki.

“He’s my fuckin’ boyfriend, I’ll take him when and where I damn well please. And for as long as I fuckin’ want,” he heard the rapper growl. Boyfriend? The word hit him like a ton of bricks.

“If he’s your boyfriend, why haven’t we heard about it?” Mina shot back, glaring at him and keeping her arms crossed.

“Him keeping things from you’s not my fuckin’ business.”


“Yeah?” he muttered, walking into the room. Mina turned to him with her mouth open, then she froze looking back and forth between him and XXXPlosion, her eyes wide. It didn’t take long for Eijirou to realize why since Katsuki turned to him. They...they were wearing the same shirt.

“So you are dating him?” Ochako supplied for her girlfriend who was still staring back and forth. Eijirou nodded, his cheeks burning

“I fuckin’ knew I already owned this shirt,” Katsuki growled as he walked over to him. “C’mon, we got places to be.”

Eijirou let himself be led out to the car, still trying to wrap his head around being claimed as someone’s boyfriend. 

“Did you mean it?” he asked, when the passenger door was opened for him, looking up into the ruby eyes glaring down at him.

“Mean what?”

“That...that I’m your boyfriend...”

“Fucking...” Katsuki grabbed him by the chin and kissed him deeply. “Of course you’re my goddamn boyfriend, idiot.”

“But, but you said-”

“Forget what I said...I want, fuck, I want you to not look so fuckin’ sad when you get to my place and I want you to not sound fuckin’ depressed when I call. If making you my damn boyfriend will make you fuckin’ happy, I’ll do it,” Katsuki said, glaring down at Eijirou.

A warm, happy feeling filled him as he surged upwards and kissed him excitedly. Katsuki wanted to make him happy. He was Katsuki’s boyfriend . He pulled back from the kiss, still grinning and was graced with a sort of half-smirk.

Then his smile slipped off of his face when he remembered that Katsuki was leaving in two days to go on an eight month tour around the world. “What the fuck’s wrong now?” 

“You’re leaving...” Eijirou mumbled, his lower lip trembling despite him trying to stop it.

“Yeah, I gotta fuckin’ work, why’s that makin’ you sad?”

Eijirou draws himself inward, shaking his head as he got into the car.

“No, Eijirou, tell me what the fuck’s wrong.”

“It’s’re need to work...”

Katsuki’s glaring down at him, he can feel it, but he doesn’t want to look up because there are tears gathering in his eyes. He hates himself for being so weak and indecisive and childish. He’s nineteen and Katsuki just turned thirty-three. Why is he putting up with a kid like him, anyway?

“Eijirou,” the voice is soft, not one he’s ever heard Katsuki use so it gets his attention. “Please tell me.”

It was the second time Katsuki had used his real name instead of Shitty Hair or idiot which made him even more pliable. “You’re leaving... me ,” he chokes out the last word before starting to cry. He feels strong arms lift him up momentarily, then he’s settled into Katsuki’s lap and the passenger door is closed.

“No the fuck I’m not. That’s why I came to get you,” he hears him grumble as the big, sturdy hands stroke his hair. “‘M takin’ you with me.”

Eijirou hears blood rushing in his ears and can feel him still stroking his hair, but he’s shut down completely. He was going on tour with Katsuki. He was going on tour around the world for eight months . By the time they got back, they would have known each other almost a year and there’s no telling what might happen in that time.

“You alright, now?” Eijirou nods, taking a deep breath because he knows Katsuki is going to let him go. “Good...we got a dinner to go to.”

He smiles up at Katsuki as he’s deposited back in the seat and earns another long kiss. Then he watched the older man walk around the front of the car and get in. When he starts driving, Eijirou just leans his head back slightly, smiling to himself.

Katsuki thinks it’s cute how happy he looks. No, no, it’s not cute. Fuck, why can’t he stop thinking that way? He didn’t think things were cute. He liked them or he didn’t, no cute . Another glance at Eijirou had him thinking the stupid thoughts again.

He had agonized over taking Eijirou with him on tour. Convincing himself that this was the perfect opportunity to cut things off. Not feel so fucking sappy all the time. But every time he thought about not getting to see the kid for eight months, his chest hurt and his stomach felt weird. 

Then Hitoshi had told him he was bringing his little sugar baby with them. The sugar baby that lived with Eijirou. It had infuriated Katsuki that he had thought about not bringing him along when apparently anybody could go with them on tour. 

He had spent most of the day buying clothes for Eijirou, surprised by how much he liked the idea of him wearing clothes he’d bought for him, but tried to ignore those implications. It wasn’t bad for him to want his boyfriend to have the clothes he’d need for a tour. And it wasn’t exactly off brand for him to get aroused thinking of seeing him in the clothes bought for him.

Fuck...he was a sugar daddy, wasn’t he? Shit. He glanced at Eijirou again and nodded to himself. Yup, he wanted to buy things for this kid. Lots of things. Any things.

Chapter Text

Arriving at the restaurant he was supposed to meet Hitoshi at, he finally remembered that he and the kid were wearing matching shirts. As if they needed help being a gay stereotype, they were matching . It was kinda cute though and he liked seeing him in his clothes, but still... matching.

For a moment, he watches Eijirou look around excitedly, his eyes wide as he looks up at the multi-storied, expensive restaurant called Sugar Rush. It had started out as a bakery a long, long time ago, when the current owner’s grandparents opened it, but it had evolved into a multi-floored restaurant that served almost anything. It was nearly impossible to get reservations, but XXXPlosion and his crew had a standing invitation.

