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It’s the 3rd day of school but.. well my first day of school and Im almost late 

I’m lost in this huge building, I’m about to call my father until.. a strange.. face appears out of the floor. He looks happy. I’m not quite sure why.

“hello there! Are you lost?” he asks

What kind of quirk is that? It’s cool..

“Yeah. I guess, but I’ll find my way”

I start walking away, then he pops up from the ground.

“What class are you looking for?” He says, with a big smile 

I turn around and instantly blush when I realize he’s naked. I clear my throat and give him that look. Hoping he knows he’s naked

“Oh! sorry about that. My clothes fall of when I use my quirk in my whole body. Anyway, it’s not like its anything new down here! You have a willy too”

The only words I can think of right now are, “Right..”.  

I may have said that a little too quietly, I’m not sure he heard me.

“Here.” I take my jacket off just so he can cover himself while he talks. He’s lucky nobody else is around

“Thanks!” he hovers it above what he called it— “Willy”.

“So what class are you looking for?” He says, still smiling? doesn’t his face hurt?

“Uh, 1-A”

 He looks more happy now.. Jeez. Usually I’d avoid these kinds of people but.. I guess theres something about this guy I can’t dislike.

“Thats Mr. Aizawa’s class! He’s great. He lacks some energetic-ness but he’s—“ he lowers his voice. Again, still smiling

“One of my favourite teachers” he continues

I look at him, since I’m afraid if I look anywhere but his face my eyes will look at where my jacket is.. and what it’s hiding.

“I wasn’t aware I’d be in his class. But I know how he lacks ‘energetic-ness’”

My father was never one to.. show much interest or energy in, well, anything.

Neither do I so I unless its some kind of competition, anyways I really don’t care.

Despite being raised by my mother and her shit of a husband, I’ve always been more like my father. I’m glad I am

“Oh shit! Where are my manners?! Sorry, I’m Mirio Togata. 3rd year!” he lowers my jacket that helps cover himself and bows.. deeply. Is he not embarrassed that his.. ahem. willy Is showing? 

I clear my throat before I bow back

Once we’re no longer bowing, I finally give him my name. 

“I’m Kesuki Aizawa. 1st, but you know that already” I say

He jumps in shock, and eyes wider.

“Aizawa?! You’re Mr. Aizawa’s son! The son of Eraser Head! How cool! I didn’t know he had a kid. It must’ve been great being raised by him. I bet you’re great in combat! Gosh you’ll be an awesome hero someday! I know it!”

I give him a weird look for his awkward excitement. Is my father that big of a deal here??

“I wasn’t raised by him. But... My mother.. is gone now, so I started to live with him. And yeah, he’s helped me train so I’m pretty good”

His happy expression changes to more of an empathetic look, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” 

I shrug. I’ve never really liked my mom. She let her stupid husband beat me, and not go easy when he’d try to train me, especially when I was really young. Some days he’d hit her for trying to get in the way. He didn’t go easy on me when we went to the Todoroki house either.. Luckily mom wasn’t there to witness what went down there.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be mad at her for that.. He was a monster

“Thanks. Although I like living with my dad a little more”

“Oh shoot! sorry. Once again I kept you from getting to class! Allow me to show you where it is.”

I look up at him. Jeez he’s tall.. “But you’re naked. And don’t you have a class of your own to get to?” 

He laughs, “Yes but let me just show you where your class is! Aizawa is a great teacher, but I assume you know how strict he can be, especially when it comes to tardiness”

I nod. It’s true. One time I was late to training and he made me train 2 hours longer, and harder than usual. I never complain though. Training helps me get better.

3 months after I started to live with him he gave me a type of cloth he uses to capture his targets, along with gloves to help keep my grip on it. He also got me goggles. Exactly like his but red. Although before I used those, I learned how to fight without using it. After a few years and getting good at it, I started learning the basics of using the cloths 

Anyways.. Ever since then I’ve learned how to fight, use the cloths and not get it mixed up with my quirk. It was super hard, but after a few years I’ve shown real progress. Its easier to capture people now. Although I haven’t yet used it on a lot of other people but I can capture my dad with it. He said he took 6 years to master it. It’s been about 7 years now, but I got pretty good at it after the first 3-4 years.

We arrive to my class. I wasn’t too far from it but luckily I wasn’t late

I walked to the front of the door, and turned around to face Mirio  

He smiled at me, and reached over to give me back my jacket, “Here! sorry again for being naked! Next time we speak I’ll be fully clothed, I promise!” he laughs 

“No, keep it until then. You should be a little covered up on your way back to your class”

His smile got bigger, his.. round blue eyes twinkle.  

“Okay!” He turns around and sees my father is standing behind him, not looking impressed 

“It’s rude to be naked in school, Mr. Togata. I know it has to do with your quirk, but please go back and get dressed” 

Togata bows, “Sorry Mr. Aizawa! Yes sir, I’ll go right away!”

he walks, still covering himself. Except his ass

He waves, “Bye Aizawa-kun”

He looks at me, “I assume he’s talking to you?”

“Yeah” I respond. 

“Well, you’re not necessarily late, but come with me. You didn’t show up for two days, so nobody knows who you are” 

I nod, “Yes sir”

He opens the unnecessarily big door

I follow him to the front of the class where everyone eyes are on me

I hear them whispering to eachother, the girls giggling.. Probably because of my height, which might be the only thing I’m slightly insecure about. I look around. I guess these people are now my.. classmates

“Everyone! I’d like you to meet someone” He looks at me and says quietly, “Go on”

 I clear my throat, “I’m Kesuki Aizawa”

 They all gasp. A very pink girl and someone with spiky red hair stand up

 The pink girl asks, “You have a son Mr. Aizawa?! He’s kinda cute!!” I hear the girls giggle and agree. Ick. I’m not cute.

The red haired guy says, “He’s so short!! but looks so manly!! Do we get to personally meet him? We should all introduce ourselves to him!”

My father, sick of the commotion going on, he says, “Silence!”

he looks at me and bobs his head, indicating I go sit down. And I do so. I also notice Shoto is in this class. I haven’t talked to him for.. about a week or two. 

Dad says, “Yes, I have a son. He had 2 personal days thats why he wasn’t here. You can all greet and introduce yourselves to him later. Anyways! On to todays assignment”

Everyone’s body tenses. Why?

“Choosing a class president”

Everyone gets excited. What is wrong with these people? My father sees something in them since it doesn’t appear any of them have been suspended..

Everyone yells out that they should be the president. Yikes. If I were my dad I’d have suspended these amateurs..

I hear someone yell out, “Why doesn’t Aizawa-kun be class president!! He’s the son of Mr Aizawa, who’s a hero!! He must be very experienced and good enough!!”

Everyone looks at me. How awkward 

The guy beside me gets up, and moves like a robot, he yells, “Why don’t we have a vote?!”

They argue for a few minutes, but then agree to vote

I’m minding my own business. When Im bored I doodle. I wait until I realize I have 4 votes, someone else name Yaoyorozu has 3 

I personally think this is pathetic and a waste of time but I’m not the teacher.

My dad moves his head sideways indicating I need to stand up there

I groan as I walk up there, and listen to the tall girl beside me talk

She looks smart.  

Nemuri and Hizashi burst the door open and walk in. Hizashi picks me up from behind me and yells out, “KESUKI!! Its been too long!! We haven’t seen you in a long time!!”

I respond, “I’ve been busy” waiting for him to put me down

I prepare myself, breathing as much as I can as Midnight swiftly walks to me, pulling my head in for a hug, suffocating me with her boobs, “You’re still as short as you were the last time I saw you! You’re still soo” she moves fast, side to side, and takes in a deep breath before finishing her sentence.

 “ADORABLE!”. She finally puts me down.

I look at dad, who gives me a “Sucks to suck” look

I glare at him and I walk back to my seat, and hear a few of the other guys complain, jealously.

The day went by slowly but finally. We reach lunch. I stand alone in a corner of the cafeteria. Usually I’d go to a cafe with Shoto not far from here to get a bagel or noodles or something for lunch, but theres a horde of press outside the gates of the school.

I decide to risk it, and leave. Im only in front of the school doors when I hear an alarm go off, and turn my head towards where the sound comes from 

I hadn’t payed attention and get trampled by all these reporters. They all shove their mic’s in front of me asking about All Might. One person tries to grab my arm pulling me back. I fall, and decide to use my quirk since it looks “scary” and intimidating to others

“Hey! Stop! You’re trespassing. Have some respe—“

I get interrupted. They then all ask me if I’m related to Eraser head because my hair and eyes did what his does 

I’m about to use my Telekinesis but multiple people start grabbing onto me, asking me nonstop questions. Theres about a dozen or more reporters around me. Even if I was able to use it, I might’ve not been in full control considering the situation. I might’ve hurt someone.

Anyways.. Coming out here was a huge mistake

My father and a few other pro’s finally come outside and tell them to back off.

I realize I’m on the ground with slightly bruised arms, and a bruised cheek. Do I bruise that easily?  

My dad comes and helps me on my feet, “It’s rude of you to do this to a student!” he scoffs and walks me back where mic stands and proceeds to tell how All Might’s not here today

he whispers to my dad, “They’re illegally trespassing, we could call them villains.. You think we can beat ‘em up?”

“Don’t do it Mic, they’ll write up a bunch of half truths about you. Lets just wait for the police”

He looks at me, “Are you okay?”

I nod. “Do i really bruise that easily?” I hold up my arm, showing a few bruises where people tugged on me

He takes a deepbreath, “Sometimes”

Someone yells out, “Eraser Head!! Is that your son?! you look alike!”

I ask him, “Do people need to know?”

He shrugs, “Do you want people to know?” 

I shrug back, “I don’t care if people know”

Neither of us respond, since. Well. We don’t care I guess

The police arrive and escort the reporters away after threatening to charge them for illegally trespassing.

I was brought into a meeting later on with other teachers since I kind of witnessed when it first happened

They think someone tried to get into the school system, and used the press as a distraction. They ask me if I remember anything or anyone suspicious  

I think, and I realize there was a hole in the gate.. “I was a little spaced out when it happened so all I saw were a bunch of people acting like animals. I didn’t see much. I’m sorry, I should’ve payed more attention to my surroundings”

They all look weirdly at me, their eyes moving between me and dad

Nemuri says, “You and Aizawa are so much alike”

Hizashi adds a, “Mhm!”

We both make a “huh?” noise, and then they continue talking.

After lunch me and dad head back to class

They all talked about what happened in the cafeteria earlier. I’m glad I wasn’t there, although it wouldn’t have made a difference. I would’ve been trampled on anyways

The class decide to make Tenya Iida class rep instead of me based on how he handled the panicking students at lunch.

I agreed even though I wasn’t there. I just didn’t wanna be the class rep.  

My dad told them to stop wasting time, and once everyone settled down, he started talking about what we’d do today

“Disasters, shipwrecks and everything in between. It’s rescue training.”

everyone starts talking, but my dad gets them to be quiet again, and he continues 

“You can decide if you want to wear your costumes if you want or not, it’s up to you, because, there are also probably some costumes that limit your abilities too.

training will take place off campus, so we’re taking a bus”

He starts walking away, “that’s all, start getting ready”

I grabbed my “costume” and put it on.

My costume is a little similar to dads; except its a very dark purple, i have gloves that help my grip when using my capture weapon; that is actually... very dark grey, unlike dads whos a more.. grey-ish beige. I have my goggles as well, to hide who I’m looking at while using my quirk, and a belt with tiny pouches that carry small bottles of eyedrops in case I need them. I also have a watch that has a blue button for backup, and a red button for recording conversations


We head out of the school, and I see Iida.. Maybe taking the class rep job a little too seriously

I can hear the others ask Iida if I can be on their bus in the background.. I hope soon they learn to leave me alone.

“Hey! Aizawa!”

I turn around and see Mirio— fully dressed 

I wave, “Hi”

He hands me my jacket I’d given him earlier. “Here! I think I’ve had it long enough!”

“thanks” I say, grabbing my jacket. What was I gonna do with it now?

He looks at me, trailing up and down my body. Probably looking at my “costume”. I hate that word..

“Is that your hero costume?! So cool! You even use the same capturing weapon Mr. Aizawa does!!”

I nod, “It’s made with extra materials thats more fit for me” I shrug. He responds, “So cool!! Where are you going?” 

“I don’t know. Somewhere to do rescue training” I respond. I wasn’t actually sure where we were going..

“ohh, it might be USJ! That place is nice! I hope you have fun! but also do your best” He says. How can he smile so much?


 Iida yells at me, “Aizawa-kun!! We need to board the bus now!!”

“Well it was nice talking with you again! Bye! Good luck and I hope to see you later and hear all about it!” He says walking back in the school

“Hey, Togata-Senpai” He looks at me

“It may be confusing for me and my dad sometimes, so just call me Kesuki”.

“got it! See you later Kesuki!”

I walk into the bus. Everyone looked at me.

There was the freckled green haired kid, who looks like hes always scared, A girl who’s hair is also green, and with her hair tied in a little bow at the bottom, a big guy in a yellow suit, the pink girl from earlier, a flamboyant dude, a yellow haired guy with a black strikes in his hair, a girl who has.. cords for ears? thats cool. A blonde guy who looks mad right beside her. Then theres a girl dressed in a lot of pink, sitting beside her is one who’s.. outfit is a little too revealing. Then a guy with large elbows at the back, and another guy with.. limb wings?


Then theres Shoto.  

The spiky red haired guy came up to me before I can go sit beside Shoto, “Hey! Kesuki right?” 

I nod, “yeah”

“You have the same cloths as Mr. Aizawa!”

I nod again

“I’m Kirishima Eijiro! Nice to meet you!!” He bows, but gets back up instantly

He puts his arm around me startling me and making me walk with him. He forces me to sit beside him

These people are weird..

“I can tell we’ll be great friends!! I bet you’re awesome in combat!”

I shrug, “I’m not here to make friends” I get up and walk to sit beside Shoto, who opens his eyes and looks at me

“Hey” he says

“It’s been awhile”

“Yeah. Since the entrance exam, right?”

I nod, and he closes his eyes again, facing forward

A few others look confused

“Wait.. What’s wrong with making friends?” Kirishima asks. He looks at me. Does he really need me to answer?

The pink girl stands by me, bends over so shes in my face

“I’m Ashido Mina!! Nice to meet you” She smiles. Her eyes sparkle when she looks at me 

“Why don’t you ‘not do friends?’ Friends are great!! we can be friends! Yeah?”

I shrug, “Friendships cause emotional distractions that can cause you to slow down”

It was true. When you have friends, you think about them. Most of the time you can’t wait to hangout with them. Although what me and Shoto have is different. Since we basically grew up together, we worked better, both together and against each other.

And well, we used most of our spare time and train. we do what we can so we can get better.


She frowns at me, “Not all the time! Sometimes they help you get better and support you!”. She stands up, “Come back down here! At least let the others introduce themselves to you”

I sigh

 “They can do that later” I say, clearly annoyed 

I hear my dad get on the bus, “Kesuki, it’s good for you to learn everyone elses name, and for everyone to learn yours, don’t see them as friends see them as allies, colleagues”

I groan, “They can do that while I sit right here”

I hear Mina squeak out, “Okay okay!! Fine. Anyone who wants to introduce yourself to him do it now before I do!!” she squeals

I look at my dad, begging to be left alone but he gives me another look; the look saying “deal with it”  

I look at Shoto who peeks at me at the side of his eye, keeping his eyes mostly closed.

 I sigh. The yellow haired guy waves, “Hey there! Im Kaminari Denki! Nice to meet you!!” He said, with a big smile. Why do so many people smile so much? It’s weird..  

the guy in the yellow suit pokes my arm. I look down at him, since I’m not sitting beside any of these weirdos

“I’m Sato Rikido!”  

“I’m Uraraka Ochaco!” the pink girl says, slightly blushing 

“And I’m Yaoyorozu Momo!” the girl showing most of her boobs says, also blushing. Why are they blushing? I don’t understand.

The green haired girl looks at me with her big eyes.. “I’m Asui Tsuyu, but you can call me Tsu. Ribbit”


Ashido looks at me and says, “Back there are Sero Hanta, Bakugo Katsuki, Todoroki Shoto, and Mezo Shoji!”

“I know who Shoto is” I say. He opens his eyes and looks at me from the side of his eye

“You do? Are you two friends or.. something?” Mina asks

“I guess?” I reply. We never put a label on.. us. Shoto’s eyes open at the mention of his name. He shrugs

The sparkly dude says dramatically, “I’m Aoyama Yuga!”

Midoriya looks at me, “I’m Midoriya Izuku! Do you mind if I take notes from you tomorrow or after school? I want to write about you and your fighting technique in my book of heroes and since you’re Eraser Heads son, I—“ He continues muttering. Now mainly to himself.

I don’t know what to say right now so I just look around

“Is your quirk the same as Mr. Aizawa’s? We saw a bit of his yesterday! It’s cool!” Kirishima says

I sigh and nod, “Yeah”

“And that’s Erasure, right?” Kaminari asks

I nod

Mina turns her head and bats her eyelashes at me, “Soo cool. What are the gloves for? Your hair is long! just like Mr. Aizawa’s! Is it soft?!”

I look at my dad, who’s staring at me at the corner of his eyes. I can see a little smirk grow on his face.

He knows I’m suffering

“I say whatever come to mind,” Tsu says

she then looks at Midoriya

“Hey Midoriya—“

“Yes? Asui-san?” He responds

“Call me Tsu” she says back

Midoriya gets nervous. Is he really nervous about talking to a girl?

If I remember correctly, this Midoriya Izuku, is the kid who broke him arms and legs in the last 3 days, this just makes him more pathetic. What potential does my dad think he has?

“Your quirk is a lot like All Might’s”

He gets nervous.. Now that i think of it, he might be one who All Might passed his power down to. It’d explain his easily broken bones a little easier

Yes, I know about that. A few months ago he approached me and my dad. I guess they saw how I assisted my dad with a villain awhile back. I got in trouble for that since I’m not a legitimate hero yet, but it was ignored since the way I helped was efficient, with nobody injured and barely any damage to our surroundings.

He talked about All for One, and One for all. Only to me, of course. My dad doesn’t know the whole story unlike I do

He asked if he offered his power to me, I’d take it. I told him I wasn’t sure, but said I have some time to think about it. After all, I already have two quirks..

I’m pretty sure he had another student at U.A in mind. I’m not sure who it was though. 

All Might came to me on the first day of school, although I wasn’t actually there. He said he found another user for his power and apologized. I haven’t thought about taking up his offer since he first offered it.

 Anyways, Midoriya rambles on, trying to explain? “his” power.

How obvious

I stare at him, giving him the, “I know your secret” look to make him more nervous hehe 

Kirishima says, “Wait a sec, Tsu, All Might doesn’t get hurt when he uses his. They just kind of look the same”

They continue talking about their quirks. Apparently Kirishima’s whole body hardens.

That put a weird image in my head.

They start talking about flashiness, and pro hero stuff

Aoyama’s quirk is a naval laser? What kind of quirk is that?! “pro hero level”. Pfft.

If it gives him a stomachache when he uses it for more than a second, it’s not that great.

After today, I have to ask my dad what he sees in these people

Kirishima then says, “If you’re talking about flashy and strong, It’s gotta be Todoroki and Bakugo, huh?”

Mina says right after, “What about Aizawa-kun?” She flutters her eyes at me. She’s so weird. I just stare back at her blankly, then look away

“All he does is erase peoples quirk, and probably makes that cloth around him fly like Mr. Aizawa’s, right? It’s not that flashy or strong..” Aoyama says 

I look at him. I’d probably beat all of these people, not even needing to erase their quirk.  

“Thats an understatement” Shoto says quietly as we look at each other, he gives a barely noticeable smirk

the others look at us weirdly

“what do you mean.. Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya asks, as the others look at us closer 

I’ve trained since i was 5. I got better once I started living with my dad. I’ll show them soon enough.

“Whatever, I’m more flashy anyways! I’m fabulous!”

“Shut it you sparkle shit!” Bakugo says

What kind of hero attitude is that? I guess he’s at least not one of the people who always smile but he could have some respect..

Tsu continues, “Bakugo’s always mad, so he doesn’t seem like he’ll be popular”

I try not to laugh. It’s true.

“What the hell?! You wanna fight?!” He yells, startling me

“See?” Tsu says

“We haven’t known each other long, so it’s amazing that everyone already knows his personality is crap steeped in sewage” Kaminari says

“What’s with that vocabulary bastard?! I’ll kill you!!”


He then turns around and looks at me, “What are you looking at you short little shit?! You wanna fight? I’ll kill you too!!”

I look at him.

I give him a “mhm” before looking away

“Hey don’t ignore me!! Tiny bastard!!”

“Enough now!! We’re here” my dad says

The starts to bus slow down as we get closer to a big building

Chapter Text

we arrive at what I can assume is USJ

We all get off the bus to see thirteen. Cool.

Everyone else seems excited, as Thirteen talks and explains a few things.

I look around to see Shoto looking at me. I look back, and our eyes meet. After a moment we look away, as we head closer to the building, and focus on the space hero giving instructions

“Lets go inside without delay!”

Everyone says, “Look forward to working with you!”

I stand beside my dad, looking up at him


“I never cared much before since, and I was never around many people besides you. But it kinda sucks how short I am compared to everyone else”

He chuckles, but his face still gives off a slightly blank expression, “I was around that height when I was in High School. I hit a growth spurt around 16-18 years old”

We start walking inside, and he continues, “Yours might come a little early though”

I respond quietly, “I hope so..”

“Your height has some disadvantages to it, but also a lot more advantages when it comes to fighting. Don’t get insecure on me now Kesuki”

I straighten up. He’s right. My height doesn’t matter. It makes dodging my opponents that much easier. “Yes sir” I say confidently

“Thats my boy” he says quietly, bringing my head to his side

He looks around, “All Might isn’t here” he whispers

He walks to thirteen as the students look around the building

I gotta say.. It looks really cool. I’m looking forward to training here today. Maybe I can show off how good I am.

