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The A. B. C.'s

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Blue eyes opened to rough pounding on the door, his head whined over the hangover he had. He squished his face in discomfort trying to ignore it but it continued. He pulled himself out of bed before he walked over towards the door. 


“I’m coming. Stop banging.” The man called walking over to the door. He pulled open the door seeing two familiar faces looking up at him. He kneeled down instantly as the two ran into his arms letting go of the woman’s hands. “Abigail, Alexander.”


“Daddy!” The twins cried as they held him close. Castiel held them tightly before pulling back. He took in the two children’s black hair and blue eyes, Castiel pushed some hair out of their faces. Their hair unkempt, their clothes looked old. However, he could tell they could use a bath and needed to get their teeth brushed. Castiel hugged them again before he took notice of the woman at the door. Castiel stood looking at her, taking in the sad look on her face.


“Mr. Castiel Novak, correct?” The woman spoke, he nodded.


“Where’s Lisa?” Castiel asked looking around for her. “She is the primary caregiver. I only have them in the summer.” 


“Mr. Novak. I’m Missouri, with child protective services.” She started clearing her throat. “Abigail and Alexander were dropped off at a local fire station in hopes they would be taken into foster care.”


“Foster care?” Castiel held them close. 


“Your wife-” Missouri stated.


“We never married,” Castiel stated. 


“Your ex, she gave up custody of the children,” Missouri explained. “We normally find next of kin to take them, so you were the next in line.”


“What? She just...dropped them off?! How could she?! Where is she?” Castiel snapped. 


“No one knows. She left them with a note saying she was giving up custody of her children.” Missouri stated holding out the note as Castiel read it. It was just a note saying just that, with her signature.


“What the fuck.” Castiel cursed angrily.


“No, bad!” Abigail held his leg, he apologized to the five-year-old petting her hair as Castiel tried to call Lisa. 


The number you have called is out of service-


Castiel angrily hung up before he kneeled down to the children hugging them again before looking at Missouri. 


“If you choose to take them full time, you will be their primary caregiver. They will need to be enrolled in kindergarten-” Missouri spoke placing the bags inside they were given with their clothes.


“Yes, of course.” Castiel nodded agreeing. “I’ll enroll them tomorrow. I-I have an elementary school three or four blocks away, but where is she?! She just can't disappear like this!”


"I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do. Especially when she appears to have disappeared on her own accord." Missouri explained as Castiel cursed under his breath.


"She can't drop off the face of the earth!" Castiel snapped but when he realized this was above her paygrade. "...I'll enroll them tomorrow."


“Okay, We’ll be in touch then,” Missouri stated. “I’ll let you settle.” Missouri waved goodbye to the children as Castiel closed the door. He stared at his twins which were mini me’s of him. Looking up to him for guidance during this hard time. Did they even really know what was going on?


“Abi, Alex, why don’t we get you guys in a bath, huh?” Castiel kneeled down helping them out of their heavy coats. Castiel could tell the coats needs to be washed. Castiel walked them to the bath, getting them cleaned and washed like they should have been in the first place. 







Castiel brushed his daughter’s long hair as she munched loudly on a pizza he had bought them. Her long black hair was past her butt and was long and beautiful. Castiel softly brushed her hair as they watched some kids show. Both children’s clothes were washing so they wore one of Castiel’s t-shirts. Castiel brushed her hair with care, she would stop chewing when she felt a knot. However, she would go back to chewing once Castiel got it out. Castiel could hear them chew with their mouth open with little munches which Castiel had to admit it was cute. Castiel’s eyes slid over the two-bedroom home. Since he had them in the summer they never had much in the room. Two beds, some of their drawings on the wall, toys wasn’t really a room. The kids deserved a better house than this. 


“The pizza good?” Castiel asked as the kids nodded. “How excited are you to go to school? I am going to get you guys all signed up.” 


“No.” Alexander giggled. 


“No?” Castiel moved to tickle him. 


“Um, Imma cited.” Abigail started chomping on her pizza.


