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Unwarranted Glorification

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Carl was, for the most part, very independent. He didn't rely on his mother and father for much, besides a place to live. They were overbearing more often than not. He had a curfew of ten o'clock; who the hell went to bed at ten o'clock at his age. He wished they were more like Enid's parents, she didn't have to sneak out of her window because she left through the front door, unlike him. She'd take him on adventures, insisting he needed to live a little, which she was right. If it wasn't for Enid, he'd be one of those kids that studied in his room all day.

Thank God for Enid.

"Carl." The teen heard a voice say at his doorway. Did he mention that he wasn't allowed to have his door closed? His mother didn't believe in closed doors, which was fucking stupid. Rick continued to speak, "Lori and I are goin' across the street to meet the new neighbor."

Carl held back the deepest eye roll on the planet. They were so nosey. They saw a moving truck about a week and a half ago, but have yet to see the neighbor attached to it. "They clearly don't want to be seen, I bet it's some old recluse who doesn't want to be bothered."

"Even so, it's polite."

"Dad, what's more polite than giving someone the space they clearly desire?"

Now Rick looked like he was ready to give the eyeroll of the century, but he held back. "I came here to ask if you wanted to join us." He sighed, already knowing the answer.

"You know I don't want too." Carl snorted, picking his comic book back up.

"What if they have a son you can hang out with? You only ever hang out with girls Carl, maybe if you-"

"Wha-?" Carl interrupted Rick. "What is that supposed to mean? What's wrong with hanging out with just girls?"

"Nothing, Carl. Enid and Beth are great, but don't you want a best friend that's a guy? Like me and Shane."

Carl frowned, "Mom put you up to this didn't she? She's been promoting this 'Carl is gay' bullshit for a year now, don't try and deny it. What makes me gay?"

"Carl, language!" Rick said sternly. "She just thinks it's odd that you don't have any interest in dating, or hanging out and… just being a guy. Carl, if you are, you can tell me." Rick's voice was softer than normal.

"How did a talk about visiting the neighbor end with questioning my sexuality?" Carl deflected. He crossed his arms an all too real sign that he was holding his ground on this one and didn't want to speak anymore.

"Okay… I'm sorry. It's just, your mother worries." Rick sighed, "We'll be right back, okay? "

Carl nodded, picking up his comic book once more.

He hated the way his parents saw him, but at the same time their stupid conclusions had lead him to question his sexuality on multiple occasions. Enid and him kissed on multiple occasions, even going as far as making out and grinding against each other, but they harbored no feelings towards each other in a romantic capacity. Sexual? Maybe. But he didn't want to waste his first time having sex with a girl that he wouldn't be with. And he still wanted to see what guys were like, once he found some. They lived in a smallish town and he didn't know how to pick up a gay guy.

Carl himself considered himself straightish, possibly bisexual? Whenever he was attracted to a guy, he was older than Carl. The teen hated this fact about himself. It made him feel like he had daddy issues, which he didn't…at least he doesn't think he does.

His focus on his comic was pulled away by the variety of voices he heard outside of his window. He recognized his mother's and father's voice, but then there were two that he had never heard before. Carl got up, going to his window and peeking through the blinds. Across the street was a grey haired man with a widow's peak that made Carl crinkle his nose in disgust, not to mention the caterpillar of a mustache that adorned his top lip.

The teen's eyes shifted to the man next to the ugly one and he felt his cheeks grow hot. This man looked like God's gift to Earth. His hair was slicked back neatly and a wife beater fit tight around his torso. He was sweaty from what Carl could tell. He probably worked out.

Carl found himself staring with a goofy smile. Maybe he should have went to meet the new neighbor.


That night Enid came by to whisk him away in the night. She was able to sneak them into a bar, which she always managed to do, so it was no surprise. The two loaded up on shots that kept coming their way from creeps that would flirt with Enid. Carl couldn't complain though. The liquor left an awful taste in his mouth, but the silent victory each shot held over his parents washed away any undesirable taste.

"You have yet to ask me what we are doing at this particular bar on this glorious Friday night. " Enid said enthusiastically.

"We come here almost every other night, Enid." He quirked a brow at his friend. This, for some reason, earned him a thump on the back of the head. "What the hell?"

"Listen, there's a gang in our boring ass place. I heard they hang out at this bar on Fridays."

"A gang? Why would they move here?"

Enid rolled his eyes, "I mean...I dunno, but anyway, Beth saw them riding motorcycles down the back roads. She said her dad almost called the cops from all the noise they made driving passed their farm."

"So, we're here to see… bikers? " Carl said slowly. This wasn't Enid's dumbest idea, but it wasn't her smartest either.

She firmly grabbed Carl's shoulders, shaking him, "Hot bikers Carl!"

"Who says they're hot?" Carl put his hands on her arms to stop her dizzying movements.

"They're bikers, that puts them in the ranks of hotness already."

"Wait… are we talking about like...long bearded bikers? Cause that's…" The teen scrunched up his nose in distaste.

"Oh shut up. You should be happy. Maybe you'll finally get some dick. " She teased, sticking her tongue out.

"Enid, I doubt I'll find a biker interested in me. Underaged me." Carl snorted, glancing towards the door. There was a bit of anticipation building now. He didn't know why, but he wanted to see them. The teen found the concept so interesting.

Another hour passed and not much happened besides Enid getting tipsy as all hell. She wasn't too drunk because she was still very much coherent.

Carl sighed and stood up off the barstool, helping his friend by letting her lean on him. By this point she was a giggling mess and whispering filthy things in Carl's ear to get a reaction out of him.

Carl rolled his eyes with a blush covering his face and neck. "Next time I'm stopping you at three drinks."

"Three..s'barely enough to get a buzz." Enid slurred loudly.

Carl turned to tell her to be quiet, only to walk into someone else. Enid bumped into someone too as a result.

"Woah kid, you wanna watch where you're going?" Carl heard a voice say above him. He looked up the man's chest, past his leather jacket and his red scarf, to see his neighbor standing before him. He opened his mouth and closed it, not knowing what to say. He could faintly hear Enid slurring out something about the biker's being here.