Before my dad talks to thirteen, and then he says,

“Its a training ground that I made with different types of accidents and disasters. It’s called the ‘Unforeseen Simulation Joint’ or USJ for short!”

everyone gasps

It seems nobody else knew this was USJ until thirteen said it was. I guess I was the only one who half-knew this was where we were going. Thanks to Mirio

My dad asks where All Might is, and thirteen lifts 3 fingers.. Hm.

they continue talking

“Well, it can’t be helped. Lets continue shall we?” He says, turning towards us all

13 counts how many of us there are

then says, “Everyone, I’m sure you are aware of my quirk, Black Hole. I can suck up anything and it turns to dust”

Midoriya says, “You’ve been able to save people with that quirk from all kinds of disasters right?”

Uraraka nods an unnecessary amount of times as he speaks

“It’s a cool quirk, but it’s also a quirk that can kill easily” I bluntly say, and a few people look at me. Thirteen agrees

I sigh, and look at my hand. Painful memories coming back and punching me in the face

Everyone’s expression also changes. Although it’s obvious thirteens quirk can kill easily

Its a Black Hole after all..

“Some of you also have quirks like that, right?”

Thirteen talks about how its not quite noticeable with some pro heroes as they use their quirk responsibly.

“However,” 13 continues. “Please do not forget that there are many quirks that can kill easily with one wrong step. With Aizawa-Sensei’s physical Fitness test, you found out the possibility of your own hidden powers, and with All Might’s person-to-person combat training, I think you experienced the danger of using those powers against others”

I wasn’t there for either of those. My dad said it wasn’t necessary for me to be there for those since he and I both know about my quirk, since its the same as his, but I’m more cool since I have telekinesis as well.

“This class is a fresh start. You shall learn how to use your quirks to save peoples lives. You do not have powers so you can harm others. I hope you can leave here with the understanding that you have powers in order to help people”

Isn’t that why we’re here? I decide to walk beside my dad.

“All Might was supposed to be here?”

He looks down at me, “Yes. Why?”

I shrug, “I dunno. Why isn’t he?”

“He-“ he was about to say something as we walk more forward, as 13 finished speaking until the electricity in the lights crackled a lot, the fountain was.. stuttering?

Then a.. Portal thing showed up in front of the fountain, growing bigger and bigger

Me and my dad look, and gasp as we see someone in this weird portal

“Gather together and don’t move! 13 protect the students!” My dad orders

I quietly ask him, “Dad? Are those—“

He cuts me off, “Yes now go with the other students Kesuki”

Kirishima says, “Whats that?”

I look back over and see a man with light blue hair and hands all over his body walks out of the portal. Followed by 3 others, 3 became 5 then 7. Lets just say a lot of villains show up

Everyone else seems oblivious, assuming its apart of the training

Midoriya and Kirishima are about to move to look around until my dad tells them to stop

They watch as he puts on his glasses, “Those are villains” he says, as more villains show up

Everyone gasps and slightly panics

An even bigger guy walks beside the villain covered in hands.. he looks really dangerous but they’re fools for showing up here

“The trespassing earlier was the work of these scumbags after all, huh?” My dad says

I watch as all the villains spread out. There sure is a lot of them..

My dads weapons rise up, along with his hair.

“Sensei, what about the sensors?” Yaoyorozu says

13 responds, “Of course we have them but..”

Shoto walks beside me and speaks, his voice quite deep for his age, although mine is too especially for my height..

Ahem.. Anyways..

 “Did they only appear here or around the whole school? Either way if the sensors are not responding, that means they have someone with a quirk that can do that. An isolated area separated from the main campus during a time when a class is supposed to be here. They might be fools, but they’re not dumb. This surprise attack was carefully planned with some sort of goal in mind”

I give him a “mhm” since what he says makes sense.

We both entered U.A through official recommendations too. He was 2nd I believe.

My dad says, “13, start the evacuation. Try calling the school, these villains even had something to counteract the sensors. It’s possible someone with radio-wave-type powers is interfering. Kaminari, you try contacting the school with your quirk too. Kesuki?” he turns his head

“Yes sir.” Kaminari responds

I press the blue button on my watch, “It’s not working.” I say. He sighs

“Are you able to teleport back to the school?” Dad asks, and others shocked I can do that

“No. I used it today to get to school. If I hadn’t used it I would’ve been late. If I use it now I’ll most likely pass out as soon as I get there”

(Now, allow me to explain it further.. When I teleport, it takes a lot out of my abilities, and my strength in general. I can only use it once a day. Or twice, depending on how far away I go, and how much sleep I got. I would use it now, but I already used it today, and I would’ve had to use it twice to bring them back here quicker, and really overuse my quirk. Also, I know it’d help a lot just by going there but I’d be too tired to speak, and it feels useless if I go there, pass out, have everyone here wait and deal with these and not help while I can here, right now. If I’d not used it today, I could’ve teleported some pro heroes and myself back..)

Anyways, back onto the crisis happening right now


Midoriya looks at dad, “What about you sir? Will you fight by yourself? With that many villains, even if you can erase their quirks— Eraser Heads fighting style is capturing after erasing the enemy’s quirk. A frontal battle is..”

“You can’t be a hero with just one trick” He says, getting ready to fight

I chuckle and I tighten my gloves, and get ready until—

“No, Kesuki. Gather with everyone else.”

“Dad! You can’t take on all of them! You’re good but you can’t fight them alone for long”

I whisper, “Let me help for awhile, you know I can handle myself. And keep a lot of them off your back”

He looks at me, hair and cloths float up



everyone gasps

“Are you sure thats wise, Aizawa-Sensei?” Thirteen asks

“Wait you’re letting him go with you? Just because he’s your son?!” Bakugo yells

I put my goggles on, “No” I say, smirking

Shoto says, “Theres a reason I said what I said earlier, and he got the highest score in the entrance exam for recommendations” I sense a bit of jealously. heh. We were always quite competitive with each other.

“Huh? what do you mean?” Kaminari says

I look back at them and wink, and some mouths open wide

Ashido says, “S-so he’s better than Todoroki-kun?”

We shrug. We’re just.. We’re equals. When we fight, neither of us win nor lose.

Kaminari says back, “See?! I told ya!”

“Enough!! Now go with 13 and leave the building. Try to call for backup while Kesuki and I keep them away until then”

I make my cloths float, although my hair doesn’t fly up when I use my quirk. Not unless I want it to

“We’ll leave it to you, thirteen”

Thirteen nods, as me and dad jump down to the villains

Someone with what I assume are.. gun fingers almost shoot us, until my dad uses his quirk to stop it, making him and the others confused


During training, we practiced communicating, and working together perfectly in case we ever had to

We have a “set up” I guess you can call it, where if we had to fight alongside each other in a situation like this. He would be the first to use his quirk, as he attacks one, then I attack a few others surrounding him.

He erases the gunfingered guys quirk, and grabs him, then a girl beside him and a big green guy

He makes them go up in the air, then brings them back down forcing them to bump heads all together

I attack some other villains around us, and we’re back to back, as they speak, trying to figure out who we are.

He goes against a mutant type guy, and dodges a punch from his back kicking him, knocking him to the side a bit, and I grab his arm using my cloths, pulling him in and kicking his face again, knocking him out

I hear one of the villains say, “What?! There’s two of them? who are they?!”

A different villain says, “Its Eraser Head! I don’t know who the little one is. Possibly his child”

“A child huh? Why don’t I make you my new little toy!!” Another mutant villain runs at me.

My dad quickly says, “Go a little farther to the other side so our cloths don’t collide, keep your eyes peeled, and remember—”

I finish what he’s about to say, “Take a break every 30-35 seconds after an attack. I know.”

I jump far left, high in the air I grab a villain, bring him up to me, then stomp on his face as we fall, but I move so I don’t kill the guy..

My dad fights off villains to the right.

If I hadn’t been here it would’ve been about.. more than a dozen villains against him, alone

But now that number split in half as its 3-4 or more against both of us

The mutant villain yells as he runs closer, “How would you like to be my little toy pet? huh boy?!” He goes in for a punch, but because he’s so tall, he misses, and I grab his head and his wrist, pulling back making him fly into another giant mutant villain, making them both unconscious

I have a chance to look up, seeing a few of my classmates watching before they leave

I decide to let my hair fly so I have better vision on them. I stand still, as more villains surround me. Luckily less mutant villains.

I chuckle, “How many have I taken down already? 3 of you mutant type villains, against a small child?”

My dad says, as he kicks a villain in the face while throwing another villain away with his cloths, “Don’t get cocky now, you’ll lose focus. Don’t speak to them”

“How cute, a father and son bonding huh?” A villain says, as he races towards me

“I’m going to enjoy doing unspeakable things  to you in front of your dad you little shit!!” another one says

What does he mean by that? I have a few ideas in mind, and it makes me shiver, but.. I still don’t quite know. Anyways, he speaks as if he can over power me. Not many people can do that. They’re underestimating me.

I jump above him, using my weapon to cling onto his arms and waist, throwing him into 2 other villains, knocking the wind outta them, and grabbing another villain running towards dad and throwing him far away

Another villain, a girl with pony tails glares at me, and attempts to punch me from behind, but I dodge, using my cloths and throwing her into the ground.

Being shorter than the average guy my height does have its benefits. Most of these villains are big, and tall. It makes them have to put more work into throwing their punches lower, but its less effective and accurate.

Once again someone comes from behind, getting ahold of me, I see someone about to do the same to dad until I erase his quirk, grabbing him with my cloth, and pulling making him fly backwards

my dad looks behind him, looking at me and nodding as I wiggle out of the villains grasp, making the villain I grabbed smash into the one holding me

They may have a few broken bones. “Yikes” I say

I continue fighting against these villains. Although i doubt you can even call them villains. This is too easy

The guy who looks like a portal escapes.

The number of villains down here have downsized, as others have scattered

I hear my father say, “Dammit, I blink for one second and the guy who looks like the most trouble got away..”

I knock out 4 more villains at once, making them bonk heads, going unconscious, then getting rid of one sneaking up behind dad, making her fly back

I jump on another one, make my cloths cling on his feet making him fall back as I jump on top of him, punching him in the right spot to instantly make him lose consciousness.

“Kesuki! Go back up there as fast as you can and help the others, there’s less down here. I can handle them! Now go! And don’t forget your eye drops”

“You take them first!” I respond, grabbing ahold of 2 villains standing around dad, and creating a small energy-like shield around him until he finishes

He quickly drops a bit of his eyedrops in his eyes, and blinks, but quickly gets back to fighting

I’m small but I run fast. I activate my quirk, so I get up the stairs faster— by flying. Or floating.. I’m not sure which one.

I can’t control my flying sometimes, but only if I have too much on my mind. Also, in moments like these, I for some reason gain better control, and my attacks are slightly more power full. It might be the adrenaline.

I glide up the stairs, and put in a few eyedrops to ease my eyes before I land, standing by the other students. then I see 13 and the others standing in front of the portal guy

I need a moment for my eyedrops to help, and then I ask 13, “How can I help”

Kirishima turns to me and says, “Wow!! You’re so manly, Aizawa-kun!!”

Izuku, “I saw you fighting!! You’re like a pro!”

“We need to focus on getting out of here!” I snap at them

The portal guy speaks, “Ah. Nice to meet you too. What shall we call you? huh? Baby Eraser Head?” I glare. Baby? what the fuck. I’m obviously not a baby.

“I was just introducing myself! We are the League Of Villains. It may be presumptuous of us, but we have invited ourselves in to the home of the heroes, U.A High School in order to have All Might, the Symbol Of Peace, take his last breath”

They wanna kill All Might? Pffft nobody can kill that guy.

I look around seeing everyone shivering in fear. Poor guys.. If it werent for my stepdad being the way he was with me growing up, I’d be afraid right now too. I haven’t felt fear since i was a kid

The portal guy continues, “I believe All Might should have been here. Has there been some kind of change? Well that is neither here nor there. This is the part I am to play” He says, as he.. widens. What an odd quirk he has..

Before I get a chance to use my quirk, 13 “unbuckled” a finger. I know what that means so I back off.

It was a mistake to do so, since Bakugo an Kirishima jump at the villain, using their quirks on him

“Hey! What are you two doing?!” I yell

“DIE VILLAIN!!” Bakugo screams

They make an explosion, making it smoky everywhere and hard to see

“Did you consider that you’d get beaten by us before you did it?” Kirishima says

That wasn’t a smart move. They’re amateurs. The word All Might uses to call them— Zygotes? Fetus? One of those. Maybe eggs.

I’d use my quirk on the villain but I can’t see anything.

I hear the villain say, “Oh dear, thats dangerous. Thats right, even if you are students. You are excellent golden eggs”

Thats right.. eggs.

The air clears up,  and 13 yells, “No!! Move away you two!!”

Attempting to use their quirk, but fail since those amateurs were in the way and before I can do anything everything else turns black

“My job is to scatter you all” The villain says as he widens, surrounding us

He continues, “And torture you to death!!”

I can’t see, so I can’t erase this bastards quirk.. If thats even possible with him


Suddenly I’m in a small.. room. I walk out and realize Im on a boat in the water. I look around to analyze my surroundings properly, to see where I can go to meet up with everyone. Suddenly I see Midoriya get dropped on the side, by something pink.. a tongue maybe?

“Midoriya?” I say

He looks up at me, “Aizawa-kun!! thank god”

I then see a purple ball haired.. baby get dropped harshly

Midoriya says, “Mineta?”

I raise an eyebrow, then see Tsu hop in

She looks at me with her big sparkling eyes, “Aizawa-kun!”

Midoriya then says, “Thank you, Asui-san”

Tsu looks at him, “Call me Tsu”

He panics again, “T-T-T-T-Tsu! Thanks!”

I roll my eyes. Whats his problem?

“This has turned into a bad situation..” Tsu says

I agreed, “I hoped to stop that villain when I showed up. Thats the whole reason I left my dad”

Mineta says, “Thats right! You’re Mr. Aizawa’s son!! SAVE ME”

He leaps on me, clinging on.

“Get off me!” I push him off and glare at him, frightening him

Tsu turns to me and says, “You’re talented, Aizawa-kun”


Midoriya adds to what Tsu says, “Yeah. You took down nearly 5 villains in less than a minute!!” 

Mineta’s eyes widen, and his jaw drops, “Are you secretly a pro?!”

I shake my head, “No. I’ve just trained a lot, and you’re giving me too much credit, Midoriya”

He shrugs, then says, “Hm.. What that villain said earlier.. They knew U.A schedule”

His face frowns, while the 3 of us look at him

“Yeah. Focusing on the bigger picture, they may have set up the media intrusion as a distraction so they can get information” I scoff, “I was outside when they entered school grounds”

Tsu asks, “Did you see anything suspicious?”

“Besides being trampled on by dozens and dozens of reporters, no”

Mineta jokes, “Thats right, you’re shorter than most—“

 my goggles are off, so I look at him with my glowing red eyes, hair stand up along with my cloths, getting ready to throw him back in the water, “You can’t say anything, you’re not even 4ft. You’re at a disadvantage, but for me I’d say it works out fine. Now shut it”

He stutters, “M-Midoriya!! Make him stop!!”  

I roll my eyes and let go of him harshly, looking at Midoriya indicating he continue.

“Anyways.. Like Todoroki said, they were waiting to pounce and attack All Might”

“But-But wait!” Mineta says, “It’s not like they can kill All Might!!”

He turns to the side and.. punches the air

“Once All Might comes, he’ll pounce on those guys!”

Tsu then says, “Mineta-Chun,”

“huh?” he turns to face her

“Don’t you think they’re trying so hard because they have a way to kill him? Guys that strong just told us they would torture us to death, you know” She sighs

“I wonder if we’ll be able to hold out until All Might arrives. Even if All Might comes, I wonder if we will all make it out in one piece”

“I don’t know about anyone else, since I’m not aware of anybody’s quirk, but I know I’ll make it out”

Mineta glares at me, and Midoriya and Tsu look at me weird

“Hey! It’s true but even so, I won’t just be sitting on my ass bec-“ I get interrupted by Mineta crying

“M-M-Midoriya!!” He says pointing behind us

“What the heck is that?!” he points towards more villains, surrounding us

“Villains” I say under my breath

“If those guys have a way to defeat All Might.. Then right now, we should be stopping whatever they’re planning. By fighting and winning!”

Mineta screams out, “WAAAHH WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!”


After a moment I seem to have startled Midoriya’s... Deep thinking when I say, “Those other villains I fought earlier were amateurs. They weren’t really combat-smart. Low-class villains. It should be an easy fight”

“Fight?!” Mineta yells, “We can’t fight!!! The best plan would be to sit tight!! And wait for the U.A Heroes to come save us”

I scoff, “Are you really becoming a hero?” I look at Mineta, who’s still crying, “Thats not a hero kind of attitude. Nor what you said is at all rational. Hiding here while the others probably fighting to survive.”

Tsu gives me a weird look

“Pathetic..” I say under my breath

Midoriya says, “Those guys down there are clearly assuming we’ll just fight in the water, right?”

“So.. Does that mean they knew what was in these facilities before they gathered people?” Tsu asks

“Yeah” I respond

Midoriya continues, “For people who gathered that much intel so meticulously, Theres something strange”

“What do you mean?” I ask him

“They sent you, Asu-“

“Ribbit?” She says, turning her head as he panics again

“I mean, T-Tsu— to the shipwreck zone!”

she turns to him, “Your own pace is fine”

“Oh is it?” He responds

Mineta impatiently yells out, “Well what about it?!”

Catching on to what Midoriya is saying, I respond back, “It means the villains probably don’t know what our quirks are. They might know mine.. but not anyone else’s”

“Ribbit,” Tsu says. “Thats true.... If they knew I was a frog, then they probably would’ve thrown me into that fire zone over there.”

Midoriya says, “They probably separated us because they don’t know our quirks So they planned to overpower us with numbers”

“Good thinking..” I say quietly

“We have inferior numbers and slightly less experience. Our only hope lies in the fact these villains don’t quite know what our quirks are. They aren’t even trying to climb in the boat” i say, analyzing the villains around us, and the surroundings

I continue saying, “If they knew our quirks, they might be attacking us head on right now. But then again, it doesn’t mean they aren’t underestimating us either.. Also, I am at bit of a disadvantage here”. The others look at me, confused

“My cloths are resistant to high temperatures, like heat and cold but not water resistant. If they get wet its hard to use them properly.”, I continue.

I sigh, I didn’t wanna tell anyone yet but I need to right now. “I uh— have another quirk, besides erasure..”

they look at me, “what?!” Mineta says

“a hybrid..” tsu says quietly

“Telekinesis, but I don’t like replying on it. I suppose in this situation, it’s logical that I use it.. I’m not sure though..” I lift my left hand, and generate energy swirling around my hand

Tsu’s eyes shine, “so pretty!”

Then Tsu says, “I’ll tell you about my quirk.. I can jump high, stick to walls, an stick my tongue out up to 20 meters.. I can also spit out my stomach and wash it and secrete toxic mucus that actually just stings a little. The last 2 are practically useless, so you can just forget about them”

I sigh, sitting down leaning against the walls of the boat

“I already kind of knew, but you’re really strong.” Midoriya says, “I have super strength, but once I use it, I’m pretty much out of commission. It’s like a double edged-sword”


Mineta tells us his quirk next, “My Quirk lets these stick super tight” He says, taking a ball off his head and sticking it on the boat, “Depending on how I’m feeling they can even stick for a whole day. They grow back after I pull them off. If I pull too many off, i start bleeding and they don’t stick to me. They just bounce off” He taps a ball he stuck to the boat continuously

How pathetic. USELESS. WHy didn’t my father suspend this child?!

”W-What?” He says, voice shaky— On the brink of tears.


He starts crying when we all just stare at him, saying he knows its useless

I look at Midoriya who tries calming him down

“Midoriya,” I say

“Come over here, I need to speak with you” He looks worried

“I know about your quirk”

He panics, and starts sweating and stuttering, “Wha-w-what do y-you mean? I just said—“

“No,” I whisper

“One for all.”

he gasps, “how?”

“Many months ago, All Might came to me and asked If I would consider taking One For All. He told me the whole story as well. I forgot about his offer until school started when he mentioned he found a successor”

He looks sad

“I wouldn’t have taken it anyways, but I have to ask—“

 He looks at me, “Do your bones really break after you make a move?”

He nods, “My body isn’t used to my quirk yet—“

I look at him.. That must suck

“Just know I won’t tell anyone. But I’m pretty sure All Might won’t be here to help considering what he did this morning”

He nods, “We still have to do something. The others may be in a lot of danger right now!”

I nod back, “We should get—“ the boat starts moving harshly to the side. Me and Midoriya lose our balance. I fall, and hit my head on the boat

The villains stabbed the boaT!

“Shit” I mutter, lifting my left hand and holding onto the back of my head.

“Aizawa-kun! You okay?” Midoriya asks

I scoff, “Fine” I say as I stand up

We run back to Mineta and Tsu. Mineta keeps trying to grab Tsu’s boobs


I glare, grabbing my cloth to tie around his tiny body, using my quirk to scare some sense into him— as I do so, Tsu and Midoriya look just as frightened, “This is not the time for being a pervert you purple little freak! This is not how a hero acts! Leave the girl alone or I’ll give you to the villains myself” I throw him down

Tsu says, “Thanks Aizawa-Kun”

Letting my hair fall, closing my painfully dry eyes, “We need to focus. I have to get back to my dad, he may need help or at least a moment to—“ I groan. I open my eyes and drop in a few eye drop stuff to help ease them

Midoriya says, “Thats right! Using your quirk gives you dry eyes!”

I nod, “If I use the eyedrops when it becomes too much, it won’t get worse as I get older. Anyways we need to figure out a plan on how to get out of here, or help the others”

I walk closer as we talk. I can feel Tsu’s eyes locking onto me, but I need to stay focused

“We only have a minute or two until the ship sinks..”

Mineta whimpers, “We-We’re gonna die in here!!”

“No we won’t. Calm down” I say back in an annoyed tone


I smack him behind his head. he whines

Midoriya’s body is shaking, as he stares at the villains


It just occurred to me.. This is their first time going against villains and it was a surprise attack. I’m more calm, and not exactly afraid. I’m basically immune to fear, but everyone else? I’m sure everyone is scared out of their mind, not knowing if anyone else is okay. Midoriya seems to be good at analyzing and observing his surroundings, and people around him, even while under pressure, and full of fear. I can slightly see why he’s not so useless.


Midoriya comes up with a good plan, that we go through with quickly

He steps on the edge of the boat and screams out, “DIE!!”

.. Is he imitating Bakugo?