Katsuki got out of the car and opened Eijirou’s door. He didn’t even realize that he always did this for him, it was just automatic. He held out a hand to Eijirou, not looking at him, but was gratified when he took it.

“So you did decide to bring him? How...domestic of you, Kats,” Hitoshi said when they got to the table in the private room of the restaurant. He had that stupid shit-eating smirk on his face he got when talking about Eijirou.

“Fuck off.”

He sits down on the opposite side of the table from Hitoshi and pulls Eijirou unceremoniously onto his lap. Eijirou lets out a surprised squeak and blushes, but didn’t move, his head going to Katsuki’s shoulder. It’s almost enough to lift the scowl from Katsuki’s face.

“And you are matching...are you sure you’re Katsuki Bakugou?” 

“He stole the fuckin’ shirt from me and I bought a new one,” Katsuki growled, one hand possessively gripping his boyfriend’s hip.

Hitoshi rolled his eyes and started droning on about logistics for the tour. Eijirou checked out of the conversation since it really didn’t involve him since, no doubt, Katsuki would just drag him along where he needed to be. Instead he started examining the room from his vantage point on Kats’ lap.

The room isn’t big, but the table is lower to the ground with pillows around it and one wall was just windows overlooking the city. There was some sweets and pastries on the table along with glasses and a water pitcher. Hitoshi is still talking about the plane they’re taken to their first location when Eijirou starts listening to the conversation again.

He shifts slightly in Katsuki’s lap and hears him grunt softly as he does. That grunt is enough to give him ideas. Slowly and carefully, he changes his position so that he is facing the floor to ceiling window, his chin resting innocently on his shoulder. He can already feel a slight bulge pressed to him.

The table is just high enough that it will hide when he starts moving his hips. He makes a soft huffing noise to get just a little bit of Katsuki’s attention before he lightly grinds against him.

“I fuckin’ told you I-hn?!” he hears Katsuki interrupt himself with a surprised grunt. His hips are gripped tightly as Katsuki tries to get him to be still, but Eijirou is determined, grinding more against him. “Fuck...uh...I want the whole...nn...the whole floor. It’s s-s-security, Hitoshi.” 

Eijirou feels himself getting more aroused as he listens to Katsuki try to talk despite getting dry humped in front of his manager. He can feel Kats’ clothed member straining against his pants so, like a good boyfriend, Eijirou rocks his hips more.

“Are you alright, Kats? Your face is awfully red,” Hitoshi asks with a chuckle and Eijirou knows that he can tell what’s going on. Three months ago...two months ago...maybe even a month ago, that might have been enough to get him to stop, but not now.

“ things right. Nn...uh...Leave, Hitoshi.”

“How rude. Telling your oldest friend to leave?”

“Get the fuck out.”

Eijirou can hear the arousal in Katsuki’s voice and it sends a shiver down his spine, but he doesn’t stop, even adding soft whines and whimpers in his ear. He hears Hitoshi laughing as he gets up and leaves the room. When the door shuts, Eijirou slowly looks up at Katsuki, biting his lip.

“I’m going to fuck you in front of him next time.”

“Oooo...please do,” Eijirou replies with a teasing smirk. 

“What happened to the good shy boy? You’ve gotten awfully confident, shitty hair.”

Eijirou whined and pouted up at him. “I couldn’t help felt good...”

Katsuki hissed when Eijirou rocked his hips again. He pulled Eijirou’s face up to his, kissing him roughly and pressing his hips down more, rocking back against Eijirou. After a few minutes of grinding, his back hits the pillows on the ground and he feels his clothes being removed.

He can’t help the goofy grin on his face as he looks up at his boyfriend, warming with the thought. His dick is being fisted by Katsuki and he moans loudly, squirming heavily as he’s stroked. Just as he’s about to cum, the hand leaves his dick and he’s being pulled to his feet. Katsuki drags him to the window and bends him over as his hands splay on the glass.

“Since you want to be seen when you get fucked, let the city watch you be a fuckin’ slut,” Katsuki growls in his ear, pushing into him slowly.

Eijirou can’t help the loud, slutty moan that escapes him as he’s entered. He looks out the window, glad they’re actually too high up for anyone to see him...he hopes. His breath is fogging up the window as the cock in his ass sets a brutal pace. He’s used to that, prefers it even. Especially when they’re doing something risky like this.

“That’s right, you fuckin’ whore. You want someone to see you get fucked, don’t you? You want them to see that slutty face and hear you beg to be filled.”

How can words do so much to him? He cums on the glass of the window with a loud cry, but that doesn’t stop Katsuki. He keeps going, forcing more cum from Eijirou’s cock when he starts thrusting into his prostate. If he keeps this up, he’ll need to be carried out of the restaurant. He feels a sharp sting on his ass and realizes Katsuki wants a response.

“Yes! Yes! I wanna be watched! I want someone to see me being fucked,” he pants, overstimulation encouraging more moans and tears rolling down his cheeks. He knows he’s gonna cum again if Katsuki doesn’t finish soon. “I want them to see you fuck me! You fill me so good!”

“Call me Daddy.”

If Eijirou hadn’t been so fucked out, he would have given pause, but with a cock in his ass and a second orgasm in less than ten minutes rising, he didn’t even think. “Daaaaddyyy! Fuck me, Daddy!”