"Shit don't look 21 to me, and neither does your babbling broad over here." The man got down in his face and grinned. He was so close that Carl could smell the cologne he wore.

"I-I'm seven…" Carl started, "Seventeen I mean!" He corrected when the man started to laugh. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Why did he tell him his real age? On a side note, the man looked really good. He was in kissing distance...Carl was getting way ahead of himself.

“Look at those pretty fucking eyes. You seein’ This Simon?” Suddenly the ugly man was in Carl’s face and Carl winced.

“I prefer brown eyes. You know that Negan.” Simon shrugged as he pulled back.

Negan? That was a weird name. Fitting though.

“Are you kiddin’ me? He’s got them eyes like that pretty little thing that lives across the street from me.” Negan grinned, “If I were a girl my panties would be soaked from how that country boy was lookin at me.”

Carl’s face turned red. Was he talking about his dad? The teen clenched his jaw, disappointment filling him at a rapid pace.

“Rick? The married guy?”

“Rick?” Enid slurred, a grin forming on his face, “Carl, Negan wants to fuck your dad.” She grinned and Carl thought he couldn’t get any redder.

“Shiiiit.” Negan laughed, “I’m sorry, kid. I didn’t mean to say all that shit in front of ya. Hey, don’t tell mommy. I don’t want to feel the wrath of a jealous woman.”

Carl felt jealous and humiliated and he barely even knew the guy for a full day. Imagine the guy you liked having a hard on for your dad. “I-I need to get home.”

“Alright, kid.” Negan moved out of the way, “Tell Daddy Rick I need my pipes looked at, he said he’s pretty handy. I hope he’s handsy too.”

Carl felt like he could vomit just from Negan’s sense of humor about the situation. This wasn’t funny, this was mortyfying and Negan was being a fucking asshole.

“Whoa, kid-” Negan started as Carl pushed past with Enid in tow. As he pushed through the door, Carl heard Negan chuckle deeply he could practically hear the shit eating grin in his laugh.

“He wants to fuck your dad?” Enid found this hilarious. She was on the floor, holding her stomach as if it were about to bust from laughter.

“Enid it’s not funny. He’s over there right now.”

“You actually told your dad that Negan needed help with his ‘pipes’”

“No! Fuck no, Enid! Negan came over here and asked early this morning.”

“Damn, I bet he’s fucking your dad right now.” Enid went over to Carl’s window, peering out at Negan’s house.

“Enid, stop. I swear I could slap you sometimes.” Carl laid back on his bed, putting his pillow over his head.

“Oh baby, what’s stopping you?” Enid grinned, looking to the other before going to the bed and straddling his hips. “Guess who knows where the saviors hang out.”

“We were already at the bar last night, Enid.”

“I mean where they meet and carry out their evil deeds; they’re a gang after all.”

“What do they do in this hangout?” Carl lifted his pillow to look at her.

"I don't fucking know. That's why tonight we go see." His friend grinned.

An odd feeling settled in Carl's stomach. He knew they shouldn't go. These men could be dangerous, but there was no talking her out of this. She lived for this. Admittedly Carl did too, but that didn't mean he didn't worry sometimes.

"They won't even see us, Carl. Stop being a little bitch. I can see it in your fucking face that you're trying to talk me out of it." Enid smirked, rolling her hips down against his.

"Enid, the doors open and as much as my mom would love to know that I'm not fully gay, I'm sure she'd hate to see me doing anything remotely sexual." Carl rested his hands on her hips to stop her movements.

"Boo, you're no fun." Enid teased as she climbed off of him to lay beside him. "Let me dress you up tonight."

"Why? What's the point if no one will see us?"

"We're going to the bar afterwards, Carl."Enid rolled her eyes. "I want to dress you a little your a badass. I think a badass look would look good on you. Nothing to crazy like but something hot."

The girl hugged him excited so tight Carl though he might explode.

“Okay,’s not that exciting.”

“You look hot, Carl. If Negan doesn’t fuck you, I swear I will.” Enid winked.

“Who said I want Negan?” Carl looked down at the combat boots and tight skinny jeans Enid put him in; not to mention the black bomber and white shirt, both of which were quite comfortable. He supposed he did look like a badass.

“Carl, There’s no fucking way that you don’t want Negan. He’s tall and handsome and overall the definition of a badass; he’s the leader of a gang for fucks sake.” Carl was blushing hard, because he did want Negan, The guy was hands down, the most attractive guy on the planet.

“Enid, He’s probably twice my age, and I’m seventeen.”

“Jailbait is hot. Criminals love the shit.”

Carl kept his doubts to himself. The old warehouse was now coming to view. As they approached, a sick feeling settled in his stomach. “No more than five minutes, Enid”

“That’s plenty enough time, babe.” Enid eagerly ran to to an open crack she saw in the door and grinned. “Holy shit.” She whispered quietly as Carl approached. It was then that Enid actually started to look a bit nervous.

Negan was inside, swinging a barbed wire bat that whipped through the air as if to practice. Carl could tell that the bat swung hard and heavy. His eyes shifted to a man that sat screaming into his gagged mouth. Carl’s eyes opened wide. “Is he gonna…?” Enid promptly shushed him. "Don't shush me, Enid. What the hell did you get me into."

Carl's eyes shifted to the men that surrounded Negan, recognizing one as the ugly man with the fading hairline. Negan was really in a gang wasn't he? Enid didn't just make that up for shits and giggles; this was the real deal.

"Here we gather." Negan paused to swing the bat again, this time with much more force. Everyone in the room was silent; waiting in the man's words. Negan seemed to relish in that fact, letting the silence go on more than necessary. "Wait...Simon, ain't that what you say at a wedding?"

Simon grinned, "Yessir Here we gather in holy matrimony-" Negan interrupted with a thoughtful, "Huh…" followed by another swing of his bat. "Well, Simon. You made me look like an idiot."

"Oh, I'm sorry, next time I'll know what you say before you say it." Simon chuckled.