He jumps high in the air and positions his hands in a way where he flicks his fingers, and shoots out energy below him, causing the water to move, and turn into waves headed in one direction.

Tsu holds onto Mineta, as I get ready to jump

In the air, Tsu jumps to get ahold of Midoriya.

Mineta throws his balls in the water. Like that will change anything..

I use my quirk, allowing me to somewhat “fly” in the air, and follow Tsu, Mineta and Midoriya who land back in water, safely

I still float a bit in order to keep my capturing weapon out of the water. Midoriya’s 2 fingers are broken.

He starts to mumble about what he did.

Tsu tells him to stop. And he winces, most likely from the pain in his fingers

What he did wasn’t... rational. But it worked for now, and got them out of there


“You alright?” I ask, not actually.. caring

“Y-Yeah. We should make getting help our top priority. It would be best to follow the shore, and avoid the central plaza as we head towards the exit” Midoriya says

Tsu responds, “Thats true. Aizawa-Sensei has drawn a large number of villains to the plaza”

I get a little worried. I know dad can handle it, and keep himself safe but.. he’s constantly using his quirk, and moving without taking a minute to catch his breath

I regret leaving him.


Midoriya, Tsu and Mineta were able to get rid of the villains here on their own. Dad needs me. But if I interfere now, I might distract him. It only takes one moment— one second for something bad to happen.

“I think Aizawa-Sensei overexerted himself by jumping into that crowd of villains to protect us. Even though Aizawa-kun was there to help for awhile”

“Yeah.” I agree.

Mineta says, “Wait, Midoriya, Aizawa, don’t tell me you...”

Midoriya looks down a bit and grunts

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!!” Mineta finishes

“I’m with Midoriya. My dad is taking on too many villains by himself, I could—“

“No” He cuts me off

I glare at him, “Excuse me?”

“I’m not planning on doing anything to get in his way”

“You aren’t. I could join in with him, without getting in his way and keeping some villains off his back. You just three can meet up with everyone else” I growl at him.

“No. If we can just find an opening and lessen the amount of villains Aizawa-Sensei is up against.. that will do enough. I don’t doubt your abilities Aizawa-kun, but we should all wait until we find a clear opening! You could distract him and we all know.. It only takes one second for—“

I roll my eyes, “Okay fine. I’m gonna go into the bushes to piss. I’ve been holding it since we got here”

I walk out of the water, and towards some nearby bushes

I hear Mineta behind me say, “I would’ve peed myself when this began!!”

Tsu responded, “That’s gross”


I finish up, and meet up with Midoriya and Tsu. We make our way over, making sure we stay hidden but still have a good view. I watch as my dad fights against all these villains. We peak up and watch

He’s getting tired.

“We’ll run away the instant it seems dangerous” Midoriya says quietly, reassuring a hyperventilating Mineta


I get up, quicker than the others can process, and run up to dad

Midoriya says behind me, “Wait Aizawa-kun!!!”

I drop some eyedrops in my eyes, put on my goggles and get ready to use my cloths, and swipe my right hand to make some villains fly away from dad

Dad notices me, and says, “Kesuki—“

But quickly turns away to jump in the air, catches two villains, turns around while still in the air and pulls, so he flies towards them, kicking them hard enough to keep them knocked out and one of them falling. I grab him with my cloths, and throw him into a villain running towards me

My dad looks at me and nods, then fights off more villains


He’s so cool


I fight off a few other villains

The guy with hands all over his body runs at him fast, my dad attacks, throwing his weapon, but the villain catches it, still running at him. Dad elbows him in the gut, making him go backwards in the air.

I fight the other villains surrounding us, to keep them from piling onto dad

The blue haired villain has his hand on his elbow

It seems he knows when dad deactivates his quirk to blink.

He must’ve been observing and analyzing him, and the way he moves. I can see his shirt sleeve turning grey, then start crumbling


Then his skin— his elbow is cracking? This must be the villains quirk.

I fight off the last few villains as I stand beside dad, who got away from the villain

“Dad, your elbow—“

“I’m alright. Are you okay?” He says, still keeping his eye on the villain

“I’m okay. I was with Midoriya and Tsu. Got rid of a few villains. The warpy guy scattered us all. They’re here to kill All Might”

“Hm. Keep your eyes peeled and stay focused until help shows up; okay?”

“Yes sir”


I hear the villain say, “You’re so cool!! You’re both so cool!! Father and son.. against villains! Cute”

A few more villains show up, and my dad goes against them after putting in a few eyedrops

His eyes are red; it must be so distracting and uncomfortable

I run at the blue haired villain, wrap my cloth around his waist as I keep his quirk deactivated, and throw him farther away from dad

As dad fights off the other villains, I ask the one with hands everywhere as he stands up, giggling. “Why do you want to kill All Might? What’s the point of this? It’s not like you’ll win you freak”

I use my quirk to make him float so he can’t run, and do anymore damage

“Calling the villains names won’t do any good Kesuki”

He points at me, and I notice he got ahold of my wrist, so it’s slightly.. Um. Broken? Crumbled? I don’t quite know what to call it..

I blink when I throw my opponent, since they’re usually too busy trying to figure out whats happening. I guess he caught on to that.

“Kesuki—“ my dad says, still fighting off the last few villains

“I’m alright. It’s nothing” I respond back.

the villain laughs manically, “I’m not the final boss” he continues laughing


dad turns his head, and I finally hear Midoriya, Tsu and Mineta screaming at me


I look behind me, seeing this giant.. thing. This villain, who seems bigger than All Might. I drop the blue haired villain, and the next thing I know— I only see darkness, and hear my dad, Midoriya and Mineta call my name

Then I hear.. and feel..









Everything still black. I try to get up but I feel dizzy. My head hurts, but I can tell I’m on the ground


I stay in place, as i feel something big wrapped around my arm

I look up, and lick my lips. I taste blood..

I then see my dad fighting the blue haired villain again, but finally he gets far enough away to look at me, and see if I’m alive


I feel my arm bending in away it shouldn’t bend, then a harsh SNAP

My voice cracks as I scream out in pain, and dad calls for me again, and the blue haired villain laughs like a maniac

He introduces this giant thing as Nomu.


Nomu drops my broken arm, keeps me pinned on the ground, and my dad runs towards me

I manage to get out a few words

“Stop” I say weakly. “Huh?”  My dad says.


If he goes against this nomu, he’ll get injured too. I don’t want that. Its useless to take such a risk.

Before I can say anything else, Nomu bashes my head into the ground again, I groan in pain. I see dad throw his cloth, attaching it to my working arm, probably attempting to pull me out of Nomu’s grasp, but he also gets captured by Nomu

He gets pinned on the ground beside me, one hand on me and the rest of Nomu’s body is on dad

Nomu does what he did to me; but more harder.


“Dad..” I say, weakly, voice slightly cracking. Wishing he’d just stayed away

I try using my quirk, but nomu steps on my other arm. Not breaking it, but enough to where it hurts. Badly, and I scream out again.


“Such a shame... Isn’t it?” I hear the blue haired villain say, walking towards us

I look up and try using my quirk on Nomu, but it fails, as he breaks my dads arms. I whimper. I’ve never heard him make those noises before


Its my fault

If I’d stayed away maybe he wouldn’t have gotten caught. I let my emotions control my actions, being worried about dad.

Suddenly I feel a cold hand lift my head so I look at him, but my eyes can’t quite focus.

“You both can erase quirks.. it’s wonderful but it’s nothing impressive. In the face of overwhelming power, you might as well be quirkless”

He laughs, “Well.. except you, little child. I see you can.. what? Move things with your fingers without touching them? so cool” he says excitingly

My head aching, and pounding even more, I close my eyes, squint and groan

The villain drops my head and clicks his tongue a few times, “Poor child.. You see.. You can blame All Might for your pain and misery. If he just showed up, we’d have killed him and left! But no.. We need to injure.. and possibly kill a few children..” He sighs

I turn my head and open my eyes. It takes a moment before my vision somewhat clears up and i can kind of see properly. I check on Midoriya and Tsu, and see the frightened look on their face. Using my non-broken arm, I move my fingers, indicating they leave while they still can

It appears fear is controlling their body, since the expression on their face slightly changes but they don’t move.

I hear another THUMP and I squint my eyes knowing what that thump was


I groan as my body tingles. Not in a tickling way, but an extremely painful way.

The warp guy appears, calling the villain

Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki asks, “Kurogiri, did you kill 13?”

He responds, “I put 13 out of action,”

Did he.. kill 13? I wonder if the others are alive.

Not that I know them too well, but I’d like to think everyone else is okay.

Despite my current state, i turn my head, seeing my dad unconscious, and i look at the villains, who look back once they realize I moved, “You’re—“ I cough out blood, and hear a soft, “ooh” from Shigaraki

I continue, “You’re both full of.. shit” I say weakly, my voice a bit raspy

Shigaraki laughs and Kurogiri continues talking, “There were students that I was unable to disperse.. one of them was able to run away”

I sigh in relief when I heard that. Someone got away.. Help will be here soon.

Nomu puts his weight on my body, hurting me a little more. I whimper again.

Shigaraki gets upset, and i hear.. what I think is scratching and soft groaning

“Kurogiri... you...” He says, “If you weren’t a warp gate, I would’ve crushed you to pieces.”

So thats what he is.. a warp gate. Great..

Suddenly Shigaraki stops groaning in disappointment, and the scratching noises stop and he says, “We can’t win against dozens of pro’s.. It’s game over. Maaan, it’s game over this time. Lets go home”


He sighs, and looks at me, “Take the boy too” he says

Why take me?

Then I hear Shigaraki say, “Oh yeah.. Before we leave,” he turns

I lift my head, then look at where he’s looking






“Lets smash some of their pride..” He rushes towards them

I groan in pain, as I adjust myself, and finally use my quirk to deactivate his before he touches Tsu, or Midoriya with the same hand he used to make dads elbow crumble.


When his hand touches Tsu, and nothing happens, he turns, and says, “You really are cool.. Little child”

He see’s as I’ve erased his quirk.

Nomu grabs my head, smashing it into the ground again

I bruise easily, but after my head getting hit into the ground multiple times, I’m still conscious?!


What torture.


I’m unable to move, or see, as if I try to open my eyes it hurts

I don’t move my body but feel Nomu put me on his giant shoulder.

One of my eyes peep open, and I see dad, upper body covered with blood, and unconscious

Lucky.. He doesn’t have to feel the pain. Not like I am right now. Although I’d rather I feel every bit of pain, and be conscious than have dad be injured this way

I groan, as my body swaying side to side as nomu walks beside kurogiri

I hear him say, “We’ll take very good care of you”

The tone of his voice makes me uncomfortable. I see him about to warp me and Nomu away until I hear a loud bang, knowing its All Might. Nomu puts me down, gently on the ground.


I don’t know what All Might said, but I feel less worried.

Not a minute later, I feel myself on someone elses shoulder— All Mights. After that.. I finally black out. Fall into nothingness

But free from the pain.

I’m not sure what happened while I went unconscious. I don’t know how long I was out, but I do know we were all saved




Wait a minute..


I hear noises..


I open my eyes and I see.. Nomu.. All Might.. Midoriya


All Might and Nomu trapped in the warp, Nomu’s fingers digging into All Mights old wound

I see I’m being carried. I push myself off, and hear Mineta say, “Aizawa!” and Tsu looks at me, tries to help me up. I decline her help, but wince at the pain I feel as I stand up slowly, my head pounding, and arm throbbing


I cough out blood, but focus on All Might


He needs help

I use my telekinesis, and inflict pain to Nomu, grabbing the warp guy making him fly away, then grab Nomu and All Might before Kurogiri’s warp no longer surrounds them, making them get cut in half. Although.. thinking of it now that would’ve been the rational thing to do for Nomu


Anyways.. Too late for that now.

I set All Might down, and he looks at me, with a worried look

 I then see Shoto, Bakugo and Kirishima stare at me, shocked at my condition, and my other quirk, as I keep Nomu in the air

Shoto yells out my name, “KESUKI!” he runs towards me

All Might talks to the other villains. I can’t hear what they’re saying. In fact, I can barely hear anything anymore

Shoto stands beside me, helping me keep balance

I cough out more blood, and then see Kirishima and Bakugo in front of me too

I cough once again gasping for air, but stuttering when I do manage to breathe

I accidentally let Nomu down, back on the ground.

I look up, and move everyone out of my way. Or.. I try to. They keep standing so close to me, trying to talk, but I can’t hear them

I look at shoto, letting him know with my eyes what I’m about to do

He makes them back off, and I hear a muffled, “What?! Are you crazy?! Look at him!”

“Trust me. You’ll wanna stand back”

I look behind me and see they’re far enough way


I get on one knee, and use my working arm to touch the ground

The ground beneath me crumbles from the pressure I put down on it, now in the shape of a circle around me, then in those cracks a bunch of wind flies upwards, and twirls like a tornado

I lift my hand, and point it forward, making the wind move towards a now, slightly injured Nomu thanks to All Might, and I move my hand a bit above my head to gush Nomu far up, making him spin in circles. I keep my face down, and eyes closed to stay focused

The wind whooshes, and falls back, hitting anyone whos around us hard, but makes Nomu fly in the air, out of the building of USJ

I take a few deep breaths, and open my eyes, my breath raspy

Shoto helps me up, and nods

I weakly lift my head and see All Might giving me a shocked and confused look

Mineta, Tsu, Kirishima and Bakugo’s eyes are wide

I then see Midoriya fly at Shigaraki, who attempts to touch All Might, whos distracted, and making him crumble


I’ve used up all my energy and can’t stop any of it


Kurogiri warps himself, making Midoriya’s hand go somewhere else, and Shigaraki’s hand at Midoriya’s face.


Suddenly, Shigaraki’s arms and legs get shot, and Midoriya falls on the ground, arms and legs broken

I look back and see the other pro heroes and sigh in relief


Shoto pokes my cheek, and I look at him, my eyes feeling heavy

He nods, and lets me know. I can.. close my eyes again...


Now, I’m in the nothingness. No longer in pain.. For now

Chapter Text

3: I hear quiet beeping noises..




I groan as I open my eyes, slowly adjusting to the bright lights. Everything is burry, and I feel nauseous, and somehow dizzy while I notice Im laying in a hospital bed

My heart rate increases, and I hear it on the monitor as I worry about my dad

A doctor walks in, “Ah, you’re awake. That’s great. How are you feeling?”

I blankly stare at him for a moment. “I feel nauseous, and dizzy”

“Thats to be expected. We can give you some medication for the nausea, and any pain you may have. Your injuries were severe. You’re lucky there was no serious trauma, especially to your brain from the multiple hits your head took”

I sigh, “How’s my dad?”

He flips a piece of paper on a clipboard, and reads it. “Ah, Shota Aizawa. He’s fine.. He left the hospital this morning”

“what are his injuries like? are—“ I gulp. “Are they bad?” I ask, as I remember hearing him screaming in pain.. Hearing his arms break, and head smash into the ground..

He sighs, “Both his arms are broken, but healing, and otherwise okay. His face was scratched up, and bruised but we put some bandages on it to keep his cuts from getting infected while he’s out”

I sigh in relief

He sits by my bed, “Kesuki, you’ve went through some serious trauma, and suffered major injuries. We suggest you see a therapist”

I stare at him, “Why?”

“We can’t tell yet, but everything you— and your dad went through and what you witnessed.. Your dad getting hurt. We believe you may develop PTSD from the incident and want you to be safe. PTSD is a hard thing to manage, especially at school, with hero training. It may bring back memories of USJ. After all, you’re just a kid”

I sigh, “I’ll be fine. I don’t need a therapist”

“The offer still stands if you ever change your mind.”

I glare at him. 

He clicks his tongue, “Oh, right. Theres some people who’ve been waiting to see you. Would you like me to send them in?”

Why would anyone wanna see me in here?

Hospitals suck

I nod anyways, curious to see who wants to visit me. In a hospital.

He walks out of the room, and not a second later, Mirio runs in, and behind him, Shoto

A big, worried smile on his face, “Kesuki!! I’m glad you’re awake and okay! I’ve been so worried since you came here!”

He has?

“Hell of a first day of school huh?” he jokes. I stare at him

Shoto sits beside me, “How’re you doing?”

“I’m fine” I say back


Mirio takes a deep breath before speaking again, “Hey! This cool new show is on TV. I thought maybe.. you’d like to watch it? I brought a bunch of snacks— Junk food, healthy food, ect. I wasn’t sure what you liked so I brought everything!!” he smiles, opening his backpack thats full of food

I look at the doctor who stood by the door, “You can eat if you want. You haven’t had anything to eat for awhile. We suggest you eat something healthy though” He says, as he walks out

I don’t grab anything. I’m not really hungry.

Mirio opens a bag of chips, and turns the TV on.

Why does he care so much about me? Bringing all this food.. I don’t get it

he turns to me as a commercial plays, “Hey.. Kesuki”

I turn my head, “hm?”

he smiles, “Can I call you Kesu? Or Kes?”

He’s so weird.

I shrug

“Just think about it, okay?” he says, smiling

I nod

“Oh hey, I almost forgot..” He says, munching on a chip, “My friends would like to meet you. Do you mind if they joined us, while we watch the show?They’re amazing and I think you’ll like them! They’ve been waiting to meet you!”

I think for a moment. I guess it wouldn’t hurt..


I hear a quiet, but excited, “Yes!” as he takes his phone out

3 minutes later, someone walks in

A girl with long, periwinkle colored hair. I hear her say “yikes” as she looks at my arm, then my face

How bad do I look?

The girl jumps, “HEY! I’m Nejire Hado! Its nice to meet you! Mirio told us.. well, everything he knows about you! it wasn’t much but we wanted to meet you! Also, whos this?” she then asks, looking at Shoto, who looks at her back

“Todoroki Shoto” he responds

“Nice to meet you! Your hair and eyes look so cool!! Wheres the scar—“ Before she finishes, Mirio asks, “Where’s Tamaki?”

Shoto lightly glares at her, from what she was about to ask

“He couldn’t make it..” Najire says quietly

she then looks at me. “We were worried when he told us what happened” her voice gets softer, “But we’re glad you’re okay!!”


Nejire claps her hands, startling a zoned out Shoto, “OKAY! Lets watch TV”

Nejire sits down next to Mirio, and bites into an apple Mirio had packed

During commercials, Mirio tells me painfully cringe-worthy jokes. Then he asks, “are you participating in the Sports Festival?”

I look at him, “If I can get this arm healed a little faster. I definitely want to” I say, looking at Shoto. He looks back, with the same look

We’re very competitive. Especially against each other.

“You ever participate in it?” I ask him

He shakes his head, “no. As you know, Kes. My clothes fall off when I use my quirk. Being naked on live television.. isn’t the way I wanna be remembered” He says

Nejire laughs. She then let me try some a new candy I’ve never tried. Anyways, they’re called “fuzzy peaches”. They were really good. I shared some with Shoto too. We never get to eat candy, so he enjoyed it as well.

During the commercial, Mirio left to use the bathroom. Nejire looked at me and smiled, “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Mirio like this”

She sighs, “He was so excited for us to meet you, he said he instantly liked you when you two met” I stare at her, confused. Shoto looks at her as well

“So. The USJ incident! What was that like? I mean, your face has so much scratches and stuff, and your arms are still messed up. It must’ve hurt right? And that thing you did there!! So cool!”

She has no filter.

I like her.

“It did” I say back

She stares at me as I drink some water. What a weird girl.

Mirio comes back, but its lunch time so Nejire leaves, as Mirio and Shoto stay. I’m a little shocked Mirio still here.. I’d have thought he’d leave by now

He tells me the story of how he met his friends, and a bit of his childhood, and growing up learning how to use his quirk.

I told Mirio a bit of mine, and growing up being friends with Shoto. When we were together, we’d have a lot of fun. It was the only time he smiled or occasionally laughed apparently.

then, it made me think about my childhood a little.. deeper, before I lived with dad.

I never had friends. I wasn’t allowed any besides Shoto. But we were always made to fight each other by our fathers (my stepdad). To this day, I don’t know why.

Then... It was always, study, homework, train. I was never fully allowed to have my own life until I started living with my dad.


I remember when we first started training which was 2 weeks after I got there.. Everytime he knocked me down (Not using full strength) I’d flinch when he’d put his hand out to help me back up, expecting to get smacked.

Eventually I told him why I did that, and he felt bad, but told me, “Kesuki. I’d never hit you for not being perfect all the time. You’re young, and its not expected you be as good as pro. Thats why we train” He sighed, then he put a hand on my shoulder

“Abusing you won’t help you get any better. It slows down the process of increasing your strength, and your abilities, it also damages you mentally and emotionally. I train you to help you. So you can get better and be a great hero someday. It’s my duty as your father to guide you”


After that, I started getting better, and stopped expecting to get hit for failing.


Apparently I was lost, deep in my thoughts because Mirio waved his hand in my face, “KESU!!” I jump and look at him

“Hey there! Welcome back” He laughs

“Listen I have to go now, but I’ll be back tomorrow!”

He walks out of the room

We sit in silence for a minute or two, until Shoto says, “So. When did you and Togata become friends? Isn’t he a 3rd year?”

I nod, “Yeah. It was the first day I showed up. I was a bit lost and he showed me the way” 

“The others have been worried about you. You looked real bad”

“I bet. Although I don’t remember much near the end”

“Oh, you basically saved All Might. He said he would visit you, and thank you for what you did”

“He doesn’t have to..” I don’t like being thanked. It always feels like they think I did it for them


I guess sometimes it is, but the whole point of being a hero is just.. helping people, keeping them safe or making them feel safe.

Being thanked.. Feels like it ruins the whole thing


I sigh


He puts his hand on mine, “I should go. I need to train for the Festival. I’ll see you later” He says, standing up. He lifts his hand and puts it into a fist. I do the same and fist bump him. He then walks out, but stops at the corner of the door and slightly smiles at me

I give him a small smile back, and he walks out


I didn’t realize how tired I felt, despite being up for a few hours. It doesn’t take longer than a few seconds until I’m fast asleep.

Chapter Text

I dream about the day at USJ. I keep hearing dad screaming.. his arms breaking, and seeing the terrified look on Midoriya, Tsu and Mineta’s face.

I wake up sweating, and my heart is pounding

I quickly sit up, clutching my hands into a fist against my chest, trying to breathe properly.