The fingers gripping his hips tighten and he feels Katsuki slam into him hard, bottoming out as his cock unloads deep inside him. The feeling makes Eijirou orgasm again, though this time it was lacking any actual cum. His knees give out and the only thing holding him up is the death grip on his hips.

“Fuck,’re gettin’ really fuckin’ kinky, huh?”

Eijirou whines as Katsuki pulls out of him slowly. His body is moved back to the pillows and Katsuki is stroking his hair gently. People could say what they liked about the rapper, but he was good about aftercare especially since he was generally a rough lover.

Katsuki smirks as he looks down at the half-conscious look on his boyfriend’s face. It’s hot how undone he can get. He had been so shocked the first time Eijirou had moved that he really thought it was an accident and that his hands holding his hips would stop him...not that it would encourage him to keep going.

After a few minutes, he dresses them both again, but...he keeps Eijirou’s boxers in his pocket, able to tuck them out of sight. He stands and scoops his boyfriend up. Did he clean the window up? No, of course he didn’t. He’s XXXPlosion, he doesn’t clean up after himself or his boyfriend.


Eijirou had been embarrassed and giddy when Katsuki presented him with three big suitcases filled with clothes bought for him. The gesture had earned his boyfriend a very enthusiastic blow job. They had spent most of the rest of that day alternating between sleeping and fucking. By the morning they were leaving, Eijirou was deliciously sore.

Not that that would stop him, of course. There was no telling how tired Katsuki would be on tour so he would get all he could while he could. 

They left early in the morning on the XXXPlosion crew private plane and Ejirou and Denki, every bit the babies their boyfriends treated them like, had curled up in their seats wrapped in blankets. Katsuki sat across from Eijirou, smiling to himself as he watched him sleep. He was so fuckin’ cute. Why did that make him feel so...warm?

He watches Eijirou yawn as he wakes up, blinking open his eyes and looking around. The first tour location was in LA so the flight was at least ten hours long and Eijirou had slept for three hours, but he looked rested. He slowly unwrapped himself from his blanket and held out a hand to Katsuki with a sleepy pout.

With a roll of his eyes, Katsuki leaned forward to unbuckle him and pull him into his lap. Eijirou moved so he was straddling Katsuki’s hips on his knees as he laid his head on his shoulder. He nuzzled the neck of the rapper, his body relaxing into him.

Then he started squirming. No, squirming wasn’t the right word since he was purposely grinding against him.

Katsuki glanced around them before grabbing the blanket Eijirou had been wrapped up in and used it to cover them up before he worked Eijirou’s pants off. He was glad he had convinced him to go commando since it made it easier to get in position quickly. He pulled his sweats and boxers down enough to release his cock, then slid Eijirou down onto him.

He had to kiss Eijirou to silence the whining moan that escaped him. Eijirou’s moving up and down slowly, panting and whimpering. There’s no way the others haven’t noticed, but Katsuki stopped caring the longer his boyfriend rode him.

“That’s it, baby, fuck yourself on my quiet or they’ll hear you being a slut? Do you want them to know? You want them to know how fuckin’ horny you always are, huh?” Katsuki hisses in Eijirou’s ear which only makes him moan louder and bounce faster.

And they are . Hitoshi got so hot watching that he had pulled a still sleeping Denki into his lap to hump against. Katsuki notices that Tetsutetsu has a hand under a blanket that’s movin suspiciously. It makes his cock even harder knowing that they’re watching his baby get fucked even if they can’t actually see how well his ass takes cock.

“Daddy...Daddy...I’m gonna cum...please, Daddy,” Eijirou whines, his hole clenching desperately around his cock.

“No, hold it...hold it a little longer, need to give a show,” he growled, nodding to the others who are watching.

“Daddy, they’re gonna hear me cum...Daddy, no! No!”

“You don’t wanna cum? Alright, I’ll-”

“Nooooo! Daddy...” Eijirou whines, bouncing even faster, his heavy breathing in Katsuki’s ear nearly making him cum.

“Ask them. Ask them if you can cum.”

Eijirou nods, his mind too pleasure fogged to make him stop as he turns his head to Hitoushi and Tetsutetsu. “Uncle Toshi, Uncle Tetsu, can I cum? Please tell Daddy I can cum, please?” he moans, his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

The two men nod emphatically. Hitoshi’s even tossed Denki’s pants on the ground and started fucking his sleeping body under a blanket as well as he watches.

“Thank them, then you can cum. Tell them you’re cumming, baby, and why.”

“Thank you! Thank you, Uncles! I’m cumming! I’m cumming from Daddy’s huge dick! Daddy! DaddyDaddyDaddy!” he squeals, cumming heavily on Katsuki’s shirt before collapsing onto him, panting and whining.

Katsuki groaned as he filled his ass with cum, hearing the two other men groaning their releases as well.

“Huh? Daddy! What did you do?” he hears Denki demand sleepily and he chuckles to himself. Poor kid didn’t even know what was going on.

Eijirou whimpers in Katsuki’s lap, nuzzling him. “Hurts...” he mumbles and Katsuki believes him. As much as they’d fucked, he knew the kid’s hole was likely incredibly sore and swollen. He strokes his hips lightly and kisses his cheek.

“I know, but you’ll make a mess if I pull out,” he murmurs teasingly, earning him a blushy pout. “And I like how you keep clenching down on me...”

He really was a lucky man to have such a good boyfriend.