"That is all I ask. Actually, maybe that would've worked like been ironic or something considered he won't get to marry his hot, very pregnant girlfriend." Negan laughed, leaning back as he did. "I'm so sorry little Asian man. I'm sure you would've been a great father, but not holding up your part of the deal is a no no. A big no no, boy." He walked towards the man in the chair that was squirming and yelling.

Carl felt his stomach twist uncomfortably as he listened. He hissed Enid's name only to be shushed by the girl in return. The teen lightly tugged at Enid's shoulder and she glared back at him. "Don't be an idiot Carl. This is scare tactics. He's not going to do anything-"

"Well, Enid, it's working and I'm fucking scared." Carl said before looking up in horror. Enid turned to see what Carl was looking at. Negan had the bat raised above his head and smashed it down as hard as he could. The crunch was sickening to listen to as it echoed through the room.

"Oh shit. Look at your eye. Popped right out of you fucking socket." The man in the chair sputtered incoherently as blood poured from his mouth, staining the cloth that was used as a gag. "What's that? I can't hear ya." Negan leaned in as if to listen before laughing as he pulled back."Oh shit boys, this is too much fun. My pecker would be hard as fuck if I were a sadistic fuck, but I'm not...I'm a reasonable man, with reasonable requests!" He shouted, commanding all the attention away from the disfigured man. Negan gave a sick grin before kicking the man tied to the chair down to the floor. "But do not cross me." He chuckled before swinging his bat down on the man repeatedly until it burst like a watermelon, blood spattering Negan and anyone in range.

"Does that look like fucking scare tactics, Enid." Carl hissed as the room inside the warehouse filled with silence. The girl was in shock, mouth hanging half open, eyes wide. "Enid, let's fucking go. Now!" He pulled her up before they heard footsteps on the gravel. Someone was approaching. "Enid." He whispered softly, tugging her along.

"Hey!" Someone called behind then and it seemed to wake Enid out of her shock because she took off running. "Some kids are out here!" The man yelled, alerting the others. The door slammed open and Negan's silhouette was backlight. Carl couldn't see his face, but he knew Negan wore a sinister grin. It sent chills up his spine just thinking about it. Luckily, it was dark enough that Negan hopefully couldn't tell who he and Enid were. Negan swung his bat up onto his shoulder, blood splattering everywhere in the process. Enid grabbed Carl's hand and took off running. A chorus of voices followed them, yelling and shouting and laughing like maniacs. Carl quickly pulled Enid into the forested area, nearly making her crash into a tree. "Fuck you, Enid for getting me into this!"

"This isn't the time or place to be having this conversation." Enid snapped, "Let's get outta here and then you can yell at me all you want." They ran until the men couldn't hear loud men anymore. They stilled for a moment to listen. There was nothing but the sound of crickets chirping in the night. "Carl, we gotta keep moving." Enid had tears flowing down her face; Carl figured his face resembled hers.

"I'm going to take you home, okay?" Carl said, trying to seem confident in his voice, but he knew that it fell flat, voice shaking at every other word. No way they could go to the police right? They should but Carl didn't want to. His dad would be eager to be in the case and Carl didn't want that. He watched as Enid nodded and they ran the rest of the way to Enid's house where she begged Carl to stay the night, but he declined. His parents would kill him for being out without permission. They have to sleep on it until the morning.

Carl made it back home without a problem. He sneaked back into his room and pull off his clothes. His heart beat hammered in his chest as he looked at his closed blind. The teen stood still as he heard a motorcycle pull up across the street. Slowly he made his way over, peeking through the blinds. Negan was just getting off of his bike and walking to his door. The man didn't even spare a glance in the direction of Carl's house; He did however stop for a moment at his front door, as if thinking about something, before heading in.

Carl's heart beat slowed as he relaxed a bit. Maybe he could call in the station and give an anonymous tip in the morning. Yeah. That sounded okay, maybe. There was no way Negan saw who they were.

With that Carl climbed into bed, falling asleep after tossing and turning most of the night.

Carl woke up to the sound of his dad and a vaguely familiar voice in the kitchen. The teen grabbed his jeans and a shirt, tugging them on tiredly. Carl slowly stepped downstairs, walking into the kitchen. He froze at the sight of the man that sat across from his father.

“Hey, Carl.” His dad turned to gesture across the table, “This is our neighbor, Negan. Negan, this is my son, Carl.”

Negan grinned, that wolfish, smug grin that made Carl’s stomach filled with butterflies; it also filled him with terror. “Well, hello Carl. It’s nice to meet you.”

“What’re you doing here?” Carl said before thinking and his father gave a disapproving look that told Carl to shut up.

Negan however just laughed, “I get it. All that teenage angst; angry at the world, I’ve been there.” All Carl could imagine was Negan killing that man, swinging the bat down, over and over and over. “I promise I’m not that bad. I even brought over spaghetti to thank your father for helping me with my pipes.” He threw Carl a suggestive wink when Rick wasn’t looking. The teen blushed at the hidden innuendo; almost like an inside joke between Carl and Negan.

“It was no problem.” Rick looked at the clock and stood, “I’m sorry but I have to get to work.” He said, grabbing his hat off the table and putting it on.

“No problem cowboy.” Negan made it very clear that he was interested as his eyes raked over Rick slowly. Carl and Negan both watched the blush that filled Rick’s cheek; he was more than a little flustered. Carl was both jealous and unsettled. “Oh, blue eyes, I forgot, you left your wrench in my bathroom. Must’ve been distracted on your way out.” Negan chuckled, causing Rick to blush even more. “I know you have to leave; maybe Carl can come over, grab it and return it to your tool box?”

“What, hell no!” Carl said, shaking his head, “Dad don’t-”

“Carl, stop being rude. Just go over and grab it for me, and it’ll take no more than five minutes.” Rick grabbed his keys, “Nice to see you again, Negan. And thanks for the spaghetti.” He then walked out of the kitchen, leaving Carl and Negan alone.