I didn’t realize Mirio and Shoto had been sitting nearby, watching TV. Why were they here again? Don’t they have better things to do?

He jumps, “Oh shit— wha..”

“Kesuki?” Shoto says

He sees as my breathing is increasing, as I panic. Why can’t I stop? It was just a bad dream.

He runs to the door, peeks around and calls for help. I get up, needing to see my dad, and make sure.. He really is okay.

Shoto puts a hand on my shoulder but I nudge it away

Shoto tells me to calm down, and breathe as we wait for a nurse or doctor to come by

“I-“ I say, trying to breathe so I can speak. “I need m—mhy dad.”

“I can call him, but you should sit back down” He responds.

A nurse walks in and gives me a sedative and I instantly feel better

I space out, imagining it all again until i hear my dad walk in. I notice Mirio and Shoto are gone

I look up at him. “dad” I say softly, relieved to see him, despite all the bandages on his body.

He walks towards me, by the bed and sits down. He can’t really do anything since his arms are.. broken but feeling him by me, alive.. is nice

He— we could’ve died that day


I take a deep breath, and he asks me, “Are you okay? Shoto mentioned earlier you woke up and.. couldn’t breathe?”

I sigh, “A nightmare” I say quietly, looking away. Ashamed Im letting my emotions get in the way of..


“I see..”

“You could’ve died that day.. We both could’ve. The whole.. Nomu thing keeps going on repeat in my head..” His body slightly tenses at the mention of Nomu

“We didn’t. Just focus on that, okay?”

“Okay” I say back

I sigh, changing the subject, “You think I can participate in the Sports Festival? I want to kick everyones ass” I chuckle softly

He responds, with confidence in his voice, “Im sure you can. Its a good opportunity to get noticed by some hero Agencies. Some of your class mates will be getting offers be to do internships for a week. We’ll have to wait and see about your injuries”

I sigh.

“It doesn’t start for another few days. You have a bit of time if you heal fast” He says

Awkward silence hits the room, until—

“I’ve been thinking..” I say. “If Im able to be in the sports festival,” I sigh, and continue, “I wanna see if Endeavor will let me go to his agency. Only if he offers it. If not.. I dunno.”

I hear a quiet, “hm” come from dad. “I thought you disliked him.”

“I do, but.. I feel like he can help me get a bit more control with my quirk. His is the closest to mine”

“I see. I can talk to some people for you? See if—“

“no!” I cut him off

“I’d like to speak to him personally.. if I have to”

“Okay then” He said, putting his cast on my shoulder. He softly chuckles. I weakly smile at him.

Dad says, “I’ll come back tomorrow. Try and get some sleep”


I take a deep breath, and decide to close my eyes, letting myself fall into a deep sleep. Hopefully with no nightmares this time.”




I wake up at 6:30am, as usual.

I ask a nurse if I can leave. Dad and I go see Recovery Girl, who heals my arm even more. Im now able to be in the Sports Festival!

My dad gives me a pair of gloves, since mine were.. well. Destroyed.

2 days have passed, and I spent my time training with my telekinesis, and practicing fighting without my cloths. Shoto showed up and stayed for a few hours to eat and hangout after we trained together.

The day the Sports Festival begins, I walk with Mirio to register myself, and to see if I can wear my gloves and use my cloths. They allow both of them, but I can only use my cloths during the finals

Mirio and I walk towards the stadium, squeezing past the horde of people around it, and near the food carts.

Just outside the building

I see my idol. One of the heroes I’ve admired so much for so long

Who, you wonder?




I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to him. But ever since I first saw Hawks, I’ve admired him. He’s just.. so cool.

He’s talking to a few other heroes, and Mirio seems to notice me staring at him

“Kesuki?” He asks


I turn my head and face him, my face obviously shows how happy I am to have seen him. I never thought I’d be this close to him, “Y-yeah?”

“What ya lookin at?” he asks, fully knowing what I’m looking at.

I look back, “Its—“ I take a deep breath

“Its Hawks, I never thought I’d get to see him this close in person” He probably heard the excitement in my voice and smiles at me

“Go greet him!” he says, slapping my back

“Ow. What? No, he’s busy.” I try walking away but he grabs my shoulders holding me in place

“Mirio!” I say, “W-we have to go inside and see if— oof!!” He pushes me forward, more closer to Hawks. I panic and glare at him, as he motions his hands, telling me to say hi

I roll my eyes. He won’t let me leave until I do it.

I walk up to Hawks and stare up at him. He’s so.. tall... His wings are so big.. So cool. So majestic...

The heroes he’s talking to looks at me, which catches his attention.

He turns around and looks back at me, staring down

“Can I help you?” he asks

I take a deep breath, and bow. “S-Sorry for interrupting your conversation H-Hawks, I just—“ I stand straight, and rub my neck nervously

“I’ve looked up to you for years.. D-do you mind if I uh. Get an autograph or.. something?” I ask. It’s very unusual for me to get nervous..

He stares at me for a moment, then says, “No. I’m busy, go on now”

I look at him, my heart slowly.. crumbling

I’ve admired this guy for so long. I always thought he was so cool, and to me— in my eyes he was #1 hero

he laughs and pats my back, “I’m kidding! You’re one of the kids from the USJ Incident right? Hey, Why don’t I do something better?”

My eyes widen as I’m shocked he was.. “kidding”

He smiles at me. He gives me a.. feather? thats weird but I’ll treasure it anyways


I never do “selfies” or pictures where I’m in them, but I take some with me and Hawks.

He pecks my cheek with a kiss as I take a second photo. I quickly walk away and thank him, before I die. I hear him laugh

Mirio catches up, “What was that about?” he smirks

I glare at him, “I don’t know what you’re talking about..”. I turn my head away

He laughs and pats my back, as my body calms down from meeting Hawks.. gosh hes so.. cough pretty



Mirio leaves as he walks towards the bleachers, and I make my way into the locker room with the rest of my class.

i walk in the door, and Ashido walks up to me, “You’re okay! We haven’t seen you since USJ! All Might told us you were the one who blew Nomu away! Is that true?!” She asks, as she plays with my hair

I push her hand away, and walk away, so I can change

Once Im all changed, I stand in a corner, thinking about the pics I took with Hawks.

Shoto approaches me. I look up at him, and I notice everyone else looks too. Nervously.

“Kesuki” Shoto says

The others gasp. Probably shocked he referred to me by my first name

.. We’ve been on a first name basis since were 9.

“Huh?” I say

“I’m glad you’re okay, and you’re back. I look forward to beating you”

I roll my eyes.

He raises his fists, others flinch, and I give him a fist bump

He then see’s Midoriya enter the room, and he walks up to him, clearly upset now

He challenges him, declaring war, being more intimidating than he was when he said he’d beat me. (Not that he can. I’m too cool 4 that)

“He was just so friendly a second ago..” Yaoyorozu says

Then, Mineta had to say, “I think Aizawa will be #1! He’s like a pro already! Did you see what he did at USJ?!”

I look at him, frowning at his.. weirdness.

They all look at me. I say nothing

Bakugo says, “He’s not a pro! Look at him! He’s the size of a 10 year old! And he got beat up badly!!”

I open my mouth, ready to say something but then Shoto cuts in, “He was beaten by Nomu. I don’t think you’d do great against him either Bakugo. He ended up getting rid of Nomu, AND saving All Mights life. Either way, It was a close call, so mind your own business”

“What’d you say?! Stupid half n half bastard”

He shrugged. “All Might was barely able to defeat him. He might’ve lost if it weren’t for Kesuki”

A lot of still blurry. I wasn’t really told what happened after I passed out. Just a bit of what I did to Nomu

Bakugo glares at Todoroki then rushes up to me, grabbing on my shirt

I look up at him, then look at his hand, then his face, giving him a blank expression, and no reaction. Which I think a reaction is what he was looking for

“If you try to beat me! I’ll kill you! Tiny little bitch!!”

I sigh, “Are you threatening me because you’re intimidated by me? Already knowing, I will beat you?”

He growls, and attempts to punch me. I hear some seats move as I grab his hand aiming it beside me, so he misses

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you” I make him let me go

I scoff. He has serious issues

I give him a look full of judgement and walk out, but stop at the doorway.

I turn my head and Realize Shoto is behind me, and I look at Bakugo, “Shoto isn’t the only one declaring war today. You think you’re so.. Cool. Bakugo. You seem to think you’re better than I am, but you see.. I can easily beat you”

everyone gasps

I hear a distinct, “They’re.. so alike” from Ochaco.

Shoto and I walk away

“Dont walk away from me!! I’ll fucking squash you like a bug!!! I won’t let someone like you beat me!!” He yells, as I walk farther away. He’s worryingly immature 


Mirio pops out, and walks beside me, making me jump from his unexpected appearance

“Hey!” He says


“I just wanted to tell you good luck out there!! I’ll be rooting for you! Not that you need luck.. You’re like a pro already!”

He lightly, playfully punches my arm

“Yeah..” I say

“Anyways.. I’ll go find my seat. I’ll talk to you later! Good luck to you both!” He says, as he walks in a different direction

Shoto and I go back outside, but I stand in a little corner with my arms crossed

“I get what I did was cool, but why does everyone have to congratulate me about it?” I groan

Shoto shrugs, “You don’t wanna get recognized for your actions? Even when it was something like that?”

“No,” I look up at him, “I don’t plan on being in the media. I’m going underground once I graduate. Just like my dad. You out of everyone knows I hate getting attention”

“True” he says

“So..” I say, after a few moments of silence

“Hm?” he looks at me

“Challenging Midoriya, huh? That kid has a powerful quirk, but its not.. that powerful when his bones break after a single move. Why’d you bother?” I ask

He shrugs, “His bones do break, but theres something off about that kid. He almost reminds me of All Might. You know what I need to do. He’s.. related to him somehow, and whatever way that is. I must beat him” he says

I nod, “fair enough”

“And you? Challenging the hot-headed Bakugo?”

“I just want to make him mad”

We hear them say the game is about to start and make our way to meet with everyone else

We’re almost there and I say, “I met Hawks earlier” I say

“Oh. How’d that go?”

I chuckle lightly, “He gave me one of his feathers. We took a..” I clear my throat

“Photo. Together”. I don’t think I should mention what he did when I took the picture..


We meet up with the rest of the class heading out. Bakugo glares at me, and Shoto glares at Midoriya.

We walk out, towards the middle of the stadium in front of thousands of people

Mic yells out, “The U.A Sports Festival!!! The huge battle where fledging heroes sharpen their swords once a year! Anyway these are the guys right?

The Miraculous new stars who overcame the enemy attacks with their hearts of steel!!! The Hero Course, Class 1-A, right?!?!”

Midoriya is obviously nervous since theres so many people. Although I’m looking forward to this. Showing off my skills.

I wasn’t allowed to bring my cloths for the first two games, but I am for the finals. Which is fine by me.

Mic introduces the other classes. We all meet up in the middle, where Midnight gives instructions

The others discuss her rather.. inappropriate hero suit. I for one, think its cool-ish. It matches her personality.

Midnight has a.. mop whip, and says “Quiet everyone! Now.. Representing the students is Katsuki Bakugo from class 1-A!” We all gasp. Why him?

we stand in silence. Then, Bakugo says, “I pledge. That I’ll be number 1” He glares at me.

Everyone boo’s at him.

“Um... Anyways.. lets get started right away. The first game is what you’d call a qualifier! Every year, many drink their tears here! Now here is the fateful first game!”

The first game is an obstacle course.

On the screen, it shows how the game works, as Midnight explains a little better, “All 11 classes will participate in this race. The course will be the outer circumference of this stadium— about 4 kilometres! Our schools selling point is freedom!! As long as you stay on the course, it doesn’t matter what you do! Now take your places everyone”

I prepare myself, as we stand at the gate, and get ready.


This is gonna be fun.

Chapter Text

I stand in front of everyone, which I have a feeling was a mistake, since its a small, narrowed space where we have to go in order to get to the obstacle course

The last green light blinks off, and everyone runs, pushing past each other.

Luckily Im fast, and I make it out before they do. Almost..

Suddenly theres a cold breeze, and I instantly know what’ll happen so I jump, and watch as Shoto takes the lead, running and creating Ice to stop the others. With my telekinesis, I can manipulate energy, and the elements. I can do more but I won’t get into that right now.

I create a bit of fire from my hand, and melt the spot where everyone is stuck. I hear gasps, and everyone looks at me as I start to fly

I manage to catch up to Shoto, who see’s me getting closer. He attempts to stop me with ice, but I melt that too. Mineta catches up, jumping on his head.. balls

He goes for Shoto, but gets hit by a giant robot

Me and Shoto now stand side by side, and look up.

“The faux villains from the entrance exam!” Midoriya says

Theres a lot of them, and the others complain

“So this is what they used in the general entrance exam?” Shoto says.

He’s gonna use his ice.

“If they went through all this trouble, they could’ve prepared something better” He continues, “Since my damn old man is watching”

He steps a foot down, and his hand, making the ground to get all icy, only hitting 3, as I erase his quirk, and it stops. He glares at me and I smirk at him, patting down my floating hair and the others ask what happened

I destroy the rest faux villains

Putting my hands on the ground, causing intense energy rise from beneath the ground, going up and destroying 2 of the robots from the bottom and then destroying another from the inside out, as I run between them, past the iced robots before they fall

I blink, letting Shoto use his quirk. I won’t let him beat me so easily

Shoto doesn’t hesitate to follow, and uses his ice to defeat a few more, then they all crash, not allowing the others to get by. For now.

he takes a break from his ice. He runs behind me, and is close enough to speak so i can hear him

“You erased my quirk” He says.

“Yeah. Sorry, but right now.. We’re rivals” I grin, then start running faster.

We continue running, Shoto takes down a few more robots, and trying to stop me with ice, but fails

Suddenly we reach the second stage. We have to get across, being careful where we move since.. the drop is far.

Shoto gets ahead of me, using ice to create a path on a rope. I fly across.

I fly over the obstacle, and we make it past the second stage fairly quickly, as we see others starting to make their way across

Especially Bakugo, making blasts from his palms and catching up

We both stop at the third stage, seeing dark circles in the ground

A minefield.

we rush, but watch where we walk, then Bakugo rushes up to us, with his blasts.

Bakugo and Shoto start fighting each other, and I erase their quirks, and push Bakugou, making them lose balance and step on a hole.

It slows them both down enough for me to be far enough to stay in first place.

I look back when I hear a big explosion, and someone flying in the air. Midoriya? I stop to look

Whats he thinking?

Shoto and Bakugo start catching up, but stop fighting each other and try to get to first place. They get ahead of me.

Midoriya now takes the lead, still flying in the air but getting closer to the ground.

Midoriya slows Shoto and Bakugo down again, but flies farther ahead. I decide to just fly across. I pass the two others, now Todoroki and Bakugo run behind me, catching up. Now, the 4 of us rushing, aiming to be first.

Shoto manages to get past me, and Bakugo almost does too until we get past the small tunnel, connecting the stadium to the obstacle course.. part.

Midoriya places first, Shoto places 2nd, I place 3rd, and Bakugo 4th

I catch my breath and use my eyedrops.

Bakugo walks up to me, grabs my shirt and makes us meet face to face, “You erased my quirk you bastard!! how pathetic!!” He raises his hand, making it spark

I hear Mic’s commentary, mentioning Bakugo’s anger, taking it out on me in the background

I let him try and frighten me but he gives up when I give him no reaction


“The one who places Second, Aizawa Kesuki! He was admitted through recommendations! How cool is that for a small lil guy?! huh?!” He continues as the crowd gets louder. It was unnecessary to mention my height but whatever..

I realize I’m kinda hungry. We wait as the other students finish.

I lean against the wall, trying to cool down. Sweating is gross

Shoto walks up to me, “You want some help?” I look up at him, “With?” I ask

“Cooling down. I see you’re sweating, and the second round should be starting soon” he says

I accept his offer, and he puts his right arm around me, activating his quirk a bit and instantly cooling down my body. I sigh in relief, “Thanks Shoto” I say as he moves his arm off of me, “You’re welcome” he says.

Midnight announces the first round is over, and now we move on to the second round, but we get to look at the results from the last round

we walk over to the others, and watch.

“Midoriya: 1st

Todoroki: 2nd

Aizawa: 3rd

Bakugo: 4th

Shiozaki: 5th

Honenuki: 6th

Iida: 7th—“ and so on

I won’t say the names of everyone, and what they placed. It doesn’t matter since it was only the first round

“The first 42 make it on to the second round. It’s unfortunate, but don’t worry even if you didn’t make it! We’ve prepared other ways for you to shine. The real competition begins next! The press calvary’ be all over it! Now give it your all!”

The screen shows up again, about to show us what the second round will be

A Calvary battle

Midnight explains how it works

She mentioned points, and how its based on where you placed.

1st place has 10 million points

Everyone looks at Midoriya.

But I’m  the one whos gonna get those points.

She explains more of how it works

i’m not sure who’ll i’ll be teaming up with. I’ll figure it out. Maybe Shoto?..

We get 15 minutes to find teams.

I get surrounded by some classmates, telling me to team up with them.

I just stare at all of them, looking around for Shoto

Shoto walks up to me out of nowhere and asks to talk. I follow and the others groan

“We should team. As much as I want to beat you too— I think it’ll work best with the four of us” he says, as we walk towards Kaminari and Iida.

“Iida will be in the front as the main source of mobility and physical defense, Kaminari will be left wing and keep the enemy off us with his electricity, and I’ll be on the right. You’ll be the rider. This way it’ll be easier to carry you since you’re small” They look at me and Shoto continues saying, “And, we will get the 10 million points”

“I can also keep people away, using my ice”

“What about your fire?” Iida asks

“No.. In battle I’ll never use my left..” He says

“I can use mine if I need to” I say. They nod

Midoriya asks Iida to be on their team. He declines since hes on ours.

We stand across from Midoriya And Uraraka, as Iida walks back to us.

The time is up, and its time to begin the game.

Our team has 820 points. We’re in fourth place

We’re waiting for the right moment to get Midoriya alone to take the points.

We’re able to dodge other people trying to take our points and make our way to fight Midoriya.

We finally run into him. This is our chance to fight him alone

We face each other.

“I’ll be taking that now” I say, glaring at Midoriya, whos visibly nervous.

We run towards Midoriya and his team,

Kaminari shocks everyone but us since I used a shield covering me, Iida and Shoto. Kaminari stops everyone from moving, and Shoto turns the ground into ice. We run past a few teams and take their headbands

As we get closer, Shoto makes walls of ice blocking everyone else out of the corner we’re now in. Making it so its just our team, and Midoriya’s.

We run towards him, but Tokoyami’s dark shadow attacks. I blow intense energy at it, making it back away

We stand in place for a few minutes. Thinking about what to do next, and how to get the 10 million points


“Everyone, theres one minute left. You won’t be able to use me after this” Iida says. “huh?” I say. “Im counting on you!” He finishes

“Iida?” Shoto quietly says, looking at Iida as he proceeds to say, “Hang on tight! Make sure you get it, Aizawa-kun!!”

He activates his quirk, yelling out “Torque over!! Reciproburst!!” As we run forward really fast, not allowing Midoriya or his team to process it and do something

I stick my hand out and successfully grab Midoriya’s head band

We have the 10 million points!

I cling on the head band, as we slow down then stop. Mic freaks out, and the crowd gets louder

“Iida! If you could accelerate that fast, then show is in the prelims!!” He says

I tie the headband around my neck, turning it inside out so nobody can see the numbers, I look down and ask him, “What was that?”

He responds, “By forcing the torque and rotations to increase, I created an explosive power. With the recoil, my engine stalls after awhile though. Its a secret move I hadn’t told anyone in the class yet. I told you, Midoriya-kun. That I’d challenge you” he says

“Good job Iida!” Kaminari says

I rub in the fact we have the 10million points to Midoroya, giving him an evil smirk

His face looks frightened.

He runs at us, talking to his friends

The way his arm is moving, he’s about to use his quirk and try to grab the headband, gaining the 10 million points back

I block his attack, using my quirk against him, blocking his punch with a shield I made from energy

I must’ve moved a little weird, since I felt Todoroki’s fire activate too. I look down at him for a moment.

After blocking off his attack, he runs past us.

I notice he took a headband off

“I GOT IT!” He yells

I turn my head, looking at him

Theres not a lot of time left, but we still have the 10 million points

How do I know?

I switched them again, just to be safe.

Midoriya’s team notices they didn’t get the 10 million points. They run at us, along with Bakugo who got through Shoto’s ice

Kaminari blocks off Tokoyami’s dark shadow, overusing his quirk

Bakugo flies in the air towards us as Midoriya’s team gets closer. Then Bakugo realizes I have the points and switches directions, falling towards me now, yelling “TINY BASTARD!!”

Suddenly the times up and Bakugo fall face first in the ground.

“Thats the end of the second round!! Now lets look at the top four teams right away!” Mic says

“In first place, Team Aizawa!

in second, Team Bakugo!

In third, Tetsute— Huh? Wait its Team Shinso?! When did you come from behind?! Anyways

Fourth place... Team Midoriya!!”

I look over and see.. a waterfall of tears springs upwards out of his eyes


That kid cries too much.

I look at Shoto, who’s staring at his hand.

He must feel awkward having used his left side accidentally. I’m about to talk to him until he walks away and Im pulled to the side by Iida

“Great job Aizawa-kun!” He says loudly

“Yeah” i mutter

Mic mentions, “Now, we’ll take an hours break for lunch before we start the afternoon festivities! See ya!!”

I hear him distinctively say, “Hey, Eraser Head. Lets go grab food”

“I’m going to sleep” my dad responds, and Mic whistles

Thats dad for ya.

Everyone walks out, and I get approached by Midoriya, “Good job out there.. Aizawa-kun” he says quietly

Shoto then approaches us and asks Midoriya to talk. I’m about to excuse myself when he says, “You can come too”. I walk with him

he pulls us aside, not far away from where everyone else is

He nods his head to his side at me, where I now walk and stand beside him, as he stands across from Midoriya who asks, “What’d do you want to talk to me about?”


Shoto looks mad. This must be about what happened earlier

Chapter Text

“Um..” Midoriya says.  After a few more silent minutes, he speaks again.