“That’s good.” Castiel kissed her. “I’m going to get us a bigger house.”


“And a doggie?!” Alexander stated as Castiel nodded. He got up to go get napkins to wipe their faces. Castiel eyed the liquor on top of the fridge, Castiel moved to take a swig before he put it back and grabbed the napkin. Castiel walked over to his children to clean their faces. 


“We should get you guys in bed, We have a big day tomorrow,” Castiel stated as the kids groaned but agreed. “Time to brush your teeth.” The kids giggled and ran towards the bathroom. Castiel happily followed after.








Castiel held his children's hands as they walked towards the kindergarten. Castiel had to wait until they were approved to start. They were vaccinated, all up to date. Castiel got them new clothes, got up early and made them lunches. New backpacks, their hair was brushed and done. New light up shoes. Castiel tried to get them to start with the other kids but nothing was approved till a week later. Most of the kids were already started and used to school but not his kids. 


“All excited?” Castiel asked as they nodded. “You guys have a nice teacher and will have so many friends.” Castiel walked the kids towards the classroom sixty-seven after getting his guest pass. Castiel knocked on the door which gained the attention of the teacher who stopped talking. The teacher walked over opening the door with a curious smile. Castiel paused seeing the young teacher, green dazzling eyes, stubble, and dirty blonde almost brown hair. His shirt was a form-fitting long black shirt with dark blue jeans, he looked more like a model than someone there to teach children. 


“You must be Abigial and Alexander.” The man kneeled down greeting them with a handshake. The kids got a big kick out of that, feeling like little adults before the man stood up again. “You must be Mr. Novak?” 


“Yes, and You’re Mr. Winchester?” Castiel asked as the man shook his hand, strong grip. 


“Nice to meet you, but please, call me Dean.” The man spoke with a dazzling smile. Castiel smiled but Dean was taken back a bit. “I’m sorry, I have this weird feeling I know you from somewhere.” Dean chuckled. Castiel lightly tensed. 


“I-I just have that face.” Castiel laughed nervously and Dean nodded accepting this answer. 


“Alright, come pick up the kids at one. There is a kindergarten pick up on the circle just to the leftover there. If you have any more questions please call the office and they will call the office.” Dean spoke before kneeling down to the kids. “Come on, we are just starting to trace our a, b, c’s. I saved you two seats together. Wanna say bye to daddy?” 


The twins turned and instantly hugged him. Castiel hugged his children who were nervous and scared but the second they took Dean’s hand and walked in. Dean walked them up to the front of the class. 


“Everyone, say hi to Abigail and Alexander. They will be your new friends.” Dean spoke as the kids all said hi. “I want you to be best friends and make them feel welcome. What're the rules?”


“No one plays alone.” The kids called as Dean smiled leading them to their seats. He then gets them paperwork for the ABC sheet. Castiel watched for a few moments before he closed the door and allowed them to have their first day at school. 








Getting home Castiel happily went for a shot grabbing his vodka bottle from the top of the fridge, he was craving a drink so bad. Whenever he had his kids awake, he avoided his drinking around his kids. He checked his watch, seeing he still had five hours to pick his children up and sober up before then. He took a couple of shots on his empty stomach, downing the shots with his chaser of sprite and vodka concoction. Castiel walked back to the bedroom to try to sleep off his shots. Needing to sober up before picking up his children, which he fell asleep rather quickly happy for his drinks. 








Castiel groaned as he heard his doorbell ringing, Castiel looked at his phone and cursed getting up and moved to his door. He overslept his alarm. Castiel went to grab his keys, opening the door the twins ran in happily hugging his legs. 


“Daddy!” The twins beamed as Castiel breathed in relief holding them close. Castiel kissed them so relieved glancing up he noticed their teacher holding their bags. 


“Mr. Winchester.” Castiel breathed standing embarrassed. “I-I didn’t mean to sleep through my alarm. I appreciate you dropping them off.”