There was silence for a long moment as Negan looked him over before settling on his face. “Damn, you really do get those sweet blue eyes from your daddy. I could get lost in those eyes forever. Your mama is a lucky woman.” He said, smirking as he brushed passed Carl. The teen stood there in the kitchen, clenching his teeth. He was partly mad at himself for being attracted to this murderer, but also the fake that this man was severely attracted to his father. “Carl.” Negan called in a sing song voice, “Are you coming?”

Carl followed, slipping on his shoes at the door. Negan led the way across the street. Carl felt like he was entering the lion’s den. He was prey and the older man most certainly was the predator. When they reached the front door, Carl waited by the door. “I’ll wait here and you can bring it down.” He mumbled.

“Like hell you are.” Negan’s voice was low and intimidating as he dropped his friendly neighbor act. The teen visibly shuddered slightly and he looked at Negan. He wanted to stand his ground on the matter, but Negan’s stare slowly became more and more intimidating. He was actively trying to scare Carl with just a look. It worked because Carl found himself walking inside, hanging his head down low. He froze when Negan clapped a hand onto his shoulder, “Atta boy.” Negan said in his friendly neighborly voice. “How hard was that?” He asked in a whisper as he leaned down close to Carl’s ear, feeling the older man press against his back. This was anything but friendly, it was borderline seductive. Carl’s breath hitched as he closed his eyes. “Come on upstairs, baby blue eyes.” He said, walking upstairs.

Carl followed hesitantly. Negan couldn’t do anything to him now, right? His dad knew the last known place he was with Negan. No way. Did Negan even know it was him and Enid last night? Carl wasn’t paying attention and bumped into Negan’s back and ended up falling backwards. The older turned around and laughed, “Them blue eyes not working correctly?” Negan turned and reached out a hand to Carl. The younger stared up at the older who wore a sick grin. Carl looked at the hand that presented such a kind gesture, unlike last night when it took a human life. Carl reluctantly took that hand and Negan pulled him in close, pressing the teen’s body into his own with one tug. “You seem nervous, boy.” Negan leaned down so close that Negan’s beard brushed against his smooth face. He whispered into Carl’s ear, “Do I scare you? I promise I don’t bite baby blue eyes.”

Carl’s face was on fire. He felt like he could burst into flames right then and there with how much heat he was generating. Negan did things to his body that shouldn’t be happening. He admittedly wanted Negan to bite him, to whisper intimidating things like that to him. He had never been more sexually attracted, and scared, of someone in his whole life.

Negan chuckled softly as he pulled away and disappeared into the bathroom. He came back and presented the wrench to Carl.

“Thanks, I’ll see myself out.” He reached for the wrench and Negan grabbed his wrist, tightening his grip as the teen tried to pull away.

“You gotta a crush on me don’t you?” Negan said, “Is that why you blush so much around me? And you look hella jealous when I flirt with your sweet daddy.” He stopped Carl when the teen was about to speak. “Don’t even try to deny it baby boy. I can practically feel the raging hormones being thrown at me. Is your crush the reason why you,” Negan used his other hand to lift Carl’s chin to look at him. “Followed me and my boys up to the warehouse?” Carl tried looked away, but Negan held his chin in place. “What’s fucked up is that you saw me turn someone's head to a red slushie, and you still want me to slide my prick into your sweet little throat, don’t you?” Yes. Carl watched as Negan leveled with him, his face so close that Carl wanted to lean forward and kiss the older's lips.

Carl closed his eyes, “I won’t tell. Please, I swear I won’t.” He said, “I fucking won’t say a word.”

“I know you won’t, jailbait.” Negan grinned, “Because even if I get caught, I have men who will avenge the fuck outta me, boy.” He let go of Carl’s face. “And as much as I’d hate to see daddy Rick’s head get bashed in, I’ll have to tell them to do it. And they will. They’ll leave you alive; let you wallow in the fact that you caused that. I warned you, boy. And this is your only warning.”

Tears filled the corner of Carl’s eyes and Negan wiped a few as they dropped, “Send the message to your little girlfriend.” With that he moved away from Carl, leading the way back downstairs. As Carl stepped through the door, Negan grabbed his wrist once more. “We can be good neighbors to each other, Carl. I have no ill will. As you heard me say, I’m a reasonable man.” He let go of Carl’s wrist before disappearing into his house, slamming the door, leaving Carl to stand there. He was a bit shaken and embarrassed. There was no other option but to comply with Negan’s wishes.

Carl walked quickly across the street, slamming the front door. He pressed his back against it before he slid down to the ground. “Fuck…” He said tossing the wrench aside. He definitely was up shits creek. He couldn’t help how his face burned though when he thought about Negan being so close. ‘You still want me to slide my prick into your sweet little throat, don’t you?’
He cock twitched at just hearing that statement in person, but now it did again as he thought about it. He bit his lip, leaning his head against the door as he closed his eyes. He had a huge crush on the fucking murderer that lived across the street.

Later in the day, after getting off the phone with Enid, he took a much needed nap. He woke up three hours later when his dad called him down to eat. His mother was already in the kitchen, warming up the spaghetti. The teen sat at the table, looking to his dad. "How was work?" He asked, not really interested, but the silence was killing him. He needed something to fill his mind.

"Fine. Kind of busy. What'd you do all day? Sleep?" Rick teased as Lori approached with plates for Rick and Carl.

"It was so nice of Negan to make us this." She said, but it really didn't sound like she was too excited about it. Maybe she knew that Negan wanted to fuck her husband. It seemed like the man didn't care who knew about his attraction towards Rick. "You two seem to be getting along."

"Lori, I fixed his pipes. I hardly think that's enough to make us friends." Rick said. Carl still hates that word. Pipes. It had such a negative connotation to him now. He watched as his dad dug into the spaghetti, humming in satisfaction. Carl looked to his own plate, Envisioning last night when Negan bashed a man's skull into something unrecognizable. It reminded him of the saucy spaghetti that was in front of him. How was he supposed to live with himself knowing that Negan was a cold blooded murderer.