“Aizawa-kun, whats—“

I rarely see Shoto looking like this. Only time he has this expression is when his father is involved

“I was overpowered. So much that i broke my pledge”

Midoriya looks at Shoto’s left arm, as he pulls it out of his pocket and looks at it while saying, “Iida, Kaminari, Tokoyami, Uraraka, Aizawa.. None of them felt it. At that last instant, I was the one who was overpowered. Only me, who has experienced All Mights full power up close”


Thats a lie. I felt power. His fire. I don’t know the way All Mights full power feels up close, but It’s no doubt it’s powerful.

Midoriya’s speaks, “What.. does.. that mean?”

“It means I felt something similar coming from you” Shoto says. Midoriya’s expression changes, and he looks at me wide eyed. I shrug, indicating I haven’t told anyone anything.

This might be the one thing I haven’t told Shoto. Its not my power, therfore, not my place to share the story.

Shoto continues, “Midoriya, are you...”

His body tenses even more

“All Mights secret love child or something?”  He finishes

I do my best to hold in a laugh, and Midoriya relaxes a little

“Well? Are you?” He impatiently asks again

Midoriya, starts babbling on, “Th-thats not it! I mean, even if I was, I would say I wasn’t, so I dont think you’d believe me, but anyways, thats not how it is! In the first place, let me ask you something..”

I let out a quiet, “hm”

“Why do you think that about me?” He asks

The kid is smart sometimes, but seriously? He cant figure out why?

Its so obvious.

“Since you said, “thats not how it is,” that means theres a connection between you two that you can’t talk about, right?” Shoto says. Midoriya’s body tenses up once again

He really needs to work on that.

“Endeavors my old man. I’m sure you know he’s been stuck as the number two hero for forever. If you have something from the number one hero, then I.. have even more reason to beat you”

He’s challenging him once again, but being more intimidating towards Midoriya. I’m a little surprised he’s mentioning his father.

“My old man has a stong desire to rise in the world. As a hero, he won a name for himself with crushing force. Because of that, the living legend, All Might, is a great eyesore for him. Since he couldn’t surpass All Might, he moved to his next plan.”


He’s really telling Midoriya— the guy he just challenged this information about his life, and his father.. I’m not sure if thats a smart move.

“What are you talking about, Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya asks

“What are you trying to tell me?”

I look up at Shoto, and I can see his hesitation in telling Midoriya. But then..

“You’ve heard of quirk marriages, right? That thing became a problem for the second and third generation after superpowers appeared. Choosing a spouse based only on strengthening your own quirk, and passing it onto your children, forcing people into marriage. The old fashioned way of thinking brought about by a lack of ethics. He is a man with both accomplishments and money. He won over my mothers relatives and got ahold of my mothers quirk. He is trying to fufill his own desire by raising me to be a hero to surpass All Might”

He’s really going in full details..

Midoriya’s eyes become filled with empathy as Shoto continues saying, “It’s so annoying... I wont become the tool of a scum like that”

The tone of his voice shows off how angry he is.

He takes a moment, then continues speaking

“In my memories, my mother is always crying. “Your left side in unsightly,” my mother said as she poured boiling water on me.”

Midoriya’s eyes widen, shocked at what he just heard.

I remember him telling me about that when we were younger. It explained a lot about why he was the way he was, and I decided to hug him, thinking its what I’d want when I told someone something that.. sad. Back then anyways. I think we helped each other in a lot of ways, dealing with a broken family, and abusive parents.

“Basically I picked a fight with you to show him what I can do,  without using my damn old mans quirk... I’ll reject him completely by winning first place without using it” he finishes saying

We all stand in silence for a second, letting Midoriya absord all the informatiom he got.

“Lets go, Kesuki” He says, as he starts walking away. I follow

“I dont care if you cant tell me how you’re connected to All Might. No matter what you are to All Might, I will rise above you with just my right side. Sorry for wasting your time”

We both sigh. He turns his head at me, looking slightly less mad now, and opens his mouth, about to say something until..

“I...” Midoriya says, running, catching up with us, and we stop walking

I face him, and Shoto just stands still, waiting

“I have always been supported by othes” Midoriya says

Way to shove it in, MidoRiYA

“That was the case earlier, too. I am here because of the people who have supported me”

I glare at him, as he carefully, and intensely stares at his arm


Why do people do that so much?


“Saving people with a fearless smile, the greatest hero— All Might. I want to be like him. In order to do that, I have to be strong enough to become number one”

A little hard to do that when your bones breaks whenever you use your quick, huh?

Shoto turns his head, now glaring at the green haired kid behind us

“My motivation might seem trivial comparedd to yours, Todoroki-kun. I’m not sure about yours though, Aizawa-kun.. either way, I can’t lose either!!” Midoriya ays, as his head rises, now looking at us back.

“I have to live up to the hopes of those who supported me. That declaration of war you gave earlier— I’ll return that. I will beat you too!” He says, his face full of determination.

All this declaration of war, and nobody has challenged me yet. Well.. I challenged Bakugo, but he doesn’t count.

How disappointing.. I like a good challenge.

Shoto walks away, and I follow him.

As we walk, after Midoriya was done rubbing in all the support he gets from people, Shoto asks me, “ You wanna go get some Soba for lunch?”

“Sure” I reply

“I know a place that makes them nearby. They’re good..” He says

“To you, all Zaru Soba is good” I say back, he sighs, knowing I’m right

Then, I say, “Just so you know..”

“Hm?” He turns his head down, looking at me

“I’m not gonna go easy on you either. I’ll do what I need to, to beat you. Even if it’s a game” I challenge him. What happened in his past.. Is really upsetting, and I sympathize for him. He’s a good friend of mine after all, but i’d be giving special treatment, and.. stopping my own potential just for his personal issues.


Although, I must admit. I’m torn between whether or not I’m fully going underground, since I won’t be at a complete disadvantage if they know my quirk. Or if I should just be a pro, and not underground so I can show off my success to the many people who just watched as my stepdad would hurt me, and mom. Oh well, I still have enough time to think about it.. 


“I don’t expect any less from you, Kesuki. May the best man win” He said, still as blunt and boring as ever. Still, we determinedly fist bump

After a moment of silence, “You’re still tiny” he says


After.. We walk, and we get to a small building. It smells good in here.

We sit down, and we order cold soba noodles

“You know to slurp them right?” He asks, as the waiter brings us our noodles

I nod, “Obviously”

When we were younger, he kept encouraging me to try soba noodles. It took awhile until I did, since I was barely open to the idea of having a friend at all, and I never liked trying new things.

We slurp our delicious noodles, drink some water and head back to the stadium once we’re finished.

We walk out the door, and I realize we’re gonna be 10 minutes late at this rate

“Kesuki, we get back late, use your—“

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence when he realizes we’re already in the locker room with the others

They all jump, and a few scream

“Quirk..” Shoto finishes

Ahem.. anyways

I stick my hand in a fist, waiting for a fist bump

he takes a moment, but gives me what I was waiting for

We walk out to the big.. hole in the stadium, where the other classes are

Mic says, “Now that lunch is over, its finally time to reveal the last game!! But before that, theres good news for all of you who didn’t make it to the finals! This is just a sports festival! So we’ve prepared recreational games that everyone can participate in, too!! E’ve even brought resl cheerleaders from America to liven things up!!”

I turn to look at the American cheerleaders, and see a familiar face..


Oh no


She recognizes me too, and screams out, “OH MY GOD!!” Making the other girls look at her, and the rest of the first year students look too


“KESUKI AIZAWWA!!!!” She says, as she runs up to me. I swat my hands at her like she’s a fly, “No—“ but I dont manage to get out any other words, as she already starts suffocating me with a hug

I can sense everyone staring at us, as she rubs herself on me. 

“G-et off me!” I say, finally managing to push her away

She jumps, still with pom poms in her hands, “Kesuki!! Its been too long! I missed you soooo much!! Your hair is still so long!”

“Yeah.. Alright, bye” I say, walking away

Once I turn, I see a lot of faces looking at me weirdly. I glare at them, making them turn away.

She grabs my arm, “Wait.. how have you been kesuki!? I didnt know you’d be here! I’ve tried messaging you, but I guess I have the wrong number or something, since you never replied!”

A few years ago, I ran into her, and she just.. stuck on me like a leech. When she asked for my number, or a number to get ahold of me, I gave her some random phone number, that wasnt mine or dads.

I shrug, then walk away. She finally leaves me alone, and a few people ask why I’d not want a girl like her all over me

Its simple

Shes too cheerful for my liking. Always positive. Shes basically cupcakes and rainbows.

I hate both of those

Not her.. Kind of.. Just.. all that positivity n stuff, as if the world or a pesons life is perfect is annoying.

I wait, as mic tells us about the next game

We stand in front of the stage, as midnight is about to choose what type of game we’ll be

“Once the bracket is determined, we’ll have the recreational games and then start!

The 16 finalists can choose whether or not they want to participate in the recreation. I’m sure some of you want to rest or save your strength. Now, from the first place team—“

One of our class mates interrupts, and says, “Um.. excuse me. Im withdrawing”

People gasp, and Midoriya asks, “Ojiro-kun, why?!”

Iida follows after, saying, “This is a rare chance for pros to see you! “

Ojiro explains why hes deciding to withdrawl, “I barely remember anything from the calavry battle until almost the end.. I think it was that guy’s quirk”

I look over, remembering who he was teamed with. The guy with purple hair.

“I know this is a great chance and its foolish to waste it... “

“Ojiro-kun..” Midoriya says

He continues, “But.. Everyone here completed by giving it their all! I can’t... I can’t be up there with everyone without knowing what really happened.”

Dramatic much?

Its a little weird now I don’t remember most names of people in my class, but the invisible girl tells him hes over thinking it, and shes right.

The other girls try to comfort him, and he smacks his head, and says, “thats not it... I’m talking about my pride here... I can’t..”

I can’t quite understand why he’s choosing to do this, but its his choice. I sigh, and then he asks why the girls are wearing cheerleading outfits.

Wait... why are they? Eh, anyways, another guy, but from class B, also withdrawals for the same reason.

Mic says, “This is an unusual turn of events”

Dad follows, “We’ll have to see what the chief umpire, Midnight, has to say about this.”

We look at Midnight for a few seconds, and finally, she says, “Youthful talk like that is something... I like!!! Shoda, Ojiro! I accept your withdrawl! In that case, we’ll have to move up two people from the fifth place calavry battle team” and whips her whip

An orange haired girl speaks out, “If thats what going to happen, then rather than us, who barely did anything during the calavry battle, it should be them, right?” She turns her head to look at a girl beside her, whos hair completely covers her eyes, and they all nod

She continues, “The ones who fought to the end and stayed in the top, team tetsutetsu, right?”

A guy with big eyelashes says her name.. “Kendo”

“This isn’t collusion or anything, it just makes sense”

The guy speaks again, “You-you guys!!” And screams

So dramatic!!

Finally, the screen shows whos going against who

I find my name— I go against Shinso, the guy Ojiro was talking about. He looks at me, and says, “I look forward to fighting against you” with a cheeky smile

I look at him, raising an eyebrow and not saying anything just to be careful. But I know, for a fact. I’m gonna win.

Shoto and I make our ways to sit with Mirio, who was excited to see us

“Hey!! good job you two!” he says. We sit beside him

“I didn’t get a good look. Who’re you fighting after the rec games?” He asks

Shoto answers quietly, “Midoriya..”

I look at him, knowing what he’s thinking

We watch the recreational games. It doesn’t look that fun. But the girls from our class are acting as real cheerleaders.

The girl from earlier is up there too, and waves at me occasionally

Is it bad that I forgot her name?

Anyways.. the real games start, and we wait as they prepare the stage

Mic yells out, “Hey guys!! Are you ready?!”

The crowd answers by screaming loud, and Mic continues, “A lot’s happened but its now come to this’! A serious battle! You can only depend on yourself!! Even if you’re not a hero, you’ll face a lot of situations like this. You get it right? Heart, skill, body, wisdom, and knowledge! Use all of that to rush up!”

We wait for it to begin, and Midoriya and Ashido walk onto the stage

“Audience! The finals that you’ve all been waiting for are finally starting!! Match number one— Even though he’s done well, whats with that face? From the hero course, it’s Midoriya Izuku! Versus— She hasn’t.. done much to stand out yet, sorry. Also from the hero course, it’s Ashido Mina! The rules are simple. Force your opponent out of bounds, or immobilized them! You can also win by making your opponent Say, “I give up!”. Bring on the injuries! Because we’ve got our very own Recovery Girl waiting on standby! Put your morals and ethics aside for a moment! But of course, anything life threatening is crap! It’s not allowed! Heroes should only use their fists to catch villains!”

It stays silent for a minute until mic says, “Ready?! Start!”

Chapter Text

Midoriya and Ashido’s fight didn’t last long. He dodged her gooy substances as he ran at her, making her walk out of bounds

I went with Shoto before he made his way out to the stage. We ran into his dad on the way. We went by as soon as possible— Endeavor, as usual, told Shoto the very thing he hates hearing— assuming Shoto is still his tool.

Its now Shoto’s turn to fight— which doesn’t last long either

Sero grabbed him with his elbow tape, and tried throwing him out of bounds. It lasted awhile, but Shoto immobilized him quickly with his ice, and kinda overused it, covering half of the stadium.

After the match finishes and Shoto melted most of the ice he created, he comes back sits beside me.

“Was it about what happened earlier, before the match started?” I ask

“Yeah” he says

I offer him some fuzzy peaches. Without hesitating— He accepts, and his mood lightens a bit.

We watch the rest of the other classes fight

Iida’s was.. pitiful. He was used as showcasing Hatsume’s “babies”. It lasted too long though, but she ended up walking out of bounds

Aoyama went against Tokoyami, who won fairly quickly despite Aoyama slowing down the dark shadow

After Tokoyami and Aoyama’s match finished, it was finally my turn to fight. Against Shinso. I was on my way out of the waiting room— Shoto was by my side for.. extra encouragement, I guess?

When Ojiro stopped me. He sat down by a table

“I must tell you.. Aizawa-kun.. After what happened to me earlier, I don’t want happening to you.. I thought I’d tell you.. His quirk. It was like.. a quirk that can control people or something” Ojiro says

“A quirk that can control people huh?” I say, “How does he get control of people do you think?” Shoto and me sit back down

“I think you can avoid it if you don’t talk or answer his question. I don’t remember much after I answered his question. I think thats how it works” He responds. It’s kind of him to help

“So if I answer, I’m done” I say, in deep thought.

“I don’t think it’s completely impenetrable” he says back, then continues, “I said I barely remembered anything until almost the end right? When we were running away after Shinso stole Tetsutetsu’s headband, I ran into one of the “horses” on Team Tetsutetsu. Thats when I snapped out of it. I remember clearly what happened after that”

“I see..” I say, lifting my hand and resting my head on it

“Even so, I don’t know what level of shock you need, and in a one-on-one match, you can’t count on outside forces like that” He stands up, “Anyway thats about all I can tell you”

I get up too. “I appreciate it, Ojiro”

Im about to walk away and he says, “I’m going to say something selfish.. This is our first time meeting, and talking face to face.. But please do your best for me too” he smiles at me

I nod, letting him know I’ll do what I can

Which is more than enough to win

After that, I walk out, and to the stage where the audience goes wild

Mic yells out, “Match number six!!

Sorry, he hasn’t done anything to stand out yet! From General Studies, it’s Shinso Hitoshi! And he’s who I’m routing for.. From the Hero Course, it’s Aizawa Kesuki!! So far he’s done excellent! I’m excited to see this fight!!”

I stand across the arena from Shinso

we glare at one another

I know not to speak to him since my conversation with Ojiro. He’s surprisingly.. Normal, and not annoying.

He asks me, as the fight starts, “Are you ready to lose?”

He looks confused as I activate my erasure quirk on him, then say, “Are you?”

He looks worried

“What?...” he says quietly

“Your quirk only works if someone answers your question, right?” I ask

He looks disappointed. In himself, and looks away

Mic commentaries whats happening.. somehow

“Hmm” I say as I walk towards him

“I apolo—“

“You’re friends with Todoroki Shoto, right?” He interrupts me. I raise an eyebrow at him. Why’s he bringing up Shoto?

“He’s got a nasty scar on his face.. Do you know what its from? Its a burn scar.. Did he give it to himself, or.. I don’t suppose it was from his father?”

I feel my body starting to heat up

How does he know?

No.. He can’t know. Theres no way he knows

“Nothing? Well, what about you then? If you don’t wanna talk about Shoto” He smirks

The fuck is his deal? He has balls if he’s gonna bring up my past too

“Hows your mother? Have you seen her since the trial?”

I can tell hes trying to make me lose focus, so he can use his quirk on me..

I get closer, more mad now and I yell out, “Something is wrong with you. Bringing something up like that?! You pie—“

I deactivated my quirk for 1 second. I should’ve payed more attention to my timing but my eyes.. Got too irritated

Suddenly, I’m standing still.

Although, I can see, and hear everything

“What’s he doing?..” My dad asks

I can’t move

Mic goes nuts, wondering if its his quirk

“Hey, hey, whats the matter?! Liven things up a little?! Aizawa, the match has barely started..—“

Dad makes a “Hm?” before he realizes Mic is speaking to me

“And he’s completely frozen?! He’s got a blank look on his face and isn’t moving a muscle!! Despite running at Shinso just a moment ago!! Is this Shinso’s quirk?! He didn’t stand out at all! But could he actually be someone amazing?!”

I try to move, but I still.. can’t. Even after talking with Ojiro..

I wonder.. How can I get out of this?

“Shinso Hitoshi from General Studies has gotten the better off of Aizawa Kesuki from the Hero Course! Who would’ve imagined this?!? Will the bottom really overthrow the amazing top?!”

I hear dad say, “This is why I said the entrance exam wasn’t rational”

“Huh? what?”

“Here’s some basic data on the two of them. Since its all been individual matches. I had someone compile it for me. Shinso failed the practical exam for the Hero Course. Since he also applied for general studies, he probably knew that would happen. His quirk is very powerful, but the practical exam is consisted on fighting faux villains. That gave an advantage to those with physical attack quirks. Shinso wouldn’t have been able to rack up any points with his quirk”

Shinso talks, once dad pauses. “You’re really lucky.. Aizawa Kesuki. You’ve been blessed with not one.. but two powerful quirks” he sighs, “Turn around and walk out of bounds”

My body starts moving on its own. I can’t move, or stop it.

“Huh? Whaaat?! Aizawa’s being so obedient!!”

I hear dad speaking behind Mic’s loudness. But dads voice is who I focus on

“In the recommendation entrance exam, Kesuki scored the highest out of everyone else. His quirks are very powerful, especially when combined together, he’s nearly as good as a pro. Even in the tests where he didn’t use his quirks, he did a lot better than Shinso. So if they fight normally. He’d most definitely would win” He sighs, “If he can only get over Shinso’s brainwashing. Either way, this match will end quickly”

He finishes talking

I’m still walking, unable to stop. This is frustrating. Although with his quirk I can understand why he won’t properly fight me. Anyway, its still very powerful.

I’m closer to walking out of bounds, constantly trying to use my quirk, hoping my telekinesis can help somehow. If only I can see him, maybe I can erase his quirk..

“You probably can’t understand. But even with a quirk like this. I have my own dream. Now lose for me”

Suddenly I feel myself able to use my quirk, as I managed to move my toes.

While I walk, landing on my left foot, I create a harsh wave of wind excelling from my foot, good enough to get myself out of the brainwashing

I stop a few feet away from the line

The crowd gets super loud and Mic.. well he gets super loud too

“Th-This is... Aizawa’s stopped!!”

I turn around and glare at Shinso. I deactivate his quirk again, then say, “That wasn’t very nice”

“What.. H-How did you?— No! You shouldn’t be able to move freely! What did you do?!” he says

I grab his wrists with my cloth and flinging him towards me, catching him mid-air and keeping him there. I smirk at him, using my erasure quirk, and saying, “Sorry.. Not sorry” then I swipe my hand behind me so he’s out of bounds and I lightly put him down

He stands in place. I start walking past him, as the round has ended, and he says, “Thanks to my quirk, I’ve been behind from the start. But thats something someone like you can’t understand, right? Someone like you who was born with powerful quirks” His head lays low, his face frowned.

I turn my head and look up at him, “You’re right. Quirk-wise, I’m lucky” I now directly face Shinso, making him look at me.

“You have a powerful quirk too. It’s a real shame you didn’t make it into the hero course. Don’t blame yourself or your quirk for that. My dad is right— The entrance exam wasn’t rational enough. I look forward to seeing you in the hero course soon, Shinso. Your quirk is not worth wasting. It’d be very useful” I say, and walk away from him

I hear some other people nearby praise him.

I’m actually a bit shocked I did the same. I never really do that. Only to people I’m close to

Anyways I wasn’t lying. It’s disappointing someone like him wasn’t put into the Hero Course. All he needs to do is make a villain talk to him and he can brainwash them.

I’ll have to ask dad if theres a way he can join the Hero Course— if not this year then next year. He needs to be here

I walk to the restrooms and wash my face.

I see Endeavor walk in

“You know..” he says before I walk out the door

“As powerful you may be.. My Shoto is stronger”

“Hm.. You’re not wrong.. About his power, and his strength. But Endeavor—“


I turn around and glare at him, “He’s not your Shoto. He doesn’t belong to you. He never has, and he’ll never be your tool to achieve the dreams you never could” I snap at him

His face expresses how angry he is, but remains calm as much as he can.

It’d look bad if he was caught yelling at a tiny guy like me alone, right? Yeah.. thats what I thought.

“You should learn to respect heroes like me young man”

I scoff, is he serious?! “Tch. Like you respected Shoto as a child? Or his mother? What about me that one time?”

I look at him, in disgust and return that hatred look Shoto gives him

“Respect must be earned, not given right away unless someone gives you a reason to” I say

I “pfft” at him, and hear him growl at me when I walk out

I go to a nearby food cart, getting greeted along the way by people saying “congrats on/for winning!”

Like I’d lose..

I grab a few bags of bagels, donuts, and fries.

Obviously not all for me. Just in case Mirio or Shoto wanted some food too..



I walk back to where we sat

“That was intense Kesuki! I’m glad you were able to win! That was close. What did it feel like?” Mirio says

I hand Shoto a bagel, and Mirio some fries

“Weird. I couldn’t control my own body. Not until the last second anyway. Its a shame U.A decided to waste such a useful quirk..” I say


“That’s weird!” Mirio says, his mouth full of fries

After a few minutes, I decide to leave the building for awhile. It wasn’t my turn to fight anytime soon.