“It’s really against the school rules for me dropping them off. However, I understand the changes in remembering the kids aren’t already home when you first take them to school.” Dean admitted. “And please call me, Dean.” 


“Thank you, did you want to come in. I felt so bad you drove all this way.” Castiel asked. 


“I shouldn’t.” Dean hesitated but Castiel insisted. Opening the door wider, Dean hesitantly walked in setting the bags near the door. Castiel moved to clean up the kitchen, which wasn’t messy at all except for his shot glass left on the counter. Which he quickly hid, Dean glanced around the walls at the picture. Mostly pictures of the kids which were on the bare walls but something on a shelf grabbed Dean’s attention which he reached up to hold.


“Well, I forgot to go grocery shopping. We’ll just order out.” Castiel spoke grabbing his phone to order some food. 


“Oh...that’s what why I know you,” Dean stated as he turned to Castiel who’s smile faded when Dean glanced over. “You’re that Olympic ice skater, Castiel Novak. I-I used to be a big fan.” Castiel blushed embarrassed as he took it from Dean putting it back. 


“I-I wasn’t that good,” Castiel started putting it back on the shelf. 


“Are you kidding, you were amazing! You were the reason I wanted to ice skate.” Dean lit up as he talked. Castiel went redder with each compliment. “Dude, could I get your autograph?” 


“I-I don’t have anything I could sign for you.” Castiel blushed. “But if you can bring something and I’ll sign it for you. Since you helped me out.” 


“That would awesome.” Dean lit up as Castiel scratched the back of his head. Dean was taller than him by a lot, and Castiel didn’t register that till now. 


“Well, did you want to eat pizza?” Castiel stated. “I have some coupons.” Castiel showed off the coupon as Dean chuckled. 


“I really should get going but...Raincheck.” Dean stated softly as he headed towards the door. “They have reading homework. Pretty much means you read to them. I had them pick up a book out of the library. They both have one but you can read one a day.” 


“Do I need to do anything?” Castiel asked. 


“Just do the reading. I will have them explain what they can about the book. Normally they get ‘It’s about a duck’ but it’s good to get them thinking about reading.” Dean confessed. 


“Okay, I will.” Castiel smiled as Dean gave him a soft smile back. 


“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Dean asked as Castiel nodded. Dean walked towards the door, Castiel let him out the door. Castiel turned to his kids happily pressing kisses to their faces. 


“Hungry?” Castiel asked as the kids shook their head no. 


“Mr. W. fed us,” Alexander stated.


“We ated all his chucken.” Abigail laughed. Castiel sighed knowing Dean must have kept them for a couple of hours after school waiting for him before bringing them home. 


“Well, daddy is hungry. So I’ll get you guys ice cream, how does that sound?” Castiel asked as Abi and Alex laughed happily. “Come on, get your shoes. I’ll help you put them on.” The kids giggled as he helped them into their shoes and helped them out the door. 










“Daddy! Daddy!” Alex called as Castiel held his head after a couple of drinks after the kids went to bed. His head was pounding after one too many drinks. 


“School. Got it.” Castiel got up struggling to help them get dressed, he realized how late it was and opted for just some pop tarts. The kids snacking on them as he walked them down the hall of the school. The school day had already started, Castiel walked over to the classroom which Dean was once again teaching. Castiel knocked on the door gaining Dean’s attention who was in the middle of teaching the class. Dean walked over as the twins smiled seeing him. 


“Mr. W.” The twins giggled running over to hug his legs. 


“Come on you two, back to your seat.” Dean hugged them before allowing them in. 


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be late. I’m just not used to-” Castiel tried. 


“It’s okay, believe me, it happens.” Dean laughed, Castiel looked like a mess. “The day is yours, go get some rest. Be back at one,” 


“Thank you.” Castiel breathed embarrassed and flustered. 


“See you, later.” Dean waved closing the door, Castiel watched for a few minutes before walking away. Castiel drove to the liquor store grabbing some more vodka since his supply was running out. Castiel got what he needed before he got home and opened the bottle. Drinking down harsh big gulps before heading to bed to watch some movies. 








