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It’s the 3rd day of school but.. well my first day of school and Im almost late 

I’m lost in this huge building, I’m about to call my father until.. a strange.. face appears out of the floor. He looks happy. I’m not quite sure why.

“hello there! Are you lost?” he asks

What kind of quirk is that? It’s cool..

“Yeah. I guess, but I’ll find my way”

I start walking away, then he pops up from the ground.

“What class are you looking for?” He says, with a big smile 

I turn around and instantly blush when I realize he’s naked. I clear my throat and give him that look. Hoping he knows he’s naked

“Oh! sorry about that. My clothes fall of when I use my quirk in my whole body. Anyway, it’s not like its anything new down here! You have a willy too”

The only words I can think of right now are, “Right..”.  

I may have said that a little too quietly, I’m not sure he heard me.

“Here.” I take my jacket off just so he can cover himself while he talks. He’s lucky nobody else is around

“Thanks!” he hovers it above what he called it— “Willy”.

“So what class are you looking for?” He says, still smiling? doesn’t his face hurt?

“Uh, 1-A”

 He looks more happy now.. Jeez. Usually I’d avoid these kinds of people but.. I guess theres something about this guy I can’t dislike.

“Thats Mr. Aizawa’s class! He’s great. He lacks some energetic-ness but he’s—“ he lowers his voice. Again, still smiling

“One of my favourite teachers” he continues

I look at him, since I’m afraid if I look anywhere but his face my eyes will look at where my jacket is.. and what it’s hiding.

“I wasn’t aware I’d be in his class. But I know how he lacks ‘energetic-ness’”

My father was never one to.. show much interest or energy in, well, anything.

Neither do I so I unless its some kind of competition, anyways I really don’t care.

Despite being raised by my mother and her shit of a husband, I’ve always been more like my father. I’m glad I am

“Oh shit! Where are my manners?! Sorry, I’m Mirio Togata. 3rd year!” he lowers my jacket that helps cover himself and bows.. deeply. Is he not embarrassed that his.. ahem. willy Is showing? 

I clear my throat before I bow back

Once we’re no longer bowing, I finally give him my name. 

“I’m Kesuki Aizawa. 1st, but you know that already” I say

He jumps in shock, and eyes wider.

“Aizawa?! You’re Mr. Aizawa’s son! The son of Eraser Head! How cool! I didn’t know he had a kid. It must’ve been great being raised by him. I bet you’re great in combat! Gosh you’ll be an awesome hero someday! I know it!”

I give him a weird look for his awkward excitement. Is my father that big of a deal here??

“I wasn’t raised by him. But... My mother.. is gone now, so I started to live with him. And yeah, he’s helped me train so I’m pretty good”

His happy expression changes to more of an empathetic look, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” 

I shrug. I’ve never really liked my mom. She let her stupid husband beat me, and not go easy when he’d try to train me, especially when I was really young. Some days he’d hit her for trying to get in the way. He didn’t go easy on me when we went to the Todoroki house either.. Luckily mom wasn’t there to witness what went down there.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be mad at her for that.. He was a monster

“Thanks. Although I like living with my dad a little more”

“Oh shoot! sorry. Once again I kept you from getting to class! Allow me to show you where it is.”

I look up at him. Jeez he’s tall.. “But you’re naked. And don’t you have a class of your own to get to?” 

He laughs, “Yes but let me just show you where your class is! Aizawa is a great teacher, but I assume you know how strict he can be, especially when it comes to tardiness”

I nod. It’s true. One time I was late to training and he made me train 2 hours longer, and harder than usual. I never complain though. Training helps me get better.

3 months after I started to live with him he gave me a type of cloth he uses to capture his targets, along with gloves to help keep my grip on it. He also got me goggles. Exactly like his but red. Although before I used those, I learned how to fight without using it. After a few years and getting good at it, I started learning the basics of using the cloths 

Anyways.. Ever since then I’ve learned how to fight, use the cloths and not get it mixed up with my quirk. It was super hard, but after a few years I’ve shown real progress. Its easier to capture people now. Although I haven’t yet used it on a lot of other people but I can capture my dad with it. He said he took 6 years to master it. It’s been about 7 years now, but I got pretty good at it after the first 3-4 years.