I get up, and Shoto asks where I’m going. Mirio looks at me too, waiting for an answer

“I need to think”

I make my way outside, and sit down as the cool wind brushes past me

Feels nice. I rest my eyes for a moment, then I get startled by a hand on my shoulder and quickly turn around—


“What do you want?” I ask

He shrugs, “To talk, I guess I s-saw you out here alone.. so”

I kind of wanted to be alone? I would’ve thought that’d be obvious.. Maybe not.

I look away from Midoriya, and pay attention to the light breeze I feel across my face

I hear Midoriya sit beside me. I open my eyes and glare at him

“What are you doing?”

“I.. Uh, I thought I’d give you some company..”


“You’re really cool, Aizawa-kun” He says. I look at him, and his eyes are huge, with.. sparkles

I’m not sure how to respond to that

“What you did at USJ.. You may as well be a pro after that”

“As good as I am now. I know I have room to get better. Everyone here has a goal— Theres four of us aiming for the same goal: Being number 1.

Me, You, Shoto, Bakugo. I look forward to the competition” I reply back, shrugging

“Yeah. You and Todoroki-kun are friends? How long?”

I sigh, and think for a moment. “Since we were 6. My stepdad was friends with Endeavor, so I went with him whenever he visited the Todoroki’s. Originally, we were meant to be rivals, but we were kids. So we just became friends”


“Is there a point to you coming here to talk to me? I came out here for some peace and quiet, so unless you’re here to declare another.. war saying you’ll beat me or something. Leave me alone”

“Oh, I— Um..” He stutters

“Thats what I thought” I say. I get up.

“A-Aizawa-kun” He says

I groan in response, and wait


He sighs, “I just.. I hope we can all at least be... friendly. I know you and Todoroki-kun don’t do friends, but I think you both would benefit from it. Friends are great! And.. I.. I’m here for you” He says

Here for me? Why would he say that?.. 

I look at him, and he smiles at me. I roll my eyes and w alk away, back towards my seats with Shoto and Mirio

Thinking of my stepdad.. Makes me mad. The things he put my mom through— what he put me through. And what makes Midoriya think I need friends? The word alone bothers me. 

I walk back to my seat, and sit between Shoto and Mirio

“What’d I miss?” I ask, just as the booing calmed down

“It’s the last game of round 1” Shoto responds

I watch, as Uraraka keeps getting attacked by Bakugo.

“She’s just getting herself hurt” I say

Then a bunch of rocks fall down.

Bakugo destroys them all. Uraraka runs towards Bakugo, but falls at her 2nd step. Bakugo was about to fight her again until he realized she fell

Just like that— The match ends and Bakugo wins

He’s powerful. But he definitely has an attitude problem

I walk with Shoto, as he goes against Midoriya.

“You better win. I wanna beat you in the finals” I say

“I’ll be the one beating you, Kesuki”

We fist bump, and he heads out.

I make my way back to my seat next to Mirio

“You and Shoto are close, huh?” he smiles at me

I nod and shrug. “Yeah”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but how? He always looks.. Mad and not very friendly..”

“He’s like that with everyone. We’ve been friends since we were kids, so there is a side to him nobody else has seen, except me” I respond

“Interesting.. Thats cool you’re still friends after so many years! It reminds me of me and Tamaki!”

We stop talking as the match starts

This one lasts a bit longer, thankfully. Although, Shoto starting to overusing his right side, as he attacks Midoriya by making the floor turn into spiky chunks of ice. He destroys the ice, but also breaks his fingers

After doing that multiple times, Midoriya’s hold hand is broken.

Shoto sends another floor of ice, but.. Midoriya still uses his broken fingers?! What the hell

It goes on like this for awhile, but Midoriya says something that makes Shoto use his left side. Endeavor— who was standing above us yells his name, now suddenly encouraging him




I see Cementoss and Midnight talking, about to move as Shoto does one of his moves that.. well. Can be dangerous, including with what Midoriya is about to do.

Shoto’s ice and fire mix together, and collide. Cementoss yells out, “Stop!” and starts trying to create a wall between them. It’s too slow, so I erase Shoto and Midoriya’s quirk. It wasn’t quick enough, since it still made a gush of wind hit everyone in the building. After that, I see Midoriya still flew out of bounds.

They all look at me, “Kesuki...” Midnight says

Shoto glares at me, and Midoriya looks all beat up, and passed out

Cementoss nods, and I deactivate my quirk and sit down, putting in some eyedrops

“Wow!” Mirio says, sounding fascinated.

Not long after that, since there was a bit of damage to the stage, Cementoss was working of fixing it

Shoto sits beside me, not looking as mad as he was earlier

“That move of yours— is cool. But that would’ve done too much damage. Not only to the stage, but to Midoriya too. His arms were already broken, Shoto”

“I know..” he says

He has a different look on his face

“What happened out there?” I ask

“We can talk about it later” he responds


When Cementoss is finished, the next match begins.

Iida vs Shiozaki

Their match doesn’t last long, since Iida just ran really fast, pushing her out of bounds

I take a deep breath and head to the waiting room. I go against Tokoyami. This should be an easy match.

When they announce our names, I walk to the stage, facing Tokoyami and his dark shadow

“I hope you’re prepared to lose” I say

“I’m not going to lose” he says

The match starts and Tokoyami’s dark shadow attacks. How shall.. I do this? I wonder

I swipe away dark shadow, then use my cloths and grab ahold of Tokoyami, bringing him to my face, but keeping dark shadow far away

I look at his.. face?

“But you are” I say, as I move my arm behind me, tugging on my cloths and making him go out of bounds, and throwing dark shadow with him, so he doesn’t somehow stop him

Just like that— the match is over. I scratch my head for a second. I hoped this would be more fun

I go back to my seat and watch the battle between Bakugo and Kirishima is about to start

As I sit, Mirio turns to me and says “Good job!”

“Thanks..” I respond quietly

During the match, I feel a warm hand brush against mine. I turn my head and look at Shoto

He looks at me, then turns his head away, and says, “Sorry” and moves his hand, barely away from mine

The looks on his face is.. weird. I haven’t seen him with that look for a long time.. but it still seemed.. Different.

I felt my face heat up. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the soft, warmth of his hand. Anyways, I focus on the battle. Bakugo creates a big blast against Kirishima, who put up a good fight against him

The last explosion made Kirishima overuse his quirk, and falls. I barely hear Tetsutetsu complain from farther away

The last four in the finals, is me, Shoto, Iida and Bakugo.

We wait and take a 5 minute break before Shoto goes against Iida.

Mirio brings us drinks, as we walk back to where I sat with Midoriya.

We sit in silence, and Mirio eats some food

“You guys are really good. I’m not surprised that you both are close to being in the finals!”

I nod, “I’m looking forward to fighting against Bakugo, and seeing his face once I beat him. It’s gotta be fun”

“I like that confidence! but don’t jinx yourself!”

I scoff. Bakugo is definitely strong, and powerful but not more than I am.

“So, I have no doubt Shoto will be able to win against Iida, despite his cool quirk..” I look at him, he looks back

“I look forward to seeing you in the final round” I smirk. His face.. looks the same as it did earlier. He nods and looks away, drinking his water.

“Thats the closest I’ve seen you smile!” Mirio says

I shrug, “Theres not a lot of reasons for me to smile”

“Only if you see it that way.”

They announce the next match will start. Mirio and I walk with Shoto, until he turns the corner to the waiting room.

We sit back in our seats and wait for it to start.

After the next 2 rounds.

It’ll be me against Shoto.

I know how good I am compared to everyone else, but Shoto?

I say I’ll win first place, but going against Shoto. I might not. We’re both really competitive, and he’s just as strong as powerful as I am. We both know how we fight, which is quite similar, and after training with each other for years.. It’s hard to say who will really win.

Either way. I look forward to it.

Chapter Text

Shoto goes against Iida. Although we took a 5 minute break before beginning the match, so Shoto spent his time in the waiting room.

I sat alone with Mirio, in awkward silence. That awkward silence is broken by the girl who tackled me when we were in the first game of the sports festival.

“Kesuki! Hey! Who’s this?” she asks

I turn to her, wishing she would leave me alone. “I’m Mirio Togata! Nice to meet you... Uh, whats your name?” Mirio waves at her

“Alaina Allen! Nice to meet you too!” She says, blushing.

Mirio smiles at her

“The girls are taking a break so, I am too. I thought I’d come find you. We didn’t get to continue our conversation earlier!” Alaina says as she sits beside me. A little too close for comfort

“We didn’t have a conversation earlier. You just talked to me after tackling me to the ground” I respond, clearly annoyed. Although I don’t think she’s picking up on that since she laughs and slaps my arm

“You’re funny! Anyways, I have a feeling you’ll win! I mean, last time I saw you use your quirk you weren’t nearly as good as you are now and its so amazing. The girls and I are throwing a party and inviting any of the students here for after the festival. Think of it as a celebration for whoever wins! I hope its you!!. The party will start around 8 or 9pm. I suggest not telling your dad, or any adults.. Anyways!! I hope to see you there!” She pecks my cheek with a kiss. I roughly shove her face away, and she just.. Laughs. So gross.

She gives Mirio a weird look, and says, “I hope to see you both there!”

An announcement is made that the 5 minutes is up. Alaina finally leaves. Mirio looks at me oddly.

“What?” I ask

“She’s really into you” He smirks. I roll my eyes. “Come on man, don’t tell me you don’t see it. Or are you just not into her?”

I shrug. “Why would I like her. She’s crazy. And annoying”

“Nah, I think she’s cool!” Mirio says cheerfully.

Shoto and Iida start walking to the middle and begin their fight.

Shoto shoots a trail of ice on the ground towards Iida. He dodges and runs around it, but Shoto quickly gives Iida less room to run around by putting another trail of ice in front of him and making him back away. Shoto has Iida corned, and sends one more ice trail at Iida, but Iida jumps high and dodges it.

He is above Shoto, and attempts to kick him using his speed from.. his leg. Luckily Shoto dodged his kick. I’m pretty sure if Shoto got hit by that, it’d hurt a lot.

Shoto faces away from Iida, and Iida jumps again but this time its less high, and with a quick turn, and kicks Shoto. He tries to turn the ground into ice, but Iida grabs ahold of Shoto and runs towards the out-of-bounds line to throw him out.

Although, Iida isn’t aware his calf was iced by Shoto during the kick. He quickly immobilizes Shoto by covering his whole body with ice.

Shoto didn’t use his fire like I thought he would.. There wasn’t much use for it but still.

Midnight announces Shoto wins.

Both Shoto and Iida exit the stage once Shoto melts the ice surrounding Iida.

Next up is me and Bakugo. I can’t wait to beat him, and see the look on his face.

I get up from my seat and head over to the stage. As I stand up Mirio says, “Good luck!” with his signature smile.

Once I’m out, and walking towards the middle, Bakugo and I getting closer to each other.

The look on his face is.. amazing.

I’m not sure how, but I wanna mess with Bakugo.. Unless thats too mean... I’m not sure what I wanna do this round. I might just make it quick so Shoto and me can fight and go home afterwards.

Or.. to the party? Who knows

We stand across from each other and Present Mic tells us to start.

Bakugo immediately shoots a blast towards me, but I block it using a shield, then using my cloth to wrap around his wrist he used and throwing him over and above my head, then smashing him to the ground. It all happened too quickly for him to do anything. I can hear Mic speaking but Im too focused to know what he’s saying.

“You’re a piece of shit! I’m gonna kill you!!” He yells, then charges at me while screaming.

I don’t wanna say I’m unstoppable or invincible, but with all these matches I could easily win in less than 10 seconds if I wanted to.

Its a work in progress, but I can still easily lift up up to 2 people or objects and move one of them if I want. It used to take a lot of concentration to even pick something up using my telekinesis, but with a lot of training I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I could throw Bakugo out of bounds in an instant but I feel like thats too cruel to do, since I believe the point of this sports festival is for fun, and to get the attention from agencies.

I should at least give the others a chance to be noticed. I don’t have to worry about it though, since I probably will be noticed by a lot of agencies. It’s a shame since I’m not gonna go to any of them.. Well, maybe a few depending on the hero running it but I might just stick to going underground, and learning from dad or other underground heroes.

Anyways, back to the fight...

Bakugo charges at me and catches me by surprise when he uses a giant blast from his palms. It knocks me back a little, since I had no time to protect myself from it.

I stand up, but Bakugo’s blast hits me again. As he punches me, I grab his arm, turn his body so his back face me and I push him, using extra force so he goes further away.

I lift my arm to wipe a bit of blood from my nose. Bakugo glares at me. I erase his quirk, and use my cloths again so I can do what I did earlier, but this time throw him closer to me so I can kick him out of bounds.

Although when he’s closer to me, and I jump so I can kick him, he grabs ahold of my ankle and throws me on the ground. I land on my stomach, but hit my head as the rest of my body falls.

I groan. It hurt. I feel a bit dizzy. I hear Midnights voice but everything sounds so distant. I feel Bakugo’s hands wrap around my arms, and he lifts me. I use my cloths to push his arms back so he lets go of me, and I just use my telekinesis, with a kick— as I planned earlier. To throw him out of bounds.

Once I know he’s out, I stand still, still unable to properly hear, and my head is throbbing a bit. This can’t be good.. Right? Midnight startles me by touching my shoulder, turning me to face her. She’s speaking but.. It’s like I’m deep underwater. I can hear her voice, and vaguely hear Mic and dads. Midnight touches my head. I wince at the pain. She starts to walk with me, probably to see recovery girl. I turn my head and see.. a blob walking the other direction.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like how easily I can get injured. Unless it’s my own fault and theres a problem with me. I felt fine when I left the hospital a few days ago. I felt fine even when I was in the hospital. Sure, I felt a bit nauseous and couldn’t exactly sleep for a whole night but its nothing that I can’t handle. It goes away.

It didn’t seem like what Bakugo did was that powerful. It still hurt, after all, I am human. But I don’t know what caused me to lose my hearing, and the blurriness so quickly.

Midnight and me arrive at recovery girls room, and she motions her hands towards a bed nearby. I look behind me and see that Midnight is no longer there.

Recovery girl looks at my head. She puts a bandaid on it, then checks my ears. She does something that helps me get my hearing back, but whatever she did, it caused an intense and weird feeling in my head and ears. She asks if I feel better. I nod.

She explains that when my body was slammed into the hard ground, my head, that I guess wasn’t fully healed yet, was reintroduced to my previous injuries. Although it wasn’t too bad since before this, I guess I was still healing. The weird hearing problem I had was most likely caused by the blasts from Bakugo. Recovery girl recommends I either quit the Sports Festival to avoid anymore injuries or get things done quickly without showing off as another method to avoid getting hurt. Even afterwards, I should try and keep myself safer and not hit my head on anything. Anyways, I’m not gonna quit as soon as I get to fight Shoto.

“Here, have a candy” She smiles and gives me a lollipop. “You’ll feel a little dizzy and possibly nauseous for a little while. But other than that, you’re free to go” She says.

“Thank you.” I get up and walk away, but she stops me before I open the door. “Stay safe out there young man. You kids are too young to be experiencing this many terrible injuries..”

I open the door and head back for the final round.

Me. Against Shoto.

How exciting. I think we get a few minutes before we start. I no longer feel dizzy, or weird. So I know I’m ready to go against Shoto.

I make my way to the waiting room, hoping to get something to drink before we start.

I must’ve mixed up who’s going to which waiting room since I walked in and saw Shoto sitting in the chair, intensely staring at his hand.

“Huh?” I say. He looks at me, confused “Isn’t this w— Oh” I look over and realize I walked to the wrong room. “Sorry” I say. I start to walk away, but Shoto quickly walks towards me, “Wait” He says. He grabs my arm, and I turn to face him. “Yeah?”

He’s got that weird look on his face again. I can’t make out what.. that expression means.  “Um.. I-I’m just— Are you okay? After your fight with Bakugo, you—“

I interrupt him, “I’m fine”. “Ok” He says back. His hand still on my arm. Neither of us say anything, but we’re looking at each other. It’s a little.. awkward. I feel my body get unusually warm again. “I’m just.. gonna get a drink, while I still can” I say. “Ok” Shoto lets go of my arm, and I walk into the room and towards the vending machine. I get myself a water, and drink nearly half of it. Shoto watching me as I drink.

What’s his problem?

Shoto walks closer, and closer. To the point where I might as well be apart of the  vending machine. “What are you doing?” I ask, looking up at him. Uncertainty written all over his face. He seemed off ever since he fought Midoriya..

I can hear Shoto’s breathing. Its almost as if he’s.. worried. He can’t be worried that I’ll forsure win.. Even I don’t know if I will, and honestly if its against Shoto. I don’t mind if I lose. But whats with this.. odd behaviour? He’s never acted this way before


My body feels a lot warmer, and I can feel my own breathing starting to get weird and irregular. We look at each other for awhile. He stares down at me, almost as if he’s not even sure what he’s doing. Which is unusual.

Finally, its time for us to go. Shoto walks away, and stands by the doorway and sighs. I set aside my water bottle and quickly make my way to the other side. I’ll have to talk to Shoto about what just happened later. Right now. I need to focus on winning against Shoto, which will be a challenge. But I’m not one to easily give up. Besides, this one will be fun.

Chapter Text

Shoto and I stand across from each other, waiting to begin our fight.

Mic comments about how he’s specifically excited for this match, considering me and Shoto’s history with each other.

We never did know who truly was more powerful. Whenever we’d fight, more during training, we always tied. Hopefully because of the competition we’ll learn who’s more powerful today, since in a competition, we never hold back. Well... Shoto never uses his damn left side which I think may be why we can never figure this out; We both hold back our true potential sometimes.

I hold back since.. I’m afraid I can kill someone if I use my full strength..

Anyways, Mic yells “Start”

I’ll do my best to win. Maybe mom is watching. I’ll win for her...

He comes at me with a trail of ice from the ground. I jump out of the way, and as I land on the ground I move my hand down and slide it towards shoto, using the ice thats beneath me and shoot it towards him. He covers himself using an ice shield.

After, he attempts to trap me in his ice, and nearly succeeds, but I manage to make the ice around me float up so I can move.

Although, in his attempt to immobilize me a piece of his ice cut my arm.

We stand across from each other. “That was close..” I mutter to myself.

Shoto’s starting to overuse his quirk, which is to be expected when he only uses his right side.

He shoots another trail of ice at me, but this time I destroy it, and small pieces fly everywhere. “Are you stupid?!” I yell at him, his face shows his confusion

“Do you really expect to win against me with just your right side Shoto?! Your body is trembling! There’s a limit to how much cold your body can take. You and I both know how you can fix that”

I take a deep breath. Shoto still stares at me.

“You’ve been a little off,” I start to say as I pull Shoto close to me with my cloths. “Ever since your fight with Midoriya. I’m not sure what happened, but if you continue acting like this..” Once he’s close enough to me, I have my cloths wrap around Shoto’s body tightly, and I look up at him but move a bit of his upper half to lean down closer to me. Thank god for these being temperature resistant.. Heh. “You’ll just lose to me” I smirk at him, he just glares back at me

“Everyone else here is doing their best to win, yet you’re not even using your full strength”. Sadly, and its quite embarrassing to admit, but I have to lift myself up to meet Shoto’s face and get a good, direct punch in. Awkwardly enough, I miss since he somehow dodges it.

I let him out of my cloths as he whooshes away.

“Now don’t think I’ll let you try to achieve your goals without using your full strength. You used your fire with Midoriya, but still refuse to use it now?!”

I make Shoto fly towards me, and I punch him, and he flies back.

He continues to fight more up close, only using his ice.

I destroy a trail of his ice again, but it creates wind as I do so, and pushes Shoto away slowly. He creates a tiny wall of ice behind him, and his body still trembles from the cold

“Why.. You and Midoriya... Why are you going so far? What’s the meaning for this?!”

I sigh. I’m getting a little tired. “Because. You’re being immature, and I’ve gotten sick of it Shoto”

He looks up at me, with an odd expression.

“You’ve been holding onto this.. grudge of yours for a long time and It’s gotten to the point where I’m worried. You think not using your left side will make your old man mad?!” I begin to run at him and get another punch in

“If you really want to piss him off, do that in a way where everything isn’t weighing down on you” I say, as I punch him.

I chuckle lightly “I don’t like Midoriya. I find him annoying and childish, but I sense.. He said something about this situation too when you fought” I take a deep breath.

“Don’t be an idiot! Stop messing around, and use your damn left side and prove to me, you’re better than I am.”

“What are—“ Shoto says. I cut him off. “Not using your left side... Really only lets your father win, by allowing him to make you feel as if your life would be easier to not use it!”

I run at him, and yell “Stop being a dumbass, Shoto and—“ I stop talking when I notice he activated his fire.

He glares down at me as I continue to run. He says something but I can’t hear it. His fire gets bigger, and I back up

He’s trying the same move he attempted to do when he fought Midoriya.

It might be hypocritical of me not to stop it, but then again, Midoriya would’ve gotten severely hurt which ruins the fun. Unlike him, I’m uninjured. I can take whatever Shoto has to throw at me.

I start to use my own move, which makes it really windy around me and Shoto.

Our power moves collide, though I think I hear voices, but I focus more to use my quirk to overpower Shoto’s and win

Suddenly, theres a harsh whoosh that runs throughout the whole stadium. It changes with mixture of warmth and cold.

I feel like I’m floating in the air. I can’t tell where I am for a minute until everything clears up.

I’m laying on the ground, and I start to slowly get up. I look around for Shoto, but see him knocked out, outside of the bounds.

Once I stand up, I look around. I jump once I hear Midnight announce that... I win.

I take a few deep breaths to process whats just happened.

I walk towards Shoto. Some other people show up and say they’ll take him to a room and have him checked out. They offered I go too because of my injuries in the game before this one. I nod and follow.

We go into recovery girl’s room. She checks out Shoto, and says he’s fine

“How’re you feeling” She asks as she.. looks at my face? I suppose its for any injuries. “I feel fine” I respond back.

Once she’s done, and Shoto wakes up, we head back out to receive our medals.

Midnight speaks, “All of the first year events for this years U.A sports festival have been completed! And now we will begin the award ceremony!”