"I didn't say friends…he just seems to like you. I think he's gay. The way he looks at you-" Lori frowned as Rick interrupted her.

"Lori, you're being paranoid. And even if he was attracted to me, you know I'm not gay." Rick said.

"You certainly blush like you like it. You don't even blush like that around me." Lori mumbled, jabbing her fork into her spaghetti.

"Jesus Lori, do you really want to start this right now? Do you?" Rick raised his voice, "You have no reason to be jealous."

Carl reluctantly ate the spaghetti as he listened to his parents argue. This was a routine he was used too. He was sure they hated each other by now. Most nights they wouldn't even sleep in the same room.

"I just...tell him you're not interested." Lori said, "That's all I'm asking."

"Yeah, fine." Rick brushed it off with a sigh.

"Anyway, I have some news…" Lori seemed to perk up a bit. "I think I'm pregnant." She said, looking at Rick with a small smiled.

Carl gave a confused look to his mother. She seemed a bit uneasy.

Rick smiled, "Really? That's great news. Have you taken a test?" Lori nodded slightly. "I'll take you to the doctor in the morning." Rick reached for her hand, kissing the back of it.

Carl gave a small smile. Maybe this was the thing that would keep his parents together. He always thought that they were on the edge of divorce. This was good news after having a shitty day.


It'd been a week since Enid and Carl witnessed Negan commit murder and they were still shaken up about it. Enid wasn't her usual self. Parties, drinking and sex didn't seem to interest her. Her mind was clearly clouded with images of Negan's bat connecting with that man's head. Carl often woke up with night terrors now, yelling and jumping up out of bed sweating. His dad heard him a few times, rushing into Carl's room. He assured him that everything was fine. It wasn't though, him and Enid shouldn't have to live in constant fear of Negan. What if the man just decided one day just to off their families?

Carl walked home alone. Enid claimed she was too tired, but Carl knew she just couldn't bare being near Negan's house. Carl himself even hated that place.

As he walked to his front door, he heard his mother in the kitchen washing dishes. "Hey, mom. How'd the doctor's appointment go?" He leaned against the wall.

Lori turned, smiling brightly. "Oh, it went well. I just hope I get a beautiful baby girl. I've always wanted a girl."

"I'm sure you'll get your wish." Carl smiled back, genuinely happy.

"Oh, Carl." He watched her dry off the dish that the spaghetti was in. "Be a doll and take this over to Negan." What's with his parents and sending him over there? She saw the hesitation in Carl's eyes, "Please it'll only take about five minutes." Five minutes, was that the standard time adults like to spew to their kids?

Carl sighed, taking the dish. "I'll be right back." He exited back through the door that he had just come through and looked across the street. Back to the lion's den he went. He crossed the street without looking, hoping that he'd get hit by a car, but he had no luck. The teen walked up the driveway, making his way to the path that lead to Negan's door. Carl rang the bell, his hand trembling as here did. He was terrified. Who in their right mind wouldn't be?

After a moment the door flung open and a very shirtless Negan greeted him. Carl's eyes traveled down his chest, making his way down his defined abs before they followed the distinct V-line. "Should I say something cliche like If you take a picture it'll last longer." Carl quickly looked up to his face, a furious blush covered his own. "Damn, baby blue eyes, you get that blush from your daddy. How's my Rick doing by the way?" He grinned, Negan could feel the envy radiating off of the teen.

"He's not your Rick, and he's fine. He's having another kid with his wife that he loves very much." Carl clenched his jaw, holding the dish out for Negan.

"I'm okay with being his Monica Lewinsky." Negan grinned as he took the dish.

Carl gave a confused look, "What the hell does that even mean?"

"It means, I'll be his side piece, just like Monica Lewinsky was Bill's side piece. "

Carl frowned, starting to walk away.

“Hey, it’s rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation.” Negan stepped forward, pressing himself against Carl’s back. “I already told you that I’m not going to hurt you unless I absolutely have to, didn't I?” Carl shivered as Negan’s hand traveled up the back of his neck and into his hair, raking through his long locks slowly. “You know,” He leaned down and whispered into Carl’s ear. “If I were to get you on all fours and slide into you from behind.” He pressed against Carl a bit more. “You would look just like a girl. I could tug on these long locks of yours and get a good grip.” The older yanked Carl’s head backwards and Carl gasped, looking up at Negan. He felt lust swell up inside of him and he knew his eyes showed it. Negan watched Carl’s adam's apple bob as the teen swallowed thickly. Negan wasn’t hard by any means, but he knew Carl could still feel him through the thin material of his sweatpants. “You want me so bad don’t you? This is so cute. You are adorable, but you realize how fucked up you are? I ended someone’s life a week ago. And you’d still let me dick you down, wouldn’t you?” He chuckled before releasing Carl.

The teen tugged his shirt down, ashamed of how hard and turned on he was. “You don’t have to keep reminding me, ya know.”

“What? That you want me to fuck you into my mattress? Or that you watched me turn someone’s head into a bloody pulp.” Negan looked to Carl’s crotch and chuckled in amusement. “Teenage boys get so fuckin’ hard at the littlest things.”

“Fuck you.” Carl said as he walked away, making sure he was adequately covered.

“Thanks for returning my dish. I appreciate it Carl.” Negan shouted across the street before going inside of his house.

Carl stood outside his front door, willing away his boner. His mother couldn’t see that he was hard. Many questions would arise, probably none that she’d ask outloud, but it was embarrassing nonetheless. Plus, she wasn’t dumb, she could probably piece together that it was something to do with Negan seeing as he just came from over there.

He took a deep breath as he calmed down a bit and stepped into the house. He hurriedly ran up the stairs, even though his mother called to him. The teen murmured something about the bathroom and retreated into his room. “Fuck. What the fuck is wrong with me.” He groaned, falling onto his bed.