We arrive to my class. I wasn’t too far from it but luckily I wasn’t late

I walked to the front of the door, and turned around to face Mirio  

He smiled at me, and reached over to give me back my jacket, “Here! sorry again for being naked! Next time we speak I’ll be fully clothed, I promise!” he laughs 

“No, keep it until then. You should be a little covered up on your way back to your class”

His smile got bigger, his.. round blue eyes twinkle.  

“Okay!” He turns around and sees my father is standing behind him, not looking impressed 

“It’s rude to be naked in school, Mr. Togata. I know it has to do with your quirk, but please go back and get dressed” 

Togata bows, “Sorry Mr. Aizawa! Yes sir, I’ll go right away!”

he walks, still covering himself. Except his ass

He waves, “Bye Aizawa-kun”

He looks at me, “I assume he’s talking to you?”

“Yeah” I respond. 

“Well, you’re not necessarily late, but come with me. You didn’t show up for two days, so nobody knows who you are” 

I nod, “Yes sir”

He opens the unnecessarily big door

I follow him to the front of the class where everyone eyes are on me

I hear them whispering to eachother, the girls giggling.. Probably because of my height, which might be the only thing I’m slightly insecure about. I look around. I guess these people are now my.. classmates

“Everyone! I’d like you to meet someone” He looks at me and says quietly, “Go on”

 I clear my throat, “I’m Kesuki Aizawa”

 They all gasp. A very pink girl and someone with spiky red hair stand up

 The pink girl asks, “You have a son Mr. Aizawa?! He’s kinda cute!!” I hear the girls giggle and agree. Ick. I’m not cute.

The red haired guy says, “He’s so short!! but looks so manly!! Do we get to personally meet him? We should all introduce ourselves to him!”

My father, sick of the commotion going on, he says, “Silence!”

he looks at me and bobs his head, indicating I go sit down. And I do so. I also notice Shoto is in this class. I haven’t talked to him for.. about a week or two. 

Dad says, “Yes, I have a son. He had 2 personal days thats why he wasn’t here. You can all greet and introduce yourselves to him later. Anyways! On to todays assignment”

Everyone’s body tenses. Why?

“Choosing a class president”

Everyone gets excited. What is wrong with these people? My father sees something in them since it doesn’t appear any of them have been suspended..

Everyone yells out that they should be the president. Yikes. If I were my dad I’d have suspended these amateurs..

I hear someone yell out, “Why doesn’t Aizawa-kun be class president!! He’s the son of Mr Aizawa, who’s a hero!! He must be very experienced and good enough!!”

Everyone looks at me. How awkward 

The guy beside me gets up, and moves like a robot, he yells, “Why don’t we have a vote?!”

They argue for a few minutes, but then agree to vote

I’m minding my own business. When Im bored I doodle. I wait until I realize I have 4 votes, someone else name Yaoyorozu has 3 

I personally think this is pathetic and a waste of time but I’m not the teacher.

My dad moves his head sideways indicating I need to stand up there

I groan as I walk up there, and listen to the tall girl beside me talk

She looks smart.  

Nemuri and Hizashi burst the door open and walk in. Hizashi picks me up from behind me and yells out, “KESUKI!! Its been too long!! We haven’t seen you in a long time!!”

I respond, “I’ve been busy” waiting for him to put me down

I prepare myself, breathing as much as I can as Midnight swiftly walks to me, pulling my head in for a hug, suffocating me with her boobs, “You’re still as short as you were the last time I saw you! You’re still soo” she moves fast, side to side, and takes in a deep breath before finishing her sentence.

 “ADORABLE!”. She finally puts me down.

I look at dad, who gives me a “Sucks to suck” look

I glare at him and I walk back to my seat, and hear a few of the other guys complain, jealously.

The day went by slowly but finally. We reach lunch. I stand alone in a corner of the cafeteria. Usually I’d go to a cafe with Shoto not far from here to get a bagel or noodles or something for lunch, but theres a horde of press outside the gates of the school.

I decide to risk it, and leave. Im only in front of the school doors when I hear an alarm go off, and turn my head towards where the sound comes from 

I hadn’t payed attention and get trampled by all these reporters. They all shove their mic’s in front of me asking about All Might. One person tries to grab my arm pulling me back. I fall, and decide to use my quirk since it looks “scary” and intimidating to others

“Hey! Stop! You’re trespassing. Have some respe—“

I get interrupted. They then all ask me if I’m related to Eraser head because my hair and eyes did what his does 

I’m about to use my Telekinesis but multiple people start grabbing onto me, asking me nonstop questions. Theres about a dozen or more reporters around me. Even if I was able to use it, I might’ve not been in full control considering the situation. I might’ve hurt someone.