The audience screams in excitement, and as the 3 of us rise from.. the ground.. fireworks appear, popping in the air.

It’s amusing to see how upset Bakugo is. It might be more amusing if he wasn’t tied up like this, I can really only see his eyes. Anyways..

“The presentation of the medals will, of course, be by this man—“ Midnight says, but as soon as she finishes talking, we hear All Might laughing and appear from the roof of the building. Well... I’m not sure if you can call it a roof, but I assume you know what I mean. He then jumps in the air and lands beside Midnight. She gives him the medals, and he first give Bakugo the medal for 3rd place. He pats Bakugo’s flaming head, “Young Bakugo!” He says cheerfully. He then chuckles, “This is too much. Good job making it so far into the finals. Even if you didn’t get first place like you said you would during the player pledge!” He takes off the thing covering Bakugo’s mouth. He complains about me winning, and All Might gives him a quick lecture. He goes over to Shoto and congratulates him and gives him the medal. He hugs him, then comes to me.

“Ah, Young Aizawa. Congratulations. You did good out there! You put on an interesting show” He says loudly and pats my shoulders a little too hard after giving me my medal.

Sometimes it creeps me out how he’s always seen smiling like that. After, I look at Bakugo who’s giving me a death glare and growling, which I admit is quite amusing to see.

I turn my head to look at Shoto. He still looks.. Confused. He looks back at me and his expression changes to something else. I can’t quite figure out what. Maybe he’s upset I won?

After our match, I think it was pure luck.. Anyway, I have a feeling he’s not happy.

Once All Might finishes his speak about this generations heroes, I walk towards the bathroom, but as soon as I reach the door, I feel someone harshly push me inside. I trip and fall on my hands and knee’s.

I get and turn around. I’m a little shocked to see him push me like that.

“What was that for?” I ask as I stand up.

Chapter Text

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to push so h-harshly” Shoto says, putting out his hand to help me stand up.

Once I’m back on my feet, I dust myself off. “Why did you push me in here anyways? You’ve been acting weird all day”

I’m leaned up against the wall, my arms crossed as I wait for his response.

He sighs. “I don’t know”

I frown at this.. sucky answer. I shrug and begin to walk off. “But..” I hear Shoto say. I turn around to see him standing closer to me. Before he says anything, I say “If you’re upset about me getting first place.. I didn’t know I would. I encouraged you to do your best yet you lost, which was unplanned, but I hope thi—“ He interrupts me by walking towards me, to the point where I have to stand more closer to the wall behind me.

“What are you doing?” I ask him. He looks down at me.

He still.. looks mad?

“You can’t tell me you’re mad at me? I mean come on Sh—“ I get interrupted once again, but..

He grabs on to my shirt, lifting me up a little, and slams his mouth into mine. It leaves me.. shocked. Speechless.

I can’t exactly describe the way I feel about my childhood friend kissing me.

I didn’t think he was into.. guys? Or.. felt this way?? Although It was quite difficult to read how he felt sometimes. Most of the time it seemed like he never felt much of anything.

The kiss lasts awhile, my body is still really tense, but I have.. A weird tingling feeing in my stomach, and my face feels unusually warm. Then, he drops me, and looks away

He’s breathing heavily, and I stare at him while processing what just happened.

“Sorry” He mumbles.

My face feels weird.. It’s not something I can describe easily. Which is frustrating.

He starts to walk away and leave the bathroom, but I grab his arm, and he looks at me. He almost looks concerned.

I don’t know made me do this, but I grabbed his shirt and mushed our faces together, just as he did to me. I let go of his shirt once he’s relaxed and is kissing me back. His hand on my waist, mine on his.

His hands grip my sides a little harder. I’ve got a feeling this was his first kiss. The thought of that, I can’t quite help but smirk. His body temperature keeps changing from really cold to warm.

He must’ve been nervous.

I turn my head away after contemplating for a minute on whether or not I should end our little moment.

He still stands close to me. We’re both panting, trying to pull ourselves together. (Not in a sexual way... Yet?)

I get a text from dad, which makes me jump and feel uncomfortable for some reason.

‘Where are you? We are going back to the school’

I sigh. “W-We should go back” I say. He nods and we both walk out, and walking side to side. Not sure what to say to each other.

We all head back to class. Bakugo giving me death stares every now and then while the rest of the class congratulate me.

We all sit in our seats, and dad starts to talk. “There will be no school tomorrow or the day after, and I’m sure the pro heroes who watched the sports festival will want to recruit you, but we’ll consolidate everything and announce it when you get back”

As dad talks, I can’t help but smirk at the state Bakugo is in. He’s quite an amusing person.

I turn my head to look at Shoto, who apparently has been looking at me too. What am I gonna do about what happened earlier?

And before I forget.. The only reason it hasn’t been on my mind today is because of the festival... Perhaps Shoto realized what day it is today too, which brought upon his weird and sudden... actions? Affection? Whatever it was. It’d be weird if that was the case, but knowing Shoto.. It’s probably not

Once dad finishes talking, he brings me aside to talk.

“I have to grade a few things so I’ll be home late”

“That’s fine. I was thinking a few of... these people could go— uh, gather around tonight or something so, I might not be back until you do” I shrug

He looks at me weirdly and nods.

As I walk out the door, Mirio shows up, nearly scaring me to death

“Ah! Sorry there, didn’t mean to scare ya” He says, chuckling

A few of my classmates still are near the class, and I was gonna offer they come to the party since.. Why not?

“You gonna go to the party?” Mirio asks. I instantly notice a few people focusing their attention to us, and the words “party”

“I guess so” I say quietly. “Hmm.. Why not invite some of your friends?” Mirio says.

“They’re not my friends” I correct him. “I’ll ask a few of them”

He smiles at me. “I haven’t met Tamaki yet. Are you friends coming too? I wonder if Alaina only invited 1st years” I say as we walk to a few of my fellow classmates

“I overheard some other people in my class talk about a party, so I think even 2nd and 3rd years will be there” Mirio responds

We walk up to Kaminari and the girl I think her name was.. Yaoyorozu? Also, I haven’t actually met this girl yet, but I saw her on the bus the day we went to USJ. She has cords hanging from her ears.

They look at us

“Hey, Aizawa-kun, congrats on first place!” Yaoyorozu says

I shrug. “Thanks”

I look at the girl who’s name I don’t know/remember. “Oh, this is Jiro Kyoka! I forgot you don’t know everybody’s name” Yaoyorozu smiles softly.

“Uh, right. Well, I don’t know if any of you heard but theres a party later tonight if any of you want to go” I say, not sounding too excited. Since I’m not.

“We were told not to tell any adults either” I shrug, Mirio nods.

“Ooh a party sounds fun!” Kaminari says, Yaoyorozu nods in agreement.

“Hey, Kirishima! Wanna go?!” Kaminari turns to Kirishima who was walking past us

“To what?!” Kirishima asks

“A party!” Kaminari says

Kirishima walks closer to us. “I’m in!” He says, enthusiastically.

“Great!” Mirio says.

Mirio gets a text, and after he reads it he looks at me and says, “I have to go, but I’ll see you at the party!” And walks off

Yaoyorozu asks, “Who’s that?”

“Mirio Togata.”

“He’s tall” Kirishima says. “Compared to you” He and the others chuckle.

“Right.. Well, why don’t I give you my number so I can tell you the addr—“ I get interrupted, once again by the girl I find deeply annoying.


“Ah shit” I mutter. The others look confused

Alaina gets closer to me, running fast. “kesuki!!” She yells, and catches the others’ attention. “Who’s that?” Kaminari asks, as if he’s fascinated.

“The girl who told me about the party”

She squeals as she runs up to me and hugs me.

“Ok, thats enough..” I say quietly

She giggles. One of her arms stay on my side as she looks at everyone else. “Hey there!” She says loudly, and smiling

“H-Hi” Jiro says, looking a bit uncomfortable

“I’m Alaina Allen! I’m Kesuki’s friend” She says proudly, and squeezes me. I groan, “We’re not frie—“. She covers my mouth with her hand and giggles again.

I push her hands away and glare. She turns back to everyone else and cheerfully asks, “Who’re you all?”

They all introduce themselves to her

“It’s nice to meet you!! You all did so great today! I’m impressed”

“Thanks!” Kirishima says with a wide smile.

I clear my throat. “Well, I suppose I’ll see guys you at the party”

As I walk away, I hear them talking. I think Jiro isn’t going, but the rest are.

On my way home, I run into a few other classmates and invite them.

Once I reach home, I sigh deeply and go to the bathroom to shower, then I put on a sweater, a shirt and jeans.

I’m not the kind of person to wear bright colors. I don’t like them. Anyways, once I’m done changing I decide to make some oatmeal and watch TV. My cat leaps on my lap as I sit on the couch. She purrs. Cats purring is really... Relaxing.

All I really do is watch Tv until 10pm. I’m not sure how long dad is gonna work, since he might have to patrol tonight too.

I’m not sure what to do with myself as I start walking to the address where the party is taking place. A lot of.. thoughts are popping in an out of my head, and its overwhelming

Theres only a certain amount of time I can go without feeling so much.

I look up at the starry sky, and it somehow makes me feel a little better. It only took about 20 minutes to arrive at the party. As I get closer I see Mirio, standing with Nejire and some other guy who looks nervous. That must be Tamaki.

I walk up to them, and I’m instantly greeted with a hug by Mirio

“Hey!” He says. “This is Tamaki Amajiki. My other friend I told you about!”

I look at him, “Hey, I’m—“ He interrupts me and shakily says, “I-I know who you are..”

“Ah, well it’s nice to meet you”

I was told to be less “Intimidating” For awhile when I’m around Tamaki. I don’t get how a guy like me can be intimidating to a stranger, but agreed that I’ll do what I can..

“Congratulations on winning first place today!! Mirio told me and Tamaki all about it!” Nejire says. “Y-Yeah you were cool out there” Tamaki adds. Mirio really wasn’t messing around when he said Tamaki was.. a very nervous guy.


“C-Can I leave now? Theres too many people here..” Tamaki says. Mirio sighs, “You didn’t even go in! It could be fun, and besides this is a good time for you and Kesuki to get to know eachother!”

Tamaki groans. “Mirio..”

I chuckle softly, “It’s fine. I’m sure me and Tamaki will have more chances to hangout”. He looks at me and weakily smiles, and.. blushes?

“Ok, ok, fine. You’ll have to make up for it another time!” Mirio laughs and slaps Tamaki’s eye. “I’m gonna leave too! Bye!” Nejire says as she waves, walking away with Tamaki.

“I guess its just us” Mirio smiles at me.

I nod. We begin to walk in the house. “Hey, I need to ask you a question, and I hope you don’t get offended..” Mirio begins.

“What is it?”. I have a feeling I know what it is.

“Why are you so short?” He chuckles. We walk towards the table holding the food and drinks. Theres quite a few people here already

I sigh as I eat a chip, then shrug. “I don’t know. My mother was short too. My dad says I should eat and sleep more often, then I’ll grow but I don’t know”

He laughs. “He’s not wrong!”

It’s silent for a moment, but he asks another question. “What about those.. Scars? Do you mind if I ask about those too?”

I sigh and look away. I’d rather not talk about that... Especially not today..

“I’ll tell you about it another day..”

“That’s fine.”

We get ourselves some drinks. Mirio looks at me. “You ever drink alcohol before?”

“I did but it wasn’t a lot that I felt different”. He chuckles, “Here” He hands me a cup. I take a sip and cough as I feel my throat burn. “What the fuck is this?” I ask as I take a handful of chips and shove them my mouth. Mirio laughs at me, and I glare at him

“It’s just vodka. It works best if you leave it with no juice, but maybe.. You should put some in there” He says as he laughs again

“Disgusting” I mumble.

“Hey Aizawa-kun!” someone yells from behind. I turn my head, but as I do so, I already feel kinda weird. I take another sip before, for some reason, waving at Kaminari and Yaoyorozu who just walked in.

“Hi” I say quietly

“Ah, this party is cool already!” Kaminari says. “So much food, it all looks yummy!” Yaoyorozu says excitedly.

I nod, “Yeah”

I jump when I feel Kirishima’s arm suddenly on my shoulders. “I thought you didn’t do friends” He teases and stuffes his mouth full of food

“I.. don’t” I hesitantly say. He chuckles, as if I was lying. I don’t.. lie. Not really.

Kaminari and Yaoyorozu walk off to look at the food and drinks. Kirishima sniffs my cup and looks at me weirdly. “Woah theres alcohol here?!” He says, surprised.

“Yeah” I say back. “Neat! I’ve never tried it before, here, give me that!” He says. Kirishima steals my cup and takes a big sip and coughs. “Ahh thats spicy! Ick”. Mirio and me chuckle. “Here, take this back. I think I’ll stick to the snacks here”

He then walks off to meet with the others.

I take another drink of this.. alcohol. “Feeling anything?” Mirio asks, and slaps my back, nearly making me loose balance

He laughs at me again. “Take it easy, alright? Don’t drink too much. You’ll get sick” He says as he drinks his own drink. I nod. I eat a couple more chips before I give myself a refill. Mirio was gone when I turned around.

I see someone else staring at me from outside. It’s a little... creepy. He even smiles and waves at me. I frown and go sit on the couch and continue to drink from my cup. I watch as everyone around me appears to be having fun, and laughing. I’ve never truly had fun like this.

As a kid, there would be moments where I’d have fun with my mom when my stepdad wasn’t around. Or when I was with.. Shoto. When we weren’t training, we’d sometimes go outside and just walk and talk. On good days, Toya, Fuyumi and Natsou would let us go to a nearby park with them. Shoto never did anything. Since it wasn’t that long since we first met, he was quiet. I still had fun with the others though, and soon even Shoto would join us. Even if he didn’t seem too into it.

He was only allowed to go to the park because I was going. Endeavor made sure both of us knew that, and sometimes the training he and my stepdad made us go through would get harsher. Eventually me and Shoto stopped playing with his siblings because of that. I could’ve spent more time with Toya, Natso, and Fuyumi if I wanted. But I grew fond of Shoto, and wanted him to feel less lonely since he barely got to see his siblings.

It’s weird... Shoto and I kissed today. I’m not sure what to think of it. I’ve only ever thought of him as my best friend. And never once did I think he thought of me in a different way. Isn’t it wrong to like guys like that? I don’t know much about it. I don’t know how to face him.

I drink more from my cup, and realize I’m running low and go get a refill. Once I refill my cup, I go back to the couch.

I drink more, and cringe at the gross taste.

I have a sudden.. Urge to talk to Shoto. To clarify what it means. I could be looking too much into it, more than necessary. But I need to know. I take out my phone, and decide to call him.

It’s already 11:40pm. He’s probably a—

Oh, he answered.

“Kesuki?” He says, sounds like he just woke up.

“Hey, I was wondering something” I say, slurring my words.

“Huh? What?” He says. “It’s almost 12, why aren’t you sleeping?”

I sigh. Maybe I shouldn’t have called

“Kesuki. You okay?” He says, sounding a bit worried now.

This was a bad idea. Who’da thought I’d be this.. irresponsible and ridiculous. “S-Sorry. I’m— I shouldn’t have called” I chuckle softly. “Where are you? I can hear people in the background. Is that.. Mus—“

“Sorry Sho, gotta go” I say quickly and hangup

“Fuck, I’m.. Messed up” I mumble to myself.

I take another drink and set down my cup. I’m about to stand up but I get knocked back down by someone, who sits on my lap.

“Oomf— What?”. I slowly look up and see Alaina. I hear some people in the background, seemingly reacting to... Whatever is happening.

“Alaina what.. Are you— mmh” I get interrupted again by her lips going against mine.

I can taste the alcohol from her mouth, which makes my mouth feel weird. My lips feel numb, but I can still feel the soft and plumpness of Alaina’s lips.

Luckily she’s probably only 2-4 cm taller than me. I still wish I was taller. Anyways..

I can’t help but put my hands on her waist, but as soon as I do, she rocks her hips back and forth. Despite her mouth tasting like alcohol, i can also taste a bit of something else, something.. sweet.And for some reason, a smirk grows on my lips.

Our mouths finally separate and she whispers in my ear, “Lets go to my room”

Wait this is her house? Is she.. moving here?

I don’t think much of it, and we get up and walk towards the stairs. I bump into the same strange guy I saw earlier, and as I turn my head to look back. I see him staring at me too, which is weird but I notice a few other people looking. I think.. I see Mirio as well.

We reach a bedroom, which I assume is hers and as soon as the door closes. She locks it and slowly walks towards me.

Chapter Text

Alaina’s slowly taking off her clothes. I’m sitting on her bed, and I take off my sweater. I only just noticed how warm my body feels. Now, only in her shirt and panties, she sits on my lap again, moves my hair and kisses my neck. She stops and I take off my shirt as well.

I’ve been asked why I keep my hair long like my dads. I’m not really sure why. I suppose its a preference with no meaning? I’ve thought about cutting it a few times.

I suddenly have this urge to have Alaina beneath me. I’ve made out with her before. I still don’t think now is a good time to do this.

I move her so she’s beneath me anyways, and I lightly kiss her neck. Her hands reach my back, and she pulls me closer to her so our bodies touch.

Finally, I look away. “Wait, Alaina.. We shouldn’t. We’re in no state to do this properly”

She moans, more in disappointment. “Kesukiii don’t be like that now! Pleasee. I’ve missed you. Besides, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t want to” She says eagerly. Her hands reach my face to make me look at her.

She leans up and kisses my neck. Her hands reach my lower back, and it triggers something... I don’t know what, but it causes me to feel.. really uncomfortable. The way she’s softly touching my back gives me the bad kind of shivers, and I push myself off of her and I panic.

I don’t know what caused this. This feeling is not caused by what happened at USJ. I know that.

Alaina kneels down next to me, and pushes the hair out of my face.

“Kesuki? W-whats wrong?”

She begins to rub my back, soothing me.

She helps me slowly breathe, so I can calm down.

“S-sorry..” I quietly say. She pulls my head into her shoulder, and plays with my hair

“It’s okay.. I’m the one who’s sorry. I shouldn’t have pressured you” She says softly.

I don’t like to show weakness to others. Especially around girls.

Suddenly I hear screams downstairs. “Huh?”

Alaina sits up, “What was that??”

“I don’t know. I’ll go check it out” I get up and throw on my sweater.

I open the door and walk towards the stairs. I reach the top of the stairs when I see everyone else is on the floor. I hope to god they aren’t dead. What happened? I walk quietly as I slowly make my way downstairs to investigate. I barely make it down the first step when I hear glass breaking and Alaina calling my name.

I run back inside and see the suspicious guy I saw earlier. I glare at him. “Let her go” I say, demandingly.

I suddenly can’t see, and feel someones arms grab mine and tightly hold my wrists together. Probably to stop me from using my quirk. I feel something cold and sharp touch my neck. The way my hands are held together causes my heart to beat faster. Although this time I manage to control myself instead panic. I wonder what caused that earlier..

“Aizawa...” A man further away says slowly. “Kesuki” He finishes. “Your father owes me a lot of money.. and a body”

Dad?.. “What do you want?” I ask.

“I don’t think I want to answer that just yet. It’ll be more fun if I just knock you out now and let you use your imagination of the things me and my men will do to this girl, instead of telling you right away” He says. I can sense the disgusting smirk he probably has on his face. “Something, we’ll soon to do you too”

By the sounds of it, there’s 3 villains in the room. I can hear them chuckling.

“I won’t tell you anything.. For now”

The guy holding me laughs, his grip on me tightens and he then whispers in my ear “I can’t wait till we finally have you to ourselves”

“Fuck yo—“ Before I can curse at him, the man holding me hits my head.

The next thing I know, I’m being woken up, and see my dad and Hizashi. Hizashi is checking on the other kids. Dad shakes me, “Kesuki!”. I look at him, “Dad?”

“Where’s happened?“

“Oh shit.. Alaina” I say, everything that happened is coming back to me.

“Watch your language”

I stand up quickly, and almost fall, thanks to the pain I feel in my head. “Hey. Answer me” Dad demands.

I take a deep breath. “Is she here?”


“Alaina!” I yell at him

Dad looks at Hizashi. He shrugs. “I don’t know”

“Fuck.. I need to find her” I mumble

“Hold on now, I’ll have the police and other pro’s to look for her. You and I are gonna have a talk about what went on tonight.” Dad points at my chest. I realize I still only have my sweater on.

I groan, “No, dad they have Alaina. They’re gonna..”. I instantly I remember what he said. ‘I’m gonna let you use your imagination of the things me and my men are gonna do to this girl’

I sigh. Theres a number of things they can do to her..

“Kesuki?” I hear a familiar voice yell.

“Shoto?”. I see him walking towards us slowly.

“Oh, right. He called me earlier. He said you were acting weird. I didn’t think you’d be doing this though” Dad says

“Hey, Shota, come here! I need your help” Hizashi yells out

“Go home. We’ll talk about this in the morning” Dad leaves, and Shoto helps me stand up.

He looks at me weirdly. “What happened?”

“Alaina was.. taken.”

“Oh. We’ll find her”

I hesitantly nod before we start walking past everyone else. I don’t see Mirio anywhere. He might’ve left earlier.

I take a deep breath. “Sorry... About the call earlier”

“It’s fine”

“Mirio had me try alcohol.. I got a bit carried away”

“It’s not like you to do that” Shoto says in a judgemental tone.

“I know”. I look away, staring at the other people around us. I then see Kirishima, Yaoyorozu and Kaminari.

“They’re here too huh?” Shoto says as he looks their way

They rush towards us, “Hey! What happened?” Yaoyorozu asks. “Oh, hey Todoroki” Kaminari says, waving his hands at Shoto. They both look at me, noticing that I’m not even wearing a shirt. Awkward..

“Ask my dad. I’m going home” I say as I walk away with Shoto

The others seem confused, but go ask Hizashi for the info

“Does... You drinking have anything to do with today?”

“W-what do you mean?” I ask, hoping he doesn’t mean the kiss we had earlier... It’d be weird if he thought it bothered me that much. Not that it does. It’s just confusing.

Shoto sighs. “I know what day it is— Was. Ever since then, you always acted weird and unusual on the anniversary of the incident. This.. Takes it to a newer level though”

I take a deep breath. I don’t feel like answering him right now..

“About... What happened.. I shouldn’t have—“ Shoto starts saying. I can’t let him finish that sentence. “It’s.. It’s okay” I quickly say. 