Chapter Text

“It’s kinda boring on days there isn’t a concert. Kats has signings and other meetings he goes to. I went the first day and got bored so I stay in the hotel now,” Eijirou explained to Mina who he was video chatting with. He had been on tour with Katsuki for three weeks and missed his friend.

“And what? You wait in the hotel for him to come home and fuck you until he falls asleep?” Mina asked, frowning. His cheeks turned red as he frowned at her.

“We don’t always have sex...” he mumbled, looking away from her.

“Mmhm, I’m sure.”

“We don’t! Sometimes we talk or just sleep!”

“I just don’t want you to get hurt, Eiji.”

“I know and I won’t. Wait a sec, I think he’s back. I’ll be right back.”

He mutes the video chat and gets off the bed he was laying on to walk barefoot toward the front door. “Kats? Kats, where ar-!” Suddenly there’s a hand over his mouth.

“So you’re the new boyfriend, huh? Mmm, you feel as soft as your pictures look,” a voice Eijirou could only think of as creepy whispered into his ear. He tried to turn to get a look at the guy, but was pressed against a wall as the man started duct taping his hands together. “I wonder if you’re as soft on the inside...”

Katsuki had mentioned once a man who often stalked the rapper and had since his career started, but he took precautions to keep himself safe. Those precautions had not been deemed necessary for Eijirou. “N-no, please! Please, don’t,” he cried as he was dragged into the bedroom. No one was expected to be back at the hotel until they went out for dinner. He was helpless for three more hours.

The man, Tomura Shigaraki, snapped Eijirou’s laptop shut, effectively ending the video chat with Mina. He tossed the redhead onto the bed and smirked at his pleas to be released. “Hmm, no, I don’t think I will...I want to see what has the famous XXXPlosion all worked up.”

Eijrou felt his stomach drop as he was rolled onto his stomach and his boxers were ripped off of him. “NO! No, please! Please don’t do this, please!” he sobbed even as he felt the head of a cock against his hole. “Noooo! No, please! Stop! Stop, st-AH!”

He wasn’t prepared or aroused enough to ignore the sharp pain of the man shoving himself into his hole. He wasn’t anywhere near the size of Katsuki, but it still hurt and Eijirou sobs the whole time, even when Tomura ultimately came inside him. 

Surely now he’d leave, be done with hurting Eijirou, but no. He had more planned. He walked away once he’d finished inside Eijirou and he had relaxed, thinking he’d left, then he was back and something was pressing against his hole again. It wasn’t a cock this time and it was not smaller than Katsuki.

The scream that was ripped from his throat was loud enough that if anybody had been on the floor, they’d have heard it. Tomura just smirked as he continued pushing the wine bottle into Eijirou, enjoying his cries of anguish and seeing the blood seeping around the glass. After a while the screams stopped as the boy passed out from the pain. 

Before leaving the unconscious, still bound Eijirou, he got a knife from the kitchen and carved his name into his lower back.

Eijirou doesn’t come around until he hears his name being called. “Help...” he whimpers out, still feeling the bottle inside him and the stinging on his lower back. “Please, help...” his voice is weak and scratchy.

“Eijirou, I don’t have time t-OH MY FUCKING GOD! WHAT THE FUCK!” Katsuki yelled when he walked into the bedroom to see Eijirou, his sweet, gentle Eijirou, bound with a bottle shoved inside him and a name carved onto his back.

“Kats...please...take it out...please, it hurts, please,” Eijirou sobs, tears streaming down his face. Katsuki knows he shouldn’t touch anything with his hands since it would all be evidence, but he couldn’t let Eijirou be in pain like that.

He used a sheet to wrap around the neck of the bottle so he could get it out. What he didn’t expect was the screams of pain and anguish the removal of the bottle brought from Eijirou. There’s blood, more blood than Katsuki could have expected. He doesn’t touch Eijirou anymore as he calls the police. The kid had passed out again anyway.

The police work quickly to get Eijirou to a hospital and Katsuki goes with him after giving the short statement he could. He heard doctors saying it was lucky Eijirou didn’t have worse physical trauma to his rectum than some slight tearing and bruising and the cuts on his back weren’t too deep. But Katsuki knew he was not lucky.

It was his fault Eijirou had been left alone and without any help. He had really thought no one would think to go after him. He had let his boyfriend down and now he was hurt. He had let him get hurt. And then, he had had to hurt him just to try and help.

There are a few things that Katsuki Bakugou does not, or did not until the last four months, do: 1) date guys, 2) take people on tour with him not necessary for the tour, and 3) cry. But as he holds and strokes Eijirou’s hand in the hospital he does cry. He cries hard. He failed him. He wasn’t there and someone had hurt him.

“I’m sorry, Eijirou. I’m so fuckin’ sorry,” he whispers brokenly over and over even though he knows he’s sedated and can’t hear him.

At some point, he hears Eijirou whimpering and crawls into the hospital bed with him, holding him close. Somehow, this soothes him and he relaxes into Katsuki’s arms. It was going to be a long time before Katsuki could admit what he realized that day, but deep, deep inside his heart, he knew.

He knew he was in love with Eijirou. And he was going to murder Tomura Shigaraki.

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Eijirou jerks awake in a cold sweat with a loud cry. He immediately feels soothing, gentle hands pulling him into a muscular chest and he relaxes at the familiar touch. It had been two months since... it happened and Eijirou would still wake up sobbing helplessly in the middle of the night. Tonight was no different, but at least Katsuki was there.