Anyways.. Coming out here was a huge mistake

My father and a few other pro’s finally come outside and tell them to back off.

I realize I’m on the ground with slightly bruised arms, and a bruised cheek. Do I bruise that easily?  

My dad comes and helps me on my feet, “It’s rude of you to do this to a student!” he scoffs and walks me back where mic stands and proceeds to tell how All Might’s not here today

he whispers to my dad, “They’re illegally trespassing, we could call them villains.. You think we can beat ‘em up?”

“Don’t do it Mic, they’ll write up a bunch of half truths about you. Lets just wait for the police”

He looks at me, “Are you okay?”

I nod. “Do i really bruise that easily?” I hold up my arm, showing a few bruises where people tugged on me

He takes a deepbreath, “Sometimes”

Someone yells out, “Eraser Head!! Is that your son?! you look alike!”

I ask him, “Do people need to know?”

He shrugs, “Do you want people to know?” 

I shrug back, “I don’t care if people know”

Neither of us respond, since. Well. We don’t care I guess

The police arrive and escort the reporters away after threatening to charge them for illegally trespassing.

I was brought into a meeting later on with other teachers since I kind of witnessed when it first happened

They think someone tried to get into the school system, and used the press as a distraction. They ask me if I remember anything or anyone suspicious  

I think, and I realize there was a hole in the gate.. “I was a little spaced out when it happened so all I saw were a bunch of people acting like animals. I didn’t see much. I’m sorry, I should’ve payed more attention to my surroundings”

They all look weirdly at me, their eyes moving between me and dad

Nemuri says, “You and Aizawa are so much alike”

Hizashi adds a, “Mhm!”

We both make a “huh?” noise, and then they continue talking.

After lunch me and dad head back to class

They all talked about what happened in the cafeteria earlier. I’m glad I wasn’t there, although it wouldn’t have made a difference. I would’ve been trampled on anyways

The class decide to make Tenya Iida class rep instead of me based on how he handled the panicking students at lunch.

I agreed even though I wasn’t there. I just didn’t wanna be the class rep.  

My dad told them to stop wasting time, and once everyone settled down, he started talking about what we’d do today

“Disasters, shipwrecks and everything in between. It’s rescue training.”

everyone starts talking, but my dad gets them to be quiet again, and he continues 

“You can decide if you want to wear your costumes if you want or not, it’s up to you, because, there are also probably some costumes that limit your abilities too.

training will take place off campus, so we’re taking a bus”

He starts walking away, “that’s all, start getting ready”

I grabbed my “costume” and put it on.

My costume is a little similar to dads; except its a very dark purple, i have gloves that help my grip when using my capture weapon; that is actually... very dark grey, unlike dads whos a more.. grey-ish beige. I have my goggles as well, to hide who I’m looking at while using my quirk, and a belt with tiny pouches that carry small bottles of eyedrops in case I need them. I also have a watch that has a blue button for backup, and a red button for recording conversations


We head out of the school, and I see Iida.. Maybe taking the class rep job a little too seriously

I can hear the others ask Iida if I can be on their bus in the background.. I hope soon they learn to leave me alone.

“Hey! Aizawa!”

I turn around and see Mirio— fully dressed 

I wave, “Hi”

He hands me my jacket I’d given him earlier. “Here! I think I’ve had it long enough!”

“thanks” I say, grabbing my jacket. What was I gonna do with it now?

He looks at me, trailing up and down my body. Probably looking at my “costume”. I hate that word..

“Is that your hero costume?! So cool! You even use the same capturing weapon Mr. Aizawa does!!”

I nod, “It’s made with extra materials thats more fit for me” I shrug. He responds, “So cool!! Where are you going?” 

“I don’t know. Somewhere to do rescue training” I respond. I wasn’t actually sure where we were going..

“ohh, it might be USJ! That place is nice! I hope you have fun! but also do your best” He says. How can he smile so much?


 Iida yells at me, “Aizawa-kun!! We need to board the bus now!!”