He looks at me blankly.

“Uh.. Why are you only wearing a sweater? Aren’t you cold?” He asks, sounding uncomfortable

“T-The villains— ow. fuck” I groan and reach for my head

“You okay?”

“Yeah.. Sorry. I’m fine” I say.

I always seem to get concussions. How annoying.

“We’re almost there” Shoto says as we get closer to my house

“D-do you want me stay over? Until your dad gets back?”

We continue to walk quietly before I give him my answer. “Um.. Sure”

Finally, we get inside my house, and we go to my room where he helps me lay down on my bed.

“I’ll grab you some water” Shoto says. He walks off and I soon hear the water running.

I lay down and sigh, then groan because my headache increases.

He comes back and sets down a glass of water nearby.

“So.. You wanna tell me what happened?”

Chapter Text

After telling Shoto everything, he looks slightly uncomfortable. Probably because I was about to have sex with Alaina on the same day we kissed.

I couldn’t bring myself to mention my panic attack. I don’t even know what caused it.

“I wouldn’t have gone that far if I wasn’t.. drunk” I say, slurring my words and feeling a bit ashamed of myself

“But you did” 

“I didn’t really want to. Which is why I pulled away”

I sigh. I look at his face, he looks.. Confused

“If you don’t.. Feel the same as I do. It’s okay” Shoto says.

“What do you mean? How... Exactly do you feel?”

He’s quiet for a minute, but finally, “I like you... More than just as my friend. It took awhile to find the words... for it. I understand if you don’t feel the same, since well.. You and Alai—“

I stop him before he says finishes and pull his shirt down to meet me, and I kiss him. His body is tense, but his lips feel soft. I’m confused about what I did with Alaina, and what I did and am doing with Shoto.

It’s nice with Alaina, but even as confused as I am, I kind of like it better when I’m kissing Shoto. Even if he hasn’t done it much

His body relaxes and he kisses me back. He leans over me, while leaning himself up with one hand, and the other caresses my face.

We break our kiss earlier than the one we had before, and I look at him, looking at his mismatched eyes, and the scar on his face. He seems... calmer.

I flop my head down on my bed, and sigh.

“That kiss in the bathroom.. Was that your first kiss?” I ask him, slightly in a teasing tone.

He lightly blushes. “Yeah. That obvious?”

“A bit” I chuckle softly.

Shoto takes off his sweater and crawls to the other side of my bed and lays down.

Shoto sighs. The silence between us lasts awhile until.. “I’m going to see my mom tomorrow” He says

“You want me to come?” I ask him. He’s barely mentioned his mom since the incident.

“No. I need to do this. Alone”

“Okay. Tell me how it goes after..” I sigh and close my eyes.

“What does this mean then?” I ask Shoto, feeling myself slowly drift asleep


“You just confessed your secret feelings for me Shoto.. What—“ I yawn, “What does that make us now?”

I yawn again

“Well.. Lets just talk about it another time. When you’re not drunk”

“Okay”. I yawn once again, and fall asleep weirdly fast.

I wake up at 11am. Shoto is gone, although I don’t know why he’d stay..

I have a bit of a headache, and feel kind of sick. I get up anyways to get dressed in sweatpants and a softer sweater, since why not.

Once I’m done getting dressed, I head to the kitchen. I see some pancakes and coffee on the table.

I get some coffee, and grab a pancake and take a bite. I notice a note near the plate of pancakes.

‘If you’re feeling up to it, come by the school to talk. If not, wait till I get back’

I thought dad would still be here. I guess not.

I slowly eat the pancake, and sip my coffee every now and then.

Once I’m done, I get two Advil to help with my headache and go make my way to the school. I feel a bit uneasy about last night. I’m worried about Alaina, but if I lose control of my emotions, I could just make things worse, or get kidnapped myself.

There are times where I really dislike Alaina. She’s annoying, and loud but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about her safety. I’m not heartless.

I’ll make sure that I find her and keep her safe.

I’m slowly approaching the school. I walk in the building. I find my way to the classroom and see my dad working.

I open the door. “Hey dad”

The look he gives me shows just how much he’s unhappy.. Well, disappointed might be the better word to describe the look I’m getting

“Sit down”

I do as he says, and sit in one of the front seats.

“Tell me. What was going through your mind when you went to that party?” dad says as he flips through some papers

I sigh. “Mirio wanted to go too. It didn’t seem like a bad idea in the beginning”

“You need to take it easy Kesuki. Your body will get too exhausted from the many injuries and healing you’ve dealt with in the past month. Remember what I always say?”

I nod. “Allowing your body to rest is the key to.. getting stronger”

“That’s right. You still haven’t fully healed from the usj incident, you got hurt at the festival, and then the party. Speaking of, you drank alcohol too. Which is illegal, because you’re underage. Everyone at that party is underage. I don’t remember raising you to be this irresponsible. I taught you better than that”

I avoid looking at him in the eye. He’s right. Even though.. Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I saw my mother... Kill someone. I doubt its a good enough excuse to be an idiot.

“It won’t happen again.”

He sighs, and stops multitasking. He looks at me, “Shoto told me what day it was yesterday. I get that its a rough time for you, but if you ever feel like that, find better ways to deal with it. Alcohol never helps with your problems, it just makes more. Got it?”

“Yes sir”

After a few moments of silence. “Hows your head?” He goes back to doing whatever it is he’s doing

I shrug. “It hurts but I’ll be fine”

“you can go now. I’m disappointed in the choices you made last night, but I trust you won’t do it again”

“Okay” I get up and go to the door

“Rest when you get home” He says.

I walk out of the class, and am greeted by Hizashi and Midnight. “Hey Kesuki, you doin alright hun?” Midnight asks.

“I’m fine” I respond.

“Congratulations on getting first  place in the Sports Festival!” Midnight says cheerfully, “I knew you’d do it” She whispers

I awkwardly chuckle. Midnight takes my arm and wraps her hand around my wrist. “Ohh no, look at you! You’re so skinny. Are you eating?!”

“Of course I’m eating” I snap at her

“You’ve been this height for years!” Hizashi adds.

I groan, “I know”. I start walking away

Hizashi laughs pats my back, “Take it easy kiddo!”

“Eat some food!” Midnight shouts as I walk farther away

After leaving the school, I’m walking back to my house, and I get a text from Mirio.

“Hey, what happened last night? I lost you at the party. Wanna hangout?”

It takes awhile for me to give him an answer, but I give him my address and hurry on home.

Once I arrive, I eat another pancake and wait for Mirio’s arrival.

It doesn’t take long until I hear the knock at my door. I walk over and open the door and instantly greeted by Mirio with a smile and a bear hug

“Hey buddy!”

I make a weird squeaky noise when he hugs me

He lets go of me. “Where’d you go?”

I sigh and close the door. “Doesn’t matter. Why’d you wanna come over?”

I look behind me and look at Mirio who’s looking around the house.. for some reason

“I don’t know. Nobody has school for today and tomorrow. I thought it’d be a good idea”

“Oh. Ok”

I walk with Mirio to the living room and we sit on the couch. “You got netflix?” he asks. “Yeah”. I turn on the tv and get Netflix started. We watch a show, but every now and then I feel Mirio’s eyes on me.

I look over at him. “Why are you staring at me?”

“You look like you have a lot on your mind”

I look at him weirdly.

“You wanna talk about it?” He smirks at me, then turns his head towards the tv

I sigh. I don’t bother answering him.

“Why’d you decide to be my friend?” I ask. Really wondering why. I’m sure a lot of people know about my mother. What she did. I get weird looks at school from other people every now and then.

Mirio looks at me. “Why? Well, why not?” He smiles. I look at him, confused. “Is a reason to want to be friends with someone always needed?”

“I don’t know. I guess not”

“I’m friends with you because I like you, and I think you’re cool! I’ve noticed you avoid other people, but I also notice that when you let people in, they notice you’re not as intriguing as you seem and they‘ll like you”

“I don’t need other people to like me”

“It’s never a bad thing!”


Okay but.. Is being intriguing a bad thing? It keeps most people away from me. Oh well. 

I sigh. “So.. If we’re friends... I can trust you. Right?”

I have a hard time trusting people. But I can feel... That I can trust Mirio.

“Of course you can!” He laughs. “What’s on your mind Kesuki?”

I scratch my head, and sigh. I hide my face away. I need someone to help me understand this... thing thats going on between me and Shoto. Maybe Mirio can help relieve some of the confusion

“Its... about. Me and Shoto—“

“You two are a thing?” He interrupts. I quickly look at him

“You— how’d you—“

He chuckles. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you. Don’t think I didn’t notice that little hand touch at the festival. He didn’t just do that by accident”

I feel my face get warm.

“So? I’m right?”

I take a deep breath. “I don’t know. I never knew about how he felt until recently”

“Ohh, so did something happened?”

I nod. “Yeah.. It’s just. Really confusing”

“Thats understandable. Do you have feelings for him too? It’s not a bad thing if you do”

“Maybe? I’m not sure..”

“I see. I personally can’t give much advice on this, since I’m into girls but I’ll definitely support you!”

“Well thats the confusing piece...”


I sigh. “Me and Alaina... We were together a few years ago. And at the party we—“


I’ve never met anyone who was attracted to the same gender as they are, or... Both genders. I don’t anything about any of this stuff and It’s really frustrating.

I don’t get why I decided to confide in Mirio. He’s a guy, how could he understand?

“Well.. Why don’t you talk to Todoroki then? It might help clear things up.”

I shrug.

“The best advice I can offer with this, is: Don’t stress too much about it. Especially with everything you’ve gone through in the past few weeks” Mirio smiles at me. “Right..”

My cat jumps on the couch, and purrs instantly. She crawls over my lap and then lays on Mirio’s. “Oh! You have a cat?! Nice”

“Yeah. Me and dad talked about getting another one”

“You two like cats, huh?”

I nod and watch Mirio pet the purring fluffball

After that, hours went by. It was close to dinner time and Mirio decided to go home.

It was weird talking to Mirio about me and Shoto, but it helped me know how to understand it better, or at least find a way to understand whatever is going on between him and me. 


Tomorrow I’ll talk Shoto, and clarify things properly.

Chapter Text

I wake up a little later than usual. Once I make myself a small breakfast, I pet my cat and head out to meet Shoto

I remember how he said we’d talk,

Its quite a long walk to his house, but its a nice day. It’s warm, but has a soft, cool breeze.

Once I get to his place, I knock on the door and he quickly answers it. Was he waiting by the door until I got here?..

“Hi. come in”

I walk in his home, take off my shoes and we make our way to his room

“Are you hungry?” He asks. I shake my head, and we sit down

“What are we doing?” I chuckle softly

“What do you mean?”

“The.. kissing. What does that make us now? I need to clarify what it means. I’m confused”

He stay quiet for a few minutes. I let him take time to think.

“I was.. thinking we can.” He takes a deep breath. “Try to.. be like a couple? I was hoping we could since, well... Yo-you kissed me too”

I think silently for a couple seconds. Is dating someone really what I should be doing? I mean.. I guess if its Shoto, it won’t be too different than being friends. We’ve never let emotions get the best of us. I think. I want to say no, but I also really want to say yes.

“So can we? try it?” He asks. He sounds.. nervous.

I sigh. “I don’t... I don’t understand any of this, Shoto. You’ve never once made it seem like you liked me.. like that, and the whole thing with Alaina— I just..”

Shoto’s facial expression changes slightly, but goes back to.. expressionless. “I understand. Sorry”

I think I hurt his feelings.

“I just need some time to think things over. To fully understand how I feel..”

He slowly nods.

“So.. Then are you gonna.. leave?”

 “You serious?”. He shrugs. “I said I just need to think. The easiest way to begin that is training a bit.. I’m not saying no, Shoto. I have to get a better understanding of everything. Either way, you’ll always be someone I care about. Let’s train a bit?” I smile at him. He nods, and we walk to the training room.

I would’ve said he was my best friend, and he is, but that’d give him the impression I don’t see him as a.. person more than a best friend. I kinda do, but this is happening a little too fast. I need to let my brain process all this, which is going a little slower than I’d like

No matter how things turn out, he’ll always be my best friend.

If I tell him now that... I see him as a potential lover, and I find out later on that I don’t, it’d hurt him.

He never shows his pain. His inner suffering, worries or any of that. Given to how he was raised, its only expected. But it’s.. lonely. I’ve know this guy for years and I still have troubles finding out how he feels most of the time.

Anyways, we spend around 3 hours training. We shower, and change, then he makes Soba for lunch.

“You never told me what happened when you visited your mom yesterday. How’d it go?” I said as I slurped on noodles

“It was alright. I’m just surprised she was happy to see me. We talked for awhile. It was nice”

“It’s good that you went to see her. I’ve only met her once. Maybe.. I can go with you to see her one day?”

He nods, “I told her about you. She wants to meet you too”

We stay silent while we eat our noodles.

“It seems like you grew a bit” Shoto subtly teases.

“Just a bit...” I softy chuckle.

For some reason I don’t grow that much. I haven’t since I was.. 9? 10? It’s embarrassing sometimes. To be this short.. Anyways

“I should go home” I say as I finish my lunch

“Oh, okay. I um.. I guess I’ll see you at school tomorrow”

I nod, and head out.

When I arrive home, I’m greeted by my cat. She rubs against my leg as I take off my shoes.

I look at the time and it’s only 1pm.

What on earth will I do now? I’m bored.

I sigh. I check my phone, then throw it on the couch with a groan. “Fuck..” I whisper to myself.

I should’ve done something more to protect Alaina.. I can’t just stand around doing nothing

I instantly grab my binding cloths and head out to try and find Alaina. As soon as I go out the door, I run into dad. “oof”

“What’re you doing?” He asks

“I wanted to.. Look for Alaina”.

Dad sighs, “Leave it to the police. They’ll find her”

I groan. I begin to take off my cloths when dad stops me, “Keep that with you and come with me”

“Huh? Why?”

“Just come”

I wonder...

Dad and I walk to the place we usually go to train.

It’s honestly a great place. The view is amazing, surrounded by tree’s, grass, flowers. Theres a lot of space around the area to train freely without damaging anything.

“What’re we doing here? I thought I was gonna be—“ I stop once I see someone familiar.

“Oh..” I mutter. “I’m sure you remember him.” Dad says as we walk closer.

Shinso Hitoshi. He’s wearing workout clothes. “What’s he doing here?” I ask

“He wants me to help him become a hero. I thought you could be a better partner for training. To help him improve”


“Good afternoon Mr Aizawa... And Aizawa-kun” Shinso awkwardly says

“Good.. afternoon” I quietly say back.

Since dad is unable to train him, I guess I have to.

He tells me what to start with first, which was basically to encourage him to continue to workout even if he’s tired.

He’s too thin, basically has no muscle, which apparently, neither do I. 

Firstly, he does a bit of cardio first before anything else

“Why... Can’t you just... teach me the... Cloths” Shinso complains through his panting

He’s barely ran that far. I look at dad, then look at Shinso

He won’t answer his question, so I guess I have to

I sigh. “You need to get fit. Gain more muscle before learning how to use the capturing cloths”

He groans as he falls on the ground and catch his breath

He looks at me, “Look at you! You’re skinnier than I am, why do I have to do all this?”

I squint my eyes at him. “I’m not... That skinny. Besides, even if you’re bigger than I am, if we fought right now I’d win, not only because I’ve trained more and more experienced, but because I’ve done all of this before. I was way younger too”


I sigh, annoyed with his obliviousness. “It takes a lot to learn even the basics with the capture cloths, and you have to put in more work than I do since I have another quirk. I can easily fight without hand to hand combat, but unlike me, you nor my dad has another quirk, and fighting closer up will probably be.. more easier”

“That’s right” dad says

“If you truly want to be a hero, you can’t only rely on fighting with the binding cloth. With your quirk, you’ll have to fight up close from time to time, and you can’t do that if you aren’t in good shape and gain some more muscle”

He groans and stands up. “I see... That makes sense I guess”

He continues working out for an hour or two, and rests for 15 minutes before starting again.

After that, I only tell him the basics of using the binding cloth, but even though they’re only the basics, it still takes a lot to learn those.

I learned how to use it within 2-3 years, unlike dad who learned it within 5-6 years. I’m a fast learner, it doesn’t take a long time for me to learn something. Especially with the binding cloths, it was easy. But then again I have a second quirk to make things easier

I had to keep repeating what I said until it stuck in Shinso’s brain, which took longer than expected.

Besides all that, Shinso’s an alright guy.

He’s dedicated enough to at some point learn to use the binding cloth to capture people or do the stuff dad and I do. It gives me something to do as well.

It was a nice temporary distraction from this.. confusion with Shoto.

By the time we finish training Shinso the basics, it’s 6pm. He eats dinner with us, then he goes home. He stayed here for about an hour, talking over the steps to learning the cloth and stuff.

The cat really liked his company.

I’m cleaning up the table, and dad walks towards me.

“You seemed to have enjoyed yourself this evening”

I nod. “It was.. fun. There is something entertaining about being stronger than people bigger than me” I yawn.

He chuckles, “Go to bed, you have school tomorrow”


I go in my room, change into a comfy shirt and quickly fall asleep.

I sleep peacefully, and wake up at 7:30.

I get up, do my daily morning ritual and go out of my room and see dad on the couch. He took off his bandages.

“G’morning” I say, and walk to the kitchen to make some coffee.

“Morning” Dad responds.

“It’s nice to see you out of those”. I reach up to grab my favourite cup. “You want coffee?” I ask dad. “No thanks” He responds. I look back and see him petting the cat.

Once the coffee is done, I pour it in the cup and walk to the couch and sit next to dad. The cat walks to me, and sits on my lap. My dad sighs, “I think she likes you better”. I look up at dad, and see he has a scar under his eye. He seems to notice the worried-ish look I apparently have on my face. I remember everything that happened at USJ. “You okay?” Dad asks. I sigh. “Yeah..”

Now that I think of it, even though he hasn’t patrolled that much, he knows what its like to be... Snapped like a twig. “What about you?..” I mumble. “What do you mean?” Dad asks. “Are you okay? Your injuries were worse than mine..”

“Don’t worry about me. What you should worry about is how you’re going to make up for the party”

I groan. Make up?

“As you know, you’re going to be asked to join an agency. Internships with heroes. You’ll be one of the kids with a lot since you got first place. But you’ll be with me. It’s not enough to completely make up for what you did but its a start”

I nod and look at Shoto. He’s petting the cat. I look back at dad. “Dad,”


“The other night, the villains who took Alaina mentioned someone owed them. I think they mixed up you and... the guy my mom married”

“That would make sense”

“Wasn’t he involved with some kind of villain gang?”

“He was suspected of being associated with other villains. It was never confirmed”

“Has anyone found anything on where Alaina is?”

“I haven’t gotten any information”

I sigh. I hope she’s alive. I’d say I wish she was safe but its useless. She’s with villains who are probably rapists too... I’ll make those villains pay next time I see them.

“What were you two doing? We got statements from the other kids, a lot of them said they saw you two go upstairs. When I found you, you only wore a sweater with no shirt”

Ah shit. 


“Well?” Dad says, waiting for my answer

“Nothing was happening” I respond. Well.. Something almost happened, but technically its not a lie

“You know how I feel about lies”

“I’m not lying. I mean, something almost..” I clear my throat. This is really awkward. “Happened. But really, nothing happened”

Dad gives me a weird look. Like he doesn’t believe me. “If thats true, it doesn’t change that you almost, what?” He says. Not as a question, but.. I guess he wants me to answer. “Um”

“You almost had sex with Alaina right?”

The last thing I want is to have this talk with my dad. “Why does it matter? We didn’t and—“

“It does matter Kesuki, you were under the influence and almost had sex with a girl who wasn’t sober either. Don’t think I didn’t catch on to that. You’ve been making poor decisions lately. I want to make sure you don’t do it again”

I groan, “I won’t. Can we not talk about this?”

“Kesuki. You’re getting around that age where.. You probably want to do stuff with girls, and I want to make sure if you choose to do... Activities like that.. That you’re being safe, and respectful to—“

“Agh! Okay, I get it. If it comes to that, I’ll ask for some.. guidance or whatever. Seriously, can you drop this?”

“It’s not like I want to have this talk either. But you can’t avoid this conversation forever. It has to be had at some point”

“I don’t plan to avoid it, but I already know what you’d tell me. I’m not gonna be doing any of that anytime soon. The only reason I almost did was because of the stupid alcohol..”

He sighs and glares at me. “If you say so. Now go get ready, school begins in 20 minutes”

I get up and go to my room

How embarrassing.

Thinking back on it, I still wonder what caused me to panic. Maybe... I should ask about that at least?

I quickly get in my uniform, and grab my bag. Dad hasn’t moved from the couch, and he’s petting the cat.

I walk to the couch. “Dad?”

He looks up at me. It’ll take time to get used to that scar.

I lean on the back of the couch, sigh and drop my head. “What is it?”

I rub my neck, “T-the thing I almost did with Alaina.. Um.. One of the reasons it never happened was because” I sigh. “Well... She had her hands on me, the feeling it gave me, made me kind of.. Panic”

“Panic? What do you mean?”

“Well, I”. I clear my throat. “I don’t know.. I just. panicked. I pushed myself off th-the bed and I felt a huge wave of anxiety or something. I still don’t know why, and it’s frustrating”

“Hm. Was she pressuring you?”

“Kinda. A lot of that night is a bit blurry”

Dad sighs. “Perhaps you weren’t ready for something like that and the pressure she put on you was too overwhelming. It’s to be expected in a situation like yours where you drank alcohol”

I don’t really talk to dad much when it comes to life stuff. I just talk to Shoto about it, or keep everything to myself. Dad is usually a busy person. Being a teacher and an underground hero isn’t easy. There are times where I’d go to him about something, and its quite reassuring most of the time.

I guess it makes sense as to why I panicked that night. What am I now? Gay?

I don’t even know. I can’t talk to dad about what me and Shoto did. Not yet. I know for a fact he won’t exactly be... Okay with it. And I’m not even sure about this whole thing with Shoto myself. I’ll have to wait properly and see how things turn out.

“I guess... That would make sense” I sigh again.

“Go on now, go to school. I have a few things to take care of before I leave as well”

“Okay”. I grab my capturing cloths, an umbrella, leave the house and start walking to school.