It wasn’t often that Katsuki wasn’t nearby when Eijirou had an episode. Whether he suddenly just started screaming when someone came up behind him or he had a breakdown in a random moment, Katsuki was always there to pick him up and soothe him. Eijirou knew he had been afraid that after...what happened, they wouldn’t be able to touch, but he craved the older man’s gentle touch now.

He knew he wouldn’t hurt him that way. He knew because Katsuki was different with him. The cursing lessened when he spoke to Eijirou and he never frowned at him anymore. It scared him a little that he had changed so much, but it was a comforting change. 

After he had his first panic attack from Hitoshi walking up behind him to talk to Katsuki, he had seen in his phone search history “how to help someone having a panic attack”.

The next time he had a panic attack, after a concert, Katsuki had laid on the ground with him and talked him through it, even showed him how to breathe. When it was over, Katsuki had held him and murmured soft, encouraging things in his ear, even praising him for working through it. It was a side of him that Eijirou had been surprised to learn existed.

He had even gotten a therapist, Momo Yaoyorozu, to travel with them and help him. And she did. She helped him talk through what had happened and understand that he wasn’t to blame. He had also seen Katsuki talking to her a few times when he was supposed to be resting. He always looked so upset as he talked and Eijirou wanted to protect him, to help him like he helped Eijirou.

As he pressed his wet face into Katsuki’s chest, he felt gentle hands stroking his hair and heard sleepy murmurs that soothed him. He loved this. How easily he fit in Katsuki’s arms and how gentle the man was with him. 

And he was being so patient with him. Even when Eijirou tried to start something, Katsuki would grab his face and look into his eyes to ask him if he’s sure. Katsuki’s always been big on asking for consent, but now it always makes Eijirou break down when he gets asked. Not because he’s upset, but because he knows no one knows this about Katsuki.

“Hey, you can get through this, baby. Tell me what you need now,” he hears the low, soothing voice of his boyfriend ask. He hadn’t even realized he was hyperventilating as he clung to him.

“I don’t...I don’t want to feel his hands anymore,” Eijirou whimpers out. It was a common complaint from him, but one he knew only Katsuki could fix. “Please, Kats...take his touch away. Please...”

“Eijirou, you need to concentrate on yo-”

“NO! NO! I don’t want to concentrate on anything! I want you to fuck me so I don’t feel so gross! You hate me, don’t you? You hate me because I let him...I let him...”

“You did not let him do anything, Eijirou. I do not hate you. You are not gross, you were hurt. I don’t want you to think you have t-”

“I DON’T THINK I HAVE TO! I WANT TO! I WANT YOU TO BE THE ONE I DREAM ABOUT, NOT HIM ! I WANT MY LIFE BACK!” Eijirou sobs, weakly punching at Kats’ chest. “I want you...please...please, Kats...fuck me. I want to feel you. Please.”

“Ei...” but he can tell he’s won him over. It’s dark in the room and that probably helps since Eijirou’s been crying for a while now, but he feels calloused fingers gently tilt his head up and the familiar lips press against his. They’d kissed a lot before, but it had never been so gentle. He’s still crying, but it’s okay.

Gentle, shaky fingers slide through Eijirou’s hair gently as they kiss. Slowly, the lips move from his and kiss along his jaw and down his neck. He lets out a soft, complacent sigh, his hand moving slowly down Katsuki’s body until he’s lightly groping him through his boxers. It makes him happy that he’s hard for him. He gently starts to stroke him.

He didn’t realize how much he liked the sound of Katsuki’s moans until this moment. The sound is enough to start arousing him as well. One large hand moves down his back, gently rubbing the place where the cuts have long since faded before slipping into Eijirou’s boxers.

The contact makes him stiffen and let out a soft sob. “Don’t stop. Please...I want this,” he whispers brokenly when Katsuki moves to pull away. “I don’t want to remember him...make me forget him.”

A soft, shuddering breath is the first time he realizes that Katsuki’s crying too. He leans up and kisses his cheeks, not minding the salty taste of his tears. It must hurt him so much for Eijirou to react badly to touches he used to beg for constantly. “I will,” he hears the usually gruff voice whisper as a finger gently strokes his hole.

Low moans and pants leak out of Eijirou slowly as Katsuki takes care to thoroughly prepare him. It’s like he’s doing everything in his power to draw a firm, thick line between him and...that man. He already knew his boyfriend was nothing like him, but it’s comforting that he’s being so careful.

Even after so much foreplay, Eijirou still feels tears rolling down his cheeks and he’s glad Katsuki can’t see them or might have stopped. His familiar, comforting weight being shifted so he’s on top of him as their boxers are removed and tossed to the floor makes it easier. Fear is suddenly gripping Eijirou, but he keeps himself quiet.

Slowly, Katsuki edges his way into Eijirou, listening for any sounds of discomfort or fear, but the man under him is unnaturally quiet. He leans down to kiss him when he’s all the way in and realizes he’s crying. 

“Ei? Do you want me to stop? We got really far, we don’t have to finish,” he said quickly, softening his voice. 

“No...please...fuck me, Kats. I want...I want your cum inside me,” he hears him whimper.

And Katsuki wants to fuck Eijirou. But what if this just makes everything worse. Momo had said that indulging Eijirou’s requests was alright if they weren’t detrimental. He had told her about the many times he had asked Katsuki to fuck him and she said to wait until he was sure he was being asked for the right reasons. What were the right reasons, though? He said he didn’t want to feel that rapist’s touch anymore, that he wants to forget him, but wasn’t that bad for him?