“Well it was nice talking with you again! Bye! Good luck and I hope to see you later and hear all about it!” He says walking back in the school

“Hey, Togata-Senpai” He looks at me

“It may be confusing for me and my dad sometimes, so just call me Kesuki”.

“got it! See you later Kesuki!”

I walk into the bus. Everyone looked at me.

There was the freckled green haired kid, who looks like hes always scared, A girl who’s hair is also green, and with her hair tied in a little bow at the bottom, a big guy in a yellow suit, the pink girl from earlier, a flamboyant dude, a yellow haired guy with a black strikes in his hair, a girl who has.. cords for ears? thats cool. A blonde guy who looks mad right beside her. Then theres a girl dressed in a lot of pink, sitting beside her is one who’s.. outfit is a little too revealing. Then a guy with large elbows at the back, and another guy with.. limb wings?


Then theres Shoto.  

The spiky red haired guy came up to me before I can go sit beside Shoto, “Hey! Kesuki right?” 

I nod, “yeah”

“You have the same cloths as Mr. Aizawa!”

I nod again

“I’m Kirishima Eijiro! Nice to meet you!!” He bows, but gets back up instantly

He puts his arm around me startling me and making me walk with him. He forces me to sit beside him

These people are weird..

“I can tell we’ll be great friends!! I bet you’re awesome in combat!”

I shrug, “I’m not here to make friends” I get up and walk to sit beside Shoto, who opens his eyes and looks at me

“Hey” he says

“It’s been awhile”

“Yeah. Since the entrance exam, right?”

I nod, and he closes his eyes again, facing forward

A few others look confused

“Wait.. What’s wrong with making friends?” Kirishima asks. He looks at me. Does he really need me to answer?

The pink girl stands by me, bends over so shes in my face

“I’m Ashido Mina!! Nice to meet you” She smiles. Her eyes sparkle when she looks at me 

“Why don’t you ‘not do friends?’ Friends are great!! we can be friends! Yeah?”

I shrug, “Friendships cause emotional distractions that can cause you to slow down”

It was true. When you have friends, you think about them. Most of the time you can’t wait to hangout with them. Although what me and Shoto have is different. Since we basically grew up together, we worked better, both together and against each other.

And well, we used most of our spare time and train. we do what we can so we can get better.


She frowns at me, “Not all the time! Sometimes they help you get better and support you!”. She stands up, “Come back down here! At least let the others introduce themselves to you”

I sigh

 “They can do that later” I say, clearly annoyed 

I hear my dad get on the bus, “Kesuki, it’s good for you to learn everyone elses name, and for everyone to learn yours, don’t see them as friends see them as allies, colleagues”

I groan, “They can do that while I sit right here”

I hear Mina squeak out, “Okay okay!! Fine. Anyone who wants to introduce yourself to him do it now before I do!!” she squeals

I look at my dad, begging to be left alone but he gives me another look; the look saying “deal with it”  

I look at Shoto who peeks at me at the side of his eye, keeping his eyes mostly closed.

 I sigh. The yellow haired guy waves, “Hey there! Im Kaminari Denki! Nice to meet you!!” He said, with a big smile. Why do so many people smile so much? It’s weird..  

the guy in the yellow suit pokes my arm. I look down at him, since I’m not sitting beside any of these weirdos

“I’m Sato Rikido!”  

“I’m Uraraka Ochaco!” the pink girl says, slightly blushing 

“And I’m Yaoyorozu Momo!” the girl showing most of her boobs says, also blushing. Why are they blushing? I don’t understand.

The green haired girl looks at me with her big eyes.. “I’m Asui Tsuyu, but you can call me Tsu. Ribbit”


Ashido looks at me and says, “Back there are Sero Hanta, Bakugo Katsuki, Todoroki Shoto, and Mezo Shoji!”

“I know who Shoto is” I say. He opens his eyes and looks at me from the side of his eye

“You do? Are you two friends or.. something?” Mina asks

“I guess?” I reply. We never put a label on.. us. Shoto’s eyes open at the mention of his name. He shrugs

The sparkly dude says dramatically, “I’m Aoyama Yuga!”

Midoriya looks at me, “I’m Midoriya Izuku! Do you mind if I take notes from you tomorrow or after school? I want to write about you and your fighting technique in my book of heroes and since you’re Eraser Heads son, I—“ He continues muttering. Now mainly to himself.

