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She sighed, her heart palpitating, as Lucy closed her iPad. Five hours of roleplaying had worn her out.

Not to mention dying and being revived.

It was odd- it was like she could feel The Wordsmith’s pain as that acid was injected inside her veins. Blood like lava and the world a mess of black and red.

That man- no, psychopath’s face still felt like it was staring her down. Eyes like daggers and a Cheshire Cat smile amount the painted in blood on his cheek. He was a villain, and that was his purpose. He wasn’t real. 

Then why does he seem real?

Fear like riptides surged through her veins. She had won the challenge, and he cackled evilly as he killed her and her ally Colleen anyway. A lullaby had escaped her lips and quiet tears had streamed down her face as she played a so-called “character”. And sure, her character was alive now, but she couldn’t ignore the sinking feeling in her stomach.

So she tried to sleep. Tried. But he was still there. Grin like a Pennywise gone wrong. Glimmer in his eyes like a glint on a- 


That syringe was still there, coming towards her, again, and she was strapped down, again, and Colleen was already dead, blood pooling from her neck.

I don’t want to die again! I don’t want to! I don’t-

Eyes shot open. A museum. An exhibit.

Where am I?