Castiel groaned as he felt someone crawling on his bed, Castiel raised his head to see Abigail climbing into his bed. 


“Daddy? Sicky?” Abi asked as Castiel shook his head no pulling her close. He also felt Alexander move to climb on the bed with him. 


“All better?” Alexander asked as Castiel nodded weakly. He still was a bit drunk. Castiel heard his bottle clank next to him, Castiel turned his head seeing Dean was kneeling down to collect the bottle of vodka, Castiel had finished. Castiel looked up to Dean who gave him a slight glance before he passed out again. 









Castiel awoke to the smell of bacon when he heard a plate being placed on the side table. Castiel groaned with a hangover, Dean glanced over at him as he poured him some coffee. 


“Morning,” Dean stated. “How is the hangover treating you?”


“As good as it always treats me,” Castiel whispered sitting up as Dean handed him the coffee. 


“This should help,” Dean spoke as Castiel hesitantly took a sip. This...wasn’t just coffee.


“Ew, what is this?” Castiel asked. 


“You don’t want to know,” Dean stated. “It will help though.”


“Thanks,” Castiel spoke as he took another sip. 


“I’ll take the twins with me to school,” Dean commented. “Since I’m heading that way, and I’ll come to check on you after school when I drop them off.”


“You don’t have to.” Castiel choked. 


“I want to.” Dean shrugged. “Besides you got to sign my poster.” 


“Deal,” Castiel breathed trying to eat as Dean turned leaving his room without another comment. Castiel ate the meal before he laid back into bed before passing back to sleep. 









It was the first time he didn’t wake up with a hangover but he really craved his morning cup of booze. Castiel walked over to the fridge pouring himself a help himself to a shot before the kids came home. Just something to calm his craving for a larger bottle. Just a small shot. He heard someone coming up the stairs to his apartment. Castiel put away the shot glass as the door was unlocked. Dean opened the door as the twins came in, Dean turned to look to the kitchen seeing Castiel. 


“Feeling better?” Dean asked as Castiel turned to him. 


“Thanks,” Castiel admitted rubbing the back of his head. “I-I’m sorry you had to see me like that-I-I…” Castiel didn’t have an excuse...he had a drinking problem. He knew it. When he didn’t have his children full time it was easier to hide. Especially when he lived alone.


“We all got our demons,” Dean stated softly as he held out Castiel’s keys. Castiel paused before accepting them. “I borrowed them to let myself back in with the kids.”


“That’s fine. Thank you.” Castiel gave him a soft smile, placing his keys on the counter. Castiel watched Dean return to the kids' backpacks pulling out some place cards. 


“We are placing our letters on things that start with that letter,” Dean stated. “Like we have “A” so we place it on Apples, things like that. They have five cards each so if you don’t have that many A stuff that’s fine. Most people don’t have twins with double the homework.” 


“Thanks, I...really appreciate everything. For real.” Castiel stated before he smiled. 


“It’s the least I can do,” Dean whispered as Castiel pulled out his phone. 


“Well, I’m buying dinner, it’s the least I can do,” Castiel stated. 


“That’s sweet but... I need to get home. I haven’t gone grocery shopping so I have to feed my brother.” Dean admitted. “I’ve been sorta busy with school to do that.” Castiel realized Dean has been putting his life on hold for him, he should have realized how selfish he was being.


“Why don’t you go get him?” Castiel offered. “I owe both of you.”


“I-I couldn’t impose,” Dean stated blushing. 


“Please. It would make me feel ten times better.” Castiel offered before turning to the kids. “Would you like Mr. Wincester to stay for dinner?” 


“Yes!” The twins giggled happily as Castiel innocently turned towards Dean. 


“Sounds like majority wins.” Castiel beamed, Dean looked at him for a few minutes before he chuckled. 


“Okay, you win.” Dean shook his head. “I’ll go get my brother, but I’m buying the soda.” 