I don’t know what to say right now so I just look around

“Is your quirk the same as Mr. Aizawa’s? We saw a bit of his yesterday! It’s cool!” Kirishima says

I sigh and nod, “Yeah”

“And that’s Erasure, right?” Kaminari asks

I nod

Mina turns her head and bats her eyelashes at me, “Soo cool. What are the gloves for? Your hair is long! just like Mr. Aizawa’s! Is it soft?!”

I look at my dad, who’s staring at me at the corner of his eyes. I can see a little smirk grow on his face.

He knows I’m suffering

“I say whatever come to mind,” Tsu says

she then looks at Midoriya

“Hey Midoriya—“

“Yes? Asui-san?” He responds

“Call me Tsu” she says back

Midoriya gets nervous. Is he really nervous about talking to a girl?

If I remember correctly, this Midoriya Izuku, is the kid who broke him arms and legs in the last 3 days, this just makes him more pathetic. What potential does my dad think he has?

“Your quirk is a lot like All Might’s”

He gets nervous.. Now that i think of it, he might be one who All Might passed his power down to. It’d explain his easily broken bones a little easier

Yes, I know about that. A few months ago he approached me and my dad. I guess they saw how I assisted my dad with a villain awhile back. I got in trouble for that since I’m not a legitimate hero yet, but it was ignored since the way I helped was efficient, with nobody injured and barely any damage to our surroundings.

He talked about All for One, and One for all. Only to me, of course. My dad doesn’t know the whole story unlike I do

He asked if he offered his power to me, I’d take it. I told him I wasn’t sure, but said I have some time to think about it. After all, I already have two quirks..

I’m pretty sure he had another student at U.A in mind. I’m not sure who it was though. 

All Might came to me on the first day of school, although I wasn’t actually there. He said he found another user for his power and apologized. I haven’t thought about taking up his offer since he first offered it.

 Anyways, Midoriya rambles on, trying to explain? “his” power.

How obvious

I stare at him, giving him the, “I know your secret” look to make him more nervous hehe 

Kirishima says, “Wait a sec, Tsu, All Might doesn’t get hurt when he uses his. They just kind of look the same”

They continue talking about their quirks. Apparently Kirishima’s whole body hardens.

That put a weird image in my head.

They start talking about flashiness, and pro hero stuff

Aoyama’s quirk is a naval laser? What kind of quirk is that?! “pro hero level”. Pfft.

If it gives him a stomachache when he uses it for more than a second, it’s not that great.

After today, I have to ask my dad what he sees in these people

Kirishima then says, “If you’re talking about flashy and strong, It’s gotta be Todoroki and Bakugo, huh?”

Mina says right after, “What about Aizawa-kun?” She flutters her eyes at me. She’s so weird. I just stare back at her blankly, then look away

“All he does is erase peoples quirk, and probably makes that cloth around him fly like Mr. Aizawa’s, right? It’s not that flashy or strong..” Aoyama says 

I look at him. I’d probably beat all of these people, not even needing to erase their quirk.  

“Thats an understatement” Shoto says quietly as we look at each other, he gives a barely noticeable smirk

the others look at us weirdly

“what do you mean.. Todoroki-kun?” Midoriya asks, as the others look at us closer 

I’ve trained since i was 5. I got better once I started living with my dad. I’ll show them soon enough.

“Whatever, I’m more flashy anyways! I’m fabulous!”

“Shut it you sparkle shit!” Bakugo says

What kind of hero attitude is that? I guess he’s at least not one of the people who always smile but he could have some respect..

Tsu continues, “Bakugo’s always mad, so he doesn’t seem like he’ll be popular”

I try not to laugh. It’s true.

“What the hell?! You wanna fight?!” He yells, startling me

“See?” Tsu says

“We haven’t known each other long, so it’s amazing that everyone already knows his personality is crap steeped in sewage” Kaminari says

“What’s with that vocabulary bastard?! I’ll kill you!!”


He then turns around and looks at me, “What are you looking at you short little shit?! You wanna fight? I’ll kill you too!!”

I look at him.

I give him a “mhm” before looking away

“Hey don’t ignore me!! Tiny bastard!!”

“Enough now!! We’re here” my dad says

The starts to bus slow down as we get closer to a big building