Later in the night Carl sent his time reading comics. His mother had left for some bookclub meeting or something. So it was one of those nights where his dad ordered in. Carl perked up however when a pleasant smell wafted into his room. He knew his father couldn’t cook to save his life, so when he heard the shuffle of pots and pans he was confused. The teen threw his comic aside and headed down the steps only to see Negan standing over their stove whistled to himself. He wore his mother’s apron and it fit snug around his body.

“Hey, Carl.” Negan grinned at the teen, loving the shocked expression on his face. “Your daddy told me the wife would be out tonight, so I pounced on him. I mean the idea of cooking for him. A hot meal is the best way to a man’s heart.”

“My father isn’t gay if you hadnn’t noticed.” Carl said, chewing the inside of his cheek. This man knew just what to say to piss him off.

“Everyone is a little gay, whether they know it or not. And your daddy is a sweet little bottom waiting for his top.” Negan laughed, “Mmm, I get hard just thinking about it Carl, kind of like how you get hard for me.”

“Is it your mission in life to piss me off?”

“No, but you should make it your mission in life not to piss me off.” Negan said in a serious tone. The way he could change his voice from friendly to intimidating in a matter of seconds scared Carl.


“Is what Carl?” Negan turned to look at the teen, raising his brows.

“That guy you killed.” Carl said quietly, “Did he piss you off?”

Negan took slow and deliberate steps towards Carl before they heard footsteps down the hall. The older stopped in his tracks and smiled as Rick came into view, “Alright, I’ll be right back.”

“Dad, where are you going?” Carl frowned, “You’re leaving a stranger alone in our house.”

“Carl, he’s our neighbor. Besides, you’re here.” Rick said.

“I can go get the beers Rick. I’d hate for Carl to feel unsafe with me around.” Negan smiled kindly before he removed his apron.

“No, no. Really, I’ll go and get it. I couldn’t cook whatever it is you’re making to save my life.” Rick shook his head and grabbed his keys off the rack. “I’ll be no more than-”

“Five minutes?” Carl rolled his eyes as he watched his dad throw him a glare.

“You be safe out there ranger Rick. I need all of you back here in one piece so you can enjoy my meat.” Negan licked his lips as he looked over Rick. The man blushed and nodded slightly before he left.

Carl felt like he could punch that smug smile off of Negan’s face. “Are you flirting with him just to taunt me?” His fingernails dug into his palms as he clenched his fists.

“I’m doing it,” Negan finally moved close to Carl like he had wanted to before, “because I wanted to bury my prick so far inside Rick that I’d have him seeing stars. Something that wife of his could never give him. I’d pound that sweet little bundle of nerves until he was begging me for more.” Negan chuckled at the face of disgust that settled on Carl’s face. “Don’t get me wrong, you are a cutie Carl. But right now I have a lust for daddy Rick. Maybe when I’m done with him, I’ll move onto you, literally.” He chuckled darkly before he put Carl’s mom’s apron back on. He took his position back over the stove, whistled once more as if nothing had happened.

"How can you be so casual about this? About me and Enid knowing…" Carl said, "Why don't you just kill us?"

Negan chuckled darkly, not facing Carl as he spoke. "I scared the piss outta you that night didn't I?" He paused for a second. "And you love your parents and you wouldn't let anything happen to them. I trust that you will keep me and my men from busting their heads open like a fucking pinata. It's the way it is, and you'll just have to live with that." Negan said with a taunting voice, "Congrats on your new sibling by the way. I can't wait to meet them." He finally turned around, a huge grin on his face.

By the time Rick came back, Negan was all done. He made everyone's plates before sitting down. Carl watched his dad hand Negan an ice cold beer and the other man gladly accepts. "None for your son?" Negan grinned, "He looks like he can handle a drink or two. You ever drink before Carl?"

"He's only Seventeen, Negan. And he wouldn't drink." Rick dismissed the idea. Carl's mind flashes back to the first night he'd met Negan and the bar. The teen squirmed nervously, looking down at his food.

"Aw, come on. It's boys night. Just a sip." Negan open his beer and slid it over to Carl but Rick intercepted it, sliding is back to Negan.

"I said no." Rick looked mildly annoyed at the man.

"Technically you didn't say anything that sounded like no, baby." Negan hummed, "But I am sorry for overstepping, you know I don't mean any harm." He rests his hand on Rick's shoulder, squeezing it gently.

"I told you to stop calling me that." Rick said, looking Negan in the eyes as he brushed the older man's hand off his shoulder.

"Oh fuck, I'm sorry. I get so in my head that I tend to call the pretty ones baby." Negan chuckled at the red tinted on Rick's cheeks.

Carl gritted his teeth and the display that was unfolding in front of him. He hated this. He hated Negan. Why would his dad giving this man so much leeway. Yes Negan was hot as fuck, but his dad didn't like guys and on top of that he's married to a loving pregnant wife.

"Wow, this steak tastes good." Rick said, humming thoughtfully.

"Why thank you. I knew you'd enjoy having my meat in your mouth, blue eyes. " Negan stuck a piece of meat into his mouth as he looked at Carl. His gaze darkened as he continued to stare at the teen. Carl could see something flicker in those brown eyes. He wasn't sure what. But it sent a chill up his spine. Negan's eyes shifted down to Carl's untouched plate as he swallowed. "You not hungry Carl? My cooking not good?" He leaned forward, placing his crossed arms on the table.

This caught Rick's attention, "Don't get offended, Carl is just an extremely picky eater." He said, looking to his son who was intently staring back a Negan. "What's going on here? Something happen while I was gone?" He was concerned, regretting leaving Carl alone with this man. What did he do to upset Carl.

"Oh, I have this ping pong tables set up in my basement. I bet Carl $50 he couldn't beat me. He's been in competitive mood ever since. If looks could kill, I'd be a dead man. I told him that I'm not the enemy, not yet anyway. But just you wait, ima get my hands around that handle and swing as hard as I can, nothing can stop me." He grinned "I talk a lot of shit, but I can sure as shit can fucking back it up."

Carl gulped and averted his gaze downward. Rick looked to Negan, "You do a whole lot of swearing. Not sure I want my son to be around you and pick up bad habits."