Eijirou’s insistent bucking decides for him. He can’t deny his boyfriend any longer. 

He kisses Eijirou gently, lovingly as he begins to thrust into him. He’s never been this gentle with anyone. He probably never could be.

The tears rolling down Eijirou’s face slowly stop and he starts moaning and whining like Katsuki remembers he used to. It comforts him enough to thrust a little faster. His baby doesn’t mind it at all, moaning louder.

“Keep going...I’m close...I’m so close,” Eijirou moans out, his body arching into Katsuki slowly. And he does as he’s asked, keeping the pace and listening to the sound of his boyfriend...his lover reaching his first orgasm in two months. The sweet sound is enough to send Katsuki over the edge as well, groaning loudly as he fills him with cum.

“Thank you...thank you...s’ good...” the redhead pants as Katsuki pulls out of him and cuddles him close. “I love you, Kats...” he mumbles, drifting asleep.

“...I love you, too, Ei...” comes the soft response once he’s already asleep.

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For a month and a half, Eijirou and Katsuki only ever have sex in the dark and as gently as possible, but now Eijirou’s missing how they used to do it. His panic attacks have lessened and he doesn’t cry when they have sex. The roughest he’s gotten Katsuki to be was when he bit the rapper first and got bitten back in return. It was fun and Eijirou came instantly when he was bitten back.

As bad as his therapist says it is to have an escapist mentality, he wants to go back to the way things were. He wants Katsuki to want him as often and in the same way as he did before. He’s not trying to ignore what happened to him, he just wants to not feel broken and for other people to treat him like he is.

Today, he has a plan. While Katsuki, Shinsou, and Tetsutetsu go do appearances and meetings, he convinces Denki to go shopping with him. Momo agrees to go as well and the new bodyguard Katsuki hired to protect Eijirou, Tenya Iida, follows along dutifully. 

Denki is giggling and skipping happily as they walk. Only he and Eijirou really know where they’re going: a lingerie store. Eijirou was going to seduce the hell out of his boyfriend if it was the last thing he did. And if he had decided to do that in women’s lingerie, who was going to stop him?

Momo tried her best when they first walked in, but he glared so hard at her that her protests died on her lips. Denki was very familiar with the store and leads him to the part of the store with full lingerie sets. Just looking at the lacy, skimpy clothes brings a blush to Eijirou’s cheeks. 

For about half an hour, he just looks through the different sets, unable to really think about wearing any of the underwear. Then Denki comes over with two sets and drags him into the fitting rooms with a grin.

“I found the perfect one for you!” his friend exclaims, grinning up at Eijirou as he holds out a slightly less revealing lingerie set made of silk. It’s all black with orange stitching and bows decorating it. Black and orange were Kats’ favorite color...

He changes into the lingerie in front of Denki, unashamed since, before the incident, they had watched each other get fucked so...this really wasn’t a big deal. He feels a little weird about wearing a thong, but it fits him well (he’s glad he wasn’t more well-endowed or it might have looked unattractive). There are orange bows on either of his hips, but he likes how pretty it makes him feel.

The top part of the set is a silk teddy that hugs his pecs in a way that almost makes them look like breasts which made him blush. The part over his chest has orange stitches in the shape of an X and there’s more stitching just under the bust part. The hem of the top is orange with black Xs all the way around. Denki, of course, also had a black garter belt with black and orange stockings.

Would Katsuki really like this? He certainly hoped so kinda made him excited to think of his boyfriend seeing him like this. He felt his cheeks heat as he grinned at his reflection; Denki was right, this was the perfect one for him.


Katsuki opened the door to his hotel room looking at his cell phone as he texted Hitoshi about one of his meetings the next day. He looked up as he shut the door and froze when he saw rose petals on the ground in a very obvious path. What on earth was that crazy kid up to now?

Slowly, he followed the path curiously and wasn’t all that surprised it led to the bedroom. What did surprise him was what was waiting on the bed for him. The sight of the lingerie alone was enough to make his head go fuzzy, but what Eijirou was doing made it even worse.

“Nnn...Kaaatttsss,” he heard him moan, watching the fingers pump in and out of his hole. Eijirou was in black and orange lingerie with the thong pulled halfway down his thighs as he fingered himself with his hips raised and his face pressed into his other arm. “Fuck...Daddy...”

It took a moment for Katsuki to realize Eijirou hadn’t heard him come in. This wasn’t just for his viewing pleasure, his boyfriend had put on lingerie and gotten so horny on his own that he was trying to get off. And it was so hot . Hot enough for Katsuki to forget the tenor of their sex life for the past month and a half as he spoke.

“What a little slut...getting off all alone?” he growled, walking to the bed.

Eijirou squeaked, slightly raising his head to look at Katsuki with a dazed expression. “I can’t, Daddy...I need your cock. Please, Daddy, please,” he moaned, removing his fingers with a wet schlick sound and reaching back with both hands to spread his cheeks.

Katsuki had never been so aroused in his life. He didn’t even bother to completely undress, just undid his pants and pulled them and his boxers down before kneeling behind Eijirou and pushing into him slowly with a low groan. He had almost forgotten how good it felt to fuck his boyfriend like this.