“Too late.” Castiel showed him the receipt for the pizza with soda. “Hope you like pepperoni.” 


“I do.” Dean chuckled as Castiel beamed walking him out. “I’ll be back in a moment.”


“You better be, you got twenty minutes.” Castiel teased as Dean gave him a smiled as he walked out.










Castiel heard a knock as he was giving his children some of the pizza that had just arrived. 


“Come in.” Castiel turned to the door just as Dean and his brother let himself in. Castiel took in Dean’s brother, maybe at most twelve. He had long hair and wore a black sweatshirt. He had headphones in which Dean tapped him to take out. 


“Sam, this is Castiel,” Dean spoke. “Thank him for buying us pizza.” 


“You don’t have to.” Castiel choked out. 


“Thank you, Castiel,” Sam spoke as Castiel offered Sam a pizza which Sam took with a thank you. 


“Sam, you’re welcome to sit with the kids on the couch or at the table.” Castiel offered, Sam moved to sit with the twins who happily started to talk to him. Castiel watched Sam interacting with the curious twins. Castiel handed Dean a plate that Dean took with care.


“Thanks, you didn’t have to pay me back.” Dean chuckled.


“It’s fine,” Castiel explained waving him off as they both walked to the kitchen table. “I think the twins enjoy your class.” 


“I hope so, I love my students. I hope to give them a good start into learning.” Dean admitted. 


“Hey, they keep telling me what homework needs to get done and I read to them nightly.” Castiel laughed. “They sure what to impress.”


“I’m glad you take the homework seriously. Sometimes people forget how important reading it.” Dean shrugged. “Sometimes people prioritize other things and sometimes you have to. So I do what I can from school.”


“People appreciate it,” Castiel stated. “I know I can.” 


“Thanks,” Dean admitted as Castiel gave a glance to Sam who was talking to Abi about the tv show they were watching.


“So does he live with you?” Castiel asked. 


“Yeah, He’s been living with me since I turned seventeen,” Dean stated, not adding more than that. Castiel wanted to be curious and ask for more. However, he respected Dean’s privacy and didn’t ask for more. Especially since Dean was breaking his share of rules helping Castiel out like this. 


When the food was eaten, Dean and Sam walked to the door. The twins tiredly getting ready for bed as Castiel opened the door. 


“Thanks so much for coming over,” Castiel stated. 


“Thanks for having us,” Dean stated back.


“Thank you, Castiel.” Sam beamed as he shyly hid behind his slouching since he was so tall. 


“Sam, come over anytime. They adored your company.” Castiel stated as Sam shyly blushed. “I will have to ask you to babysit one of these days.”


“Really?” Sam asked lighting up. “For pay?” Sam happy for the chance at making some money.


“Sam.” Dean shushed him.


“Of course.” Castiel chuckled. “You’ll be the first I ask.”


“Sweet.” Sam beamed.


“Alright, go out to the car, I’ll be there in a second,” Dean stated as Sam listened walking away. “...I don’t want to pry...and I might be a bit forward…” Dean looked down before speaking, Castiel tensed at the words...expecting to hear about his...addiction. “...If you need someone to pick up the kids for any reason, let me know. I can drop them off or even pick them up for school.” 


“T-...Thanks, Dean. I promise. I-I normally don’t drink that much.” Castiel swallowed about his lie, Dean gave a sad smile but said nothing. Castiel wasn’t sure if he bought his lie or not. Dean handing him his business card. 


“It has my cell on it,” Dean commented not judging him for his problems. “Use it when you need it. Any time of day.”


“Thanks,” Castiel stated. Dean turned to leave. “W-Wait, I didn’t sign your poster.” Dean turned back to look at him.


“Sorry, I must have forgotten it at home...Raincheck?” Dean asked with a soft smile as Castiel nodded. Dean turned without another word, Castiel watched him walk downstairs out of the apartment, Castiel watched him go before his children calling him had him turn away to help his kid get ready for bed.