"How about I give you a few bad habits instead?" Negan caught his bottom lip between his teeth as he looked at Rick's flustered face. He was about to say something, probably to scold Negan's flirting, but the older quickly interrupted. "My sweet tooth is a helluva bad habit, so I thought I might share it. I have two cheesecakes in my fridge and one has your name on it Mr. Grimes."

Carl stabbed into the meat, eating it aggressively. Never in his life did he think he would be jealous of his dad. The teen wanted someone to pay attention to him just the way Negan did to his dad. Maybe that's why Rick let the flirting continue. It probably felt nice to have all of that praise being thrown your way. Lori surely didn't give Rick any praise. She hardly even flirting back, resorting to complaining about everything Rick did. That until she got pregnant, now she almost a joy to be around. Still, she didn't give out compliments to Rick like this. Rick half heartedly scolded Negan about the flirting all throughout dinner, but it didn't stop, and clearly he didn't want it too.

Carl stayed silent, looking up at the murderer who occasionally looked back with a knowing grin.


Over the next month Negan was a frequent presence in his house, especially after Shane was thrown into the mix. This "boys night", as Negan so affectionately called it, happened mostly during Lori's book club. This also was a period of time when Negan's flirting was nearly non existent. Carl chalked it down to Shane being there. However the flirting he did slip in seemed more direct and vulgar. It had no secret innuendoes that could be interpreted differently. His dad usually just elbowed Negan and roll his eyes.

In this time Enid made frequent appearances at his house, most of the time on "boys night". She was more shaken up after the murder they witnessed five weeks ago than he was. The teen wouldn't even cast a glance at the house across the street as if it were a monster that would snatch her up if she dared to look at it.

"Enid? Come on this homework is due tomorrow." Carl lightly shoved her. She was quiet all night.

"How can you be so okay with this? He's in your house constantly, trying to fuck dad and… and standing in your kitchen cooking you dinner like he's your third fucking Parent, Carl. He threatened our fucking lives! What about that do you not understand?" Enid was yelling now, loud enough that Rick heard and called up to make sure they were okay.

Carl ignored this and instead he said, "Are you fucking kidding? What do you want me to fucking do, Enid? Go back in time and make you not take me to the fucking warehouse?" Carl hissed, "I can't change this."

"You can stop your dick from getting hard everytime he casts a glance in your direction." Enid stood grabbing her things and headed towards the door. "Fuck you. Carl." She said as she opened the door only to be greeted with Rick. The teen looked at him in surprise before casting an embarrassed glance downward. She muttered something about going home and Rick looked to Carl for a moment.

"Okay let me drive you home. It's getting late." Enid nodded weakly before heading down the stairs with Rick.

Carl waited til they left before he headed downstairs where Shane was drunk, passed out on the couch and Negan was half asleep watching some reality TV show. For a second Negan actually looked normal sitting there, giggling sleepily at the woman yelling on the screen. Carl wondered what lead Negan to live the life that he did. The teen stared at him for a moment before the front door opened. Carl's mom raises a brow at him as she closes the door behind her.

"Hey sweetie. Where's Enid, she went home already?" She asked before seeing that Negan was still her. There was a soft scowl that adorned her face. If you blinked you might've missed it.

"Um, yeah." Carl looked to Negan as well, for a completely different reason than Lori was. "She was tired…" He said half-heartedly.

"He's always here. I don't know what Rick sees in him. He's loud, rude, a potty mouth." Lori shook her head, "And he flirts with Rick when I'm not around, and when I am."

And he's a psychopathic murderer. Carl thought to himself. He felt sick to his stomach as he remembered this fact. The teen could take one look at those dimples and forget anything the man has ever done that he's hated. It was borderline obsessive. Regardless, remembering that Negan called him cute made his cheeks flush with the deepest red they possibly could. He loved it. Carl loved the thought of the man touching him and talking dirty to him and pinning him down-

"Carl? Carl, are you listening?" Lori interrupted his train of thought. "Honey are you feeling alright? You cheeks are red. Are you sick?" She reached out a hand, touching the boy's forehead.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine mom. I just um...yeah, im fine." The teen assured, sighing softly.

It was then that Negan stood up, a bit wobbly on his feet. "Hey, Mrs. Grimes. Don't you look pregnanter. That's the cutest lil bump I've ever seen." Lori pulled her coat more over her belly as if Negan could hurt it in some way.

"I'm going to bed." Lori said before quickly retreating to the bedroom.

"That one is a feisty one. I can see why Rick likes her. Brown eyes and brunettes really are his type, huh?" Negan grinned, carefully making his way over to Carl. The teen clenched his fists, tensing a bit when the larger man stood in front of him. "Hey baby blue eyes." He slurred; Carl could smell the alcohol on his breath. "I'm really fucking drunk. You needa walk me home."

"Negan, you live across the street." Carl rolled his eyes, crossing his arms. "You can-"

"I don't wanna get hit by a car while I'm crossin' the street." He hummed, putting an arm around Carl's shoulders. He lead the way to the door, clumsily trying to unlock it. Carl watched, amused before helping the older.

They slowly made their way to Negan's house, pausing every time Negan lost his balance, which was a lot. Carl was ready to leave the older before he was pulled back against Negan's chest. "Not gonna come inside and undress me and tuck me into bed?"

Negan breathed down Carl's neck making him shiver in delight. The hands that ran up and down his sides made him melt into Negan's touch. He wanted those hands all over him. "Okay. " Carl breathed, leaning his head back to look up at Negan. He desperately wanted to kiss those lips. To feel that beard scratch against his face. He wanted all of it. Carl knew it was pathetic.

Negan led him up the stairs and to his room. Negan's room was surprisingly neat and organized. Carl shivered as his eyes fell onto the bat lying in the corner; cleaned and looking almost brand new. He glanced over to Negan who was already shirtless, his leather jacket and t-shirt discarded on the floor. He was know fumbling with the button on his pants, muttering soft curses under his breath.

"Carl. Help me." Negan sighed.