Eijirou, for his part, was whining and moaning as he thrusted into him, his back arching heavily. Katsuki reached forward and grabbed his hair, pulling the slightly smaller man up so he was flush against Katsuki’s chest as he was fucked. His face was red and his eyes were slightly crossed as he moaned with his tongue hanging out.

It nearly made Katsuki cum just to see that expression. He had missed seeing his boyfriend so into sex. He was thrusting hard and deep into him, earning loud cries of pleasure every time he bumped his prostate.

“You gonna cum? Huh? You gonna fuckin’ cum like the whore you are? Who’s whore are you? Who makes you feel so good?”

“Daddy! Daddy fucks me so good! I’m Daddy’s whore! Please, Daddy! I’m so close! Daaaadddyyyy!” he squeals before his whole body starts spasming and his cock twitches out a small amount of cum. He never came a whole lot, but he got more pleasure from his dry orgasms anyway.

Katsuki groaned as he continued thrusting into Eijirou, even as he came. “Yeah, really wanted Daddy’s cum, huh? You like feeling it all inside you?”

“I do, Daddy,” Eijirou panted breathlessly. “I want Daddy’s cum...I wanna have Daddy’s baby. Daddy, breed me...” he mumbled, thoroughly blissed out and not even realizing what he was doing to Katsuki with his words.

Katsuki moved without thinking, pinning Eijirou back to the bed with his face in the mattress before he started pounding into him. The redhead’s squeals of delight only encouraged him further. Fuck, he would fuck Eijirou until he was pregnant, even if that wasn’t actually possible.

It was three hours before Katsuki passed out, still hard inside Eijirou who had lost consciousness nearly an hour before. Once he got it into his head that he wanted to get Eijirou pregnant, he couldn’t stop. He’d think he was fine and rest for a little bit, cuddling, then the little bitch would incite him again . It wasn’t his fault Eijirou’s stomach had a cute little swell to it now, he had wanted that.

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“Yeah, he’s sick, too. I don’t know what they got into, but Ei’s been puking since he woke up and he says he feels tired,” Katsuki says to Hitoshi over the phone, rubbing Eijirou’s back as he retches again. “You and Denki didn’t go out drinking last night, did you?”

Eijirou shook his head miserably before throwing up again, tears streaming down his face. He hated being sick. But he was starting to get worried that this wasn’t just a sickness. 

He had been hiding his morning trips to the bathroom from Katsuki for two weeks now, but this morning it had been worse. And apparently Denki was sick, too. Not that he was surprised since he’d spent most of the previous day talking to Denki about this only to learn his friend was getting sick in the mornings too.

It had been two months since he and Katsuki had started getting back into having sex regularly. Eijirou was ecstatic, but after about a month, he started feeling different. He had ignored it until he started throwing up. What if he had some disease? What if he was dying? He had to make sure Kats never saw this again. He didn’t want to worry him.



Fuck these jeans. Fuck them straight to hell. Why wouldn’t they fit? Eijirou felt hot tears filling his eyes as he tried unsuccessfully to button them again. They were supposed to be going to a new location today and he couldn’t even dress himself. He let out a frustrated sob, ripping his jeans back off and throwing them to the ground.

He knew his hips had gotten wider and that there was a softness to his stomach, but for his pants to not fit was the last straw. He sat on the edge of the bed in his boxers and t-shirt, burying his face in his hands and crying. Why was his body changing? This wasn’t fair! If he wasn’t eating, he was crying or horny. They had originally been slated to fly back to Japan a week ago, but had extended the tour instead.

“Ei! You ready?” Kats called from the front of the suite. Eijirou quickly dried his tears and grabbed a pair of sweats from his suitcase, pulling them on and putting the jeans back in his suitcase. 

“Yeah! I’m coming!” he called brightly as he zipped the suitcase and put it on the ground to pull along behind him. 

The trip to the airport was uneventful except that Denki was trying to hump Hitoshi in his sleep. Their last plane ride was routed out of a big airport instead of a private one like they usually did. And of course their driver took them to the wrong end of the airport. There wasn’t really any reason to get him to drive them to the other end when it would probably be faster to just walk. 

Before going through security, they decided to walk across the airport despite both Eijirou and Denki whining about the long walk. At first Eijirou didn’t think anything of it really beyond wanting to be spoiled. The longer they walked, though, the more light-headed he felt. He hadn’t eaten that morning because nothing sounded good and not the night before because he’d felt a little nauseous. He told himself he’d be fine and just eat on the plane.

As they got ready to go through the checkpoint, Eijirou heard his blood rushing in his ears and was walking to the metal detector when his vision rapidly narrowed before going black as he heard Katsuki yell his name.

Katsuki’s at Eijirou’s side immediately, his eyes wide as he immediately picks him up. “Eijirou! Eijirou, wake up!” he yells, unable to regulate his voice in his panic.

It’s only a few seconds before his eyes flutter open and a hand goes to his stomach. Is he going to be sick? Is something wrong? Katsuki can’t tell because his attention goes to where Hitoshi is catching Denki who just passed out as well. He makes eye contact with his manager and nods as he stands with Eijirou in his arms. They’re going to the hospital.


“Pregnant? How? They’re guys,” Katsuki yells at the doctor, his hands running through his hair. He’s doing better than Hitoshi though since the purple haired fucker isn’t even able to talk after finding out Denki is pregnant with twins. Tetsutetsu looks like he’s not quite understanding what he’s being told. Katsuki is the only one able to talk.

