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I'm Here For You...I Promise

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That..really friggin’ hurt!..

You sit up slowly and grab your hea- owwwww! That stings! You notice on your hand, there is some blood on your fingers trickling down to your palm. You must've hit your head on something while falling or landing. It makes sense though, because neither was what you'd consider ‘graceful’.

You take a look at your surroundings and notice that everything is dark. You can barely see the room around you except the center of the ground, which is lit by a faint stream of sunlight creeping in from up above. Noticing the ground, you realize that you've landed on a large bed of.. golden flowers? They're familiar though. You've seen them everywhere on the surface, but... how are they down here?




You're dragged out of your thoughts by footsteps in the darkness. You can’t tell where the source is as it echoes through the room, making it ever the more mysterious. You try to get to your feet and you're almost successful. That is, until your mind realizes that your body has fallen hundreds of feet and landed on solid ground beneath the delicate flowers. Shock, and excruciating pain fills your body, and you collapse onto the floor.


A shadow finally emerges from the darkness. A monster?..

Whatever it is, you can tell it’s staring at you. You can feel it looking deep into your soul--but there's nowhere to hide...