Carl sighed, brushing away Negan's drunk hands and unbuttoned the button for the grown man.

"Pull them down for me, baby boy." Negan hummed, looking down at the teen. "I can't balance for shit."

Carl complied, bending down to tug the pants off, all the while Negan used him for balance. He pulled his legs through and Carl pulled off the pants and throwing them in a random direction.

"Aren't you lucky this wasn't a no underwear day." He grinned as Carl stood back up. "You would've had a brief meeting with my prick." He watched Carl's eyes slid down to the front of his boxer briefs. They fit tight around him, leaving little to the imagination. "Pretty big, huh?" Negan ran his hand between his legs, grabbing his dick through the thin material and giving it a squeeze.

Carl watched intently, ashamed of himself. "I don't have much to compare it to." He looked away and his eyes landed back on the bat that laid casually in the corner, the murder weapon.

"Ain't she pretty? I have to admit, I didn't think you'd be more interested in her than my big prick, Carl." Negan sat on his bed, grinning, "Does she scare you? Make you wanna piss your fucking pants?"

"Only if it's in your hands." Carl admitted.

"Pretty baby, don't be scared of me." Negan said, pulling the other closer, opening his legs so that Carl stood between them. "How many times do I have to tell you that I'm a good guy?"

"You don't seem like a good guy." Carl frowned, looking down at the bulge that filled Negan's underwear. Why'd he wear them so tight? And is he hard, or is his dick really that big when it was soft?

"You wanna touch it?" The older purred, breaking the short moment of silence. "You wanna touch it, baby boy?" He repeated, though it came off as more of a statement the second time. "I want you to. Give it a good little squeeze for me."

"Stop it." Carl said angrily, "You don't get to threaten me and flirt with my dad and flirt with me! It doesn't work like that! You're fucked up you asshole!" Carl tried to move from between the man's legs but Negan held him in place. The teen gulped when he saw these serious look on Negan's face.

"Baby blue eyes, are you absolutely sure that's the way you want to talk to me?" Negan asked in a low tone but a playful grin played on his face after a moment, "Because I sure as shit don't like the way you're talkin' to me."

"Fuck off. You-" The man suddenly grabbed Carl's face, bringing it down to his level. He shut his eyes, afraid of what was to come.

"I like you Carl. Does it get heavy?" Negan asked vaguely. Carl gave him a confused look. "Ya know, carrying those big, huge balls of yours around."

Carl sneered, yanking himself away from Negan's grasp, "Why can't you leave me alone? I already told you I won't fucking tell!"

"Woo! Baby boy, you get that blush from your daddy, but you get that fiery feistiness from your mama." Negan chuckled, "Meet me at the warehouse at 11pm. And let's skip these threats, pretend you already know what's going to happen if you don't show up." Negan moved to settle into bed, pulling the covers over himself. "C'mere, lemme give you a goodnight kiss."

Carl clenched his jaw, but still approached. He leaned down a bit, blushing already, partly from his angry outburst. He watched Negan press two fingers to his lips, kissing them before placing the on Carl's lips. "Goodnight, baby boy. Think of me when you have your dick in your hand tonight." He said in a way that made Carl's dick twitch with excitement. Negan dipped his fingers into Carl's mouth. The teen was somewhere in between biting them and sucking on them, savoring the taste of the older man's intruding fingers. All too soon, the fingers left his mouth, "Go run home now, you have a long night ahead of you tomorrow."

Carl frowned, feeling defeated. He supposed as long as Negan lived across the street he'd always be defeated. Negan always won; he would win. The teen headed down the stairs and out of the house.

Carl didn't go to sleep thinking of Negan in a sexual way, but rather, what was going to happen at the old warehouse tomorrow night. How could he sleep tonight? Negan probably did this on purpose, to keep Carl thinking about him. To be afraid all night and morning.

It worked like a charm.


The next morning came all too quickly. He was already dressed and ready for who knows what. It was nerve racking. He wanted to forget all about tonight but he just couldn't. Negan was probably going to kill him.

The teen stood, looking out of the window at Negan's house. Now he felt the intimidation that Enid was feeling before. Carl didn't want to feel this way. He stood, pushing the feelings back down. He couldn't let Negan see that he was afraid anymore; it gave the man too much power over him.

Carl went about his day as normally as he could. Negan didn't even show up to flirt with his dad. In fact, it didn't even look like Negan was home. Neither his car or his motorcycle were in the driveway. How were they both gone?

"A quiet, Neganless house." Lori walked by his door, "Isn't it great, Carl?" She called as she made her way downstairs.

Carl wasn't sure if it was a good thing. What was Negan doing when he wasn't being watched? He could be up to anything. Part of Carl would rather him be in the house where he can be seen at all times. Not because he was attracted to him, in fact, Carl felt his attraction to Negan slowly declining. At least he thinks it is.

By the time night rolled around Carl was sneaking out of his room and to the old warehouse. There was a slew of motorcycles parked out back. He also spotted Negan's motorcycle and car. He saw that the opening that he and Enid had peeped through before was closed off. He had no way of knowing what exactly was on the other side of this warehouse door.

He knocked twice and the door swung open. Negan greeted him with a sly grin. "Baby boy! I didn't think you'd make it." He said, moving aside for Carl to enter. The older man threw an arm around Carl's shoulders, leading the way. "We decided to do this further back in the warehouse. Last time we just got a little too excited about the new place." He said.

"What are you talking ab-" Carl stopped talking as Negan opened the door to reveal a man tied to a similar chair the guy before was in. He had bright red hair and a glare that could kill. "Are you…y-you're gonna…"

"Kill him?" Negan laughed as one of his men handed him the baseball bat. "You like Lucille?" Negan pointed the bat at Carl, causing him to flinch. "I saw you eyeing her when you came into my room baby blue eyes. She's real pretty and likes attention." Carl felt the bat press harder into his face. The barbed wire dug deep into his skin as Negan dragged it along his cheek. He felt blood trickle down his face, sliding down his neck. Negan then turned the bat so Carl could grab the handle.

"I brought you here to kill him."