“It’s been showing up recently. Certain men, always gay men, able to get pregnant,” she says calmly. “Humans are evolving to make it possible for any couple to have children.”

Katsuki doesn’t want a kid. At least...he didn’t . Granted he had never thought he’d get the chance since he was gay. The thought of Eijirou growing with his child...a warm feeling filled his chest as he looked through the window into the room Eijirou and Denki were sitting in hospital beds in, eating.

“Once they’ve eaten, we’ll let you tell them since we assume you all helped make these babies, then we can do ultrasounds. They’re both far enough along for use to be able to see the genders,” the doctor continued, smiling before leaving them in the hallway.

Fuck ...babies...” Hitoshi whispers after a long silence, leaning his head back. “That’s...better than what I thought was wrong, but...I don’t know that Denki knows how to parent.”

“It’s a good thing he has both of us, Toshi,” Tetsutetsu says softly. “And Kats looks thrilled.”

Katsuki hadn’t realized he was smiling as he thought about Eijirou being a dad and glares at him. “Ei will be a good dad,” he says confidently, nodding.

When Eijirou and Denki finish eating, all three men walk in and sit around the room, watching them quietly. Katsuki is trying to think of what to say first since they’d decided he would be the one to tell them. He opens his mouth to talk, but is interrupted by Eijirou.

“Are we really that sick?” he asked quietly, tears wobbling in his eyes. Wide-eyed, Katsuki looks between him and Denki, who also looks like he’s on the verge of tears.

“You’re not sick,” Katsuki says, frowning slightly at the idea that Eijirou would even think that. “You’re pregnant .”

“No, we’re not,” Denki and Eijirou chorused, staring at Katsuki in disbelief.

“You are,” Katsuki says, smiling despite himself as he stands, glancing at Hitoshi and Tetsutetsu who both nod seriously. “C’mon, we’ll show you.” He helps Eijirou up out of the bed and into his clothes as Hitoshi and Tetsutetsu do the same for Denki. 

Naturally, they’re separated to get their ultrasounds, but Katsuki prefers that. He wants to be the only to see their little baby with Eijirou.

Eijirou only manages to stay calm in this situation because Katsuki is so calm. He grips his boyfriend’s hand, watching the technician put cold gel on his stomach before starting the search for this baby that has apparently been growing inside him. He’s still dubious about this whole thing until he sees it.

It’s small, but it’s very clearly a baby. Eijirou’s eyes are wide as he watches the baby wiggle slightly and is surprised he hadn’t felt it move like he does now. If he had, he probably would have thought it was a figment of his imagination. But...that’s his baby. The baby he made with Katsuki.

“Well, it seems you two will be welcoming a little girl in a few months,” the tech says, smiling up at them. Eijirou can’t stop the smile spreading over his face as he imagines Katsuki with a daughter, their daughter. He looks up at Katsuki and nearly laughs at the stunned, but proud look on his face and feels a pang of love at the tears sliding down his cheeks.


Because of the delay in actually flying out, they had had to cancel several events, but Katsuki didn’t care, his mind was working. He hadn’t had a song come to him so easily and fully in years, but on the plane ride he had written out all the lyrics and even started working on the music. He got up during the flight to get his guitar and started working on a melody. 

The song wasn’t rap in any sense of the word or even hip hop which was what people expected from him, but he was putting his heart into the song. He didn’t sing the words aloud as he worked with his guitar, wanting it to be a secret for Eijirou. He glanced at his sleeping boyfriend and smiled to himself.

When they landed, he did a press conference because it had spread quickly that Eijirou and Denki had passed out in the airport. The rumors for why this happened ranged from XXXPlosion using them to smuggle drugs and both men being deathly ill, but forced to carry on for the tour. They all made Katsuki angry so he wanted to address them.

Telling the world about men who could get pregnant and that his boyfriend was one of them was not something he wanted to do, but if he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to use his song. Once it’s over, he locks himself in a studio with his band, teaching them the new song. Kyouka, his drummer, laughs at how soft he’s being, but he doesn’t mind for once.


Eijirou is sitting up in the VIP box, rubbing his tummy like he’s been doing a lot since finding out two days ago. He’s never been so happy in his life. Katsuki’s concert is coming to an end and his band does the last song they usually do so Eijirou stands up to go down stairs, but stops when he sees a stagehand bring Kats his acoustic guitar while another brings a stool and standing mic.

“I’m sure a lot of you have heard in the media about the unexpected turn my life has taken. I know a lot of my fans aren’t exactly happy that I’ve gotten ‘domestic’ or whatever, but I can’t help what I feel. I wrote this song on the flight here after finding out that I was gonna be a dad,” Katsuki says, his face turned to the VIP box where Eijirou is sitting. “So this song is dedicated to my daughter.”

He steps back and sits on the stool before starting to strum his guitar before starting to sing. “Well I just heard the news today, it seems my life is gonna change. I close my eyes, begin to pray then tears of joy stream down my face.” The song is beautiful and has tears running down Eijirou’s face as he listens to Katsuki sing the song to their unborn daughter. He can’t see Katsuki’s face clearly, but he knows he’s crying too.

When the concert’s over, Eijirou practically runs to the band’s dressing room and tackles Katsuki in a hug. “I love you,” he proclaims, looking up at him with tears in his eyes.

“I love you, too, baby,” Katsuki murmurs before kissing Eijirou deeply, holding his body close. He breaks the kiss momentarily, smiling at him. “Always have and always will.”